vividlibreoffice is practically the same, just includes changes that OO wont admit00:00
BUGabundoreally ?00:01
BUGabundoI though we were already using forked OOo with SUN/Orcale logos for a long long time00:02
BUGabundowe and many other linux distros00:02
penguin42what with OOo, Gooo and libreoffice I'm thoroughly confused as to what is in what00:05
penguin42still, I think I currently give loo the best chance00:06
jbichago-ooo doesn't exist any more, it has joined LO00:06
BUGabundogooo that's it00:08
jbichaand I believe LO has better MS format support than OOo00:08
vividit just has some stuff that oracle wouldnt accept upstream for some reason, same thing practically, supposed to be "more optimised" clearly oracle doesnt agree00:08
vividbetter doesnt matter, if its not perfect its not good enough00:09
vividi cant use OOo or libre for school, because teachers and colleagues open the documents with word and find many formatting errors00:09
penguin42yeh, typically it's been better at opening them rather than producing them00:10
vividyep, but its still not an acceptable replacement for production or academic environments where anyone is using word00:10
BUGabundonor is MSFT products00:13
BUGabundouse latex :P00:13
penguin42vivid: I'm hoping the LO guys will get a bit better at it00:13
vividMS will just break it intentionally00:14
vividits a losing battle00:14
vividafter all, how can they make money if you dont need to buy their suite?00:16
BUGabundomore importantly00:18
BUGabundowho still needs a offline suit?00:18
BUGabundoI use online tools this days00:18
vividwe use google docs for collaboration, but it still needs to be finalized with word, sad but true : /00:19
ubuntu_when I try to install I get this error: ubi-partman failed with exit code 141. Further information may be found in /var/log/syslog. Do you want to try running this step again before continuing? If you do not, your installation may fail entirely or may be broken.00:50
penguin42so what does /var/log/syslog have to say?00:51
ubuntu_penguin42: http://pastebin.com/J56GS2zg00:54
penguin42no errors I'm familiar with in there00:57
ubuntu_penguin42: is there a workaround so I can install?00:58
penguin42ubuntu_: I don't know00:59
ubuntu_penguin42: no problem thanks any way00:59
jbichais there anything unusual about how you're trying to install?01:38
BreetaiHi all. Installed Alpha 3, and updated, and installed nvidia-current. WHen I sign into gnome-unity, my desktop does not start up and eventually I get a compiz has crahsed error. However if I ctrl-alt-f2, login, and compiz--replace & unity &  it starts up fine. Can I reslove this so unity starts fine?01:48
nit-witBreetai, have you rebooted to see if it happens the same?01:50
nit-witor restart x01:51
BreetaiYes. Several times, did another apt-get update/upgrade. Every time I log into unity I have the problem.01:53
Guest17880is anybody available here02:42
yofelGuest17880: depends on your question02:46
Guest17880are you gonna upgrad?02:46
bazhangGuest17880, this is for support. try #ubuntu-offtopic for chit chat02:47
yofelwell, I'm running natty, kubuntu that is. If you want to know if natty is stable enough to use it, now02:47
Guest17880is it true that it will no longer support gnome02:49
syn-ackHey guys have a question04:06
bazhangthen ask04:07
syn-ackI have a bug and I don't know how to file it. Whether it's unity, chromium or what. But anyway, what happens is that when I start Chromium, it will open fullscreen, but the full screen isn't full screen; it's about, I don't know half an inch from the top of the panel. Anyone else having this issue with any apps and think they know the root cause, wanna give me pointers?04:08
syn-ackI really can't find a bug title in any of the bug queries I've been doing and it's been rather annoying since I don't want to mismark the bug04:09
syn-ackI really can't imagine that I'm the only one that this is happening to. and if you would like a screencap, I can post one for a further demonstration of what's going on04:10
syn-ackyep to what? you know what's going on or you would like a screencap or what?04:12
syn-ackhttp://tinypic.com/r/33wnrdv/7 There's the pic, btw04:14
bazhangI have the same issue in 10.10 as well04:15
