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zygais bzr join --reference documented anywhere?09:23
lifelessits not supported yet09:30
zygalifeless, thanks, my eager friend found this command and managed to get some trees joined by reference but he could not push to a remote server so I started looking09:30
zygalifeless, what's the recommended tool to create a workspace out of multiple branches today?09:31
lifelessprobably bzr-scmproj09:31
zygalifeless, thanks09:32
XTFHi. What's the difference between bzr and bazaar on LP?15:37
maxbXTF: Between https://launchpad.net/bazaar and https://launchpad.net/bzr ?15:56
beunoXTF, bazaar is the super-project, which includes all its plugins and such, and bzr is just the client15:57
magciusIs there something like rebase that will help me get two sequential commits that are independent fixes to be both on top of another branch?17:50
magciusI'm a git user. I apologize in advance for any misused terminology.17:50
magciusnot quite a merge17:51
magciusI have A-B-C. I want A-B and A-C.17:51
LeoNerdAh.. that's slightly awkward.17:52
magciusbzr: ERROR: unknown command "replay"17:52
LeoNerdYou can arrive at A-B and A-C', where C' is a new commit containing the same change as C17:52
magciusSure, that works.17:52
magciusC is going to contain some changes of B.17:53
LeoNerdBut it has its own different identity for 'missing' purposes17:53
magciusBecause they may have similar fixes.17:53
magciusOK. So how do I do that?17:53
LeoNerdbzr branch -r[revno of A] newBranch; cd newBranch; bzr replay -r[revno of C] ../pathToOldBranch17:53
magciuswhere do I get bzr replay?17:54
maxbIt is part of the bzr-rewrite plugin17:55
LeoNerdEr.. hrmmm. A fun and curious question17:55
LeoNerdI don't see it in my list17:55
maxbIt is a hidden comman, because jelmer says it needs a bit more polish before it goes fully public17:55
magciusThanks maxb and LeoNerd.17:55
maxb* comand17:55
maxb* command !17:55
magciusbzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "/home/jstpierre/Source/loggerhead/loggerhead-b/".17:56
maxbLeoNerd: oh, seeing you here reminds me - were you thinking of going to any of the May bzr sprint?17:56
magciusdo I have to mkdir first?17:56
magciusaha, bzr branch . -r432 loggerhead-b worked17:57
LeoNerdmaxb: Wasn't planning on, no.. what is it?17:57
maxbI'm not entirely sure - was going to send an email asking for a bit more detail17:58
magciusis there a command that will show the changes in the current revision?17:59
maxbBut given it's not far from Pimlico tube, it seemed worth considering :-)17:59
maxbmagcius: diff?17:59
magciusis there a quick command for it?18:00
magciusbzr diff -r-1... or something18:00
maxbbzr diff -c-118:00
maxbis the same as -r-2..-118:00
magciusreplay didn't work, it just blindly made changes18:01
magciuscan I amend that commit to fix it up?18:01
magciussome changes that I made in B that are required aren't in C18:01
maxbSounds to me like you should 'bzr merge -c whatever' the changes into a new branch18:02
maxbSomething like18:03
maxbcd ../loggerhead-b18:03
maxbbzr merge -c 434 $OLDPWD18:03
magciussee, there's no merge conflict or anything18:04
magciusthere's just two independent features18:04
magciusthey both have some shared changes18:04
magciusI'd like to have both revisions share those changes, so I can put up a branch quickly and easily18:04
magciuserm, put up two branches18:05
magciusone for each feature18:05
magciusThis is where I would use git rebase or git commit --amend.18:06
magciusand feature branches18:06
maxbrebase == yuck18:07
magciusIt's useful to have a clean history.18:07
jelmermagcius: What i generally do in cases like that is to create two copies of that branch with the two features18:07
maxbNo, it's useful to have a forged history :-p :-)18:07
jelmerthen in both I uncommit the changes, shelve the ones I don't need and commit in each branch18:07
maxbgit commit --amend == bzr uncommit; bzr commit18:07
magciusthat sounds painful18:08
jelmermagcius: it's basically the same thing as what you're doing18:08
magciusso I'm using bzr shelve18:11
magciushow can I make the current change smaller?18:12
magciusThere's two independent changes in there. I want to shelve one of them. It's asking me about the whole thing.18:12
jelmerunfortunately there's no way to split chunks atm18:13
magciusall this is doing is getting in my way18:13
magciusso, what's the workaround here?18:14
magciusSo... anybody got any more suggestions for me to fumble around and fail again with?18:19
magciusIt's not a particularly hard problem: I want 'fix for bug A' and 'fix for bug B' in two separate branches.18:20
magciusI'm at "HEAD, fix for bug A, fix for bug B" right now.18:20
maxbSo, that's really simple then18:21
magciusLay it on me.18:21
maxbbzr branch lp:loggerhead fix-for-b18:21
maxbcd fix-for-b18:22
maxbbzr merge -c revno-of-b-fix:../existingbranch18:22
jelmermaxb: : ?18:22
magciusbzr: ERROR: Requested revision: 'before:434:../' does not exist in branch: bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/%2Bbranch/loggerhead/18:23
maxboh, right18:24
maxbbzr merge -c revno-of-b-fix:../existingbranch ../existingbranch18:24
jelmermaxb: Is the :../existingbranch bit really necessary?18:24
maxbjelmer: um, possibly not. I'm a bit fuzzy about what branch revspecs resolve themselves against. Sometimes it seems to be the operative branch, sometimes the current directory18:25
jelmermaxb: Which ones /don't/ use the operative branch?18:26
maxbSomething which bit me at some point in the past :-)18:26
maxbSo, dh_python2.... I'm currently leaning toward packaging up some sort of shim that enables the unmodified sid packagings to build unmodified on older distros18:28
ScottKIf you're worried about trying to backport to lucid, you could probably come up with a backport of python-defaults that would be safe.18:28
maxbyeah, lucid would probably be easy18:29
maxbBut currently we go all the way back to hardy18:29
ScottKI don't think hardy would be much harder.18:29
ScottKAs long as you only backport stuff that affects buildilng with dh_ptyhon2 it should be safe and dh_python2 works with python2.5.18:30
maxbIt does sound doable18:30
maxbThough we'd also have to sort out a problem with python-central that only seems to show up on hardy - it tends to fail to remove its symlinks when a package is being upgraded away from using python-central18:31

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