* claydoh is a muppet, I guess :) but I am proud of my blue-haired status.01:45
Riddellnice comments http://dot.kde.org/2011/03/11/confkdein-project-neon-returns-bleeding-edge-kde-software#comments05:20
shadeslayerRiddell: none of them say anything about neon :)05:51
shadeslayernigelb: we are going to crap out the college's WiFi as well05:51
shadeslayerwe just started icecc daemons05:51
shadeslayeragateau: around?05:54
c2tarunis it just with me or with everyone, kubuntu runs slow when building a package?09:16
shadeslayerc2tarun: well ... depends upon the package09:19
c2tarunshadeslayer: its koffice. :/09:19
shadeslayeryeah ... so the build uses your CPU09:19
shadeslayerso it might get slow09:19
tazzping Riddell 09:54
Riddellhi tazz 09:58
tazzRiddell, having problems, trying to log into kubuntu. Is it ok if I ask you to take a look at it ?10:08
tazzi'd like to confirm if its a bug, or is it just me.10:08
Riddelltazz: sure10:12
MamarokI still get errors when updating my Maverick installation, owncould produces that error: http://paste.kde.org/710210:19
nigelbI spy a I spy a Riddell in kilt http://a2.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/184764_10150118148109442_573989441_6472026_6449109_n.jpg10:38
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c2tarunI successfully  build koffice but I dont have the older version's tar ball with me to create debdiff. :( is there anyway to create debdiff without downloading that tarball, downloading it is not possible now :(11:37
c2tarunRiddell: ping ^^11:38
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c2tarunyofel: can you please look at my post.11:55
yofelI saw it, but afaik debdiff needs both the old package and the new package, if there's another way then I don't know it11:57
c2tarunyofel: actually I have very low bandwidth, :( and its India vs SA cricket match today and we are watching it on net :) I'll get the older version and upload the debdiff ASA the match ends :) thanks11:58
Riddellc2tarun: checkout the old packaging from lp:~kubuntu-members/koffice/ubuntu  and diff -urN  the debian/ directories12:14
Riddellor do a merge request12:14
c2tarunRiddell: ping12:53
c2tarunRiddell: here is the diff -urN b/w the debian directories of koffice 2.3.1 and 2.3.3 http://paste.ubuntu.com/579250/ please check it and if its ok, then I'll attach it with the bug.12:57
c2tarunRiddell: ping you looked at that diff yet?13:58
shadeslayerso Riddell just left :(16:42
c2tarunyofel: well Riddell is gone for more than 4 hrs can you please look at the diff I posted. 17:21
shadeslayerc2tarun: i'm having a look17:23
shadeslayerbut is it a debdiff?17:23
shadeslayerc2tarun: just run a diff between the 2 debian dirs17:24
c2tarunshadeslayer: it is the diff b/w the 2 debian dirs17:24
c2tarunshadeslayer: is the diff ok?17:31
yofelc2tarun: since you already have the bzr branch it would probably be easiest to just file a merge request17:57
c2tarunyofel: merge request means file a bug on LP for merge?17:59
yofelc2tarun: er, no, let's do this guided17:59
yofelc2tarun: first, you used bzr branch to get the packaging?18:00
c2tarunyofel: do I have to download the whole source code again?18:02
yofelc2tarun: nono, I'm talking about the packaging branch Riddell had you check out18:02
c2tarunyofel: I didn't checked how to check it?18:03
yofelthat one18:03
yofelor what did you use to create the diff?18:03
c2tarunyofel: I downloaded the older version's debian folder from LP and created the diff, how to use that branch? I never use it18:04
yofelc2tarun: ah well, if you don't then probably you don't have your ssh key on launchpad either - go the debdiff route then18:05
c2tarunyofel: I have my ssh key on LP.18:06
yofelc2tarun: hm, well, wouldn't hurt to do a merge request then, if you stick around you'll hear people talking about that constantly, so here goes18:07
yofelbzr branch lp:~kubuntu-members/koffice/ubuntu18:07
yofelthat contains the debian/ dir of the package we currently have in the archive18:08
c2tarunyofel: where should I execute this code? in the source code folder or the folder having dsc file?18:08
yofeler, folder having the .dsc file would be easiest18:08
c2tarunI am not a kubuntu-member, wouldn't this be a problem18:09
yofelno, you'll see18:10
yofelyou only need read permissions for that branch for now18:10
c2tarunyofel: its downloading something with very slow speed, are you sure it will not download the whole source code?18:12
