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calcanyone happen to know if the day/date being in black on dark grey on the calendar is intentional? its barely visible on my screen at least02:44
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kalon33hello all17:41
kalon33@cjwatson: Could you review again my pcsc-lite branch?17:47
udevbotError: "cjwatson:" is not a valid command.17:47
kalon33please :)17:47
kalon33I made the changes you asked and need your advice on them :)17:48
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kalon33hello, I need someone help to review a packaging branch please18:28
aromanhi, does anyone know of a way to execute a script after ubiquity finishes the install? Thanks ;)18:35
kalon33aroman, did you looked at the oem install mode?19:02
highvoltageA/win 1119:03
aromankalon33: wouldn't that be for unattended upgrades and stuff?19:03
kalon33aroman, I didn't tested it for a while (1 or 2 years) but I used to use them to prepare computers for friends19:05
kalon33why did you need to execute a script ?19:05
aromankalon33: to change some gconf keys and remove a file or two19:06
aromanthat we can only do after the install19:06
kalon33to replicate configurations, have you ever tried oneconf ?19:07
aromankalon33: this is actually a situation where the gconf keys for the livecd and the gconf keys for the installed dekstop need to be different19:11
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abhinav-I am trying to build the latest source release of gedit which I branched from launchpad, but on running make it is giving error that "undefined reference to launchpad_integration_add_ui" , do I need need some other libraries ?19:29
Ampelbeinabhinav-: looks like you miss one of the liblaunchpad-integration libraries19:41
abhinav-Ampelbein, checked it. I have the liblaunchpad-integration libraries as well as its development headers.19:42
abhinav-Ampelbein, is it the case that the latest release of gedit won't build on Maverick ?19:43
Ampelbeinabhinav-: It should build.19:44
Ampelbeinabhinav-: are you using the correct arguments to the linker?19:45
abhinav-Ampelbein : I did not change anything. simply ran ./configure followed by make19:45
manishabhinav-: do you have the build-deps installed?19:46
abhinav-yes , I did build-dep for gedit19:46
Ampelbeinabhinav-: if the lpi (launchpad-integration) patch is applied you need to autoreconf because it changes configure.ac19:48
Ampelbeinabhinav-: and if you don't want to mess up your system, I strongly advise to build a debian package and install that with dpkg.19:48
Ampelbeinabhinav-: if you branched from ubuntu:gedit (or lp:ubuntu/gedit): 'bzr bd' should do.19:49
abhinav-Ampelbein : oh, ok. I will do autoreconf. I am trying to fix a bug, so need to build and test it19:50
abhinav-ok. yes. bzr bd is a better option19:50
abhinav-I want to run it with a debugger19:50
Ampelbeinabhinav-: you can change debian/rules to not strip debugging symbols19:51
abhinav-Ampelbein: ok yes. I did not know about debian/rules. Just looked at it. Thanks. It should do :)19:53
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psusiyay for python... 50 lines of code and I have a handy program to calculate the correlation of ordering between file names and inodes, inodes and blocks, and names to blocks for a given directory21:59
srk9Would someone running Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha 3 post the output of 'strings /lib/libc.so.6 | grep "release version"'? Run that without the single quotes please.22:29
Laneywhy not download the deb yourself?22:35
sebnersrk9: GNU C Library (Ubuntu EGLIBC 2.13-0ubuntu4) stable release version 2.13, by Roland McGrath et al.22:39
srk9sebner: Thanks.22:44
sebneryou're welcome22:44
sebnerLaney: you meanie :P22:45
Laneygive a man a fish…22:46
srk9Laney: I am not familiar with how Canonical has things organized. I only wanted to know what version of GLIBC that they were planning to use in 11.04.22:46
Laneysrk9: If you look on packages.ubuntu.com you can find out which package contains that file, and then download it.22:46
srk9Laney: I also did look for the .deb. I am a Gentoo Linux user, so I do not know what Canonical calls it.22:46
LaneyThen you can use dpkg --extract foo.deb on the file and run strings on the library contained therein22:47
srk9Laney: neat, I didn't know that Canonical had a "search in packages" feature on their site.22:48
Laneyyou should s/Canonical/Ubuntu/ in general too22:48
srk9Laney: Isn't Ubuntu a distribution while Canonical is the company behind the website?22:49
