JonathanDMorning PA10:31
jedijfmmm, irish soda bread and coffee13:39
ssweenyhi ChinnoDog16:14
ChinnoDogssweeny: whats new?16:44
ssweenyChinnoDog: i'm throwing a zombie board game party this evening16:44
ssweenyif you leave now you can probably make it16:45
ChinnoDog"zombie board game party"??16:59
ssweenya party during which we will play a zombie-themed board game called "Last Night on Earth"17:03
ChinnoDogI want to play :-(17:05
ssweenyyou can still make it!17:07
ssweenyhop in the car!17:08
ChinnoDogI wish17:10
rhpot1991ssweeny: zombies!!! ?17:54
* rhpot1991 wonders what other zombie board games there are17:55
ssweenythis is the only one i have played. it's quite fun18:17
jedijfhive is doing zombie rpg all z must die or something18:38
rhpot1991ssweeny: this == zombies!!! or something else?18:51
ssweenythis == "Last Night on Earth"18:54
rhpot1991perhaps I need to learn to read :)18:54
rhpot1991looks like that has better ratings than zombies!!!: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/2471/zombies18:56
ssweenythat seems like a similar game18:57
ssweenybut LNOE has more scenarios18:57
rhpot1991I just showed it to someone to have them pick it up :)18:57
rhpot1991I have too many games already, went through the top 100 of BGG and added a bunch for my bday that my family all got me18:58
rhpot1991agricola and catan are my favorites thus far18:58
rhpot1991carcassonne was pretty good18:58
ssweenycatan is full of win18:58
rhpot1991I've had catan forever18:58
rhpot1991just started with agricola18:59
ssweenyi got a Dilbert board game for Christmas a long time ago that turned out to be way more fun than it looked18:59
rhpot1991I have powergrid and pureto rico waiting still19:00
rhpot1991ssweeny: you would prob like forbidden island or pandemic19:00
rhpot1991they are kinda similar to those zombie based games19:01
ssweenypossibly. i'm not hugely into board games but i will try any that look interesting19:01
ssweenymostly it's something different from what my friends used to do, which was stare at a tv screen for movies and/or video games19:02
ssweenythis is more interactive19:02
rhpot1991I wish I had more people by me to play them with, I mostly play catan when I go in to visit with family19:03
rhpot1991ssweeny: does last night on earth have any single player?19:07
rhpot1991some games like that have a solitaire style single player option19:07
ssweenyit wouldn't be any fun single player19:09
ssweenyyou need at least one to play as the zombies19:09
ChinnoDogssweeny: that sounds like the best role to play20:11
ssweenyit can be lots of fun20:17
rhpot1991I'd want to shoot the zombies20:36
JonathanDSo I think camping will be at Washington Crossing state park, NJ...20:37
JonathanDFor anyone who wants to come. I'm going to see what dates are available shortly.20:38
JonathanDandrew: in?20:41
andrewin what?20:47
JonathanDandrew: camping, washington crossing.20:48
JonathanDstill have to call and get a list of available dates20:53
JonathanDany suggestions?20:53
PennBotI guess any suggestions are welcomed, really, JonathanD20:53
andrewNot this weekend20:53
andrewnot next weekend20:53
rhpot1991JonathanD: you can find out dates online normally20:53
rhpot1991gotta go through the booking process till you can pick dates20:54
rhpot1991you can view sites too that way, I think you have to pick a date before you can poke at sites though20:54
JonathanDrhpot1991: I've never found a way to see available dates online...20:58
rhpot1991JonathanD: is it a state park?20:59
JonathanDNJ state park.20:59
JonathanDnot PA20:59
PennBotTitle: Department of Environmental Protection (at www.state.nj.us)20:59
rhpot1991maybe NJ sucks at that then20:59
JonathanDheh :p21:00
rhpot1991PA state parks normally have it21:00
JonathanDrhpot1991: NJ parks are too cheap to afford it.21:00
JonathanDWhich is why we go camping there.21:00
rhpot1991yep I don't see the option there21:00
rhpot1991well price seems close to the same21:00
rhpot1991this is confusing me though21:01
rhpot1991Group campsites: Four group sites with picnic tables, fire rings, and portable toilets; total capacity: 115. Open April 1 through October 31. Site A - $50 per night, Site B - $25 per night, Site C - $25 per night, Site D $15 per night21:01
rhpot1991does that mean there are only 4 sites?21:01
JonathanDrhpot1991: A houses 50 people.21:01
JonathanDB, C house up to 25 each21:01
JonathanDD 1521:01
rhpot1991house as in cabin?21:01
JonathanDno, support tents suitable for that many21:01
JonathanDIt's somewhat subjective, though.21:02
rhpot1991oh but they have the tents and stuff?21:02
rhpot1991so its not just a piece of land and you are on your own21:02
JonathanDit's an empty site :)21:02
JonathanDyou are on your own.21:02
JonathanDBut for 50 people, $50 a night is cheap21:02
JonathanD(we won't have 50, though)21:03
rhpot1991very cheap21:03
JonathanDregardless, it basically means "$100 flat no matter how many people we have."21:03
rhpot1991PA sites are somewhere in the 15-25 range, and you'd be sad fiting more than 6 people in there21:03
PennBotTitle: IMG_0227 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! (at www.flickr.com)21:03
rhpot1991last camp site I was at21:03
rhpot1991"camp site"21:03
JonathanDrhpot1991: http://ahotw.com/gallery/v/linux/2009-07-12-Geeknic/21:04
PennBotTitle: Geeknic++; Camping at Jenny Jump (at ahotw.com)21:04
JonathanDThats what it's like, basically.21:04
andrewAh yes, the time before I started using flickr21:04
JonathanDWater bottles.21:04
JonathanDandrew: thats how I find it so fast.21:04
JonathanDahotw is easy to type into the bar, get a result.21:05
rhpot1991JonathanD: whats the water area like there?21:05
JonathanDI didn't make use of it.21:06
JonathanDSome people went fishing that year.21:06
rhpot1991JonathanD: kayakable?21:06
JonathanDrhpot1991: Jenny Jump was, yes.21:08
JonathanDWashington Crossing is on the deleware.21:09
ChinnoDog@seen MutantTurkey21:20
PennBotChinnoDog: MutantTurkey was last seen in #ubuntu-us-pa 1 day, 19 hours, 21 minutes, and 23 seconds ago: <MutantTurkey> okay thanks for the info!21:20
MutantTurkeyGobble Gobble21:20
JonathanDrhpot1991: I'd imagine it's doable :)21:28
rhpot1991JonathanD: I'm interested (and have a few others) if the date works out21:30
EvilPhoenixany of you people running 10.04 and can check your repos for something?22:06
JonathanDrhpot1991: sometime in May I think22:07
JonathanDMaybe the 28th.22:08
jedijfEvilPhoenix: what?22:34
PennBotDon't ask to ask, just ask! :P22:35
MutantTurkey <phrik: Don't ask to ask, or ask if anyone is here, or if anyone is alive, or if anyone uses something. Just ask!>22:35
jedijfEvilPhoenix: yes i run 10.04, and yes i haz repos22:35
MutantTurkeys/ask if anyone is here/ask if everyone is a zombie22:36
jedijfif much longer i'll be in van which runs 9.04....22:37
rhpot1991JonathanD: I'll be in philly the following weekend anyways, so if you do it then it increases the chances of me attending22:42
rhpot1991don't change just on my behalf though, pick something that works for everyone22:42
EvilPhoenixjedijf:  nevermind, i got an answer22:44
EvilPhoenixwas lookin for a certain package, found it only in 10.10 and later22:44

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