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Whisky_I tried updating to the latest KDE in my Kubuntu 10.10. For some reason, the update got stuck half way and I had to switch my laptop off. Now, my computer won't boot. It get's stuck half way while starting services or something and never actually gets past the Kubuntu boot splash.00:52
yofelWhisky_: if you can get to a shell with ctrl+alt+f2, login there, get a wired connection, fix the package management with 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' and 'sudo apt-get -f install' then finish the update with 'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade' - and finally make sure nothing got removed with 'sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop'01:21
yofelif not, it's easiest to chroot from a live disk01:21
yofeltrying to boot in resque mode might also help if you can get to a root shell01:23
Whisky_I can get to shell with networking but can't get internet01:28
Whisky_why doesn't wireless work in shell?01:28
thehawkgood evening all01:38
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mutsi am having problems with creating a custom kde menu structure, and autopopulating it with desktop files02:44
mutsi used to be able to do this easily in kde 3.502:44
mutsbut the same method does not seem to work for kde402:44
mutsand i cant find any docs about it02:44
mutsany insight by anyone ?02:44
iszakI noticed KDE created dot directory files everywhere, how do I prevent this?02:57
BentFranklinHow do I get Kubuntu to recognize 'European' and other characters?  For example, Bela Fleck has an accent over the e in Bela.  iTunes running from Windows displays it correctly.  Windows displays it correctly.  In Kubuntu, ls displays B?la Fleck.  In emacs dired it displays as B\202la Fleck.  Do I need Unicode or iso/latin or something like that?  What package do I install?03:53
RiddellBentFranklin: kde supports unicode universally04:44
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caixia how to configure pop up drop list menu by Alt+Space like right click on the top of Window ?07:51
DaskreechChange global shortcuts?07:54
geekosophercaixia: it is Alt+F3 by default07:56
geekosophercaixia: to change it, go to SystemSettings > Shortcuts&Gestures > GlobalKeyboardShortcuts > Select Kwin from the dropdown list > scroll down to Window Operations Menu08:00
bvierra|lhey guys, so I am new to kubuntu... been using linux for 13+ years now... Been using Windows (work req) or OSX for last 2-3 years as desktop... any good articles on customizing ubuntu?08:01
Daskreechbvierra|l: I suppose by that you mean Kubuntu :)08:10
DaskreechWhat would you like to customize?08:10
bvierra|lyea... missed that k :)08:10
bvierra|lnot sure really, havent used *nix as a desktop in many years08:10
bvierra|lI figure there are many new things :)08:11
caixiageekosopher: thx08:11
bvierra|lie the 'must' haves for desktops etc08:12
geekosopherbvierra|l: must haves would have already been installed ;)08:13
bvierra|llol fair enough08:13
geekosopherapart from that, to tweak the looks, see kde-look.org08:13
bvierra|lany not must haves but really cool awesomnessly sweet things08:14
bvierra|lall I really do is web browsing / irc / web / perl development08:14
geekosopherit is anyways integrated into kde in many parts08:14
bvierra|lcool will look into it08:14
bvierra|lyea used kde with gentoo back in the day08:15
bvierra|lnew company had a policy of windows only08:15
geekosopherbvierra|l: I use firefox for browsing08:15
bvierra|lfinally got that restriction removed08:15
bvierra|lyea I use FF and Chrome08:15
geekosopherfor irc, though there is Quassel for gui minded, I use irssi08:16
bvierra|lI am using Quassel :)08:16
geekosopheram not that much in to web or perl development08:16
bvierra|land then pidgin08:16
bvierra|lKomodo for IDE08:16
geekosopherbvierra|l: pidgin is for gnome08:16
Daskreechbvierra|l: How did you get the restriction removed?08:17
bvierra|lDaskreech: got high enough up and made the change08:17
bvierra|lwhen you run IT, you can decide what happens08:17
DaskreechThe Obama strategy?08:18
