doug9How to configure Engenius 3550 to Ubuntu?00:00
andaithanks eddie00:00
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Jordan_UI am getting an odd problem that seems to only occur when using USB devices that transfer "signifigant" amounts of data, i.e. drives and a USB 3G dongle and likely anything other than a simple keyboard and mouse. The problem is the my system load increases drastically untill I eventually need to reboot. How can I check if this is a hardware issue as it seems to be?00:00
phoenixsamprashow to count the amount of files on a directory?00:02
raidoJordan_U: It might be interesting to boot a live CD and try to get the same result00:02
dejan_hi, how to acces packet manager synaptic?00:03
raidoJordan_U: You cole use 2-3 differnt versions and kernel versions to see if they all do it.00:03
alphonsodoes anyone have any recommendations on the cleanest way to run a command (as root) at startup?  ubuntu 10.1000:03
PolahDejan_: You mean Synaptic Package Manager. Also, System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager00:03
Ben64phoenixsampras: find | wc -l00:03
raidophoenixsampras: ls -l | wc -l00:03
Jordan_Uraido: I have and they all do. I'll try with a LiveCD.00:03
dejan_thak you00:03
phoenixsamprasraido:  Ben64 thank you gurus00:03
Ben64phoenixsampras: mine counts recursively, and includes directories00:04
lightaalphonso, make a bash file ?00:04
inside-out-bunnyalphonso: write a script, put it in /etc/rc.local00:04
alphonsolighta: no - just want to run /opt/lampp/lampp start to start my dev lampp environment00:04
raidoJordan_U: Id say you have some faulty hardware if you get the same on the live CDS too.00:05
raidoJordan_U: Is this s desktop?00:05
dejan_I installed apache 2.2 but i am not sure how some guy told me from terminal now i want to delete it and install it through packet manager what should i do ?00:05
Jordan_Uraido: Yes.00:05
maxbMy Firefox top-right search box seems to have been forcibly changed from Google to Ask.com with the latest update ?!  Is this known to happen?00:05
raidoJordan_U: You could try getting an ad in card to slove it00:05
lightahmm if is just lap you want to start automatically you can put in in init.d no ? no script to write00:05
dejan_can anyoe guide me to remove and reinstall apache?00:06
Eighteensi just installed sendmail, and it's working, I actually got the mail in my inbox, however it took the form like 2 minutes before the page refreshes, and gives confirmation that the mail was sent using the mailform, doesn anyone have a solution as to why sendmail is going so slow00:06
dejan_it appears installed on Synaptic Package Manager but I installed it through terminal I want to reinstall it through SYPM00:06
alphonsoinside-out-bunny: forgive my noob-ness - but my rc.local file contains logic (a do start statement) do i put the command before that logic?00:06
dejan_i just installed ubuntu00:07
phoenixsamprasgratz and rocks00:07
inside-out-bunnyalphonso: what does it have in there? by default it should just have comments and an exit statement00:07
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Ben64dejan_: why would you not want to use the one from synaptic?00:07
raidodejan_: they use the same backend, if SPM shows it installed then your good to go00:08
inside-out-bunnyalphonso: either way it doesn't matter where you put it in rc.local as long as it's before the exit statement.00:08
Ben64oh i read that wrong00:08
dejan_it appears i have installed (in Synaptic) : Apache2, Apache 2.2-bin, Apache 2.2-common,  Apache mpm-worker00:08
foureight84hey guys00:08
dejan_I select all and complete removal or?00:08
dejan_I want to delete them00:08
foureight84do you know how one would go about accessing a cellular carrier's wap website?00:08
alphonsoinside-out-bunny: looks like a do start block with an if/fi condition followed by a case statement with two cases00:08
dejan_and then install them through Synaptic00:08
raidodejan_: no. its pointless, youve already installed it00:08
dejan_i have instaleld them from terminal somehow one guy told me00:08
alphonsoinside-out-bunny: i didn't alter this - not sure why it doesn't look like the default00:09
inside-out-bunnyalphonso: this isn't a machine you installed/set up?00:09
dejan_why are so many apache2 apache 2.2 apache 2.2-bin -comon -worker?00:09
dejan_what are they all ? :S00:09
alphonsoinside-out-bunny: yes, i set it up00:09
inside-out-bunnydejan_: big packages come in separate pieces00:09
dejan_to remove apache 2.2 i have to remove completely all or?00:09
inside-out-bunnyalphonso: would you mind pasting it somewhere?00:09
dejan_i am not sure iff I have isntalled right00:09
dejan_dont wat my server to be hacked :S00:10
raidodejan_: Its fine.00:10
dejan_so re these normal and complete all packages for apache 2.2?00:10
inside-out-bunnyalphonso: but either way-- rc.local is just the last thing executed when you boot up.00:10
dejan_Apache2, Apache 2.2-bin, Apache 2.2-common,  Apache mpm-worker00:10
Ben64dejan_: using the terminal to install stuff is the same as synaptic00:10
dejan_ok then00:10
dejan_Ben64: can I use terminal to install stuff in a bad way?00:11
alphonsoinside-out-bunny: sending you the file00:11
Ben64dejan_: synaptic is just a front end for apt-get, if you used apt-get to install in on the terminal, it works the exact same way00:12
inside-out-bunnyalphonso: just pastebin it somewhere00:13
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alphonsoinside-out-bunny: paste it in chat?00:13
MidlerI have a question00:13
Ben64alphonso: pastebin.com00:13
Midlerthe thing is, iam gonna have a computer that runs different games by different logins00:14
Eighteensis postfix faster than sendmail, anyone?00:14
Midlerexample warsow for the user warsow00:14
inside-out-bunnyEighteens: doesn't matter unless you're sending millions of msg's per sec00:14
Midleris there anyone that can help me with the logout when exiting the program00:14
inside-out-bunnyMidler: why?00:14
Midlerand should i use gnome sessions00:14
alphonsoinside-out-bunny: http://pastebin.com/J9QCzpZ900:15
Midlerinside-out-bunny: its meant to be a testing pc00:15
Midlerinside-out-bunny: they will be able to play games and only games00:15
Eighteensinside-out-bunny, for some reason a mail form i use takes about 2 minutes before confirmation is given that the mail was sent, and the same mailform was used on another server, and it was really fast, just wondering what the delay is00:15
Midleruser warsow -> login -> play warsow -> exit warsow [logout user warsow]00:15
alphonsoben64: thanks00:16
inside-out-bunnyEighteens: that's not a performance issue.  both sendmail and postfix are capable of sending/spamming millions per second00:16
dejan_can someone guide me to install php o ubuntu apache00:17
dejan_i just installed ubuntu for first time im using linux00:17
dejan_i must install apache-prefork-dev?00:17
inside-out-bunnyMidler: perhaps put 'exec /path/to/warsow' in their .xsession?00:17
alphonsodejan: you can use xampp00:17
alphonsodejan: go to apachefriends.org00:17
dejan_alphonso:  no no i ont want xamp00:17
Midlerhmm, thanks i guess00:17
dejan_no o..00:17
Midleri will look it up00:17
dejan_i have apache00:18
dejan_now i must install prefork-dev?00:18
alphonsodejan: what do you want to do?00:18
dejan_or o00:18
cronus_dejan_, try sudo tasksel and select LAMP server00:18
FloodBot3dejan_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:18
dejan_install php00:18
dejan_i have apache00:18
rooferdavetake a look can u help me with this error im compiling a kernel and get this at the end just before making modules, ....http://pastebin.com/FTfHhJQY00:18
dejan_tell me do i need this apache2-prefork-dev?00:18
alphonsodejan: php interpreter is installed automatically w/ a lampp stack if you don't want to use xampp, there are others you can try00:19
dejan_no no lamp xamp pls..00:19
soreauwhy is it that totem even offers to search for plugins/codecs for dvd's? It's always going to fail so why does it even try00:19
dejan_i know how to install phpsql i am not new00:19
dejan_i just am new to ubuntu..00:19
KM0201soreau: install DVD codecs, and it won't do it anymore00:19
dejan_tell me I have apache 2.2 do i need apache2-prefork-dev to install php?00:20
soreauKM0201: Right, but it doesn't tell you to do that. It just says -failed- and looks poor doing it00:20
dejan_because it says : This should only be used when you absolutely *must* support a non-threaded00:20
dejan_environment (for PHP, for example).00:20
KM0201soreau: dunno.. i usually just install ubuntu-restricted-extras, it all works out.00:21
rnigamPeople trying to install openmp on Maverick. Can't remember the package name. Any suggestions? Already tried 'apt-get install libgomp'00:21
alphonsoinside-out-bunny: did you get that paste? http://pastebin.com/J9QCzpZ900:22
alphonsodejan: did you get an answer to your php question?00:23
tripelbbhello.actionparsnip -- the phone I was having trouble with wont get recognized in Windows either. It says, reconnect and if that doesnt work, replace the device. (I changed the USB port and the connector cable). I am now still in Windows. Any suggestions?00:23
tripelbbHow can I ask when ActionParsnip last spoke in this channel?00:24
PolahTripelbb: Scroll up00:25
induzhow can I setup Outlook on wine, its not getting mail server??00:25
induzgmail server setting fails on wine00:26
induzanyone uses wine here??00:26
bastidrazor  induz then use evolution that does fine with gmail00:26
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aeon-ltdinduz: better off asking in #wine00:26
tripelbbPola, I just joined. Backscroll is 3 minutes.00:27
tripelbbpola, another server I frequestn can do it with !seen nickname00:27
arandtripelbb: 75min00:28
induzwhat should be the incoming mail server for gmail??00:28
tripelbbarand thanks.00:29
pkhis it possible to force an application to only see a given network interface (e.g. tun0)00:29
tripelbb-- the phone I was having trouble with (yesterday in Ubuntu and in #ubuntu) wont get recognized in Windows either. It says, reconnect and if that doesnt work, replace the device. (I changed the USB port and the connector cable). I am now still in Windows. Any suggestions?00:29
bastidrazor!gmail | induz00:30
ubottuinduz: gmail is a webmail service. For information on using it with Evolution see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingGmailWithEvolution00:30
bastidrazorinduz: the same settigns can be used in any email client.00:30
tripelbbinduz: did you try pop.gmail.com  (I can look it up)00:31
_eclarkAre there any ubuntu amazon ami's for Cluster Computer nodes ?00:31
induzwhat should be smpt server port00:32
induzyes i have tried pop the gmai'00:32
induz as 993 is port of imapi what should be outgoing port??00:32
tripelbbinduz http://www.emailaddressmanager.com/tips/mail-settings.html00:33
AnubArackso I used this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1O1R2-rdEU to change my login screen theme ... now how do i stop the theme chooser from appearing every time  I boot ?00:33
alphonsoanyone know how to request a voice in another channel?00:34
peugianyone using pinax blog app?00:34
skullboywhere is the tty7 config00:34
itaylor57KM0201: I tried to tell them at work that I was "allergic" to Microsoft products, so I needed to use open source, didn't work LOL00:34
KM0201itaylor57: lol.. well, you get an A+ for trying00:34
alphonsoitaylor57: i'm going to try that at my work00:35
tripelbbinduz Google Gmail Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): smtp.gmail.com The Gmail SMTP server requires authentication (use the same settings as for the incoming mail server) The Google Gmail SMTP Server requires an encrypted connection (SSL) on port 465.00:35
induzok so 993 and 46500:35
tripelbbinduz, is that right?00:35
* tripelbb must change clients00:36
smarti don't know00:36
induzyes 993 for incoming and 465 for outoing00:37
andrew_46induz: Which email client are you using?00:38
induzand trying to setup otlook00:38
induzwith wine00:38
induzwine and outlook 2007 have some problem00:40
induzor I didt get it right?/00:41
induzdoes anyone here use wine and outlook??00:41
skullboywhere is the tty7 config00:41
Elitestatusneed some help with a problem :(00:42
drcinduz: you've been having problems with gmail & imap for day, with every email client one can suggest.  I'd say it pretty sure it's you.00:42
bousselham_i use wine but i never try to install msoffice before00:42
Elitestatusi've still got the fixed channel -1 problem and the ignore commands works but when attempting the fake auth it just doesnt work00:42
induzi was having no problem with ThunderBird but i wanted the look of outlook on it and i got screwed00:42
bousselham_how know programming rpc with c00:42
induznow outlook is not working on my wine00:43
rwwwine :(00:43
drcinduz: still you00:43
skullboywhere is the tty7 config00:43
* drc is tired of whiners and losers00:43
induzdrc, it was working fine on TB00:43
skullboydrv | !lang00:44
skullboydrc | !lang00:44
Elitestatuscan anyone help me with my problem?00:44
skullboydrc | !language00:44
PolahElitestatus: what is your problem with?00:44
Elitestatusi've still got the fixed channel -1 problem and the ignore commands works but when attempting the fake auth it just doesnt work00:44
xeonsoy novato en ubuntu pero mol00:44
xrdodrx!es | xeon00:45
ubottuxeon: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.00:45
PolahElitestatus: With what? I don't know what you're talking about...00:45
xeonalone girl in tha home00:45
itaylor57KM0201: can't wait my birthday is in april and I get to upgrade to new version, best bday ever00:45
KM0201itaylor57: new version of what?00:45
Polahitaylor57: Natty comes out in April?00:45
Elitestatuswhen i try to fix to an ap i get fixed channel mode: -100:45
KM0201oh wait, duh00:45
Elitestatuswhich makes the fakeauth command not work00:45
skullboywhere is the tty7 config00:46
KM0201Polah: yes... 11.04 (2011, 4th month)00:46
xrdodrxitaylor57, the gift that keeps on giving :D (ubuntu usually has a release in April)00:46
zachubottu, que necisitas?00:46
speedrunnerG55i have a 40 Gb HDD i cant see in places. i tried reformatting it but i still dont see it00:46
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:46
speedrunnerG55what should i do00:46
skullboywhere is the tty7 config00:46
KM0201Polah: thats how all the ubuntu version numbers are used... ubuntu 6.06 (2006, 6th month) an so forth00:46
speedrunnerG55i saw it in disc utility thats how i reformoted it00:46
Elitestatusso i get agnored :(00:46
PolahSpeedrunnerg55: What do you mean you can't see them?00:47
Cody3290can ubuntu run .rpm files?00:47
pkhspeedrunnerG55, go and buy yourself a new disk00:47
KM0201!rpm | Cody329000:47
ubottuCody3290: RPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous and unsupported)00:47
PolahKM0201: Oh, I didn't know that. I thought it was just X.04 and X.10 just as a trend00:47
KM0201Cody3290: what are you trying to install from RPM?00:47
KM0201Polah: nope, there's a method to the madness00:47
PolahKM0201: The more you know (:00:47
Cody3290I would use the second one then, right?00:47
KM0201Cody3290: you don't need an RPM to install java, stop making it more difficult than it needs to be00:47
Cody3290I only was asking if I should use the first or second. thank you00:48
KM0201!java | Cody329000:48
ubottuCody3290: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://tinyurl.com/2ffg7cc -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.00:48
skullboywhere is the tty7 config00:48
skullboywhere is the tty7 config00:48
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ElitestatusDont you just love it when people ignore you.....00:48
PolahElite: I can't help you and evidently no one else can just now. Be patient and someone may appear that can. If we could we would but we can't so we won't00:49
Elitestatusok, i thought you guys had a fix for the fixed channel: -1 thing00:49
skullboywhere is the tty7 config00:50
PolahElitestatus: If I did I would tell you, but frankly I've no idea what you're on about00:50
Polah!repeat | skullboy00:50
ubottuskullboy: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/00:50
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skullboyhow r u00:51
alphonsodoes anyone know how to unlock a keyring via the command line?00:51
aromanhi, how can I set docky to start on login? gconf?00:51
Cody3290Am I correct in assuming that minecraft cannot work without sun JVM?00:51
ElitestatusPolah: also when scanning for networks for does it show stations not assoiated, i.e its showwing the people, just not what router there connected to00:51
itaylor57Cody3290: that would be correct00:51
PolahCody3290: You can use OpenJDK as well00:53
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rwwCody3290: It works with OpenJDK. In my experience, it works a lot better in Sun Java.00:54
bastidrazoraroman: docky has the option to run on startup in its preferences00:54
alphonsoanyone know how to unlock a keyring from the command line?00:54
Polahrww: I've not experienced any major problems. Sometimes a key will continue to register as being pressed but apart from that it runs fine00:54
itaylor57well I stand corrected00:55
tripelbbI have a phone with a usb cable. last night it gave errors and would not connect. today I tried it in windows, XP said unplug and try again or else replace device. Any suggestions? (I'm still in WIndows. any suggestions before I return to ubuntu that is.)00:55
xrdodrxtripelbb, It's the phone, most likely.00:55
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dejan_how i edit files with root privileges?00:56
dejan_text file i need to edit it00:56
alexanderbandukwanyone know a good server app for managing a todolist00:56
xrdodrxdejan_, gksu gedit /path/to/file00:56
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xrdodrxdejan_, or sudo nano if you so choose :)00:57
dejan_xrdodrx: thaks but gksu and gksudo is same?00:57
xrdodrxdejan_, yes00:57
dejan_i broke my apache 2.2 somehow :S00:57
dejan_i have edit apache2.conf to add soe lies the i believe i delete them00:57
dejan_and saved00:58
dejan_and now i cant start it :S00:58
dejan_can you help?00:58
YcareneHow hard is it to transition to ossv4 from pulse/alsa in maveric?00:58
speedrunnerG55Polah in places00:58
xrdodrxdejan_, sorry, I don't know anything about apache. Try asking here or #apache00:58
tomasm-is there a way to filter software on the software center so i see only whats installed in a certain category (ie games installed)? fedora's software manager is so easy =(00:58
dejan_what is these lines? are they normal for apache2.conf i default ubutu istallation of apache2.2 ? #00:59
dejan_User apache00:59
dejan_Group apache00:59
xrdodrxtomasm-, the software center is meant to be simple :) if you want more ways to sort and manage packages, try using synaptic00:59
dejan_to completely remove it and install it i remove everything from synaptic that has apache name? :S00:59
dejan_and then what to install? :S00:59
dejan_apache 2.201:00
FloodBot3dejan_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:00
speedrunnerG55where are you!!01:00
tomasm-xrdodrx, thanks01:00
xrdodrxtomasm-, no problem :D01:00
xrdodrx!attitude | speedrunnerG5501:00
ubottuspeedrunnerG55: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines01:00
xrdodrxHe may have stepped out for a bit :)01:01
tomasm-whats this multiverse/universe thing?01:01
xrdodrxtomasm-, extra software packages for Ubuntu not officially supported by Canonical01:01
tomasm-whats the difference between multiverse and universe?01:01
xrdodrxMultiverse is non-free software and universe is free software (where free is free as in freedom)01:02
hoddI notice the keyboard speed is slower on linux01:04
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hoddon windows is faster01:04
xrdodrxhodd, the keyboard "speed"?01:04
hoddxrdodrx: yes01:04
xrdodrxhodd, elaborate01:05
Cody3290how do I run a .jar on ubuntu?01:07
[segfault]hodd: perhaps you mean the repeat rate and delay?  you can change these under System/Preferences/Keyboard.01:07
surreal7zhodd, you are saying that you can type paster in windows than in ubuntu?... it simply can't be true.01:07
Jerkmananyone know of a good multiplayer console rpg/dungeon game01:08
dejan_can you help me little i am trying to remove completely and install again apache 2.201:08
dejan_what packages i remove?01:08
hodddso ya, anyone notice the slower keyboard response in linux?01:08
Polahdejan_: sudo apt-get remove apache01:08
PolahIt will remove apache and sudo apt-get autoremove after will remove all it's dependencies01:09
dejan_hoddd check settings i think when you move mouse keyboard is locked check in setting tht optionn01:09
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Polahsudo apt-get remove -purge apache will remove configuration for it as well, I believe01:09
patricklandry2can anyone here help find the best package and frontend for connecting my windows mobile device01:09
dejan_so how i remove apache 2.2 compeltely pls01:09
dejan_and then istall it again completely01:10
hodddno no its just in general01:10
hodddif you type fast in linux its not the same as in windows01:10
hodddespecially if you use cpas lock01:10
dejan_its something with your pc01:10
dejan_liux is way faster01:10
hoddddo you know what im talking about dajhorn01:11
dejan_so i removed apache with sudo01:11
dejan_now i reinstall pc?01:11
xpticalDoes anyone know what part of Compiz breaks the username/logoff button area?01:11
dejan_restart *01:11
hwildehow to launch System -> Applications -> Software Sources from the command line ?01:11
dejan_then install apache or?01:11
tomasm-when i start firefox, the window is totally white, though when i click, it responds...any idea whats wrong?01:11
dejan_hoddd: linux in general is waaaaaaay faster then win01:11
dejan_hoddd: do you made swap file?01:11
KM0201hwilde: software sources is a GUI tool, why don't you just edit your source list from command line, either w/ gedit, or nano, or whatever?01:12
dejan_how i istall apache 2.2 now :S01:12
hodddya the operating system is fast01:12
dejan_should i restart pc because i removed apahe01:12
hodddbut the keyboard typing has a delay01:12
hwildeKM0201, becaues I want it to select the fast one and I don't know the name.01:12
bastidrazorhwilde: gksudo software-center01:12
KM0201hwilde: well do you have software sources in system/admin?01:12
surreal7zhoddd, type something in windows.... you need 10 sec do type that.... than type that in ubuntu... it will still be 10 seconds01:12
bastidrazorhwilde: err..01:12
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m4v /wi yenn_200101:13
* thekkid fail01:13
dejan_pls how can I install apache 2.2 on ubuntu ?01:13
bastidrazorhwilde: gksudo software-properties-gtk01:13
hwildebastidrazor, ahh yes01:14
KM0201bastidrazor: or, he can just add software sources to his admin menu... don't see any real reason to start that from command line01:14
Leopsxboa Noite..........01:14
yenn_2001alguien en espanol01:14
hwildeKM0201, you are not helping so just move on01:14
KM0201hwilde: you're not making sense..01:14
hwildedon't harass the person who actually gave me the right answer.01:14
bastidrazorKM0201: yes he could, but his questino was how to run from command line.01:14
dejan_anyone how to install apache 2.2 ?01:14
hoddd... surreal7z not really. For example when I use caps lock instead of shift to start out a sentance with a capital letter, it messes up on linux01:14
hodddtry it01:15
alphurwhat date does karmic reach eol?01:15
KM0201bastidrazor: nothing like trying to dig a hole with a nail file.. :)01:15
fezsudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/swapfile bs=1024 count=1000000 && sudo mkswap /swapfile && sudo echo "/swapfile none swap sw 0 0" >> /etc/fstab && swapon /swapfile01:15
alphurexact date, number and month01:15
yenn2001guien me puede ayudar01:16
KM0201!eol | alphonso01:16
ubottualphonso: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades01:16
KM0201alphur: see above01:16
dejan_i need apache 2.2 php 5 ad mysql01:16
dejan_anyone to help me?01:16
hwildeKM0201, change your tab complete to Last Spoke instead of alphabetical.01:16
KM0201hwilde: fix your software problem, let me worry about my chat client01:16
alphurso april what?01:17
hwildeKM0201, you think you are so smart but you can't even tab complete the right person01:17
KM0201alphur: usually the middle of the month.01:17
huntermdear #ubuntu01:17
huntermthe link to the natty beta 1 is broken01:17
bastidrazorhunterm: #ubuntu+1 may be able to help01:18
KM0201hwilde: lol, ok man.. like i said, i've been here far longer, and probably contributed more to this channel than you will in your life, so move alone01:18
nodeloverhow to make  textmate like editor in ubuntu?01:18
huntermah, thankyou01:18
KM0201hwilde: and who said i couldn't configure it?...01:18
[segfault]!es | yenn200101:18
ubottuyenn2001: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.01:18
Logan_!code | nodelover01:18
ubottunodelover: Programming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans, qtcreator01:18
nodeloverhow to make  textmate like editor in ubuntu?01:19
nodeloverhow to make  textmate like editor in ubuntu?01:19
nodeloverhow to make  textmate like editor in ubuntu?01:19
BaKeRDo i have to apply ubuntu system updates?01:19
Blue1i can't get to my inbox in thunderbird.  it's there but I can't access it.01:20
KM0201BaKeR: no... just hit install, an it will do its thing01:20
alphonsoubotto: thanks, why are you telling me about end of life?01:20
Blue1messages come in and go into the inbox, it just won't let me display it.01:20
hwildealphonso, you can just ignore that, KM0201 doesn't know how to tab complete :)01:20
BaKeRyeah cause it runs smoother for me without those updates01:20
KM0201alphonso: you can ignore hwilde, he doesn't know... anything.01:20
Jerkmanlol km020101:21
BaKeRKM0201: do i have to turn it off/ will it autmaticaly  update?01:21
Logan_!what | alphonso01:21
ubottualphonso: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:21
BaKeRi already did a clean install01:21
alphonsook, who is not a bot here?01:22
KM0201BaKeR: you'll get a window "update manager" that pops up (or you can run it from system/admin)... it will check for updates, then just click install, and it will install and apply them01:22
xrdodrxalphonso, everyone except floodbot and ubottu we hope :P01:22
hwildeBaKeR, system -> admin -> update manager -> settings button at the bottom01:22
alphonsolol... i'm trying to unlock a password remotely from the command line.  whenever i restart my server, i can't connect via vino until the default password is unlocked01:23
BaKeRWhat im trying to say is i already had Ubuntu 10.10 installed with the sytem updates01:23
patricklandry2can anyone here help me with getting the right package and frontend to connect my windows mobile device?01:23
BaKeRbut it runs smother without it the system updates01:23
Logan_!windows mobile | patricklandry201:23
ubottupatricklandry2: For information on transferring files and synchronizing to PocketPC and Windows Mobile devices, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/WindowsMobile01:23
BaKeRso i did a clean install without the updates01:23
hwildeBaKeR, go where I just said in the settings and you can configure auto updating01:24
KM0201BaKeR: ok, so install updates01:24
patricklandry2thank you01:24
BaKeRand woundering if i have to update01:24
rcmaehlMY pc doesn't seem to want to start gdm on start up however i don't know how to fix this. How do I?01:24
BaKeRif i install the updates it will run slower01:24
BaKeRlike login in01:24
di_giorgioMp3player [Capital Inicial - Vivendo e Aprendendo] CeBoLiNhA 201101:24
KM0201BaKeR: then the better solution is to investigate why that is happening, rather than not updating... what are your system specs01:25
rcmaehlBaKeR: Yep01:25
Logan_di_giorgio: please turn that off01:25
RexodusBaKeR: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade does the job.01:25
dejan_i deleted apache201:25
=== meowski_ is now known as meowski
dejan_and reinstalled01:25
BaKeRwhy just not aply the updates01:25
dejan_and now is not working01:25
dejan_any idea?01:25
BaKeRnot much need for security01:26
Logan_!enter | dejan_01:26
ubottudejan_: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:26
dejan_they kicked me from httpd because there are ome 'people'..01:26
KM0201BaKeR: you're not making sense, first you ask how to update, then you say you don't want to update because it makes your machine slower, then you say why not just apply the updates.. what exactly is the issue, and what are you tyring to do?01:26
BaKeRno you got me all worng01:26
BaKeRi said do i have to update?01:26
overcluckerBaKeR: you don't have to update your system if you don't want to01:26
KM0201BaKeR: then no, you don't have to update if you don't want to.01:27
overcluckerBaKeR: how secure your system is, is up to you01:27
alphonsoanyone here running a vnc server?01:27
KM0201BaKeR: however, often time updates are security updates..01:27
PhoenixAndThorHello everyone01:27
ubottuCommon Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/01:27
dejan_the thing ios this01:27
dejan_i did something to 'own' ww folder01:27
dejan_because i couldnt opy files there01:27
BaKeRyeah but serously has anyone efer got a virus or hacked on ubuntu?01:28
dejan_so i thik that is the problem pls help i am new01:28
dejan_to ubuntu01:28
rcmaehlBaKeR: yes01:28
KM0201BaKeR: would you like to be the first?01:28
BaKeRmaybe get a ip firewall01:28
bastidrazordejan_: can you try to explain your situation on a single line.. trying to track multiple lined posts are difficult01:28
xrdodrxBaKeR, has anyone ever hacked on Ubuntu? Every day! :D It's one of the main features of a free OS :)01:28
KM0201BaKeR: oh yeah, that will stop a determined attacker for like 5sec01:28
kpDoes anyone if it a workstation install can be changed to a server install remotely?01:28
BaKeRhack but not hack your system01:28
dejan_bastidrazor: if you read what i am sayig you would understand..01:28
jack_^people get hacked all the times. why do they think security patches are released?01:28
Logan_!ffs | dejan_01:29
ubottudejan_: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.01:29
PhoenixAndThorAnyone have any experience with wmii, specifically how to make a window automatically appear on any tag I create? (omnipressent, on all 'desktops')01:29
KM0201jack_: cuz security administrators need a job!  duh01:29
jack_^uh huh01:29
bastidrazordejan_: ffs.. i am reading it. you are borking things then rambling about it. massive amounts of posts do not help.01:29
dejan_i removed completely apache 2.2 (i believe) and i install it through synaptic, now i cant open localhost01:29
jack_^ffs eh?01:29
econdudeawesomeHowdy! I'm trying to install Matlab on Ubuntu 10.10. The installer won't load. Does anyone have experience with this?01:29
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »01:29
KM0201Paolo999: they  killed !hello for some reason01:29
jack_^dejan_, is it running?01:29
BaKeRwell im gonna take the chance intell 11.04 comes out01:29
xrdodrxPaolo999, you can see ubottu 's factoids by sending it a message :)01:30
dejan_i did something some guy told me to 'own' www folder coz i couldt cipy files there maybe this is problem? also i am not sure i delted config files coz i edit them and fu**ed up last apache01:30
rcmaehlSO yeahj01:30
dejan_jack_^: i type localhost othing01:30
jack_^dejan_, chown?01:30
rcmaehlANy ideas for my problem01:30
dejan_i type start from sudo nothing it says this01:30
dejan_chown yes01:30
jack_^dejan_, type this:   netstat -tunap | grep 8001:30
BaKeRIm shure 90% that im not going to get hacked01:30
rcmaehladding GDM to stat a boot01:30
jack_^dejan_, give me output01:30
rcmaehlso I can have A GUI at boot01:30
rcmaehland not have to go to tty1 login then launch teh gui insecurely as root01:30
RexodusBaKeR: stop talking crap.01:30
jack_^BaKeR, does that mean 1 in every 10 attempts will succeed ?01:31
BaKeRor get a one in a billion chance of some virus comeing out and me being the first to get it01:31
BaKeRwell if theres any hackers here im vulneralbe :)01:32
PhoenixAndThorOkay, I'm not feeling to lucky about the whole hacking thing, so bye01:32
overcluckerBaKeR: there are exploits for any system type01:32
Darwin1This is my first time using ubuntu and I am trying to install ubuntu 10.10 - I get as far as "who are you" window and the install hualts.  Where it says copying files it now says "Ready when you are".  It will not let me do anything else, the forward button is not active.  I have down loaded it twice and the same thing happens.   Any help would be great.01:32
econdudeawesomeHowdy! I'm trying to install Matlab on Ubuntu 10.10. The installer won't load. Does anyone have experience with this??01:32
bastidrazorDarwin1: use all lowercase username?01:32
dadaanybody know inotify?01:32
Darwin1ok will try - thanks01:33
kpanyone know how to switch from 10.10 workstation to server01:33
rcmaehlinstall teh image from your package manager01:33
rcmaehlor sudo apt-get install ubuntu-server01:34
kpfrom a remote location01:34
rcmaehlidk then01:34
Aginorecondudeawesome: no, but I might be able to help you a bit anyway01:34
Darwin1bastidrazor:  Thanks very much it worked and is now finishing the install01:35
Aginorecondudeawesome: how are you running the installer and what errors are you seeing?01:35
insincan the default tk theme be changed? git gui was about bearable on window, but is eye gouging on Ubuntu :)01:35
bastidrazorDarwin1: i've seen many people get stuck at that point. you're welcome and hope you enjoy Ubuntu01:35
kpthere has to be a way to do it01:35
iflema!nox kp01:35
lusmusis linux mint from ubuntu?01:36
Guest18643anyone knows how to make my brightness control app work?01:36
rcmaehlGuest18643: is it on a laptop?01:36
hwilde!keytouch | Guest1864301:36
ubottuGuest18643: Keyboard shortcuts can be set in System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at http://keytouch.sourceforge.net - See !Keyboard for changing layouts01:36
Guest18643i have a gateway ID49C07 laptop with intel gma HD01:36
piepieburgerHey, is this the ubuntu help channel?01:36
lusmusuh, why?01:36
Logan_piepieburger: Yes.01:36
iflema!nox | kp01:37
ubottukp: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode01:37
piepieburgerok thanks, i just installed xchat and wanted to make sure i set it up correctly01:37
IsmAvatarI know 512 MB is a little low for RAM, but is it normal for WinXP to run fairly well when Ubuntu slows to a painful crawl?01:37
Guest18643hwilde, the keyborad shortcut works01:37
iflemakp ssh and reconfig grub maybe...01:37
kpThat would work if i was at the machine01:37
kpthe box is about 50 miles from me01:37
rcmaehlGuest18643: if you want to only do it once you can run pkexec gnome-power-backlight-helper --set-brightness (0-7 here without the parenthesis)01:37
joshdreamland1I apt-get'd libwxbase-2.8-dev; why is setup.h missing?01:38
alphonsoanyone tried gnome3 with an old ati vid card? ati x140001:38
iflemakp ssh to reconfig /etc/default/grub and update-grub01:38
Guest18643rcmaehl, it doesnt do anything01:39
rcmaehlnot 0-7 but like 5 or 4 or 101:39
Guest18643still nope01:39
rcmaehlwhat laptop brand?01:40
rcmaehlyou might need a package01:40
ahaziah77real quick question, i have a friend who needs some help with her computer, might install ubuntu, it is an older xp computer with only 512mb of ram, im not for sure the other specs, but i was wondering what a good version of ubuntu for it would be, can it handle lucid?01:40
skxxahaziah77: try xubuntu.  it's made to run well on older computers.01:40
iflema!lubuntu | ahaziah7701:40
