nhandlerHmm...Looks like we might have lost akgraner :(00:00
pleia2well, we can probably get started anyway00:00
nhandlerDid you want to start pleia2? Or should I?00:01
pleia2you can, I already chaired one meeting today :)00:01
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nhandler[TOPIC] Rotate all UWN Tasks00:02
Mootbot-UKNew Topic:  Rotate all UWN Tasks00:02
nhandlerI've been meaning to get an email out about this, but that has gotten delayed a bit.00:02
nhandlerBasically, publishing UWN is a pretty large task. Even splitting up the various sections still requires a lot of work from people00:02
pleia2so we're thinking of taking this and chopping it up a bit? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/EditingPolicies/HowToEdit00:03
akgranernope I'm here00:03
pleia2I'm wondering how much of this we can further automate00:03
nhandlerpleia2: Basically. People would sign up to handle various parts of that list on a per-issue basis (instead of for all issues)00:03
akgranerthat would be awesome if people would :-)00:04
pleia2it was kind of silly how long it takes to do: Updates and Security and Upcoming Meetings and Events00:04
akgranerI think we can link to those00:04
akgranerbut that's just me00:04
pleia2there are scripts for these, but humans still need to do stuff00:04
akgranernods so we link to the calendar00:04
nhandlerpleia2: Upcoming Meetings and Events is hard to automate due to recurring tasks (they make it rather hard to parse)00:04
akgranerand link to the update archives00:05
pleia2akgraner: yeah, maybe we just do that00:05
akgranerI also think the team reports can just be a link to the wiki page00:05
nhandlerOut of curiosity, is anyone else watching besides me, pleia2, akgraner, and holstein ?00:05
akgranerb/c they make it LONG00:05
pleia2akgraner: *nod*00:06
nhandlerakgraner: I've shortened them down to only including the councils and mentioning the teams that had reports00:06
akgranerand people who read it on a mobile device complain about it's length00:06
holsteinand i gotta run like its my birthday... and it is :)00:06
akgranerholstein, happy b-day00:06
nhandlerHappy Birthday holstein00:06
pleia2happy birthday holstein :)00:06
holsteini'll look back over the meeting though00:06
akgranerI know I was supposed to roll out a new template...00:06
pleia2I am less concerned about length and more concerned about man power at this point (I like that it's long, but it's too tedious)00:06
akgranerbut that that got put on the back burner00:07
nhandler+1 pleia200:07
akgranerpleia2, that's always been the issue..:-/00:07
pleia2changing 19-21 into simple links makes things that much easier00:07
nhandlerI think if we get a signup page and email out, we could probably get a few new faces (I don't know if they'll stick around or not)00:07
akgranerwe have some same links on a page00:08
akgranerI'll have to find that wiki...00:08
akgranerwe can just link to the wiki that has the various sample links for those00:08
akgranerif you'd like00:08
nhandlerakgraner: I'm not sure if I'm sure what page you are talking about00:09
pleia2do we want to continue to highlight the minutes of Weekly Ubuntu Development Team Meetings?00:09
akgranerone sec I'll find it...00:09
akgranerwe can pull that00:09
pleia2we can toss important stuff in General Community News00:10
akgranerI had people ask why we didn't add more development stuff so I said I would try that approach00:10
akgranerwe tried it and clearly it wasn't as needed as some thought00:10
akgranerbut you don't know if you don't try00:10
nhandlerIf people are really interested in a specific dev team, there are much better ways to stay up-to-date00:10
* pleia2 nods00:11
akgranerthen just pull it..00:11
nhandlerWell, I can finish up the email. If someone can get a wiki page put together (or modify an existing one) so that people can sign up to do a certain step for a particular issue of UWN, that would be helpful00:12
akgranerdon't we have one we just need to modify?00:13
pleia2looks like Liraz is continuing to do the bug and brainstorm stats, so they can stay :)00:13
nhandlerakgraner: We might from when we were trying to set this up for rotating editors00:13
akgranerI'll look00:13
akgranerwhen does it need to be done by?00:13
nhandlerakgraner: Whenever you get a chance.00:14
akgranerpleia2, yep I'll let him know we are going to just provide links to Updates and security archives00:14
akgranerso there will be no need to run the script to pull all the updates anymore...00:14
pleia2akgraner: that's different than the updates and security00:14
nhandler[ACTION] nhandler to draft rotating-postions email00:14
