charlie-tcahm, midori added an option to import bookmarks in html, is there any way to export bookmarks in firefox 4.0 ?02:19
charlie-tcanever mind, found the option to export them02:27
charlie-tcaGood morning15:31
knomehey charlie-tca. latest draft of my wall at http://temp.knome.fi/xubuntu/nattywall/draft3e.png (getting close to final)15:32
knomedecided to add the treeline after adding the stripes since those looked really lonely.15:32
charlie-tcaIf you get to completely the revise the artwork, then there was no point asking the rest of the artists to waste their time, was there?15:33
knomeit is not completely revised, the background is completely the same and the touches are really subtle15:33
charlie-tcaI see no requests for artwork for ocelot, honestly. Just make your last minute drawing for it and that will be the winner15:34
knomeand you did propose sunrise/rays yourself.15:34
knomeright, so one can not really finish off the design?15:34
knomewhat did you think i was going to do with a blurred color background?15:35
charlie-tcawell, either you are very well liked or people really liked the blurred background, right?15:35
knomewhatever. i don't think arguing about this is going to help xubuntu the least bit.15:36
knomei'll bring my revised version to the next meeting and people can judge themselves if it has changed too much.15:36
charlie-tcaand I don't think it is fair for you to ask all of us to comment on the changes at this time15:36
charlie-tcaThe rest of the artists do not have that advantage15:37
knomei didn't ask you for comments15:37
knomeerr, sorry15:37
knome#xubuntu-devel is an open channel15:37
knomethey do15:37
knomei have to go now15:37
knomeif you have nothing positive to say, please leave it unsaid this time as well15:37
knomeThank you.15:37
charlie-tcaThen don't ask to have me look at unfinished artwork15:38
ochosiif anyone feels like laughing a bit, take a look at how well the resize-grip integrates in ubuntu's terminal: http://lh4.googleusercontent.com/_1QSDkzYY2vc/TXo8XQ0oskI/AAAAAAAADb4/UEoMiCmXG0I/borderless-ambiance.png16:30
ochosi(yes it's the hideous grey square in the lower right corner)16:30
cody-somervilleochosi, that looks unintentional, lol.18:26
ochosicody-somerville: :) it's not easy to theme those beasts, but at least for xfce4-term i have succeded ;)18:27
ochosimicahg: say, can you teach me some xul magic? (or pass me on to someone who can)18:30
ochosimicahg: to be more specific: there's a lightning gtk-bug i'd like to fix18:30
micahgochosi: you might want to check if it's fixed in trunk first18:31
micahgochosi: you can chat with chrisccoulson in #ubuntu-mozillateam18:31
ochosimicahg: ok, well i'm not sure it's something that has to be fixed upstream, but to be quick: it breaks all dark themes...18:34
micahgpushing fixes upstream == good :)18:34
ochosisure, but possibly it can only be fixed in the respective gtk themes18:34
ochosibut anyway, i'll check in with chriscoulson :)18:34
ochosithanks micahg 18:35

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