sonikuGood evening! I hear this real-time kernel is pretty nifty. Anybody know anything about it?05:56
jo-erlendshould it be ok to connect two microphones to a single mic input using a splitter?08:28
bc81hey there.  i'm on Ubuntu 10.10 & trying to get this MIDI input device (http://www.ionaudio.com/discoverkeyboardusb) working with milkytracker.  the keyboard works in other programs (VMPK, Piano Booster etc.) but not milky.  any tips, i've been searching around all day..can't figure this one out08:28
AutoStaticjo-erlend: If the mic input is stereo then it's no problem if you split it to 2x mono08:43
AutoStaticbc81: MilkyTracker and MIDI is very, very iffy08:44
AutoStaticWhich version of Milky does 20.20 have?08:45
AutoStatic10.10 I mean08:45
bc81AutoStatic: not sure what it was, i upgraded to the latest with a ppa (MIDI not working in either version)08:55
AutoStaticWhich PPA?08:56
bc81AutoStatic: i used the one that waslinked from the milkytracker download page: https://launchpad.net/~philip5/+archive/extra08:57
AutoStaticAh ok, that shoudl work, I've used that one too for 10.0408:58
AutoStaticSOme times it works, sometimes it doesn't, not sure why08:58
AutoStaticThat doesn't help you of course08:58
AutoStaticYour MIDI connections are set up right?08:59
bc81well, that's just the thing i don't know how to set them up.  to get them working with the other programs i mentioned, i just started fluidsynth in a terminal and everything worked fine09:00
bc81is there some kind of software i can use to set up MIDI connections?09:00
AutoStaticOr if you use JACK, QjackCtl and then the ALSA tab of the Connections window09:04
bc81AutoStatic: ok, got the JACK running..in the ALSA tab of connections..now what?  there's a "MIDI through" and "ION Laptop Piano" in each column, i tried running VMPK but now it's not working where earlier it was with fluidsynth in a terminal09:15
bc81this is so convoluted09:16
AutoStaticHe he, it's not comvoluted, it's modular ;)09:17
AutoStaticYou want to use FluidSynth with your MIDI keyboard?09:18
AutoStaticOr MilkyTracker?09:19
AutoStaticAnd did you try aconnectgui? I ask this because MilkyTracker does support JACK but only after some tweaking.09:19
bc81ok, i;ll try aconnectgui again..i want to use midi keybord with milkytracker09:20
bc81haha got it! thanks man..whew that only took all day09:23
AutoStaticThe MilkyTracker MIDI connection is called RtMidi Input Client btw09:23
AutoStaticAh cool!09:23
bc81yea, it wan't all connected i just had to go out from piano into midi through port-009:24
bc81that was the missing step09:24
bc81my next question, any way to start these different software and have them automatically make the proper connections in aconnectgui?09:25
AutoStaticYou could use a little script09:26
AutoStaticThere are session managers, but they only work with JACK09:26
AutoStaticAnd JACK and MilkyTracker needs some fiddling09:26
AutoStaticSomething like this:09:30
AutoStaticmilkytracker &09:31
AutoStaticvmpk &09:31
AutoStaticsleep 209:31
AutoStaticaconnect VMPK RtMidi09:31
AutoStaticThat starts MilkyTracker and VMPK, then waits 2 seconds so those apps can start and then it connects the VMPK output with the MilkyTracker MIDI input09:31
bc81AutoStatic: that's brilliant, thanks.  just what i needed to get started in this stuff.  only problem i'm having with that is VMPK only makes sound when fluidsynth is started, i'm going to try adding a line in that script.  see i don't know what is and isn't compatible, there's so much to learn09:35
bc81no, when i do that still no sound in VMPK, and input not recognized in milky09:36
bc81maybe its the command used to start fluidsynth: fluidsynth -g 2 -C 0 -R 0 -r 22050 -c 6 -z 128 -l -a alsa -o audio.alsa.device=plughw:0 -o midi.alsa_seq.id=fs /usr/share/sounds/sf2/FluidR3_GM.sf2 /usr/share/sounds/sf2/FluidR3_GS.sf209:37
AutoStaticVMPK is a virtual MIDI keyboard, it doesn't make any sound by itself09:37
AutoStaticI've never used fluidsynth from the command line so I'm not sure09:37
bc81there's a GUI?09:38
AutoStaticTry Qsynth09:38
AutoStaticOr jack-dssi-host fluidsynth.so09:38
AutoStaticfrom the command line09:38
AutoStaticBoth apps need JACK to run though09:39
AutoStaticAh, no, Qsynth can also run with just ALSA09:39
AutoStaticqsynth -a alsa09:40
AutoStaticOops, I meant jack-dssi-host fluidsynth-dssi.so if you want to use the FluidSynth DSSI plug-in as stand-alone app.09:41