ubottuahaziah77: lubuntu is a project to create a derivative of Ubuntu using the LXDE desktop environment. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu . /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.01:40
Guest18643rcmaehl, any specifics?01:41
ahaziah77cool, so ill check out xubuntu and lubuntu01:41
rcmaehlGuest18643: I'm lookin01:41
iflemaahaziah77: lubuntu ;)01:41
lusmusi would rec lubuntu instead of xu01:41
rcmaehlI wouldn't recommend kubuntu for 512mb01:42
ahaziah77k, i will have to check out lubuntu, i have heard of xubuntu but not familiar with lubuntu at al01:42
fisixwhat's the diff between xu and lu?01:42
skxxxu runs xfce01:42
skxxlu runs lxde01:42
skxxthat's be the main difference01:43
fisixohhh icic01:43
fisixwhat about ubuntu itself?01:43
lusmusits gnome01:43
skxxubuntu uses gnome standard01:43
KM0201rcmaehl: yeah, no way on KDE.. i'm not sure if gnome would even run that well on that.. that's definitely down to xfce, lxde and openbox levels.01:43
ahaziah77skxx, which makes me beg the question, what is the difference between xfce and lxde?01:43
fisixother than looks01:44
skxxwell i've never run lxde but xfce is meant to be run on a wider variety of computers than gnome and kde01:44
* iflema their all still buntu with a different frontend01:44
skxxit runs well on older computers01:44
icerootahaziah77: one is using qt, the other is using gtk01:44
skxxbut you can make it looks slick if you have a better comp01:44
fisixcan you strap ubuntu with kde instead of gnome?01:44
KM0201skxx: over the last couple years, xfce has become just as bloated as gnome.01:44
ubottukubuntu is Ubuntu with the KDE Software Compilation instead of !Gnome. See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support join #kubuntu - See also !kde01:44
rcmaehlGuest18643: gddccontrol might help01:44
skxxyou can use whatever you want with vanilla gnome01:44
Guest18643rcmaehl, already have it01:45
skxxyou just go into your package manager and install a new desktop environment, be it kde, xfce, lxde, fluxbox, openbox, blackbox, afterstep, etc etc etc01:45
skxxi'm running xubuntu now and it does pretty well01:46
skxxmy printer's being a bit of a bastard right now, though.01:46
rcmaehlGuest18643: idk can't find anything else01:46
Guest18643thx anyway01:46
KM0201skxx: it runs fine, but i think the advantages that xfce had over gnome, are pretty well gone.01:46
KM0201but it's still a good GUI in my opinion01:46
fisixohhh icic skxx01:46
fisixwhat's the deal with the whole x windows thing and startx? we don't need to deal with that in ubuntu?01:47
My-Computeris there a way to get the guest session prompt to show up on the login screen lucid01:48
rcmaehlMy-Computer: yes01:48
rcmaehlMy-Computer: in the control center you can change it to show guest on the logon screen01:48
skxxfisix: naw x starts up by default01:48
shadghostI got a error when installing using apt-get http://paste.ubuntu.com/578613/01:49
rcmaehlskxx: mine doesn't01:49
skxxfisix: you might need to tink around with your xorg configuration file depending on how ambitious you are01:49
skxxrcmaehl: are you running vanilla ubuntu01:49
rcmaehlskxx: I'm running (IDK) i've installed and uninstalled like 20 different linux images and window manager01:49
EvilPhoenixhow does one go about creating a .deb package so that it can be used as an installer?  and are there any GUI tools to create one?01:49
rcmaehlshxx`Currently ubuntu 10.10 desktop01:50
rcmaehl32-bit gnome01:50
skxxi used to set mine up to boot to console cuz i felt it was more hardcore01:50
skxxbut i got sick of using w3m as my browser01:50
lusmusw3m is hardcore man!01:50
skxxi lubs w3m01:51
rcmaehlskxx: w3m does get annoyinga t times but nano is awesome01:51
skxxnever really used nano as a browser01:51
rcmaehlnano = text editor01:51
fisixdoesn't w3m fail for images?01:51
fisixand formatting?01:51
rcmaehlfor console01:52
skxxthat's what i thought01:52
skxxi dig vim for editing01:52
lusmushaha no images no ads xD01:52
skxxi still used gvim when i'm in x01:52
fisixbut no images!!!01:52
Ben64how can i find the version of a package available on apt-get01:52
rcmaehlBetter idea!01:52
fisixwhy would you use vim over nano?01:53
rcmaehljust wget the entire website01:53
danciosHello i have a question is adobe flash works normally(10.04/x86/Athlon Xp) ? i have standard open drivers for radeon 9250 and youtube is black&white with deformation. if embededed it seems normal is it common problem ?01:53
lusmushaha :)01:53
rcmaehlwget -r google.com01:53
skxxcuz it's insanely slick. you get all these awesome code-highlighting options01:53
rcmaehltime remaining: calculating01:53
lusmusskxx: hi testing :D01:53
skxxand and extensible(sp) as hell01:53
phoenixsamprashow to open a 7z file?01:53
skxxlusmus: see ? :)01:54
rcmaehlphoenixsampras: install p7zip01:54
lusmusskxx: haha nice :)01:54
fisixskxx, what do you mean extensibl(sp)?01:54
skxxfisix: it's insanely configurable and has a metric ass-ton of scripty addon type goodies01:55
fisixohhh icic01:55
psusiemacs for the winz! ;)01:55
skxxoh hells no01:55
phoenixsamprasrcmaehl: thank you01:55
fisixshit i don't even have vim, hahah01:56
skxxof course the whole idea of "emacs is bloated" doesn't really apply anymore'01:56
skxxfisix: you should try it out01:56
skxxfisix: it rocks my socks off01:56
=== Guest78676 is now known as DarkDevil
skxxfisix: it's just about the greatest thing you can use for barebones web editing... and if you code or script it's the bee's friggin knees.01:57
rcmaehlmy netbook w/ ubuntu no play HD videos good it go lag lag lag meh lag derp lag brick lag. What do?01:57
fisixa bit more of a hassle to use than nano though.. but i guess there's advantage in colour schemes. but then i'd just use gedit or an IDE if i were actually coding..01:57
* psusi currently has a half dozen source files, two shells, a bzr log, a bzr commit entry, and gdb open in emacs... win.01:57
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest8121
skxxrcmaehl: lol01:57
AnubArackwhat does emerald replace?01:57
skxxooo speaking of shells i need to reinstall zsh01:57
lusmusskxx:  is this same for all irc apps?01:58
rcmaehlAnubArack: metacity01:58
psusihell, I've even been getting on irc in emacs lately at work01:58
skxxlusmus: for most of them, yes01:58
rcmaehlThe torrent I'm torrenting only has 1 seeder what do?01:58
rcmaehlAnd it's 20gb01:58
skxxrcmaehl: damnit i just laughed my drink into my friggin nostril01:58
AnubArackrcmaehl, shuld i keep meta ? as I'm gettins so many mixed results ... my theme is gone for nautilus and desktop01:58
AnubArackand i'm getting pissed as hell01:58
rcmaehlAnubArack: using emerald is hard and confusing01:59
rcmaehlAnubArack: however usualy restarting nautilus by killing the process will fix the theme02:00
AnubAracka theme i use needed it but screw this theme ...02:00
fisixhow do you get out of vim. escape, colon q every time? :S02:00
rcmaehlAnubArack: Windows 7 Theme?02:00
lusmusAnubArack: effects isnt good :p02:00
macofisix: yes, that's quit. if you want to save&quit you can ZZ02:00
skxxor escape, :wq to write the file before you leave02:00
RexodusAnubArack: Ever heard of making backups before messing up your system? :P02:00
skxxor escape :q! to quit without saving an edited file02:01
AnubArackidk how to Rexodus02:01
rcmaehlI screw up my ubuntu system carelessly so I can fix it and learn02:01
AnubArackalso i'm using a wubi 10.1002:01
rcmaehlI now know lots of shit not to do and how to fix it02:01
Rexodusrcmaehl: That's what VM's are for.02:01
rcmaehlAnubArack: lol there isn't wubi 10.10 it's most likely ubuntu 10.1002:02
skxxhell if you put /home on a separate partition you can wreck and reinstall all day long without losing anything02:02
rcmaehlRexodus: but but but VMs can run on a netbook02:02
AnubArackwell ofc it's not wubi 10.10 ... i shortend out as you all would get it anyway02:02
rcmaehlthey go meh brick02:02
fisixwhy do you guys use VM's anyway?02:02
Rexodusrcmaehl: Why not?02:02
billybob3hi, my computer refuses to shut down when i go control + alt+ delete or go to the panel icon then shut down?02:02
skxxjust yank the cable out of the back.02:03
skxxjust kidding, don't do that.02:03
rcmaehlbillybob3: open terminal ctrl + alt + t02:03
rcmaehlbillybob3: then run sudo shutdown -f now02:03
AnubArackso any easy backup utility for ubuntu ?02:03
rcmaehlAnubArack: sudo apt-get install backintime02:03
skxxman cp02:03
phoenixsamprasAnubArack: there is... i cant recall the name02:03
RexodusAnubArack: dd02:03
phoenixsamprasAnubArack: bacula02:04
billybob3yea, i know how to shut it down, i just wish i didn't have to typ my passowrd, it's an LTSP/DHCP sevrer, coulc that have anything tot do with it?02:04
AnubAracki'll go check both out02:04
fisixquestionnn, will sudo rm -rf / actually delete root? if not, what's the biggest (or most crucial) directory it can delete? if deleted, can it be easily recovered?02:04
phoenixsamprasAnubArack: clonezilla02:04
lusmusrcmaehl: isnt that like the Mac version of time machine?02:04
jack_^billybob3, i doubt it02:04
jack_^billybob3, type shutdown -h now (to shutdown)02:04
jack_^billybob3, or init 6;02:04
jack_^asctually, id ont think init6 works anymore02:05
skxxfisix: rm -rf will del anything you have the priveleges to delete02:05
macofisix: /lib and /usr/lib are probably the most destructive since then getting any /bin or /usr/bin stuff reinstalled would fail...02:05
billybob3thanks jack, bye02:05
skxxfisix: and there's no getting it back.02:05
RexodusAnubArack: g4u02:05
macofisix: youd have to reinstall the system to recover from removing /02:05
fisixwhoa perfect! thanks guys, hahah02:05
rcmaehlFisix I recommend you not rm -rf /02:05
Random832supposedly deleting from / ends up spinning in /proc02:05
fisixi figured it wouldn't let me though02:05
AnubArackphoenixsampras, i should of knows there are many but witch one is better or at least easies to use ... it's my second day on linux so i'm not that savvy02:05
skxxno it will02:05
fisixbut i dunno, has anyone tried?02:05
overcluckersudo shudown -hP now02:05
skxxyou might have to sudo02:05
fisixit will?!02:05
fisixthen what happens :S?02:06
fisixyou can't do anything?02:06
macofisix: rm has been patched though02:06
jack_^fisix, put home on a seperate partition and then blow everything up except home. you can just re-install ubuntu and most of your stuff well be fine as it gets saved to home02:06
skxxthen, as rcmaehl would say "brick"02:06
jack_^fisix, it will die02:06
qnixI'm experiencing a problem... a table of my database disapear.02:06
rcmaehlfisix: yeah I've emailed the ubuntu website about it and they still haven't got back to me02:06
AnubAracksomething as close to time machine or windows restore would be great02:06
macofisix: by default if you try it on / itll warn you. the manpage will explain how to make it "allowed" to do that02:06
jack_^maco, i want to test that but....02:06
fisixohhhh icic02:06
macojack_^: just read the manpage02:06
macojack_^: itll explain what i'm referring to02:07
fisixso you could just toss it in a shellscript and own someone?02:07
jack_^maco, yeah but what if its wrong D: heh02:07
macojack_^: it's right. ive seen the warning ;-)02:07
fisixassuming they sudo pass02:07
jack_^fisix, they're are much more exciting ways to own someone :D02:07
overcluckermaco: i dont think coreutils was compiled wit hthat warning on ubuntu02:07
fisixo rly :o02:07
jack_^maco, is that upstream?02:07
fisixi'd like to know... hahah02:07
skxxjack_^: ooo like a logic bomb02:07
macojack_^: dunno02:07
macooverclucker: it is02:07
rcmaehlsudo rm -rf /bin/rm02:07
macooverclucker: someone put the bad command in here a few days ago and someone who ran it unawares pasted in "it told me this.... "02:07
skxxhah cute.02:08
lusmusyou use -i on commands too02:08
jack_^maco where in the man page?02:08
macojack_^: the part about preserving root02:08
jack_^       --preserve-root02:08
jack_^              do not remove `/' (default)02:08
* jack_^ fires up a vm to test02:08
rcmaehlsudo umount /02:08
macorcmaehl: bad idea02:09
rcmaehlwait wait02:09
rcmaehlsudo mount / /dev/null02:09
fisixlearned about shred02:09
fisixwhat would mounting dev null do?02:09
fisixfreeze, but restart would be good?02:09
shcherbakrcmaehl: Instead of bugging people on irc, do it in terminal!02:09
rcmaehlfisix: /dev/null = blackhole02:09
lusmusis ubuntu server good if you gonna get a server and still want to learn linux?02:10
fisixso mounting it would freeze ur comp i'm guessing/02:10
rcmaehlshcherbak: but I am in terminal02:10
rcmaehlfisix: sudo mv / /dev/null02:10
shcherbakrcmaehl: /quit02:10
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, bilalakhtar, Jordan_U, or rww!02:10
skxxso i'm trying to get this bastard printer to work... it's an hp deskjet 1000 and i'm running xu mav.  i try to print test pages and whatnot, and it says it's queueing jobs but nothings happening, and nothings apparently showing up in the printer queue. halp?02:10
AnubArackFlyback, as a backup solution, looks promising. Any one used it?02:11
rcmaehlshcherbak: ... what did I do he knows better as well as everone else02:11
overcluckerit probably isn't a good idea to discuss commands taht could damage your system here02:11
fisixno way rcmaehl, does that effectively delete root?02:11
skxxwell people need to know about them, and the dangers therein02:11
rcmaehlfisix: are you trying to like wipe your hard drive or something?02:12
skxxso when someone says "hey, type sudo rm -rf / into your terminal" they can say... "umm, stfu"02:12
shcherbakrcmaehl: Someone might not, and this issupport channel, so many come here to learn... constructive aproach02:12
fisixhahah nah i'm just curious about *nix's allowances to ridiculous things..02:12
craigbass1976What's the best way to get 64 bit lightning?  The Ubuntu Software Center keeps telling me "the software catalog needs updating."02:12
lusmusskxx: is ubuntu server good for server and you wanna learn linux?02:13
skxxfisix: there are so many ways to bone your system if you've got root priveleges.  that's why ubuntu runs without root by default.02:13
DwarfWhat's the best way to link an ata message in dmesg to the mount point in my system?  I have a hard drive (ata7) dying on me according to dmesg, but I have no idea without cracking the box open and tracing the lines which drive it is.  I wanted to figure out what the mount point was so I know whether to fix it quick, or if it's an unused drive.02:13
skxxlusmus: if you wanna learn linux, ubuntu rocks.  vanilla ubuntu is still pretty good with running servers, depending on what you wanna do02:13
craigbass1976lusmus, just make sure you install openssh-server on it02:13
craigbass1976I've left a place more than once and realized I forgot that...02:14
Vesuiviuscan someone help I am trying to transfer data to my mp3 player but it says its a read only fs02:14
craigbass1976Vesuivius, what's the player?02:14
=== bonhoffer_ is now known as bonhoffer
fisixwhat are the differences between distros other than the gui? like why would one choose something (mint,arch) over another02:14
skxxVesuivius: ipods are hella tricky02:14
lusmusskxx: have a like a home server with desktop i think ;)02:14
skxxlusmus: like a remote desktop?02:14
Vesuiviusskxx : can you help me troubleshoot this02:15
craigbass1976skxx, we had no trouble, but it was an older one02:15
lusmusskxx: no02:15
dejan_hello, how can I install php on ubutu 10.10?02:15
skxxcraigbass1976: what ver of ubuntu are/were you running02:15
lusmusskxx: which i can use while i programming my webpage or something02:15
craigbass1976dejan_, google LAMP ubuntu.  I know there's a good tut on the ubuntu sites somewhere02:15
craigbass1976skxx, lucid 32bit; not sure version of ipod02:16
zachfisix: Not all linux operating systems are compatible, so kde might have less programs for it than say Ubuntu.02:16
dejan_why it says that apache2-mpm-worker will be removed and apache2-mpm-prefork will be instaleld02:16
Vesuiviuscraigbass1976: its a ipod classic can you help me change it from read only to read and write02:16
dejan_what this means?02:16
dejan_craigbass1976: but i dont want lamp02:17
craigbass1976Vesuivius, type mount and see where it got mounted02:17
tsimpsonzach: you can run KDE programs in Ubuntu just fine, and vice-versa02:17
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)02:17
skxxVesuivius: if it mounts as a disk you should be able to change things around in fstab02:17
craigbass1976dejan_, but all the php packages you'll want are in the command02:17
Vesuiviuscraigbass1976: its mounted in /media/_02:17
dejan_i knoiw..02:17
shcherbakfisix: Many, installer (we use apt, but rhel rpm), configs, software versions, and different kernels.02:17
zachtsimpson: But what about RPM and .Deb packages, can you run RPM packages in Ubuntu?02:18
naptastichey guys, the apt-mirror package in the main Ubuntu repos appears to be unsigned... it's a little worrisome to me... who should I tell?02:18
craigbass1976Vesuivius, media/?  I like your name by the way...  My kids are both infatuated with volcanoes right now02:18
craigbass1976What's the best way to get 64 bit lightning?  The Ubuntu Software Center keeps telling me "the software catalog needs updating."02:18
khrmdejan_ you want to install only php?02:18
shcherbakubottu: tell zach about alien02:18
dejan_khrm: yes then mysql and php my admin02:18
ubottuzach, please see my private message02:18
tsimpsondejan_: if you just want command-line PHP, install php5-cli02:18
dejan_but amnnually not lamp xamp ect02:18
dejan_no comand line02:18
craigbass1976dejan_, sudo apt-get install php5.  I believe there's a php5-cli too, but you'll want to check02:18
Vesuiviuscraigbass1976 : its in /media/_02:19
dejan_i installed php5 but it say in synaptic that will remove apache2-mpm-worker and istall prefork02:19
dejan_what this means?02:19
fisixi know there are diff installers and kernel versions.. thus different software available for each linux distro. so one chooses a distro mainly based on the software that it's suited for?02:19
tsimpsonzach: rpm and deb are package formats, and usually can be converted to and from each other, but "KDE" is not an OS btw02:19
zachhow do i view private messages?02:19
craigbass1976Vesuivius, media/disk  or it's just the whole media directory?02:19
dejan_also where will be php.ini file? :S02:19
Vesuiviuscraigbass1976 : its an underscore after /media02:19
Vesuiviuscraigbass1976: the directory is "_"02:20
tsimpsondejan_: /etc/php5/02:20
craigbass1976Vesuivius, try sudo umount /media/_  then type mount again and see if it went away.  Also, remember where the physical device is (/dev/sdb1, etc, etc)02:20
skxxwhen did ubuntu stop letting you use /etc/init.d ?02:21
dejan_tsimpson: ok thanks02:21
shcherbakfisix: Well software is mainly the same, it is most about comfort, Ubuntu is easier to maintain then... let's say any other distro, it is about how all pieces are connected.02:21
=== DouglasKAway is now known as DouglasK
craigbass1976skxx, I don't think it stopped leting you, just suggests use service.  I noticed it in lucid, but I came up from hardy, so I'm not sure when it happened02:21
Vesuiviuscraigbass1976: it went away02:22
skxxcraigbass1976: yeah i started with breezy and i just noticed it02:22
craigbass1976Vesuivius, mmmkay.  Now, sudo mount -t (filesystem type) /dev/(location I said to remember) /mnt02:22
Zeu5hi there,02:22
fisixshcherbak: what'r these "pieces" you speak of?02:23
Zeu5my battery power management settings has it that my laptop suspends when lid closed02:23
craigbass1976skxx, when was Breezy?  I didn't find ubuntu until dapper (redhat 7.3 and fedora befor ethat)02:23
Zeu5i closed my lid and opened again. all i get is a black screen with the mouse cursor blinking02:23
skxxhrm lemme see02:23
KM0201!breezy | craigbass197602:23
ubottucraigbass1976: Ubuntu 5.10 (Breezy Badger) was the third release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: April 13, 2007. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.02:23
Zeu5how can i resume from closing my lid on batter power?02:23
KM0201!warty | craigbass197602:24
ubottucraigbass1976: Ubuntu 4.10 (Warty Warthog) was the first release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: April 30, 2006. See !eol for more details.02:24
rcmaehlZeu5: powerbutton02:24
skxxcraigbass1976: breezy was 5.10 released in 200502:24
Vesuiviuscraigbass1976: What is the filesystem type02:24
Zeu5rcmaehl: i end up restarting my laptop :(02:24
craigbass1976Vesuivius, look back in the mount command you typed a while ago; it should have listed it02:24
rcmaehlZeu5: just tap the button not hold it02:24
Zeu5rcmaehl: oops02:25
craigbass1976Zeu5, I have to hit my arrow keys and wait.  What's your laptop model?  Mine's acer 551702:25
soreauI installed ubuntu to usb using startup creator but it's sooo slow to install updates. downloading was fine02:25
Zeu5craigbass1976: mine is ASUS N43J02:25
Zeu5craigbass1976: what do you mena by arrow keys? u mean those cursor keys below the enter key?02:26
dejan_on php.net installation maual what hould i read for ubuntu , unix systems or debia gnu linux?02:26
dejan_instructions for istallaton02:26
dejan_i have ubuntu 10.1002:26
craigbass1976Zeu5, yep02:26
tsimpsondejan_: ubuntu is based on debian02:26
Cody3290ok it stopped02:27
Cody3290that was weird...02:27
craigbass1976Zeu5, then I think I have to waggle about on the trackpad to get the passwrod screen to come up, but maybe not; I'm probably just impatient02:27
Zeu5craigbass1976: what key should i press in case my ASUS behaves like your acer02:27
Vesuiviuscraigbass1976: ok i executed that command sudo mount -t02:27
Zeu5i think i waggle craigbass1976but the mouse cursor is just blinking02:27
craigbass1976Vesuivius, and is there something in /mnt ?02:27
craigbass1976Vesuivius, ls /mnt02:27
craigbass1976Vesuivius, you typed the whole command right and raplaced what I had in parentheses with actual stuff?02:28
Vesuiviuscraigbass1976 : i cd'd into /mnt and its in there02:28
sueehey . how to install the antivirus for ubuntu ?02:28
tsimpson!antivirus | suee02:28
ubottusuee: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus02:28
craigbass1976Vesuivius, ls -l /mnt   Is anything rw- ?02:29
craigbass1976Vesuivius, course, it's all owned by root...02:29
skxxthis printer is a haggard pain in my ass.. fml02:29
sueeoic . thanks for the info .02:29
zachsuee: If you want antivirus software you can get for linux at http://www.dotdeb.com/antivirus.php02:29
speedrunnerG55hi, so i have this HDD02:29
test23hi all, have an issue on my 10.10 system that i noticed about a week ago. when multiple users are logged in, when one user logs out, the system freezes. any ideas?02:29
Vesuiviuscraigbass1976: yea i tried to change ownership before, no success02:29
IdleOne!language | skxx02:29
ubottuskxx: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.02:29
speedrunnerG55thats 40 Gb and i cant see it in places02:30
craigbass1976Vesuivius, but can you write to the device?  Try sudo touch /mnt/blah.txt02:30
speedrunnerG55i reformated it in disc utility02:30
speedrunnerG55what should i do02:30
Vesuiviuscraigbass1976 : Read only filesystem02:31
craigbass1976Vesuivius, expletive, expletive, expletive...02:31
dejan_i have hard time02:32
dejan_i removed php5 from synaptic02:32
dejan_i wrote this but it do nothig  why?02:32
dejan_# apt-get install php5-common libapache2-mod-php5 php5-cli02:32
speedrunnerG55what shall i do...02:32
tsimpsondejan_: did you write the '#02:32
tsimpsondejan_: don't, that makes the shell ignore it02:32
Vesuiviuscraigbass1976: the touch command failed02:32
dejan_look what is this02:33
tsimpsondejan_: that symbol in documents is usually used to just show "run this as root"02:33
dejan_i try to install it like php net suggest and look02:33
test23any ideas ppl?02:33
dejan_i have removed it previously from syaptic only php502:33
dejan_dejan@Dejan:/home$ apt-get install php5-common libapache2-mod-php5 php5-cli02:33
dejan_E: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13: Permission denied)02:33
dejan_E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?02:33
FloodBot3dejan_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:33
tsimpsondejan_: run as root means use sudo02:33
dejan_dejan@Dejan:/home$ sudo apt-get install php5-common libapache2-mod-php5 php5-cli02:34
dejan_E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)02:34
dejan_E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?02:34
dejan_why is this :S02:34
KM0201dejan_: are you just not very smart or what?02:34
tsimpson!paste | dejan_02:34
ubottudejan_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:34
soreaudejan_: It asks you a question..02:34
tsimpsondejan_: close synaptic first02:34
soreaudejan_: E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it? <-- the answer is probably 'yes'02:34
dejan_YES because syaptic was open thanks ALL!02:34
tsimpsonKM0201: please don't insult people02:35
dejan_good book for linux ?02:35
dejan_totaly beginner02:35
dejan_17 years experience in win hell02:35
frankroaHey Everyone, I just updated 10.04 with the last batch of updates and after reboot all i get is grub> what do I do?02:35
soreauKM0201: Just because you're new doesn't mean you're less intelligent02:35
craigbass1976Vesuivius, I don't know what else to tell you.  It's easier when I've got something in hand to play with.  What you may have to do is tail -f /var/log/messages then unplug and replug the thing in and watch what scrolls by.  Then google for the messages you see; that's how I start.  You can't be the only one with this ipod, and I'm sure someone's got it working.  Search the ubuntu forums for that stuff too, you're more a02:35
craigbass1976pt to get an answer02:35
dejan_suggest me some good beginer book for linux pls02:35
soreaufrankroa: Tried reinstalling grub?02:36
KM0201soreau: i just asked a question... and sorry, "1400 people ina  channel, so i'll paste a bunch" that would make me think.. i dunno.02:36
craigbass1976dejan_, I've found the oreilly books a bit dry.02:36
frankroai don't even know how to do that02:36
dejan_um dry?02:37
sguruhi i need help related mutter02:37
soreauKM0201: Well in this channel, everyone is considered innocent until proven trolls :P02:37
shcherbakdejan_: it is called PS1 and $ stand for normal user, where ~ stand fo r root02:38
KM0201soreau: i'm well aware of that...02:38
iggy19frankroa: I don't know it off the top of my head, but there is pretty easy instructions for loading your system from a grub command prompt out there.02:38
shcherbakdejan_: sorry # for root02:38
dejan_shcherbak: sry i dot udestand you02:38
sguruanybody to help me in mutter02:38
dejan_suggest me some good beginer book for linux pls02:38
frankroaiggy i've been trying to find but most seem to instructions for duel operating systems02:38
bastidrazor!manual | dejan_02:39
ubottudejan_: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/02:39
mjshi all, looking for help joining ubuntu maverick to a windows domain...02:39
nit-witfrankroa, is this a wubi install?02:39
tsimpsondejan_: if you want to discuss which books may be good, #ubuntu-offtopic is where you should ask02:39
shcherbakdejan_: sorry me too, trying to read to fast,02:39
dejan_um sry how i install gd library for php, is it same if i use command line to install it and synaptic?02:39
craigbass1976dejan_, hard for a beginner.  The nutshell books.  Try something by sams publishers02:39
iggy19frankroa: don't have time to google for you, but... something like locating your /boot files, your grub install, and then putting it all together and issuing the /bot command02:39
mjshaving no luck on my own02:39
dejan_how to install gd library for php and exif pls02:39
iggy19/s/bot command/boot command02:39
dejan_tsimpson: thanks02:39
noremorse1mjs: are you using likewise-open?02:39
dejan_craigbass1976: thanks02:40
frankroaI made a cd from the 10.04 upgrade from ubuntu i have no idea what wubi is02:40
shcherbakdejan_: I will call again, when I will start to follow what is going on ;(02:40
LadyNikonoh yea02:40
tsimpsondejan_: php5-gd is the package you want, use synaptic if you're more comfortable with that02:40
craigbass1976dejan_, I was just trying to find a php book for you that's awesome.  Oh, I think it's downstairs.  brb02:40
iggy19frankroa: was scary as hell the first time I had to do it, but now that it's been a few years, and I've done it a few times, and I understand the process better, it acutally isn't too bad02:40
dejan_tsimpson: i am affraid synaptic is ot good02:40
sguruhi.. anybody to help me in mutter??02:40
craigbass1976dejan_, or do you just need linux help?02:40
rp21i love synaptic02:40
mjsnoremorse1, tried using likewise-open got it to work before,  but it's been awhile, and forgotten all of the steps...willing to use ADS or centrify...what ever works...02:41
dejan_tsimpson: it  install pacages too or just dowload them? also do i have to install additional software for gd and exif library?02:41
tsimpsonsguru: if you ask a specific question people may answer02:41
skxxrp21: yeps man synaptic is the juice02:41
rp21how can i configure window handling and placement in Ubuntu 10.10?02:41
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nit-witfrankroa, wubi is a inside windows install02:41
FivewaysHey guys, I installed 10.10 this morning and I'm not getting a bootloader. Never had this problem before. I've tried updating grub and everything, I was finally able to get it to generate the menu.lst but still no bootloader when I restart02:41
noremorse1mjs: talk in private... i just sent you a message02:41
rp21it keeps giving me options to "theme". I don#t want to theme, i want resize handles that are big enough for me to find them!02:41
frankroanit-wit then no i wiped the hard drive and an ubuntu only install02:42
tsimpsondejan_: synaptic both downloads and installs packages, php5-gd is the the default Ubuntu repositories so you don't need to enable anything extra02:42
iggy19frankroa: the good news is twofold: 1. your system is almost certainly there and bootable, if you can make grub find it, and, 2. there is actuall not much danger of f'ing up your system irreperably based upon the commands you can issue in the grub shell (take that with a grain of salt, but that's been my experience)02:42
sgurui recently installed ubuntu 10.10 netbook version.. on bootup the font on the taskbar look corrupted and as soon as i take my cursor to dockbar the entire screen restarts02:42
nit-witfrankroa, run on a live ubuntu cd fdisk -l and paste bin the results02:42
Vesuiviuscraigbass1976: any suggestions?02:42
craigbass1976Vesuivius, did you see what I said about tail -f /var/log/messages ?02:43
Vesuiviuscraigbass1976: no, sorry about that02:43
craigbass1976Vesuivius, I don't know what else to tell you.  It's easier when I've got something in hand to play with.  What you may have to do is tail -f /var/log/messages then unplug and replug the thing in and watch what scrolls by.  Then google for the messages you see; that's how I start.  You can't be the only one with this ipod, and I'm sure someone's got it working.  Search the ubuntu forums for that stuff too, you're more a02:43
craigbass1976pt to get an answer02:43
sgurui recently installed ubuntu 10.10 netbook version.. on bootup the font on the taskbar look corrupted and as soon as i take my cursor to dockbar the entire screen restarts02:44
noremorse1Anyone have experience getting Ubuntu 10.10 past a GFI Webmonitor proxy?02:44
dejan_linux is t least 10 times beter then wi02:44
FivewaysI've installed ubuntu a million times (ok, more like 10, lol) and I've never had an issue with grub not installing properly until now02:44
iggy19frankroa: http://orgs.man.ac.uk/documentation/grub/grub_4.html02:45
rp21oh it's alt-F802:45
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Random832anyone have experience getting an alps touchpad working in ubuntu?02:46
nit-witFiveways, you shouldn't have a menu.list that is grub legacy can you be more descriptive ie whats the set up and if a grub menu is showing at all or with the shift key held down on powering on.02:46
dejan_ok one more thing02:46
doug9looking for a site to explain basic networking02:46
dejan_how to install mysql ?02:47
rcmaehlhey how do I get my cpu info from terminal?02:47
EnigmaticCoderDoes anyone know how to compile a program from source to another platform (cross compile)?02:47
dejan_i ahve several files o syaptic dont sure what to install02:47
tsimpsondejan_: so you do want lamp?02:47
dejan_no no02:47
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)02:47
bastidrazorrcmaehl: cat /proc/cpuinfo02:47
iggy19frankroa: don't forget the huge value of tab-completion within the GRUB environment.  root<TAB> should be useful/instructive.02:47
tsimpsondejan_: Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP == lamp02:47
dejan_tsimpson: get seriosu dude !02:47
FloodBot3dejan_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:47
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Fivewaysnit-wit: I have 4 identical 320gb drives, bios is set to boot from the 1st one, where win 7 is installed. ubuntu is installed on the 3rd disk. when i start the pc it boots straight into 10.10, no list02:48
Fivewaysi can try holding shift when I start it up if that's what I need to do02:48
dejan_just this more and im gone i promise02:48
ninjaihas anyone had a problem with wine where the mouse loses focus in full screen games when you get close to the edge of the screen?  Havingthis problem with starcraft 202:48
dejan_tsimpson: get real! :)02:48
tsimpsondejan_: what do you mean?02:48
nit-witFiveways, run this script and pastebin all the text. http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/02:48
dejan_tsimpson: pls help me02:49
tsimpsondejan_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP02:49
Fivewaysnit-wit: will do, just a moment02:49
dejan_how to install mysql i install mysql-php or mysql-cliennt  5,1?02:49
tsimpsonfollow the instruction in the link02:49
phoenixsamprasdejan_: apt-get install mysql-server02:49
doug9Can someone refer me to a site where I can get basic networking explained?02:49
nit-witFiveways, cool02:49
dejan_i have apache02:50
sgurui recently installed ubuntu 10.10 netbook version.. on bootup the font on the taskbar look corrupted and as soon as i take my cursor to dockbar the entire screen restarts02:50
sgurui used to stop gdm and then startx to have stable desktop... now if i do unity.. i get the dockbar (but still unusable).. but when i do mutter --replace & i see the old problem02:50
dejan_phoenixsampras: thanks are you sure this is the way?02:50
sguruso no idea about this problem?02:50
dejan_will i need additional files for it to conect with apache?02:50
=== david is now known as Guest63393
Guest63393Hey, I'm a newbie to ubuntu so I have a question about the irssi script nicklist.pl02:51
tsimpsondejan_: follow the instruction in the link02:51
phoenixsamprasdejan_: apt-get install phpmyadmin php5 mysql-server02:51
tsimpsonit tells you *exactly* how to do it02:51
phoenixsamprasshould do02:51
Fivewaysnit-wit: http://pastebin.com/BMibhh0p02:51
Guest63393when I try to use it it says couldn't write to the fifo02:51
dejan_phoenixsampras: many thanks02:52
doug9tsimpson: do you have a reference for a basic networking tutorial site?02:52
dejan_phoenixsampras: will i need client02:52
sguruso no idea about this problem?02:52
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nit-witFiveways, thanks hold on02:52
phoenixsamprasdejan_: nah02:52
dejan_what is client what is server02:52
dejan_phoenixsampras: with mysql server im goot to go? i have apache ad php intalled02:53
tsimpsondoug9: not really, but there's probably stuff at http://help.ubuntu.com/02:53
doug9tsimpson: thankx02:53
phoenixsamprasdejan_: yes sri02:53
sguruanybody to help me out in mutter02:53
