duanedesignmorning all10:15
popeymorning duanedesign10:35
nigelbhola duanedesign10:37
nigelbhey popey10:37
nigelbhttp://a2.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/184764_10150118148109442_573989441_6472026_6449109_n.jpg \o/10:38
popeywhat is happening there?10:38
popeya hug-in?10:38
nigelbyup, hug pradepto (the man behind the conf)10:39
nigelb"hug pradeepto day" rather10:39
nigelbWait, that's Kenny.  This was the hug Kenny series :)10:40
duanedesignhey popey10:48
duanedesignhello nigelb , did you see my link yesterday10:48
nigelbduanedesign: err,wait10:48
nigelblots of scrollback10:48
duanedesignit is10:48
duanedesignmade a little progress on the Parental Control wiki page10:49
nigelbnice :)10:49
duanedesignnigelb: still a major work in progress :)10:51
nigelbIt looks like a good start :)10:51
duanedesignnigelb: i can not take all the credit. I have a BT padawan that has been helping.10:52
nigelbheh, good padwaan :D10:52
duanedesignjust listening to the latest reports from the nuclear power plant damaged in japan earthquake.12:29
kim0hey folks, where do I ask udd questions13:24
czajkowskikim0: no ting as a stupid question13:32
czajkowskikim0: sup13:32
kim0udd = ubuntu distributed development .. doesnt that have some channel13:32
kim0I ended up asking in #ubuntu-motu13:32
czajkowskikim0: ah ok13:32
akgranerpycon is really an awesome conference...15:23
akgranerand there are 5 or 6 Canonical folks here as well...15:24
akgranerand I didn't think I would know anyone - so it was great to see some familiar faces :-)15:24
duanedesignakgraner: that is nice15:25
akgranerbeing here makes me want learn python...it's kinda cool15:26
akgranerI think I have to many things on my "I want to learn" list15:27
mhall119akgraner: where is pycon?15:29
duanedesignakgraner: I look forward to any podcasts they  might make.15:29
duanedesignlots of good bits from past years on http://advocacy.python.org/podcasts/pycon.rss15:30
akgranermhall119, downtown Atlanta15:30
mhall119nick or josh there?15:31
duanedesignakgraner: haha, yeah my want to learn list is kinda long too. :)15:31
mhall119akgraner: I've already promised to teach itnet7 python next UDS if he gets sponsored, maybe we can make it a group session15:32
akgranermhall119, nope but I am going to try to meet them for dinner or drinks later tonight15:32
mhall119akgraner: tell them hi from the Florida team15:32
akgranermhall119, you can teach someone python in a week?  and I'll let them know you all send hello's and howdy's to them15:33
akgranerduanedesign, glad to know it's just not an "Amber Issue" :-)15:33
akgranerthe lococast.net guys are here as well...15:34
akgranerneed to find them at somepoint today15:34
AlanBellpython is lovely to teach15:42
mhall119akgraner: well I can't make you an expert, but I can get you on that road15:43
AlanBellhttp://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2010/09/27/%23ubuntu-classroom.html#t17:03 <- that was fun to do15:45
* akgraner looks15:47
czajkowskiakgraner: did you enjoy AW17:56
akgranerczajkowski, haven't watched it yet :-(21:22
akgranerbut I think I'll get a chance to watch it tonight21:22
czajkowskibetter before Sunday21:23
akgraneri know right21:25
* AlanBell wonders if akgraner wants to waste some time21:36
akgranerI would love to but my I am feeling a bit overwhelmed at this moment...21:36
akgranerin a good way..21:36
akgranerI feel like I did when I discovered how big the Ubuntu Community was21:36
akgranerjust realized how many areas Python touches...wow - this is pretty cool21:37
* akgraner hears "A whole new world" song in my head21:37
AlanBellprobably could add a python category to -trivia21:38
akgraneron and did I mention all the areas where python and ubuntu intersect and that's a bunch21:38
AlanBellyeah, that is huge21:38
akgranerawesome awesome awesome - how did I not come to this realization sooner21:38
AlanBellunity places in python are going to be interesting21:38
akgranerI've heard similar comments today21:39
akgranerand my reply was "oh I'm not with Canonical but see that person over there (as I pointed to the first canonical person I saw) they can help you :-D21:40
akgranerBut the coolest thing has been no one hear has mentioned Banshee21:41
AlanBellstorm in a teacup21:42
akgraneror asked for a comment etc...at SCaLE that was over half of what I got asked about...threw Pete David and Ted under the bus for comment on that21:42
AlanBellSCaLE is in the teacup21:43
akgraners/hear/here - see I can't even type right now :-/21:43
akgranerso sad21:43
akgranerfound out there is an online beginning python tutorial21:43
akgranergathering all that information so I can share it next week21:44
akgranerand the people behind it are wanting Beginners to evaluate the course and give feedback21:44
akgranermeet one of the openhatch maintainers21:45
akgranerand talked to a couple of defense contractors who use ubuntu and are pushing to get Ubuntu into their companies21:45
akgranermozilla folks are pretty cool as well - and had a great talk about diversity with them21:47
akgranerthey have some great ideas21:47
akgranerso I am making sure I can read all my notes so I can share all this...really cool stuff that I didn't know about before now21:48
* akgraner <3's FOSS Universe :-) 21:48
akgraner(can you tell I am giddy and excited about all this stuff)  sorry for flooding the channel...I'll leave you with your regular scheduled program now :-D21:49
nhandlerakgraner: Feel free to swing by Chicago and pick me up on the way to the next conference ;) I'm still waiting to be able to make it to some21:50
AlanBellgiddy and excited people ++21:58
akgranerwow it is 5pm here already...where has the day gone...22:01
duanedesignakgraner: cant wait to hear aboubt the Beginners Python Tutorial. We get lots of folks coming to the Beginners Team asking about Pythoon22:04
akgranerI'll try to pot that on Monday...will  work on that post first22:07
akgranerclearly I don't need to post anything today22:08
akgranerwho knows what it would end up saying22:08
duanedesignakgraner: well, sounds like you have already had a busy day22:09
akgranerI have...I am such an event junkie...22:10
duanedesignakgraner: i had so much fun at the last UDS. I really want to try and attend more events22:11
akgranerduanedesign, aren't they great!  I also leave events with longer list of things I want to learn more about22:12
akgranerand I always always learn something new and meet many new people  :-)22:13
duanedesignakgraner: funny you mention that. I just picked up my notes from UDS-N yesterday and realized I had not made my through them all yet22:13
duanedesignI write the think i wwant to learn about down and put a ? next to it22:14
duanedesignseveral ? I have not gotten to22:14

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