ubottushcherbak called the ops in #ubuntu ()02:10
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from dejan_)02:33
IdleOneEvening folks. I talked to soreau in PM. he is just having a rough night and needed to vent some. He says he will remember the guidelines and tone it down.06:31
IdleOneI removed the ban I set.06:31
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, tavish said: ubottu: regret is as a token of regret, we want to offer you this lifetime license to use our developer  tools - GNU Emacs, GDB and the award winning GNU Compiler Collection, so you can write a better system.  download your FREE, LIFETIME license from http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html13:25
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oCeanhi, ceo in #u getting really annoying...17:22
ikoniahello Camarata17:45
Camaratasorry was just checking if the channel existed for #ubuntu :D17:46
ubottugakhan called the ops in #ubuntu ()19:01
LjLare we seriously giving #ubuntu-qc as a !fr alternative? channel is +s, has no topic, and a dozen people in it... thought as a rule we gave the main support channel for a language20:45
ikoniawhat's -qc ?21:27
ikoniafor !fr??21:32
ikoniaahhh well,21:32
AmaranthDon't people in france say people in quebec don't speak french? :P21:43
mneptokikonia: Francophones can speak their native language in -qc. why the surprise?23:24
tonyyarussoI would imagine that !fr-#ubuntu-ca should point to #ubuntu-qc, but I'm not sure why it would generally.23:36
tonyyarussoIt's not like we list all of the LoCos in South & Central America for !es.23:37

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