EvilPhoenixanyone able to help me debug an issue with a package upload to a PPA as well as eliminating a field which is causing the rejection?00:10
wgrantEvilPhoenix: What's the problem?00:18
EvilPhoenixwgrant:  getting help in the #ubuntu-packaging channel, but its rejecting the uploads due to the error "Unknown section 'unknown'" in all the files generated from debuild00:18
wgrantEvilPhoenix: See debian/control00:19
EvilPhoenixyeah i know, i'm getting help already :P00:19
* aj00200 screams! self.irc=socket.socket()00:29
aj00200concider your bot broken, eventually00:29
aj00200using socket.socket without the AF_INET and SOCK_STREAM stuff is depricated00:30
wgrantWhich bot?00:30
aj00200I am in the wrong channel00:31
aj00200Sorry everyone00:31
wgrantHeh, I was about to say.00:31
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ploppyhi, I want get project renamed. I read that this has to be done by an admin. Specifically I want to rename "pidgin-authorization-greylisting" into "pidgin-authorization-blocker".10:17
maxbploppy: You don't need a full admin for that, but yes, you do need a registry admin. If you log your request at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion, someone will take care of it10:35
ploppythank you10:36
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bdrunghi, can i get a search page with all bugs that affect me?13:53
bdrungi am subscribed to 310 bug and i want to filter those bug where i marked them as affecting me.13:54
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magciusholy awesome, when did loggerhead become bearable?]16:08
jelmermagcius: :)16:35
magciusfor people who work on loggerhead: how do you do a redirect, usually?17:05
magciusgrepping around, you use relative_redirect, but I can'17:05
magciusgrepping around, you use relative_redirect, but I don't have the environ for that17:05
magciusah, got it17:09
magciusOK, how do I submit a merge proposal? I linked https://code.launchpad.net/~jstpierre/+junk/loggerhead-fix-56935817:20
beunomagcius, push to: https://code.launchpad.net/~jstpierre/loggerhead/loggerhead-fix-56935817:59
beunoand then click on "Propose for merging"17:59
magciusbeuno, yeah, I figured it out.17:59
beunoah, great  :)17:59
magciuskind of annoying that I can't rename that branch17:59
beunoyeah, you used to be able to, but it just had too many corner cases18:00
beunopushing branches to the right place is very efficient, though18:00
beunoit stacks on top of trunk, so only the bare minimum gets sent18:00
magciusSubmitted two merge proposals to loggerhead.18:30

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