yofelonce you have it, apply your changes from the new package to that debian folder (just copying the new debian folder over the one in the branch should do most)18:12
yofelc2tarun: no, the whole source would be lp:ubuntu/koffice (*large*)18:12
c2tarunyofel: ok, I got one ubuntu folder inside it a debian folder.18:14
yofelc2tarun: yep, that's the current packaging, now copy your new debian folder over it (that does the right thing in most cases, we'll check that later)18:15
yofeljust use cp -r in the terminal, it will overwite the files18:15
c2tarunyofel: its overwriting files but I deleted one file and its merging that file, should I delete it from the branch directory?18:18
yofelc2tarun: yes, but for that go into the ubuntu folder and run 'bzr rm debian/kformula.install' so bzr knows you deleted it18:18
c2tarunyofel: done.18:19
yofelc2tarun: after that pastebin the output of 'bzr diff' please18:19
c2tarunyofel: http://pastebin.com/e7PQGZk718:20
yofelc2tarun: please run 'bzr add debian/patches/kubuntu_04_findlibgsf.diff' - Riddell didn't commit that18:21
yofelok, if bzr diff also shows that file as added, edit the changelog and change your 'natty' at the top to UNRELEASED18:22
c2tarunyofel: ya its showing, should i run bzr dch -e or just dch -e18:23
yofelc2tarun: just use an editor directly18:24
yofeldch -e might work, or might error out since the folder name is wrong18:24
c2tarunyofel: done ( used an editor)18:25
yofelc2tarun: ok, now run 'bzr commit' - and add a fancy commit message that describes what you did18:25
yofelafter that, run 'bzr push lp:~c2tarun/koffice/2.3.3'  you can replace 2.3.3 with anything, but that makes sense here I think18:27
c2tarunwhat about 2.3.3-0ubuntu1?18:27
yofelfine too, it's just the branch name18:28
c2tarunyofel: ok, and since this package is also in debian we dont need to bump the Standards Version?18:29
yofelwe don't usually bump standards, the debian folks do - you would have to review if anything needs to be updated for that anyway, which might take some time18:30
yofelc2tarun: did you read the whole debian policy?18:30
c2tarunyofel: nope :( its very long, just some important points.18:30
yofelthen just leave the standards version, it doesn't really have to be the most recent one18:31
yofelc2tarun: tell me when the push is done18:31
c2tarunyofel: its done18:32
yofelc2tarun: ok, now go to https://code.launchpad.net/~c2tarun/koffice/2.3.3-0ubuntu118:33
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yofelclick on "Propose for merging"18:33
yofelselect "Other" as target branch and put "lp:~kubuntu-members/koffice/ubuntu" into the field18:34
yofeladd a short description of what you did, then click on propose merge18:34
c2tarunyofel: done 18:36
yofelc2tarun: k, give Riddell the link and wait18:36
c2tarunyofel: sure :) thanks 18:36
shadeslayerer Riddell is on a flight18:36
c2tarunRiddell: https://code.launchpad.net/~c2tarun/koffice/2.3.3-0ubuntu1/+merge/5314318:36
shadeslayerso ... i bet he will be online on monday18:37
c2tarunshadeslayer: so what should I do? mail him the link?18:43
shadeslayerc2tarun: wait for someone to merge it18:46
shadeslayerc2tarun: why was kformula removed?18:47
c2tarunshadeslayer: they said kformula is broken and also not vey useful.19:05
shadeslayerc2tarun: they as in upstream?19:05
c2tarunshadeslayer: yup19:06
shadeslayerhmm... 19:06
shadeslayerc2tarun: just remove the debian/control entry too then?19:06
c2tarunshadeslayer: well they didn't actually removed kformula from the source code, they just commented the lines responsible for its installation, so I think they may have plans to fix it and include it in later version.19:07
c2tarunshadeslayer: so I thought its better to comment the lines in control file so that we can uncomment it later :)19:10
shadeslayerokay ..19:10
shadeslayerc2tarun: please mention that in the changelog?19:10
c2tarunshadeslayer: well I think I mentioned that I commented the lines.19:11
c2tarunshadeslayer: do I have to mention something else?19:15
shadeslayersomething like : * Upstream recommends removing kformula atm19:15
c2tarunshadeslayer: ok, I'll do that, anything else which needs some improvement?19:17
shadeslayernothing else19:19
c2tarunshadeslayer: ok, after changing the changelog, should I run bzr commit again?19:19
c2tarunshadeslayer: with the same branch name?19:20
c2tarunshadeslayer: I mean than push with same branch name?19:21
c2tarunshadeslayer: ok, I made the change and pushed the branch again.19:24
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