kristian-aalborgsudo apt-get build-dep linux-image-$(uname -r) <--- this command wants to fetch 850 megs?00:30
JackyAlcinekristian-aalborg, you're building the kernel, what'd you expect? :P I think that's approriate.01:54
kristian-aalborgJackyAlcine: it wants X, a bunch of fonts, LaTeX...02:00
JackyAlcineHmm, that's a bit odd.02:00
kristian-aalborgthis happens now and then... no biggie02:01
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oldos2erany beginners here?04:23
oldos2eri still feel like a beginner even though i've been using ubuntu for 3 1/2 years04:23
nit-witwe are all beginners a something eh04:24
oldos2eri suppose so04:24
nit-witLinux to myself about the same time using here as well, no windows history to be clouded with though lol.:)04:25
oldos2ereveryone must be out, ubuntu channels are quiet tonight04:25
oldos2ermy windows history is long ago and far away too04:25
nit-witI have learned it after the open source its like playing pong04:26
nit-witW7 is not bad but what a hassle if your not a gamer or reallly need it.04:26
oldos2erafter amnesia: the dark descent, pong sucks04:27
oldos2eri used vista for a few days, because i had to. haven't seen or tried 704:27
oldos2erbye for now04:28
yax51ok, so I've been playing around with ubuntu 10.10, and LOVE it!! just found some really cool desktop effects among others06:22
yax51was wondering if anyone else knew any really cool things I can play around with....06:22
bioterroryax51, you can play with conky, for example06:27
yax51conky is cool, although it doesn't display any GPU information, I've been using nvclock for that06:29
yax51plus with my oled daemon, I get all the sys monitoring stuff (CPU usage and temp, network traffic, email and IM alerts, Battery notification, music title, artist info via amarok, ect.)06:31
yax51if you have an oled I HIGHLY recommend this....06:32
duanedesignmorning all10:15
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erdincnobody here?14:43
erdinci have ubuntu 9.04 on my laptop, and i couldn't write a dvd with any program..14:55
erdincAlso command line.14:55
holsteinhey erdinc14:55
holsteinwhat are you trying to write?14:56
holsteini would try and make sure its not something to do with codecs14:56
holsteinand just try burning a data DVD14:57
erdincyes, i have alredy tried to wrie data dvd14:59
holsteinerdinc: whats the error?14:59
erdincit just writes iso image on brasero15:00
erdincbut i can't write cd or dvd or rw media15:00
holsteindo you get an error?15:00
holsteinor do you not see the optical drive from the burner?15:00
duanedesignerdinc: ahh, it is writing the iso and not the files?15:01
erdinci can't write both, iso and the normal data files15:01
duanedesigni was going to suggest. Right click on the ISO image file and choose Write to Disc15:02
erdinci have tried cdrecord, brasero, dvdtools etc15:02
erdincok, i try for you just now15:02
holsteinim still not sure whats going on BUT15:02
holsteinif you start the programs from the terminal15:02
holsteinopen terminal and type brasero15:03
holsteinyou *should* get some output there15:03
duanedesignthat is a good idea.15:03
holsteinpotentially helpful trouble-shooting output15:03
erdincI/O warning : failed to load external entity "/root/.config/brasero/brasero.session"15:03
erdinci get this message on the console15:04
holsteinerdinc: are you running it as root?15:04
erdincwith sudo15:04
holsteintry as normal user15:04
erdincsame thing, brasero opened with gui15:05
holsteinsee if you can reproduce the failure you are experiencing15:05
holsteinand check the terminal output15:05
erdincI/O warning : failed to load external entity "/root/.config/brasero/brasero.session"15:05
erdincnot that15:06
erdinc$ brasero15:06
erdinc(brasero:5136): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: /build/buildd/glib2.0-2.20.1/gobject/gsignal.c:2387: instance `0x984d628' has no handler with id `1507'15:06
erdinc(brasero:5136): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: /build/buildd/glib2.0-2.20.1/gobject/gsignal.c:2387: instance `0x984d628' has no handler with id `1508'15:06
