kenvandinejbicha, not really mine... i didn't name it :)02:04
jbichaoh ok :-)02:04
aryanHello... Anyone here???06:33
aryanAre you a noob or regular Open Source contributor ?06:53
jbichaum I do a little here and there, would like to do more but I don't know a lot about programming06:55
aryansorry i'm new to this ...06:55
jbichaI think I know the basics of what's going on though06:56
jbichadid you have questions?06:56
aryanwell my situation is bit different.. i do a little bit programming in c c++.. nothing in linux though..06:56
aryanbut i want to contribute to FOSS.. since i've been using ubuntu since karmic...06:57
jbichaI think a lot of Linux developers started on other platforms06:57
aryani read abt bite size bugs... but had some doubts...06:57
jbichathere's more people around weekdays US/Europe time06:59
jbichahave you ever used bzr or git before?06:59
aryani read some stuff abt basic svn n stuff @ openhatch.org ... and mayb ill be able to work with bzr...06:59
jbichaok, try this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/28470/how-do-i-build-unity-from-source07:00
aryanI have a lot of free time for a few weeks now... so i thought i'd help someway..07:00
jbichaand I can help walk through those steps if you get stuck since I just got started with this yesterday07:00
jbichabut I've played with bzr and launchpad some before that07:01
aryanwell.. do i have to do it on natty while running natty or can i use VM??  [i've never used VM b4, but i dont want to create new partition for natty in my laptop]07:02
jbichaI'm not sure but I don't think Unity runs in VMs :-(07:02
jbichaso you wouldn't be able to test your work which isn't good07:03
aryanoh... okay.... then ill make space......07:03
aryanso let me get the process straight... correct me if im wrong....07:03
jbichaI live dangerously and continually run the development release but if you depend on your computer to work...07:03
aryan1. install natty07:04
jbichasource code for certain packages takes up lots of space07:04
aryan2. update everything..07:04
aryanget source codes and development packages for unity07:04
aryancompile and run it....07:06
aryanthen find a bite size bug from launchpad and get it assigned to myself???07:07
jbichayeah basically07:07
aryanuse bzr to update the versions of files...07:08
aryanchange the code and commit the changes???07:08
jbichawell you won't have commit privileges, you can push the branch to launchpad and then propose it for merging07:08
aryanokay... thanks buddy.. i really wanna help... but im really a bit worried abt finding really hard code in those files... hav not worked with gtk/ graphics stuff except some opengl...07:09
jbichaI think you'll do fine, most of the code I don't understand but that's the point of bitesize...there are things I can figure out well enough to help out07:11
aryanoh.. i was talking abt a local commit.. as i found in launchpad page07:11
jbichaNow Start Coding on http://unity.ubuntu.com/getinvolved/ gives the basic bzr commands you'll be using07:13
aryanokay... i gotta start somehere.... or ill never do anything... thanks for the help buddy.... im from india and its noon here... ill comeback later in the day or on monday.... thanks a lot budddy.07:13
jbichawhere in India?07:13
aryanwhat abt u??07:15
jbichaI'd like to visit Kerala some day, I used to live in Bahrain and almost every Indian there was from there07:16
jbichaGod's Own Country07:16
jbichaI live near DC, USA now07:16
aryanhaha.. yeah.. its a nice place.... would have been better if we had the population density of some european country.. :-(07:17
aryanso you are american??? do visit kerala ... u have lots to see... and a very different culture ....07:19
jbichayes, American07:20
aryanokay.... i would be leaving to oman in couple of weeks as im changing jobs.... lots of malayali[keralite] expats in the gulf....07:22
aryananyway thanks again man... see u around later...07:22
elriclAny idea if  https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/728598 is fixed? or if anyone is working on it?07:28
ubot5Ubuntu bug 728598 in unity (Ubuntu) "Dragging a file to the bottom left corner should send it to the trash" [Medium,Confirmed]07:28
jbichaelricl: it works for me07:32
jbichaoh, never mind I didn't read the bug close enough07:34
elriclHello again,sorry got disconnected.07:38
elriclWhat do your meant it works for your?07:39
jbichasorry, I didn't read the bug close enough07:44
jbichait was being worked on here though: https://code.launchpad.net/~artfwo/unity/fix-for-728598/+merge/5252307:45
elriclah,too bad.I was hoping to start my bug fixing with that particular one.07:46
elriclAny idea if Dynamic Quicklists are implemented?08:16
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jfikenvandine, Hello, should I "resubmit proposal" or you can do the review in the previous merge proposal? At least the new commit appears in the same page12:03
coz_hey all12:29
marnuxi'm having a hard time navigating through the code to find what i need, is there any documentation available about the classes,... and what they do or are supposed to do? i can't seem to find any.14:24
DaekdroomAww. Borderless theme by default was reverted :(15:06
DaekdroomWell, what bothered me about them is that the whole window appeared larger than the window manager.15:06
OmegaIt was? :<15:07
DaekdroomOmega, yep, I got the rss feed from nattychanges right now15:07
mamooIs unity safe for general serfing right now? I'm new in linux OS15:21