tumbleweedcan a core-dev please accept the nominations on bug 642913?22:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 642913 in Gnome Python Desktop "python wnck bindings have broken constants again" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64291322:51
srk9I don't use Ubuntu Linux, so I really don't care enough to file a bug report, but I know for a fact that programs that rely on libsdl will be affected by a memcpy() issue that is triggered by using glibc 2.13 or later: http://bugzilla.libsdl.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1090 - is there any way I could casually tell someone who cares about this so that it will be patched in time for the Ubuntu Linux 11.04 release?23:08
ubottubugzilla.libsdl.org bug 1090 in video "SDL_BlitCopyOverlap() assumes memcpy() operates in order" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]23:08
srk9Upstream has a patch for it, but it has not made a release with that patch yet.23:08
srk9Ubuntu 11.04 will use glibc 2.13, so it will be affected by this. Anything that uses libsdl to do bliting will likely be affected. Battle for Wesnoth is one such program.23:10
penguin42srk9: It appears there is at least one memove v memcpy patch in there23:19
penguin42hmm but maybe not that one23:20
penguin42srk9: Filing a bug would certainly be the best way and fairly easy23:22
hvis it known that every emacs window (upstream, and probably the one in the repos) causes indicator-applet-appmenu to leak about a few megabytes?23:28
srk9penguin42: In the Ubuntu 11.04 package? Is there any where I can see what patches were applied?23:37
arandsrk9: apt-get source libsdl2.0 ?23:39
penguin42srk9: http://packages.ubuntu.com/natty/libsdl1.2-dev  you can see the diff.gz on the right hand side23:39
srk9arand: I use Gentoo Linux. I was only passing on the information.23:39
srk9penguin42: I just saw the changelog at packages.ubuntu.com. That is for a different memcpy().23:39
arandsrk9: Ah, ok, my bad23:39
penguin42srk9: Yeh a joystick one, it doesn't look like the fix you are referring to is in there - is there an easy test that fails?23:40
srk9penguin42: No. Not all systems use the reverse memcpy().23:40
srk9If your system is one that uses the reverse memcpy(), you could try running Battle for Wesnoth.23:41
srk9Scrolling right in a Battle for Wesnoth game tends to trigger it on systems where the reverse memcpy() is used. These seem to be only amd64 systems so far.23:41
srk9Battle for Wesnoth has a bug report regarding it: https://gna.org/bugs/?1757323:42
srk9Here is what it looks like when the reverse memcpy() occurs: http://img163.imageshack.us/i/wesnothbug.png/23:42
penguin42nothing smaller?23:43
srk9penguin42: Triggering it is not a surefire thing. It depends on the extremely complex behavior that glibc implements.23:43
penguin42srk9: Sure, it's just I need to download 299MB for Wesnoth23:43
srk9I see what you mean.23:43
penguin42and I haven't got a clue how to play it when it arrives!23:44
srk9Just start the tutorial and scroll right. It isn't a surefire thing that you will be hit by the bug unless your system is one that glibc thinks that copying backward is more optimal.23:44
srk9*one where23:44
penguin42ok, should be downloaded in 3 mins23:45
srk9I have a better idea. arand suggested apt-get source libsdl2.023:45
srk9You can check to see if the sources are prepatched.23:45
penguin42srk9: I checked, they aren't23:45
srk9penguin42: Then Ubuntu 11.04 is probably affected.23:46
srk9There is a testcase for this available on the libsdl bug tracker: http://bugzilla.libsdl.org/attachment.cgi?id=57923:46
srk9Compiling that might be worthwhile23:47
penguin42srk9: Well scrolling in wesnoth doesn't crash - but I could believe that's a corrupt rendering23:50
srk9It isn't supposed to crash.23:51
srk9penguin42: The only thing that occurs is corruption.23:51
penguin42ok, well I'd say it's corrupt23:52
srk9penguin42: Then Ubuntu 11.04 is affected. :/23:52
penguin42let me just see if there is a wesnoth bug for it in lp23:52
penguin42ah there is - bug 72504423:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 725044 in wesnoth-1.8 (Ubuntu) "graphic corruption while scrolling right" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72504423:53
srk9penguin42: The issue isn't in Wesnoth. It is in libSDL. A separate bug report should be filed for libsdl with 725044 being blocked by it.23:54
srk9I don't use Ubuntu, so I don't think I have an account to file a bug report. Would you mind filing it?23:54
penguin42srk9: OK, see bug 725044 now23:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 725044 in wesnoth-1.8 (Ubuntu) "graphic corruption while scrolling right" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72504423:58

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