syn-ackyou using the dailies as well?04:16
bazhangnope, just installed alpha one and kept up to date04:16
syn-ackI meant with Chromium... are you using the Daily PPA or the Official out of the repo?04:19
bazhangjust the one from repos04:19
bazhangboth 10.10 and natty have the issue here04:19
syn-ackSo it seems to be a common issue among them... Interesting04:19
bazhangas in your screencap04:19
syn-ackall your elements are shifted down, as well, no?04:20
Vituzprobably not the right place to come for help regarding this.. but recently upgraded to Natty and somehow broke Vuze... I've tried replacing libswt-gtk-3.5-java already to no avail06:27
RJ_F1hey, how Do I get the beta for 11.04 ?06:28
=== Vituz is now known as Vitux
durandodoes natty fix issues with marvell controllers?06:29
Vituxprobably not a Natty issue.. probably related to java but considering my other java apps still work I'm not sure what else could be causing it06:29
Vituxguess either no one is here or no one knows06:33
RJ_F1yo, have you tried reinstalling java?06:37
Vituxyah I have06:38
VituxI just fixed it.. gave up on the vuze in the repositories and installed manually06:38
Vituxworking fine06:38
Vituxnot sure if the repositories ver is mucked up but I'm gonna go with this for now.. it'll stay more up to date anyway06:39
RJ_F1you could try installing eclipse via sudo apt-get install eclipse , which should install all the new java versions, or at least the one that works.06:51
RJ_F1if that doesnt work06:51
RJ_F1Hey guys, I gotta go06:52
MasterUJust did update and got some great new features (resize launcher etc)08:40
MasterUHas anyone else had blank application dashboard?08:40
MasterUif you start to type it finds stuff but start off a blank black square08:41
MasterUOh well I will log a bug08:42
SeverianI am all updated and I can't resize the Launcher.09:01
=== jamespage1 is now known as jamespage
EmanonAny plans to make the alternate install disk actually work this release?11:06
bazhangit worked for 10.1011:07
EmanonNot for me.11:07
bazhangcorrupt iso then11:07
EmanonTried it on several different discs, usb drives, at different write speeds with different burners and such.11:07
EmanonDownloaded at different times with different boxes and everything.11:08
bazhangyes, natty alternate install will work. 10.10 did as well11:08
EmanonRecently it likes stopping just after the core system finishes while it's installing the userspace stuff.11:08
bazhangyep corrupt iso11:09
EmanonHmm weird. Haven't had one work since 10.0411:09
bazhangmd5 the iso then11:09
rorkdoes the livecd install work? or could it be hardware issues?11:10
bazhangrork, worked here11:11
EmanonLive cd works fine.11:11
EmanonWould just use that one but I use full disk encryption and whatnot.11:12
bazhangtried both live and debian-installer both worked fine11:12
EmanonAnd depending on the machine, sometimes raid.11:12
rorkI haven't had problems with the alternate install (kubuntu) either, I did have problems with an old Debian install due to ACPI not being supported on my laptop from 200111:13
bazhangsorry, the alternate is known as debian-installer11:14
EmanonAhh see I haven't had hardware issues for years now. I have either so generic hardware or hardware from companies that play nice so...11:14
EmanonThe only thing on this machine I foresee trouble with is the ati graphics card.11:15
EmanonWifi works after I let it install the prop drivers and everything, which I love since when I started linux I thought I was up for slackware and that just wasn't working for me lol.11:16
=== fisted_ is now known as fisted
EmanonAll my internals are pretty standard and my peripherals are almost all logitech, which play nicely with the penguin.11:17
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
coz_hey all12:29
penguin42Hey coz_12:30
coz_penguin42, hey guy12:30
BluesKajHowdy folks12:40
storrgiehow do I get unity to collapse when I open a program (say firefox)13:03
storrgieto me it seems like unity arbitrarily minimizes13:07
storrgieI cant figure out why it does it why it doesnt13:07
storrgieand i would prefer it minimize when i open a software full screen13:07
storrgiesuch as firefox13:07
tzaeruquick question; is it to be expected that at boot time the window manager isn't switched to automatically?13:43