holsteinerdinc: im thinking those are OK15:07
holsteintry the burn15:07
duanedesignsorry. I meant15:07
erdincyes, i want to burn but15:07
duanedesignAre you logged in a root?15:07
erdinci don't want to a iso file :)15:07
erdinci want a real dvd :)15:07
erdincno i'm a normal user15:08
holsteinerdinc: OK, choose whatever you want15:08
holsteinand read the error output15:08
erdincjust a minute15:08
holsteinerdinc: is it this simple?15:09
holsteingo to 'project'15:09
holsteinand choose 'new project'15:09
holsteinand select project type15:09
erdinc$ growisofs -dvd-compat -input-charset=ISO-8859-1 -Z /dev/sdc -R -J -pad "/home/erdinc/Desktop/interpol.mp3"15:11
erdinc:-( unable to open64("/dev/sdc",O_RDONLY): No such file or directory15:11
geirhasdX are harddrives15:11
geirhals /dev/scd*15:11
holsteinerdinc: what is that from?15:12
holsteintrying to burn interpol.mp3 as an audio disc?15:12
erdincscd is my dvdrom15:12
erdincno holstein15:12
erdincit's a data15:12
erdincit doesn't matter15:12
geirhascd != sdc15:12
erdincmp3 pdf, a directory15:12
erdinci can change it for you15:12
erdincok geirha15:13
erdincok geirha$ growisofs -dvd-compat -input-charset=ISO-8859-1 -Z /dev/scd -R -J -pad "/home/erdinc/Desktop/interpol.mp3"15:13
erdinc:-( unable to open64("/dev/scd",O_RDONLY): No such file or directory15:13
erdincdo you know a command which i can see my drives?15:14
geirhaerdinc: Yes, /dev/scd does not exist, it'll be /dev/scd0 or /dev/scd1 etc. That's why I suggested you run  ls /dev/scd*15:14
erdinc /etc/fstab: static file system information.15:14
erdinc# Use 'vol_id --uuid' to print the universally unique identifier for a15:14
erdinc# device; this may be used with UUID= as a more robust way to name devices15:14
erdinc# that works even if disks are added and removed. See fstab(5).15:14
erdinc# <file system> <mount point>   <type>  <options>       <dump>  <pass>15:14
erdincproc            /proc           proc    defaults        0       015:14
geirhaAlso, /dev/dvd is probably a symlink to the correct device15:14
erdinc# / was on /dev/sda1 during installation15:14
erdincUUID=efb43c84-e1b5-48bd-8fdb-25c8fe4644df /               ext3    relatime,errors=remount-ro 0       115:14
erdinc# /dev/sda6 was on /dev/sda7 during installation15:14
erdincUUID=c496955f-1d8b-4cbb-b87b-d00578047192 /dev/sda6       ext3    relatime        0       215:14
erdinc# swap was on /dev/sda5 during installation15:14
erdincUUID=875e2507-1f49-4785-b1a2-b3fc1dd3089a none            swap    sw              0       015:14
erdinc/dev/scd0       /media/cdrom0   udf,iso9660 user,noauto,exec,utf8 0       015:15
holsteinerdinc: you're going to need to pastebin15:15
erdincokay, i see scd015:15
erdincand try15:15
erdinc$ growisofs -dvd-compat -input-charset=ISO-8859-1 -Z /dev/scd0 -R -J -pad "/home/erdinc/Desktop/interpol.mp3"15:15
erdinc:-( /dev/scd0: media is not recognized as recordable DVD: 015:15
erdincwhat's pastebin?15:15
holsteinits the thing you paste all that into15:15
holsteinso you dont flood the channel like that ^^15:15
erdincokay :)15:16
geirhaerdinc: Do you have more than one optical drives?15:16
holsteinOR other media15:16
erdincno i don't have another devices and media15:17
erdincbut it can't me15:17
holsteinerdinc: i think changing media might be a good step15:17
geirhaWell, you've probably burned something to the dvd you have in the drive right now.15:17
holsteinerdinc: good luck to you :)15:17
erdincholstein thanks, but my english is not so good15:18
erdincand i can't find the rigth words15:18
holsteinerdinc: no worries15:18
holsteini gotta run15:18
erdincthe trouble is not new!15:18
holsteingeirha seems to be on the right track :)15:18
erdincthe version of my ubuntu is 9.0415:18
geirha9.04 is no longer supported15:19
erdinci tried the another medias but it's not ok15:19
erdincyeah i know15:19
erdinci wan't to install 10.1015:19
erdincand i can't install it for that reason15:19
erdinci downloaded iso 10.1015:20
