androidbruceseattlegaucho, are you a mysql guru?05:14
valoriehe is!05:16
androidbrucewell then he and I need to talk 05:18
valoriehe's been scarce05:19
valorieI've been wishing he was in #amarok more too, but I see him rarely05:20
androidbruceyeah, gotcha05:20
androidbrucedid you see that 11.04 is using banshee as it's default player instead of rhythmbox 05:20
androidbrucethat makes me a sad panda05:20
valorieamarok uber alles05:21
androidbrucehahah yeah 05:24
androidbrucei'm running it now in a vm 05:25
androidbruceseattlegaucho: you around 17:22
seattlegauchoandroidbruce: I am now18:48
androidbruceseattlegaucho: i am in need of some mysql schooling 19:01
androidbrucecan you provide help/support?19:01
androidbrucewhat's your consultant fee?19:01
seattlegauchono fee, my schedule is busy enough as-is to be able to moonlight :)19:01
seattlegauchohowever, depending on the extent of what you need I can: a) point you in the right direction as you did when I rooted my G119:02
androidbruceseattlegaucho: i gotcha. well if you could point me to some cool resources to learn mysql that would be great 19:02
seattlegauchob) if you just need a couple of hours, get more involved hands-on and leave at a point from where either you finish it yourself or be back at a)19:03
seattlegauchoc) recommed a person and/or company that can help you out19:03
* seattlegaucho points at himself for a starting point :)19:03
seattlegauchoshoot your first Q or describe your difficulties19:04
androidbrucewell for starters what is the best way to manage mysql? phpmyadmin? 19:05
androidbrucealso, are most commands performed in mysql, or mysqladmin?19:06
androidbruceim in the early stages of creating databases and websites. and i've just been reading and hacking through tutorials. 19:06
seattlegauchothe prefferred way it 'mysql'  ... the CLI utility19:23
seattlegauchoif you're more of a GUI guy, try out the latest MySQL Workbench19:23
seattlegauchoI never liked phpMyAdmin very much19:23
seattlegauchoit's too fat for the little it offers19:23
androidbruceseattlegaucho: how would i go about learning to use the CLI utility?19:28
androidbruce help and man pages?19:28
seattlegauchoyou have 2 main resources: a) docs and b) \h on the tool's command line19:29
androidbrucehere is a softball for ya? what are the uses of mysql and are they're any alternatives?19:29
seattlegauchoas in 'mysql'  the CLI tool or MySQL the product?19:30
androidbruceummm mysql the product 19:31
androidbrucethen if you could elaborate on the cli vs gui/webinterface19:32
seattlegauchoalternatives to MySQL: a) MariaDB is my favorite ... it has all the worthy patches19:33
seattlegauchob) stay MySQL: it's very good at what it does and Oracle is doing a very good job at fixing bugs and keep improving it19:34
seattlegauchomysql CLI offers a flexibility that no other tools comes close19:34
androidbrucei have phpmyadmin installed, how would i access that interface on my box? i have apache installed and working19:35
seattlegauchoGUI usually tackle the basic stuff, they can't go as deep as the CLI can go19:38
seattlegauchoit probably has a URL or a HTTP port19:39
androidbruceyeah, i'm wondering where that config might be, guess i need to rtfm 19:39
seattlegauchohttp://localhost:xxx/ would be my first guess (don't know what xxx value is) as with samba, cups, etc19:39
androidbrucegot it 19:39
androidbruceit's localhost/phpmyadmin by default19:40
seattlegauchothat'd would've been my 2nd gues19:40
seattlegauchohowever, once you get familiar with the CLI ... it's what everybody uses for admin19:40
androidbruceso i can create databases, and have cms's use those db's that i've created in mysql 19:40
seattlegauchoevery app has it's own ways of dealing with it19:41
androidbrucewhat is a collation exactly? 19:41
seattlegauchohow you sort19:41
seattlegauchodifferent alphabets use different ordering criteria ... 90% of the times, you shouldn't worry about that19:42
androidbruceahhh gotcha 19:42
androidbrucecan you have a mysql server in a different location than the webserver?19:42
seattlegauchofor low volume data not necessarily, for medium to big data: mysql server should run on it's own19:43
seattlegauchokeep in mind that memory is more important than cores19:43
androidbrucespace? 19:43
seattlegauchodepends on data volume19:43
androidbrucehow much 'storage' should one allocated?19:43
seattlegaucho*don't* use regular NFS19:43
seattlegauchowe DB running with 1~2 GB and others with 600GB19:44
androidbruceahh ok 19:44
androidbrucedon't use regular NFS? what do you reccommend?19:44
seattlegauchoif you run it off a VM *never* run data and/or logs off a virtual disk19:44
seattlegauchoeither local storage or a good SAN19:44
androidbruceahhh dude to corruption?19:45
seattlegauchoyep ... LVM degrades performance up to a 20% ... maybe more, maybe less depending on actual load19:45
seattlegauchomany people swear that XFS is better than ext3/4 for data19:45
seattlegauchoagain ... depends on data traffic19:46
seattlegauchoif you use KVM for virtualization, go with *raw disk* for data and map it to an actual partition on disk 19:46
seattlegaucho... need to go, be back in ~1hr19:46
androidbrucethanks a lot man 19:52
seattlegauchoandroidbruce: I'm back20:43
androidbruceseattlegaucho: you rock bro, i owe you a beer 20:46
androidbruceseattlegaucho: how do i view docs/ help pages again?20:46
seattlegauchowe're even ... I'd never had that G1 running if it weren't for you :)20:46
seattlegauchoif you're on the 'mysql'  CLI ... type \h to get UI help or ... HELP command20:46
seattlegauchothe 2nd one points you gives you enough information to not need to remember syntax specifics and ...20:47
seattlegauchothe URL to the docs on the web 20:47
seattlegauchothe one I use the most is: pager20:48
seattlegauchoor \p20:48
seattlegaucho'pager less'  pipes all the output to 'less' ... you can use more sophistaced pipes20:48
seattlegaucho'pager' returns to use stdout20:49
seattlegauchoalso, it's awesome to pipe commands through it20:49
seattlegauchoare we going to organize something for 11.04 release?20:49
* seattlegaucho hates .10 releases, they always have something broken20:49
seattlegaucho10.04 worked great w/ OpenVPN + NetworkManager20:50
seattlegaucho10.10 with exactly the *same* settings, doesn't work20:50
seattlegauchotoo bad that one of the LTS broadcomm wireless drivers broke and couldn't find a solution20:51
androidbrucesorry for no response, day job got me busy seattlegaucho 21:14
seattlegauchomy day job tends to do the same to me :)21:25
androidbruceseattlegaucho: you there bro 23:16
seattlegauchoworking on an email ... so if you can deal with the pauses ... yes23:16
androidbruceseattlegaucho: if you were starting on a fresh machine, how would you go about getting mysql installed? 23:30
seattlegauchofor fooling around, go with the packages in teh distros repositories, unless you're in RH23:31
seattlegauchofor production, go with the latest package/tarball in the MySQL downloads section23:31
seattlegaucho... today the choice of using 5.1 or 5.5 depends mostly on the app23:31
seattlegauchosome bad apps break when using 5.523:32
androidbrucegotcha. ok how would you go about installing joomla on a fresh machine? install apache2, then mysql?23:38
androidbrucei already have it installed and running. but i dunno if i've used the best of methods23:40
seattlegauchohmm ... I'd would've done it the other way around -> infrastructure first23:55

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