penguin42storrgie: If you open ccsm (compiz config manager) you can select a few different options on compiz; I have it on autohide, but it doesn't quite work for me14:08
storrgiepenguin42, thats annoying14:08
penguin42storrgie: Very14:08
storrgiepenguin42, it was doing it a couple nights ago (i know I'm using an alpha so things are changing)14:09
storrgiehopefully it gets worked out before the release14:09
storrgieim using it on a CF-1914:09
storrgievery small screen14:09
penguin42it's certainly getting better - it's a LOT better than it was a month ago, but I think it's got a way to go14:09
BluesKajhmm, X froze while trying to resize a window , input devices , mouse &KB totally unresponsive,...still a few glitches , not sure whether it's kde or X .14:33
sveintI haven't received any updates the last 5 days...is that normal?15:08
sveintI have tried to press Check in update manager and run apt-get update, but no packaged available in update manager..15:08
sveintah, changing the server in sources helped15:11
sveintI guess the local server is badly outdated15:11
coz_hey guys16:12
ActionParsniphey guys17:46
ActionParsnipis there a thing for unity to show unread emails in gmail?17:47
DaekdroomActionParsnip, indicator?17:48
ActionParsnipDaekdroom: kinda but in the unity, rather than the panel17:48
DaekdroomActionParsnip, I don't think there is17:48
nit-witI use Thunderbird for capturing emails and the popups17:49
nit-witpopups for notification17:49
ActionParsnipnit-wit: yeah saw that, I guess I could keep the mails on the server so webmail works. Might make a script etc, could be fun. I've seen some code to detect how many unread mails there are17:50
=== _LibertyZero is now known as LibertyZero
Fluttershywhat is the date/time manager actually called? I'm having issues getting it working18:20
nlsthznI made the mistake to select an album in Banshee and select "add to play queue" ... no it starts playing the album after any other song I select18:26
nlsthzneven after a reboot :/18:26
nlsthznoh crud, I just discovered the "play queue" on the left... my bad :p18:27
EmanonUbuntu seriously needs to have some kind of program to enforce desktop theme settings on firefox.18:34
EmanonLike the full theme, not just the frame.18:34
DaekdroomEmanon, it used to be far worse.18:35
EmanonWell it needs to be a bit better.18:35
Emanoncause these white backgrounds sear my cornea's and all the userstyles are so poorly done.18:35
Emanonsame for empathy.18:36
DaekdroomBut the default theme does have white background..18:36
Emanonright but when i change it to a theme with a dark background ff and empathy don't change with it18:37
Emanonthey still stay halogen lamp bright18:37
DaekdroomOdd. Empathy's background changes here.18:38
EmanonAlso there needs to be a more comprehensive customization system for themes. Instead of picking from frame, control, text  sections individually.18:38
EmanonThe channel user list does but the actual channel frame doesnt18:38
DaekdroomYou can file a bug on that.18:38
Daekdroom(the customization system)18:39
EmanonIs there an official forum just for suggestions so I don't have to bother the help channels and all you folks in them?18:39
DaekdroomThere is launchpad, where you can file bugs, and the brainstorm website, where you can throw suggestions.18:40
Daekdroomand you can file ideas as bugs too, they'll be marked as "whislist"18:40
ActionParsnipEmanon: http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com   too18:40
DaekdroomHave I gone nuts, or are the Unity Dash and Launcher really not-themeable through GTK?18:47
DaekdroomI've discussed so much about it and people keep saying Unity is complete themeable.18:47
BluesKajhaving input device freeze problems when resizing the terminal , anyone else experience this?18:48
penguin42Daekdroom: I can't see how you can do any customisation at all18:52
EmanonI've noticed in 11.04 if I don't have ambiance the maximized versions of the frame buttons don't look right.18:54
EmanonIf I have ambiance they are the proper set but if I so much as change the theme for the controls or something they change when maximized and change back when windowed.18:55
