lfitznhaines, is there a lake forest loco tonight?02:07
nUboon2Agei'm moving the Ubuntu Hour: SJ that was supposed to be tonight tentatively to the 31st. pleia2, aaditya, jtatum, jledbetter, outofjungle02:12
jledbetternUboon2Age, Ok, thank you :)02:13
jledbetternUboon2Age, Going to geeknic?02:13
nUboon2Agesorry to be so last minute.  i'm completely exhausted.  see y'all next week on Tuesday for Ubuntu Hour: Mountain View (moved off St. Pat's day).  hi jledbetter! :-)02:14
nUboon2Ageadios all...02:14
jledbetterDrat. Moved from St Pat's day? Drat!02:15
jledbetterThat's the second thing moved that week. What in the wide world of sports...02:16
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DarkwingDucknhaines: Any word on the videos from Ubucon being uploaded yet?05:57
pleia2hmm, doesn't look like nUboon2Age made any entry/updates/posts for the mt view hour, I assume it'll be at red rock?17:27
pleia2jtatum: do you know?17:27
jledbetterpleia2, The one that was moved from St Patrick's day?17:44
pleia2jledbetter: I assume so, but there wasn't any announcement or loco directory entry for the 17th either17:45
jledbetterProbably same spot then. Was hoping it was going to be the 17th but at least there's the 19th :)17:46
jtatumLet me make sure that's all squared away.17:58
jtatumred rock is correct though17:59
pleia2thanks jtatum :)17:59
pleia2unfortunately if it's the 15th that conflicts with jdeslip's talk at balug18:00
pleia2but there is always next time18:01
jtatumit's the 24th18:09
pleia2oh good, so no st patrick's conflict afterall :)18:11
jtatumnope, we decided at the last hour to just go a week later for march18:12
jtatumprobably we'll move back because it conflicts with baypiggies on the 24th18:12
pleia2it usually conflicts with baylisa, which is sad18:12
pleia2oh bother, the 24th is the HOA meeting18:17
pleia2I can never win :)18:17
jtatumseems like you could do something almost every day. figuring out what to go to is an art around here. gotta prioritize and figure out how many to go to before getting people'd out18:20
pleia2indeed :)18:20
pleia2my boyfriend is on the board of the HOA, so on HOA meeting nights he comes home early (which means I have no ride home from mt view018:21
pleia2well, aside from caltrain, but then it takes me 2 hours to get home18:21
jledbetterWhat's wrong with geeking out on St Patrick's day?18:46
jledbetterGreen beer + Ubuntu == fun, eh? ;)18:47
iheartubuntuyay. wife just got naturalized in ceremony  a few moments ago18:47
iheartubuntubeer? someone said BEER?18:48
jledbetteriheartubuntu, Yes, and let's celebrate *that* too! Congratulations to her!18:48
jledbetteriheartubuntu, Though, not sure what it means but you said "yay" so I say yay. What is it?18:49
pleia2iheartubuntu: congrats!18:49
iheartubuntushe became an american citizen18:50
jledbetterAwesome :)18:50
jledbetteriheartubuntu, Where's she from?18:50
jledbetterCool (pun intended)18:50
iheartubuntutell me about it :)18:52
iheartubuntu-30 celsius one new years eve18:52
iheartubuntunothing like drinking a bottle of champagne in mcdonalds :)18:52
iheartubuntuand double yay she finally switched to skype to talk to her family18:54
iheartubuntuno more icq withu buntu probs for me18:54
iheartubuntuno word from my brother in japan18:55
iheartubuntuusually i hear from him quickly too when something happens18:55
iheartubuntumust still have power outages18:56
jledbetterI hope he's alright.18:56
iheartubuntuive heard lots of tweeting going on in japan. how are they doing it without electricity and phone outages?18:57
pleia2jdeslip: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/5518045150/ shall come to your talk on tuesday to cheer you on19:02
pleia2I have to leave early though, since I need to go to san jose that night to pick up MJ from the airport19:02
jdeslipSweet, I'll refer all questions I can't answer to the squishable bugdroid19:03
iheartubuntunatty boy!19:12
DarkwingDuckiheartubuntu: where was your brother at?19:13
DarkwingDuckiheartubuntu: military?19:13
iheartubuntusomeplace southwest of tokyo19:13
iheartubuntubetween tokyo and osaka19:13
iheartubuntuabout halfway19:13
* DarkwingDuck nods19:13
iheartubuntui dont remember the perfecture name19:13
iheartubunturetirement sorta :)19:14
iheartubuntuBofA programmer of ATM machines back in the 70s19:14
pleia2my cousin in tokyo updated facebook, she still has power and internet access at her place (11th floor of some highrise downtown)19:14
iheartubuntuhe retired a long time back and has been traveling the world.19:14
iheartubuntuso she is ok?19:15
pleia2yeah, just freaked out, it was all very scary19:15
iheartubuntusettled in japan. wife is japanese19:15
iheartubuntuWAIT... lyz you dont know what a real quake is like do you19:15
akkpleia2: Was it pretty strong in Tokyo? Do they have any damage there?19:15
pleia2iheartubuntu: nope19:15
pleia2akk: yes, they sent everyone home from work (she's a bank executive)19:16
akkI've been through '71 and '89, but I don't know what a real quake is like either. Those were tiny compared to this one.19:16
iheartubuntui heard a report late last night that within 10 days california is on high alert for an even larger quake19:16