bvierra|lI removed the restriction for the developers08:18
bvierra|lwhich only made sense, all of our servers are linux08:18
DaskreechI'd try that but Our company has a no Windows Policy and I don't have the motivation to change that08:18
bvierra|lso we used windows to run putty08:18
DaskreechI have an outside contract with smeone who has linux and unix server and a single Windows machine on the network for people  to login and run putty from08:19
DaskreechI find it highly amusing08:19
bvierra|lok so stupid question, how do I install qtcurve themes?08:19
bvierra|lawesome thanks08:23
Whohello guys , i  am using ubuntu, i installed KDE yesterday but its 4.5.1 , is there any way to upgrade it ?08:41
vyrgozunqkWho: go to the kubuntu website, and click to the kde 4.6.1 realease news, there you'll see a link what repos to add and how to upgrade08:42
Whothanks !08:42
Whothe update is gonna take sometime now, again thanks08:49
vyrgozunqkmhm, go and drink a cup of coffe08:52
Whovyrgozunqk:  on that note, flash is not working when i boot into KDE, any fixes for that ?08:54
vyrgozunqktry reinstalling flash08:55
Whooh well can't do till the update finishes08:55
Whoguess i should get a cup of coffee :)08:55
vyrgozunqkyep, i'm doing the same right now ;008:56
tatiehello, can someone help me pls. i can't seem to be able to read a CD. i switched it to another drive that can read it but then no porgramme can open it neither VLC nor Amarok. I have restricted extras installed.09:31
tatieCD seems to be working just fine in WinXP as well as in my car radio09:32
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tatiehello, can someone help me pls. i can't seem to be able to read a CD. i switched it to another drive that can read it but then no porgramme can open it neither VLC nor Amarok. I have restricted extras installed.10:40
tatieCD seems to be working just fine in WinXP as well as in my car radio10:40
tatiehello, can someone help me pls. i can't seem to be able to read a CD. i switched it to another drive that can read it but then no porgramme can open it neither VLC nor Amarok. I have restricted extras installed.10:41
tatieCD seems to be working just fine in WinXP as well as in my car radio10:41
tatiehello again....10:41
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kubuntuanyone alive?11:28
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hesoosanyways the problem is that i cannot mount hdd, fs-fat32, while trying to mount it says 'cannot read superblock'11:30
hesoosis this fs problem or hdd and are there any ways to fix it?11:31
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marinaon this computer flash doesn't work. flashplugin-nonfree installed. what can be the problem?12:07
Bauldrickhow can i 'reset' my kde desktop, toolbars etc... (i used to rm ~/.kde - but that doesn't seem to do it)12:11
MartiiniBauldrick, 'kquitapp plasma-desktop && old ~/.kde4/share/config/plasma* && plasma-desktop &'12:19
Bauldrickmany thanks Martiini12:19
MartiiniI  was just told that yesterday12:19
BluesKajHowdy folks12:39
tcpa252Hello everyone13:11
tcpa252Could anyone help to fix corrupted? broken? icons in 10.10? Look at this pic http://www.ipix.lt/images/43451229.png13:11
tcpa252main menu icon, show desktop icon are broken... is it a bug?13:12
Tm_Ttcpa252: seems like a cache issue or such13:15
tcpa252Tm_T: could you please tell me, how do i fix this?13:15
BluesKajtcpa252, have you tried setting the icons in systemsettings/application appearance?13:16
tcpa252BluesKaj, no i haven't, sorry if i sound dumb - i'm kde newbie, how do i do this?13:18
Tm_Ttcpa252: if toggling icon theme back and forth doesnt help, you can try removing /var/tmp/kdecache-$USER/icon-cache.kcache while logged out from the desktop13:18
BluesKajtcpa252, kmenu/applications/settings/system settings/application appearance13:19
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tcpa252Tm_T: installing a new icon pack and enabling it half fixed my problem13:25
Tm_Ttcpa252: so you propably need to clean up your icon cache13:25