erdincand i can't burn the disc15:20
erdincand i want the install from harddisc15:20
erdinceverything is okay15:20
erdincbut i have some important files15:20
erdincand i want to burn a few dvd with these15:20
holsteinerdinc: maybe you can go to another machine?15:21
holsteina friends machine?15:21
holsteinjust for that 10.10 burn?15:21
holsteinupgrading might solve all these issues anyways15:21
geirhaerdinc: are you sure you have the right type of dvd recordable? dvd-r vs dvd+r15:21
erdincit will be that i think so15:21
holsteinyou wont have to troubleshoot a box that you are abandoning anyways15:21
erdincgeirha, i have philips dvd-r15:22
erdincand the dvd driwe can burn dvd15:23
erdincwrites so on the cove on dvdrom15:23
erdincdo you have another idea geirha or holstein?15:24
geirhaHm. Then it sounds like a driver issue, or possibly the dvd-recorder is failing.15:25
erdinci see, thanks for your helps.15:25
erdincgeirha and holstein15:25
erdinci'll try to another computer.15:25
geirhaI'd try upgrading to 9.10, and then to 10.04 and then try again.15:25
erdincokay, it can works, it's so logical :D15:26
geirhaBtw, you can order an Ubuntu CD by mail btw ... completely free, no shipping costs or anything.15:26
erdincyes, but i don't have much time.15:27
erdincupgrade is more logical.15:27
geirhaSure. Nice to have an Ubuntu CD around though, just in case.15:28
erdincif i find it, it can be good. I think i must go to my friend. I need to use his computer15:31
lordjjHi, can someone tell me how to disable Write Caching on my External USB Hard Drive in Ubuntu? Also will this disable it locally on my machine, or will it affect the external HDD such that wherever I connect it write caching will be disabled?15:33
lordjjCan someone tell me how to disable Write Caching on my External USB Hard Drive in Ubuntu?15:40
geirhaWhat filesystem(s) does it have?15:41
geirhaThere's a sync options that make I/O happen synchronously, but I don't think it applies to ntfs.15:44
geirhaSo I don't think it's possible, at least not with NTFS.15:45
geirhaMaybe running sync(1) on it after copying something to it works, but I don't know.15:46
lordjjgeirha: what command shows me details about mounted drives? Actually I just bought a Seagate 1TB expansion drive, and I'm not sure of filesystem15:48
geirhawhat type of details do you want?15:49
lordjjgeirha: filesystem15:49
geirhaA fresh disk typically has no filesystem, you choose that when you partition and format it.15:49
geirhaWell running   mount  will give you that information (if a little cryptic though)15:50
geirhasudo blkid   may be a better option, though it also includes filesystems that are not mounted.15:50
geirha(but you can use  df -h  or   mount  to figure out which are mounted)15:51
lordjjgeirha: I found it woth blkid15:52
lordjj/dev/sdb1: LABEL="Expansion Drive" UUID="087419B67419A788" TYPE="ntfs"15:52
lordjjgeirha: It's just that I heard that write chaching can cause corrupted data in case of power out or sudden removal. What can I do about that?15:53
KinkyPinkieHey, guys! What do you say, party my place tonight!15:55
geirhalordjj: Well, ntfs is designed to handle that. If it doesn't get cleanly unmounted, like if the power is cut, it has measures in place to recover from it.15:58
geirhaAnd the way you recover it is by running a filesystem check, which automatically fixes it.15:58
geirhaHowever, that's not possible from Linux, you must have windows to do a filesystem check on ntfs.15:58
lordjjgeirha: Ok, I didn't know that. How do I run that in XP?15:59
geirhaRight-click -> Check drive  or something like that I'd expect.  I'm not very familiar with XP.15:59
lordjjgeirha: Ok thanks. Btw, out-of-topic: I've read a lot of troubling reviews about Seagate Expansion drives, I'm somewhat concerned; I thought this'd be the best way to back up my data.16:01
geirhalordjj: Though, filesystem check is only needed for the extreme cases. For the simpler cases, it's enough to just get it mounted in windows, then "Safely remove external drive" in windows, to get it unmounted properly.16:02
