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Unit193Cheri703: Both are 2.8GHz01:48
Cheri703the 77501:48
Unit193I would think so01:49
Cheri703do they look like the picture?01:49
Unit193Yeah, they have the circles on the bottem (no pins)01:50
Unit193What's he got?01:50
Unit193Well then, that's useless!01:50
Cheri703thanks for checking :)01:50
Unit193NP, I'll let you know if I have/find any more01:51
Cheri703kk, thanks01:51
Unit193canthus13: I got my friend using irssi02:35
canthus13Unit193: Awesome. :)02:50
BiosElementSo am I the only one who's really enjoying the public 'Gnome vs. World' war that's going on? >.>05:26
Unit193I'm not really watching it, all I need is small ideas of what is going on (and you don't find them)05:29
BiosElementWhat do you mean you don't find them Unit193? *puzzled*05:31
Unit193I'm not so interested that I go searching for summary and the longer articles are a bit too long to read05:34
BiosElementI'd actually consider writing a summary, but I'm still trying to find more then Gnome-trolls to represent both sides.05:35
Unit193Please give me a link when/if you do!05:35
BiosElementI'll see what I can find in 20 minutes and write a post up when I get up, assuming I find a damn thing on gnome. >.<05:37
BiosElementReally, I gotta say I'm getting negative vibes from the gnome camp.05:37
BiosElementI'm finding one, critical thing though05:39
BiosElementPeople are arguing it's Canonical vs. Gnome. But I've seen a 'ton' of flack from the KDE camp launched and I find it to be pretty accurate.05:39
Unit193And frankly, I'm just fine with XFCE/Xubuntu...05:39
* BiosElement thinks some interviews are in order05:39
BiosElementUnit193: It's more then that though.05:40
Unit193Eh? more then what?05:40
BiosElementUnit193: This isn't just a war between DE's and evil companies.05:41
BiosElementAnd an elementary team dude posted his support of Mark's post, this is going to take some research.05:42
Unit193I thought it was just gnome/canonical/etc war05:42
BiosElementIt's more gnome/kde/canonical/elementary/others05:42
BiosElementFor the most part, blame being leveled at gnome's processes, gnome folks respond attacking canonical, canonical returns with point-by-point responses, gnome dudes attack something else. It's silly.05:43
Unit193Sounds mostly like a gnome war...05:44
BiosElementI'm actually rather troubled by it05:44
Unit193Why is that?05:45
BiosElementBecause I have yet to see any logical defense gnome has. I can only assume I'm only seeing the vocal idiots of the gnome community.05:45
BiosElementAnd lol wow05:47
BiosElementFound a 'neutral' commentary by a dude on planet gnome. Real neutral, I can tell. >.>05:47
BiosElementSo 'neutral' post basically claims canonical for working on self-hosted git repo's rather then gnome's...that makes little sense...05:50
BiosElementAnd apparently the gnome folks are 'worried' about posting specific bugs that apparently were involved in this debate, since different people may come to diff conclusions...which kinda shows how open things are then.05:52
BiosElementI know all about that05:55
BiosElementThat topic is just flamebait. >.<05:55
Unit193So what IS going on with Gnome, Canonical and Banshee?05:55
BiosElementBanshee had an affil code for the amazon music store where they got a cut of money or whatever from amazon for sales.05:56
Unit193From what I know, yes05:57
BiosElementCanonical changed the affil code and offered up 25% to banshee to do whatever they wanted with. In turn, banshee was switched to the default music player.05:57
BiosElementPersonally, I think 100% of 0 is still 0 and that being shipped with ubuntu is a great deal.05:57
BiosElementBut that isn't even the issue05:57
BiosElementApparently there was some miscommunication, some very vocal folks learned about it and made a fuss before the screwups in communication between canonical and the banshee team could be cleared up.05:58
Unit193From what I read, Canonical went to Banshee and told them %25 or we use Ubuntu One05:59
