chris4585wrst, so do I00:03
chris4585wrst, I like that there will no longer be a netbook and desktop edition00:03
chris4585just Ubuntu00:03
cyberangernow all I need is an obuntu edition00:07
chris4585wrst, I really hope unity itself will have a plugin ability similar to awn00:08
oriaswhats so nice about awn?00:09
oriasi havent played with it yet00:09
chris4585I like how it doesn't look ugly as a dock, and that I have dockbarx in my awn, besides that I guess no advantages as opposed to any other panel00:12
oriasahh... better than docky + compiz?00:30
chris4585I've never really used docky00:31
oriasits nice00:35
wrstchris4585: i agree00:36
wrsti have used docky and it has plugins its nice00:37
vychunehey been looking for you03:54
linuxman410lookinf for who03:54
linuxman410what for03:55
vychuneyou said you had a linux box you werent using03:56
linuxman410yeah a few of them right now03:56
vychuneyou said yu were gonna donate two and i asked could i have one03:57
linuxman410sure why not03:57
vychunering abell03:57
linuxman410do you live in tennessee03:57
linuxman410you a long way from me03:58
linuxman410i am in east tennessee03:58
vychuneoh mountains aera03:59
linuxman410next to knoxville03:59
* vychune whitsles04:00
vychunewell so much for that  lol04:01
linuxman410well the only problem i have with shipping is ups charges about 25 or 30 dollars let me check parcel post from postoffice and see what they charge to ship to mephis04:02
linuxman410vychune what is you r zipcode04:09
linuxman410vychune u still here04:13
vychunesorry went to get a snack04:16
linuxman410it looks like even if computer weighs 20 pds i can ship for 15 dollars parcel post but i do not think it eweighs 20 pounds04:19
vychuneyou need shipping?04:25
linuxman410email me your exact address and i can pack and take to postoffice and get a quote04:26
linuxman410i will pack in as little box as i can04:26
vychunelol ok04:26
vychunewhats the email?04:26
linuxman410if i can do it for 10 or 15 then do not worry about i will ship it will be on me04:28
linuxman410talk to u tommorow04:31
vychunety again04:31
chibihogoshinoanyone watching this ?08:00
cyberangerchibihogoshino: yes, but everyone else is likely asleep09:19
chibihogoshinocyberanger: here is a feed from japan http://www.ustream.tv/channel/foxtokimekitonight09:31
Juzzyshocker, quakes on the ring of fire12:38
Juzzyhow is that even newsworthy :p12:38
Juzzyexcept it effected bond prices too :/12:38
chibihogoshinoJuzzy: you know what happened ?12:48
cyberangerJuzzy: this one is more than most for japan13:36
cyberangerheading for hawaii and the west coast13:37
cyberangertsunami that is13:37
cyberangerand for california and japan the fact this scares them is a clue this is big13:38
cyberangerit's in ways a good thing it hit in daylight13:38
cyberangerpeople were up to hear an alert13:39
chibihogoshinocyberanger:  mms://a729.l542446755.c5424.n.lm.akamaistream.net/D/729/5424/v0001/reflector:4675513:41
chibihogoshinohawaii feed13:42
chibihogoshinoits winter in japan so its bloody cold13:42
cyberangerdepends on the region13:44
chibihogoshinoin the feed13:45
chibihogoshinothe ocean receded13:45
cyberangernot heard from my friend on a base, but he's much further south13:46
cyberangersounds like korea is spared13:46
cyberangerthink I've gotten lucky, egypt, australia (flood) NZ (last earthquake) and this13:47
wrstmorning everyone14:03
chibihogoshino101 quakes in japan14:21
wrstwow chibihogoshino14:27
chibihogoshinoquake map14:27
linuxman410wrst u here14:41
linuxman410anyone here14:44
wrsthey linuxman41014:45
linuxman410how come the link to members list does not work14:45
linuxman410vychune you did not email me14:47