geirhaI don't know exactly what is meant by an Expansion drive16:04
geirhaIs it just a regular external drive you connect with usb?16:04
lordjjIt's just a 1TB usb external drive16:04
geirhaI think I've heard they've had a couple of series of external harddrives with a bit higher defect rate than usual. I don't what series that applies to though.16:07
geirhaI'd try Wikipedia and/or Google.16:07
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igmshi to all. i think this question asked many times sorry about that i use ubuntu over 2 years and i think it is time for contribution. i am software engineer at a university in Turkiye. i am interesting in development. if anyone show me the path i would be thankful17:36
geirhaigms: Have you seen http://www.ubuntu.com/community ?17:45
igmsyeah i ve seen it17:46
igmsbut it can't help much17:46
pleia2https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu is also good17:47
JoeMaverickSetthttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/FocusGroups/Development <-- so is this, igms :)17:47
igmsthanks for quick replies17:49
igmsi will read these but i think what i need is some advice or some experiences of yours17:50
popeluvsuI talked my boyfriend into installing Ubuntu after his Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 14 arrived, he opted to wipe out windows 7 as he fell in love with the trial run from the disc. But now there are some major problems and I'll feel so guilty if I can't resolve them. Can anyone help me troubleshoot a DNS problem?18:18
bioterrordns problem18:19
bioterrorhe can ping without a problem?18:19
popeluvsuThe wifi signal drops out, and when testing on speedtest.net I can't even get through the download speed test18:19
popeluvsu--- ping statistics ---18:21
popeluvsu8 packets transmitted, 8 received, 0% packet loss, time 7010ms18:21
popeluvsurtt min/avg/max/mdev = 24.460/28.733/39.172/5.635 ms18:21
popeluvsuBut then it will drop and not be able to reconnect18:21
popeluvsudespite other computers on the wifi network working great18:21
popeluvsuthe speed on the mac through speedtest.net will be 9.86 mbps download and 3.88 upload, while this ubuntu10.10 lenovo can't even connect at all18:22
bioterrorJoeMaverickSett, was it "lspci |grep Network"18:22
bioterrordid you say mac18:22
popeluvsuyea, theres a mac in the house18:22
popeluvsubut this is a lenovo think pad edge18:22
bioterroryeah we would like to know which wlan card you have18:22
popeluvsuthe lenovo is what im troubleshooting18:22
popeluvsu Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8191SEvB Wireless LAN Controller (rev 10)18:23
JoeMaverickSettbioterror: yes. :D18:24
popeluvsuthis is my first try working on ubuntu so I really appreciate your help:)18:24
popeluvsuI did try downloading the WICD Network Manager to use instead, based on forum threads I read. but that would not connect at all.18:26
popeluvsuso I switched startup back to the regular network manager.18:26
bioterrorpopeluvsu, JoeMaverickSett will assist you ;)18:27
popeluvsuit's just insanely flaky, when connected it is slow, then it drops out and will not reconnect for a long time, sometimes it will not reconnect unless I reboot. thanks so much!18:27
popeluvsuthanks joe18:27
popeluvsuthanks bioterror, i see through that link I need to update the bios, is there a beginners step by step somewhere?18:32
popeluvsuthanks, ill work through this and report back18:35
JoeMaverickSettpopeluvsu: also this; http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/howto-flash-your-system-bios-under-linux.html18:36
popeluvsu1Hi again, I just read through the BIOS updating links you sent for this Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 14 using Ubuntu 10.10 and I'm a little confused on some fronts.19:10
stlsaintpopeluvsu1: who was it that sent you that link?19:10
bioterrorit was joe ;)19:11
popeluvsu1oh sorry, bioterror and joe were helping19:11
popeluvsu1you guys must laugh all day with the silliness in this chat! ha19:11
