ncweberGood morning.14:08
bcurtiswxmaco, how does it work if i get sponsorship for travel.. do i go through canonicals travel agent?20:28
bcurtiswxi didn't even hear the numbers being called :X20:29
macooh haha20:29
bcurtiswxtalking with kenvandine, he's mentioned i could travel with him if i get sponsorship.. and said if its through canonicals travel agent i can tell them im going with him20:30
macohuh? he's local?!20:30
bcurtiswxhe's in northern north carolina20:30
bcurtiswx4 hour drive20:30
bcurtiswxhe says he's been to DC a few times.. i told him to let me know next time so i can get the minions together for a MnG20:32
macois luke old enough that i have to stop refering to him as "minion" yet?20:33
bcurtiswxmaco, you apply to go?20:35
macoi get PTO now that im a gronwup. im using it on LARPing, not work-like stuff!20:36
macoalso, hungary is lacking in the maco-friendly-food dept20:36
bcurtiswxmaco, what is budapestian food20:59
macoi dont really know their specific foods, other than paprika ;-) but its a region that doesnt exactly have a history of long growing seasons and lots of veg-eatin'...more meat dependent20:59
bcurtiswxah, kinda like south america21:00
macoeurope...expect meat & cheese21:01
macoits eastern europe, so probably sausage21:01
macoand afaict, the most common veg in that part of the world is cabbage21:01
macomy mum's family is "austrohungarian" ;-) and that means... halushki (noodles+cabbage) and halupki (cabbage-wrapped meat)21:02
bcurtiswxah, not a huge cabbage fan.. hope the hotel's make it good21:05
bcurtiswxif i get sponsorship... but i talked to ken, and hopefully he puts in a good word21:06
* bcurtiswx shrugs21:06
ncweberYou guys are making me hungry. :)21:11
bcurtiswxi also mentioned you in my app maco.  So hopefully people like you enough :P21:24
bcurtiswxdo you know who makes the final decision for support?21:27
macofor sponsorship you mean?21:27
macoi think the team managers have a sit-down21:27
bcurtiswxyes sponsorships22:06

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