pleia2she lived in NYC during 9/11, compared the hysteria in tokyo to that :(19:17
iheartubuntui had the quake down here in montebello area... was big. but only a 6.5 i think19:17
iheartubuntuthat was 87 or so19:17
iheartubuntuthe northridge quake didnt feel that big to me19:17
iheartubuntui just fell asleep the other night watching hereafter. not theb est movie to fall asleep to!19:18
iheartubuntuchile had some major quakes recently too. we are in the ring19:20
pleia2I was surprised to wake up to tsunami warnings *here* this morning, the pacific is big!19:21
akkchile and japan usually have the worst quakes (and alaska) -- subduction zones.19:21
akkand indonesia19:21
iheartubuntuso im just guessing it could be the recent increase in sun activity19:23
akkThen you just have to explain the big quakes that happen during solar minimum.19:28
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iheartubuntui havent really plotted anything. would be interesting to see19:35
iheartubuntu8.9 i cannot even imagine that19:35
nhainespleia2: Long Beach got 2-foot higher tsunami waves this morning.19:36
jtatumpeople try to blame sun cycles for all kinds of stuff so there are a lot of plots already. no correlation. earthquakes don't correlate to anything.19:36
pleia2nhaines: they were saying just 8" storm surge here (and it hit during low tide), so they closed the beaches and the highway next to the ocean, but there were no problems19:36
nhainespleia2: I understand that Crescent City got hammered but I haven't heard specifics other than boats smashed together and docks shattered.19:37
pleia2nhaines: I watched some of the news for Crescent City, seems a bit of an overreaction :) some private boats got knocked about but there doesn't seem to be any flooding or anything major19:38
nhainesnhaines: everything seemed to be pointing to a blog post so... yeah, I'm still waiting.  :)19:39
pleia2"Thirty-five boats have been crushed and the harbor has major damage. Major damage."19:40
pleia235 boats in a coastal town is *nothing*19:40
pleia2there are probably thousands that are fine19:40
pleia2I guess there is some flooding reported now19:40
akkThat's still amazing for being so far away from the source of the tsunami!19:41
akkCrescent City is pretty tiny, I doubt it has thousands of boats.19:41
pleia2ah ok19:41
pleia2I think I'll go visit the animals at sfzoo tomorrow19:41
akktotal population 7,789 according to wikipedia19:42
pleia2I grew up in a 8k population coastal town, we had thousands of boats, but we had docks that had a lot of out of town people with boats19:42
pleia2hurricanes were always a mess19:43
pleia2we did a lot of fishing too (lots of lobster boats)19:43
iheartubuntunever been in a hurricane19:48
iheartubuntuno thanks!19:48
iheartubuntumy mom worked for a guy who had a newspaper article in his office. he was on the cover of the news back in the 80s. he was in a car that was picked up and dropped off 10 miles away fro ma tornado. no thanks :)19:49
iheartubuntuanyone having gwibber problems?19:50
pleia2Hurricane Bob (1991) took out a huuuuge cherry tree in our front yard, but we were on vacation in upstate NY when that hit19:50
iheartubuntui love upsate NY and VT19:51
iheartubuntuspent lot of time around there19:51
iheartubuntumostly burlington to rutland19:51
iheartubuntumiss the colors and how crisp the air is and clean visually everything is19:52
iheartubuntuu dont get that here :)19:52
pleia2the ice storm in 1998 is probably the worst disaster I've lived through19:52
pleia2the entire state of maine was declared a disaster area19:52
iheartubuntuwhat kind of damage? were you stuck inside for long periods of time?19:53
pleia2no power, no water, only emergency vehicles allowed on the roads19:53
pleia2we were in a reasonably populated area, so we were only without power for a day, but it was the beginning of january and it was like 10F degrees out19:54
pleia2water was back within 3 days, some neighbors a quarter mile away on a well brought us fresh water19:54
pleia2much of the state had no power for 2+ weeks though19:55
pleia2"Roughly 700,000 of Maine's 1.2 million residents were without electricity, the Maine National Guard was mobilized, and hundreds of utility crews from as far away as North Carolina arrived to help."19:55
pleia2was pretty crazy19:56
jtatumhurricanes are not as bad as they look on the news19:56
pleia2also, hehe, it's so cute that maine only has 1.2 million people :) how quaint19:56
jtatumflorida news crews are expert at filming every gas station awning and huge, rusted sign that blows over when winds pick up19:57
pleia2yeah, my grandparents have lived in melborne, fl for over a decade with no ill effects19:57
jtatumplus, unlike earthquakes, they don't tend to kill people20:02
pleia2and you see them coming20:03
akkThe swarm of aftershocks in this one is really amazing. I bet I've gotten 50 different USGS notices so far.20:04
iheartubuntujust those aftershocks are mostly bigger than big ones here20:05
akkWhen I first checked my mail this morning, I glanced at the list and said "obviously something is broken with the USGS system, delete-delete-delete"20:05