ddecatorit has its moments19:11
popeluvsu1you are like the ER and everyone just has tunnel vision about their injuries and can't think straight to ask the right questions:)19:12
bioterrorI'm always laughing19:13
bioterroras I'm a hilarious fatty19:13
popeluvsu1Anyway, I ran the sudu biosdecode and got a ton of info on my bios that i can't really decipher. From reading I know flashing is scary and risky, and I want to be absolutely sure I'm doing it right before I start19:13
ddecatorpopeluvsu1: that's a good way of looking at it19:13
ddecatorbioterror: fatties are usually hilarious19:14
bioterrorpopeluvsu1, http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/MIGR-75111.html19:14
* ddecator has not idea why we're trying to flash a bios in the first place, so he'll leave you all to it19:14
bioterrorddecator, becouse wlan cuts signals and one guy got it fixed with updating BIOS19:15
ddecator...i'm not sure how that would work, but ok19:15
bioterrorpopeluvsu1, download that ISO, burn it with what ever computer you have, boot it and updated it19:15
bioterrorddecator, I'm atm. flashing my phone :)19:16
bioterrorI got so frustrated with my mockia n97, that I decided to go with WindowsMobile, once again19:16
ddecatorAndroid FTW :)19:16
bioterrorhow can one phone restart itself during sending an MMS19:17
ddecatormine did when i first got it. it rebooted every time i got an email and it tried to notify me. did a factory reset and no troubles since19:17
popeluvsu1bioterror: just want to check compatibility based on that link, this may be stupid..but how do I find out what model thinkpadedge I have in ubuntu 10?19:17
bioterrorlshw |less19:18
bioterrorshould tell19:18
bioterrorI'm using Windows XP atm. I cant confirm all the commands I'm throwing out of my mind :D19:18
ddecatorthat didn't tell me anything on my system..19:19
bioterrorshould tell19:19
popeluvsu1ha, that just said description: computer19:20
popeluvsu1ok, so i have this lenovo bios link, it does say the update was released 3 days ago so i guess i would probably want to upgrade regardless of problem right? (sorry i'm scared to do this!)19:22
popeluvsu1<---needs coddling, ha19:22
popeluvsu1does it matter that I'm not running windows 7?19:24
bioterrorpopeluvsu1, it doesnt matter at all19:25
popeluvsusorry, wifi dropped again19:26
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popeluvsuHaving tons of wifi issues with ubuntu 10.10 on my lenovo thinkpad edge. its my first time using linux at all...do you think I should switch to 10.4 instead? Is that less buggy?20:24
duanedesignhello popeluvsu20:31
duanedesignpopeluvsu: you might try a newer kernel to see if that helps20:33
duanedesignpopeluvsu: what network card do you have. Could you run the command   lshw -C network20:34
popeluvsuduanedesign: I'll try anything, I already tried using a different network controller, updating BIOS to no avail. Can you help me find info on trying a new kernel?20:34
popeluvsuRTL8191SEvB Wireless LAN Controller20:35
popeluvsusome others have pointed me to an issue on the forums that said updating BIOS helped with this lenovo thinkpad problem, so I downloaded the BIOS ISO, burnt to a disk, and then I couldnt get it to update.20:37
popeluvsuDuring the BIOS boot, it gave me 2 options, the first was to update, when I hit enter it said, "you do not need an update at this time" and it cancelled the action20:39
popeluvsuthe 2nd thing was "update model number" and when I hit enter on that...it gave me a model number already filled in..20:40
duanedesignpopeluvsu: can you try this command20:40
duanedesignlsmod | r8192se_pci20:40
duanedesignsee if that is the wireless module you have20:40
popeluvsucommand not found20:40
popeluvsudid i copy it wrong?20:41
popeluvsulsmod | r8192se_pci20:41
duanedesignohh sorry20:41
duanedesignlsmod | grep r8192se_pci20:42
popeluvsur8192se_pci           469870  020:42
popeluvsucfg80211              144694  1 r8192se_pci20:42
duanedesigncan you try these commands:20:43