Emanonwhich is lame.18:55
EmanonAlso what's with empathy and gwibber working nicely minimized into the me menu but evolution either closing completely or just minimizing normally. That's inconsistent and annoying.18:58
EmanonI either have to have evolution open and annoying, minimized with the rest of my open programs or use alltray to send it to the notification tray where it sticks out like a sore thumb cause it's a duplicate of the me menu icon like 2 icons over. If I close it, it just ends the program rather than docking it in the me menu like gwibber and empathy. So either lame looking or no updating.19:03
coz_hey guys19:04
doodooany idea when ATI catalyst driver will come to natty. I can't play games now as it is missing :(19:04
blockyis there a list of known issues with natty a3?19:05
EmanonBesides light themes look like poo idk why they keep making them.19:07
doodooany idea when ATI catalyst driver will come to natty. I can't play games now as it is missing :(19:07
ChogyDandoodoo: I've heard it is always just before release for ATI19:07
ChogyDanor not always, but that is an expected time19:07
doodooChogyDan, Beta or Final release?19:07
ChogyDandoodoo: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/natty/alpha3#Graphics%20and%20Display19:09
EmanonYou know, maybe more people would send in bug or crash reports f it wasn't such a pain in the ass.19:10
EmanonIt's like 50 confirmation dialogues and stuff.19:10
EmanonFor one crash report.19:10
doodooChogyDan, hmm...thanks for the link xD19:11
doodooChogyDan, Guess I will have to wait19:11
ChogyDanya :(19:11
EmanonWhen it really could be 2 buttons and a checkbox. Yes or no, If yes strip logs and such check yes or no.19:11
EmanonMaybe a checkbox for don't bother me anymore as well.19:12
yofelEmanon: depends on the application, if apport asks questions then that's intended by the package maintainers19:12
EmanonThen the package maintainers are retarded.19:12
EmanonNo one cares what the devs want. The programs are made for users.19:13
yofelno, they're not - most bugs can't be fixed without detailed instructions to reproduce, and since most users don't want to add those, they need to force you to add some information they need at least19:13
EmanonThat's why we hate Apple.19:13
yofelwell, apport was made for developers and testers, crash filing is disabled in final releases19:14
EmanonThus the checkbox. Include bare minimum or as much as possible.19:14
EmanonWhich is funny cause I still have crashes in final releases.19:14
EmanonNot atm, cause I'm using natty of course. But still.19:14
yofelwell, that of course happens, but apport will be quiet at least19:15
EmanonEither way they need to streamline apport.19:15
EmanonLike if there are a bunch of yes or no dialogues just make it a list of check-boxes with a single confirm button instead.19:16
yofelwell, feel free to file a bug about apport with ideas how to improve it. (Please don't title it "bug filing is too hard")19:16
EmanonClicking yes over and over is just geh.19:16
yofelthat's pretty much due to the design of the question API, could be improved I guess19:17
EmanonIt's like really long EULA's, do they think anyone actually reads those things? Just bulletpoint it for us. 1: Don't sell my work ******bag. 2: If you pass it around include the source. 3: If you change it, note it, put it in the man page, and include the source.19:18
EmanonThere I just stripped like 30 pages from the gpl19:18
ActionParsnipEmanon: log a bug with the eula then19:19
EmanonAND I asked more than some devs do now with that man page reference.19:19
EmanonStallman is an OG and all but god that thing is wordy.19:20
EmanonNeeds a cliffnotes version.19:21
ActionParsnipYou can submit an expression of this where it counts to maybe get it changed, venting in here does NOTHING19:22
ActionParsnipEmanon: if you care that much, log a bug19:22
EmanonActionParsnip: I've seen you before, do you hang out in rantradio?19:22
ActionParsnipEmanon: no, and I despise ranters19:22
EmanonYou're thinking a different kind of rant.19:23
ActionParsnipEmanon: same difference to me19:23
ActionParsnipEmanon: if you dislike something and moan in an ineffective method and don't make any effort to change it then you should simply sit quiet19:24