bc81AutoStatic: i get errors for that command (after installing the package dssi-host-jack) http://pastebin.com/28UvtmQp09:46
AutoStaticsudo apt-get install fluidsynth-dssi09:49
bc81there's loads of static after loading soundfonts: /usr/share/sounds/sf2/FluidR3_GM.sf2 & FluidR3_GS.sf209:53
bc81sigh, it's ok i'll just stick to running one thing at a time (either fluidsynth+Piano Booster, or aconnect+milky)09:54
AutoStaticstatic is probably a sample rate issue09:55
bc81well, i'll try to sort that out later, i can't thank you enough for all your help09:57
DavieyWould it make you sad if jack lost firewire support?12:24
Daviey(for natty)12:25
AutoStaticWhy would JACK loose FireWire support for Natty?12:26
DavieyAutoStatic, sorry, missed this - not being hilighted.13:04
DavieyWe are looking to demote libffado from main, jack - being on main, can't depend on it.13:05
AutoStaticDaviey: so libffado will move to universe?13:11
DavieyAutoStatic, that is the plan13:12
Davieyor, the desired thing :)13:12
AutoStaticDaviey: iirc actually the jackd-firewire package does the 'bridging'13:12
AutoStaticDaviey: So if that would move to universe I don't see much issues13:13
AutoStaticDaviey: but is part of the JACK package13:14
AutoStaticSo you'll have to split up that package13:15
Davieyit's an issue for, bug 730759 & bug 730760 :/13:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 730759 in dbus-c++ (Ubuntu Natty) "[MIR] b-d for libffado" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73075913:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 730760 in libconfig (Ubuntu Natty) "[MIR] b-d for libffado" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73076013:18
DavieyAutoStatic, Can someone from the dev team come to the release meeting?13:18
AutoStaticNo idea, you might ask on #ubuntustudio-devel13:20
AutoStaticI'm not a part of the dev team13:20
DavieyAutoStatic, thanks for your help13:21
holsteinjo-erlend: i would not13:52
holsteinconnect 2 mic's with a spliter13:52
holsteinyou can split a signal alright with a splitter13:52
holsteinbut not join13:52
holsteinjo-erlend: NM13:53
holsteini see you and AutoStatic discussed it already :)13:53
AutoStaticMost Mic inputs are stereo afaik13:54
AutoStaticSo if you use a 2x mono splitter it should work13:54
holsteinAutoStatic: yeah, depends on the hardware13:54
holsteinAutoStatic: WTF is up with that firewire thing?13:55
holsteinDaviey: i think it would suck13:55
holsteinwho needs to go where?13:55
holsteinto help make that not happen?13:55
Davieyholstein, discussion in -devel13:55
jo-erlendholstein, AutoStatic: damn. I was hoping I could use a headset and my guitar at the same time without getting a new soundcard.15:42
holsteini dont think so15:43
holsteinyou wont want to plug your guitar right into a sound card anyways15:43
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holsteinjo-erlend: check out15:50
holsteinor something like a http://www.behringer.com/EN/Products/UCA202.aspx15:50
holsteinwith a mixer like http://www.behringer.com/EN/Products/502.aspx15:51
holsteinyou should be able to get both those for around $70 US15:52
jo-erlendyes, I should invest in something like that.15:53
jo-erlendI do tend to penalize companies for making statements such as these: «TASCAM’s US-200 is a 2-in/4-out USB 2.0 Audio/MIDI Interface for Mac and Windows computers, housed in a lightweight, portable chassis.»15:56
holsteinyou mean the mac and windows part?15:58
holsteinwell, RME supports linux15:58
holsteinbut, even the 'starter kit' basic is probably a grand or so15:58
holsteinim assuming thats overkill for your needs15:58
jo-erlendI actually bought a webcam I seriously had no need for when I saw Creative: «Works with Linux». I do the opposite when the companies do the opposite.15:59
jo-erlenda grand of NOKs are ok. I suppose that's not what you meant? :)15:59
holsteinNOK ?15:59
jo-erlendNorwegian Crowns.16:00
holsteinthe audio folks have to be careful16:00
holsteinthey get money from who knows where16:00
jo-erlendheh... And now people have decided that all wireless audio equipment has to be replaced, I read somewhere.16:01
holsteinthe devices i suggested though work well16:01
holsteinout of the box16:01
jo-erlendsure, but they're advertising either incompetence or an agenda against Linux. Neither works well as an incentive to buy.16:02