bastidrazordejan_: if you're not going to actually take ANYONE's advice.. why do you keep asking?02:53
dejan_guy on #mysql told me i need client too for mysql02:54
chboskywhen I try to open nicklistfifo it tells me I don't have an application for pipe files02:54
dejan_what is client?02:54
chboskycan anyone tell me what application I need for pipe files?02:54
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)02:54
bastidrazordejan_: i clearly see why you were banned from #httpd02:54
Rexoduschbosky: |02:54
sguruokay thanks bye02:54
chboskyso, what application do I need for pipe files?02:55
skutr3can someone help me with my java plugin please?02:55
nit-witFiveways, is the sde2 the latest Ubuntu install? It has both grub legacy and grub2 installed02:56
iggy19chbosky: what command are you attempting to issue?02:56
tsimpsonchbosky: none, pipes are a part of the OS02:56
skutr3it doesnt work02:56
chboskyI'm trying to open this file for my nicklist.pl script02:56
oldos2erchbosky: what do you mean by pipe files?02:56
noobie_can you help me?02:57
tsimpsonoldos2er: fifo's02:57
oldos2erask away02:57
skutr3can someone help me with my java plugin please? i need help creating a symbolic link02:57
noobie_i have a problem after last update of ubuntu02:57
rootmex1some people from mexico___02:57
chboskyso, what do I do then?02:57
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iggy19chbosky: from terminal, "gksudo /<path>/nicklistfifo"02:58
noobie_when i try to boot it says "modprobe: FATAL: Module index: unexpected error: EOF"02:58
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tsimpsoniggy19: what?02:58
soreauskutr34: ln -s /some/path/somfile /some/path/somesymlink02:58
noobie_and it wouldn't boot02:58
noobie_apparently, modprobe doesn't work at all now02:58
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oldos2erskutr34: openjdk or sun (oracle) java?02:59
noobie_did anyone encounter the same problem?02:59
Rexodusnoobie_: do you have your old kernels?02:59
rcmaehlhow do I strip text in terminal from like a grep result?02:59
noobie_um, no02:59
macorcmaehl: awk or cut or sed03:00
macorcmaehl: depending on exactly what you want to get rid of03:00
iggy19chbosky: from terminal, "gksudo gedit /<path>/nicklistfifo"  --- sorry about the bad command earlier!03:00
noobie_my oldest one is
rcmaehlmarco everything to the left or right03:00
chboskyoh, ok iggy1903:00
macorcmaehl: of the : ?03:00
chboskythe other one didn't work03:01
macorcmaehl: grep foo | cut -d: -f 103:01
macorcmaehl: for eveything left03:01
macorcmaehl: 2 for right03:01
noobie_neither not work03:01
oldos2ernoobie: can you boot into recovery mode?03:02
Jasonn!nick | noobie_03:02
ubottunoobie_: Your nick is how people know you on IRC. Please don't change your nicknames too often (use /nick newnick), or it creates a lot of confusion. You should also !register your nick with freenode.03:02
Rexodusnoobie_: does that distro boot from live-cd?03:02
Jasonnnoobie_: Wrong one, sorry03:02
gustavoalo, alguem em portugues?03:02
Rexodusnoobie_: as should be03:02
Fivewaysnit-wit: sorry, I'm using webchat, had to refresh haha. http://pastebin.com/BMibhh0p03:02
Jasonn!pt | gustavo03:03
ubottugustavo: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.03:03
noobie_seems like modprobe doesn't work at all now, so it can't load fs modules, hence cannot boot03:03
noobie_i don't have an ubuntu cd on me03:03
gustavoei jasoon03:03
nit-witFiveways, I notice a couple of things sde2 looks like the latest install but it has both grus03:03
RexodusCan U make 1?03:03
noobie_right now i'm on LFS livecd that's several years old03:03
gustavodesculpe, não sei usar irc03:04
RexodusNo, this version ofcourse03:04
noobie_it worked okay until today's update03:04
tjiggi_fo!br | gustavo03:04
ubottugustavo: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.03:04
Fivewaysnit-wit: so what should I do to resolve it? I'm just confused because it says that grub2 is installed on sda03:04
insanity99hey guys i've got the gog version of heroes of might and magic complete. how can i make it run in ubuntu?03:05
gustavomuito obrigado!03:05
RexodusYeah, I know. That's why I wanna know if the live-cd works03:05
insanity99hey guys i've got the gog version of heroes of might and magic complete. how can i make it run in ubuntu?03:05
MeanEYEinsanity99: linux version or windows03:05
nit-witFiveways, yes it loks like you tied to reload grub if so with what disc03:05
insanity99its an exe03:05
MeanEYEinsanity99: then it's a windows... you can run it using wine but network play will be crippled03:06
nit-witFiveways, I opened a dialogue03:06
noobie_i could try to burn one, but it's going to take forever to download the image, burn it and boot from it03:06
noobie_my internet here is not very fast and stable03:06
noobie_what are the possibilities of what could be the problem?03:06
Rexoduseverything :)03:06
hodddaction/ slaps johhn with a big large trout03:06
insanity99MeanEYE, yeah but sound disapears after so long for some reason.03:07
noobie_did anyone ever encounter something like that?03:07
MeanEYEinsanity99: start winecfg and in sound configuration make sure your sound is emulated. that should fix problems with your sound03:07
dejan_is it ok to install many packages at same time from synaptic?03:07
MeanEYEdejan_: da03:07
tsimpsondejan_: yes, that's what it's designed to do03:07
insanity99what sound driver should i choose?03:08
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oldos2ernoobie: i know this doesn't help you, but I've never encountered a problem with updates that severe03:08
Rexodusdejan_: no probs.03:09
noobie_i don't even know if depmod still works in later ubuntu versions03:09
insanity99MeanEYE, should i use default?03:09
oldos2eri usually keep several kernels installed, just in case03:09
MeanEYEinsanity99: don't change the driver (should be either alsa or pulseaudio)... on the bottom of that window you have Hardware Acceleration03:09
insanity99oh ok set from full to emulation?03:10
MeanEYEinsanity99: yep...03:10
MeanEYEinsanity99: that fixed it in my case anyway03:10
noobie_is there any way to run depmod from chroot?03:10
Rexodusoldos2er: I've encountered manny problems during upgrades... All the time.03:11
insanity99MeanEYE, anything else you recommend i change i config?03:11
RexodusThat wy I prefer a fresh install03:11
=== xiambax_ is now known as xiambax
noobie_reinstalling is kind of a windows way03:12
MeanEYEinsanity99: for HoMM, no not really. there's a linux version of HoMM but it's only first in HoMM 3 series (not Armageddons Blade or others)...03:12
noobie_i would prefer to keep my current install03:12
insanity99ok thanks03:12
speedrunnerG55hey fellow linux uers03:12
extra11hey friend03:12
Rexodusnoobie_: I agree. Most of the time..03:12
MeanEYEspeedrunnerG55: hello03:12
rcmaehlWhy doesn't pcspkr work?03:13
charley__can anyone help with this?: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=170458703:13
noobie_so i found there are 2.6.35-27-generic and 2.6.35-28-generic subdirs in my /lib/modules03:15
=== matthew is now known as Guest11439
noobie_surprisingly, no earlier kernels03:16
gpledhow can i get x window to rebuild?03:16
Guest11439how to i install firefox 4.0 on ubuntu03:16
MeanEYEgpled: what do you mean by rebuild?03:16
MeanEYEgpled: like from the source code, or just restart it?03:16
gpledMeanEYE: i had to change vidoe cards03:17
JasonnGuest11439: Its not recommended, but you have to download the beta .tar.gz from the mozilla website and manually-install it03:17
MeanEYEgpled: ooh, that... from which to which cared?03:17
fisixGuest11439: System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager03:17
noobie_so i chrooted into where my old system root was mounted and did depmod -a and depmod -a
fisixGuest11439, search for firefox03:17
gpledhave no x right now03:17
fisixgpled, then how are you on irc?03:17
insanity99MeanEYE, sorry but the sound is stuttering03:18
MeanEYEgpled: if you switched from ati to nvidia, that can be a problem03:18
oldos2erthere's a firefox 4 ppa: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-firefox-4-0-beta-using-ubuntu-ppa.html03:18
insanity99MeanEYE, sorry but the sound is stuttering03:18
MeanEYEinsanity99: :/ then revert back to hardware acceleration and try a different sound driver03:18
gpledMeanEYE: its worse. i went from nvidia to ati :(03:19
Xinuxgpled: What do you mean by no X?03:19
Xinuxgpled: As in it's not working / not installed, or it is not running03:19
noobie_i dunno if it helps, it seems like there was modules.dep file already03:19
gpledXinux: i can boot to cli but no x03:19
insanity99sorry if that was already posted, when i typed it in i realised that the channel was inactive, no messages appearing. keeps happening to me on xchat03:19
oldos2ergpled: can you run startx?03:20
gpledoldos2er: it fails03:20
MeanEYEXinux: he changed from nVidia to ATI graphic card, and system won't start X03:20
Rexodusgpled: or gdm?03:20
gpledi was hoping for some nifty cammand line apt-get to tell x to rescan for current video card03:20
noobie_anyone knows how this things work in newer ubuntus? with all the late changes i'm not sure anymore03:21
oldos2ergpled: boot to recovery mode, run apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-ati03:21
RexodusI guess you need to edit your /etc/X11/Xorg.conf.03:21
gpledgrrr, no mouse :)03:21
MeanEYEoldos2er: hey there! :)03:21
gpledwill try and type it03:21
oldos2erhey where? :)03:22
gpledoldos2er: can you pm me that command so it does not scroll off03:22
oldos2erjust a sec.03:22
airtonixusing ubuntu maverick, disconnect from any networks (unplug lan cables, disengage warp drives, etc etc) i launch evince  and it never loads... replug in lan cable and/or other network, evince then loads when requested. whats up with that ?03:22
MeanEYEoldos2er: here :P... I just remembered your nick from one of threads on ubuntu forums... :D about my file manager, Sunflower :) if you remember03:22
oldos2erMeanEYE: I remember03:23
insanity99sound wont work on other drivers :\03:23
airtonixsince when did evince require a network connection to look at a pdf on my destop?03:23
oldos2erdid you ever find a two pane fm?03:23
* noobie_ sighs03:23
MeanEYEoldos2er: :D I made my own ... :D03:23
oldos2erthat's one way to solve a problem...03:23
noobie_well... back to google, i guess03:23
=== Guest46576 is now known as \share
oldos2ersorry noobie, don't know what to tell you03:24
gpledok, got the command in. it is working away03:24
oldos2ergpled: let us know how it goes03:24
gpledglad i have irssi :)03:24
gpledk, off to reboot03:24
oldos2ergpled: me too  :)03:25
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=== Anonymous is now known as Guest11329
charley__anyone help me with this?: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=170458703:26
=== angel is now known as Guest37756
dribbleany one know of a speach to text that can take audio <.aup> files and convert to words03:26
Guest37756hey all03:26
dejan_i istalled phpmyadmin on ubuntu apache2 with synaptic now it say reconfigure automativly server i have 2 serevrs apache and lighttpd what is lihttpd?03:26
MeanEYEdejan_: web server just like apache...03:27
dejan_i installed only apache why is instlled this server too?03:27
bastidrazordejan_: have you ever tried to do any research on your own?03:27
dejan_bastidrazor: yes without success03:27
dribbleis there a text to speach program03:28
MeanEYEdejan_: if installation is asking to choose one of those two, just choose the one you have installed03:28
KM0201!info orca | dribble03:28
dejan_is this some trojan? :(03:28
ubottudribble: Package orca does not exist in maverick03:28
dejan_MeanEYE: why the other server is there too03:28
dejan_is this trojan?03:28
dejan_i installed only apache03:28
MeanEYEdribble: there are libraries for python and similar03:29
oldos2erit's gnome-orca03:29
MeanEYEdejan_: phpmyadmin can use those 2, it doesn't detect which one you have and no it's not a trojan03:29
dribbleI have a text to speak but I don't know if can do speach to text03:29
dejan_MeanEYE: ok thanks03:29
Guest37756u still use phpmyadmin ..                     ///???03:29
dejan_why not03:29
dejan_hat to use else?03:29
fizyplanktonis there any way to force ubuntu to uodate the battery info? it says its at 100 % (that was my other battery) but the light on my laptop shows that clearly the batters is dead (and i know that it is dead. i drained it this morning). it pisses me off how i have to wait for it to check the battery status. is there any way to force it to check?03:29
kli0rfanyone could tell me what's the name of this theme: http://static.arstechnica.net/assets/2010/03/ubuntu_darktheme-thumb-640xauto-12418.jpg ?03:30
syrinx_kli0rf: looks like darktheme?03:31
oldos2erambiance, i think03:31
kli0rfis there a place i could download this theme?03:31
dejan_are there trojans for ubuntu?03:31
syrinx_its a default03:31
kli0rfwant to install it on debian03:31
johny-b-goodehello ppl03:31
fizyplanktondejan_ virtualy no03:31
ivanBliminsehello all.. i'm trying to type an ascii code into GEDIT but when I hold the alt, it highlights the options at the top.. (like alt+f for file)... anyway around this?03:31
MeanEYEkli0rf: it's an ambiance theme from 10.0403:31
johny-b-goodeis there a way to downgrade a package?03:31
kli0rfMeanEYE: thanks! :)03:31
oldos2erkli0rf: go to packages.ubuntu.com, search for ambiance03:32
dejan_fizyplankton: virtually what that means03:32
fizyplanktondejan_, there ARE viruses, but they are EXTREMELY unlikely. macs are 10x more likely to get viruses than linux03:32
sacarlsondejan_: I could write you one if you  want one.  problem is they would be imposible to install by accident03:32
MeanEYEkli0rf: on ubuntu-ard.org there should be some similar modifications... but that theme had really ugly progress bars and other controls... to me, new Ambiance is great03:32
josh1I am using xubuntu, (nobody seems on their channel) how do I make a sd card automount on boot?03:33
dejan_sacarlson: why imposible to install03:33
dejan_i istall some software and they can be there?03:33
kli0rfmmm, but i can't find ambiance on packages.ubuntu.org.. :/03:33
bc81hi.  i want to update milkytracker from this ppa: https://launchpad.net/~philip5/+archive/extra  but not blender or anything else.  if i apt-add-repository, won't it want to upgrade other software too?  if so, can that be avoided?03:33
sacarlsondejan_: because this is open source so the code can be seen be millions so you can't hide it03:33
fizyplanktondejan_ because linux permissions are vastly different that windows03:33
dejan_so are there any actual viruses esepcially trojans ?03:33
ivanBliminseI suppose I need to know how to make gnome highlight the toolbar on a full press of "ALT" instead of just holding it down, does anyone know where that setting is?03:33
fizyplanktondejan_, yes, but they are EXTREMELY unlikely03:33
macodejan_: trojans are not a type of virus.03:33
macodejan_: viruses and trojans are both a type of malware03:33
oldos2erkli0rf, my bad, look for light-themes instead.03:33
Random832sacarlson: er, how is it impossible to install by accident03:34
\sharethere should be a button to close dvd/cdrom drive!03:34
Random832also, "accident' is a sliding scale03:34
macodejan_: the last virus i recall for linux was in 2007. it was an OOo macro virus03:34
\shareeject -T03:34
dejan_so if i install some software can there be trojan in it? and someone to hack me easy and go into my server pc use my iternet conection slow my pc delte files?03:34
macodejan_: there was a trojan on gnome-look.org last year03:34
Random832you can trick someone into installing it03:34
MeanEYEdejan_: somewhere I've read there are only 15 or so viruses for linux... most of them for old linuxes, like from 1998 or something like that.03:34
oldos2erambiance should be in the light-themes package03:34
thraspicHow can I determine the location of the icon used by the applet "volume control" in my task bar?  I searched for icon files and found loads, but none matched.  I'm using LXDE.03:34
macoMeanEYE: more like 30, and thats only counting ones released into the wild03:34
Random832users always want to see the dancing pigs, and DAMMIT they will open a passworded zip file, compile the .c file within, and run it as root if they have to to get the dancing pigs03:34
MeanEYEmaco: still a small number :)03:34
macoMeanEYE: a few hundred if you count proof-of-concept-to-fix-a-bug-but-never-released03:35
sacarlsonRandom832: I think I should have said almost impossible, is that better?03:35
\sharehell ubuntuers how r u03:35
macoMeanEYE: thats also only counting oens that are *actually* viruses03:35
bc81\share: you can make one by adding a custom application launcher to your panel etc03:35
macoMeanEYE: since there are many types of malware that aren't viruses03:35
Random832there is no way to engineer idiots out of the system03:35
\sharebc81: I use a keyboard shortcut03:35
bc81\share: ok03:35
MeanEYEmaco: yeah, I know... just saying also community patches things rather quickly03:35
syrinx_Random832: truer words never spoken03:35
\sharebc81: but thereis a button to close it :\03:35
macoMeanEYE: sure03:35
sacarlsonRandom832: well this is true but that's why if you stay within the repository it is much less likely03:36
johny-b-goodeis there a way to downgrade a package?03:36
VesuiviusI am having trouble changing permissions and ownership of my ipod in ubuntu, can anyone help?03:36
syrinx_not always that easy sacarlson03:36
kli0rfmmm, i found something named maverick03:37
kli0rfbut nothing related to ambiance..03:37
oldos2erkli0rf: maverick is ubuntu 10.1003:37
MeanEYEkli0rf: you need maverick ambiance theme?03:38
sacarlsonsyrinx_:  Random832: I can't argue that fact03:38
oldos2erkli0rf: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=light-themes&searchon=names&suite=maverick&section=all03:38
kli0rfi probably need 10.4 theme..03:39
MeanEYEkli0rf: http://packages.ubuntu.com/maverick/light-themes03:39
oldos2erkli0rf: http://packages.ubuntu.com/maverick/light-themes03:39
MeanEYEhaha <303:39
fizyplanktonis there any way to force ubuntu to uodate the battery info? it says its at 100 % (that was my other battery) but the light on my laptop shows that clearly the batters is dead (and i know that it is dead. i drained it this morning). it pisses me off how i have to wait for it to check the battery status. is there any way to force it to check?03:40
MeanEYEkli0rf: just change maverick part to lucid03:40
oldos2erfizyplankton: have you tried asking on ubuntuforums.org?03:40
fizyplanktonoldos2er, no. irc is faster xD03:41
kli0rfok, let me try03:41
oldos2eryes, but more people will see it and possibly know the answer on the forums03:41
fizyplanktonyeah true03:41
oldos2eri am battery-ignorant03:41
gpledhere is how i fixed it:  rebooted to safe. selected config graphics. selected restore x to default. and reboot03:42
oldos2ergpled: you fixed it? great!03:42
gpledyep, looks good now03:42
kli0rfgeez, it looks awesome! :)03:43
kli0rfcool! thanks, guys :)03:43
oldos2erkli0rf: glad you found it03:43
oldos2ersure thing03:43
sacarlsonfizyplankton: I read a bit about it in the past and I didn't find a solution withou cycleing the battery,  I'm not sure why that would be.  seems it some how runs partly on time03:43
gpledoldos2er: cool how old guys still remember command line :)  kind of fun getting in irc with no gui03:43
MeanEYEkli0rf: np :D have fun03:43
fizyplanktonsacarlson w/o doing what now/???03:44
ivanBliminseAnyone know how to do ascii keys ?03:44
MeanEYEgpled: I use to be XChat fan, but irssi i ssooo much economical and better03:44
MeanEYEstraight to the point :)03:44
harmazis there a "list" function for apt-get? i haven't found it in the man page. basically, i want to know if [program] is out there before trying to install it03:44
MeanEYEharmaz: apt-get --help :D03:44
gpledMeanEYE: yep, irssi can get you out of a jam :)03:44
MeanEYEharmaz: ooh, you want to see if package exists?03:45
syrinx_<3 irssi03:45
Aginorharmaz: apt-cache search <name>03:45
oldos2ergpled: i was actually on the internet when it was all text.03:45
Aginorharmaz: or keyword, for example make03:45
oldos2erjust yesterday, 199303:45
gpledoldos2er: remember gopher :)03:45
oldos2erand archie, yeah03:45
fizyplanktondoes anyone know a command line irc client? i personally think that linux guis are an insult to the os03:45
MeanEYEfizyplankton: irssi!!! :)03:46
fizyplanktonirssi can be run in terminal?03:46
gpledoldos2er: lol. and think their was a veronica03:46
fizyplanktonwhats the package name?03:46
MeanEYEfizyplankton: irssi03:46
ivanBliminsedoh.. noone knows how to do ascii codes in ubuntu 10.04?03:46
thraspicirssi is great.03:46
mike23pizzoHello.  I'm trying to build the dolphin emulator and seem to be running into some problems.  Is it possible anyone can help me?03:46
gpledoldos2er: back in the days when you would get banned if you said you want to sell something03:47
MeanEYEivanBliminse: do you mean in terminal or any other application?03:47
thraspicivanBliminse: not me.  I use the character map.03:47
fizyplanktonok. i never use the ubuntu software center, b/c i have a piece of crap 2004 dell inspiron 1100 laptop with only 128 FRICKING MEGS of ram. the gui is way too laggy'03:47
oldos2eryeah, back when i reported every spammer on usenet03:47
sacarlsonfizyplankton: something like this http://www.eastwoodzhao.com/maintaining-and-calibrating-a-laptop-battery-pack/03:47
ivanBliminseMeanEYE, i'm trying to make a bullet (ALT+183) in GEDIT... but since the menu bar lights up when you hold alt down it wont let me...03:47
fizyplanktonyeah. theres a reason i put linux on this sexy 128 megs of ram not windows03:47
ivanBliminsethraspic, can't find it there either03:47
Griz64having 'flash' issues. http://paste.pocoo.org/show/351705  is what i show as installed and most pages work, but some do not. can anyone here shed any light on this?? (purdy pleeze)03:47
LittleRedyou too Griz64?03:48
MeanEYEivanBliminse: check this thread http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=38340803:48
gpledoldos2er: you ever use something call (i think) waffle03:48
Griz64LittleRed, uh, guess so.03:48
thraspicivanBliminse: you could try the command gucharmap or install it03:48
oldos2erGriz64, try flashaid in firefox to install flash: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/flash-aid/03:48
oldos2ergpled: don't think i've heard of waffle03:49
LittleRedI downloaded the adobe 64bit beta, but I'm afraid to install it unless I get some feedback from here03:49
gpledoldos2er: think it was a bbs for internet berfore gui03:49
oldos2erLittleRed: 64 bit flash is more stable for me than 32 bit03:49
soreauI can't believe how long persistent usb takes to install packages. I guess it's significantly slower than disk hdd's03:49
MeanEYEoldos2er: 10.3?03:49
LittleRedon 10.10? oldos2er03:50
ivanBliminseMeanEYE, I think this will help, thanks03:50
oldos2eryes, on 10.1003:50
oldos2erwhatever the latest flash 64 is03:50
oldos2erdon't know the v. no.03:50
MeanEYEivanBliminse: np :D03:50
LittleRedsweet... I crashed my system yesterday with a kernel upgrade, so I was a bit hesitant03:50
gpledwelp, im off. thanks for the help, and the chat03:51
oldos2erbye gpled03:51
naptasticIs anyone else getting warnings / errors about Ubuntu packages being unsigned?03:52
tripelbhello. new phone - LG 900g., using USB cable. problems getting ubuntu to see it last night. had me to something to see the system errors code. I could not understand last night and too tired to learn it. Today I tried it in windows. Windows told me that it couldnt recognize it and I should disconnect and try it again and if it didnt work I should use another device. -- lastnight looked at fdisk and did - tail -f /var/log/syslog (results a03:52
MeanEYEnaptastic: those are probably from ppa you added03:52
mike23pizzoDoes anyone have any knowledge about installing Dolphin Emulator03:52
LittleRednaptastic... what version ubuntu?03:52
naptasticMeanEYE, no they're main. things like apt-mirror and libasound03:52
naptasticLittleRed, Ubuntu 10.1003:52
oldos2ernaptastic: that's a faq. see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SecureApt03:52
MeanEYEnaptastic: I don't have problems like those :/03:53
LittleRedno I reloaded 10.4 yestersay and then upgraded, no error messages on unsigned stuff03:53
oldos2ersometimes you might just need to run sudo apt-get update03:53
oldos2ersee you all later. i gots to go03:55
LittleRednaptstic... what ones are giving you errors?03:55
Vesuiviuscan anyone help with changing permissions of a folder03:57
ilokasSome applications start but are not in the starting application under preferences, how can I edit them?03:57
smwVesuivius, sure. GUI or CLI?03:58
=== Guest26699 is now known as DarkDevil
smwVesuivius, what file do you want to change the permissions on?03:58
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest4985
realgodnot pass03:59
Vesuiviussmw: my Ipod that I have mounted is mounting as read only, i need to change it so it has read and write capability03:59
MeanEYEilokas: can you rephrase that question with a little bit more details03:59
smwVesuivius, that is caused by your ipod and not by linux.03:59
smwVesuivius, http://davesource.com/Solutions/20080225.iPod-linux-read-only.html04:00
smwVesuivius, google is great :-)04:00
ankersHi guys, Can someone help me? :) no sound on ubuntu netbook on sony vaio but mainly need to get hdmi output to my tv but plug the cord in and nothing happens? works fine on windows..04:00
Vesuiviussmw: thanks04:00
ilokasHow do I manually edit the list of applications that start up automatically? I do not see the applications in the preferences -> start up programs (different name in english ubuntu)04:01
smwankers, you plug in the cord and there is no video?04:01
ankersyeah my tv says searching for signals - but on windows7 its fine it comes straight up04:01
=== chris_ is now known as Guest31840
smwankers, is there a video button?04:01
smwankers, maybe one of the function keys has a rectangle with two bars on either side of it?04:02
smwankers, on my HP laptop, it is f404:02
JeffDROGuys im trying to burn an ISO image that is a bootable CD. I burn it using brasero but when I try to boot off of it, it does not work04:02
ankersi have no idea what you mean lol04:03
JeffDROwhat am i doing wrong04:03
JeffDROit should be able to boot off but it does not work04:03
ankersoh ok, ill try that now04:03
smwankers, do you have an HP?04:03
ankerssony vaio04:03
smwankers, you found the symbol though?04:03
JeffDROcan anyone help me04:03
LittleRedJeffDRO... I'm assuming you did a data burn?04:03
JeffDROlittlered yes04:03
=== Logan_ is now known as Sad_Panda
JeffDROwas that my problem?04:04
smwJeffDRO, you need to burn it as an image not data04:04
JeffDROhow do i burn it as an image?04:04
ilokasMeanEYE: Skype starts up by itself and also a text document and openoffice but I don't see them in the start up applications window under preferences04:04
smwJeffDRO, Look for something like "copy disk"04:04
soreauHey guys, I cannot get apt-get upgrade/dist-upgrade to complete. It fails with http://pastebin.com/u5ZvsHVb04:04
smwJeffDRO, or "burn image"04:05
LittleRedI made the mistake of burning iso to data on my MAC04:05
JeffDROim using Furious ISO to burn the image04:05
JeffDROit uses brasero and says burn image04:05
JeffDRObut after creating checksum04:05
MeanEYEilokas: hm, weird... not sure how to help :/04:05
JeffDROit doesn't burn04:05
ankerssmw: i pressed all my F keys lol, in the taskbar were displays are i detect monitors but only laptop screen is on there.. is there somewhere i need to set the hdmi up?04:05
ilokasMeanEYE: Thank you for trieing04:06
iggy19So, seeing all the love for irssi (here too), I'm going to hope for some help with an irssi config issue that's been stumping me.04:06
smwankers, did you press the fn key also?04:06
JeffDROoh i think i got it to work04:06
JeffDROits burning now04:06
smwankers, let me find an image04:06
MeanEYEilokas: ask again, someone might know04:06
JeffDROsays Burning Image to DVD04:06
JeffDROshould work right?04:07
tripelbhello. new phone - LG 900g., using USB cable. problems getting ubuntu to see it last night. had me to something to see the system errors code. I could not understand last night and too tired to learn it. Today I tried it in windows. Windows told me that it couldnt recognize it and I should disconnect and try it again and if it didnt work I should use another device. -- lastnight looked at fdisk and did - tail -f /var/log/syslog (results a04:07
LittleRedJeffDRO.. sounds right04:07
fizyplanktonfor all you irssi ppl, how do i close a "tab" so to speak? like a channel. how can i get it off the queye04:07
MeanEYEfizyplankton: /window close04:07
ankersi never knew there was an FN key? my F7 key says [LCD] but that didnt do anything04:07
smwankers, odd :-\04:08
MeanEYEtripelb: is contents of your phone browsable from the phone itself?04:08
tripelbMeanEYE: yes04:08
JeffDRObye bye ubuntu04:08
JeffDROi need my windows to game04:08
smwankers, FN+F8?04:08
MeanEYEJeffDRO: nooo, windoze is evil04:09
JeffDROi need to play computer games!04:09
LittleRedJeffDRO install Wine04:09
=== Sad_Panda is now known as Charlie_Sheen
MeanEYEtripelb: and windows is not seeing it as well?04:09
gartralJeffDRO: ubunru runs most games better than windows04:09
smwankers, http://www.ehow.com/how_4794887_external-monitor-sony-vaio-laptop.html04:09
LittleRedor an emulator04:09
iggy19Basically, I've set up irssi to log me into two different servers, upon startup, each on different chatnets.  Want to identify for a different nick on the two different chatnets (preferred nick is owned on one of the nets), but irssi doesn't seem to hold onto the different nick settings -- that is, i'm iggy19 on both chatnets, despite my identify command apparently working for the other nick on the other net04:09
smwankers, step 204:09
gartraliggy19: try in #irssi04:10
JeffDROgartral how do i run games?04:10
soreauI need some help with persistent live usb: I cannot get apt-get upgrade/dist-upgrade to complete. It fails with http://pastebin.com/u5ZvsHVb04:10
ankersthanks heaps, ill give it a shot, i did try google it myself but i didnt find anything.. ill try this now04:10
MeanEYEiggy19: start irssi with --nick :D04:10
JeffDROgartral i want to play Team Fortress 204:10
JeffDROwhich runs off steam04:10
JeffDROwill i be able to play it?04:10
smwankers, what really ticked me off is that I had to change sound settings to get audio through hdmi :-\04:10
gartralJeffDRO: YES! TF2 runs great in wine04:11
=== Charlie_Sheen is now known as Kappa_Quadrant
JeffDROmaybe i wont be leaving ubuntu lol04:11
gartralJeffDRO: first step is too install wine.. then steam :)04:11
nit-witsoreau, you don't want kernel update on the persistent install04:11
JeffDROgartral another reason i was going back to windows was because i need microsoft office for school04:11
needle_23:11 -!- Irssi: Join to #ubuntu was synced in 1 secs04:11
JeffDROgartral how can i run office in ubuntu?04:11
soreaunit-wit: Erm, I expect to be able to upgrade it04:12
LittleRedJeffDRO.. I use open office for work and just save in windows format04:12
smw!alternatives | JeffDRO04:12
ubottuJeffDRO: To change the default applications system-wide, use 'sudo update-alternatives --all' in a terminal.04:12
ankerssmw, i have no audio... i have played with alsa and nothing :( but it only really matters if i get picture/sound onto my tv threw hdmi because thats all i use... where is the FN key though? lol04:12
smwJeffDRO, wrong keyword :-\04:12
=== Kappa_Quadrant is now known as FarkingBish
gartralJeffDRO: unless you need the encrypted docs portion of ms office, openoffice will open, and edit those docs..04:12
soreaunit-wit: At least, I expect apt to be able to complete upgrade04:12
ankersoh wait i found it04:12
JeffDROlittlered open office won't work, there are certain features i need that open office doesn't have04:12
smwankers, next to the ctrl key04:12
speedrunnerG55i want to be the verry best04:13
=== FarkingBish is now known as Kappa_Quadrant
LittleRedJeffDRO...like what?04:13
speedrunnerG55that no one ever was04:13
=== Kappa_Quadrant is now known as FarkingBish
speedrunnerG55to catch them is my real test04:13
gartralLittleRed: document security04:13
speedrunnerG55to train them is my cause04:13
smwJeffDRO, I have only found one feature that I missed not having on openoffice...04:13
JeffDROlike creating cover pages, formatting docs, cetain things that i cant do in open office04:13
LittleRedJeffDRO... you can password it.. and there are encryption tools out there04:14
gartralJeffDRO: both of those things are available in open office, you jet do them slightly differently04:14
smwJeffDRO, There are instructions for running it in wine probably. But I have to ask why you want to use linux...04:14
JeffDROwell im using linux for my programming class04:14
JeffDROits a lot easier to use linux than windows04:14
fizy[laptop]true dat JeffDRO04:14
gartralsmw: thats easy, it's leaner and meaner than windows ever hopes too be04:15
smwgartral, meaner to users :-P. (sorry, I had to say it)04:15
JeffDROthe only drawback is open office is giving me troubles with my assignments in my online classes04:15
econdudeawesomeHowdy all! I have a whale of a problem. I want to use a trial version of jacket with matlab. Problem: student version of matlab is only 32 bit, Ubuntu 10.10 is 64 bit, so Jacket uses 64 bit, can't read mex files. Does anyone have any experience with this issue?04:15
smwJeffDRO, how so?04:15
ankerssmw, no luck.. :( ill try google some more04:15
JeffDROthats why i wanted to go back to windows and then install ubuntu back dual boot04:15
smwankers, ok, sorry :-(.04:16
fizy[laptop]lol. i never used word. i just used good ol' monospace font notepad04:16
=== clay__ is now known as ClayG
=== FarkingBish is now known as Sven_Womanguard
JeffDROwell its cause word is a requirement for my class04:16
fizy[laptop]then that class has issues04:16
JeffDROits an online college04:16
smwJeffDRO, dual boot is good. I still find that openoffice does everything I need for school.04:16
gartralJeffDRO: i would drop the class till they don't support Word anymore >.>04:16
ankersthats okay, i posted a thread on ubuntu forums so maybe someone will know on there04:16
JeffDROmost of the essay assignments are done in word04:17
tripelbMeanEYE: true windows sees it but knows it cant recognize it. (hopethat makes sense. == sorry for the delay, phone.04:17
JeffDROand all of the classes require office04:17
smwJeffDRO, and? Why not use openoffice anyways04:17
fizy[laptop]go to wikiversity04:17
smwJeffDRO, it is compatable with word...04:17
MeanEYEtripelb: hm, he sees the device itself but filesystem is probably different, any settings on your phone about USB mode or something like that?04:17
smwJeffDRO, except polynomial regression in spreadsheet... I want that feature!04:18
tripelbMeanEYE: phone info says it should be transparent04:18
iggy19MeanEYE: I have a config file set up to issue my identify command to nickserv upon login, which works, but irssi only seems to "remember" on of the nicks.04:18
LittleRedJeffDRO, I'm a BSA and do all my reuirements in oen office... save as word format and no one in the office has ever noticed04:18
tripelbMeanEYE:  says it's easy, plug and play http://saveonprepaidphones.com/lg900g_file_transfer_data_cable04:18
LittleRedwow, I can't type worth shit with acrylic nails!04:19
MeanEYEiggy19: http://blog.dhampir.no/content/irssi-auto-connect-and-auto-identify04:19
soreaunit-wit: Is there a way to hold ack all kernel packages so apt-get upgrade will succeed on persistent live usb?04:19
=== Sven_Womanguard is now known as chance
tripelblittlerad, someone should make bumpers to fit on your fingers, over the tips, to protect the nails.04:19