EmanonThink less teaparty and more George Carlin19:24
ActionParsnipEmanon: not sure who that is19:24
EmanonGeorge Carlin? He is (was) a comedian.19:24
coz_I thought he died19:25
EmanonYea thus the "was"19:25
zniavregood evening19:26
Emanonhello zniavre19:26
zniavredoes nouveau (or better nvidia 173.14.xx) can works with unity (3d )19:27
bjsniderzniavre, nouveau might work, nvidia-173 will not until april when nvidia updates it19:27
zniavrebjsnider,  thank you, to be sharp nouveau can handle unity 3d for sure ?19:28
zniavre(in fact i want to try it )  ^^19:29
Emanonnoveau handles 2d only iirc19:30
ActionParsnipzniavre: what nvidia chip are you using?19:30
Emanon"Any 3D functionality that might exist is still unsupported. Do not ask for instructions to try it. But you can read GalliumHowto in case you are brave enough. "19:30
EmanonThat was from the link19:30
zniavreActionParsnip,  old hardware > fx5500 (usinf 173.14.xx legacy drivers19:31
bjsniderzniavre, no excuse not to upgrade your graphics card to something modern19:32
zniavre:o(   no money my friend ....19:32
ActionParsnipzniavre: not a bad chip :) i'd test both to see which works best19:32
bjsniderzniavre, my card cost $50 new19:34
zniavreit looks cheap for some but quite expensive for me ...19:35
zniavremy comp is 11years old (MB GFX RAM)19:37
ActionParsnipzniavre: it'll run fie. I have a 6150LE chip which works cool19:37
zniavrego ahead and i ll see ...  thank you all answering19:38
bjsniderActionParsnip, you should upgrade too19:38
bjsniderthat is old junk19:39
ActionParsnipbjsnider: why?19:39
ActionParsnipbjsnider: it does what it needs to do and isn't failing19:39
ActionParsnipbjsnider: so why waste money when what I have is fine?19:40
ActionParsnipbjsnider: yeah, should've done what you are doing now earlier...19:44
bjsniderActionParsnip, i was just finishing mark shuttleworth's latest blog post. the answer to your query is "because you're falling further and further behind in terms of gpu features and opengl support."19:47
ActionParsnipbjsnider: but it does what it needs to do in a perfectly reasonable time19:48
bjsnidereventuall it will not19:48
ActionParsnipbjsnider: it chats and web browses just fine. Until it starts to not do what it needs to do, or starts failing. I don't need to upgrade do I?19:49
ActionParsnipbjsnider: the correct answer is: no   so I won't be upgrading any time soon, like you suggested19:50
bjsniderthose two things are all you use your computer for?19:50
ActionParsnipbjsnider: yes19:50
ActionParsnipbjsnider: literally19:50
bjsnideryou don't need much more than a netbook i would think19:51
ActionParsnipbjsnider: so I dont need some quad core thing with 8Gb RAM do I19:51
ActionParsnipbjsnider: doesn't even need that. My system has 1Gb RAM and it runs fine19:51
ActionParsnipbjsnider: as I always say, you don't need a ferrari to drive to the shops and back once a week19:52
bjsnideralso nvidia's latest drivers will stop supporting the 6k series soon. the new cutoff point will likely be the 8k cards19:52
bjsniderdue to the presence of a common set of hardware features19:53
ActionParsnipthen i'll use nouvea and if thats poor I'll grab a video card19:53
ActionParsnipbjsnider: i upgrade as and when, not just because19:55
bjsnideri'm not making this stuff up, this is years of experience talking. more horsepower is always better than less. most of the systems i service for people suffer from being unable to handle what they're using them for19:55
ActionParsnipbjsnider: theres no point me getting a 12 core server with 16Gb RAM and 2 4Gb video cards, its a complete waste19:56
penguin42ActionParsnip: Helps keep the room warm in winter19:56
ActionParsnippenguin42: yeah pretty much19:57
DaekdroomIs there something that I can use to keep my room cooler? :p19:58
ActionParsnipDaekdroom: a fan or air conditioning or get a ghost in ;)19:58
penguin42Daekdroom: Just run the machine backwards19:58
bjsniderthat's what everybody thinks when they buy a computer: here's what it doesn't need to be able to do. then, a year later, they think: why can't it do all of these things i want it to?19:58
Daekdroombjsnider, over time, all I do is lower expectations from my machine.19:59