holsteinwell, the internal card you are using had no linux endorsements either16:02
jo-erlendactually, it did.16:03
holsteinbut, i always suggest emailing the companies16:03
jo-erlendwell, the motherboard did.16:03
holsteinjo-erlend: right on16:03
holsteini share those convictions16:03
holsteinBUT, i also need professional equipment16:03
holsteinfor what i do16:03
holsteinso, i walk the line16:03
jo-erlendbut they don't have to brag about linux support, as long as they don't say that it's "designed for Windows and Mac".16:04
jo-erlendI'm just an artist. I can live without "professional equipment". I can make better recordings with my N900 than some of my biggest heroes could in studios. :)16:06
holsteinid like to hear that16:07
holsteini would personally like to see some 'built for linux' firewire interfaces16:07
jo-erlendyou're in luck then. As a test, I uploaded a few videos onto youtube. Let me find them.16:07
jo-erlendit wasn't really meant for distribution. :)16:10
holsteinnice playing16:10
holsteinwhen you turn it on16:10
holsteinand you hear that level of noise?16:10
holsteinkinda like wind16:10
holsteinthat is about as loud as the guitar16:10
holsteinthats what nice gear helps with16:11
holsteinnice preamps16:12
jo-erlendsure. But I'm not that interested in perfect audio.16:12
jo-erlendthanks btw :)16:12
holsteinwhere you can get low noise to signal ratio16:12
holsteinwell, its not an issue of perfect16:12
jo-erlendI usually just remove the noise in audacity :)16:12
holsteinyou are notching out some high end16:12
holsteinfrom the source too16:12
holsteinthe guitar or vocal16:12
holsteinyou cant fix it 100% in post16:13
jo-erlendI didn't really understand that16:13
holsteinwhen you 'remove the noise' in audacity16:13
holsteinthat effects the rest of the audio as well16:13
holsteineven if you dont use the EQ much16:13
jo-erlendI made a little recording a little while ago. You can listen if you like. I think the result was quite nice, even though there was a lot of noise to begin with.16:13
holsteinand use some really nice commercial noise removal16:13
holsteinideally, you track it without the hiss16:14
holsteinjo-erlend: sure, link it up :)16:14
jo-erlendsure, if I can get some nice equipment without feeling like a second class citizen because of my choice of OS, I'm all for it.16:14
holsteineh, its all buisness16:15
holsteinsome of them support linux16:15
holsteinmotu is not cool16:15
holsteinmaudio has great support16:15
holsteini mean, the same thing could be said about gaming16:16
holsteinintel is by far the most linux friendly16:16
holsteinbut, if you want to game, you need ati or nvidia16:16
jo-erlendI do say the same thing about gaming.16:16
holsteinand who knows when they will say 'supports linux' on the box16:16
holsteinim not saying it makes it right16:17
holsteinim just saying, you need those tools for gamin16:17
jo-erlendI would rather purchase two soundboards from Creative with a Tux-label than a single device with two inputs.16:20
holsteinand i understand why16:21
jo-erlend... that doesn't, I mean.16:21
holsteincreative does not make proper equipment16:21
holsteinfor plugging your guitar into your computer16:21
holsteinthey make consumer audio gear16:21
holsteinwhich is fine16:21
holsteinand you can route a mixer into it, and get the job done16:22
jo-erlendright. And I won't have to be a hipocrite.16:23
holsteinwell, about linux support at least16:23
jo-erlendhehe, what's that supposed to mean?16:24
holsteinif you were in a room full of linux users16:24
holsteinyoud be fine16:24
holsteinin a room full of recording engineers.. im not so sure ;)16:24
jo-erlendwhenever I'm in a room with other people, I'm in a room with Linux users, whether they know it or not :)16:25
holsteinyou'd be fine with that behringer mixer i linked16:25
holsteinrouted to your sound card16:26
holsteinBUT that doesnt change anyones buisness practices are berhinger16:26
jo-erlendmusic is a major part of my freedom. I object verbosely and loudly to the idea that I should give up freedom in order to play music. I'd rather not record.16:27
holsteinyeah, but using the proper tool for the job doesnt violate your freedom16:27
holsteinjust because maudio doesnt have a picture of a penguin16:28
holsteindoesnt mean they are volitile16:28
