Viper550troy_s, hello02:24
troy_sViper550: Well well well...02:24
troy_sViper550: If it isn't a matured Viper. How goes it sir?02:24
Viper550Still good. Still unfortunately not using Linux as a primary OS (but still uses OSS whenever possible)02:24
troy_sViper550: Is it unfortunate, fortunate, or moot?02:25
Viper550Moot, since I know even with how much development Ubuntu has had lately, I still don't think Windows will be topped as the king of desktop computing02:26
Viper550However, I am impressed at how much Linux has been gaining traction on portable devices02:26
troy_sViper550: That would also be a cue to trigger the "Viper is delusional" bell.02:26
troy_sViper550: Last time I checked, MSFT was surfing downward at 219B market cap, Google upwards at 199B, and Apple upwards at 330B.02:27
Viper550And, I moved to Saskatchewan last year02:27
troy_sViper550: To me, it reeks of someone that isn't paying attention.02:27
troy_sViper550: Congratulations!02:27
troy_sViper550: Good Canuckville.02:27
Viper550and I mean, Android = most popular smartphone OS02:27
troy_sViper550: Really, the whole comparison blah blah blah is a moot point. This has nothing to do with where we are.02:27
troy_sViper550: And everything to do with designing where people are going. Specific people. Specific cultures. Specific needs.02:27
troy_sViper550: And wrapping all of that in a desirable experience.02:28
Viper550while my new school board seems to have a flagrant M$ bias (Office 2007, Windows 7, freaking Exchange), at least there's still some Linux here and there02:28
troy_sViper550: Linux is about as suitable for usage as OSX is for medical instrumentation panels or MS is for nuclear submarine control.02:29
Viper550my computer science teacher (where we learn *gasp* VB.net) wanted me to install Ubuntu 10.10 on an older laptop02:29
troy_sViper550: It always has been, and always will be, about usefulbility.02:29
Viper550and the server that houses the school websites runs some sort of RHEL 402:29
Viper550however, my plan to install Habari as a CMS for the school website has hit some obstacles so big, an IT department ''leader'' is coming to have a meeting with me on Tuesday.02:30
troy_sViper550: The question is whether or not you can create a compelling experience for that person. Good luck with that.02:30
troy_sViper550: Forcing issues where issues are complex will likely result in a bucket of failure.02:31
Viper550However, http://schools.cornerstonesd.ca/~wcs/02:31
troy_sViper550: Cut to the chase - so you succeed. Who cares? What is gained? Does it matter?02:32
troy_sViper550: Bigger questions.02:32
Viper550I live in a small town. If I can make any change towards the better here, it will feel like an accomplishment02:33
troy_sViper550: Better is a relative word my friend.02:35
Viper550I mean better as in, not looking like a stereotypical Geocities site02:35
troy_sViper550: Erm... well isn't that a question of aesthetic?02:37
Viper550thenagain, our school board already utilizes a whole batch of web apps (Blackboard, Home/TeacherLogic), so being able to apply the principle to school websites could make it easier to keep them updated/maintained02:39
Viper550and also, Unity is an interesting desktop02:40
troy_sViper550: You are all over the map. You are supposed to be four years older.02:41
troy_sViper550: How are you finding Saskatchewan?02:42
Viper550Snow, snow, and more snow.02:43
Viper550the provincial government operates its own phone company, SaskTel02:51
Viper550thankfully their internet service isn't that bad02:56
coz_hey all12:29
duanedesignhello leoquant14:42
leoquanthi duanedesign14:42
duanedesignhow have you been?14:43
leoquanta bit "low", but i am up and running again duanedesign14:44
leoquanthow are you?14:44
duanedesignleoquant: I was just thinking about past Beginners Team members I had not talked to in awhile and then you popped in :)14:45
duanedesignseemd llike a great coincidence14:45
duanedesignleoquant: Have you done much art lately?14:46
leoquanti have my one room for painting now14:46
leoquantwhich is great14:46
duanedesignthat is great14:47
leoquantand it is seperate from fam. affairs etc. ツ14:47
leoquantpainting needs to be done in your own room, alone isn't it?14:47
duanedesignoh definetly14:48
duanedesigneveryone I know that paints has a room for it14:48
duanedesignleoquant: I have not painted in almost a year now. I have been working on wire sculptures lately14:49
leoquantgreat, like giacometti?14:49
leoquantwith his single person statures14:49
leoquantor are they abstract due?14:51
leoquantduanedesign, tabfail14:51
duanedesigni was looking I thought i had some pictures online14:51
duanedesignthat bit.ly link is similar in style14:52
leoquantthats nice14:52
duanedesignI am still kind of exploring different styles14:52
leoquanti like that picture/stature14:52
leoquantits alive14:53
leoquantyou have seen my pictures14:53
leoquanti had them on ubuntuforums...a periode...14:54
leoquantduanedesign, i have to some administration things....14:56
duanedesigni will look14:56
leoquanttalk to you later?14:57
duanedesignok great talking with you leoquant14:57
duanedesignleoquant: definetly14:57
leoquantok ツ14:57
coz_hey guys16:12
evilvishhey copy-paster, err... coz_  ;)16:13
coz_evilvish,  hey guy    :)16:13
coz_evilvish,  yes I was told that using a script for saying this was "unwelcomed" in most channels16:13
evilvishcoz_: nah, you are manually logging in right? so not a huge issue..16:14
coz_evilvish,  oh  maybe I misunderstood them then16:14
coz_I know all I have to do atually  "amsg  hey guys"16:14
coz_that should show up in all channels I have16:15
evilvishhmm, i should remind charlie to mention on the ML that the xubuntu task is done..16:16
coz_evilvish,  arent they all dont at this point?16:26
evilvishcoz_: yea, they choose a couple of wallpapers last meeting16:27
coz_evilvish, ` ah ok... cool .. at least that painful experience is finished :)16:28
coz_evilvish,  are there more contents on the horizon?16:44
evilvishcoz_: not that i know of :)16:45
coz_evilvish,  ok cool thanks16:45
coz_ok I am going for lunch...chinese  I think,,,, be back later16:56
coz_hey guys19:04
coz_hey guys20:43

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