=== chance is now known as Logan_
* tripelb laffs at sven's svennick04:20
LittleRedtripelb... I wish.... but hey, thy look awesome!04:20
soreauLittleRed: not from here04:20
soreauthy looke leik mispelliengs04:21
ankerssmw, maybe it would help if i install my nvidia drivers first lol, i know its nvidia geforce but not sure what else, is there a way to detect it? seeing as nvidia only supports auto detection on there website for windows04:21
Anon31which is better? open office, or libreoffice?04:21
nit-witsoreau, not sure why the upgrade is not working, the kernels can be ticked off in update manager04:21
=== Logan_ is now known as Sven_Womanguard
soreaunit-wit: ugh, ok04:21
MeanEYEAnon31: LibreOffice, better support for MS Office files... also it's the right way to go :D04:21
LittleRedsoreau... sorry... but I don't resemle Garcia from Criminal Minds... more like Abby from NCIS04:21
=== Sven_Womanguard is now known as FarkingBish
=== carlos is now known as Guest24562
smwankers alt+f2 then type gksu jockey-gtk04:21
nit-witsoreau, your familiar that this type of install has limitations, it is mainly just running gthe ISO04:22
=== anubarack is now known as Guest13259
Anon31oh yeah... i have the exact same problem, for my Acer Aspire M166004:22
soreauLittleRed: Anyone anywhere that watches any of those shows is shallow so04:22
Anon31video drivers...04:22
tripelbmeaneye thanks for reminding me of the name libreoffice. openoffice never works for me. I rank it right up there with Synaptic.04:22
tripelbdown there04:22
smwankers, or system -> administration -> additional drivers04:22
MeanEYEtripelb: np :D...04:23
soreaunit-wit: No, I'm not. This is my first experience really messing with booting persistent live usb04:23
LittleRedsoreau... thats ok, it's only background noise... I spend most of my days and nights on the 'puter04:23
Anon31hey, i said Libre office first... :(04:23
ankersswm, cool, its downloading it now :D04:23
soreauLittleRed: To buntu-ot with you04:23
Guest13259I just installed 10.10 with wubi, I've let it update and download ati driverers. After rebooting my bootscreen is not tha ubuntu logo + text and while/orange dots. It's pixelated text 10.10 and the bots are now squares. Like the resolution changed to a lower one04:23
bc81any milkytracker users in here?  i need help getting it to recognize my input device in Ubuntu 10.10 (http://www.ionaudio.com/discoverkeyboardusb).  the keyboard works in other programs (VMPK, Piano Booster etc.) but not milky (v0.90.85).  any suggestions?04:24
ankerssmw, i need to restart now.. i'll be back shortly as i think im slowly getting there ;D thank you very much04:25
LittleRedsoreau... geez a littl break here... I work from home and need the company... being single sucks04:25
skxxalright i'm getting sick of all these goofy-ass problems with xu. i'm reintalling vanilla.04:26
tripelbmeaneye any help re the phone?04:27
iggy19MeanEYE: want to understand why my config (which seems like it should work) is broken.  Going to move to #irssi.  Feel free to follow.  Thanks!04:27
FivewaysI screwed up when installing ubuntu and overwrote my windows bootloader. I repaired it, updated grub to get it to recognize the windows installation, but when I boot I never see the grub list, it goes straight into ubuntu. any way I can force grub to show itself on boot?04:27
=== Guest13259 is now known as AnubArack
MeanEYEiggy19: you have fun there :P04:27
skxxbc81: i use milky but i have no idea how to help you out man.. srry04:27
AnubArack.ns identify qazqaz04:27
MeanEYEtripelb: hm, am not quite sure... which OS is on that phone?04:27
tripelbmeaneye maybe it's a bad phone. I want one picture off of it, sob. I was going to return it anyway. I have another one on order, skip story.04:27
=== AnubArack is now known as Guest99836
FarkingBish!identify > Guest9983604:28
bc81skxx: no worries..i'm pulling my hair trying to get it working :-)04:28
ubottuGuest99836, please see my private message04:28
iggy19MeanEYE: we'll see.  ;-)04:28
tripelbmeaneye, it's a java phone. I dont know what the os is and I dont know how to tell04:28
skxxbc81: what's the problem your having?04:28
skxxbc81: you're*04:28
MeanEYEtripelb: :D open www.sendspace.com on your phone... upload the damn thing... download on your computer and return the bastard :D04:28
MeanEYEtripelb: can you give me the model again?04:28
tripelbHow can I remove openoffice Ub 10.04? I could google how to I suppose.04:29
=== Guest99836 is now known as AnubArack
bc81skxx: well, i have the MIDI keyboard plugged in via USB.  everything works fine (i can use it in other programs that accept MIDI input) but it won't work in MilyTracker.04:29
tripelbLG 900g  http://tracfone.deviceanywhere.com/straighttalk/home.seam?custId=STLG900G&locale=en_US  and  http://saveonprepaidphones.com/lg900g_file_transfer_data_cable04:29
AnubArackso hate it when that happens04:29
MeanEYEtripelb: :D open synaptic, find open office and remove everything :D04:29
bc81i know it's possible, from google searching i can't don't know how it's done04:29
AnubAracktnx for the assist FarkingBish04:29
AnubAracki guess i need to go to sleep04:30
AnubArackfut i want to fix this problem first04:30
bc81skxx: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=142039204:30
AnubArackI just installed 10.10 with wubi, I've let it update and download ati drivers. After rebooting my bootscreen is not tha ubuntu logo + text and while/orange dots. It's pixelated text 10.10 and the bots are now squares. Like the resolution changed to a lower one04:31
tripelbmeaneye your answer just before telling me about synaptic.  (I want to do it in terminal. I have a heckle with synaptic. we come from different worlds. It just annoys me. I have never made it work. yadda yadda) Apt-Forget maybe?04:31
MeanEYEtripelb: give me a moment to dig out the package name04:31
LittleRedanubArack... what video card do you have?04:31
AnubArackLithrem, Ati Radeon 4600 series04:32
MeanEYEtripelb: sudo apt-get purge openoffice.org && sudo apt-get autoremove04:32
MeanEYEtripelb: that should do it04:32
AnubArackoups wrong tab04:32
LittleRedis it identified by the OS?04:32
MeanEYEif not, you need to kill every package manually04:32
AnubArackLittleRed, ati radeon 467004:32
tripelbmeaneye, np. I will go and take some chinese medicine.. oh that was fast. and now for the phone. (It's so good that I copied the entire discussion from last night.) I was sick and now I'm weller!04:33
LittleRedhummm, there is command lne to set the resolution...but I've had too much to drink and can't think of it04:33
nit-witFiveways, did you get back into a working setup?04:33
MeanEYEtripelb: also you can apt-get purge openoffice.org*04:34
tripelbmeaneye ? Package openoffice.org is not installed, so not removed04:35
tripelb -- but it shows in the menu04:35
tripelbmeaneye - hot. that did it.04:36
jiltdilhow to use ssh in wan ?04:36
smwjiltdil, define "wan"04:36
jiltdilwide area network04:37
tripelbmeaneye, I'm a cli kind of girl in some ways. It's clean. I remember in the wayback, haha, avoiding learning any JCL. That dates me, eh?04:37
smwjiltdil, I do not understand what you mean "ssh in wan"04:37
AnubArackLittleRed, something with # GRUB_GFXMODE ?04:37
LittleRedAnubArack... give me a sec to get the book04:38
jiltdilSiiW: ok u don't take tntion04:38
tripelbmeaneye, I've a need to find a teaching book that suits me. learning about linux from an intelligent understanding -not lists of stuff reference- way. Think the mind of early macintoshers. Caltech. I look and look but it's not clear "what does a kernel do?" it's either a gloss or I'm stuck in quicksand04:39
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)04:39
LittleRedAnubArack... have you tried restricted drivers>04:39
LittleRedI had an icon in the top menu bar... and when I clicked it it opened a window with restriced drivers I could use04:40
AnubArackLittleRed,  the proprietary ones form ati/amsd04:41
AnubArackI have those04:41
AnubArackLittleRed, http://img6.imagebanana.com/img/29tbdb0y/AdditionalDrivers_001.png04:42
StepNjumpOh ActionParsnip isn't here tonight? Hi everyone!04:43
StepNjumpHi Chipzzz04:43
AnubArackLittleRed, is this any good http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RfwVWU84cnQ ?04:44
LittleRedAnubArack try googling command line resolution change in Ubuntu04:44
Zmathewshello ?04:44
Zmathewshello ?04:45
StepNjumpHi guys, I have a USB Wifi dongle. Strangely it works when I have Ubuntu to run under 'trial mode' but after having Ubuntu Maverick installed, it doesn't detect the chipset04:45
Zmathewsanyone going to talk ?04:45
bazhangZmathews, ubuntu support question?04:45
StepNjumphi zmathews... sometimes people sleep04:45
Traegnome3...  wut?04:45
nit-witZmathews, stae your problem no hello's04:45
LittleRedAnubArack... the first time I installed the nvidia driver on my desktop I did it all through command line04:45
LittleRedI just can't remember the commands04:46
LittleRedbut it is out there04:46
StepNjumptake notes next time!04:46
MeanEYEStepNjump: check if you have usb-modeswitch package isntalled04:46
StepNjumptnx MeanEye... I'll chk04:46
Traeis there a general chat channel where we can takl about things in Ubuntu without messing up #ubuntu?04:46
bazhang#ubuntu-offtopic Trae04:46
MeanEYETrae: ubuntu-offtopic04:46
Traehmm ok.04:47
=== mike is now known as Guest50690
Traekinda want to talk about ubuntu but thanks ;)04:47
macoTrae: its just the not-tech-support channel04:47
macoTrae: if you want to talk about like....new themes or features or whatever, -ot is good04:47
ankerssmn, holy crap! LOL it updated to nvidia driver, i boot up and my screen is all messed up, like 2 screens and i cant do anything, so i logged on using gnome and i cant see anything... just a black screen, so i plugged in hdmi and it worked, but i cant see the menu all i have is a desktop the resolution is obviously to high and i cant change it, im in recovery mode with networking on irssi atm.. is there a way i can remove the nvidia driver?04:49
AnubArackankers, you don't need to remove the drivers, you need to set your resolutions right04:50
StepNjumpMeanEYE: http://paste.ubuntu.com/578670/04:51
ankerscan i do that by shell in recovery mode? i cant see the menu or anything in gnome so i cant get a shell up or the display pannel04:52
MeanEYEStepNjump: damn :/04:52
LittleRedankers... I had to do that...google command line driver purge04:52
teagewhere is the (inode/directory) located at?04:52
MeanEYEStepNjump: can you see your device with lsusb command?04:52
teageim trying to determine where the heck the mount is for my ipod04:53
teageits mounting but i cant find its mounting point04:53
gartralteage: as a drive device?04:54
StepNjumpWhat do you mean damn MeanEYE?04:54
teagegartral- not sure04:54
teagei checked the mnt directory and media directory and there is nothing there04:54
gartralteage: sudo fdisk -l04:54
ankersim not in any xwindow, just at the boot menu logged in and in irssi can i change gnomes resolution by command04:55
StepNjumpYep, it's listed MeanEYE: Bus 001 Device 003: ID 050d:815c Belkin Components F5D8053 N Wireless USB Adapter v3000 [Ralink RT2870]04:55
teagegartral- the command you gave shows linux  and linux swap but there is one that says extended too04:56
gartralteage: weird.. im not sure what too tell you04:56
teageshouldnt there be a mounting point to all devises? gartral04:57
gartralteage: yes, that's /media/04:57
StepNjumpMeanEYE, how do you install the  usb-modeswitch package? Is it supposed to install from the main ubuntu repository simply with agt-get install?04:58
StepNjumpoh, it's already installed! ok MeanEYE04:58
suprblyhow goes it ubuntu fans04:58
=== Guest4985 is now known as DarkDevil
teagegartral- thats what i thought but its just not there, guess it means more google hours on my part. lol. thanks for all the help though04:58
gartralteage: which ipod, just wondering04:59
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest41234
teagegartral- ipod touch 2nd generation04:59
dribblehow can I tell if my system is being monitored04:59
StepNjumpSorry MeanEYE. If you wrote something, I didn't read it because I disconnected04:59
ankerscan someone please tell me the command line to remove the nvidia driver :( :(04:59
soreauankers: Depends on how you installed it05:00
StepNjumpMeanEYE: It's weird that it worked on the trial mode!05:00
LittleReddribble... I wrote a custom port scanner05:00
jiltdilif i connected through ssh with a computer in lan then how to copy  data from that computer?05:00
dribblelittlered what does that do05:01
ankersi didnt get it from the site, i did it from the ubuntu driver update05:01
soreauankers: jiltdil You don't need ssh. Use scp05:01
teagegartral- like i said, it mounts just fine and i can sync in rythmbox too, but to add photos i have to use gtkpod and i need to manually mount for that. since it auto mounts when i plug it in i was thinking i could direct gtkpod to the location of the mount.05:01
LittleRedit checks to see if someone has 'touched 'the ports... then I close them off05:01
soreauankers: sys>admin>additional drivers>remove05:02
dribbleyeah i get parnoid and just disconnect my wireless card05:02
teagegartral-wishful thinking i guess. thanks anyway05:02
ankersno no i need a command line, i cant get into X because the driver messed up my screen lol05:02
DanaGSay, how the heck are the ARROW KEYS considered "typing"?05:02
dribbleankers i've had the same problem but you should be able to boot in safe graphics mode05:02
DanaGWhenever I press an arrow key, Gnome freezes my touchpad.05:03
soreaudribble: You can't really tell if there's someone watching, only if they make requests to your router and/or system05:03
AnubArackwhen i did a sudo update-grub i got this : Generating grub.cfg ... cat: /boot/grub/video.lst: No such file or directory  is this bad ?05:03
DanaGGood luck typing a document with just arrow keys.05:03
jiltdilsoreau:diff between ssh and scp and plz give command related to scp05:03
dribbleis there a log of attempts or anything05:03
soreauankers: rm -rf /etc/X11/xorg.conf && reboot05:03
ankerswould it be sudo apt-get remove nvida-glx05:03
ankersokay :D05:03
DanaGwhy rf a single file?05:04
soreaujiltdil: scp user@ /some/local/destination/path/05:04
LittleRed ankers -- http://www.experts-exchange.com/OS/Linux/Q_25451769.html05:04
suprblydribble: i here ya man i was haveing problems with people sniffing my router also05:05
ankersyeah, see i cant look at that... seeing as im only on a shell.. i'll go try some crap see if it works lol05:05
LittleRedankers --- give me a sec and I'll pull out the commands for you05:06
jiltdilsoreau: one more prob i want to acess my friend computer that is in WAN how to do this?05:06
soreauankapt-get remove nvidia-current05:06
soreaujiltdil: What?05:06
dribbleyeah thats why i've taken up bash trying to write scripts that can pull up the information I need and issue commands to block them you know05:06
jiltdilsoreau: how to acess computer using ssh in WAN?05:06
epicenterHowdy :) I was curious if someone could help me with something. I am trying to install Win7 but have no drives to do it (USB is out of the question). I have an ISO on my hard disk; how do I configure Grub to add the ISO to the boot selection list? Thank you! :)05:06
LittleRedankers -- sudo apt-get remove nvidia-glx05:07
soreaujiltdil: Same way as any other connection..05:07
epicenterI'm partitioning the disk to dualboot ubuntu 10.10 and win705:07
soreauLittleRed: He's gone05:07
jiltdilsoreau:so what should be the  user name?05:07
soreaujiltdil: Depends on what the user is on the server side05:07
soreaujiltdil: The system you're trying to ssh into should have openssh-server installed05:08
LittleRedsoreau -- oh well05:08
jiltdilsoreau:thanx for ur guidence05:08
AnubArackhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9087135 <--- is this safe? I get the exact same error05:08
jiltdilsoreau:how to install openssh05:08
jiltdilsoreau: and how to check it if it is installed in my sys or not?05:09
AnubArackjiltdil, sudo apt-get install openssh ?05:09
epicenterDoes grub not use /boot/grub/menu.lst anymore? The file is not present for me05:10
amh345i want to add some environment variables in my /etc/profile.  i just opened it up and it is a touch confusing.     can i just add my new definitions to the very bottom of the profile file or should it be structured in a specific way?05:10
soreaujiltdil: On the system you're sshing from, install ssh. On the system you're sshing into, apt-get install openssh-server and make sure you can ping it's ip05:10
StepNjumpMeanEYE: I don't know what's happened but believe it or not but it seems to be working now05:11
MeanEYEStepNjump: sorry for late reply, had breakfast05:12
StepNjumpVery strange05:12
MeanEYEgladd it's working05:12
StepNjumpMaybe it woke it up!05:12
jiltdilsoreau:thanx a lot05:12
StepNjumpCan't believe it!05:12
StepNjumpThank you!05:12
nit-witepicenter, which distro do you have05:12
epicenternit-wit: Ubuntu 10.1005:12
nit-witepicenter, it is using grub205:13
epicenterIt looks like /boot/grub/grub.cfg is what I want to work with05:13
epicenterer not sure05:13
epicenternit-wit: I see where memtest86's image loads and I figure I want to imitate the format of that except specify my win7 iso05:13
StepNjumpMeanEYE: I'm still not fully convinced.. How can I tell for sure it's THIS device working right now rather than the on-board Wifi card working?05:13
StepNjumpIs there a command i could do in Bash to know?05:13
nit-witepicenter, not sure I understand you05:14
epicenternit-wit: I am trying to reconfigure grub to add a boot option to load an iso image off my hard disk. in this case, a windows 7 install disc05:14
epicenter(my machine has no dvd reader)05:14
epicenter(and usb booting is broken)05:14
StepNjumpCan anyone tell me how I could list all my wifi devices and tell which ones are in operation right now in bash?05:15
nit-witepicenter, do you have thumb it can be det up in Ubuntu to boot the W7 install05:15
epicenternit-wit: What is Thumb05:15
epicenternit-wit: if you mean a Thumb drive, usb, then yes05:15
MeanEYEStepNjump: ifconfig -a should list all network devices05:16
MeanEYEand their IP addresses05:16
nit-witepicenter, hyou can't use the thumb though correct05:16
epicenternit-wit: Correct; the BIOS cannot boot a USB device. It has some weird fault.05:17
nit-witepicenter, I'm not familiar with looping gthe ISO05:17
epicenternit-wit: Once, I used Grub to boot a W7 ISO. I just do not remember how05:17
EvilPhoenixanyone know how you go about getting a new package added to the repositories?05:19
StepNjumpMeanEYE, please have a look at http://paste.ubuntu.com/578680/ --- looks like both wlan0 and wlan1 are both working simultaneously! Is that possible? What I am trying to do here is disable the onboard wifi so I don't get irradiated right on my lap. The USB dongle is on an extension wire, thus further away from me. That's the one I would like to work. How can I disable the other onboard one? And which one do you figure is which?05:21
MeanEYEStepNjump: it is possible... do ping -I eth1 www.google.com05:22
MeanEYEor whichever your wlan is05:22
StepNjumpok le me try05:22
StepNjumpMeanEYE: You don't mean ping -I wlan0 (or 1) www.google.com?05:23
StepNjumpMy eth1 is off05:23
MeanEYEas long as it's there05:23
MeanEYEthat means system recognizes it05:23
ChikokishiTrying to install Vuze, i tried what the readme said (extract the downloaded files and run...) but it didnt work, so now i did sudo apt-get install azureus...  That should be the same program right?05:23
StepNjumpunknown iface eth105:23
MeanEYEStepNjump: wlan1 or 2 :D05:24
orangeyhello all05:24
MeanEYEsorry :)05:24
MeanEYEhi orangey05:24
StepNjumpMeaneye: what do you mean wlan or 2?05:24
orangeymy flash plugin literally fails every second youtube video.05:24
orangeyIt appears up todate05:24
MeanEYEStepNjump: ping -I wlan1 www.google.com05:24
jarredvernehi, I have a problem, is there a help channel?05:25
MeanEYEbut seems to me both cards are working and connected05:25
MeanEYEjarredverne: this is it05:25
orangeyI've tried completely removing it, then looking for any other signs of libflash - there are none. Still, crash every second video.05:25
orangeyany way to debug that at all?05:25
StepNjumpmeaneye: yes that's what I figured05:25
StepNjumpmeaneye: cuz in network tools, I see traffic on both wlan0 and wlan105:26
StepNjumpIt's almost like they are fighting to decide who will be 1st and who will be 2nd05:26
MeanEYEStepNjump: that's ok, linux will use both :D at the same time :)05:27
jarredvernethanks, I have manually installed new version of nant (by downloading and using make install), removing the old one by apt-get remove, but it could not find mono, mono command works without problems, but nant does not work even if I re-install using apt-get05:27
StepNjumpMeanEYE, yeah but after a while, they will disconnect both05:27
MeanEYEthey will?05:27
StepNjumpand then i need to unplug the USB wifi MeanEYE and refresh it again. This is not good. I need only one to work05:27
StepNjumpHow can I disable one of the two?05:27
jarredverneI keep getting this message when I use $nant ---> exec: 2: /usr/local/bin/mono: not found05:27
soreauwhat is with persistent live usb giving so many issues with simple apt-get update/upgrade?05:28
jarredvernethanks a lot for any help05:28
StepNjumpOf course, I could always physically disconnect the onboard wifi Meaneye but! It's kind of rough and ready a method05:28
MeanEYEStepNjump: either with ifconfig wlan1 down or left clicking on network indicator05:28
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nit-witsoreau, have you looked in synaptic for briken oackages.05:28
nit-wit*broken packages05:29
soreaunit-wit: No, I only installed 10.10 via ubuntu's startup disk creator then booted it and trying to just get through apt-get update/upgrade-dist-upgrade05:29
soreaunit-wit: I don't care if I have to shut down kernel upgrades or something, just get upgrade to work05:30
MeanEYEjarredverne: sorry I don't have any experience with Mono... :/05:30
MeanEYEmaybe someone else can help05:30
soreauinstalling packages is a reall pain when apt isn't willing05:30
nit-witsoreau, since you have activated the upgrade have you opened software sorces and ticked the universe or other repos05:30
soreaunit-wit: Yes, everything is enabled except cdrom05:30
jarredvernethanks but I think this is a problem related with path variables, but I'm not much experienced to be honest :)05:30
StepNjumpHow can I get to the network indicator05:30
nit-witsoreau, look in synaptic for broken packages as well05:30
soreaunit-wit: Alright, I'll do that after this latest apt command fails :P05:31
ZiberAlright, so, on ubuntu 10.10, I set terminal to open by running /bin/bash ~/.profile. Terminal now opens and closes imeediately. How can I fix this?05:31
MeanEYEjarredverne: maybe check the output of env ?!... not sure how to help05:31
soreaunit-wit: I don't know how to use this synaptic mess.. how to view if you have borken packages?05:32
MeanEYEStepNjump: it should be on your top panel05:32
jarredvernealright, thanks anyway05:32
StepNjumpYou mean where I click in order to choose 'enable networking' and 'enable wireless'?05:33
epicenterDoes anyone know how to force Grub to display a prompt at boot? Right now it goes right to ubuntu without asking. Thanks!05:34
MeanEYEStepNjump: yep, click with left button there and just disconnect from other wireless card05:34
StepNjumpI tried there but there doesn't seem to be a way to just deactivate any device05:34
ZiberAlright, so, on ubuntu 10.10, I set terminal to open by running /bin/bash ~/.profile. Terminal now opens and closes imeediately. How can I fix this?05:34
StepNjumpmmm I tried but05:34
gartralwhere can i find a ppp_generic module?05:34
StepNjumplet me see what i tried...05:34
MeanEYEStepNjump: not device, just disconnect from network of second device05:34
StepNjumpmmm network... Where should I click?05:35
suprblyepicenter: you will have to manually edit your grub i think05:35
StepNjumpthere's edit connections MeanEYE05:35
soreaunit-wit: ?05:35
trismZiber: /bin/bash ~/.profile; would attempt to execute ~/.profile and then exit, which is probably not what you want. if you wanted to source a file before running an interactive terminal, you can use the --init-file switch05:35
epicentersprbly: that's fine, I just added a new entry but have no way to choose it at boot05:35
nit-witsoreau, custom filters05:36
MeanEYEStepNjump: are you sure both connection will disconnect in time?05:36
Zibertrism: How to fix it now tho?05:36
epicentersprbly: I see where to set a default entry but not where to make the menu appear05:36
trismZiber: using gnome-terminal?05:36
akkadwtf does one find stddef.h?05:36
Zibertrism: yes.05:36
trismZiber: alt+f2, gnome-terminal -x /bin/bash; fix your profile in the options05:36
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tripelbMeanEYE: you still here. my phone is. :)05:37
Zibertrism: ah, ty :)05:37
MeanEYEtripelb: your phone is what/05:37
rickmastaHey guys, can anyone recommend a good cheap laptop than can run ubuntu smoothly?05:37
Zibertrism: /bin/bash --init-file <file>?05:37
MeanEYErickmasta: anything from hp :) runs rather well05:38
trismZiber: yes05:38
MeanEYErickmasta: HP has the best Linux support out there... many other laptops work good as well, also make sure to check hardware database on ubuntu.com05:38
tripelbmeaneye, still here and still not connecting.05:38
suprblyepicenter: http://www.easy-ubuntu-linux.com/grub-menu-visible.html  try this05:38
MeanEYErickmasta: http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/05:39
rickmastaMeanEYE: Thank you!05:39
MeanEYEtripelb: you had the same problem yesterday... are you just trying to get those files or you want to make phone work05:39
MeanEYErickmasta: np :D05:39
soreaunit-wit: That didn't do anything. I selected broken packages and it went straight back to the window when I first opened it05:40
tripelbmeaneye. right, you remember me.  (grins) I want one picture off this phone. And I want to solve the problem of how to connect it.05:40
Zibertrism: not showing a prompt...05:40
soreaunit-wit: You'll have to be more specific with your explainings about broken packages because I really think I do not have any broken packages05:41
tripelbmeaneye, it's invisible, got no secrets to conceal.05:41
MeanEYEtripelb: I tried finding that phone online, but failed to do so... am not sure what the problem is05:41
nit-witsoreau, how big is the thumb05:41
soreaunit-wit: It's just the usb persistent live session thinks there's no / so it get confused. It's 8GB05:41
soreaunit-wit: plenty05:41
tripelbmeaneye didnt the links I gave you work?05:41
nit-witsoreau, you should do a full install.05:42
tripelbto find the phone05:42
MeanEYEyou gave me links?! didn't saw them05:42
soreaunit-wit: I *did* do I full install afaik.. but you mean like from cd to usb huh05:42
soreaunit-wit: Actually I used usb startup creator05:42
tripelbMeanEYE: asked for docs---  slart http://tracfone.deviceanywhere.com/straighttalk/home.seam?custId=STLG900G&locale=en_US05:42
tripelbslart, says it's easy, plug and play http://saveonprepaidphones.com/lg900g_file_transfer_data_cable\05:42
soreaunit-wit: And before this, I tried unetbootin05:42
StepNjumpMeanEYE, looks good now05:42
StepNjumpLet me confirm that05:43
soreaunit-wit: Ok so I can just install to it like a regular hdd and but.. ok05:43
soreaufrickin aye, what a pita05:43
nit-witsoreau, exactly but make sure the grub bootloader gores to the thumbs mbr05:43
StepNjumpMeanEYE: Eureka! The bytecount for wlan0 is still whilst the wlan1 increments nicely05:44
StepNjumpMeanEYE: Thank you a million!05:44
MeanEYEStepNjump: no problem :D05:44
soreaunit-wit: fine but what fs to choose? Can I use fat32 for /? oO05:44
nit-witsoreau, the install you did is quite limiting if your not a exsperienced user to some extent, if your trying to update/upgrade that is05:44
soreaunit-wit: What about experience?05:44
birdI can't understand05:44
htatickserv identify qzuht05:44
StepNjumpIf you knew how long I've been looking for this to work!05:44
soreaunit-wit: What about experience.05:44
nit-witsoreau, format the thumb to a ext4 with gparted from the live cd05:44
StepNjumpGreat job. Thanks05:45
soreaunit-wit: And windows can mount it05:45
htatWell crap.05:45
MeanEYEStepNjump: lol, np... I was just poking around in the dark :D05:45
soreaunit-wit: I kinda need windows to use the fs too05:45
aromanhow can I remove the "Help and Support" menu entry from gnome-panel? (Via the command line005:45
MeanEYEtripelb: :/ did you try downloading updated drivers from the LG site05:45
MeanEYEwindows drivers that is05:45
MeanEYEif windows with latest drivers doesn't work05:45
MeanEYEi might be the phone got something wrong05:45
recognoscohtat: we didn't see. we promise.05:46
soreaunit-wit: What should I do?05:46
nit-witsoreau, windows wont see the thumb with a full install. You can put a fat at the beginning of the drive and the ext4 after and windows will see the fat if its first on the thumb05:46
tripelbmeaneye here is what happens when I connect it... http://paste.ubuntu.com/578686/05:47
birdWho can help me use X-chat05:47
StepNjumpMeanEYE: I found something else cool too: sudo ifconfig wlan0 down05:47
recognosco11 minutes to download 3GB. not bad.05:47
nit-witsoreau, what is it you actually want?05:47
aromanbird: I can try :)05:47
tripelbmeaneye, re lg site no. didnt see that. will check the page.05:47
MeanEYEStepNjump: :D I said that in one of my replies05:48
Genthas anyone here successfully been able to upload a screencast taken in gtk-recordmydesktop to vimeo?05:48
StepNjumpThat's awsome, when doing a ifconfig, wlan0 doesn't even show up! Seems to be working05:48
StepNjumpOoopsss.. Did you?05:48
MeanEYEStepNjump: :D yeah I did...05:48
soreaunit-wit: I guess I'll have to figure that out in the end :P05:48
StepNjumpAt times, I miss replies whilst in my bash shell.. Should make my windows transparent05:48
nit-witsoreau, good luck05:49
soreaunit-wit: Thanks for your help, I wont waste my time with ubuntu startup creator, what a waste of time and a sorry excuse for 'persistent' booting05:49
StepNjumpMeanEYE: Now I really look like a real idiot... lol Ah! I'm happy anyway. Sorry I didn't read that. Like they say GMTA05:49
soreauidk why I even use this distro sometimes05:49
MeanEYEStepNjump: it's ok :D everything turned out just nicely05:49
nit-witsoreau, it works quite well but you have to be a geek somewhat to really get it really useful, somewhat like wubi lol.05:50
StepNjumpBetter than I thought inDEED. It's awsome! Thanks again bro...05:50
soreaunit-wit: idk what you just said but I'll get it to work, ggek or not05:51
soreaugeek or not05:51
soreaufuck this keyboard05:51
macosoreau: language, please05:52
soreauI just want the usb install to go faster05:52
soreaumaco: right, I'm not in the best spirits tonight05:52
aromanhow can I remove the "Help and Support" menu entry from gnome-panel?05:53
* soreau tries not to say rm -rf /*05:53
soreauaroman: Right click and select remove?05:53
macosoreau: how many buttons you wanna push?05:53
aromansoreau: any idea how to do it from CLI?05:54
soreaumaco: I have 105 :P05:55
soreauaroman: chmod -x $(which gnome-panel)05:55
aromansoreau: ...05:55
MeanEYEaroman: don't execute that05:55
aromanMeanEYE: yeah no worries05:55
MeanEYEsoreau: don't talk stupid stuff05:55
MeanEYEif you are not going to help then don't talk at all05:56
soreauWell i need some help05:56
aromani'm using this for a remaster of ubuntu, I know exactly what I'm doing ^^05:56
soreauaroman: If you knew exactly what you were doing, you wouldn't be here asking questions05:56
kothaguy_ubuntuhi,i am unable to record video using cheese webcam,can anyone help me how to record video using cheese webcam,my netbook has built in webcam05:56
MeanEYEaroman: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=125989805:57
MeanEYEanswer to your question05:57
aromanMeanEYE: excellent! Thanks05:57
MeanEYEaroman: np05:57
ejvwhats a remaster of ubuntu05:57
ejvnever heard that terminology...05:57
MeanEYEkothaguy_ubuntu: are you sure your cam works?05:57
bazhang!remaster > ejv05:57
ubottuejv, please see my private message05:57
aromani should've figured they were .desktops. Wasn't sure of how gnome-panel worked though05:57
kothaguy_ubuntuMeanEYE, yes ,i am able to take photos,but unable to record videos,when i click start recording,black screen will come05:58
soreauejv: You can extract the image, edit it for your purposes, and then remaster it05:58
ejvnot sure why i'd ever wanna do that05:58
ejvbut cool...05:58
aromanejv: you probably never would :)05:59
ejvyou guys have too much free time clearly05:59
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HF_acidejv: well you yourself prolly not but if your managing a computer lab or some such thing it's easier not to have to edit every computer after install05:59
soreauejv: in case you want to boot a live cd and have it configure the way you want or have programs installed so you don't have to install them every time05:59
MeanEYEkothaguy_ubuntu: so recorded video is just black or only preview is black?05:59
soreauVery useful in cases of mass boots/ installs05:59
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epicenterHello; is there an app that can resize my ext4 partitions to make room for new ntfs ones, after install? Thank you :)06:00
aromanwell in this case its just for an ubuntu-based linux distro06:00
epicenterI have 70GB of free space at the end of the disk06:00
bazhangepicenter, gparted live cd06:00
soreauepicenter: Not sure why you'd want ntfs, but gparted06:00
epicentercan it be run from within the OS06:00
kothaguy_ubuntuMeanEYE, :both,when i click on start recording,1-2 minutes it will be black screen,after that,it will struck06:01
epicenterI cannot boot a liveCD; no cdrom drive06:01
MeanEYEkothaguy_ubuntu: did you try with different program?06:01
bazhangepicenter, then put it on usb stick via unetbootin06:01
kothaguy_ubuntuMeanEYE, :Different programme means?06:01
epicenterbazhang: I'll try, but my motherboard has a fault that makes it only boot usb every 1 out of 100 times06:01
tripelbmeaneye, well I found a lot more pages. Almost all in europe, none of which mention this model. Except of course the page that says it is "plug and pray", lol.  I'll "hang it up" for tonight. I'm intending to phone tech support tomorrow. - Thanks for putting your mind to this. I am sooo much smarter about this tonight than I was yesterday when I was sick. Peace out.06:01
soreaunit-wit: wtf: the live installer doesn't even show any usb sticks to use06:01
* soreau is not very impressed06:02
MeanEYEtripelb: :)06:02
MeanEYEkothaguy_ubuntu: which program did you use to record video?06:02
soreaunit-wit: how am I supposed to install ubuntu to 8GB usb drive when it doesn't show up in the partitioner?06:02
epicentersoreau: It might be a bios setting making it not show up?06:03
epicenterTry other USB settings like usb 1.x06:03
soreauepicenter: I doubt it, since I can boot from the same usb stick just fine06:03
sonikuAnybody know anything about the real-time kernel used with Studio?06:03
kothaguy_ubuntucheese webcam for recording06:03
soreauepicenter: nit-wit said i should be able to install from live cd to usb but it's not showing any usb in gparted06:04
soreau! anybody | soniku06:04
ubottusoniku: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.06:04
epicentersoreau: Sorry, not sure why that would occur. You might try another usb device if at all possible. or another USB port06:04
epicentersometimes cases have an external usb port that is wired up wrong or not at all06:04
