inetprogood morning07:21
superflyhi inetpro07:31
Symmetriacan you switch ioschedulers on the fly10:18
Symmetriaor do I need a reboot10:18
superflyhey Symmetria... getting closer to the end of that sync?14:21
Symmetriaheh yeah, it should go live as soon as the sf dude wakes up and fixes the dns14:21
Symmetriawe're still synching but they will come live with what we have synched14:21
Symmetriawe're up to about 10TB so far 14:21
superflyof the 14? that's good progress14:22
Symmetriaroot@mirror:/diskspace4# ps uwxa |grep rsync |grep heanet |grep source |awk '{print $13}' |sort |uniq14:24
Symmetriathats all thats left 14:25
Symmetriaand one of those only has like 200 files to go14:25
Symmetriaheh superfly we've been CLOCKING traffic filling that thing up14:25
queerymaaz coffee on14:33
* Maaz starts grinding coffee14:33
MaazCoffee's ready for queery!14:37
Symmetriawe saw a 25% increasew in youtube traffic today14:37
Symmetriabecause of the quake/tsunami14:38
queerymaaz, thak you14:38
Maazqueery: Excuse me?14:38
queerymaaz, thank you14:38
Maazqueery: Okay :-)14:38
nuvolarigeez. mixed emotions though. wow on traffic, not so wow on the disaster.14:49
Morganvdevening all17:57
nlsthznHey Morganvd :)18:04
superflyevening Morganvd and nlsthzn18:19
nlsthznHey superfly :)18:19
superflyhmmm, looks like TENET's SourceForge mirror is still not in rotation18:22
superflyat least DNS is resolving properly18:23
Symmetriathey fixed the dns18:27
Symmetriaand I've just seen the first hit off it18:27
Symmetriawill probably go into full rotation in the next few minutes18:27
Symmetriacould still take an hour or two though18:27
Symmetriathe last of the syncs are still happening, still running at 800mbit/second synching, but I recon it has less than a terabyte to go18:28
Symmetriaheh still synching mo, my, op, os, ou, ov, po, pr, so, sp, st, su, sy and tu18:29
superflySymmetria: I tried to download something a few minutes ago18:29
superflydidn't work18:29
superflyor didn't seem to18:29
Symmetriayeah they still conducting tests etc18:29
Symmetria196.210.199.88 - - [11/Mar/2011:20:22:13 +0200] "GET /project/openlp/openlp/1.9.4/OpenLP-1.9.4-setup.exe HTTP/1.1" 302 299 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:2.0b12pre) Gecko/20110218 Firefox/4.0b12pre" tenet.dl.sourceforge.net18:30
superflyah, that would be why... "still syncing .. op ..18:30
Symmetriawas that you?18:30
superflySymmetria: yeah, that was me :-)18:30
Symmetria:P try something else please18:30
superflyhrm, ok18:30
superflySymmetria: cool, it's working (I'm downloading Audacity)18:32
SymmetriaI'm just giving the DNS fix for tenet.dl.sourceforge.net a little time to propagate (so it has the right CNAME), and I'll turn public access to the mirror on.18:33
Symmetria^^^ just got that from them18:33
superflycool beans18:33
Symmetriaheh here come the hits already18:33
superflynice :-D18:34
Symmetriaok, sp done18:41
Symmetriaand po about to finish18:42
* Symmetria goes to eat while he waits for this to finish18:44
Symmetriasu also done 18:48
superflyop will take the longest18:49
Symmetriaare you seeing tenet in the list of mirrors yet?19:00
Symmetriaas an option?19:00
superflySymmetria: not the last time I looked, which was about 10 minutes ago19:02
Symmetriak, they still testing19:02
Symmetriaseeing test traffic still19:03
Symmetriaits live19:07
Symmetriathat should say TENET on it19:07
Symmetriamight nto be fully there yet, but the one I just tested definately went there19:08
superflySymmetria: indeed it does!19:09
superflywoohoo! :-D19:09
Symmetriatry some other random download19:09
Symmetriaand see if it goes to the right place19:09
Symmetriadon't think they've redirected everything yet, it might just be random test things19:10
superflySymmetria: is "op" finished yet?19:10
Symmetriaroot@mirror:~# ps uwxa |grep rsync |grep heanet |grep source |awk '{print $13}' |sort |uniq19:11
Symmetria  30 second output rate 840753000 bits/sec, 72442 packets/sec <=== LOL shouldnt take 2 long though at that speed :P19:11
Symmetriayeah we're not in the official list of mirrors yet on their page19:12
Symmetriaso don't think they've gone fully public yet19:12
superflySymmetria: I think they've switched on their geolocation though19:18
|3o|3I've forgotten, which is better on linux, Nvidia or ATI?19:22
linuxboyi fine nvidia to be better19:28
linuxboybut I haven't really tried ATi much19:28
linuxboyso i could be wrong19:28
Symmetriasuperfly they've definately turned something on19:32
SymmetriaI've just seen my first hit from mweb19:32
linuxboywas that me?19:32
Symmetriadid you try and download fuel?19:33
linuxboyI clicked that link up there ^^^19:33
Symmetriaif so then probably :P19:33
linuxboyTENET wasn't in the selection list though19:33
Symmetriayeah think they are still working on stuff19:34
linuxboyah, it tries to autodownload from tenet19:34
linuxboybut in teh list I get "(Cape Town, South Africa, ZA) " with no link to click19:34
Symmetriahrm, it should be johannesburg not capetown :P19:35
Symmetriabut I recon they still doing work on their side19:35
linuxboyit should also have a link to click19:35
Symmetriawe still havent finished synching everything and they still running data checks I think19:36
Symmetriabut I couple more just finished19:36
Symmetriast seems to be the one thats gonna finish last19:36
Symmetriaits still on sta 19:36
Symmetriamo is on mor19:36
Symmetriaand os is about to finish19:37
Symmetriayou is also on tur so that will finish soon as well19:39
Symmetriatu I mean19:39
Symmetriaits amazing how many apps start with the word star :P19:39
Morganvdi preffer nvidia too19:41
Symmetriagod damn20:01
Symmetriathe developers of the world are a really uninspired bunch20:01
Symmetria:P why the hell does every developer have to call his project open* osx* star* 20:02
Symmetrialike, lets get some originality people :P20:02
Morganvdi have been looking at jave and the naming is just not working for me20:02
Symmetriahehe Im watching the rsync mirror scroll20:03
Symmetriaand realizing it would be a real interesting social experiment 20:03
Symmetriato analyze opensource project names20:03
Symmetriabecause people all seem kinda obsessed with the same names :P20:03
Morganvdand the same project20:05
Morganvdbut diffrent20:05
Morganvdits the same thing why not help better the first one20:05
Symmetriaheh all I want right now is this damn sync to finish :)20:05
Symmetriahrm, what other words can you think of that could start with mot 20:07
Symmetria:p its on motogt20:07
Symmetriaoh, motor* doh :)20:07
Symmetrialol, this is something for very bored people to do :P star at the rsync list coming through and try and guess the next name thats gonna show up20:09
nuvolarisheesh, the tsunami is really bad :/22:35

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