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DaekdroomWe have a troll over #ubuntu-br.17:57
m4vDaekdroom: the ops of #ubuntu-br aren't available?17:58
Daekdroomm4v, as far as I know, they aren't, and I tried the proper ubottu factoid already.17:59
serfusDaekdroom, check /msg chanserv access #ubuntu-br list to see the ops18:03
m4vthe only -br op I know by nick is away..18:03
tsimpsonDaekdroom: what's going on?18:06
tsimpsonseems quiet now18:06
Daekdroomtsimpson, half a minute ago derp00 was asking absurd questions and giving nonsensical answers18:06
topyli*!*@ubuntu/member/*    +voriA in #ubuntu-br18:07
tsimpsontopyli: only helps when an ubuntu member is around ;)18:08
topylioh, i thought there's *always* an ubuntu member around :)18:09
tsimpsonwell, you are I are ;)18:09
tsimpsonDaekdroom: is he asking if is's true that bsd is faster than linux there? google translate doesn't like it when people don't use proper spelling18:09
topylilike boy scouts18:09
m4vby looking at the logs, I fail at portuguese18:10
Daekdroomtsimpson, yeah, among stuff like "how do I know my PC is linucs (sic)" and "why doesn't the font icon appear in gnome? is it a virus?"18:10
Daekdroomasking for serial numbers for ubuntu ultimate etcetra18:11
m4vDaekdroom: he mentioned redtube? (i'm reading the logs) but I don't understand the sentence18:11
m4vand google doesn't help18:11
Daekdroomm4v, he told the guy to install a redtube package to fix his problem18:11
Daekdroomanother answer was to install all apt packages and so on.18:12
topylibtw the entry msg in -br needs translator love :)18:15
tsimpsonlet's see if they continue for a few mins18:15
tsimpsontopyli: locobot_1 should be dead by now18:16
topylioh. well it's undead then :\18:16
m4vtopyli: ? my entry msg was in Portuguese18:16
m4voh, locobot's one18:17
m4vI didn't get anything from locobot *confused* just from chanserv18:19
tsimpsonyou should have got a notice, just like ChanServ does18:20
tsimpson-locobot_1- #ubuntu-br: The channel is logged (at http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode). Please observe the Ubuntu Code of Conduct. Thank you!18:20
m4vthat's the strange thing, I can't see any notice18:20
erUSULi recieved it.... but is the first time i get one ;P i do nt get it in the other  ( few ) channels a log in18:21
m4vI cycled in #ubuntu-es, no notice either.18:22
tsimpsonlocobot_* really shouldn't be in any channel now, loco's are logged on irclogs.ubuntu.com by ubuntulog*18:23
* m4v shrugs18:23
m4vtsimpson: there's one in u-es and u-br18:23
tsimpsonyeah, the ubuntu-eu guys seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth..18:23
m4vmeh, dunno, whatever I try doesn't trigger a notice from the locobot, I only get chanserv's18:37
serfus#ubuntu-il has locobot as well18:41
tsimpsonunfortunately no one really has control over them, so there is nothing we can do about them18:43
serfuswell, he is quiet so we don't mind him18:44
nhandlerserfus: You could always ban them if necessary (although the ideal solution would be for the bot owner to remove it)18:45
serfusya, a couple of weeks ago i asked about it here.18:45

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