ari-tczewcjwatson: I guess MoM is hanged again ... :/09:46
c2tarunI successfully build new version koffice but I dont have the older version's tar ball with me to create debdiff. :( is there anyway to create debdiff without downloading that tarball, downloading it is not possible now :(11:40
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kim0Hi folks, I'm trying to commit a simple fix (http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~kim0/logrotate/bug-730504/revision/16)13:27
kim0However (for some reason) the merge proposal (https://code.launchpad.net/~kim0/logrotate/bug-730504) seems to be huge (95 modified files!!)13:27
kim0any idea why or if I did something wrong ? Thanks13:27
kklimondakim0: you have branched package but then requested a merge with the upstream branch.13:30
kim0kklimonda: how do I fix this please :)13:31
kklimondaremove the merge and request another, this time to lp:ubuntu/logrotate13:32
kim0kklimonda: just removed it .. but when I click "propose for merging"13:34
kim0by defualt LP is selecting lp:logrotate13:34
kim0I have to click other and write it ?13:34
kim0weirdo .. ok thanks :)13:34
maxbkim0: Isn't it a rather hacky and unpleasant solution to munge the status file with shell commands?13:35
kim0I think it's fairly common13:36
kim0cat /etc/cron.daily/appport13:36
kim0I mean if someone can write it in C, I wouldn't mind, but that's better than not having that13:36
acarpineUsing bzr I modified several files in a branch than I push the changes to launchpad14:38
acarpineand I can see my changes14:39
acarpinebut why bzr diff prints nothing?14:39
sladenacarpine: bzr status ?14:40
acarpinesladen, idem14:40
acarpineI'm sure that other times they both work properly14:41
c2tarunj #ubuntu-app-devel14:44
sladenacarpine: what *exactly* does typing 'bzr status' in the directory you think you've been editting in, print?14:44
sladenacarpine: -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/14:44
acarpinesladen: I used the commands in a dir which I changed several files but I believe they should work also from other dir (of the modified branch)14:49
sladenacarpine: right, it's not seeing any changes; try something like   "touch foobar ; bzr status"14:53
acarpinesladen: yep! I can see the created file...14:54
acarpinealso from other dir of the same dir14:54
sladenacarpine: right, so (just in case), try editing one of the files again (just add a new line) and lets try bzr status again14:55
acarpine*of the same "branch"14:55
acarpinesladen: they worked well14:56
acarpinethey show the files that i have just modified14:57
sladenacarpine: I fear there was an error between the chair and keyboard about which directory was actually being edited, but I'm too polite to say that out loud ;-)14:58
acarpinesladen: the chair and the keyboard? what do you mean?15:00
sladenacarpine: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_error15:02
acarpinesladen: ops you think it's my error... :)15:04
acarpineyes probably...I'm trying to understand where is my error.15:07
acarpine I modified 320 files, i can see the diff in the merge proposal but diff and status still say nothing15:07
sladenacarpine: can you paste the output of 'history' (the shell history) into http://paste.ubuntu.com/15:09
sladenacarpine: bzr log --include-merges  might also show you something15:10
sladenacarpine: but it might also be better to take this to #bzr15:10
acarpineI believe there is nothing interesting there because I modified this branch last night anyway http://paste.ubuntu.com/579302/15:13
acarpinesladen: maybe http://paste.ubuntu.com/579303/ is a little more insteresting15:14
acarpineIt show my changes to the changelog file15:15
acarpinesladen: that's the correct history http://paste.ubuntu.com/579305/15:18
acarpinebzr log --include-merges shows the revno 65615:23
acarpinewith the info extracted from the changelog file15:24
sladenacarpine: so you've already commit it;  and there's no difference between your working state and the (latest) commit15:24
sladenacarpine: if you do  bzr diff -r 655..656  you should see the diff15:24
acarpinesladen: bzr: ERROR: Path(s) are not versioned: 65615:26
acarpinebut I believe you explain me why bzr diff gave no result...15:27
acarpinebecause I already used debcommit Correct?15:27
acarpineso i believe bzr is working correctly...the error was PEBKAC :D15:29
acarpinereally tks sladen (also for the new acronym) :D15:31
bdrungtumbleweed: u-d-t 0.120 FTBFS on sid: http://paste.debian.net/110492/17:30
tumbleweedbdrung: one minute17:31
tumbleweedbdrung: sorry, my local mirrors all seem to be broken. Replicated it. launchpadlib doesn't support python2.5 any more17:59
tumbleweedbdrung: so, I guess we bump our x-python-version. 2.5 will hopefully be gone RSN now, anyway18:01
bdrungtumbleweed: i will visit a friend today. feel free to fix the build and upload it to unstable18:05
tumbleweedbdrung: ok will do. have a good evening18:05
kim0Hi folks, I'm trying to build a trivial "hello world" style package. Getting this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/579434/19:16
ScottKkim0: Did you have a question?19:19
kim0ScottK: yeah :)19:19
ScottKDon't install stuff in /usr/local.19:20
kim0ScottK: just the line above this .. trying to build a pkg and failing19:20
ScottKNot sure why your package is installing there, but that's the issue.19:20
kim0ScottK: this is packaging day1 for me19:20
kim0so what file should I edit19:20
ScottKWithout reviewing the entire package (which I don't have time for) I can't say for sure.  I'd grep for 'local' and see if that points you to anything obvious.  You may need to set a specific installation directory.19:22
kim0gah, I have  Makefile:PREFIX ?= /usr/local19:23
ScottKNot good.19:24
kim0doesn't pbuilder pass --prefix to configure19:24
ScottKYou probably want something like $(CURDIR)/debian/[binarypackagename]19:24
ScottKMaybe $(CURDIR)/debian/[binarypackagename]/usr19:25
kim0The thing I'm packaging, doesn't use "./configure" and embeds PREFIX inside the Makefile. What's the best way ot change it?19:51
Bachstelzekim0: edit debian/rules to make it run make PREFIX=/usr instead of just make19:57
kim0is that19:57
kim0make PREFIX=/usr19:57
kim0PREFIX=/usr make19:58
Bachstelzeboth should work19:58
kim0Thanks trying it out19:59
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achiangfta: hi, you happen to be around?23:08

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