karoraevening all01:53
ojwbhi karora01:54
ajmitchyay, friday afternoon03:45
ojwbjapan seems be be trying to upstage us with a magnitude 8.8 quake06:43
ojwbor maybe 7.906:43
Atamirai think they win that one06:56
Atamirathey even lost more people06:56
ojwboh dear06:58
ojwba friend who's in kyoto currently said it was strong there and that's a long way from the quake06:58
ojwb7.2 was just one of the aftershocks07:21
ojwbit's something like the 5th largest recorded quake07:21
lifeless1000 times stronger than the 6.3 that damaged chch badly07:26
Gwhat is happening to the pacific?08:25
Gin the last ~10 years: boxing day tsunami, Chile Quake, Chch earthquake (Sept), Queensland Floods, Chch Earthquake (Feb), Japan Quake/Tsunami, and a lot of other stuff I haven't thought about08:27
GHoggs: btw, it seems like it could be anything between 7.9 & 8.9, CNN had a shot up with 3 different figures08:28
HoggsContainer ship just chilling in the city08:30
Ghmmm Civil Defence site brought down as a result08:36
lifelessalso richter vs moment scale09:44
lifelessthe 7.9 was moment scale I believe, so it could be both M7.9 and R8.909:44
ojwbisn't 8.8 more like 300 times stronger than 6.3?09:46
ojwbstill insane of course...09:46
lifelessojwb: 1000 times09:47
ojwbisn't it a log 10 scale?09:47
lifelessojwb: (10^2.5)^3/209:47
lifelessojwb: richter is log 10 but it measures needle movement on a seismograph not energy09:47
ojwboh, in energy09:47
Glifeless: ahhh right yeah, forgot abotu M vs R11:02

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