reya276Morning Everyone13:27
tiemonster...an hour later. that's how I roll.14:31
chayniemorning, you hep cats.14:31
MichelleQI'm neither hep, nor catty.  :-/  15:09
chaynieMichelleQ: Ahh, sorry. Old Eek the cat reference.15:14
MichelleQno worries.  I'm just teasing. 15:15
chayniemhall119: Congrats again on swearing allegiance to our benevolent ubuntu overlords.15:16
JavasBoyHELLO 15:41
reya276this is crazy http://news.yahoo.com/s/yblog_theenvoy/20110311/ts_yblog_theenvoy/watch-raw-footage-of-the-japan-earthquake-and-tsunami16:19
reya276wholly shit the wall of water was 30 feet high16:32
reya276Japan is completely gone16:32
reya276most of that island's infrastructure is completely gone16:33
itnet7Hey there Thedemon666 20:23
Thedemon666  20:23
Thedemon666I have an error that ubuntu does not start I is left with an error in the screen that says: error ath5k phy0: can't register ieee80211 hw20:23
itnet7I have been looking to see if anyone has a fix for that. I haven't ran across that error before myself, are you running 10.04 ?20:29
Thedemon666no i am runing 10.1020:32
zoopsterThedemon666: that is causing ubuntu not to start? It may affect wireless not working, but it will not block ubuntu from booting up20:34
zoopsterThedemon666: what wireless hardware are you using20:34
zoopsteritnet7: hey20:34
itnet7Hey there zoopster 20:35
zoopsteritnet7: did you see what we accomplished with the shuttle launch?20:36
Thedemon66601:08.0 Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications Inc. Atheros AR5001X+ Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01)20:36
itnet7zoopster: not yet!20:36
Thedemon666  20:36
Thedemon666This causes that ubuntu does not start20:36
jck77Thedemon666: try another kernel20:37
zoopsteritnet7: go to questforstars.com20:37
jck77I read that with kernel 2.6.32 is an issue with that module20:37
Thedemon666  20:38
Thedemon666I have tried other kernel in grub in recovery and the same20:38
zoopsteritnet7: or search for shuttle launch balloon20:38
itnet7zoopster I will as soon as I get home.. this place is killing me20:39
Thedemon666i have kernel 2.6.35-27-generic20:39
zoopsterThedemon666: hmmm mine's using ath9k20:39
zoopsterThedemon666: firmware issue?20:39
Thedemon666firmware not understand firm of the wifi card?20:41
Thedemon666  20:42
Thedemon666There is a way to disable the module? I'm running a live cd and I have access to the linux partition20:42
zoopsteryou can blacklist the ath5k module20:45
zoopstereverything I find says to use madwifi vs ath5k20:46
zoopsteryou can try to change the /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-ath_pci.conf comment out the ath_pci line and put blacklist ath5k instead - that will force the madwifi driver to load vs ath5k20:48
zoopsterThedemon666: ^^20:48
zoopsteri love empathy, I love empathy, I love empathy20:49
Thedemon666I already did20:49
zoopsterok...if you are running livecd, then you might be able to unload the ath5k module and load the ath_pci module in it's place20:50
Thedemon666but stays in /runnig /scripts/init-bottom... done20:51
Thedemon666stays in /runnig /scripts/init-bottom... done20:52
Thedemon666by placing elh5k in black list20:52

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