lordjjHey, can someone tell me how to disable Write Caching on my External USB Hard Drive in Ubuntu? Also will this disable it locally on my machine, or will it affect the external HDD such that wherever I connect it write caching will be disabled?15:38
lordjjHey whatsup16:39
Armageddonwhat do you need again ?16:39
lordjjI just bought an external Seagate 1TB usb hard drive16:40
lordjjI read that disabling write caching would be safer, to avoid corrupted files in case of power out or sudden removal16:41
lordjjBut its file system is NTFS, and I read NTFS doean't have that problem; that connecting it to a windows system and running diskcheck would fix any problems16:42
lordjjBut I don't know, so far I've been told by some that you can disable write caching on it, and by others that I can not16:42
Armageddonnot always16:42
ArmageddonI was talking about the checkdisk16:43
lordjjWell is it possible to disable write cache on an NTFS drive?16:44
Armageddonfrom windows yes16:45
lordjjBy changing the drives policies right?16:46
lordjjDoes that apply to the drive? Or just in the Windows system?16:46
lordjjI mean when I connect the drive to another system will write cache be disabled?16:46
Armageddonin windows ?16:47
Armageddonyou just to go to the hmm what's it called where you see your installed drivers16:48
lordjjYeah driver manager16:48
Armageddonyea, and right click on your hard drive16:48
lordjjBas my question is will it change settings in the actual drive?16:48
Armageddonshould be there somewhere16:48
lordjjI mean when I connect the drive to another PC with Ubuntu, will write cache be disabled?16:49
ArmageddonI'm not sure what write cache is, cause GNU/Linux works differently16:50
lordjjhm, well ok, in LInux, how is data copied onto a drive? Directly? Or is it stored first in cache then written to the drive?16:51
lordjj(as in windows)16:51
Armageddonyou need to read this16:53
Armageddonlordjj, you have to differentiate between software based cache and hardware one16:54
compengihi Armageddon16:54
Armageddonall hardware have cache, you can't disable that16:54
Armageddoncompengi, sup16:54
compengisick like shit16:54
Armageddonlordjj, you need to read this http://www.jasonbrome.com/blog/archives/2004/04/03/writecache_enabled.html16:54
Armageddoncompengi, sorry to hear16:54
compengidon't worry16:55
ArmageddonI'm not16:55
compengii'm cooking chicken soup16:55
Armageddonyou can rot in hell16:55
Armageddonlemme make cooffee16:56
compengido you have everything installed on gentoo?16:59
Armageddoncompengi, I had to reinstall gentoo17:01
compengiyou mean to recompile world?17:01
Armageddonno I mean reinstall gentoo17:01
compengiwhat was wrong?17:02
Armageddonnothing from my part17:02
Armageddonbad package that went wrong17:02
Armageddonand the most important package EVER17:02
Armageddonglibc :p17:02

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