_marx_oly chitman04:02
_marx_my long time redhat using brother is using ubuntu on his server!04:02
holsteinsudo apt-get easy04:03
_marx_it was centos04:03
holsteinive never checked out centOS04:03
_marx_well it's redhat04:04
holsteini knew it was related04:05
holsteinin some way04:05
_marx_he just migrated to some cloud04:07
_marx_i'll sudo to give him something to read in the am04:07
_marx_i'm running opensuse11.4 kde in vbox and am impressed04:10
holsteinive heard great things04:10
_marx_it's much improved over 11.304:10
holsteini still cant handle KDE04:10
holsteinbut, i want to try again soon04:10
_marx_well i wanted to poke around see what i could just find and figure out04:11
* _marx_ not a big kde fan either04:11
_marx_su is feeling the i'm fired despite working my butt off anger at this point04:12
holsteinshe got fired?04:15
_marx_right now "suspended"04:15
holsteinthat sucks04:15
holsteinyou were looking for work to right?04:15
_marx_a guy died so i got a job04:16
_marx_second time that has happened to me04:16
_marx_dead man's job04:16
holsteinthings picked up for me again04:17
_marx_cool on the music front?04:17
holsteinnot quite 100%04:18
holsteinbut do-able04:18
_marx_i can hardly believe the boy is using ubuntu after years of redhat04:34
_marx_xclnt, i haven't been able to get to all my backups because he was migrating while my main machine was dieing04:38
Italian_PlumberAnyone know of a place in Charlotte that sells OEM computer parts?  I'm looking for a hard drive like this one:  http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=5758911&Sku=TSD-2000EARS12:44
Italian_Plumbergoogle doesn't seem much help.  I either get big box stores or places that repair computers12:44
Italian_Plumberplus I'm looking for a recommendation12:45
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