Jay-CeeTakyoji, will you be attending the release party April 30th?01:19
Jay-Ceein the cities, i think hopkins01:20
Jay-Ceefrom what i remember your located in faribault, i'm heading up from owatonna, if you want to hitch a ride01:20
Jay-Ceejust thought I would offer01:23
Takyoji<Takyoji> I wonder what would be a reasonable means of having a series of sensors, go to an Arduino board, and have the output given over RS232 to a desktop.04:15
Takyoji<Takyoji> Moreso, the part doing with sensors and the Arduino board.04:15
Takyoji<Takyoji> Mainly, for a series of fish tanks, for simple analytics such as: temperature, water clarity/color, waterlevel, etc04:15
Takyoji<Takyoji> Where all I can think of are thermoresistors for temperature, and a series of white LEDs with color filters, and photoconductor.04:15
Takyoji<Takyoji> and everything of the above would be a matter of measuring resistance; I suppose. I'm relatively stupid with making something hardware-wise that's actually useful. xP04:15
tonyyarussoRS232?  What century is this?04:17
tonyyarussoBut yes, you could certainly do this with Arduino, but heck if I know how.  -offtopic might.04:17
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damianSo who else is thinking about moving away from gnome because of Unity and Gnome3?18:24
ColinHarringtonI think that unity will be an awesome default for the beginner crowd.  I'm not sold yet.  I have my Gnome desktop setup humming and going really well for my own development.20:52
ColinHarringtonI'm a little concerned that Unity isn't going to be as configurable as what I currently have.20:52
ColinHarringtonBut we'll see20:52
ColinHarringtonbut, I'm a power user and a developer, I have tons of stuff running on my machine all the time.20:53
rlaagerIs there an Ubuntu release that does not include "classic GNOME" yet? (I'm still on Lucid.) Until that happens, I'm not going to worry about it too much.21:31
tonyyarussorlaager: Nope, and it won't happen anytime soon.  Unity requires 3D acceleration support in the graphics driver, and many users do not have that.21:35

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