airurandomorning czajkowski11:52
airurandomorning all11:52
czajkowskiairurando: howdy11:53
airurandogood to see vibrant discussion re. UGJ Limerick in here yesterday.12:00
airurandoinfoturtle had mentioned it at the Feb IRC meeting.12:03
airurandoI poked him a few day ago to see if it was going ahead.12:03
airurandohe sprung into action12:03
czajkowskigreat stuff12:05
airurandoHi ebel: you've got mail14:19
ebelah I see14:24
czajkowskiairurando: where is the family ?14:25
airurandokids birthday party14:37
czajkowskiso you'll be updating me with rugby then !14:37
airurandoJackie may be backsoon but thats OK14:38
airurandoon twitter?14:38
airurandowill do14:39
infoturtleairurando you there?17:31
airurandoinfoturtle: yip, but a bit distracted.17:45
airurandoand, at this stage, drunk.17:46
infoturtleairurando it's cool, just wanted to let you know, I started threads on boards, MilkLabs and Cork hackerspace and will give it about a week (unless thats too long a wait for you) to see interest. So far the threads on milklabs and cork hackersspace have not gone into the mailing list which concers me but both said they had to be sent through moderators17:47
infoturtleha, enjoying the match so?17:47
airurandoinfoturtle: That's great.17:50
czajkowskijust in for the next half17:50
airurandoyip I'm enjoying the match.17:51
airurandowelcome back czajkowski.17:51
infoturtlecool, just said I'd let you know about the time frame I'm going to spend waiting as my twitter is driving me mad, I'ma go watch the match too, see ya guys later!!17:52
airurandoinfoturtle: no panic just let me know if it's a go as soon as you know!17:53

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