vychunei didnt go through?14:47
vychune ok i got14:47
vychunei used the worng domain my bad14:48
vychuneon its way14:49
linuxman410no i did not get it14:49
linuxman410got it14:50
vychuneoh god14:56
chibihogoshinoim glad alcohol dosnt go bad15:13
chibihogoshinojeager or how ever you spell it15:21
chibihogoshinowhat this15:52
vychunei dont15:54
vychunei hear katie curic i think15:54
vychunepress conference15:55
chibihogoshinowatch this not what15:56
vychuneoh ok lol15:56
chibihogoshinoits coverage of the shit thats going down15:56
vychunehold on something burning15:56
chibihogoshinoim a little drung15:56
linuxman410vychune  what are you planning on running on this machine16:12
vychuneubuntu or :( xp16:13
vychuneits for my mother16:13
linuxman410do you have any memory the only machines i am coming up with only have 256 ram ddr16:14
linuxman410i mean it would run lubuntu just fine16:14
linuxman410vychune it is running wattos right now16:17
vychunenever heard of it16:17
vychunegoogleing now16:17
linuxman410the processor is a amd sempron 3200 +     the memory is 256 the harrdvive is a 40 gig and it has a cd burner16:19
linuxman410vychune it is a os made from ubuntu16:20
linuxman410vychune computer is old compaq16:21
linuxman410vchune what os can be upgradeed to 10.1016:22
vychunei like the look of it16:22
linuxman410vychune the ram is ddr 3200 you could pick up some cheap on ebay16:23
vychunethis is gonna be fun16:26
linuxman410i found some extra ram i up it to 38416:30
chibihogoshinooregon and california are getting hit now16:30
linuxman410vychune i found some extra ram and up it to 384 now i will box it and go see how much shiipping is16:32
chibihogoshinohere is california16:41
linuxman410vychune it has a xphome number on the side if that is what u want to put on it ubuntu will run with 384 ram though    heading out now to see how much shipping is16:49
vychunethanks man16:50
vychuneid rather have my *buntu16:51
Xpistosguys how do I end a vncserver session from the term18:03
Xpistosnvm I got that.18:15
Xpistoscyberanger: who to I check my chatlogs for irssi18:15
chibihogoshino132 quakes18:23
chris4585so I got this high power slan usb adapter for $25 at the flea market today, and I plugged it into my desktop and it instantly worked19:22
chris4585this is one reason why I love linux19:22
wrsthello pace_t_zulu20:18
pace_t_zulusup wrst20:18
wrstnot much, pace_t_zulu unity has came a LONG ways in the past couple of weeks20:19
wrsthow are you doing?20:19
pace_t_zuluwrst: agreed... i am impressed so far... maverick is starting to feel a bit stale :)20:19
pace_t_zuludoing well ... using the hell out of my new machine20:20
pace_t_zuluhow are you doing wrst?20:20
wrstmy mom is using 10.04 and i agree when i used it a couple days ago20:20
wrsti'm doing well pace_t_zulu, so the new mac is doing well?20:20
pace_t_zuluawesome... 32 GB20:20
pace_t_zuludual quad core xeons20:20
wrst32!!!??? what in teh world???20:20
wrstdual quad xeon? wow20:21
pace_t_zulu8 cores... 16 w/ hyperthreading20:21
pace_t_zuluright now all cores (real and virtual) are saturated compiling code20:21
wrstso its almost like having 32 cores?20:21
pace_t_zulu16 threads running at 100%20:21
pace_t_zulu16 cores20:21
wrstpace_t_zulu: that's amazing, i was trying to compile firefox 4 a few nights ago and it took me like 2 hours or something on my pitiful laptop i can't imagine something using all the hardware you have20:22
pace_t_zuluwrst: and i have access to much more hardware if necessary20:23
wrstwow, and cool :)20:23
chibihogoshinomy system seams to slow down after the ammount of ram usage gets to over a gig21:28

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