tcpa252Tm_T: so i should run 'sudo rm -Rf /var/tmp/kdecache-eduard/icon-cache.kcache' while at login screen from tty?13:27
gedasis anyone here?13:51
gedasi have a question and would like to discuss an issue with kubuntu13:52
james147!ask | gedas13:52
ubottugedas: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)13:52
gedas!ask how to access kdmrc file?13:53
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:53
gedas!ask kdmrc file?13:53
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:53
james147gedas: ^^ he ain't that smart :) and kdmrc is a text file, you open it with a text editor... its located at... umm, one sec13:54
gedashow to access kdmrc file? i try /etc/kde4/kdm/kdmrc but it tels me that access is denied13:54
gedasthank you james13:54
james147gedas: you need to be root to edit it, "kdesudo kate /etc/..." will let you eidt it13:55
gedaslets see13:55
johannes_james147: he only need root when he want to make changes13:57
johannes_oh i see you actually wrote it.. :D13:58
james147johannes_: yes, your write, i assumed since he got the access denied he was trying to write to it :)13:59
james147right ^^13:59
gedasok i needed this for a deeper problem13:59
james147what problem13:59
gedaswhen machine goes to logout it does not come back13:59
gedasive tried13:59
gedaschanging terminat=true13:59
gedasbut its already there14:00
gedasi enjoy kubuntu but this bothers me a bit14:00
james147gedas: "TerminateServer=true" << is in that file? (exactly as typed, with out the quotes?)14:01
Peace-james147: ksnapshot have you picasa?14:02
Peace-james147: can't upload to picasa14:03
james147Peace-: i could with digikam, never tried with ksnapshot14:03
Peace-james147: could you try?14:04
james147gedas: can you pastebin that file?14:05
james147!pastebin | gedas14:05
ubottugedas: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:05
james147Peace-: one sec14:05
gedasallright lets see14:05
james147Peace-: looks like the same upload util as digikam(kinda what i expected form kde ;D  )14:06
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:06
Peace-james147: well they use kipi pluigins?14:06
Peace-well i know xD because i have compiled :S14:07
Peace-and made a deb14:07
james147gedas: the terminalserver line is commented out (the # at the beginning of the line indicates that that line is a comment and should be ignoreed) delete the # and save14:10
gedasok done14:12
gedaslets see14:12
james147Peace-: I seem to be having problems uploading as well :p14:15
Peace-james147: :P14:16
james147Peace-: what kde version?14:17
Peace-james147:  kde 4.6.114:17
Peace-james147: natty :P14:17
Peace-james147: ksnapshot compiled , kipi plugin compiled14:18
james147Peace-: 4.6.1 as well... think it could be a regression?14:18
Peace-james147: i guess...so14:18
james147Peace-: hmm, works with digikam still14:18
Peace-james147: really14:18
Peace-i am trying right now14:18
gedasso it did not work i've got a black screen with '_' blinking and doing nothing14:19
james147gedas: i doupt it would have worked the first logout (since kdm hadent been restarted and so hadent read the config file yet)...14:20
james147gedas: make sure kdm restarted then try logging out14:20
gedasi don't even want to try it now :D~14:20
gedaslets see14:20
james147(which it probally did if you restarted or however yo got it to show again)14:20
james147Peace-: what error do you get when you try to upload?14:21
luca__hi I have trouble getting my realtek wlan card working in kubuntu, driver installed but nothing happens. can anyone help?14:22
Peace-james147: http://wstaw.org/m/2011/03/12/plasma-desktopKd1468.jpg14:23
gedasjames yhank you14:23
Peace-luca__: iwconfig in the terminal14:23
james147Peace-: yea, same14:23
Peace-james147: -..-14:23
gedasis this what you do?14:23
gedasor are you just a kind person?14:23
Peace-james147: i have fixed send to gwenview via compilin14:24
luca__"no wireless extensions" already tried14:24
Peace-james147: but picasa doens't work at all14:24
james147Peace-: hmm, if i save the image first i get "cannot open file"14:24
Peace-james147: hahahhaa14:24
