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newz2000Hi, I'm giving Natty a try since I had to replace the boot drive in my box… I've got the PVR-150 for my tuner but it's not being listed as an option for a video input04:30
newz2000Any suggestions for getting it working? Google's not showing me anything recent04:31
newz2000IVTV MPEG-2 encoder card does not seem to be an option under Capture card setup -> Card type04:44
zuixroI have two tuner cards in my myth box. Both Hauppauge, one hvr-1600 and one pvr-500. Every time I reboot, it gives the analog tuners different names. Right now video0 and 2 are the 500 and video1 is the 1600. Earlier video0 was the 1600 and video1 and 2 were the 500. Is there a way to force them to stay the same?16:24
cal_i somehow messed up gdm and autologin .. is there any way to go back to default with that?23:37

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