aryaputhranhello mamoo... im no expert, but ass far i know, if u are really new to linux, you should always install stable version of OS/Software . Unity [the version where all the current development is being done]is being readied for next version of ubuntu called ubuntu 11.04 natty narwhal  and is still in testing stage with alpha 3 stage.. So u should now install ubuntu 10.10 which is very stable now15:24
aryaputhranand install 11.04 after couple of months of its stable release.... if u feel adventurous and like tweaking and finding out bugs and doing a little bit of command line stuff to rectify it, then mayb u can try natty...15:26
aryaputhrantry natty now i mean15:26
mamooYeah better with the stable version waiting the new inerface to come later. Do you use protection software with natty? -  Thanks for reply15:30
aryaputhrani currently use maverick 10.10 ...  im planning to help with Open source i can and hope to download and install natty in a few days... The architecture of linux OS was designed to be multi user [ many users can use the same system] and hence they were designed to be very difficult to hack/infect . Fewer people use linux hence fewer criminals decide to write viruses for linux.  Normally security bugs in linux are solved very fast, as a lot of peopl15:40
aryaputhrane work on it, far more than a company can probably put to work on a problem. But the final answer is that its the user that has to be intelligent. prevention is better than cure... dont use pirated software, update the OS and software as soon as updates are available. Dont run applications u dont trust. if in doubt, search online and make sure the application can be trusted....15:40
aryaputhranfor ur information, i've installed an application called clamTK in linux which i run on usb storage devices everytime and hard disk once in a month. it usually finds a lot of windows viruses... I try to prevent infestation.. so far i have no problems...15:43
coz_hey guys16:12
Omegaaryaputhran: Normally windows viruses don't work on Ubuntu, there's not much to worry about really.16:40
aryaputhranoh... i know that.. what i meant was that when i plug in a friends pen drive, some times i find windows viruses.... i know they dont affect my ubuntu and clam TK finds them and i can delete them.....  i had friends thanking me for deleting viruses .. :D i guess ubuntu on a memory stick can be used to delete viruses in a windows  system...16:44
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aryaputhran 18:54
DaekdroomUnity panel themeability is not entirely the same as gnome panel's, given I have a bright panel when I should have a dark one.19:02
DaekdroomFrom where does the panel pick up its colors? Just like a window?19:02
coz_hey guys19:04
LLStarksdidrocks is awesome.19:16
LLStarksbug 71470719:16
ubot5Launchpad bug 714707 in unity "[launcher] New Default favorites" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71470719:16
coz_hey guys20:43
jporsinikenvandine, ping?20:53
yuzodowhy does Mark Shuttleworth get the call to make the themes 1px again?22:44
calcfreak890 pixel borders are so amazing22:48
Daekdroomyuzodo, metacity issues, and he says it looks bland22:50
yuzodoi thought unity will be compiz?22:50
yuzodoa lot of the omg ubuntu readers preferred 0px22:51
DaekdroomMetacity will still be available for those who can't or won't use compiz22:51
yuzodoyo mpt22:51
yuzodowhat up with changing back to 0px?22:51
yuzodoso the fact that a lot of people prefer 0px it's back to 1px?22:54
calcfreak89why is the border back to 1px?22:57
calcfreak89so many more people like 0px22:57
calcfreak89just do what the community wants, which is 0px borders22:58
yuzodoi thought it was all about freeing up screen estate22:59
yuzodothe 0px will really make a difference22:59
jbichamaybe it will go back to 0px for unity but remain at 1px for unity-2d & classic23:00
calcfreak89then it would be inconsisten23:00
jbichaI agree that without shadows 0px is more annoying than useful so it has to be different23:01
yuzodothe patched ambiance theme (with no shadows and 0px) is very popular lol23:02
calcfreak89yeah it's very popular23:02
calcfreak89I know like 4 people that use it23:02
calcfreak89and I don't have many friends23:02
yuzodok so anyways23:03
yuzodojbicha, you're saying that despite sabdfl wants it to be 1px it might change back to 0px?23:03
jbichahe proposed the 0px thing so maybe he'll change his mind if he sees a prototype that satisfies his concerns23:05
yuzodohe proposed it?23:05
yuzodoand now he's saying it looks bland23:05
calcfreak89wow but 0px is so much better23:07
calcfreak89I thought Linux was built by the community23:07
yuzodoin some regards yeah calcfreak8923:07
Omegaunity-panel-service was using 2 GiB of my memory.23:12
OmegaIt made everything unbearably slow.23:12
DaekdroomOmega, that memory leak has been partially fixed23:13
DaekdroomThat reminds me I have to ask. Is anyone else losing minimized application menus?23:13
jbichaI take back my claim that he proposed it23:13
yuzodook jbicha23:13
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OmegaThere should be a memory monitor that just monitors unity's memory and kills it if it goes over X.23:42
DaekdroomThat is the most lazy workaround hack ever, Omega.23:43
OmegaDaekdroom: Oh, no, I didn't mean that as a fix.23:46
OmegaI was mostly kidding, really.23:46
DaekdroomI have a problem with taking people too serious.23:46
MeanEYE^^ indicator applet could use a hack like that23:57
MeanEYEatm, it's eating 152MB of RAM23:57
DaekdroomMeanEYE, one of unity's leaks is unity-panel-service and has the same cause as indicator-appmenu23:59

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