Peace-james147: here there is hwo to make a deb from the git version http://nowardev.wordpress.com/2011/03/09/ksnapshot-send-to-doesnt-work/14:25
* james147 is using arch linux atm ^^14:26
Peace-james147: :P14:26
Peace-james147: if it continue in this way i will try a compiling distro14:27
james147Peace-: i wouldnt ^^ I would go for something thats easy to compile in, but still has bianaries... compiling everything is a pain14:27
Peace-james147: ya14:28
james147^^ thats one reason i switch to arch :p14:28
Peace-james147: did you note that truetype is not activated on kde?14:28
Peace-james147: i ahve turned on and wow14:29
Peace-i can read better14:29
james147in system settings?14:29
Peace-james147: systemsettings14:29
james147^^ has always looked on to me, and enabling it in syste settings seems to do nothing14:30
Peace-application appareance14:30
james147Peace-: ahh, disabling it however...   So seems to be on by default for me :p14:30
Peace-james147: http://wstaw.org/m/2011/03/12/plasma-desktopGV1468.jpg14:30
Peace-i ahve used rbg14:31
james147Peace-: yeah, didnt make any difference when i enabled it14:31
Peace-try the other14:31
Peace-beacause depends from the screen14:31
james147bgr is uncommon as far as i know14:32
Peace-:) it may14:32
james147bah, i cant see a difference (yes i am restarting an applicaiton to check)14:33
Peace-james147: i change the value14:33
Peace-then i open the menu or dolphin14:33
james147i was restarting dolphin14:33
BluesKajhmm, X froze while trying to resize a window , input devices , mouse &KB totally unresponsive,...still a few glitches , not sure whether it's kde or X .14:34
BluesKajguess it's a friendly reminder about using a dev OS, natty alpha 3..otherwise it's very stable now , even amarok doesn't crash anymore14:36
james147BluesKaj: yeah, dont be fooled by stability in an alpha, it can always break on the next update horribly14:37
* BluesKaj wishes there was a #kubuntu+1 chat14:38
BluesKajthose guys at #ubuntu+1 are very gnome-centric14:38
james147BluesKaj: like most of ubuntu14:41
BluesKajI should start lobbying for a supported kubuntu+1 chat or something similar dedicated to kde users14:41
james147BluesKaj: the reason why they dont do that is because it would be empty14:42
james147... or near enough to not be useful14:42
BluesKajthe kde chat isn't much help ..populated by those guys with the funny "hats" :)14:42
BluesKajwell, a few fans would be better than ppl who don't give a sh*t about kde14:43
james147BluesKaj: the problem is the few fans will be in #ubuntu+1 and will answer you if they are there14:44
Peace-BluesKaj: here is working nice14:44
BluesKajjames147, yeah that's the qualifier ."if they are there" . maybe they'd be in kubuntu+1 if it was supported by freenode14:47
BluesKajI don't mean to sound resentful ,but I do feel a bit left out.14:49
james147BluesKaj: I think they are more likly to be in ubuntu+1, then kubuntu+1... even if it exists, just for the better support of the core utils14:50
james147the man problem beeing that there just isnt enough suport for kubuntu14:50
BluesKajjames147, don't be offended , but I think if kubuntu+1 existed , then the core-utils supprort ppl would migrate anyway14:52
james147BluesKaj: i am no offended, just saying what I think :) and since most o the core utils are desktop indpendent then most of the suport would come from gnome users... thus they wont migrate14:53
BluesKajthen we should include development OSs here as well, without being sent to ubuntu+114:54
Daskreechjames147: then they should help with KDE in #ubuntu+114:59
james147Daskreech: they do15:00
james147... as much as any one can...15:00
BluesKajDaskreech, there is some but it's not very helpful. more like an afterthought IMO15:00
Peace-BluesKaj: have you tried ksnapshot ? and send to picasa?15:00
Peace-BluesKaj: i guess there is a bug15:01
james147Daskreech: there is a limitation to what you can make volunteers do ^^ and since all these channels are mostly run by volunteers there is not much that can be done :(15:01
BluesKajno, Peace- , I just rebooted15:01
Peace-BluesKaj: bad man :P15:01