MeanEYEkothaguy_ubuntu: try installing different program for recording06:04
soreauepicenter: Is it your stance that it should show the usb as installation media from gparted?06:04
epicenterbut if you can boot from it it just sounds like a bug in the ubuntu installer.06:04
kothaguy_ubuntuMeanEYE, :can you tell some apps06:05
epicentersoreau: I would think it should06:05
soreauyea, ubiquity is a P.O.S.06:05
epicenterthere are probably bugs in gparted06:05
soreauI've had nothing but problems with it as of the paste year or so06:05
epicenterno app's perfect06:05
soreauAnd this god damned keyboard06:06
epicentermmm paste06:06
sonikuI've finally got Ubuntu installed and now am trying to get the real-time kernel that I keep reading about for Studio, but I don't seem to be able to get it - is there a way to upgrade to that kernel without a Studio disc?06:06
soreausoniku: You can install an rt kernel but the patches for it usually only support slightly earlier kernels06:07
soreauWhy isn't ubuntu showing usb as an installation media option06:07
* soreau stabs ubiquity with an extremely pointy object06:08
=== awesome is now known as Guest67391
soreauI would even go as far as to say shrrp06:08
* soreau bashes keyboard against wall06:08
nit-withe he06:08
cgcardonawhere do I find my apache config file on ubuntu?06:09
recognoscocgcardona: apache2?06:09
recognoscocgcardona: /etc/apache2/06:09
epicentercgcardona: I think /etc/apache/httpd.conf or something06:09
epicenteror it used to be06:09
kothaguy_ubuntuMeanEYE, :which recording sofware should i use?06:09
MeanEYEkothaguy_ubuntu: am not sure, never done that before... try searching in software centre or someone could suggest one06:10
cgcardonaepicenter: i do have that file at that path but it is empty06:10
epicentercgcardona: I guess it's deprecated06:10
epicentercheck the man file for apache06:10
cgcardonaI'm looking for AllowOverride All06:10
epicenterthat's generally a good place to start06:10
epicenterthough man files are often woefully inadequate imho06:10
recognoscocgcardona: /etc/apache2/httpd.conf is my file.06:11
epicentermy god how the hell long does it take dd to copy an iso to a flash drive06:11
epicentera progress bar would be LOVELY06:11
recognoscocgcardona: i have the default setup06:11
cgcardonaok thanks for the help06:12
epicenterit's like linux apps are designed to be as cryptic as humanly possible06:12
recognoscocgcardona: oops my bad. /etc/apache2/apache2.conf06:12
cgcardonathanks again06:13
epicenterwelcome sorry i wasn't of more assistance06:13
hiexpohello all06:13
harisundIs there a chvt command equivalent for virtual terminals?06:13
hiexpohas anything came out yet  for unity 3d web player06:14
eckirchnhello all06:18
Logan_hiexpo: they're still working on it: http://feedback.unity3d.com/forums/15792-unity/suggestions/164961-platforms-linux-player-web-player-support06:18
BaKeRfinnaly figgured out how to make compiz run somoother06:19
MeanEYEdo share with us06:19
BaKeRno more glitchy edges06:20
eckirchnBaKeR: issue with compiz?06:20
BaKeRyeah i was having ishue where when you move the window with wave effect it06:21
BaKeRtends to tear06:21
BaKeRMeanEYe: do you get that ishue06:21
MeanEYEplus I don't like that plugin06:21
BaKeRwell alteast i didnt neet a new video cared06:22
FloodBot1BaKeR: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:22
harisundAnyone knows how to switch between virtual terminals pts/0 pts/1 etc?06:22
MeanEYEharisund: alt+f1, f2 etc06:22
jiltdilis there any microsoft office like here to make ppy?06:22
jiltdilsorry ppt06:23
eckirchnjiltdil: openoffice06:23
harisundMeanEYE: not really06:23
MeanEYEharisund: are you talkig about gnome terminal or ptys?06:23
jiltdileckirchm: open office presentation or word proceesor06:23
eckirchnjiltdil: presenter06:24
jiltdilok thanx06:24
eckirchnjiltdil: install the whole suite06:24
harisundpts, the ones that are created when you SSH into a server remotely for instance06:24
MeanEYEharisund: you can't switch as far as I know... you can however make screen sessions and switch them06:24
harisundYeah that's what I am beginning to think too06:25
eckirchnharisund: from gnome06:26
eckirchnharisund ?06:26
ChaorainHey, I wanted to try out the Netbook edition (10.10) I have a full sized laptop and get an error after selecting "Try Ubuntu" "No required driver detected for Unity."06:26
eckirchnChaorain: whyy would you not use the full livecd?06:27
harisundeckirchn: No gnome, no GUI... all through SSH06:27
MeanEYEChaorain: unity requires video drivers... 3d acceleration06:27
Wolfwalker_PrimeI have a new laptop with Windows 7.  I recall something back in the early Vista days about Vista started on a nonstandard cylinder setting, and when you dual booted Ubuntu it messed up your Vista install.06:27
eckirchnharisund: are you using ctrl-X or something?06:28
Wolfwalker_PrimeIs this the case with Windows 7, or did someone fix something in Ubuntu or GRUB to compensate?06:28
ChaorainMeanEYE: So I need to install the popriatary drivers?06:28
eckirchnharisund: in runlevel 3 ctrl Fx whould be the only way to change it06:28
=== cmdshftn_ is now known as hershaw
MeanEYEChaorain: you are running livecd right?06:28
eckirchnChaorain: drivers for what?06:29
ChaorainMeanEYE: USB, I used the windows method described here. http://www.ubuntu.com/netbook/get-ubuntu/download06:29
Chaorainkvirdi_: I want to try Netbook Remix06:30
eckirchnChaorain: why, a net book is a computer, why use a stripped version, just uninstall the apps you don't want06:30
ChipzzzMeanEYE: you mean to upgrade to 11.04 I'm going to have to run proprietary drivers for my ATI card?!?!06:31
eckirchnIt's a very different world here then #fedora.. interesting...06:31
ChaorainI wanted to see Unity allright? Possibly use this as a way to repair other computers06:31
Chaoraineckirchn: how so?06:31
eckirchnChaorain: very different questions...06:32
MeanEYEChaorain: as of version 11.04 there will be no Netbook edition of ubuntu. My suggestion would be to try 11.04 version. It's still alpha, but there is one 40ish days to release.06:32
eckirchnChaorain: just got on here to see what the ubuntu world was like... :)06:32
MeanEYEChaorain: also, that Unity in 10.10 is not good, it's slow and uses different compoziting than new unity.06:32
Wolfwalker_PrimeChaorain, the best way to repair other computers with Ubuntu is to install it to a USB flash drive, install ClamAV and boot from it on the target computer.06:32
eckirchnWolfwalker_Prime: like using chroot?06:33
Wolfwalker_PrimeI don't know how Unity could help with computer repair though...06:33
ChaorainMeanEYE: I actually have 10.10 Desktop installed,06:33
]i[koNis there any good anti virus for ubuntu06:33
soreau! virus | ]i[koN06:34
MeanEYE]i[koN: you don't really need one ;D06:34
ubottu]i[koN: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus06:34
]i[koNthats not true06:34
MeanEYEthen install ClamAV06:34
]i[koNits not updated06:34
MeanEYEcheck for ppa?06:34
Wolfwalker_PrimeAntivirus is good on a portable Ubuntu, installed on a bootable flash drive.  You can boot into a bad Windows and clean house.  :D06:34
]i[koNi am new at this os06:35
binary01hey everyone. im having trouble configuring my xerox printer in ubuntu maverick. when I try to print anything i get pages of garbage. can anyone help me out?06:35
ChaorainMeanEYE: why are they stoppung a netbook release06:35
MeanEYE]i[koN: then how do you know anti-virus is needed?06:35
soreau]i[koN: You need to read the link ubottu gave06:35
]i[koNjust to be safe06:35
MeanEYEChaorain: Unity will be default in desktop06:35
soreau]i[koN: read first. You're already safe06:35
]i[koNalso is there any drivers for amd06:36
MeanEYEamd what?06:36
MeanEYEyou mean ATI graphics card?06:36
ChaorainMeanEYE: 0.o thats interesting06:36
soreau]i[koN: You can use the open radeon driver or fglrx06:36
MeanEYE]i[koN: ubuntu comes with opensource version of ATI drivers, but you can install additional ones06:37
]i[koNi did but i cant config my settings06:37
MeanEYEChaorain: yeah, :D it might turn out good06:37
soreau]i[koN: Why not?06:37
soreau! who | ]i[koN06:37
ubottu]i[koN: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)06:37
ChaorainMeanEYE: so I could install 11.04 pre-release to a flash drive and try it that way?06:37
]i[koNits saying drivers need to be install or no gpu is installed06:37
soreau]i[koN: What is saying that?06:38
]i[koNi dont know06:38
soreau]i[koN: You must be doing something for it to give this message06:38
]i[koNwhat is it doing06:38
ChaorainWolfwalker_Prime: can ClamAV clean viruses off a Windows partition?06:38
MeanEYEChaorain: yes, that would be my suggestion. Please bare in mind it's still alpha quality. But like I said some 48 days to full release so you can play with it.06:39
Wolfwalker_PrimeChaorain, yup.06:39
ChaorainWolfwalker_Prime: AWSOME!!!06:39
MeanEYEChaorain: yes, that's the correct word to define Linux :D06:40
ksinkarubuntu does not have this file .bash_profile in my home directory. What is the equivalent file for .bash_profile06:40
Wolfwalker_PrimeChaorain, I use it all the time on infected WIndows installs.06:40
MeanEYEksinkar: how do you know it's not there?06:40
Wolfwalker_PrimeInstall Ubuntu to a flash drive, install some tools like ClamAV and etc, then use it to boot into an infected Windows computer.06:40
soreauChaorain: It's been around for awhile now and the lists are constantly being updated06:40
binary01hey everyone. im having trouble configuring my xerox printer in ubuntu maverick. when I try to print anything i get pages of garbage. can anyone help me out?06:40
MeanEYEksinkar: sorry, check .bashrc06:40
Wolfwalker_PrimeMount the computer's internal hard drive and clean out the junk.06:41
ChaorainMeanEYE: Uh where is 11.04? and is there a program that will install it to a USB, not just make a live USB?06:41
Wolfwalker_PrimeChaorain, I always just go through the normal install process, but when I select a disk I select my flash drive.06:41
Wolfwalker_PrimeAnd BE SURE to tell GRUB to write to the flash drive in step 7, advanced tab.06:42
eckirchnWolfwalker_Prime: what program does ubuntu provide to clean windows viruses06:43
MeanEYEChaorain: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/natty/alpha306:43
Wolfwalker_Primeeckirchn, clamAV.  I sure don't keep it around to defend Ubuntu against viruses.  :P06:43
MeanEYEChaorain: you can use program you have in your 10.10 installation06:43
ChaorainWolfwalker_Prime: now why didn't I think of that?06:44
eckirchnWolfwalker_Prime: it will scan ntfs for viruses?06:44
MeanEYEChaorain: System -> Administration -> Startup disk creator06:44
Wolfwalker_Primeeckirchn, works for me every time.06:44
ChaorainMeanEYE: thanks, I'll do that right away.06:45
MeanEYEChaorain: I wouldn't install 11.04 alpha 3 over your 10.10 ... since it's still alpha...:)06:46
MeanEYEstart it from usb :D06:46
eckirchnWolfwalker_Prime: interesting... you get a ton of viruses? think i have had 2 viruses in 10 years.. running WinXP..06:46
Wolfwalker_PrimeI don't get viruses.  My friends do.06:46
ChaorainMeanEYE: yeah thats what I'm planning on06:46
eckirchnWolfwalker_Prime: cleans them effectivly?06:46
Wolfwalker_PrimeFriends who don't even install an antivirus...06:46
eckirchnWolfwalker_Prime: i put AVAST on my winxp machines...06:46
Wolfwalker_PrimeAnd get online every day, have DSL connections up all the time.06:47
Wolfwalker_PrimeAnd then ask me to clean out their computers.  "Something went wrong, dunno why..."06:47
eckirchnWolfwalker_Prime: doesn't everyone?06:47
Wolfwalker_PrimeDoesn't everyone what?  Have a DSL connection, or have one with no antivirus installed?06:47
o2ooHi, who know about using the UML tool -> Dia ?06:48
ksinkarMeanEYE: i can't see it when i do ls -a06:48
eckirchnWolfwalker_Prime: have a internet connection permanent?06:48
MeanEYEksinkar: yeah I got that :) later... check .bashrc it should be there06:48
ksinkarMeanEYE: yes i have .bashrc. So is it the equivalent of .bash_profile? Do i make the same changes that I would make to .bash_profile06:49
o2oowho knows how to draw a "interface" in Dia ?06:50
MeanEYEksinkar: I guess... don't know what changes are you refering to?06:50
Wolfwalker_Primeeckirchn, I don't know.  But my friends who have a permanent connection and no antivirus get lots of viruses.06:53
Wolfwalker_PrimeTheir computers are the ones I clean out.06:53
Wolfwalker_PrimeAnd tell them to get an antivirus, antispyware... there are some good free ones.06:53
Wolfwalker_PrimeDoes no good.  They never bother to get any protection.06:54
=== iggy19_ is now known as iggy19
Timici installed ubuntu on mah laptop06:55
Timicand i connected it to a monitor06:55
Timicmy monitor sees the startup of the computer just fine06:55
Timicbut when ubuntu goes part "Ubuntu 10.10"06:55
Timicthe monitor stops working06:55
MeanEYETimic: System -> Preferences -> Monitors06:56
MeanEYETimic: or use laptop key combo to switch to monitor completely, not sure what you want to do :D06:56
Timicwuts laptop key combo?06:56
Timicthe screen is broken partially06:56
Timici dont want to even see the laptop screen06:56
MeanEYETimic: ok, which laptop?06:56
=== ubuntu_ is now known as barna
appi_uppiI am trying to play VCD in ubuntu 9.10, but its not playing in any media player. Could you please help if there are any alternative ways06:57
Timicits a compaq that had vista :P06:57
o2oohi, who knows how to draw a "interface" in Dia ?06:57
Timicwhere shoudl i look on it06:57
MeanEYEappi_uppi: did you try VLC Player?06:57
o2oois that "interface" just draw as a "class" ?06:58
Timicnm MeanEYE06:58
Timici got it to work using X screen :D06:58
MeanEYETimic: you should have a combination of Function key with some other ... that has something like TV or something06:58
Timicah yes meaneye, i just needed to do fn+f406:59
MeanEYETimic: :D np... I just don't know which key is it :D ...06:59
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=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest72309
ChaorainMeanEYE: Hey it looks like there still is a Netbook edition07:01
eckirchnstudent101: hello07:01
MeanEYEChaorain: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/03/the-end-of-ubuntu-netbook-edition-the-return-of-ubuntu/07:01
eckirchnChaorain: why run a netbook installation? i am still confused..07:02
Timici got the "fce ultra" app07:02
Timicand i cant find it in applications07:02
Chaoraineckirchn: I run 4 different operating systems on my Desktop. I have over 30 different live cds. Thats why07:03
MeanEYETimic: if it's not gnome application that's the reason you can't find it... try ALT+F2 and typing it's name07:03
Timicah ty07:03
vingtrashi. i've installed a command line system from the ubuntu alternate cd without setting up an internett connection during install how do i connect once i have internett access?07:04
ChaorainMeanEYE: ok makes more sense now. I've never seen this site before. I'm exited07:05
eckirchnChaorain: are you using a mac running windows and osX and several linux?07:05
MeanEYEChaorain: :D it's a good website ;) ...07:05
red2kicvingtras: Try "sudo ifconfig eth0 up && sudo dh<tab,tab> eth0"  Not sure. :P07:05
eckirchnare there ubunutu sponsered users here?07:05
=== Kribs is now known as inf0del
soreaured2kic: dhclient?07:06
MeanEYEvingtras: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=10078 :D there's a nice guide07:06
red2kicsoreau: Yes. In my case, it's dhcpcd.07:06
soreaured2kic: arch?07:06
red2kicsoreau: Yes.07:06
soreaured2kic: hint: This is #ubuntu ;)07:07
red2kicsoreau: Yeah. I know that. :)07:08
Chaoraineckirchn: 2 windows, 2 linux07:08
vingtrasok, thanks07:08
Chaoraineckirchn: one of each for testing and stability07:08
eckirchnChaorain: holy cow.. you just like to torment yourself?07:08
MeanEYEred2kic: what's the problem?07:09
chu_Hey guys, what would be the term I'm looking for if I want to do a "local" compile or software, say in the sense I don't have root privs on a system, and just want to compile something for my own user account?07:09
red2kicMeanEYE: Nothing.07:09
chu_"local" compile of* software07:09
MeanEYEred2kic: oh ok :D I thought you needed help07:09
ChipzzzMeanEYE: I still can't find it anywhere... can I keep my radeon drivers with unity or am I going to have to suffer with ATI's proprietary ones (or spring for an nVidia card)?07:10
red2kicchu_: Binary? >_>07:10
MeanEYEChipzzz: sorry, you can't find what?07:10
MeanEYEchu_: you can compile without having root priviledges07:10
red2kicExecutible binary. Meh.07:11
soreauChipzzz: If radeon driver does not work OOTB, you should definitely file a bug07:11
Chaoraineckirchn: I do it for fun, I ENJOY it. oh and both my Linux are not mainstream07:11
ChipzzzI'm trying to find out if the radeon drivers are going to work with unity... as far as I can tell they don't & from the sounds of the recent discussion here, they might never07:11
taranis it possible  without restarting the system to switch between XP & Ubuntu on a dual boot system?07:12
chu_Mmm, ok true, yes I can. But I only have the privs for my local directory (home), I don't have write access to /usr/bin etc.07:12
Chipzzzsoreau: tnx... that's what I was wondering :)07:12
MeanEYEChipzzz: Ubuntu 10.10+  has open source drivers built in... which OS are you running?07:12
amin_I have a problem connecting to my modem any one wants to help07:12
arandtaran: No, but you could run one of them in a virtual machine inside the other07:12
taranarand: ok07:13
MeanEYEtaran: on the fly no, but there's something called Xen, virtualization, so you can run both at the same time... though that's not what you want07:13
taranarand: I have both system XP & Ubuntu and laos one XP on Virrtual box? Can I access the main XP available at bood loader through Vbox?07:13
ChipzzzMeanEYE: I'm running a 10.04 & a 10.10, both with (different) ATI cards. The ATI proprietary drivers are nothing but trouble & the radeon drivers are fine... I was just worried that I might have to go proprietary07:14
amin_I have a problem connecting to my modem any one wants to help07:14
soreauamin_: What kind of modem?07:14
eckirchnamin_: a classic phone line modem?07:14
cinnabarisland12RT3090BC4 driver (Markus heberling) reboot it works, after another one i doesn't, help please?07:14
arandtaran: You could but running an already installed XP both normally an through virtualbox can be risky, I think.07:15
MeanEYEChipzzz: Unity 3D is only available for ubuntu 11.04... Unity 2D is available for 10.10. The Unity you are trying to run is old and outdated. It uses different compositing engine.07:15
=== DouglasK is now known as DouglasKAway
taranarand: ok07:15
MeanEYEChipzzz: and that's the reason it doesn't find suitable drivers07:15
appi_uppiMeanEYE: Yes I tried VLC, even its not playing07:15
soreauChipzzz: Yes, you want natty to test unity07:15
eckirchnamin_: you connecting via ethernet?07:15
inf0delwhen can we expect the next ubuntu release?07:15
amin_lan of course07:15
inf0delwith the unity interface07:16
soreauChipzzz: At least, the implementation of unity with compiz07:16
amin_I can not go to
MeanEYEappi_uppi: try running VLC from gnome-terminal. You can get some more information. VCD could have some protection preventing anything other than Media Player from running it.07:16
cinnabarisland12inf0del: In April sometime07:16
inf0deli cant wait07:16
ChipzzzMeanEYE: the question is moot at the moment... I'm just concerned for the upgrade to 11.04... maybe I'll just cross that bridge when I get to it ;)07:16
cinnabarisland12inf0del: neither can I but we have to :P07:16
MeanEYEinf0del: 48 days to go to be precise :)07:17
arandinf0del: April 28, 201107:17
soreauHow can you make icons show up for 'system' menu?07:17
MeanEYEChipzzz: you shouldn't worry. New Unity is using Compiz to draw stuff. Unity 2D uses Qt07:17
appi_uppiMeanEYE: Sure, let me try.07:17
inf0deltesting kde desktop07:17
arandinf0del: However, early unstable alpha versions are available.07:17
inf0deldont like it07:17
amin_eckirchn: I can not go to
ChipzzzMeanEYE: tnx :))07:17
eckirchninf0del: are you really needing a update?07:17
MeanEYEinf0del: to me KDE is not usable since version 3 something07:17
Fudgeanyone able to tell me what the text installers like? on alternate cd07:17
MeanEYEChipzzz: np :D07:17
inf0delthe desktop feels messed07:18
=== alakoo_ is now known as alakoo
MeanEYEinf0del: gnome on the other hand got much better lately07:18
alebartotoHello is there a .deb for php5.3 ?07:18
recurs|vei have an iso9660-3 file made on ubuntu, i cant mount iton a mac, how can i convert it to level 207:18
eckirchnamin_ using what type of protocol? why do you want
arandFudge: it's basically debian-installer, ncurses-based, installs using tasksel rather than imaging the live system.07:19
=== DouglasKAway is now known as DouglasK
MeanEYEalebartoto: PHP in ubuntu repo is 5.3.307:19
Fudgearand  thankingU07:19
amin_eckirchn: I want to change my modem setting07:19
CoNFus3Dhey, quick question, I updated the linux kernel, now on grub, it has the old kernel and the new kernel listed as boot items... any idea how to get rid of the old kernel on boot?07:20
MeanEYECoNFus3D: try sudo apt-get autoremove... if that doesn't help ... just  open synaptic and remove old kernels manually07:20
CoNFus3Dok cool thanks07:20
MeanEYECoNFus3D: grub menu will be updated automatically07:21
MeanEYEor you can just try and restart07:21
ArseneReiamin_: Are you sure you don't want
eckirchnamin_: based on your IP posting, open http:/ or http:/
CoNFus3DI will try it next time I reboot.. thanks :)07:22
eckirchnamin_: paste the results of ipconfig07:22
needlezhey with the new update 11.04 will it be using gnome3?? and if so how will this effect compiz?? or will it??07:22
amin_eckirchn: http://pastebin.com/QTNAj4CJ07:23
MeanEYEneedlez: default will be Unity with ability to go back to gnome 2.3x... but gnome 3 will be in repos07:23
MeanEYEcompiz won't be affected07:23
=== heather is now known as Xase
amin_ArseneRe: http://pastebin.com/QTNAj4CJ07:23
XaseHow do I properly update grub, to detect a new bootable drive?07:23
needlezok, sounds good, i dont care for unity, and hopefully can still use compiz with gnome like ive been doing07:24
red2kicXase: "sudo grub-update"07:24
MeanEYEneedlez: you'll be able to do that07:24
XaseThat's what I thought red2kic07:24
MeanEYEthough unity might turn out good07:24
XaseHowever red2kic07:24
nit-witsuod update-grub07:25
Xase[sudo] password for heather:07:25
Xasesudo: grub-update: command not found07:25
nit-witXase, sudo update-grub07:25
XaseAh ok nit-wit thanks07:25
XaseWorked this time.07:25
eckirchnamin_: ok you are not connected to a net connection on the computer you posted ifconfig?07:25
soreauHow can you make icons show up for 'system' menu?07:25
red2kicXase: Whoops.07:26
XaseBRB... gonna try it.07:26
soreauHow can you make icons show up in 'System' menu?07:26
amin_eckirchn: anything?07:27
red2kicsoreau: gconf-editor. Somewhere in /desktop/gnome/interface/07:27
=== Madman is now known as Paradise_Road
MeanEYEsoreau: gconf-editor: /desktop/gnome/interface/menus_have_icons07:27
MeanEYEno clue why ubuntu disabled that :/07:28
red2kicMeanEYE: Ubuntu have nothing to do with it. It was Gnome's decision.07:28
MeanEYEand I was cursing ubuntu all this time07:28
cinnabarisland12RT3090BC4 driver (Markus heberling) initial reboot it works, after another one it doesn't, help please?07:28
eckirchnamin_: do you have an internet connection on the machine you posted your ipconfig?07:29
eckirchnamin_: doesn't look like you do07:29
soreaured2kic: MeanEYE: Yep, thanks07:29
amin_eckirchn: az you can see in the paste bin I is the ifconfig of the machine and there is only one machine which I am using right now07:30
Chipzzzamin_: can you ping the new modem?07:30
cinnabarisland12RT3090BC4 driver (Markus heberling) initial reboot it works, after another one it doesn't, help please?07:30
soreauDoes anyone know if persistent usb install is designed to not save visual effects=extra setting?07:31
amin_Chipzzz yes the ping is working07:31
soreauWould make since if it did, I'm just wondering if it's intended or not07:31
eckirchnamin_: ya, but it doesn't show in IP address for any connection07:31
c|onemanhow do I install apt-get? I tried yum install apt but It says no such package07:31
eckirchnc|oneman: Fedora or Ubuntu?07:31
MeanEYEc|oneman: are you using ubuntu?07:31
MeanEYEyou already have it installed07:32
inf0delgnome 3 looks pretty sweet07:32
Chipzzzamin_: then perhaps all you need to do is to change your gateway & name servers to
c|onemanapparently not :/07:32
cinnabarisland12RT3090BC4 driver (Markus heberling) initial reboot it works, after another one it doesn't, help please?07:32
eckirchnc|oneman: yum is a Fedora package installer07:32
c|onemanhow can I tell which linux this server is running?07:32
eckirchnc|oneman uname -r07:33
cinnabarisland12RT3090BC4 driver (Markus heberling) initial reboot it works, after another one it doesn't, help please?07:33
MeanEYEc|oneman: cat /etc/lsb-release07:34
c|onemanno such file or directory07:34
MeanEYEthere has to be lsb-something07:34
cinnabarisland12RT3090BC4 driver (Markus heberling) initial reboot it works, after another one it doesn't, help please?07:35
eckirchnamin_: i can't help you, from what i know.. i don't think your problem is linux, its you router.. typically, your router runs at the same address you do but a xxx.xxx.xxx.001 or xxx.xxx.xxx.25407:35
MeanEYEc|oneman: cat `ls /etc/*-release`07:35
MeanEYEtry that07:35
Fudgeusing alternate isntaller can you install packages before installing?07:35
Fudgei.e speechd-up to take advantage of speakup screen reader for text installer07:36
c|onemanCentOS release 5 (Final)07:36
c|onemanI guess the rebuild didn't work :/07:36
Chipzzzcjoneman: are you running suse?07:36
eckirchnis this room moderated?07:36
MeanEYEc|oneman: CentOS is good, but it's redhat based, why would you install apt-get :D07:36
MeanEYEeckirchn: should be, why?07:37
c|onemanMeanEYE: I thought I had ubuntu07:37
MeanEYEc|oneman: oh, too bad you don't07:37
c|onemanthis vps has a bunch of distros that they 'image on' on demand07:37
c|onemanI selected ubuntu, but looks like it didnt apply07:37
MeanEYEc|oneman: 1and1?07:38
eckirchnMeanEYE: i only wonder if there are ubuntu experts here.. my understanding is ubunut is going to implement SELinux.. i can only imagine the questions...07:38
c|onemancosts about 2$/mo ;)07:38
c|onemanI think I'm just gonna bail, too much trouble dealing with this half-assed setup07:39
eckirchnc|oneman bail on what?07:39
c|onemanhostrail's vpsa07:39
eckirchnc|oneman do you want to run a website from your house?07:40
c|onemanI wanted to find a way to make this 2$ service into something07:41
c|onemanlike a VPN07:41
c|onemanto watch american hulu and netflix ;)07:41
StepNjump> I have installed clamav but it tells me it's outdated, what should I do?07:41
eckirchnc|oneman: why not just intall vpn?07:42
MeanEYEStepNjump: check if they have ppa07:42
c|onemanI dunno how to use something that isn't apt-get07:42
StepNjumpHi again meanEYE, what do you mean ppa?07:42
=== Logan_ is now known as FarkingBish
StepNjumpmeaneye: clamav-ppa?07:43
=== FarkingBish is now known as FBish{sleep}
PolahIf I have a shared folder, would that be available automatically on boot without logging in?07:43
StepNjumpI'm installing now the mailscanner07:44
MeanEYEStepNjump: if they have their own ubuntu archives...07:44
MeanEYEStepNjump: let me check07:44
eckirchnPolah: if its in your /etc/fstab file it will07:44
red2kicPolah: Sure, as long as the service is running at boot.07:45
red2kicPolah: Samba? (SMB). Things should be same as you set them up.07:45
MeanEYEStepNjump: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-clamav/+archive/ppa07:45
=== Calinou_ is now known as Calinou
eckirchnred2kic Polah: is this a samba share or a NFS share?07:46
StepNjumpMeanEYE btw my connection used to disconnect on a regular basis so I found out:  in IPv4 settings tab I flagged available to all users it works great... for your KB (FYI)07:47
StepNjumpok tnx MeanEYE, let me check07:47
MeanEYEoh ok :D07:47
MeanEYEwell time for work07:47
MeanEYEsee you around ppl07:47
StepNjumpMeanEye, what does it mean? do I need to add a repository?07:49
=== anubarack is now known as Guest31331
StepNjumpMeanEYE Oh yes, by adding ppa:ubuntu-clamav/ppa to your system's Software Sources.07:49
StepNjumpnever done that... I'm green07:50
MeanEYEStepNjump: sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ubuntu-clamav/ppa && sudo apt-get update07:50
StepNjumpMeanEYE: The wifi is working sooo smooth! Awsome07:50
MeanEYEglad to hear that07:50
MeanEYEgotta run now... :) have fun!07:50
StepNjumpRoger. Thank you. I will take a note of that so I don't bug you with the same questions07:50
DannyButtermanHi there. Does someone know how to exit pidgin ? I started it unwillingly, and now it has mixed with the usual session manager, and I don't see any way to return to the normal session manager (I'm on 9.04 btw)07:52
StepNjumpMeanEYE: It seems to have updated but when I do a stop and then a start, it tells me the engine is still outdated07:53
StepNjumpfreshclam wouldn't help any I don't think.. I did that before07:54
gundashi all i have ubuntu 10.10 server and im trying to run a shell script remtotely and want to shutdown my terminal connection but the shell script keeps stopping - is there a way around this07:54
StepNjumpHow do I know the version meaneye? clamav -v?07:54
=== FBish{sleep} is now known as FBish{actualslee
rob_pStepNjump: It probably also tells you not to panic!  :)07:54
=== FBish{actualslee is now known as FBishactualsleep
=== anomie is now known as Guest24942
StepNjumpYep it does!07:55
StepNjumpI'm not panicked! lol07:55
gundasI tried doing this ./run.sh & but it still outputs to the screen07:55
StepNjumprob_p, I might panic on windoze07:55
StepNjumpNot worried here07:55
rob_pStepNjump: If it's fairly recent, I wouldn't worry too much.  As long as your definitions are up to date, you're fine.07:55
StepNjumpAh ok rob_p, thanks07:56
DannyButtermanActually I could exit pidgin thanks to kill -9 but I'd like to know a clean way to do it07:56
StepNjumpso this daemon just runs in the background?07:56
StepNjumpwhen I do a start?07:56
rob_pStepNjump: It depends on how you have it set up.  I run it, "on demand" whenever the mail scanner calls it.  Other than that, why have it taking up resources?07:57
Guest31331what folders should I add to BackInTime so I have a good backup if i screw something up ? (i'm on a 10.10 via wubi)07:57
rob_pStepNjump: But that's on a server that handles mail for a few domains...07:58
rob_pStepNjump: I don't bother with anti-virus on the Linux desktop boxes.07:58
StepNjumprob_p ok... yes.. No worries here, it's not windoze after all07:58
rob_pStepNjump: Exactly!07:58
StepNjumpI was just trying for fun07:59
StepNjumprob_p, should I worry about installing a firewall?07:59
rob_pStepNjump: I only bother with it on the server because it handles mail which eventually ends up on Windoze boxes.07:59
rob_pStepNjump: Depends.07:59
StepNjumprob_p if I just leave it like that, there's no much problem then?08:00
roothi all08:00
=== root is now known as Guest61946
rob_pStepNjump: Firewall for your desktop Linux box?  What services are you planning on opening up to the 'Net?08:00
StepNjumpNot much for now08:01
StepNjumphttp, pop, smtp08:01
StepNjumpgopher lol08:01
=== Guest72309 is now known as DarkDevil
rob_pStepNjump: ...and do those servers not have the control mechanisms you need to limit access in the ways you want?08:01
Guest61946i have backtrack but it con't be full screen can somebody help me plz?08:01
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest56075
StepNjumprob_p, no server, just my desktop08:02
StepNjumpI was kidding when I said gopher08:02
rob_pStepNjump: The point is, there's rarely a need for a firewall on a properly configured box.  I only use firewalls where the daemon or server process doesn't give me the control I want over access to it's resources.08:02
root__for full screen use alt+enter @ guest08:02
yuskhanzabhello all, here i got some more problems.. its about the panel when sometimes cant display properly.. any idea whats going on?08:03
jingqq5210how to set Xterm start as full screen08:03
rob_pStepNjump: On a desktop Linux box, a firewall is next to useless in *most* cases.08:04
StepNjumpOk I see... I will leave it like that then..08:04
StepNjumpthank you rob_p08:04
=== nick is now known as nicks
rob_pStepNjump: welcome08:04
=== nicks is now known as nickz
StepNjumprob_p figured! Linux is awsome08:04
rob_pStepNjump: It is indeed!08:04
rob_pStepNjump: So is Mac...08:05
StepNjumprob_p btw, do you know how to fiddle around with xchat settings?08:05
yuskhanzabcant someone tell me how to fix this?08:05
rob_pStepNjump: I don't use xchat, sorry.08:05
StepNjumpYeah I saw that on TV news.. they mentioned just that..!08:05
yuskhanzabsometimes my top panel cant display properly... and some times missing?08:05
StepNjumpI think Win 7 was built on some linux source code08:05
StepNjumpOk no problemo08:06
rob_pStepNjump: Well, the water should be hot enough for my shower so I'm off to get ready for the day..08:07
StepNjumpIn case someone might know, I'm trying to set up the log to create a new file each day so I can read what was going on here on the channel later on. I think the way it's set now, it automatically erases my logs every day08:07
StepNjumpOk rob_p have a good day... A friend of mine told me about this new gadget out there ..08:08
StepNjumpit's a shower head that changes colour based on the temperature of the water08:08
StepNjumpfrom blue to red lol08:08
StepNjumpso you can tell without having to even touch the water. Ok, have a good day and thanks!08:08
rob_pStepNjump: I have to flip a switch and wait for an hour or so before I take my shower.  Usually the sun heats the solar panel enough to make a nice hot shower by now.  But it's overcast and cold right now.  So I have to rely on electricty :(08:09
rob_pStepNjump: Ok, later...08:10
extra11rob_p that's awesome you manage to use the son to heat up shower water08:10
extra11bet that costed a fortune08:10
StepNjumplol ok! good idea.. Good for the environment. there should be more people like you. take care!08:10
rob_pextra11: It actually works surprisingly well!08:10
extra11what kinda price range we talkin08:10
ChaorainI'm trying to install 11.04 Alpha 3 to a flash drive, I would like to use Fat32 so it can be read by Windows but for the pre made mount points it won't let me. Can I still force it to be root?08:11
rob_pextra11: Less than you'd imagine, I'm sure.  But not always convient!  Plus, you have to live where the sun is usually shining and strong most of the time.08:12
red2kicChaorain: More time developing codes. Less time playing with live discs. :)08:12
Chaorainred2kic: I'm not a programer08:13
red2kicChaorain: Either am I. :(08:13
Enginhow to make a display the default one, I want to see my panels on the external display. There's no such option in Monitors.08:14
tripelbsudo add-apt-repository ppa:libreoffice/ppa   ---- no trusted public key found. got command from http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/01/libreoffice-3-3-released/  (UB10.04)08:14
rob_pextra11: anyway, gotta run...08:14
mgolisch_Engin: you can change the panel behavior in gconf08:14
extra11have a good one friend08:14
mgolisch_Engin: like have it display the panels on one screen only08:14
red2kicEngin: You can drag the panels over there. Hold ALT and drag it over.08:14
mgolisch_or do you use xinerama or something?08:15
mgolisch_like big desktop08:15
Enginred2kic: that is nice08:15
Engindough, it should have been in the Monitors.08:15
EnginAnd window resize handle requires first grade FPS skills to catch08:15