BiosElementIt was 25% or they disable the amazon plugin by default, but leave the affil code.06:00
BiosElementOr at least that's what I gathered from one of mark's posts.06:00
Unit193Diable Amazon by default and put in their own Ubuntu One or...?06:01
BiosElementI don't know either way.06:03
Unit193That's what I read, nothing else06:03
BiosElementProbably, although I don't see why Ubuntu One wouldn't be enabled either way06:03
BiosElementOh, and I find it telling not a single KDE user I've seen has agreed with Gnome06:06
BiosElementWhich, while I assume lots of them can be classed as fanboys, is still sorta odd.06:06
Unit193What's your favorite http server? (lite is very good)06:07
BiosElementCherokee, hands down.06:07
Unit193KDE and Gnome differ greatle06:08
BiosElementThey do, but it's still unusual to not have a single person swap sides.06:08
Unit193Even more lightweight then lighttpd?06:12
BiosElementNo, it's probably not. But It is as fast/faster then my nginx setup used to be, although I didn't do heavy benchmarking06:13
* Unit193 wants something on a computer with no resources06:15
BiosElementlighttpd is your best bet then probably.06:16
Unit193Thank you06:16
BiosElementnginx is faster but it still has memory leaks from a couple years ago, last I checked06:16
Cheri703I am awake and I am BORED06:16
Cheri703I have a few things I want to read but they will make my eyes hurt :/ so.......I'm bored06:16
BiosElementCheri703: Go research the gnome mess if you're that bored :P Find me a non-trolling gnome community dude's view of things haha06:17
Unit193Cherokee and nginx both sound interesting to try06:17
Cheri703meh, that stuff doesn't interest me BiosElement06:18
BiosElementWas worth a shot heh06:18
Cheri703I don't really concern myself with the warring nerd factions :)06:18
BiosElementHeh, I do since if affects me. If I don't concern myself, who will? >.>06:19
BiosElementAnd anyway, if I continue doing work with the OhLoCo Like I intend too, I should probably know when I should hide in the bathroom from the roaming gnome hordes. ;)06:20
Unit193Speeking of crazies, how is your project going?06:21
BiosElementStill listening to excuses about the engine release being delayed, great progress on the web system I'm working on for things, otherwise pretty quiet.06:22
Unit193(I figured I shouldn't be in IRC if I have nothing to say)06:23
BiosElementhah, idle is fine :P06:24
* Cheri703 just got out and fired up the ol' rack server that's been hanging out under my bed...06:34
Cheri703this thing is so dang loud :/06:38
TheErkhi hi cheri pie08:27
Unit193I don't think she likes that...08:27
TheErkI'm corny like that.08:27
Cheri703not the proper pronunciation :)08:27
Unit193I'm not still up...08:28
Cheri703I find it difficult to convince myself to go to sleep when I have NOTHING planned for the next day...08:33
TheErkSleep is overrated08:40
TheErkSleep gives you cancer man08:42
Cheri703I'm annoyed at apple08:43
TheErkWhy for?08:46
Cheri703trying to get a vmware image working, works on my netbook (took FOREVER to boot the first time, but works) and it hangs on the flash screen on one of my desktops08:47
Cheri703and I blame apple08:47
TheErkGood enough08:48
Cheri703today is likely going to be the second day this week I'm up til 5am or so08:50
Unit193Kick it a few times08:50
Thedemon666I have an error that ubuntu does not start I is left with an error in the screen that says: error ath5k phy0: can't register ieee80211 hw20:57
Cheri703Thedemon666: this isn't really a support room, you might try #ubuntu or #ubuntu-beginners20:58
BiosElementNice catch Cheri70321:07
* BiosElement totally missed that21:07
Cheri703if it's something basic, I'd try to help, but something like that should be in a support room21:08
BiosElementI wouldn't hardly know where to start21:13
Cheri703same here21:14
Cheri703www.uniqueskins.com $15 for a custom netbook skin, might order one with my business logo on it...21:28
Cheri703for $10 more I found a site that has removable/reusable ones...21:32

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