popeluvsuby the way thanks for helping me!20:44
duanedesignrmmod r8192se_pci20:44
duanedesignmodprobe r8192se_pci hwwep=020:44
duanedesignthat willl unload then reload the module20:44
popeluvsudo i put them in seperately?20:44
popeluvsuor one after the other?20:45
duanedesignyes one at a time20:45
popeluvsuthe first one says ERROR: Removing 'r8192se_pci': Operation not permitted20:46
popeluvsuthe second one does not elicit a response20:47
duanedesignoh,, you will likely need to add sudo.20:47
duanedesignsudo rmmod r8192se_pci20:47
duanedesignthen you will have to put in your password20:47
duanedesignthen run:   sudo modprobe r8192se_pci hwwep=020:47
popeluvsuok im back20:50
popeluvsuI saw on the forums that people were using this website called speedtest.net to test their connection20:51
popeluvsubesides the wifi cutting out over and over, its speed is super slow while its not on the other computer. im gunna check right now:)20:52
popeluvsuomg, this is a miracle! thank you duanedesign so far its running fast than ever!20:52
popeluvsui've never gotten a download speed over 2mbps and now its at 14!20:53
duanedesignpopeluvsu: awesome!20:53
duanedesignpopeluvsu: ok now20:53
duanedesignwe are not quite done20:53
popeluvsuoooh ok20:53
popeluvsuyes, anything that helps i'm willing to do:)20:54
duanedesignyou will have to that everytime :(20:54
popeluvsuoh no!20:54
duanedesignso we want to make it happen automagically20:54
popeluvsueverytime i restart? or everytime it logs off20:54
popeluvsuand btw, is this a common issue in 10.10 or a common issue with this wifi card? Im so curious to learn as much as I can:)20:55
duanedesignpopeluvsu: ok, run this command20:55
duanedesignpopeluvsu: ls  /etc/modprobe.d/20:55
duanedesignit will list the contents of that folder20:55
duanedesignwe want to see if this file exists20:55
duanedesignprobably is not there20:56
popeluvsudo not see it:20:56
popeluvsualsa-base.conf              blacklist-modem.conf20:56
popeluvsublacklist-ath_pci.conf      blacklist-oss.conf20:56
popeluvsublacklist.conf              blacklist-watchdog.conf20:56
popeluvsublacklist-firewire.conf     intel-5300-iwlagn-disable11n.conf20:56
duanedesignwe will create it20:56
popeluvsui am ready20:57
duanedesignrun the command:  gksudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/realtek.conf20:57
duanedesignput this line in the file:20:58
duanedesignoptions r8192se_pci hwwep=020:58
popeluvsuok, i have a new blank window20:58
popeluvsualright. just save it now?20:58
duanedesignthen save it and you are done. :)20:58
popeluvsuthank you so much duane20:59
duanedesignit seems the WEP encoding and decodin is buggy20:59
duanedesignso that hwwep=0  turns it off20:59
popeluvsui see, this is so interesting!20:59
duanedesignwhich is fine WPA is better anyway :)20:59
popeluvsuso far my wifi is running fantastically.20:59
popeluvsui'm so glad too, because I actually installed this on my boyfriends computer and threw out his windows...he was jazzed about ubuntu until the wireless bug!21:00
popeluvsuI thought I was gunna be in big trouble if i didnt fix it, i've been glued to forums for the past 2 days trying everything!21:01
duanedesignpopeluvsu: well i am so glad it worked21:01
popeluvsume too thanks again.21:01
duanedesignhow did you find us?21:01
popeluvsui went through the support tab on ubuntu.com21:01
popeluvsuand saw an IRC option21:02
duanedesignoh nice21:02
duanedesign#ubuntu is always so busy, it is hard to get help in there21:02
popeluvsuyes, they even list this chat # on the pidgeon guide21:02
popeluvsuyes im so relieved to meet folks here. it's a wonderful community, and i hope to contribute one day21:02
duanedesignthe community is awesome.21:03
duanedesignI have made a lot of friends21:03
duanedesignpopeluvsu: if you do ever want to contribute to the community you should join us on the BEginners Team21:03
popeluvsuyou wouldnt by chance know a way to videochat between pidgin and ichat or gchat users would you?21:03
duanedesignhmm, on pidgin..21:04