ActionParsnipbjsnider: my needs havent changed in more than 10 years19:59
bjsniderActionParsnip, then you are unique in the annals of computer usage. i salute you19:59
bjsnidero brave new world that has such creatures in it20:00
ActionParsnipbjsnider: thats why your statement is hilarious to me. Until flash starts being bad on it, i'll stick where I am20:00
ActionParsnipbjsnider: I work in IT and so in my time off I don't do any big gaming or anything like that. I do most of my stuff out and about on my Android phone and I like to not be on my computer if I can20:01
bjsniderActionParsnip, if you came with me to see some of the situations i find, you might change your views, at least about other people.20:02
ActionParsnipbjsnider: well thats them. I'm not going to change my system because someone else is having issues. That makes no sense20:02
ActionParsnipbjsnider: I understand people upgrade as their needs change, thats obvious20:03
bjsnider99% of the people i run into are trying to shoehorn new ideas (like games and movies) into old junk. it doesn't work.20:03
ActionParsnipbjsnider: iknow,i've seen it a lot20:04
ActionParsnipbjsnider: even seen people trying to load old versions of apps onto Vista when they worked on XP and it made vista crash, same sort of thing20:04
DaekdroomI think bjsnider did it wrong when he didn't consider that ActionParsnip knows exactly what he wants to do.20:05
DaekdroomUnlike someone who doesn't have so much contact with computers20:05
bjsnideror people running vista on xp hardware (thanks to the crook vendors)20:05
DaekdroomI used to run XP on Me hardware for a long time.20:05
DaekdroomSlowness > Crashness20:05
bjsniderit wasn't such a huge difference20:06
ActionParsnipbjsnider: its software, it was some adobe nonesense, caused the system to crash so he had to buy the newer version which was compatible20:07
saulushey, I want to create a NAT gateway. I followed this howto http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=713874 but it does not work. Maybe theres something new on 11.04. Can you help me?20:08
bjsniderthis state of war between canonical and gnome sucks.20:11
DaekdroomThe only thing I care about is that, if I want to move to Gnome Shell, I'll be able to get indicator support there somehow. No matter who coded it :P20:15
robin0800Daekdroom, Unity 2d has indicator support though I don't think its meant to20:17
Daekdroomrobin0800, why wouldn't it be meant to?20:18
bjsniderDaekdroom, i am asking on your behalf and will report the answer20:18
Daekdroomrobin0800, I'm talking about indicators, not systray20:18
robin0800Daekdroom, ok well it's got both at the moment20:19
=== Quintasan_ is now known as Quintasan
zzillezzhmm why do my updates stall at 25% (kubuntu 11.04 alpha3)20:33
zzillezzall packages were downloaded, some of them are now 'prepared'20:33
zzillezzbut it does nothing any more now20:34
ActionParsnipzzillezz: try:  sudo apt-get clean    then retry20:34
zzillezzActionParsnip: is it better to update with apt then with the Software Updates program ?20:35
ActionParsnipzzillezz: both are equally good20:35
arandzzillezz: but apt-get might provide more information if something goes awry, and aptitude even more so.20:35
zzillezzhmm kpackagekit doesn't want to close20:36
ActionParsnipzzillezz: I use this script to automatically update every day: http://paste.ubuntu.com/579459/20:36
zzillezzi'll have a look thanks ActionParsnip20:36
zzillezzany way to close down kpackagekit ?20:37
ActionParsnipzzillezz: it takes an arg too, if you run:     fullupgrade s   it will upgrade  then shutdown after, r makes it reboot :)20:37
coz_hey guys20:43
ActionParsnipcoz_: hi, are you using natty?20:44
coz_ActionParsnip,  on my other system yes20:47
ActionParsnipcoz_: just saw you say hi in both :)20:47
coz_ActionParsnip,  oh I found    /amsg  for xcaht works instead of typing in everychannel I have :)20:48
ActionParsnipnice :)20:48
ActionParsnipdoesn't fly in pidgin20:48
coz_ActionParsnip,  oo  I didnt know that20:49
=== electro is now known as e\ectro
coz_ActionParsnip,  I am going to have to try pidgin again to see if any of the commands work with it20:51
ActionParsnipsounds fun20:52
