gtriderxcany one here?06:50
dpmgood morning all08:09
gtriderxc"Rock Out08:14
gtriderxc<span foreground="#909090">Your library at your fingertips with Android, iPhone, and AirPlay08:14
gtriderxcPlus the Ubuntu One Music store to grow your collection</span>"08:14
gtriderxccan'y find out what rock out mean08:14
gtriderxcno idea how to translate it08:14
dpmgtriderxc, you'll probably have to translate it to something a bit different in your language, as it's difficult to find an equivalent expression. In Catalan we translated it to something more similar to "Music everywhere"08:16
gtriderxcok and two more things but first i have to upload the screenshots08:17
gtriderxccan You see the "Install now" button?08:19
gtriderxcthe ting I can do is to change the lenght of a string on the button if You tell me where08:19
gtriderxcand the next problem are orphan letters: http://www.marcus.org.pl/GTriderXC/annspc/4.png08:25
gtriderxcleaving single letters in Polish language is considered as a mistake08:26
gtriderxccan I use "&nbsp;" in a string translation or will &nbsp; stay visible?08:27
gtriderxc*I mean leaving sungle letters at the end of the line08:27
dpmgtriderxc, I'm not sure if you can use &nbsp; - in any case, you should report a bug in ubiquity, as the button should grow to include all the text:08:29
gtriderxcok, i will08:31
gtriderxchowever i can just shorten it08:31
gtriderxcjust INSTALL instead of INSTALL NOW08:31
dpmgtriderxc, it's still better to report it, as it will benefit other languages which might be affected08:32
gtriderxcyes I agree and i will for sure08:32
gtriderxcbut i will shorten it08:32
gtriderxcit' s gonna be even better cause pressng "Install now" actually doesn't starts the installotion08:32
gtriderxcdoesnt start immediately(NOW)08:33
gtriderxcso I reported a bug. where can I find the button description itself? it is not in a ubiquity09:22
gtriderxcanyone knows where I can find a description from that button?http://www.marcus.org.pl/GTriderXC/annspc/1.png09:24
gtriderxcI have another translation bug. this time a seriuos one and can't find the right package to contact the right people:10:55
gtriderxcthere is a huge problem with "...something" string10:58
gtriderxcno Polish man will be able to understand whats all about10:58
dpmgtriderxc, ^^ that's been reported as bug 732261, feel free to subscribe and add your comments in there11:52
ubot4`Launchpad bug 732261 in unity-2d (and 3 other projects) "Long strings are not displayed properly in Dash (l10n) (affects: 2) (heat: 10)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73226111:52
trijntjehi all, who can tell me in what package the text on the 'next' button is located?19:10
trijntjeIt shows up in evolution, installer etc, and it has been wrongly translated in dutch for more than a year now, and I would like to fix it before natty19:11

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