giushi there11:58
giusI wrote csh script for change the backgound of gnome desktope. I I try to use nohup or crontab the desktop  don't change but the program change the name of file need to use12:00
giussome ideas?12:07
giusgconftools-2 problmens12:07
bdrunghi, i found a regression in the task bar / window bar (or how that is called) in the gnome-panel: i can't reorder the items in the task bar. is this a know issue and if not, against which package should i file a bug?13:08
bdrungi found it: bug #69735813:51
ubot2Launchpad bug 697358 in gnome-panel "regression in window list applet (wnck-applet) behavior" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69735813:51
bag_hi did anyone get a working gnome-shell from the gnome3 - ppa? I only get errors (is dependent on a package which is virtuell)19:07
aromanhello, how can I remove the "System Tools">"File Browser" thing from my gnome-panel? Thanks :)22:30
ejathi .. just would like to know is someone using compiz 0.9.2 in maverick works ?22:40
aromanejat: I am22:49
aromaner, I was22:49
aromani just uninstalled it today22:49
aromantoo buggy22:49
ejatouch .. back to 0.8.6 ?22:50
ejatu have try to downgrade back to 0.8.6 but im loosing my toolbar22:50
aromanthere's really few changes in 0.9.2 as far as features go22:50

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