BluesKajPeace-, I couldn't take a snapshot , mouse & KB wre frozen15:02
Raydiationhi im looking for the kde 4.6 wallpaper in the biggest resolution possible?15:06
logostHey guys after a fresh install I am unable to login to the gui. It attempts to load and returns me to the login screen. Any suggestions or reinstall?15:06
Raydiation1080p would be fine too15:06
james147logost: if its a completly fresh install then a reinstall is probally simplest... i would check the disk first though15:08
BluesKajRaydiation, I'm running 1920x1080 with a default wallpaper downloaded in "desktop settings" , there are lots .15:08
RaydiationBluesKaj: yes im running gnome15:08
Raydiationand id like to use the wallpaper15:09
james147logost: and I assume you have a clean profile as well (ie, you didnt use an old home partition?)15:09
Raydiationcouldnt find it on google15:09
logostjames147: no i kept the home15:09
Raydiationat least not the version which is in 4.615:09
james147logost: then try creating a new user15:09
james147and test a clea profile15:09
scbRaydiation: /usr/share/wallpapers15:09
Raydiationscb: looked through that15:10
bchrisbonjour,  ya des french ?15:10
Raydiationonly find wallpapers til 4.415:10
BluesKajRaydiation, right click on the desktop choose desktop settings , not sure if that works in gnome15:10
RaydiationBluesKaj: yes, i need the picture15:10
Raydiationnot the setting15:10
james147!fr | bchris15:10
ubottubchris: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.15:10
Raydiationscb: could you upload it for me? i guess its called horus15:11
BluesKajthat' where you find the "picture", Raydiation15:11
scbRaydiation: Sure, hold on.15:11
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bchristhank you james147...15:12
james147Raydiation: install "kdewallpapers" taht should contain the kde wallpapers15:13
scbRaydiation: Uploading. My up rate is kind of slow so this might take a few.15:13
Raydiationscb: ty np15:13
Raydiationscb: gotta change the wallpaper on
Raydiationscb: gotta change the wallpaper on  :)15:14
BluesKajscb, whynot just give him the url15:14
scbBluesKaj: ?15:14
james147Raydiation: why not install kdewallpapers ^^ then you should always have the latest one :)15:15
Raydiationjames147: did that, unfortunately i cant find it15:16
* Raydiation is using arch linux15:16
BluesKajscb, the address of the wallpaper source15:16
james147Raydiation: then kdeartwork-wallpapers15:16
scbBluesKaj: god knows where is that. Have you tried surfing KDE's page? clusterfuck.15:16
Raydiationjames147: yeah i installed that package15:16
Raydiationwallpaper isnt there^^15:16
BluesKajlaguage | scb15:17
scbRaydiation: did you try doing a locate wall* | less15:17
BluesKajlanguage | scb15:17
scbBluesKaj: chill.15:17
scbPoint: accross.15:17
BluesKajscb, good15:17
scbRaydiation: apparently it already uploaded. waiting for the url :/15:18
Raydiationscb: find / | grep wall | grep jpg  returns only the /usr/share/wallpaper path15:18
scbremove the last jpg.15:18
Raydiationthen it spits out way too much15:18
scbFine, try png.15:19
Raydiationtried png too, no luck15:19
scbRaydiation: http://img200.imageshack.us/img200/4687/1920x1200x.png15:20
Raydiationscb: thanks a lot :)15:21
BluesKajRaydiation, is this it ? http://opendesktop.org/content/show.php?content=1551515:21
RaydiationBluesKaj: no, http://img200.imageshack.us/img200/4687/1920x1200x.png15:21
BluesKajthat's the kde 4.6 splash15:22
BluesKajor login rather15:23
Raydiationlogin is the same as standard wallpaper15:23
* BluesKaj doesn't recall the kde 4.6 std wallpaper, I use this.http://opendesktop.org/content/preview.php?preview=1&id=133720&file1=133720-1.JPG&file2=&file3=&name=Mountain+Fog15:28
* scb doesn't use a wallpaper.15:31
BluesKajhttp://imagebin.org/142546  simple and uncluttered desktop15:36
BluesKajI used to have icons all over the desktop, but using the panel is far simpler and more accessible15:38
scbhttp://i.imgur.com/eHGg9.png i had it with kwin a few weeks a go and moved completely to xmonad. I still run a full blown kde desktop just because the apps and integration is superb.15:39