tripelbsudo add-apt-repository ppa:libreoffice/ppa   ---- no trusted public key found. got command from http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/01/libreoffice-3-3-released/  (UB10.04) ---> but the page says that command is for 10.1008:16
red2kicEngin: Are you using Nvidia?08:16
Enginmy laptop has dual display adapters, I'm not sure which one ubuntu picked, probably intel one08:17
gedOHello. I have some problems with anjuta IDE installation. Can someone help???08:17
arand!repeat | tripelb08:17
ubottutripelb: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/08:17
red2kicEngin: If you're not sure, check "Additional Drivers" -- Anything in there?08:17
red2kicEngin: Also, it could be in Nvidia Settings. There are option to select primary monitor, not in Monitors.08:17
tripelbarand, I added an important point to my question. I apologize for not making it clearer to you that I added that.08:18
Chaorainrandom question.  If I install Nvidia propriatary drivers on my USB install and run in on a comp with an AMD card would that cause problems?08:18
cyberbobhi all08:18
gedOHello. I have some problems with anjuta IDE installation. Can someone help???08:18
arandtripelb: It may be that the ubuntu keyserver is having problems and you may have to add the key manually, if you want it08:18
ubottuTo install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://tinyurl.com/2ffg7cc -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.08:18
cyberbobSkype for linux is just available for voice conversation can i have a video conversation using my ubuntu box ?08:18
red2kiccyberbob: It does videos too. I have used it in the past.08:19
arandtripelb: instructions for adding the key manually should be available at the ppa page08:20
root__hey guys python or c/c++? which is best?08:20
cyberbobred2kic: skype for linux offer video conversation too ?08:20
fairuzroot__: depends on what you want to do?08:20
pepeeEngin, tried running in safe graphics mode (or whatever is called)?08:20
tripelbarand. I have no idea what you are talking about. PPA page?? key???08:20
red2kiccyberbob: Yes. Why did you said voice conversation in first place?08:20
red2kiccyberbob: Were you assuming?08:21
pepeeEngin, ubuntu is more like a beta...08:21
Enginpepee: after I set my resolution to a few fancy settings it worked08:21
tripelbarand, I've been running ubuntu ofr about 3.5 years, installing things with apt-get and never dealt with either of those two concepts.08:21
root__@fairuz i want to go for hacking08:21
cyberbobred2kic: Actually I did'nt find any option i.e vido Call in skype. .08:21
BardologyHi guys08:21
pepeeEngin, if you want something more stable try debian08:21
gratidudecyberbob: red2kic is right. Video is supported. I just used it to video chat with a colleague.08:21
pepeedon't know about other distros08:21
inf0dellol @root_08:21
arandtripelb: with that command you are adding an additional repository.08:22
red2kiccyberbob: Connect with someone. There are a buttow to start a video chat.08:22
BardologyHaving '* * * * * echo "TICK"' should print "TICK" every minute, right?08:22
BardologyWill that print to standard out?08:22
BardologyUmm... that's in crontab08:22
red2kicBardology: You wouldn't see it, me think. Best to output it to a file so you know it's working. :)08:22
root_anybody running bt508:22
BardologyGood call :)08:22
red2kicBardology: Something with $(date)08:22
BardologyI should just be able to check the modification stamp...08:23
arandtripelb: You will likely be able to install the new software from the new repository without the key, which is used to confirm the authenticity of the packages.08:23
=== ozzloy_ is now known as ozzloy
Bardologymeh, $(date) sounds like a better idea08:23
pepeeEngin, or just install a LTS release08:23
tripelbanand, that is still not intelligible to me. new repository, huh. not mentioned anywhere. well I wasnt able to install it so the probably fails.08:24
tripelbnevermind anand I have abiword and I'll do it another day.08:24
tripelbMeanwhile check out the tsunami in Hawaii.08:24
tripelbTsunami sirens just went on in Honolulu, a 3-5m wave from the Honshu quake is due to make landfall within ten minutes08:25
inf0del8.9 quake hit japan08:25
arandtripelb: Well that is the fault of omgubuntu for not giving any information except for the "magic command"08:25
Gneainf0del: offtopic, but yes, we know08:25
phonex01helllo guys08:26
phonex01help here08:26
phonex01i need matlab 2010 for ubuntu08:26
FloodBot1phonex01: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:26
phonex01im not floooooding08:26
Gneaphonex01: say it all on one line, please08:26
gedOHello. I have some problems with anjuta IDE installation. Can someone help???08:26
Gneaphonex01: you'll need to download it and install it from the matlab website08:27
rajvii don''t want to set key rings ..is thir a way out??08:27
phonex01ok hello guys , help here , i need matlab 2010 for ubuntu !08:27
tripelbok, really arand, I feel I need to understand what is going on, meanwhile I am grateful for "magic commands". One another hand, I've installed dozens of things and never used a key, unless unknowingly. Ill look it up. But I looked up PPA yesterday and today and what I understood was, installs program and all dependencies. Sort of like a make. (ok)08:27
phonex01what about the liecnce ?08:27
Gneaphonex01: pay for it.08:27
Guest31331what folders should I add to BackInTime so I have a good backup if i screw something up ? (i'm on a 10.10 via wubi)08:27
arunagirinatharhello all :D08:27
phonex01pay ?08:27
Chipzzzphoenx01: http://www.mathworks.com/products/matlab/tryit.html08:27
phonex01are you kidding ?08:27
Gneaphonex01: why would I be kidding?08:28
gedOGuys, what this error means??? "The action would require the installation of packages from not authenticated sources."08:28
phonex01i never payed for a software !08:28
Chipzzzphoenex01: try piratebay08:28
Gnea!piracy | Chipzzz08:28
ubottuChipzzz: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o08:28
arunagirinatharIs there any way to sync between two IMAP servers  at regular intervals ?08:29
Chipzzzsorry... phoenx01: not here!08:29
arunagirinathar(regular intervals == CRON / Anacron) but the sync functionality in Courier ??08:29
phonex01i found it08:29
fairuzHi, I just need to write a line of code in privileged mode. Is there any way doing this than writing a device driver?08:30
rajviinstall 10.10 via wubi ,.. date n time always wrong ..newbie here08:30
arandtripelb: You can manually add the key using (presuming the ubuntu keyserver is working): sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 1378B44408:31
arandtripelb: This is the repository in question: https://launchpad.net/~libreoffice/+archive/ppa08:31
Bardologyred2kic: Workd great, thanks!08:31
Guest31331rajvi, i know right? I get wrong time too08:32
rajviok any solution08:32
rajviits not ableto pickmy bios time n date\08:33
Guest31331rajvi, lol just change it to the real one08:33
rajvii didn't understand08:33
rajvii changed it several times but every time i rbbot wrong time n date08:34
Guest31331go to system -> administration -> Time and Date and change it, rajvi08:34
Chipzzzrajvi: sudo date [new date]08:34
Guest31331date is fine08:34
Guest31331time is messed up08:34
Guest31331and wtf am i guest :|08:34
Chipzzzsudo date [new date/time]08:34
=== Guest31331 is now known as AnubArack
gedOGuys, where all programs are isntalled???08:35
Chipzzzged0: a lot of them are in /bin, some in /opt, and others in /usr08:35
elFidelgedO: the "which" command in terminal might help in such questions08:36
gedOChipzzz, Okey, maiby you know how to add workaholic to startup applications?08:36
AnubArackgedO, there's no equivalent of Program Files if that's what you are wondering08:36
saud12hi all08:36
saud12how r u doing today :)08:37
rajvithanks chipzzi think its gonna work this Jai Ho Ubuntu :)08:37
AnubArackgedO, System -> preferences -> Startup Applications08:37
saud12i love ubnutu  really08:37
doogieplz someone tell me russian channel08:38
red2kic!ru | doogie08:38
ubottudoogie: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke08:38
AnubArackgedO, there you hit ADD and imput the info there08:38
saud12did there is any linux better than ubnutu ?08:38
BardologyHmm, putting "man top" into google doesn't just get the expected man files :|08:38
elFidelsaud12: there is no "best" in general08:38
gedOAnubArack, I don't know how to write command08:39
AnubAracksaud12, they are tailored for different user bases08:39
elFidelsaud12: at the ends its always a question what you need,want etc08:39
austiniumhi, is it possible to find the version of SquashFS used in a live CD???08:39
saud12this the think i hope will be08:39
red2kicsaud12: Ubuntu is best for newcomers.08:39
SonneAnubArack, i hereby express my respect for you and your nickname <308:39
AnubArackgedO, usualy the command is the name of the program itself, try it in terminal, if it launches it then that's the onme08:39
AnubArackSonne, ty <308:39
red2kicAnubArack: You were here earlier with... gnome-terminal issue?08:39
AnubArackred2kic, i was indeed08:40
red2kicAnubArack: Got it fixed?08:40
AnubArackwas a bitch to fix08:40
rajviall packages installs fine but returns  a exit code : -1 stating installation failed but the packages to installs ( Ubuntu 10.10 via Wubi)08:40
thevishywhy java doesnt load randomnly08:40
red2kicAnubArack: Ah. What was the solution? I think you went on suicidal mission when you tried something without learning how to roll back to graphical.08:40
AnubArackyeah, went to something like a registry editor (idk the name) and unchecked some options there08:40
gedOAnubArack, Thx. I just added08:40
pankaj_sharmahello people08:40
red2kicAnubArack: Got it.08:41
AnubArackgedO, now try a log off/ log in and see if it starts08:41
thevishywhen I refresh it does come too at times08:41
AnubArackred2kic, can't remeber specifics now as i didnt sleep last night >.>08:41
AnubAracksomething along the lines of gconfig or smth08:41
saud12thanks all of you08:42
saud12see u again08:42
AnubArackhave a great spring day, saud1208:42
saud12and have a nice weekend08:42
rajviall packages installs fine but returns a exit code : -1 stating installation failed but the packages to installs ( Ubuntu 10.10 via Wubi)08:42
yanchunsaiexcuse me08:42
pepeesorry for the offtopic: http://www.weather.gov/ptwc/?region=1&id=pacific.2011.03.11.083004 <- tsunami alert for pacific ocean08:43
AnubArackpepee, saw it on the news ... sucks :(08:43
pepeekinda worrying to me... 8.8 wtf08:44
rajviGod bless all ameen08:44
yanchunsaianyone here can Help me08:44
pepeethere is no such thing as god08:44
pepee!ask | yanchunsai08:44
ubottuyanchunsai: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:44
AnubArackyanchunsai, ask and you will be assisted if we know08:44
AnubArackpepee, agreed but it's not nice to slander other people's beliefs :P08:45
Chipzzzpepee: I just saw a Japanese island that got hit HARD!08:45
dougztrlike "i changed my motherboard and now eth0 is gone and all i have is eth1. how can i make eth1 boot up as eth0 now?"08:45
=== mk is now known as Guest25338
pepeeanyway, best of luck to those affected08:45
yanchunsaii couldn't open the firefox08:45
AnubArackyanchunsai, error or something ?08:46
rajvijust saw news bad bad08:46
AnubArackyanchunsai, details, pictures, anything ?08:46
rajviindia had it hard few years back08:46
pepeeyanchunsai, please type firefox in the console08:46
dougztrso ... how can i make udev reset its cache so it rescans my modules agin next boot?08:46
AnubArackyanchunsai, you can also try Alt+F2 and type firefox then hit enter08:47
pankaj_sharmahello all08:48
AnubAracki like it when people lauch apps from terminal but end up closing the terminal .... then app goes *puff*08:48
yanchunsainothing heppen08:49
ChipzzzAnubArack: & then they're on the horn with customer service to ask where their data went?08:49
red2kicAnubArack: Open a terminal. Run "shopt -s huponexit ; gedit ; exit"  It does not go *poof* :)08:49
AnubArackSonne, why do you likez mah name ? warcraft fan or alterIWnet user?08:50
Sonnemore of a warcraft fan :)08:50
AnubArackred2kic, yeah but @ that poit they are newbs ... like me08:50
pankaj_sharmadota is ma game08:50
yanchunsaimy english is so poor that i can't  exprise  clearly08:51
dougztri can make out what you're trying to say08:51
AnubArackdamn hard to resize windows in ubuntu08:51
AnubArackw/o using compiz ofc08:52
pankaj_sharmai stuck with irrsi08:52
amh345when i execute "export some_thing blah blah"   where does that actually write to?08:52
icerootpankaj_sharma: whats the problem?08:52
ikoniaamh345: shell memory08:52
pankaj_sharmaiceroot: how to switchback to fullscreen mode?08:52
amh345ikonia: ahh. so when i close shell, it goes away?08:53
arandAnubArack: Use alt+middlemouse ?08:53
amh345great, thanks08:53
icerootikonia: sure?08:53
ikoniaiceroot: yup08:53
AnubArackarand, i said w/o compiz08:53
icerootikonia: hm, then why is http_proxy working with export http_proxy...08:53
ikoniaiceroot: you exported it08:53
pankaj_sharmasomeone plz tell me how to switchback to fullscreen in irrsi08:53
icerootikonia: yes and closing the terminal08:54
arandAnubArack: Oh, didn't know that was a compiz-only thing08:54
ikoniaiceroot: because you exported it08:54
icerootikonia: hm, if i am correct, you said, its lost when closing the terminal08:54
AnubArackarand, ofc i'm not sure as i'm new to this but the setting are in there08:54
arandpankaj_sharma: fullscreen?08:54
majidPointer_hi all08:54
majidPointer_any body there08:54
pankaj_sharmaarand yes08:55
ikoniaiceroot: for of all, it depends if it's set globally to be "exported" into child processes, or if it's just set within the shell08:55
majidPointer_do u khnow how can i draw a polygon in QT and change that bear/?08:55
icerootikonia: yes, thats correct, so i think i just get your answer wrong08:55
arandAnubArack: Nope, that's available in metacity as well, not at all discoverable, but anyways.08:56
icerootmajidPointer_: #qt i would try08:56
ikoniaiceroot: try it "export ICEROOT="hi"" close the shell, open a new one and echo $ICEROOT08:56
majidPointer_iceroot : tanx08:56
icerootikonia: hm, strange, its lost08:56
AnubArackarand, good to know, esp for laptops that i can't get compiz on08:56
ikoniaiceroot: because it's only in that shell and children of that shell08:57
AnubAracksigh why bother with backup inside linux ... i'll just boot into 7 and copy over the wubi folder08:57
ikoniaAnubArack: don't bother then, it's up to you08:57
icerootikonia: what is the way to have it global without touching /etc/profile or other related files08:58
AnubArackikonia, this is my 4th install in 2 days ....08:58
ikoniaiceroot: it depends, for example http_proxy which you referenced earlier I think is coming down from the gnome desktop's "enviornment" into your shell, but I've not looked at the current gnome environment enough to be sure08:58
AnubAracktrying to fox this and that ... and end up ruining the os08:58
Chipzzzikonia: so why did his export of the  http_proxy persist beyond his shell?... not taking issue... just curious08:59
ikoniaAnubArack: that doesn't change what I said, it's up to you if you want to backup08:59
ikoniaChipzzz: it actually doesn't, I think (not looked) it's the gnome desktop enviornment that's populating it08:59
AnubArackwell it's easier to copy 9 gb of file than wait for an install + setting up ...08:59
icerootikonia: hm, ok, normally http_proxy is a normal shell-variable which is working fine without gnome but i think i should to some reading about shell/bash basics08:59
ikoniaiceroot: it is a normal shell varible, however it's also used in gnome09:00
Chipzzzikonia: so changing a gnome env variable withing a shell will change it globally?09:00
dougztrwell, here goes. I'm upgrading ubuntu studio from who know when to current. 387 upgraded packages.09:00
ikoniaiceroot: try a test "export HTTP_PROXY=""" close that shell, open a new one "echo $HTTP_PROXY"09:00
ikoniaChipzzz: not from the shell, as that varible is still a "shell" varible09:01
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icerootikonia: lost, so i think i did something different last time setting http_proxy09:02
ikoniaiceroot: agreed, I think it's set within gnome and being pushed down to your shell09:02
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest28125
ikoniaiceroot: (for example)09:02
Chipzzzikonia: interesting...09:02
icerootikonia: ah, i know the reason. normally my login-shell is zsh and there it is working, just not working in bash09:02
mushinAnyone know about any good programming/java channels?09:03
ikoniaiceroot: so you can set ICEROOT="hi" in zsh, close zsh open a new one and echo $ICEROOT and it says "hi"09:03
icerootmajidPointer_: ##java09:03
cyberbobCan I use my nokia n95 as web cam with my ubuntu09:03
ikoniamushin: come on, think about it09:03
icerootmushin: ##java09:03
ikoniaChipzzz: no09:03
icerootmajidPointer_: sorry wrong nick09:03
ikoniaChipzzz: sorry,. not you09:03
ikoniacyberbob: no09:03
icerootikonia: correct, i dont know if it is zsh default or because of my "funny" .zshrc which is doing very cool things09:04
Chipzzzikonia: np09:04
ikoniaiceroot: I must have a look at that09:04
cyberbobikonia: can you please explain a little . .09:04
icerootikonia: but related to bash, you are correct, export-vars are getting lost if the shell is closed09:04
ikoniacyberbob: "no you can't do that"09:04
ikoniaiceroot: I'm surprised they work in zsh to be honest09:05
icerootikonia: i dont mean, setting something in bash, is seen by zsh, i mean, setting export in zsh will survive closing the shell09:06
ikoniaiceroot: no, I know what you mean, I'm surprised it works in zsh, I'll have a look at it09:06
icerootikonia: my config is holding "global export" which is doing the job09:07
ikoniaiceroot: ah, so it's a specific setting09:07
icerootikonia: correct, not zsh default09:07
icerootikonia: but a default zsh is boring :)09:08
red2kiciceroot: so is a default bashrc. ;)09:09
cyberbobikonia: I found something that might work in my case . .will share when got that working :D09:09
cyberbobthx for the help09:09
red2kicI'd say anything default is boring. we must CUSTOMIZE to our likings. :)09:09
icerootred2kic: yes more or less but trust me a tuned zsh is much better then bash (as login-shell)09:10
red2kiciceroot: Maybe I'll give it a go one day.09:10
icerootred2kic: i like to call zsh "compiz for the shell"09:10
red2kiciceroot: I see.09:10
icerootred2kic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3k7jpY5GRQ  have a look at zsh09:11
Chipzzzikonia: I've been noticing that shell imports into gnome desktops aren't entirely consistent either ;)09:11
red2kiciceroot: Very nice. I learned something new! +109:13
GravIs flash broken on Ubuntu? Whenever I see some in browser then It breaks my whole system. And all balck colors show this flash...09:14
SonneGrav, might be the video drivers actually - which ones are you using?09:14
GravSonne: in administration/additiona drivers -> nvidia drivers, but what version, etc ther is not shown09:16
SonneGrav, so you're using the proprietary drivers aye?09:16
GravSonne: yes09:16
Sonneif you have time at your hand, you could try disabling them and checking if the problem persists - if it doesn't, at least we know what to blame :)09:17
GravIt's ubuntu. I'm afraid If I disable it i will get more problems. This systems seems to work this way when they are smallest changes:(09:18
SonneGrav, that's not how it's supposed to be, but if you don't feel confident enough i can understand it - what about trying with a different browser then? chrome maybe09:19
GravI opened flash in FF, and it breaks black colors in other broswers too09:20
Vanchado you guys mind repeating what the problem is?09:20
GravI will try to disable that drivers09:20
GravWhenever I see some in browser then It breaks my whole system. And all balck colors show this flash...09:20
GravIt looks like flash is baked into my monitor, and all black colors in browsers show it09:21
SonneVancha, whenever grav sees a flash content on his browser, the screen gets messed up09:21
Sonneas in, the video remains on the screen on other windows as well09:21
VanchaSonne: thx09:21
Vanchamessed up like stripes, or freezes :S09:22
tavastiI try to do 'do-release-upgrade' from 8.04 to 10.04, but it fails with 'Failed to fetch http://fi.archive...ttf-umefont_411-_all.deb Hash Sum mismatch'09:24
Vanchadont do that in the update manager tavasti, always burn it on cd :o09:24
mushinIn an algorithm, what does :1 mean in the statement, for i = n/2:1, aFunction()09:24
tavastiVancha, why?09:25
irong33ki have a backlight problem on ubuntu, i cant figure out...when idle screen is black, thats o.k..when i press any key to get back to what i was doing..the backlight is sooo dim, i try to adjust with the backlight keys..but it shows the backlight is at full percentage..and its still dim09:25
Vanchatavasti: the update manager is still bugged, a lot of people experience problems with is while updating to another version of ubuntu. for now its safer to stick to the burnign of a cd or USB09:25
red2kictavasti: It is faster and far less errors if you commit to a full clean installation instead of upgrading multiple times.09:25
tavastifull clean install, and 2 days configuring all software again09:26
Vanchatrue that red2kic, and the existing user settings might interfere with the installation after it is finished09:26
Vanchatavasti you can make a backup09:26
GravSonne: I've disabled them and will try to restart09:26
tavastidoes cd-boot support upgrading, or is it allways fresh install?09:27
Vanchatavasti: not sure, but i dont think it allows upgrading :S09:28
irong33ki have a backlight problem on ubuntu, i cant figure out...when idle screen is black, thats o.k..when i press any key to get back to what i was doing..the backlight is sooo dim, i try to adjust with the backlight keys..but it shows the backlight is at full percentage..and its still dim09:28
Vanchatavasti: the best option i think would be to check for backup software, make a backup. do a fresh install, and use that backup to get your settings back09:28
tavastistill, chekcing what software I have installed, and installing them, configuring all, quite big mess09:29
tavastion upgrade something brokes, on fresh install all is missing09:29
Vanchayeah sorry about that tavasti :(, its just that i also have bad experiences with the update manager :(09:30
tavastiI have done dozens of upgrades to servers, and seen various problems09:30
tavastibut still I prefer that09:30
Vanchaits always worth a try ^^ i dont have any important settings or programs installed on my pc, i just deleted my windows and installed ubuntu yesterday09:31
Vanchaformatted the whole thing09:31
tavastiI removed windows over 15 years ago09:32
tavasti(was windows 3.11)09:32
Vanchahaha :) i still have some difficulties playing games in ubuntu, but what version where you using?09:32
alex88hi guys, is there a distributed file system that can be mounted and read/write like any other without special commands/code for doing that?09:32
=== D_N_X is now known as DNX
tavastithis was 8.04 server, and trying to upgrade to 10.0409:33
tavastifirst server upgrade, dozens to come09:33
Vanchagood luck tavasti, i cant help with that, just make sure you make that backup :o thats all i can say09:34
tavastiworst thing can happen is that I have to do fresh install, so I have nothing to loose09:35
tavastisure, I have backups09:35
r3duxWhat is the offtopic room address, please?09:35
zeroburnHay can anybody assit me? Running ubuntu 10.04-64bit on a Gigabyte Q1585 notebook and have several issues. mostly graphic/interface related09:35
ghisenHi, ive mounted a  filesystem, when trying to access it in nautilus i get, trap divide error..? Anyone know how to fix this?09:35
tavastir3dux, #ubuntu-offtopic09:36
Chipzzztavasti: congrats on dumping window$ & gl with the upgrades :)09:36
r3duxzeroburn - you have several graphic issues, you might have to take them one at a time, we can't fix them all at once09:36
tavastiChipzzz, thanks09:36
r3duxThanks, tavasti - forgot to bookmark09:36
zeroburn@r3dux - oki, let me start with the one bugging me most.. Sometimes when i open more than one window, either a program and a folder, 2 folders, or 2 programs and more... The windows stop responding. I can interact with the currently open window, but i cant switch or close any windows, have to alt-F4 to desktop, and SOMETIMES that fixes the problem, till i open a second window09:39
r3duxzeroburn -  why would you try to run a program and open a folder at the same time? I'm genuinely curious and definitely want to help you get everything sorted and working. I'm just wondering why.09:40
Chipzzzzeroburn: how much memory u have?09:40
r3duxzeroburn - OR, are you just saying that when more than one window or program is open it gives you issues and the windows stop responding? I might have misread you there!09:41
iAmTheDaveis there a reason a script in /etc/cron.d wouldn't be executing? i have it in the slightly different format where the user is specified as the second argument, etc.09:41
zeroburn@redux - eg I open audacity and then my music folder to drag the song into audacity.. then the windows stops responding, or copying a file from one folder to the next (seperate windows, not the split window mode)09:41
zeroburn@Chipzzz - 2Gig ddr309:41
r3duxAh... that doesn't sound good09:42
red2kiciAmTheDave: Paste the crontab09:42
coz_zeroburn,   in terminal      free -m09:42
Chipzzzzeroburn: what kind of video (ati... nVidia...?)09:42
iAmTheDavered2kic: http://paste.ubuntu.com/578743/09:42
zeroburnTotal 199909:43
zeroburnused 56609:43
zeroburnFree 143209:43
zeroburnShared 009:43
red2kiciAmTheDave: I find it best to write something to ~/Desktop/cron.log -- (or /var/log/randomScriptName.log) so you know the script is running.09:43
FloodBot1zeroburn: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:43
coz_zeroburn,   and this is ubuntu 10.10 ...yes?09:43
iAmTheDavered2kic: yeah considering /etc/rc.local isn't being set to the permissions i have in the file, i doubt it's being executed at all09:43
Chipzzzzeroburn: don't mind FloodBod1... he's just a bot09:43
red2kiciAmTheDave: Put them all in crontab, not a script file?09:43
zeroburnnope 10.04.. and it just happend again when i opend the webbrowser09:44
iAmTheDavered2kic: that's a file /etc/cron.d/scriptrunner09:44
coz_zeroburn,  sudo apt-get install  htop09:44
stylishg33kHello room. I'm a new  ubuntu user and I'm having some issues running the Netbook version of Ubuntu 10.1009:45
coz_zeroburn,  open that  under applications/system tools09:45
Chipzzzzeroburn: I'm suspicious that you might have video driver problems...09:45
iAmTheDavered2kic: i'm working on getting rackspace cloud servers to build themselves for me, instead of having to maintain images, so i need something to kick off the build process09:45
coz_Chipzzz,  that doesnt sound unreasonable for sure09:45
zeroburn@coz Need to restart laptop first, froze again09:45
coz_zeroburn,  well  hold on09:45
zeroburn@chipzz how can i chek this? I haven't installed the NVidia drivers09:46
=== krabbe is now known as Krabbe
coz_zeroburn,  instead    hit  ctrl+alt+F  .... log in   then type   sudo  restart gdm09:46
XoDzeroburn: sounds like video driver problems. if have the likes on many boxen. only workaround is to disable all visual effect in system->preferences->apperance. try that09:46
stylishg33kI installed the os through the usb method (I'm running on an Alienware M11x R2) and everything worked great. I used the netbook edition, since I figured for the small size of this laptop, it'd be a better fit. However after I did all the updates (including a Nivida update which I'm thinking is the problem) i get to the tty1 command line09:46
coz_zeroburn,  if you install htop it will let us k now what is eating up resources09:46
zeroburnoka wait i wil start at top with the install the htop first09:47
red2kiciAmTheDave: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto -- Look at logs. First, ensure it run fine. I'm not sure about root -- since it may not ran because of password (permissions).09:47
stylishg33kI edited the grub with "nomodeset" and I'm able to run ubuntu in the normal desktop safe mode (What I'm in now) but I want to know if I can get back to the netbook edition09:47
iAmTheDavered2kic: thanks, i'll read09:47
red2kiciAmTheDave: Add log so you know it ran fine, then you can work from there.09:47
Chipzzzzeroburn: you could try that with system->administration->hardware drivers... but let cos_ try his theory first... the vid problems could take a while09:47
zeroburnOka htop is installed?09:47
coz_stylishg33k,   this was a clean install ...yes?09:48
coz_zeroburn,  ok open it09:48
stylishg33k@coz_ clean install. it's running along side win7 however09:48
zeroburn@coz, oka its running09:48
coz_stylishg33k,  ok09:48
red2kiciAmTheDave: Also, try and do it from root. Get in root, and "crontab- e"09:48
coz_zeroburn,   ok  you will see the topmost listed item as the most resource intensive at the moment09:48
stylishg33kI've already tried do the sudo commands related to the xorg.conf files and I tried the gdm commands09:49
zeroburn@coz_ , in short it is the multiload applet, do you want the entire line?09:49
coz_zeroburn,   multiload applet?09:49
zeroburn@coz_, ill type the entire "comand" line09:50
Chipzzzzeroburn: just the name of the top process is ok09:50
coz_stylishg33k,  mm ..thinking here09:50
caniiswho speak spanish?09:50
coz_!ubuntu-es | caniis09:50
SwedeMike!es | caniis09:51
ubottucaniis: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.09:51
stylishg33k@coz take your time, I'm tryin to figure it out too lol09:51
coz_stylishg33k,   I am trying to remember the command to restart  the netbook ... not sure that   restart gdm is correct09:51
zeroburn/usr/lib/gnome-applets/multiload-applet-2 --oaf-activate-iid=OAFIID:GNOME_MultiloadApplet_factory -- (the rest if off screen)09:51
coz_zeroburn,  what is the "multiload applet?09:52
zeroburn@coz _, I dont know? that is the command as it is on the terminal screen09:52
coz_zeroburn,  well it's likely in the gnome panel there...09:53
stylishg33k@coz That was something I considered but I wasn't sure what the right command would be.09:53
coz_zeroburn,   open a terminal and try    killall  multiload-applet-209:53
coz_stylishg33k,  did you already try   restart gdm09:54
zeroburn@coz_, it closed the system monitor applet on my gnome panel (The one at the top with the menus)09:55
stylishg33kcoz, yes I tried that09:55
coz_zeroburn,  ok   now try opening windows09:55
coz_stylishg33k,  which video card did you say was onboard there?09:56
zeroburncoz_ , Nope, just froze again09:56
coz_zeroburn,  and what is showing up in htop09:56
Chipzzzstylishg33k: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart09:56
zeroburncoz, the very top line now reads htop09:56
scarleoHow can I make my entries in /etc/fstab mount also when switching user?09:57
coz_zeroburn,   mmm  ... ok  this is a bit puzzling... tell me...this is a clean install  or did you upgrade ubuntu to a newer version09:57
zeroburnCoz_ nope this is a clean install09:57
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stylishg33kcoz Nivida GT335M Geforce09:57
stylishg33k@Chipzzz would that restart the netbook gui?09:58
* jfm` is away: Je ne suis pas là09:58
Chipzzzstylishg33k: yes, it restarts gnome09:58
zeroburn@Coz_ nope this is a clean install09:59
coz_stylishg33k,  if that doesnt work try   startx09:59
stylishg33kOk I'll go try both. Thanks for the help09:59
scarleoOr maybe if it's possible to do per user mounting?09:59
Chipzzzcoz_: gnome sits on top of the xserver... startx won't do it10:00
zeroburnjust got a new error when i restarted, if i paste in that adress paste.ubuntu.com, will it be visible here?10:01
Chipzzzzeroburn: yes10:01
Chipzzz(post the link)10:02
k_89o.k.... i installed python 3.2 in home/usr/Python3 via config and make,10:02
k_89how do i append the path to make it work10:02
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k_89and how can i work on python 2 and 3 simultanoeously10:02
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest6997
zeroburn@Chipzz, 57875610:03
tavastiVancha, problem solved. Squid had corrupted file(s) in it's cache, runnign do-release-upgrade without cache and upgrade starts to progress10:03
coz_stylishg33k,    I am puzzled for sure10:04
coz_zeroburn,  same for you guy ,,, this is puzzling..10:04
jbache_awayanyone into development might find this blog interesting http://labs.qt.nokia.com/2011/03/10/qml-components-for-desktop/10:05
Chipzzzzeroburn: the whole url, please, not just the node10:05
=== jbache_away is now known as jbache_
zeroburn@coz_ , I have had this error a little while ago, and reinstalled the 3 things the error says may cause the problem...10:06
zeroburn@Chipzzz, http://paste.ubuntu.com/57875610:06
Chipzzzzeroburn: tnx... looking10:07
zeroburnwhen i get this error message, my bar with the close, minimize and all that disapears10:08
sagaciYour bar10:09
zeroburn@coz_ , after killing the multi-load-applet, the system seems more stable, it haven't frozen after a few window opens and closes10:11
coz_zeroburn,  ok  then keep that applet out of the equation10:12
stylishg33kI'm back guys10:12
stylishg33k@Chipzzz that command you suggested wasn't recongized10:13
zeroburn@coz_ will do. Will be testing it out a bit without it and see how it goes, but while I am here there is one last question I have10:13
coz_zeroburn,  shoot  ...what is it?10:14
Chipzzzstylishg33k: curious... try "ls /etc/init.d/gdm"10:15
zeroburn@coz_ when I install the NVidia drivers from the hardware drivers program (system - administration - hardware drivers) it causes my screen to freak out, makes 4 small screens on the display and the max resolotion is the 640 one10:15
coz_zeroburn,  o0 ...10:16
coz_zeroburn,    in terminal    lspci | grep -i vga10:16
stylishg33k@Chipzzz it returns that same value so it does exist10:17
SymmetriaHrm, can you switch IO Schedulers on the fly or do you need to reboot?10:17
SymmetriaI need to move from deadline to cfq10:17
Chipzzzstylishg33k: maybe you'd better reboot & it'll restart for sure ;)10:18
coz_Symmetria,  you got me on that one  ,,, if no one here can answer that at this moment try ##linux10:18
zeroburn-laptop@coz_ , 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation Device 0caf (rev a2)10:18
darkwingduck_rm *.*10:18
zeroburn@coz_ , thats without the drivers installed10:19
* jfm` is back (gone 00:20:31)10:19
coz_zeroburn,  right10:19
darkwingduck_that will fix it all10:19
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oCean!afk > jfm`10:19
ubottujfm`, please see my private message10:19
bazzi've set up dnsmasq and it works fine for things like dig/nslookup/ping, but other things fail to find addresses, for example links and firefox both can't look anything up now.  any idea what this might be?10:19
coz_zeroburn,   this is very odd considering the issues you are having,,, did everything go well during install?10:20
Chipzzzbazz: maybe you have to reset your name servers10:21
bazzChipzzz: you mean in /etc/resolv.conf?10:21
zeroburn@coz_, yes. Had zero errors and nothing raised any problems, should a install the drivers and work from there with you? Because after reading up on the internet about the issue, it came to light the drivers cant read from the laptop's display the supportted ressolutions?10:21
oCeanSymmetria: that can be done on the fly: echo 'cfq' > /sys/block/DEV/queue/scheduler (where DEV=sda for example)10:22
Chipzzzbazz: I was thinking in network manager...10:22
coz_zeroburn,   not sure,,,you could check in the #nvidia channel to see if they have experience with this particular issue10:23
zeroburn@coz_ , thanks will do.. :)10:24