holsteinAND, that picture of a penguin on creative gear16:28
holsteinis a buisness decision16:28
holsteinand i appreciate it16:28
holsteinBUT, our freedoms are not on the radar16:28
jo-erlendthen I certainly won't lend them my monetary strength.16:29
holsteinbecause of the penguin sticker?16:29
holsteinwhat does that sticker indicate?16:29
holsteindoes it say 'we write linux drivers' ?16:29
jo-erlendno, as I said, they don't have to brag about linux support, as long as they don't brag about win and osx support either.16:30
holsteindoes it say 'the chipsets we use are supported by the linux kernel' ?16:30
holsteinwhat does it actually indicate?16:30
holsteini mean, i assume it indicates 'if you are a linux user, buy this'16:30
jo-erlendthat they don't assume that everyone uses Windows or OS X16:30
holsteinwell, they assume that money can be made by providing a statement16:31
jo-erlendand I support that idea.16:31
holsteinright, me too16:31
holsteinbut, it doesnt mean anything really16:31
holsteinunless they are releasing infomation16:32
holsteinso drivers can be writtne16:32
holsteinso drivers can be written16:32
jo-erlend...but you support them even if they say that you have to switch to Windows or OS X in order to use the equipment?16:32
holsteinand maudio does that16:32
holsteinthey dont have a sticker16:32
holsteinjo-erlend: theres not a sticker that says that16:32
holsteinswitch to win or OSX16:32
holsteinthats a suggested supported operating system statement16:33
holsteinfor the masses16:33
jo-erlendholstein: it says it supports Windows and OS X. It doesn't mention anything else. I don't buy that. I also don't buy headsets that are designed for Skype.16:33
holsteinand i agree so an extent16:33
holsteinits just that some companies DO release infomation16:33
holsteinsuch as broadcom16:33
holsteinand thats all we need16:34
holsteinwe dont need to be hard-ons about a sticker on the box16:34
holsteinin my opinion16:34
holsteinand, it really hits me where i work when it comes to choosing audio geat16:34
jo-erlendsure, if they said "We support Windows, OS X and others*", then that'd be something else. They don't say that. They say: use windows or os x.16:34
holsteini dont read 'use'16:35
holsteini read 'supported'16:35
holsteinand again, thats marketing16:35
holsteinits a buisness after all16:35
holsteini mean, get what you want16:36
jo-erlendok, I'm an atheist, but let's pretend I was a muslim. Then I read on some food: "designed for Atheists, Jews and Christians". Would I buy that food?16:36
holsteinim not trying to step on any freedoms16:36
holsteinim just saying16:36
holsteina sticker on a box is marketing16:36
holsteineven the penguin16:36
holsteinsome comapanies release info16:36
holsteinand some dont16:36
jo-erlendyour returnkey is going to get worn out before its time. :)16:37
holsteinjo-erlend: and you'd probably would buy that food, if the alternatives didnt work for you16:37
jo-erlendthe point is that they're promoting platforms I don't use, implicitly saying that their products aren't for me. Even if I know that it works, I won't buy it.16:39
holsteinand im saying when its luctrative to promote those platforms, they will16:39
jo-erlendand I won't help make such stupidity even more lucrative.16:39
holsteinand i think you are avoiding some hardware from manufacturers that *do* support freedom16:40
holsteinand release information freely16:40
jo-erlendif they don't say so, they don't support it.16:40
holsteinon the box?16:41
holsteinnothing with that new broadcom chip says linux supported16:41
jo-erlendif they say that their equipment works on Windows, OS X and nothing else, then yes, they don't support Linux, even if their equipment is usable on that platform.16:41
holsteinand that the most recent mainstream company i know of t decide to do that16:41
holsteini think its different with audio16:42
holsteinwhen OSX really rules the market16:42
holsteinand as a company you would want that to be the marketing angle probably16:42
jo-erlendit does? I know some musicians, and none of them uses OS X.16:42
holsteinits been the industry standard for years now16:43
holsteinOSX - protools16:43
jo-erlendthe problem is that Windows is the big platform and OS X is for creative people, while Linux is for geeks. Well. Geeks are creative and truly creative people appreciate their freedom. Some of the old misconceptions have to die.16:43