BluesKajlooks kinda purist almost , scb  :)15:44
scbHe probably meant /leave.15:47
scbBluesKaj: heh. If that's what it takes for a decent dual screen support and window management, so be it :-)15:47
* BluesKaj doesn't use dual screens . our plasma monitor subs as a tv and pc monitor15:50
DaskreechBluesKaj: Granted you can normally hang out in #kubuntu-devel for any advanced KDE help if you can avoid the fervor to start packaging :)16:09
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DaskreechRaydiation: Did you try to look at the KDE code?16:12
BluesKajDaskreech, I don't think I'm ready for #kubuntu-devel , that's probly somewhat over my head at this point in mt linux learning curve :)16:12
BluesKajanyway time to clear the driveway again , BBL16:12
Daskreechha ha :)16:14
Daskreech schnow?16:14
fantihello! i just installed a meverick on a lenovo thinkpad w500 (ati hd 3650) with radeon driver. all works fine so far but i can't enable desktop effects on kde (direct rendering is enabled!)16:56
fantii also have NO xorg.conf ...16:56
Peace-fanti: xrender?16:57
fantiPeace-: libxrender1 is already the newest version.16:58
fantido i need to enable composite somewhere?16:59
Peace-fanti: nope man i mean system settings16:59
Peace-instead to select opengl16:59
Peace-select xrender16:59
Peace-fanti: http://wstaw.org/m/2011/03/12/plasma-desktopbv1468.jpg17:00
fantiPeace-: uhm i can't. in the "general"-tab it says "desktop effects are not available on this system"17:02
fantiPeace-: http://fanti.staff.spin.de/desktopeffects.png17:03
Peace-fanti: wait a moment17:07
Peace-fanti: xorg.conf can be done , system will read it17:08
Peace-fanti: try to read this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=164631117:08
fantiPeace-: thanks17:08
Natafanti, you may install call what qt-graphic... component, it enable us easy setting xrender or opengl in system settings17:10
rorkfanti: what also might help is edit .kde/share/config/kwinrc and under [compositing] change: CheckIsSafe=true & DisableChecks=true if I remember correctly, that fixed it for me once.17:12
fantix restart.... brb17:15
finomodHow do I know which command is used for a particular kde app, so I can use it through commandline17:23
finomodI mean, how do I find commands like kate / nano for some other application.17:25
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DarthFrogfinomod: When the app is running, click on the "Help" button and select "About <appname>".17:34
DarthFrogOr, from the command line, type "ps auxww | less", which will show you everything running on your system.17:36
finomodDarthFrog: Thank you so much.17:38
DarthFrogAlso, for a graphical interaction, run "ksysguard", which will also show you what's running.17:40
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Pranav_rcmasI'd like to know how to get Qt 4.7.2, without having to build from source. Assistance please?17:58
BluesKajPranav_rcmas,  Qt is available in the repos/package manager, look for libqt418:04
Hutleyexist to the Kubuntu something like ubuntu-tweak?18:04
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rorkHutley: check System Settings, you can also install ubuntu-tweak but gnome specific settings won't work. What do you want to change? Maybe someone can tell you the right way/application18:18
Hutleyrork: I want set to package manager remove the downloaded packages after install them18:19
rorkHutley: Unfortunately I don't know how to set that.18:24
Hutleyrork: ok. thanks anyway.18:25
thekimjjim trying to view some videos here :  http://flash.atlas.illinois.edu/video.html?src=/mcc/mcc-v-2009-1/01Welcome&player=SDNC     ,    but flash player from adobe cant do it  :  Shockwave Flash 10.2 r152    , on kubuntu 10.10 , what could be the issue?18:47
DaskreechHutley: What did you want Ubuntu-tweak to do?18:51
BluesKajthekimjj, did you click on reload the page18:51
thekimjjBlueskal: yup, i did18:52
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BluesKajthekimjj, I think the video on that page is corrupted , flash crashes for me as well18:53
thekimjjBlueskajj:  oh so its not just me?  the problem then isnt with my flash installation .18:54