scarleoHow can I make my NFSv4 mounts from /etc/fstab auto mount also when switching user? They auto mount only when logging in first time after reboot.10:24
bazzChipzzz: nm, i'm an idiot.  i was updating my resolv.conf to have just but also telling dnsmasq to use that10:24
bazzChipzzz: still not sure why dig/nslookup/ping could find hosts though10:25
hid3Hello everyone. Is there any release shedule set for 11.04?10:26
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=== Guest11536 is now known as lance--_--
sagaciYeah there is10:26
DJoneshid3: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyReleaseSchedule10:27
Chipzzzbazz: *shrugs* jfm (Just Frigging Magic) ;)10:27
hid3lol, my IRC client crashed when I clicked on the link :D10:28
sagaciWhat are you using10:29
hid3This is a crappy PC running mirc v 6.01 lol10:29
zeroburn@coz_, they dont reply me :(.. lolz10:30
stylishg33k@Chipzzz I tried the command again and it returned a message telling me to instead of using it, run the regular gdm restart commant10:30
coz_zeroburn,  it is going to be way slower in #nvidia than here  so you have to just hang out there10:30
stylishg33kMaybe I'm just not meant to run netbook edition lol. I may try reinstalling, which won't be that bad I suppose10:31
shruggarI am looking for an "image viewer" program I can use to just display an image on the screen, and do absolutely nothing else (show an image, have a close button, no other features). Does such a program exist?10:31
Chipzzzstylishg33k: didn't you try that & find that it didn't work?10:31
zeroburnCoz_ , lolz oki will hang around a while there10:31
zeroburn@coz_ btw, how do you send a person-specific message liek you are doing? just type the name ahead of the msg?10:32
shruggarah, "display" was what I was looking for10:32
stylishg33kChipzzz: I hadn't tried reinstalling, no. If you mean netbook edition, it worked at first but after I restarted due to the updates, it won't load. At first i got the tty1 command line, then when I get past it, I am stuck with a blank desktop10:32
sagaciPm's aren't encouraged10:33
coz_zeroburn,  well first type the first 2 or 3 letters of their name and hit the Tab key to complet it then type your message if it shows the correct  name10:33
zeroburncoz_: aaah oki thats awsum! lolz tnx10:34
sagaciCalled t10:34
coz_zeroburn,  there you go10:34
sagaciTab complete10:34
coz_zeroburn,  actually everyone should be using the tab complete name  here otherwise it gets very confusiong10:35
zeroburncoz_: haha tnx, now i can stop using the @. Wll thanks for the help, need to run now, will see if the NVidia ppl can help me later tonight.10:36
zeroburncoz_: haha I can imagen, but My pidgin has the plugin installed that stops the server msgs, so I just get the 'person' messages :).. lolz10:36
Chipzzzstylishg33k: sorry... I thought cos_ had you try "restart gdm" & it didn't work... do you currently boot to a tty command line with no gui?10:37
coz_zeroburn,  ah ok10:37
royale1223what is the script used to conneect bluetooth mobile ppp in ubuntu?10:38
Bipul`Chipzzz,  can i pm you10:38
ChipzzzBipul': sure10:38
zeroburncoz_:  jip, its either ignore, or the IRC more, plugin, cant remember just now. But yea. G2g. Thanks again10:39
royale1223what is the script used to conneect bluetooth mobile ppp in ubuntu?10:39
royale1223what is the script used to connect bluetooth mobile ppp in ubuntu?10:39
coz_zeromobi,  understood :)10:39
zeromobiyou must mean zeroburn but I do like getting random :)10:40
royale1223what is the script used to connect bluetooth mobile ppp in ubuntu?10:40
Gumphey #ubuntu, anyone awake? someone just added me on msn and i'm using empathy. can't figure out how in hell to accept their request.10:40
coz_zeromobi,  sorry guy10:41
coz_zeromobi,   no problem10:41
coz_oh he left10:41
coz_zeromobi,   thats why ,,he left and tab brought you up :)10:41
zeromobilol coz, I guess that's one reason against nick tab completion ;)10:42
royale1223what is the script used to connect bluetooth mobile ppp in ubuntu?10:43
coz_zeromobi,  for sure :)10:43
Gumpyo, anyone?10:43
royale1223what is the command used to connect bluetooth mobile ppp in ubuntu?10:43
bazhangGump, need help with ubuntu?10:43
Gumpsomeone added me and i can't find an option to accept anywhere10:44
=== fishwithapipe is now known as f|shy
Curly_QWARNING <----------------------<   If anyone here didn't know that Japan was hit with a 8.9 Richter Scale Earthquake. Hawaii is ready for a Tsunami as well as Japan. WARNING  <------------< if you live in the Philippines, move to high grounds. This is an EMERGENCY NOTICE! FOX News will show you the videos of Japan. Thousands of homes were destroyed.10:44
bazhang!ot | Curly_Q10:44
ubottuCurly_Q: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:44
Gumpthanks for the heads up. i'm high and dry in texas and read about it on...digg...hours ago10:44
Gumpso...i take it no one uses empathy?10:45
zeromobiif you're trying to convince someone of something, fox news is not what you should be mentioning.....10:45
royale1223what is the command used to connect bluetooth mobile ppp?10:45
ChipzzzThanks Curly_Q... the real news channels are carrying it too10:45
Gumphahaha "real news channels"10:45
Curly_QOK. I didn't know. Lots of people use the computer and never watch the news.10:45
Gumpfox news is entertainment. it can't get into canada apparently because fabricating the truth is illegal up there10:45
bazhangCurly_Q, dont spam here10:45
ChipzzzGump: sorry, I couldn't help myself ;)10:46
Curly_QNo one is spamming.10:46
Atharvahow to access shared folder from ubuntu of ubuntu?10:46
GumpAtharva, ...wat10:46
aciculaAtharva: network browser or connect to server10:46
zeromobigump http://fossplanet.com/f10/%5Bbug-728181%5D-%5Bnew%5D-accept-msn-contact-request-empathy-fails-110007/10:46
royale1223what is the command used to connect bluetooth mobile ppp?10:46
Curly_QA warning is not spam.10:46
acicularoyale1223: its handled by modemmanager10:46
Atharvai want to access shared folder via lan10:46
Gumpzeromobo thx mang10:47
bazhangCurly_Q, it has zero to do with ubuntu support.10:47
zeromobisign out and back in again and the request should appear.... according to that page10:47
bullgardAtharva: Use Samba or NFS10:47
Atharvai have it but i am unable to operate it10:47
royale1223acicula: how do i run if from terminal?10:47
Curly_QBazhang, you are a cruel and heartless person. I don't care about your opinion. I came here to announce to my friends an emergency.10:47
acicularoyale1223: dunno have a google for ppp and modemmanager?10:47
yeahyeahyeahGump, MSN is being funky for me too, on Empathy and Pidign10:47
royale1223acicula: thanks10:48
Gumpyeah, the request came in but I CAN'T FIGURE OUT HOW TO ACCEPT THE DAMN THING10:48
* Gump RAGEQUITS10:48
Atharva@ bullgard : pl hepl10:48
yeahyeahyeahGump, try Pidgin, it seems to be less affected for me10:48
hugo___im using ubuntu 10.10 and in mouse options i have ticked in "disable touchpad while typing" but how can i increase the timeout on this one? the touchpad gets put on a bit to fast10:49
iAmTheDavei have a file, /etc/cron.d/runthis that is put there by a server build process - it won't run until i open it in nano and save it again. then all is well. any idea why this might be?10:49
zeromobigump post #3 says: 1. Turn off all accounts except the account to accept requests with. 2. Restart Empathy. 3. Accept requests. 4. Restart Empathy again.10:49
Gumphugo___, i don't think you can. why would you want that option anyway? all it ever did was mess my mouse up in games10:50
zeromobihopefully if you do that a reuqest popup will appear, i don't use empathy but something should happen10:50
hugo___Gump: i dont play any games, mostly type. and on my new pc, i very easlily touch the mousepad while typing spacebar... so the mouse may shift windows or even paragraphs when typing.10:50
Gumpheh. i figured it out. only way to accept is by clicking the icon on the gnome bar. problem solved10:51
Gumphugo___, sucks...you might try looking for a third party utility. i don't think ubuntu can set a time limit10:51
Gumpthe process that controls it is called syndaemon, if that's any help starting your search10:51
hugo___i mean, what script file is setting the disabling in the options? why not just ad a wait 1sec before it gets put on10:52
hugo___il check that10:52
hugo___Gump: thanks10:52
=== stewart__ is now known as stewart_
GumpIT DIDN'T WORK.10:53
hugo___Gump: seems to be this easy: $ syndaemon -i intTIME -d10:53
Gumpwelp, i give up. i choose pidgey!10:53
hugo___$ syndaemon -i 4 -d10:53
Gumphugo___, epic. no way i could have figured that out lol10:54
hugo___bear in mind, you have to killall syndaemon before changeing settings10:55
r3duxGump - what did you figure out? I'm looking and thinking and looking and thinking...10:55
dr_Willisi i think you can send sysdaemon some sort of hup command to make it reload its configs10:55
Gumpi switched over to pidgen and it worked perfectly first try10:55
r3duxI know that a HUP will try to renice a process... but not much else10:56
r3duxBlind Melon - 3 is the Magic Number :)10:57
jiltdili am simply able to use ssh in lan but in wan how to do this ?10:58
harisundIs there anyway to get Ubuntu-10.10 to identify the latest version of iOS? I have a jailbroken iPod Touch with 4.2.110:59
dirtydevilhey, Webcam is not working even after using LD_PRELOAD="/usr/lib/libv4l/v4l2convert.so" cheese , can anybody help me?11:02
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=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest49480
yavuz35 male here11:05
yavuzany woman in here?11:06
dr_Willisno females at all11:06
bazhangyavuz, wrong place to ask. just stop11:06
hrwis there a way to change keyboard shortcuts in evolution?11:07
dirtydevilhey I am having a problem in installing 10.1011:08
dirtydevilcan anybody help me?11:08
dr_Willisand the problem is ?11:08
dirtydevilI am getting this whenever I am inserting disc11:09
x404xcan i setup sabnzbd to always download all par files for something ? usually it only downloads enough to complete an archive11:09
dr_Willisgive a summary... not everyone can open a browser11:09
ubottuPlease give at least an overview of your problem *here* (all in one line) - you will get a much greater audience. If you have to use more than 3 lines, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com11:09
dirtydevilprocess:357: GLib-WARNING ** : getpwuid_r() : failed due to unknown_userid(0)11:10
dirtydevilthis is the problem11:10
dirtydevilWhenever I am inserting disc for installation this line popped up and process stops11:10
bazhangmd5 the iso dirtydevil11:10
dr_WillisYou are  Booting the iso file? or are you just inserting it while running windows?11:11
dirtydevilbazhang: 59d15a16ce90c8ee97fa7c211b7673a8  this is the output11:12
r3duxWhenever I put TOAST in drive PC says to me "You have inserted TOAST in drive. Why? Why? You make President Putin CRY by placing toast in drive."11:12
r3duxI feel bad, but is there anyway to fix it?11:12
bazhangr3dux, not the place11:12
kothaguy_ubuntuhi friends,i downloaded cheese latest version,it is in tar.gz format,i etracted it,i don't know how to compile it,can any one tell me the command how to compile it?11:12
dirtydevilI have 10.04 and I want to install 10.10 so inserted a bootable CD burned from the downloaded iso from Ubuntu's website11:12
dr_Williskothaguy_ubuntu:  there may be ppa repos with updated versions.. much easier to use then trying to compile.11:13
bazhangdirtydevil, you are trying to use the live cd as an upgrade tool?11:13
kothaguy_ubuntudr_Willis, :how to get the ppa repos?11:13
dr_Willisdirtydevil:  so you are trying to upgrade  from a newer desktop cd? im not sure thats possible.11:14
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.11:14
bazhangdirtydevil, you need the alternate for that11:14
dirtydevilActually I want a fresh install11:14
manufortbjr je suis sur ubuntu et je voudrais redimentionner la partition / comment faire svp11:15
dr_Willisthen boot the cd..  insert it.. rboot.. do the install11:15
jpds!fr | manufort11:15
ubottumanufort: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.11:15
dirtydevilhmm I am doing that but this error is popping up every time11:15
dr_Willisbackup inporntant data first of course.11:15
bazhangmanufort, use gparted11:15
kothaguy_ubuntudr_Willis, :the main reason why i downloaded latest unstable version is,i can take photos in my cheese cam,but i cant record any video,just when i click on record,it freezes out,and i have to do force quit,every time11:15
manufortit's not possible with this11:15
dr_Willisdirtydevil:  so you get an error when you BOOT the cd then? thats not what you said earlier. Its possible the cd burnt badly. You could make a bootable flash drive.11:16
dirtydevilI googled it but found it a common bug but can't find any alternative or escape of this11:16
bazhangmanufort, why not11:16
dirtydevilok, then probably I should try to boot it again by using a flash drive, may be this will work11:16
BahmanAnybody knows a way to minimise IRC chats to tray in Empathy?11:16
Chipzzzdirtydevil: why not do a sudo dist-upgrade ?11:17
dirtydevilby the way , I am also having a problem with my webcam11:17
dirtydevilmy webcam is not working in 10.04 so I was about to reinstall it but as a thought I tried 10.1011:17
YcareneWow, pulseaudio is like putting a boat anchor on your system performance.11:18
bazhangChipzzz, you mean upgrade, dist-upgrade does not do that11:18
dirtydevilon launching cheese , I am getting this http://paste.ubuntu.com/578784/11:18
Chipzzzbazhang: sorry, you're right11:19
dirtydevilbazhang,  dr_Willis : can you help me in this?11:21
dr_Willisin what exactly dirtydevil?11:21
bazhangdirtydevil, is it a supported webcam?11:21
dirtydevilon launching cheese , I am getting this http://paste.ubuntu.com/578784/11:22
kothaguy_ubuntume to waiting for dr_wills response on my cheese webcam11:22
dr_WillisI dont have a browser to look at web sites right now.11:22
dirtydevilI am using Dell Inspiron 152511:22
dr_Willisand im at work. so am also doing other things.11:22
dirtydevilok, its saying libv4l2: error setting pixformat: Device or resource busy, Segmentation fault11:22
vltHello. I installed "hugin" but when I run it I get "segmentation fault" after closing the "tip of the day" popup. Any idea what to do?11:23
dr_Willisi would have to suggest googling for that exact error message11:23
vlt... (on LTS)11:23
ubottuFor help debugging your program, please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProcedures11:23
dirtydevildr_Willis:  I tried almost all the things :(11:23
dirtydevilLD_PRELOAD="/usr/lib/libv4l/v4l2convert.so" cheese too11:24
enterneoI am running jaunty, I need a package from marverick, is it possible to include PPA for marverick in jaunty to install this package?11:26
erUSULenterneo: no; see if the ppa has support for jaunty11:27
erUSULenterneo: you should upgrade anyway...11:27
ubottuUbuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) was the tenth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: October 23, 2010. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.11:27
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade11:27
erUSULjaunty is alrady eoled; upgrade to 10.04 which is a LTS release with extended support11:27
erUSULenterneo: ^11:27
dr_Willisor try compiling from source.11:28
Chipzzzdr_willis: I was thinking that too...11:29
dr_Willisi suggest upgradeing..11:29
Chipzzz... and then compiling from source11:30
enterneoerUSUL: I know, this is not my laptop, I am just using it11:31
enterneothe PPA has support for jaunty but the version is lower than what I require11:32
bazhangenterneo, whats the package/ppa11:32
tuxinatorhi all11:35
enterneo2.38 is available for jaunty11:35
enterneoi need 2.90+11:35
enterneonow I thinking to install from source maybe11:35
dr_Willistime to upgrade. or learn to compile...11:35
bazhangenterneo, then upgrade to a supported version11:36
dr_Willissince an older version is in the repos.. that makes it easier11:36
tuxinatorcan anybody tell me how the hell to enable network interface statistics monitoring in snmpd in ubuntu? could really not find any information on that11:36
tuxinatornor on manpages nor elsewhere11:36
dr_Willissudo apt-get build-dep PACKAGENAME to pul in needed deps.11:36
bazhangxoxinfeiyang, #ubuntu-cn for chinese11:36
xoxinfeiyangwhere is it?11:36
bazhangxoxinfeiyang, /join #ubuntu-cn11:37
bazhangenterneo, its 2.94 on 10.1011:37
enterneodr_Willis: do you mean I can install the old dependencies using apt-get and install the package from source?11:37
enterneobazhang: yeah11:37
dr_Willisyes. thats what build-dep does..11:37
enterneo./configure suceeded11:38
enterneorunning make11:38
xoxinfeiyangwho  can tell me?11:38
dr_Willisbut the newer versions MAY need newer versions of some of he deps11:38
bazhangxoxinfeiyang, tell you what11:38
bazhangxoxinfeiyang, this is Ubuntu support11:38
xoxinfeiyangI'm from chinese11:38
bazhangxoxinfeiyang, yes, #ubuntu-cn for chinese support of ubuntu11:39
Chipzzzxoxinfeiyang: welcome :)11:39
enterneookay build succeeded, but aaargh11:41
enterneoactually I am trying to build a ros node, which wants gpsd v2.90+ ; so I removed gpsd using apt-get and compiled 2.95 from source11:42
enterneonow when I am building my ros node; it cannot find gpsd and does a apt-get install gpsd by itself11:43
enterneoand installs 2.38 and then complains it needs 2.9011:43
enterneohow can I make my compiled from source gpsd v2.90+ globally available so that my ros build can find it11:43
dr_Willissounds like the ROS installer is sort of messed up.11:44
xoxinfeiyangthank you11:44
dr_Willisyou could som ehow have the compiled version generate a deb.  and install that.11:44
dr_Willisbye all.. time to head out.11:45
Chipzzzbye dr_willis & tnx11:46
enterneowould putting my compiled from source gpsd to PATH help?11:47
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functorSo anyone know the option in OpenSSH to enable bindind remote-forwarding so that non-localhost can see it?11:49
greppyfunctor: it should be in the man page.11:50
functorI dont even know what its called, I am in the man page greppy11:50
madfoxfunctor, shouldnt you be asking that in an OpenSSH channel/forum/tut?11:51
functormadfox: its disabled by default on ubuntu specifically, and I already did11:51
madfoxfunctor, well if it's something disabled then it's probably a configuration page rather than an "option"11:52
functormadfox: i have no idea where it is, it was referenced in the "putty" documentation as: (in OpenSSH, for example, it's usually disabled by default).11:53
functordepends on the distro etc11:53
functorCould be.. GatewayPorts11:54
StepNjumpguys I am trying to create a shortcut using a web shortcut on my desktop, how can i do that?11:55
=== chris_ is now known as Guest4732
elHannosHi! Is it possible to find out the package that has installed a specific file in the filesystem. Like 'equery belongs' does for gentoo?11:56
erUSULelHannos: dpkg -S /path/to/file11:57
th0rStepNjump: create a shortcut for firefox or chrome, then edit the shortcut to add the url11:57
elHannoserUSUL: Thank you!11:58
StepNjumpYes but I want it on my desktop th0r11:58
erUSULelHannos: no problem11:58
th0rStepNjump: so put the shortcut on the desktop11:58
fmax30i am using TL WN321G for wireless, is there any applet for configureing it?11:58
StepNjumpOk yes I guess I could do that. I have this program in windoze that allows me to simply right away create it to the desktop. But that's an idea. Thanks11:59
fmax30using bunutu 10.1011:59
erUSULfmax30: the network manager icon in the righ top corner12:00
fmax30erUSUL: in their it is called RALINK 54M usb ... and also how can i use it as an softap there.12:01
xstationi have had some success installing apache2 the server with https and www but now I find that I do not have permission to view Forbidden You don't have permission to access / on this server-what did I do wrong?12:02
Repgahrollhello guys. I've downloaded a script from registry.gimp.org (python source) and i can't install it... i've tried to put it in the 'plug-ins' and 'scripts' folder but gimp won't load it. :( can someone help please?12:02
Repgahrollgimp2.6.10 from reppos12:03
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enterneohow about adding marverick repos in jaunty? will it work?12:04
Repgahrollenterneo, yes. it will work. you may be forced to install/update many dependencies together with any package though.12:06
enterneooh !12:06
erUSULfmax30: with network manager you can create an "ad hoc" network. for hotap you need to configure hostapd iirc12:07
erUSUL!wifi | fmax3012:07
ubottufmax30: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs12:07
monkanyone here setup an apt-cacher?12:07
paraihWhat's the music player(s) of choice these days on linux/ubuntu?  I'm slowly moving away from windoz...12:08
elFidelavailable for osx,windows & linux - based on amarok 1.412:08
bazhang!players | paraih choose one12:08
ubottuparaih choose one: Audio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs12:08
enterneoRepgahroll: but wouldn't maverick package then conflict with package from jaunty12:12
NotTooDumb3can anyone tell me how to solve this problem? fatal: Unable to create '.git/index.lock': Permission denied refusing to pull with rebase: your working tree is not up-to-date  i went as root and gave chown 775 -R . but again as normal user still i get that error12:12
enterneoRepgahroll: suppose I want to install X, available in both jaunty and maverick with same name (but different version)12:13
enterneohow would apt-get install know which to install?12:13
Repgahrollenterneo, no. apt will automatically resolves conflicts or will not allow the installation12:13
erUSULNotTooDumb3: maybe you are in the middle of a rebase? ask in #git12:13
Repgahrollenterneo, unless you send some force parameter, which is highly discouraged because this way you may break something.12:15
Repgahrollenterneo, to update X however, you will need to update some serious amount of dependencies.12:16
elias_how can i install intell graphc driver on ubuntu 10.1?12:16
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BlackDragonTechyIf you have a intel graphic chip it should be covered in the auto updates.12:16
Repgahrollelias_, most modern intel chipsets are automatically installed.12:16
Repgahrollelias_, what is the problem? low resolution?12:17
enterneoRepgahroll: no I just need to install gpsd from universe12:17
enterneoRepgahroll: the version in jaunty is lower than what I need12:17
Repgahrollenterneo, so just install it. are you using synaptic?12:17
GaLAXY_XZHello, iḿ having quite an annoying problem in my chroot; when trying to start dbus by any means I get 'unknown job'.. upgrading dbus did not seem to help12:17
DenisMcMahonI just switched my 10 Mbit NIC out of the other machine and installed a 100 Mbit NIC. Link lights indicate hardware is working. lspci shows the hardware is present. However, it's not appearing as eth0. possibly I need to load a module? or need to configure something? but I don't know what. Any suggestions please.12:18
enterneoRepgahroll: so you suggest, I add maverick' universe repo and then install the newer version?12:18
BlackDragonTechyI would use aptitude12:18
Repgahrollenterneo, it is secure. as far as you are not sending any advanced parameter.12:18
DasEiDenisMcMahon: prbly eth1 now, ; connected by dhcp ?12:18
GaLAXY_XZI just need to do some visual checks whilst remastering 10.10ś iso ;p12:18
DenisMcMahonnot dhcp, no12:18
Repgahrollenterneo, apt will take care of any dependency. if not possible it will not allow you to install12:19
elias_well i cant play games very well on linux12:19
DasEiDenisMcMahon: ifconfig says ?12:19
enterneoRepgahroll: let me try :)12:19
BlackDragonTechyIntel Graphic Chips are not known for their gaming capability.12:19
DenisMcMahonifconfig only shows lo12:19
RepgahrollBlackDragonTechy, yes, that is a fact elias_ .12:20
elias_my desktop have  Nvidia and i can play wow very good with wine12:20
BlackDragonTechyYes, that's because you have a graphic card.12:20
BlackDragonTechyNot a chip.'12:20
BlackDragonTechyApples and Oranges.12:20
Repgahrolland intel vgas have bad performance on linux compared to windows (proprietary drivers and directx)12:20
DasEiDenisMcMahon: then manually go by ifup, if eth0 doesn't work (old mac) then try eth1(and please put nick, or I loose messages)12:21
BlackDragonTechyThe purpose of a intel graphic chip is primarly to provide a desktop experience not a gaming one.12:21
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DenisMcMahonsorry dasei12:21
DenisMcMahondasei ifup -a / eth0 error while getting interface flags: no such device12:22
Repgahrollelias_, just for curiosity, what is the game that you are trying to play?12:22
Guest90826while trying to install many applications from the "Software Centre", it gives an error named "Requires installation of untrusted packages"... But, I want to install applications from the Software Centre12:23
DasEiDenisMcMahon: gksudo gedit  /etc/network/interfaces12:24
DenisMcMahondasei auto eth0 / iface eth0 inet static / address / netmask / gateway12:25
xstationi have had some success installing apache2 the server with https and www but now I find that I do not have permission to view Forbidden You don't have permission to access / on this server-what dmight have I done wrong?12:25
DasEiDenisMcMahon: match to your desired ip : http://pastebin.com/afDdbcbz12:25
DenisMcMahondasei old if was 8209, new if is 8139, is it possible I need to do something to get kernel to talk to new h/w12:26
elias_Windsurfing mmx, this game worked perfect with windows xp on this laptop12:26
elias_i tryed to open Wow too , but it have low fps12:27
DenisMcMahondasei ifup gives SIOCSIFADDR no such device  as first error12:27
DasEiDenisMcMahon: configure Interfaces properly, if lspci see's card, unlikely a module problem12:27
DasEiDenisMcMahon: also lo is mentioned there, I hope12:28
DasEiDenisMcMahon: when done, sudo ifup -a  should do it12:28
yulapshun<< /nick yulapshun >>12:28
DenisMcMahondasei my /etc/network/interfaces matches the pastebin except for the ip addresses12:29
DasEiDenisMcMahon: with an lo section above, fine : sudo service networking restart12:29
DenisMcMahondasei which are address  and gateway
DasEiDenisMcMahon: sounds plausible12:30
=== PicCard_Away is now known as PicCard
DenisMcMahondasei restart: unknown instance12:30
DasEiDenisMcMahon:  sudo service networking start12:30
DenisMcMahondasei "networking stop waiting" but if "service networking stop" then "stop: unknown instance" ... reboot?12:31
DasEiDenisMcMahon: tried connecting in running service ?12:32
DenisMcMahondasei how do I do that?12:33
DasEiDenisMcMahon: start service as above, try to connect12:33
DenisMcMahondasei when you say try to connect, you mean eg telnet / ping?12:34
DasEiDenisMcMahon: ping router, f.e.  or use browser12:34
tuxinatorcan anybody tell me how the hell to enable network interface statistics monitoring in snmpd in ubuntu? could really not find any information on that12:36
guampatuxinator: maybe #ubuntu-server12:36
TuxiscoolHi. I've installed XP under VirtualBox on a 10.10 host, but XP is unable to connect to the net. I've tried setting up combinations of: a virtual adapter using NAT, a virtual adapter using "Bridged Adapter", and two virtual adapters, one of each. The devices always show up in the windows settings as not being configured (drivers not installed). Any ideas?12:36
DenisMcMahondasei no indication of any running services12:36
tuxinatorguampa: thank you12:37
DasEiTuxiscool: wrong chan here, but use another virtual interfaces (intel)12:37
DasEiDenisMcMahon: can you ping your router ?12:37
DenisMcMahondasei yes12:38
DasEiDenisMcMahon: ah12:38
DenisMcMahondasei from this pc yes, not from other one12:38
DasEiDenisMcMahon: hehe12:38
Repgahrollif anyone is interested, my problem is solved; it was necessary to chmod+x the scripts :)12:38
TuxiscoolDasEi: Can you tell me the right channel? & It's currently using one of the Intel interfaces... i'll try some others.12:38
DenisMcMahondasei but I seem to have some confused network hardware on this pc too - rebooting12:39
DasEiTuxiscool: vbox12:39
lorrainehi all12:39
lorrainehi john12:40
john123I need to set up a streaming server in ubuntu, but I need to get the video from the webcam of another host12:40
john123is there any software to do that?12:40
lorrainei am also having problems with my webcam in empathey and skype, and would b very greatful if some1 could help me out12:41
Abhijitjohn123, maybe try mythbuntu or boxee12:42
Abhijiti mean mythtv12:42
Anomynousdoes anybody know the game Eternal-Lands12:42
RepgahrollAnomynous, yes. it is an opensource mmorpg.12:42
Anomynousis it worth trying out ?12:43
Krupteinomg I'm feeling like a total retard :D  how is the system called again that runs programs at a certain time interval? :D12:43
KrupteinI just can't remember it anymore12:43
Krupteinthank you :D12:43
* Kruptein slaps himself12:43
Pumpkin-we all do it :)12:44
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
john123Abhijit: thanks i will12:44
DasEijohn123: motion let's you do, that too12:44
DenisMcMahondasei ok, now problem machine has an eth112:45
Anomynousis it possible to compile c-files with SciTE ?12:45
th0rAnomynous: no, you compile them with gcc12:45
DasEiDenisMcMahon: so use it in interfaces and be done12:45
DenisMcMahondasei yes, I don't know why but after rebooting both machines together it came up ok12:45
lorraineis there a software that i can use to get my webcam working in empathy and skype?12:45
DasEijohn123: motion is quite easy to setup, one config file only, no gui,12:46
th0rAnomynous: no pm's please...ask here12:46
bunjeenew to ubuntu - where is a desktop calendar?.....anyone?12:46
john123DasEi: with thatt application, can I stream video?12:46
DasEiDenisMcMahon: arpwatcch ? idk, something around mac-ethX I assume12:47
john123with a URL12:47
DasEijohn123: yes, brings an own 'lil server12:47
john123DasEi: sounds great, and if I need to get the video from another host?12:47
DasEijohn123: this is what the server is for12:48
CoNFuS3Dhey, when I installed unity, the option to change desktops disappeared.... stuck on KDE now, and can't change.... any ideas what happened?12:48
Anomynousth0r: oh ok12:48
mandeepUmm. I have dual boot questions [Win7 and Ubuntu 10.10]12:48
mandeepcan anyone help me on that?12:48
Anomynousso why is there a compile function in the tool menu in SciTE?12:48
RepgahrollAnomynous, well. it can't be compared to wow... it demands too much time also, and there are some cheaters also (they are banned as soon as reported). if you're a hardcore gamer, you will be disappointed, but if you're not that hardcore, then you should try it imho.12:48
DasEijohn123: on local, where the cam is you use vlc or such to view the record, on remote the url12:48
th0rAnomynous: scite is a text editor. It has been designed to link to gcc and other things to produce a programmers environment, but scite itself is an editor12:49
AnomynousRepgahroll, thanks :)12:49
DasEimandeep: ask..12:49
mandeepthanks DasEi. I have dual boot with Win7 but now since Win7 is not booting, I have to install it again12:50
DasEimandeep: one hd ?12:50
mandeepbut I know it will overwrite GRUB . So how do I install GRUB after re install of windows12:50
obscurant1stis there any application by which we can lock an external harddrive?12:51
DasEimandeep: you first install win, then grub in the latter mostly finds win7, else run os-prober, whole story of current install ?12:51
obscurant1sti dont need encryption, its just that no one shouldnt be able to open the drive at all!12:51
mandeepmeans i'll have to re-install Ubuntu as well?12:52
DenisMcMahondasei ah ... basic problem was in /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules12:52
=== Repgahroll is now known as repgahroll
DasEimandeep:  whole story of current install ?12:52
Anomynousok thank you th0r, I'll have to use GCC then12:53
mandeepwhole story - 160 GB HDD - 4 partitions , 15 GB Win7 [for Games], 20 GB for Ubuntu [Work], 8 GB for Swap, rest for data12:53
mandeepdid win7 first, then ubuntu automatically took dual boot12:53
classical_how can i view memory amount in Mb instead of kb in top ?12:54
DasEiDenisMcMahon: old mac i guess12:54
john123DasEi: Thanks sounds it is what i am looking for, is there any offical webpage?12:54
DenisMcMahondasei yes .... I suspect deleting the file and rebooting would have solved it12:54
lorrainei have the webcam working now in empathy, and they can see me, but i cant see them???? any help plss12:55
mandeepDasEi, Win7 is NTFS, Ubuntu is EXT4, Swap is swap and Data is NTFS12:55
DasEiDenisMcMahon: yes, unless other setttings needed wouldn't suffer12:55
DasEimandeep: no, I wanted to know in which way you installed, first win, then ubu, now win is gone ?12:56
mandeepDasEi, win7 --> Ubuntu. It was working sweetly till i mistakely deleted system32 folder of win7 from Ubuntu. Now it wont boot up [ i get BSOD]12:57
bunjeeI am using 10.10 - where is a desktop calendar?...please?12:57
mandeepbunjee, i think you mean evolution?12:57
elFidelbunjee: i guess many users to use cals integrated in email-clients12:57
ilokasIs there a way to let ubuntu check itself? I let bastille do some changes, maybe fixed everything but am not sure if everything is correct now12:58
elFidelilokas: check what?12:58
DasEimandeep: ah, I see , so that's a question for ##windows then, easiest to repair that than, else you would : backup current mbr, install win again, re-back current mbr12:58
elFidelcheck if each single config file is correct? based on what?12:58
ghostzaliserver students.ittelkom.ac.id:666712:59
mandeepDasEi, thanks for info. Now I will try to get backup of GRUB :D12:59
GaLAXY_XZ:/ I continue to get selinux errors when trying to start dbus in an ubuntu 10.10 chroot.. anybody has an idea? "Failed to open /etc/selinux/targeted/contexts/dbus-contexts File doesnt exist12:59
GaLAXY_XZI don t even have any selinux policies set12:59
john123DasEi: I dont think motion allow me to get the video from a remote host12:59
mandeepThanks once again for info, DasEi13:00
DasEimandeep: sudo dd if=/dev/sda of=~/Desktop/mbrBA count=1  bs=51213:01
DasEijohn123: why ?13:02
ubottuempathy is the default instant messaging and video client for GNOME. Since Karmic, it has been the default client in Ubuntu, replacing !pidgin13:02
yeahyeahyeahwhat's the irc for empathy?13:02
john123DasEi: it is not in the features list http://www.lavrsen.dk/foswiki/bin/view/Motion/MotionFeatureList13:02
DenisMcMahondasei yeah, editing /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules (delete old eth0, rename new eth1 to eth0) and /etc/network/interfaces (change rules that were changed to eth1 back to eth0) and reboot and it is now up as eth0 and all services running normally13:02
DasEijohn123: I already used it , so I  know it works, it has an http-server via apache13:03
john123DasEi: oks thanks13:03
yeahyeahyeahnvm got it13:03
GaLAXY_XZThis is really annoying :/ i just cant get dbus to start in my chroot13:03
DasEiDenisMcMahon: good netting then :)13:03
DenisMcMahondasei indeed an ty for all your help :):):):):)13:04
=== Guest60029 is now known as DarkDevil
GaLAXY_XZquite clueless why im getting failed to open selinux context error in my chroot as i have /proc mounted13:04
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest98406
pauruHi all13:05
lisandroshi got a  problem with ubundu 10.10 and pc acer:aspire 5672wlmi it probably doesnt recognise  some drivers13:06
doodooi have a laptop with ATI card. can i run natty on it?13:06
Andy-at-homeis anyone familiar with Hypervm and can give me some help on using the DNS feature?13:06