bjsniderDaekdroom, gnome-shell will have its own gnome indicators in the ppa, and not the ubuntu code, seems to be the answer21:07
Daekdroombjsnider, will do21:08
zzillezzalright, that didn't go as planned ...21:08
zzillezzupdating through terminal now21:11
magn3tsborders are back?!21:17
Daekdroommagn3ts, it caused issues with metacity21:20
Daekdroomand Mark said they were bland21:20
zzillezzanyone knows what this message means :21:30
zzillezz(gtk-update-icon-cache:7433): GdkPixbuf-WARNING **: Cannot open pixbuf loader module file '/usr/lib/gdk-pixbuf-2.0/2.10.0/loaders.cache': No such file or directory21:30
magn3tsThat's sad, really liked them.21:30
magn3tsAlso, just hard fast crashed Virtual Box... open the workspace expose view adn then try to drag a unity dock icon.21:30
Daekdroommagn3ts, in here, all I have to do is try to drag a unity launcher and it might crash21:31
DaekdroomNot everytime, but possible and likely21:31
guntbertwhere is the "visual effects" tab (used to be found in system/preferences/appearance)?21:38
Daekdroomguntbert, no longer exists.22:07
Daekdroomand doesn't have a replacement either.22:07
penguin42can't see a gui for editing the workspace layout either22:07
DaekdroomI recall editing it, but I can't remember where22:08
guntbertDaekdroom: thx22:08
Daekdroompenguin42, bleh. Found it under ccsm ;)22:09
DaekdroomIt's under the last tab of "General Options" or something like that22:10
guntbertI guess I'm being especially braindead today: in launchpad, reporting a bug, I am asked "do any of the following bugs describe the bug ....?" - what do I do if that is the case? (I expected to click on the bug description...)22:14
Daekdroomguntbert, but that is exactly what you're meant to do.22:15
DaekdroomIf it's not clickable, I think the page hasn't loaded fully.22:15
guntbertDaekdroom: sorry, havin it open in a VM I saw it unfold, but missed the button "yes" at the bottom - all found now :-)22:16
zniavrere good evening22:32
zniavreim now on natty with nouveau driver + mesa dri experimental unity seems to does not work, i did something wrong?22:33
guntberta heads up: the menu editor from "other" looks quite different (and is less useful) than the one from the right-click menu un the ubuntu icon22:37
tohuwhow do I restart window decorations? They disappeared on me, but compiz is still running...23:00
jbichatohuw: I'd do compiz --replace anyway23:00
tohuwjbicha: thanks. invoking unity-window-decorator seemed to work also; I think it just stopped running23:01
hvis it known that every emacs window (upstream, and probably the one in the repos) causes indicator-applet-appmenu to leak about a few megabytes?23:27
* hv goes to cross-post in #ubuntu-devel ...23:28
penguin42youch :-)23:28
* hv should consider trying to fix it, as no one answered there ...23:32
Daekdroomhv, indicator-applet-appmenu is leaking with everything23:33
Daekdroomhv, so is unity-panel-service23:33
hvDaekdroom: is there a clear path for the applications to "modernize", or indicator-applet-appmenu has to be backward-compatible with them?23:34
Daekdroomhv, I'm not following.23:35
hvI mean, who has to "plug" the leak?23:35
DaekdroomIt's definitely appmenu's fault23:35
DaekdroomIt was designed to work with like almost all GTK and QT apps, and can be adapted to work with FF, Thunderbird, LibreOffice etc.23:36
hvI see.23:36
penguin42hv: It's two parts; one is the daemon that does the displaying and the other is a modification to the widget library to pass menus to it23:37
Daekdroomappmenu and libdbusmenu, respectively, am I right, penguin42 ?23:37
penguin42I think so23:37
penguin42I wish they'd get sorted out - running on KDE gnome apps are spewing errors23:37
DaekdroomThe apps themselves or appmenu?23:38
hvis there a clear roadmap or wiki on the status of appmenu support for individual apps? I don't think it is a good idea to file bug reports for individual apps.23:39
wierd0{}nattys awesome23:42
OmegaIt is!23:42
wierd0{}i was an ubuntu hater.  i changed my mind :)23:42
wierd0{}i'd even pay for it :o23:44
wierd0{}too many nightmares23:44
UndiFineDweird0{}: why did you hate it ?23:54
weird0{}maverick marked the worst year of my life23:55
weird0{}dinner time23:55
OmegaHeya UndiFineD!23:58

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