BluesKajthekimjj, I got it to work a second time ,18:55
BluesKajrefreashed the page and flash loaded the video ok'18:56
Peace-BluesKaj: kdesudo kcmshell4 fileshare18:56
thekimjjBlueskaj: how did u get it to work?   what version of flash? and is it on 32 or 64 os?18:56
Peace-BluesKaj: work for you?18:56
BluesKajPeace-, yes worked for after the 2nd try18:57
BluesKaj32bit natty here on FF418:57
BluesKajPeace-, kdesudo kcmshell4 fileshare ?"18:58
thekimjjBlueskajj: it crashed for one of my  friends laptop running fedora 13,  32-bit ,  did you simply reload the page or close it and open the url again?18:58
Peace-BluesKaj: yes18:59
Peace-BluesKaj: shoul run the shell for samba18:59
Peace-but doesn't works here18:59
ubottuUbuntu bug 347179 in kdenetwork (Ubuntu) "kdesudo kcmshell4 filesharing not working (dup-of: 329522)" [Undecided,New]19:00
ubottuUbuntu bug 329522 in Ubuntu "KDE Filesharing not working due to incorrect file ownership" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:00
BluesKajpeaxe I have samba working , but I don't like using it to connect to our windows pcs ..the files transfer speed is much slower than using smb/cifs , which I was using in maverick19:01
BluesKajerr Peace- ^19:01
Hutley_Daskreech: i use the ubuntu-tweak to remove packages downloaded after his instalations and remove old kernels too...19:08
DaskreechHutley_: It will work19:08
Hutley_I know but, if there is any KDE native would be better.19:09
Peace-sudo apt-get install ausadfasdfasd ; sudo apt-get clean ?19:11
DaskreechHutley_: if you are just removing his packages then apt-get clean && sudo apt-get autoremove will do the same thign19:11
Hutley_Daskreech: ok. thanks19:11
DaskreechHutley_: you can probably drop it as a cron job or a post-inst script so it runs every night/week or right after every installation19:12
Hutley_cron job? I will search about it.19:13
BluesKajyeah , apt-get clean and autoremove are commands I use after application upgrades19:13
ubottucron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto  -  There is also a decent Howto at http://www.tech-geeks.org/contrib/mdrone/cron&crontab-howto.htm19:15
BluesKajaltho i prefer aptitude , probly out of sheer habit more than anything and cuz I have the commands aliased due to my laziness :)19:16
Hutley_Daskreech: great! Thanks again!19:17
DaskreechBluesKaj: damn linux and it's catering to laziness?19:17
DaskreechHutley_: Sure enjoy.19:18
Daskreech!search kcron19:19
Daskreech!info kcron19:19
ubottukcron (source: kdeadmin): program scheduler frontend - transitional package. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.5.1-0ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 18 kB, installed size 56 kB19:19
DaskreechOh sweet :)19:19
DaskreechHutley_: ^^^619:19
BluesKajDaskreech, yeah, catering to laziness is a benefit in my book :)19:21
DaskreechBluesKaj: very much so19:22
Daskreechbut I still think one of the things I really dislike with linux is how well it caters to that19:23
Daskreechit's crippling19:23
BluesKajDaskreech, well. I'm old so it's better than the constant ongoing fight keeping windows safe.19:26
DaskreechOh well it's wonderful for old peopl :)19:26
DarthFrogDaskreech: Have you ever read any Robert Heinlein?  Remember the story about the truly lazy man?  That describes Unix admins and developers. :-)19:27
DaskreechBut you can customize your computer so much and it carries it from upgrade to upgrade so seamlessly that you can really forget what the long path is19:29
DaskreechYou go to another computer and argh I don't know how to use this!! where are the shortcuts?19:29
DaskreechThen the men come to put you in white coat so you will stop crying in the corner of the room and cursing Ritchie for coming up with UNIX19:30
Daskreechor was that a little too specific >_>19:31
BluesKajRobert Heinlein, now there's a blast from the past.,I can remember seeing his stuff in libraries , but I can't recall if I ever read any of his books19:31
DarthFrogDaskreech: Dennis Ritchie is the father of the C language.  Ken Thompson is the father of Unix.19:32