akkand found out later they were real20:05
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seidoswhat's going on?!20:42
iheartubuntuthe lights21:00
seidosi just read this tweet:  "Future of Linux in consumer space is commercial mixed-source forks like webOS/Android. GNOME is going nowhere. I switched to a Mac this week"21:06
iheartubuntui was thinking about this recently actually. where can ubuntu go if google os and android are going full steam ahead with billions backing them21:15
iheartubuntufor me its the alternative reason. i read most android and iphone apps are not open source either21:16
iheartubuntuwith ubuntu most everything is21:16
iheartubuntuits an interesting topic for sure21:17
iheartubuntui tried a mac at a friends house recently trying to fix her computer. i kept telling her, you know this would just work in ubuntu. you know you wouldnt have these problems with ubuntu. your dad is using ubuntu for a year now and he never complains about anything anymore21:17
iheartubuntuwhen approaching the topic... yah its a good question for sure, but once you realyl start thinking about it... ubuntu is the choice for me21:18
pleia2hehe, all our east coast clients who call today are all "so, how's the tsunami?"21:26
* pleia2 tells them that the beaches got wet21:26
seidosthere was some bad stuff in san jose i read21:40
seidosiheartubuntu: if android or web os turns out to be superior, would you stay with ubuntu?21:40
seidosi don't have any delusions that if ubuntu can't compete, it will likely be abandoned21:40
iheartubunturadiation levels at nuke plant in japan 1000x times normal21:59
iheartubuntupleia2 jsut curious if you are using your cr48 for most tasks or use it as an extra computer? travel computer? etc?22:01
iheartubuntuin front of the tv computer? :)22:01
pleia2iheartubuntu: travel is still always the netbook (it's smaller), but at home in front of the tv etc I switch between my netbook and cr48 depending on what I'm doing22:02
pleia2cr48 is good when I want to focus on email or writing in my blog, fewer distractions22:03
pleia2and I use it for watching video.pbs.org22:03
iheartubuntuim a sucker for create tv22:06
iheartubuntuohh wow pbs website is a lot nicer than i recall it22:06
pleia2yeah, and they have loads of streaming stuff22:07
iheartubuntuaustin city limits cool22:08
iheartubuntudave matthews band... they used to be sooo popular in the NE22:08
DarkwingDuckAnd it gets worse in Japan... http://goo.gl/8lYg722:09
akk"please log in"22:09
iheartubuntuhmm. chrome doesnt want to play pbs22:10
akkfirefox wouldn't play bbc when I tried this morning.22:10
DarkwingDuckFirfox played just fine for me.22:10
akkDarkwingDuck: ugh, I hope they get it cooled off in time.22:11
iheartubuntui really like the NYT and USAtoday  chrome apps... too bad other newspapers arent doing similar. LA times, etc22:13
iheartubuntuwheres crescent city? santa cruz got hit pretty good22:20
pleia2waaay up northern california22:20
pleia2crescent city seems to be much worse than santa cruz22:20
akkCrescent City is very tsunami-prone for some reason.22:23
akkLooking at the NOAA wave-height diagram, it looks like maybe the ocean floor is concentrating waves in a few directions.22:24
akkCC may be at the focus of some complicated ocean-floor funnel.22:25
iheartubuntuok north of eureka even22:32
iheartubuntuwe have any ubuntu hours there? :)22:32
iheartubuntui havent kept up - did the tsunami in japan happen after the quake or at the same time?22:35
akkcaused by22:37
iheartubuntuim curious what the eta from the quake to when the tsunami hit22:56
iheartubuntui heard on the radio this AM that all twitter tweets are recorded and sent to the library of congress22:57
jbermudesiheartubuntu: it was about 45 minutes IIRC22:59
iheartubuntuaa thanks22:59
iheartubuntuhiya jess!22:59
iheartubuntuim having all sorts of probs with my email lately. hope you got that one about ubuntu hour starting in pasadena22:59
jbermudesyeah, I did. I'm looking forward to it!23:00
iheartubuntui should send it to the mailing list also23:00
jbermudesyeah, good idea23:00
seidosapparently a dude was swept out to sea in california:  http://abcnews.go.com/US/california-man-swept-sea-tsunami/story?id=1311290123:04
seidosclement sauve died, he was 33 :|23:29
pleia2pretty neat23:32
seidosi swear i'm going to piss someone off and get blasted in the face someday.  it'll be w/ the ULUG.  i'll say something on irc and then we'll meet for some LUGish thing and then *blasted* right in the face23:33
pleia2(there is a video in the comments too)23:33
seidospleia2: have you seen the movie "north shore"?23:33
seidosit was a cheezy 80s surf movie.  i thought it was so cool when i was a kid.23:34
seidosto this day, i wish my name was "turtle"23:34
akkThere's a Barbara Kingsolver book that has a kid character named Turtle.23:34
iheartubuntudoes anyone know offhand what sort of backup file MS outlook creates and if evolution can take it and restore it?23:36
iheartubuntui'll be showing ubuntu to an old XP user tomorrow23:37

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