effie_jayxgood morning13:09
czajkowskiAloha 15:30
mhall119I got to sleep in today, but I'm still exhausted15:30
czajkowskifecker 15:32
czajkowskiI'm rather envious of people who sleep 15:32
Pendulummhall119: well you guys had a few really rough days in there15:49
mhall119not how I'd recommend spending the last week on a job either15:50
Pendulumno, I would think not15:51
serfusdoes Hall of Fame track teams as it tracks loco teams?18:56
mhall119serfus: you can grab the code and check, I don't know off the top of my head19:06
serfusmhall119, not sure i can read code... but i'll try19:09
daker_mhall119, do you know why i am getting "OpenID failed Unknown user" ?22:07
daker_mhall119, fixed i forgot to add the backends22:39
daker_mhall119,i think the sreg extension has a bug23:08
daker_i can't retreive my email/fullname and they are public23:08
daker_i can only get my lp nick23:09
daker_mhall119, i used https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id as end point and it doesn't send back email/fullname23:17
daker_so i think it's a bug and django-openid-auth23:17

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