popeluvsui would love to be there on beginners team. I'm committed to learning more and more about open source, hoping to pick up python and get better aquainted with linux so maybe one day the gender gap in tech will be a little less severe.21:04
popeluvsui tried empathy for the video chat too, but empathy seems really problematic.21:05
duanedesignthe community is trying really hard to get more diversity on the community21:05
duanedesignthe folks at #ubuntu-women are really nice21:05
popeluvsuoh wow, i didnt even think to check for a women's room21:06
popeluvsuso cool!21:06
popeluvsuwell thank you again, i really truly appreciate this..i was thinking for a minute i would have to go back to windows 721:08
duanedesignpidgin should work for video chat, i think21:08
popeluvsuthe pidgin video chat seems to activate...and then dissapeer21:08
popeluvsubut i notice i can now videochat through gmail in the browser21:08
popeluvsuso theres an option at least:)21:08
duanedesignmight make sure you have these packages installed21:10
duanedesignyou can run the command:21:10
duanedesignsudo apt-get install gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg21:11
popeluvsucool done21:12
popeluvsuit said:21:12
popeluvsuReading package lists... Done21:12
popeluvsuBuilding dependency tree21:12
popeluvsuReading state information... Done21:12
popeluvsugstreamer0.10-ffmpeg is already the newest version.21:12
popeluvsugstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly is already the newest version.21:12
popeluvsu0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.21:12
popeluvsuand video camera seems to activate for 1 second (led turns on) but then closes down, chat window closes too21:13
duanedesignohh, also if you have not this is a good package to install as well. It has the mp3, Java, microsoft fonts, dvd support, and flash. Stuff that Ubuntu can not include by default because of licensing and stuff21:15
duanedesignsudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras21:16
popeluvsuoooh cool21:16
duanedesignusually the first package I install on a new setup :)21:16
popeluvsuI have a question about the messaging system in gnome...like when an instant message comes in...or any alert, you know the translucent grey window that comes up to tell you.21:17
popeluvsuare you supposed to be able to click on that? (dumb question I know)21:17
popeluvsuit just seems intuitive that i should be able to click the alert/message and be directed to whatever program is active with it21:18
popeluvsubut when i mouse over it just disapeers21:18
duanedesignno it is not interactive21:19
popeluvsuha ok21:19
popeluvsui was wondering if i was just missing something!21:19
duanedesignfunny you should mention it. That has been a debate in the community21:19
duanedesignso your not the only one who thinks that is intuitive :)21:20
popeluvsuthats funny! I really did intuitively want to click it.21:20
duanedesigndid you say the Gtalk video works in the browser?21:20
duanedesignso it not a webcam issue21:21
popeluvsuno the camera and mic work well in the browser21:21
popeluvsuits not too pressing if you cant find a simple solution! integration in pidgin is nice, but in browser is no problem now that my internet is so fast!21:21
popeluvsualso im surprised that facebook chat isnt in pidgin yet21:22
duanedesignare you using pidgin or empathy?21:23
popeluvsupidgin but maybe i'll give empathy another try21:23
popeluvsui just went to pidgin because i couldnt get to this irc chat without it:)21:23
duanedesignok, just curious. Some people prefer pidgin21:23
duanedesignXchat is a nice irc application.21:24
popeluvsuyea i just tried video chatting to my other computer in empathy now21:24
popeluvsuand the same issue happens21:24
popeluvsuthe camera activates for 1 second..doesnt get a picture and shuts down.21:25
popeluvsuis there a photobooth like application similiar to apple?21:25
popeluvsumaybe i should test my camera in other things too21:25