holsteinand i agree to an extent16:44
holsteinits just that i see the problem differently16:44
holsteinmicrosoft and apple are companies16:44
holsteinlinux is you and me16:44
holsteinand anyone else16:45
holsteinthere is no 'linux'16:45
holsteingeeks or no16:45
jo-erlend"software designed for white people. Sure, it works for blacks too, we just don't encourage it, because there isn't enough money in it."16:45
holstein^^ thats not the point either16:45
jo-erlendseems to be from where I'm standing.16:45
holsteini just urge you to look deeper than what stickers are on the box16:46
holsteinwe need information about devices released16:47
holsteinthey can write whatever they need to on the box16:47
holsteinwhatever sells it16:47
jo-erlendwould a "works with linux"-sticker have any adverse effects on the purchase of windows and osx users?16:47
holsteini think the companies are just realizing having a campaign like that would actually help16:48
holsteinjo-erlend: maybe16:48
holsteinit would cost more though16:48
holsteinprinting them up16:48
holsteinand paying someone to stick them on16:48
holsteinOR changing the current boxes16:48
jo-erlendwell, as long as they keep their "white people are more valuable"-politics, I won't support them16:49
holsteini hear you16:49
holsteinmaudio releases information16:49
* jo-erlend is really white, mind you. Blue eyes and all.16:49
holsteinand creative gear sucks16:49
jo-erlendcompared to what?16:50
holsteinreally ;)16:50
jo-erlendlike a sixties home studio?16:50
holsteinanything with an XLR in16:50
jo-erlendI don't even know what that is. :)16:50
holsteini do , and i need them16:50
holsteinand i support companies that support linux too16:51
holsteini just look a little further than stickers on the box16:51
holsteini appologize if im on a vendetta16:52
holsteinim actually on a whole other vendetta16:52
holsteinim just waiting on my time to talk about it ;)16:52
jo-erlendok, so the race-example doesn't really work anymore. A more realistic example would be the US' "don't ask, don't tell" philosophy.16:52
jo-erlendwell.. Perhaps I'm exaggerating somewhat. But I hate it when I have to feel bad about buying stuff I really want. And I would be actively paying for the Windows and OSX stickers. That just rubs me the wrong way.16:55
jo-erlendno more power in my battery. :)17:00
esoxhello, I would like to know how to connect a plugin to a specific output of jack-rack19:25
holsteinhey esox19:37
holsteinyou can try asking in #opensourcemusicians19:37
holsteinbut i remember when i was messing with jack-rack19:38
holsteinyou just load up whatever plugin19:38
holsteinand do the routing as usual in 'connections' over in JACK :)19:38
esoxholstein: thanx. But why can one increase the number of output ?19:46
holsteinesox: like mono to stereo?19:46
holsteini thought that was in the setup19:46
holsteinbut i really havent used it enough to say19:46
holsteini usually do sparse plugins in ardour19:47
holsteinOR rakarrack live19:47
holsteinesox: what are you trying to accomplish?19:48
esoxholstein: I want to charge lets say 3 plugins (reverb, chorus and delay) and I want to be able to conect lets say the rythmbox to the delay, tracks of ardour to reverb+chorus, and then conect the signal out of the delay to input of ardour19:50
esoxas an exemple19:50
holsteinyeah, you should just be able to add them19:50
holsteinin jack-rack19:51
holsteinwhatever ones you want19:51
holsteinand do the routing over in 'connections'19:51
holsteinIF you cant find a stereo plugin you want19:51
holsteinyou can use 2 instances of a plugin19:51
holsteinand route the right and left channels seperately19:51
holsteinesox: gotta run though... BBL19:52
esoxholstein: BBL ?19:53
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jimsveI have a problem with Wine on a fresh install of ubuntustudio 10.10. I have a program that takes a very long time to start. Before I used normal Ubuntu 10.04 and it worked fine. I have installed ubuntu 10.10 and ubuntustudio 10.10 i two idential virtualbox machines. I see the same problem: normal ubuntu find, ubuntustudio not fine. Any idea what the problem could be?22:48
jimsveThe kernel of both ubuntus seems to be the same, 2.6.35-22-generic #33-Ubuntu SMP ... x86_6422:50

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