Mootbot-UKACTION received:  nhandler to draft rotating-postions email00:14
akgranerI know00:14
akgranerhe does all of those00:15
nhandler[ACTION] akgraner to take care of finding/editing signup wiki page00:15
Mootbot-UKACTION received:  akgraner to take care of finding/editing signup wiki page00:15
pleia2well if he's doing them there is no need for us to get rid of those sections :)00:15
pleia2if we have a volunteer who is willing, keep!00:15
akgranerwe does but he also overrides them each week00:16
* nhandler nods00:16
pleia2ok, let's keep all those sections then00:16
pleia2these will turn into links:00:16
pleia2Weekly Ubuntu Development Team Meetings00:16
pleia2Monthly Team Reports: <MONTH> <YEAR>00:16
pleia2Upcoming Meetings and Events00:16
akgranerso someone will need to verify that they are all there from the last publication00:16
akgranerb/c they will only be the last week00:16
nhandlerpleia2: I'm still not sure about the Team Reports. I'd like to play with a few ideas I have (I think we need to somehow recognize teams that do them)00:17
pleia2nhandler: ok00:17
akgranernhandler, that's you're baby so however you want to do it00:17
nhandlerakgraner: We can sort that out when we finally get in a position to release a new UWN again00:17
nhandler[TOPIC] Fridge Migration00:17
Mootbot-UKNew Topic:  Fridge Migration00:17
akgranerother than the feedburner what else is broken?00:18
nhandlerDo we have any information on when we will finally have fridge.ubuntu.com point directly to the server instead of just redirecting to ubuntu-news.org?00:18
akgranernope not yet...but I can follow up on that00:18
nhandlerWe were also wondering if you remembered the reasoning for using feedburner rather than the native WP rss feed00:19
akgranernope - I emailed Nick as I am sure there was a reason I just don't remember what it was..00:19
nhandlerThanks akgraner00:19
akgranerbut I'll see him this weekend so if he hasn't answered the email I'll ask him in person00:20
pleia2(cornering in person)++00:20
nhandlerpleia2: I know we talked briefly about this a few weeks ago, but have you noticed any other problems with the interview script?00:21
* nhandler isn't sure if we've had new interviews since then00:21
pleia2I don't think we've had a new one00:21
pleia2but other than the tagging, it seems fine00:21
nhandlerpleia2: I /think/ I got the tagging working (but I can't test to confirm)00:21
* pleia2 nods00:22
nhandlerThe rotating positions thing was my main topic, any other topics people want to discuss?00:23
pleia2I think that's it00:23
pleia2should we propose a next publish date for UWN?00:24
nhandlerpleia2: I think that would probably depend on when we get the call for help out (or when we find ourselves with a very free weekend)00:24
akgranernhandler, pleia2 thank you all so much!  You all have taken on so much in the last four months00:24
pleia2nhandler: *nod* ok, we'll talk about that once we have our ducks lined up :)00:25
nhandlerpleia2: My goal would be early April though00:25
akgranerI like the April Idea00:25
nhandlerThanks for coming everyone, and I'll try to get the email out asap00:25
akgranerI'll be moved by then00:25
Mootbot-UKMeeting finished at 00:25.00:25
pleia2akgraner: I'd also like to do a News thing at UDS (I can put together a blueprint once we start writing such things)00:26
pleia2drag some other community folks in to help and give input00:27
akgranerpleia2, I can help with the BP if you want00:27
pleia2great :)00:27
akgranerCan we do that next week once I get back from PyCon?00:27
akgranerawesome...then Monday or Tuesday we can just knock it out00:28
akgranerin the meantime I'll find those wiki pages and update then etc00:29
* nhandler hugs akgraner 00:29
* pleia2 hugs all around00:29
pleia2thanks akgraner and nhandler :)00:30
akgraner:-) I <3 y'all!00:30
pleia2nhandler: can you log in to ubuntu-news.org w/ LP?00:45
pleia2I haven't been able to lately00:45
nhandlerLet me try00:45
pleia2it sends me to LP, I say "yes, sign me in" and end up with "OpenID login failed: Server denied check_authentication"00:46
akgranerso if SSO is broken I need to include that in my email00:47
nhandlerpleia2: I just had the same error.00:47
pleia2ok, akgraner please include this :)00:47
* nhandler goes to see if our plugin is outdated00:48
akgranerwill do :--)00:48
nhandlerHmm...It says that we don't have libcurl support for PHP or the XRDS-Simple plugin00:49
pleia2feedburner working again \o/05:34
nhandlerpleia2: Great. Did we figure out why we are using feedburner yet?12:50

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