DasEidoodoo: I think so13:06
DasEidoodoo: simply try a live usb (or cd)13:07
cx42netWhen I boot my computer, I can see that my raid status is critical but it's too fast I can't read what the problem is. If I goes in the configuration manager, there is no indication of what the problem could be, is there a command line or an application that could show me the state of the raid please ?13:07
bullgardWhy is there a line in /etc/passwd,  which starts with "man"? Why does the program man to identify itself at the system and possibly authenticate?13:08
DasEicx42net: softraid mirror ?13:08
=== Krabbe is now known as krabbe
Krupteinhm odd,  I have this in my personal crontab  * * * * * /usr/bin/deditor     but the program never runs,   its' the only line in the crontab   so am I doing something wrong?13:08
DasEidoodoo: else there also is new compatibility list13:09
cx42netDasEi, well I think, I configured it after the bios has booted and use dmraid under ubuntu13:09
DasEicx42net: raid 1 fakeraid so ?13:10
doodooDasEi, compatibility list? whats that?13:10
DasEidoodoo: second, searching link13:10
doodooDasEi, ok13:10
cx42netDasEi, exactly! (I'm googling and just find the exact name :p)13:10
lisandroshi got a  problem with ubundu 10.10 and pc acer:aspire 5672wlmi it probably doesnt recognise  some drivers13:10
=== evilvish is now known as vish
vahidhow can i fix this error?13:12
vahid Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)13:12
=== guampa is now known as guampafk
cx42netDasEi, do you have any idea on how I could fix it ?13:13
DasEidoodoo: http://ubuntulinuxhelp.com/ubuntu-hardware-compatability-list-hcl/13:13
doodooDasEi, thanks will check it out XD13:14
DasEicx42net: you can fsck both drives, unmounted, from a live system13:14
DasEivahid: sudo dpkg --configure -a13:14
cx42netDasEi,what I need is to resync both disc13:15
DasEicx42net: that is done by bios utility in your case, is why, apart from hard-raid, I tend to softraid13:15
cx42netDasEi, and do you know how I can do that ?13:16
cx42netDasEi, does I only have to remove the raid and remake it ?13:16
DasEicx42net: I don't  know your chip, and prbly you will loose data, time to backup13:16
cx42netDasEi, yay!13:16
b0o-supermarioHi suckers13:16
b0o-supermarioWhat is preferred license of ubuntu?13:17
pauruWhat do you mean?13:17
DasEicx42net: consider a mdadm-setup, case reinstall13:17
b0o-supermarioPreferred license13:17
b0o-supermarioGpl or bsd or x11 or apache?13:17
pauruLicence for what?13:18
pauruI think is GPL, not sure though13:18
lisandroshi got a  problem with ubundu 10.10 and pc acer:aspire 5672wlmi it probably doesnt recognise  some drivers13:18
Bilzhello. can someone help me with converting ps to pdf. im trying use ps2pdf but it converts it to a pdf half the size of the ps on the page13:18
cx42netDasEi, well, I'm gonna reboot and see what I can do. Thanks for your help13:18
DasEicx42net: unless you have real weak hardware (proc) , it's much metter to controll than this fake raid13:18
=== Oer is now known as OerHeks
pauruYou can always google it :P13:18
b0o-supermarioGpl can't feed 95% programmers' family13:18
b0o-supermarioI can't google it13:18
yeahyeahyeahb0o-supermario, yes it can13:19
phoenixsampras1help ! how to test ldap binding string by command line?13:19
aciculab0o-supermario: dont troll, and to answer your question they are all very different, if its for a buisness consider consulting an expert/lawyer13:19
b0o-supermarioI am an anti-stallman activist13:19
yeahyeahyeahthen leave and use windows13:19
aciculab0o-supermario: and you are free to be one, but not here13:20
bullgardb0o-supermario: Do not troll here.13:20
b0o-supermarioI think open source and proprietary should help each other and focus on developing technology instead of dumping each other13:20
acicula!ot | b0o-supermario13:20
ubottub0o-supermario: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:20
b0o-supermarioAnswer me and i'll leave13:20
DasEi!ot | b0o-supermario13:20
b0o-supermarioThis is ubuntu related: which is most preferred license?13:21
Picib0o-supermario: Its not support related.13:21
lisandros hi got a  problem with ubundu 10.10 and pc acer:aspire 5672wlmi it probably doesnt recognise  some drivers13:21
DasEi!details | lisandros13:22
ubottulisandros: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."13:22
DasEilisandros: some hardware not detected ?13:22
=== bittyx-desktop is now known as bittyx-windows
lisandrosubottu i cant see videos on youtube /i cant use ma camera on skype and i cant play HoN...13:23
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:23
=== jrn_ is now known as jrn_a
DasEilisandros: so other issue :13:23
DasEilisandros: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras cheese13:24
lisandroscan u tell it more simple im a noob:P13:24
DasEilisandros: ubott.. is th channel ro-bot , triggered by "!", sure, nvm13:24
DasEilisandros: open a terminal13:25
DasEilisandros: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras cheese13:25
DasEilisandros: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade13:26
zowkiHow can I use rsync to merge 2 directories without creating new directories in the destination? (merge only existing directories in destination)13:26
coz_if you are planning to play DVD's  you want to also run     sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh13:26
DasEilisandros: which distro are you using ?13:27
pauruHe is using 10.1013:27
lisandroscant do it13:27
lisandroscant copy13:28
lisandrosw8 a sec13:28
DasEilisandros: :)13:28
b0o-supermarioUbottu: o.o13:28
coz_zowki,   not sure but did you read through t his?  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/rsync13:28
zowkicoz_: yes i read it but i cant find the option i described13:28
bullgardWhy is there a line in /etc/passwd,  which starts with "man"? Why does the program man to identify itself at the system and possibly authenticate?13:29
coz_zowki,   ok if no one here can help try the ##linux channel  ,, someone there might know...but it is a bit slower than this channel...so ask and just hang out13:29
lisandrosok i m w8ing to finish install13:29
DasEizowki: or #debian, you can grep/pipe the syntax. but I also haven't this handy, #bash is there, too13:30
aciculabullgard: it cant authenticate as13:30
aciculabullgard: if you look in /etc/passwd none of the system account have a password set, or a shell. which means you cant authenticate as that user. However you, or another program, can become that user13:31
bullgardacicula: You did not answer my question.13:31
aciculabullgard: the seperate system accounts are listed because of various reasons, man needs to be able to store formatted man pages13:32
Abhijitwhat does it mean when some website in browser shows striked https? is it security threat?13:32
KJBoboAnyone know how to clear wifi cache password?13:33
maya_my mousepad isn't working, help!13:34
jribbullgard: see: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/securing-debian-howto/ch12.en.html#s-faq-os-users13:34
aciculaKJBobo: click on the network applet and click edit connections13:34
bentkus_there is always a turn off turn on function for mousepads13:34
DasEilisandros: say when done, flash should work then, and don't get overhelmed, but work through : http://www.howtoforge.com/the-perfect-desktop-ubuntu-10.10-maverick-meerkat13:34
KJBoboacicula - ok, i'll check it out, can it be done through command line?13:35
=== myiweb is now known as stag-reseau7
Avaszcan i ask question about xubuntu here?13:36
Avaszactually it maybe ubuntu question too..... how to disable drag and drop in xubuntu?13:36
aciculaKJBobo: yeah i think its stored in the gnome registry so gconftool can probably unset it too (google)13:36
KJBoboacicula - thanks bud!13:37
bullgardjrib: Thank you very much for your help.13:43
=== cmdshftn_ is now known as hershaw
DasEilisandros: I gtg in some time, flash working now ?13:46
lisandrosThe installation in the terminal hasn't finished it just stuck13:47
lisandros I rebooted and now i have some problems while running the command13:47
DasEi1lisandros ?13:49
pauruDasEi1, Dude, it did't work for some reason it stuck13:51
DasEi1pauru: is this lisandros ?13:52
pauruDasEi1, I am his friend13:52
Connor93Ubuntu is amazing <313:52
DasEi1pauru: ic, well interrupting apt was a bad idea13:52
Radiobuzzhi there, is anyone here familiar with mesa and dri? I'm needing some help13:52
pauruDasEi1, Yeah... anyway this is the output http://pastebin.com/LPGGnvzE13:53
DasEi1pauru: rather patiences in first time, then correcting sources13:53
ikoniaRadiobuzz: it's better if you just ask your questin, if someone knows, they will respond13:53
Radiobuzzok then :)13:53
Radiobuzzafter compiling the lastest mesa and installing it, xserver refuses to go up13:53
DasEi1pauru: TAB to get ok, so no stuck at all13:53
RadiobuzzI have the latest dri and intel drivers13:54
ikoniaRadiobuzz: why did you update the mesa component ?13:54
Radiobuzzand everything went well while compiling mesa13:54
Radiobuzzbecause I want to try something with the latest version13:54
aciculaRadiobuzz: thats sortof expected13:54
ikoniaRadiobuzz: what did you want to try ?13:54
RadiobuzzI have the correct kernel and xorg version13:54
Avaszhow to disable drang and drop... through command or gui.13:54
DasEi1pauru:  I gtg soon, tell lisandros : sudo dpkg --configure -a , then the update/grade again, mind want to find fastest mirror by synaptic13:54
ikoniaAvasz: drag and drop is not a feature you disable, it's part of the desktop13:55
Radiobuzzwell, I want to try the opengl support on this new version13:55
Avaszikonia, but this is irritating me... or.. can it be driver issue too?13:55
ikoniaRadiobuzz: did you look at it's support/compatability to the xorg version ubuntu is using13:55
ikoniaAvasz: wht is irritating to you ?13:55
pauruDasEi1, ok so i will tell him to run first "sudo dpkg --configure -a" and then "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras cheese"13:55
Radiobuzzwell, mesa needs xorg 1.5 or superior13:56
Avaszikonia, this is something like drag and drop.. it tries to drag and drop anything i click.. hyperlinks.. icons.. etc etc.13:56
RadiobuzzI checked synaptic and apparently my version is indeed superior to that13:56
DasEi1pauru: yes, and then sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade, and TAb-key lets you jump to the OK buttons13:56
ikoniaAvasz: don't drag and drop then13:56
Avaszikonia, can it be related to my touchpad/eraser head drivers?13:57
ikoniaRadiobuzz: look in the xorg logs then see why it refuses to start13:57
ikoniaAvasz: I have no idea13:57
Avaszikonia, no. i dont drag and drop.. it just does it.. whatever i click.13:57
Radiobuzzyeah, I checked that but I didn't saw anything useful13:57
Radiobuzzlet me put it online so you can check it13:57
coraxxHere is an odd question...  I have a problem with SSH.  When I connect to a remote computer through a VPN-connection, I can only run commands in the SSH session that has one-line responses ...except 'grep'.  i.e. and can write 'ls -all | grep r' and get a response, but no response when writing just 'ls' ...can't edit files with nano or view them with 'cat' ...what is the problem ?13:57
ikoniaRadiobuzz: I don't want to check it13:57
ikoniaRadiobuzz: what did the log say was the reason for startup failure ?13:57
=== krabbe is now known as Krabbe
Radiobuzzit said that no screens were found13:58
ikoniacoraxx: what happens when you type "ls"13:58
ikoniaRadiobuzz: yes, but there should be an error before that explaining why no screens are found,13:58
coraxxikonia: the cursor freezes after the command line after I hit 'Enter'13:58
ikoniaRadiobuzz: any WW warnings or EE errors ?13:58
ikoniacoraxx: sounds like the remote machine is having a problem13:59
ikoniacoraxx: does it ever "un freeze"13:59
coraxxikonia: probably ...but what kind ?13:59
Radiobuzzno, not really, I'm checking again13:59
ikoniacoraxx: what is the linux version you are sshing into13:59
coraxxikonia: no...it freezes completly ...can't even 'Ctrl-C' the session ...I have to close the whole Terminal window.13:59
Radiobuzzthe only EE line says "no devices detected"14:00
coraxxikonia: Ubuntu lucid lynx 10.04.214:00
Radiobuzzeverything before that seems correct14:00
ikoniaRadiobuzz: ok, so there is the problem14:00
ikoniacoraxx: and what linux version are you sshing from14:00
cronusAvasz, try changing the settings in system > preferenses > mouse14:01
coraxxikonia: I have tried both Maverick and Lucid  (don't think its a client issue tho ...I just have multiple workstations here)14:01
ikoniacoraxx: look in the syslogs on the remote machines, it's also possible it's the vpn link14:01
ikoniacoraxx: routing also ?14:01
DasEi1lisandros: getting by ?14:02
coraxxikonia: I have issues in viewing files remotely ...as I can't 'cat' them .... if I know what I'm looking for I can 'grep' it and get a response.14:02
DasEi1pauru > lisandros14:02
Radiobuzzikonia, what should I do?14:03
Avaszcronus, tried it already. not working. how can i find what is my mouse hardware. lshw?14:03
ikoniacoraxx: obvious things, error, warning etc14:03
ikoniaRadiobuzz: debug why Xorg can't see any devices14:03
coraxxikonia: if it was a routing problem the VPN-connection wouldn't be stable and there would be other symptoms is remote controlling it ...however the issue is very consistent.14:03
cronusAvasz, yes. if it is a usb mous you can use lsusb as well14:03
Radiobuzzok, how can I do it?14:03
ikoniacoraxx: yes, routing is unlikly14:04
coraxxikonia: (oh...when I say specific things I meant...a specific search-string)14:04
Avaszcronus, my laptop has one trackpoint and touchpad too14:04
ikoniaRadiobuzz: if you're not in a position to understand how to debug X, why are you testing xorg components ?14:04
ikoniaRadiobuzz: I'll let you work out the debugging,14:04
pauruDasEil: He did it, but it still doesn't work14:05
=== Guest98406 is now known as DarkDevil
Radiobuzzhow very helpful14:05
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest19482
DasEi1lisandros:what's up ?14:07
lisandrosI did it but is still doesn't work14:07
cronusAvasz, and you have the same problem with both of these?14:08
lisandrosDasEil:I did it but is still doesn't work14:08
Avaszcronus, yes.14:09
coraxxikonia: the next best answer I'm looking for is a way of defining the problem, so I can go on a search.  It's just so weird to describe :-)14:09
lisandrosDasEi1, i did it but didnt worked14:10
DasEi1lisandros: you installed restricted extras and still have no youtube (aka flash ) ?14:10
tim___Did I do it right?14:10
lisandrosDasEi1, yes..14:10
=== tim___ is now known as budington42
budington42I think so...14:11
DasEi1lisandros: sudo apt-get update, no errors ?14:11
toto654hello everyone, i created a partition, but ubuntu doesn't give me the right to access..how i change that14:11
lisandrosDasEi1, no errors here14:12
coraxxtoto654: the right ? ....has the partition been formated ?14:12
DasEi1lisandros: strange , then : sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree14:12
toto654coraxx: yes formated...and mounted14:12
lisandrosDasEi1,  unable14:13
coraxxtoto654: if its mounted, in what way are you denied access ?14:13
DasEi1lisandros: why ?14:13
cronusAvasz, I used to have the same problem with a high precision mouse, cant remember how I solved it though :(14:13
lisandroslisandros@lisandros-Aspire-5670:~$ sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree14:13
lisandrosE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)14:13
lisandrosE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?14:13
lisandroslisandros@lisandros-Aspire-5670:~$ ^C14:13
FloodBot3lisandros: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:13
DasEi1lisandros: synaptics open ? other apt running ?14:14
lisandrosDasEi1,  i has synoptic open sry..14:14
DasEi1nvm, try again14:14
lisandrosDasEi1, done14:15
DasEi1lisandros: tube  ?14:16
lisandrosDasEi1, still doesnt working youtube videos and ma drivers are like non exist14:16
DasEi1lisandros: which browser ?14:16
toto654coraxx: sorry i was away for a mn, trying to put files in that partition, i'm not allowed14:16
=== guampafk is now known as guampa
lisandrosDasEi1, mozzila14:17
lisandrosDasEi1, The list is empty in my System/Administration/Additional Drivers14:17
coraxxtoto654: ok, no worries :-) ...I think its probably a mounting issue ...did you mount as root  (using sudo) ? ...or did you mount it manually as a user ?14:17
DasEi1lisandros: firefox ? should do the job now.. , yes, that's for propitary hardwaredriveers, but if your display is fine, that's not the matter14:18
DasEi1lisandros: start ff from terminal, call youtube-vid and check the output in trml14:18
nixilanyone can tell me how to express the 3rd to the 6th charactors of the filename to the last with regular expression?14:18
ugliefrogomg i didnt know you could access another machine on the network from the terminal....ive been running vnc this whole time...Im trying to figure out the nfs file system ..(Pain)14:19
lisandrosi did it14:20
DasEi1ugliefrog: which purpose ? nfs internal if fine, not recommended via inet14:20
red2kicugliefrog: Install ssh. Use "Connect To Server: SSH" -- That's it.14:20
coraxxugliefrog: using SSH is the usual way to remote access a machine ... and SCP to copy files via SSH from one machine to another14:20
DasEi1lisandros: pastie of terminal ?14:20
lisandrosDasEi1,  i did it and error occured14:20
icerootnixil: #bash14:21
toto654coraxx:  again sorry, now i'm back for good, as a user14:21
ugliefrogDasEi1, Im trying to mount directories on box a so i can see them all the time on box b14:22
coraxxtoto654: which type of filesystem did you create the partition as ?14:22
lisandrosDasEi1, lisandros@lisandros-Aspire-5670:~$ firefox14:22
lisandros###!!! [Parent][RPCChannel] Error: Channel error: cannot send/recv14:22
FloodBot3lisandros: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:22
jj995a system crashed and in the /var/log/messages file is kernel: [192471.714715] Assertion failed in ../../../../../../../../drivers/2d/lnx/fgl/drm/kernel/hal_r6xx.c at line: 75.  I can't find the file -- anybody know what this message means?14:22
ginnnhow do I generate a xorg.conf file?14:22
DasEi1!paste | lisandros14:22
ubottulisandros: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:22
DasEi1lisandros: left link first link of above message ..14:22
DasEi1lisandros: copy from terminal, paste into browser, press post, give url from browser here14:23
toto654coraxx: thats what it is, on the partition's property, it tells me onnly roots have the rights14:23
lisandrosDasEi1, http://pastebin.com/GsT6vVQe14:23
coraxxtoto654: yep, that's what I thought :-)14:23
hannes__hey guys, could someone help me with this? i can't login at console login prompt14:23
toto654coraxx: the thing is i have no idea how to fix that lol14:24
=== Da|Mummy is now known as BlueProtoman
elFidelhannes__: "define" can't login14:24
coraxxtoto654: is it a removable drive ?14:24
hannes__i can't type special characters at login prompt14:24
hannes__with weak passwords it works14:25
toto654coraxx: no its on the pc14:25
coraxxtoto654: (and what filesystem is it?)14:25
DasEi1lisandros: does ff start up at all ?14:25
toto654coraxx: ext414:25
lisandrosDasEi1,  yeah it does14:25
DasEi1lisandros: and error comes up when launching the vid or just at starting, already ?14:26
dcorbin_wrkWhat's the "right" way to determine which version of a package is installed from the command line?14:26
lisandrosDasEi1,  it just starts14:26
=== BlueProtoman is now known as Da|Mummy
LiquidDemocracyI just installed the latest google earth 6 on Ubuntu 64 bit 10.10. However when I click on the program nothing happens. I restarted but nothing... Any idea?14:27
jribdcorbin_wrk: apt-cache policy PACKAGE  is one right way14:27
DasEi1dcorbin_wrk: apt-cache show PacketName14:27
DasEi1policy, yes14:27
coraxxtoto654: ok ... you can unmount a try to remount it by using Gnome ...in user-context.   or ... you can't mount using root (sudo) but with some parameters that defines the user, group and rights (those info can also be put into the 'fstab'-file, if you want the drive mounting at a specific point automatically on every startup)14:27
lisandrosDasEi1, youtube videos still doesnt work14:27
coraxxtoto654: oops...meant " or ... you can"14:28
toto654coraxx: nothing simpler?14:29
[TK]D-FenderLiquidDemocracy: http://ubuntuguide.net/how-to-install-google-earth-in-ubuntu-10-10-maverick14:29
coraxxtoto654: mount in gnome ...while beeing a user...is the simplest ...don't think it can get simpler than that :-)14:30
DasEi1lisandros: that's aproblem with firefox then, and for now I run out of time. install midori for a quick fix, the channel is around, too, I'll be back in ~ 2h14:30
[TK]D-FenderLiquidDemocracy: "When installing GoogleEarth 6 (instead of 5) on ubuntu 10.10, the procedure is the same as described in this post plus this fundamental step: ~$ sudo apt-get install lsb-core14:30
DasEi1sudo apt-get install midori14:30
DasEi1lisandros: ^14:30
lisandrosDasEi1,  ok but Heroes Of Newearth still doesnt work:P14:30
toto654coraxx: thats what i did in the first place14:30
lisandrosDasEi1,  i will probably be on14:30
bentech4youhow to authenticate through microsoft ISA server14:31
ugliefrogI need help translating this in old guy learning linux terms plz http://pastebin.com/JccLJypt14:31
coraxxtoto654: but when you clicked on the drive, that proberly said something like '123 GB Filesystem' were you automatically prompted for a password, to run the mounting process as root ?14:32
toto654coraxx: it open the folder...i see lost and found in there....but when i try to move files...its denied14:32
LiquidDemocracy[TK]D-Fender, thx14:33
toto654coraxx: i will unmount/mount again...14:33
toto654coraxx: still the same...permission denied14:34
coraxxtoto654: ok...so you were not prompted.  Ok then ... I would try to change the root of the new partition's read/write access of the new partition ...by doing a chmod  (which you have to run as root) ...by the way, is the drive mounted at /media/something ?14:35
sword_lesshi, I want to move my "/home" directory to a new partition. I want to use" usermod" command: usermod -d /home -m [the new directory]. is that the right way?14:36
toto654coraxx: yep, media...14:36
aciculasword_less: it would, but why break from the /home/<yourusername> convention?14:37
erUSUL!separatehome | sword_less14:37
ubottusword_less: Your home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome14:37
toto654coraxx: i hate the chmod cmd14:38
coraxxtoto654: you are probably running in to some small difficulties, because the drive is not considered removable.  So the system wants a little info from you about how the drive should be accessed and with what rights.14:38
PitelIs there any C library for sound filters? We have to code sound equalizer at school.14:39
LiquidDemocracy[TK]D-Fender, it does not work14:39
LiquidDemocracy[TK]D-Fender, same problem14:39
jribPitel: try ##c14:39
LiquidDemocracy[TK]D-Fender, what do I enter for debian package in the last step?14:39
zerium1I'm on ubuntu 10.4 LTS trying reinstall coucdb and the init.d script is gone...14:39
zerium1err couchdb14:40
coraxxtoto654: (be careful ...only use chmod on the mounted partition...and _not_ the root of you systems filesystem)14:40
aciculazerium1: maybe in /etc/init/ ?14:40
dime_brAlguem pode me ajudar com hd corrompido? (minha /home esta criptografada)14:40
jribzerium1: your question?14:40
zerium1jrib: can i reinstall and have apt regenerate the init.d?14:40
toto654coraxx: last time i used chmod cmd, i had to reinstall ubuntu14:40
sword_lessso you mean is should be like:usermod -d /home/swordless -m /dev/sda8/home/swordless. "swordless" is my username.14:41
jribzerium1: easiest way is to purge the package, then reinstall14:41
[TK]D-FenderLiquidDemocracy: I only Googled up that guide for you since it had some specific exceptions listed for it.  Scrol through the whole bit, and google up virtually the exact question you asked.  I saw a lot fo guides and reports for how to fix for your situation.14:41
zerium1jrib: i tired that...14:41
zerium1jrib: i'll try again though...14:41
dime_brSomebody can help-me with a hdd corrupted? (home folder is crypted)14:41
jribzerium1: why is the file gone anyway?14:41
coraxxtoto654: I donno know if can use nautilus ...but you can start up nautilus with 'sudo nautilus' ...then you have root-privi. ...then you can navigate to you mounting-point ...a maybe change the properties there.14:41
toto654coraxx: i try that14:42
zerium1jrib: i accidentally deleted it when trying to upgrade from backports...14:42
BCS-SatoriDoes anyone know the maximum number of drives recommended in a mdadm raid 5 before the IO gets to high?14:42
jribsword_less: the command you pasted makes no sense, please do not run it on your system14:42
coraxxtoto654: (be careful tho ...use nautilus in root-mode with caution)14:42
jribzerium1: k, anyway purging and installing will restore the file14:42
zerium1jrib: stupid i know... i should have just backed it up14:42
Piteljrib: it is a sound library? it looks like mix of C++ and C# :]14:43
zerium1jrib: i did apitude remove package --purge14:43
jribPitel: no, I mean try the ##c channel on this network14:43
zerium1and an reinstall... file didn't come back14:43
jribzerium1: erm, I don't think that's valid syntax for aptitude14:43
manufortbjr a tous14:43
hannes__hello, i can not login via console prompt because i can't type special characters in console. in X (with gdm) it works fine.14:44
zerium1jrib: purge first?14:44
zerium1or purge after?14:44
jribzerium1: the syntax is « aptitude purge PACKAGE »14:44
toto654coraxx: initialy i made that partition for arch, but during the installation, i made a mistake, and i lost everything, had to go on live cd to get to my pc lol, but now i have use for that partition14:44
zerium1jrib: thx trying that now14:44
manufortpourquoi ma cle usb ne fonctionne pas svp14:44
jrib!fr | manufort14:44
ubottumanufort: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.14:44
zerium1jrib: after i purge couch is still running...14:45
zerium1jrib: do i need to reboot the box?14:46
ubontuI would like to know how to disable some kernel modules needed for an app on load, and only load em when this app is about to be launched. Is this even possible?14:46
jribzerium1: probably because there's no init script...14:46
zerium1jrib: ok rebooting...14:46
oisteinkTrying to get Picasa showing in 10.10 netbook launcher. google search result said use AWN - but it's not showhing up. Is there any other way to make a custom icon in launcher?14:47
toto654coraxx: Nautilus-Share-Message: Called "net usershare info" but it failed: « net usershare » error 255 : net usershare: cannot open usershare directory /var/lib/samba/usershares.14:47
toto654coraxx: i made that partition on windows...thats the problem no?14:47
cdtanki am trying to insdtall 10.10 32-bit via usb using universal usb installer./.. i am getting "Unable to find a medium containing a live file system." when i boot up trough usb stick14:47
coraxxtoto654: yes, than can cause a part of the problem14:48
cdtankthe laptop is a new thinkpad w51014:48
coraxxcoraxx: how did you create an ext4 partition in Windows if I may ask ?14:48
cdtankany pointers?14:48
toto654coraxx: i created the partition on windows...than i formatted in linux14:49
coraxxtoto654: ok ... then not a big problem.14:49
axscodehi i wonder whats the best gui-based apps to format my other partition?14:50
coraxxaxscode: GParted14:50
Logan_!gparted | axscode14:51
ubottuaxscode: gparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php14:51
bitrhi i've got a problem with my atheros ar242x in ubuntu14:51
toto654coraxx: i changed the parameters in sudo nautilus...still denied access...:-/14:51
axscodeif i reformat my /dev/sda1 and my linux runs on /dev/sda3 , my boot sector will never touch right? i still able to boot on my linux.?14:51
zerium1jrib: gah rebooted and now i cant ssh14:51
ikoniatoto654: gksudo nautilus14:52
Logan_!atheros | bitr14:52
ubottubitr: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs14:52
bitri read i have to install some drivers14:52
toto654ikonia: trying that14:52
coraxxtoto654: did you remount ?14:52
ikoniatoto654: that won't effect permissions, it's just the correct way to launch it14:52
Potatohello, anybody cool with alpine?14:53
bitrbut i read i have to install compat-wireless14:53
Logan_!anyone | Potato14:53
ubottuPotato: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.14:53
bitri don't know how to install i decompress on desktop what i have to do14:54
[TK]D-Fenderaxscode: Formatting of partitions has nothing to do with the boot-loader.14:54
Logan_Potato: are you talking about the Alpine Linux distro?14:55
PotatoLogan_, alpine error: imap.gmail.com     reason for failure is---ssl negotiation failed14:55
[TK]D-Fenderaxscode: As long as your bootloader points to where it should, yuo should be fine14:55
Logan_Potato: oh, the mailserver14:55
Potatonope, email-client14:55
axscodethanks D, one more think vbox under linux, runing win7 will be fine? any thought about its degrade of performance?14:56
zerium1which kernel should i be using for 10.4 lts on an amd?14:56
toto654ikonia: ok it works, but without using gksudo and with changing parameters i still have access denied14:56
toto654ikonia: i will have to use gksudo all the time...it doesn't bother me14:57
ikoniait's the correct way to launch it14:57
toto654ikonia: thank you so much14:57
jribzerium1: -generic on the desktop -server on the server14:58
cerebellumhi, is there a way to improve stability of Banshee Media Player?14:58
[TK]D-Fenderaxscode: Well if you virtualize anything the of course ti will run shlower than native...15:00
axscodebut im not sure if adobe photoshop cs4 will run on virtual box15:00
cdtanki am trying to insdtall 10.10 32-bit via usb using universal usb installer./.. i am getting "Unable to find a medium containing a live file system." when i boot up trough usb stick15:01
cdtankany pointers?15:01
dime_brsomeone can help-me to access my encrypted folder with a live cd?15:03
[TK]D-FenderaxeConsidered using Wine?15:03
[TK]D-Fenderaxscode: Considered using Wine?15:03
axscodei hope wine can support adobe cs4 photoshop, without any glitches15:04
reti've got an atheros as network interface controller in ubuntu15:04
PotatoLogan_, alpine error: imap.gmail.com     reason for failure is---ssl negotiation failed>what is it?15:04
[TK]D-Fenderdime_br: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/ubuntu-mounting-your-encrypted-home-from-livecd/15:04
axscodefound some forum.. aint nice.15:04
retmy internet connection does not work15:04
reti read i have to install compat wireless driver15:04
[TK]D-Fenderret: Then this conversation is my most interesting hallucination today ;)15:05
retwhy hallucination?15:05
=== txwikinger2 is now known as txwikinger
retsorry i'm not a newbie15:05
=== Guest19482 is now known as DarkDevil
retmaybe i said something funny :)15:06
[TK]D-Fenderret: You did.  You said your internet connection doesn't work ... to an IRC channel :)15:06
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest93358
jrib!encrypted > dime_br15:06
ubottudime_br, please see my private message15:06
retthat's true!15:07
ret(but not on this computer)15:07
retit doesn't work on my laptop15:07
toto654ikonia: i have a question...everything is fine, but i put some files in there, than for testing i put in to the trash bin, but my trash bin is empty...where does it go15:07
Potatono reply on alpine .....15:07
sueehey . is there any picture editor software like photoshop for ubuntu ?15:08
jribsuee: gimp15:08
bullgardhannes_'man locale': "The locale program writes information about the current locale environment, or all locales, to standard output." What is a "locale environment"?15:08
gcristianhello guys, does anybody know a command to gather the disk volume name ?15:08
Potatosorry for people who got washed away with my question15:08
gcristianor ID... something that could identify the harddisk i'm on15:08
retanyway i want to install drivers. I found'em here but how can i do to install it? i decompressed them on desktop15:08
sueealready try it . but its less functional :(15:08
bullgardPotato: GParted15:08
jribsuee: in what way?15:08
retany suggestion?15:09
Potatobullgard , you mean gparted... partition manager?15:09
bullgardPotato: Yes.15:09
jrib!wireless > ret15:09
ubotturet, please see my private message15:09
Potatowhy ? to wipe out my HDD15:10
retubottu i already read waht you send me15:10
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:10
retbut anyway i've to fix my problem15:11
cutiyar_how to mount erased disk ??15:11
retanyone can help me^15:11
bullgardPotato: I addressed you errorneously.15:11
jribret: what card do you have?15:12
Potatowho else is Potato ?15:12
retatheros ar242x15:12
bullgardgcristian:  : GParted15:12
stag-reseau7hi there15:12
retjrib i need ath5k right?15:12
cutiyar_how to mount erased disk ??15:12
stag-reseau7wassup everybody15:13
reti mean for atheros ar242x15:13
retjrib: I read this guide http://wireless.kernel.org/en/users/Download/stable/ but i cannot install the packet can you help me?15:15
jribret: I'm reading15:15
fairuzHi, I want to use request_irq but have no idea what to put in the irq number?15:15
v4nelleguys anybody with floola and ubuntu?15:16
jribret: In the meantime, have you checked System -> Administration -> Additional Drivers yet?15:17
Pumpkin-recommended video cards if I want a hassle free life with X. Is the advice still "buy nvidia" ?.15:17
AnubArackwow KDE looks badass ....15:17
bullgard'man locale': "The locale program writes information about the current locale environment, or all locales, to standard output." What is a "locale environment"?15:18
jribbullgard: the current settings of your locale?15:18
retjrib yes15:18
jribret: and?15:19
genii-aroundbullgard: If you just type locale without arguments it shows you15:19
=== brian is now known as Guest75446
llutz_bullgard: "info locale" "man 7 locale"15:19
retjrib: yes there are drivers for atheros currently working15:19
jribret: ok, and the issue is?15:20
retbut I can't see any wireless connection available15:20
Potatohello genii-around , for some unknown reasons i could not open the link you gave me last time, could you plz help me with alpine?15:21
jribret: did you reboot after enabling the drivers there?15:21
retyes many times! :)15:21
jribret: well compat-wireless is in the repositories (apt-cache search compat-wireless) but my guess is that that's what's being used by Additional Drivers anyway15:22
rolandwhere do I find firefox's plugin folder?15:23
jribroland: why?15:23
ammstnghow can i keep ubuntu from freezing up?15:23
retjrib: anyway if i don't have this path system-admin.-add. drivers but i have syst-adm-hardware drivers15:23
speedyAptonCd any one use it is it good to make cd or dvd's from this by adding and removing what is needed15:23
compdocammstng, usually, its not ubuntu15:23
notjohnis it possible to run apt-get install <pkg> and restrict it to a specific repo in sources.list.d ?15:23
jribret: that's fine, you're on lucid then?15:24
ammstngwhat is it then?15:24
compdocbad ram, bad motherboard, bad psu15:24
jribnotjohn: see if -t does what you want (man apt-get)15:24
retad here i can see support for atheros wireless lan card15:24
dime_br[TK]D-Fender, on "ecryptfs-mount-private" I received: "mount: Operation not permitted"15:24
speedyaptoncd like a repo of installed software15:24
retdriver activated and in use15:24
rolandjrib: flash10 64bit15:24
dime_brthis is the problem15:24
switch88im runnning backtrack 4, and i wanna use two monitors, any ideas?15:24
jribroland: use ~/.mozilla/plugins/15:25