BluesKajahhh yes .. Stranger in a Strange Land... grok!19:34
DaskreechDarthFrog: Whoops that's correct :)19:34
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DrknzzHi guys! How can i bind the Windows//Meta key to the KMenu?20:17
Drknzz!es | siniestro20:18
ubottusiniestro: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.20:18
WalzmynDrknzz: far as I know, a single-key shortcut is not possible in KDE20:22
DrknzzWalzmyn: Oh... sad.... maybe i can code a Keyboard-hook in C++ and fire the Kmenu myself?20:22
WalzmynI have no idea20:23
Walzmynafter getting used to krunner, I almost took the kmenu off my workspeace20:23
DrknzzWalzmyn: KRunner?20:27
Walzmynsingle greatest invention of the GUI desktop20:27
WalzmynThat and being able to hit alt+left click to move a window are the two things I miss the most when I am forced into Winders20:28
DrknzzWalzmyn: Ah20:30
DrknzzThats extremely handy20:30
Walzmynif you're new to it, it'll do spell checking and act as a calcultor too20:31
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tsimpsonDrknzz: the problem is that in windows the Win is a completely independent key, like most other keys. but in Linux it's a modifier key, like shift or ctrl, so it's used to modify another key20:40
tsimpsonusually though the menu is bound to Alt-F120:40
Drknzztsimpson: Oh! Didnt know that20:40
DrknzzI wonder if the QT/Linux API has keyboard hooks and it also has a function to open the KMenu20:41
KimLarouxtsimpson, how do you define "indipendent key"? From my experience, the windows key is a modifier; it has many shortcuts like Win+L which locks the screen20:42
tsimpsonKimLaroux: windows key press event system is different from the X key press event system20:43
tsimpsonwindows generally waits for you to release the win key before it knows what to do, if you press another key before you released the win key, it does something else20:44
tsimpsonbut it doesn't actually modify the behaviour of the second key, it's just 2 keys that happen to be pressed at the same time20:44
KimLarouxso the difference is in the background... but from a user's perspective, it's just the same as ctrl or atl20:45
tsimpsonyeah, windows just deals with the win key specifically, while in linux it's just another key you happen to have on your keyboard20:46
KimLarouxis it used in KDE? I still haven't found a combination that does something20:47
james147KimLaroux: amarok uses afew20:48
tsimpsonit's usually not something apps use, as not everyone has a "win" key20:49
tsimpsonspecifically macs don'20:49
KimLarouxOOooh I see, in the Settings the Windows key is used just like Ctrl and Alt, it's named the "Meta" key20:58
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DrknzzHi! Anyone here develops QT4 Apps? Im having issues with Qmake, the makefiles it generates wotn work21:22
DrknzzDismiss my message, i had put the file as a .C file, making it main.cpp worked21:25
digiraki would like to install kubuntu on a seperate paritition22:03
digiraki have an up and running ubuntu on one partition22:03
digirakping anyone here22:05
javier_tengo un problema quiero entrar a las particiones de mi disco y me sale Error org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.Volume.UnknownFailure22:05
javier_alquien me puede ayudar?22:05
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.22:06
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bvierra|lhey anyone know of a desktop widget that is a terminal?22:34
james147bvierra|l: http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/Plasmacon?content=10812022:35
bvierra|lcool was just looking at that one :)22:36
bvierra|lhmm do you know if there is a way to resize the widgets?22:42
james147bvierra|l: click and drag the resize handel that appears when you mouse over it22:44
james147(not the entire bar... but the icon that represents resizing22:44
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bvierra|lperfect thanks :)22:45
bvierra|lyea took me a nin to figure it out22:45
eulenspiegel_what ever you want22:59
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