popeluvsuhey that package you had me install with the microsoft fonts...after the installation an end-user license agreement took over my terminal21:30
popeluvsushould i just exit out of that? or should i do something "configuring ttf-mscorefonts-installer"21:30
duanedesignpopeluvsu: probably the only one you will ever see in Ubuntu21:30
popeluvsuso i'll just exit out of it then:)21:31
duanedesignpopeluvsu: is their an 'ok' sometimes you have to, I think push the right arrow to get to the ok selection21:31
popeluvsuthere is an ok, but i couldnt figure out how to engage it21:32
popeluvsuenter didnt do it21:32
popeluvsuoooh an arrow21:32
duanedesignyeah, they are weird21:32
popeluvsuso funny, i feel like i've learned a semesters worth in just the past hour21:32
duanedesignone of the nice things about Ubuntu and Open Source software is no more 25 page User Agreements21:33
popeluvsuno more norton anti virus popups, or secret running applications taking up all processors energy21:33
duanedesignMy iphone alerted me that it had a new User Agreement. I thought who reads all that! No telling what I am agreeing to :P21:34
duanedesignso true21:34
duanedesignnot having to worry about virus software is nce21:34
popeluvsui've been on mac for a good few years, they are becoming like Skynet now, but I admit I was totally stunned at the in-usability of the boyfriends Window 721:35
popeluvsuwe tried to do simple things on it, and it was just so beyond intuition...the most obstructive design i've ever seen!21:35
popeluvsuso even a buggy ubuntu is better than a windows 721:35
popeluvsuthough with your help, im on my way to bug-free:)21:35
popeluvsuany ideas on how to reactivate some of my hotkeys?21:37
duanedesigna lot less 'bloat' too. I have Ubuntu running on older computers that would not even think about running Windows  721:37
duanedesignpopeluvsu: what hotkeys are you having problems with?21:38
popeluvsuthe top keyboard keys for microphone, camera, video and wifi dont do anything21:38
popeluvsuthough im not sure what theyre supposed to do anyway!21:38
popeluvsuthe volume keys and brightness keys are working fine though21:39
duanedesignpopeluvsu:  what type of laptop is it?21:40
popeluvsulenovo thinkpad edge 1421:41
popeluvsuhey duane, its ok about the buttons! thanks for everything21:44
popeluvsuIm researching a netflix streaming workaround now, still so thrilled about the wifi speed21:45
duanedesignpopeluvsu: out fo curiousity what kernel are you using. You can find it with the command:  uname -a21:49
duanedesigni found some bug reports on the hotkey issue. supposed to be fixed in newer kernels...21:50
popeluvsuhey i was looking and couldnt access uname-a21:51
popeluvsucommand not found, i tried putting sudo in front of it too21:51
popeluvsuno dice21:51
popeluvsuoooh i didnt put the space21:52
popeluvsumy bad21:52
popeluvsu2.6.35-27-generic-pae #48-Ubuntu SMP Tue Feb 22 21:46:58 UTC 2011 i686 GNU/Linux21:52
duanedesignhmm. ok21:53
duanedesignpopeluvsu: reaading the bug report. The camera hot key 'should' work21:54
duanedesign  The camera hotkey has the following effect:21:54
duanedesign  * in camera mode, it takes snapshots21:54
duanedesign  * in video mode it starts and stops recording.21:54
duanedesignit says you can test it using 'Cheese'. That is a small webcam application21:55
popeluvsucool downloading cheese now to test21:58
popeluvsuit works! thanks21:59
popeluvsulast small question and then I promise i'm out of your hair21:59
popeluvsuis there a way to stream netflix yet or is the DRM still locked down?22:00
duanedesignhmm. I am not aware of one. Netflix needs to get with the program!22:02
popeluvsutotally. I know that boxee is open source22:04
popeluvsuand that runs netflix, so its bizarre to me that they wont update open source for linux22:05
duanedesignpopeluvsu: companies are slowly starting to notice Linux. A lot of that has to do with Ubuntu's progress to bring OPen Source to the masses.22:07
duanedesigns/to bring/in bringing22:08
PabloRubianesbye team.. bbl22:50

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