Jordan_UGoogle translate says that th1nG is a troll. Any native russian speaker able to confirm?00:31
Jordan_U(in #ubuntu).00:32
Jordan_UOK, I'll let you handle it then.00:32
bazhangsorry; yes to trolls, no to native speaker00:33
bazhangah need_space01:29
bazhangthats need_space from before03:36
bazhang"why cant I install programs on the live cd?"03:36
bazhang<lionfaggot> wats gmail  trolling?03:46
elkywith a nick like that?05:25
* rww solves that problem05:47
bazhanglooks like need_space aka dada_dede06:15
rwwoh hey, it's that telepac.pt person I've been keeping an eye on. He's known to y'all too?06:16
bazhangwindows_is_gay now06:17
* rww lastlogs06:18
rwwoh look, ban-evasion. Thanks, bazhang.06:18
bazhang<windows_is_gay> is there too many gays in #ubuntu ?06:18
bazhang<windows_is_bad> do you really think you can ban me?06:20
bazhang<windows_is_bad> you will need to ban all the vpns out there06:20
rwwbazhang: PM, I take it?06:20
bazhangrww, yeppers06:21
bazhanghe's giving realtime pointers on how he's going to ban evade next06:22
rww(currently pondering something with exempt-setting, please ignore me being opped in #ubuntu ;)06:25
rwwhrm, looking at old BanTracker records too. uLinux was on telepac.pt as well.06:28
bazhangoh yeah06:29
rwwheh, as is BUGabundo. nice ISP -.-06:29
rwwalrighty, the webchat user (also from telepac.pt!) that I asked to part and rejoin #ubuntu isn't, so whatevs. I'm going afk again, have fun ;P06:30
elkyI see no problem with driving the revenue of VPS providers by making him go to each and every one of them.06:31
bazhang* [rwww] (~sorry@bl12-91-179.dsl.telepac.pt): :)06:38
bazhang* ubotttu (~ubottu@bl12-91-179.dsl.telepac.pt)06:43
rwwbazhang: !opsnack much ;)?08:59
Tm_TI notified of his rising hostility09:03
bazhangrww, am I opped somewhere?09:03
Tm_Tand he's gone09:03
bazhanghe seems intent on being disruptive09:06
Tm_Tis Atomicspark always this joyful?09:12
elkyi think he is when he knows he's saying stuff that will be deeply upsetting people that isn't explicitly against the guidelines09:19
bazhangfar far worse problems in -ot than that09:20
elkywell yes, but it lowers the atmosphere enough to make those other things not stand out enough :(09:22
bazhangthe things that came before (ie in the last 24 hrs) were much worse than the bits he has said of late09:22
Tm_Tsure, but that's no excuse for bad behaviour09:23
bazhangindeed. also not an excuse to let the complete breakdown in authority in there of late09:24
Tm_Tcouldn't we begin to poke those who are solely annoying others without clearly breaking guidelines, as I believe that guidelines does or should say something about not disrupting others on purpose09:26
* Tm_T is getting more and more annoyed of any unconstructive and hostile activity, IRC or not09:31
Tm_T... just like my statement above09:31
TheSargecan i be unbanned from #ubuntu now please. im very sorry.10:39
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  Tm_T, tritium, elky, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, imbrandon, PriceChild, Madpilot, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, tsimpson, gnomefreak, jussi, topyli, or nhandler!10:39
ubottuTheSarge called the ops in #ubuntu-ops ()10:40
Tm_TTheSarge: please don't use ops trigger if it's not needed10:40
TheSargeooops i didnt know that was only for emergencies....10:40
TheSargewill someone remove my ban though? it waz for arguing with an op a month ago and offensive language. it was a month ago.10:42
TheSargei said it was a month ago 2 times lol.10:42
Tm_TTheSarge: one moment, I'm reading the logs10:43
Tm_TTheSarge: and for the record, it wasn't a month ago10:43
TheSargesorry. guess i didnt write it down. seems like a month ago.10:44
TheSargeim on my phone sorry for the typos.10:45
Tm_TTheSarge: so please finish the phone call first and we talk then (;10:45
TheSargeno i mean im using an irc client on my phone... not talking on a phone call.10:46
topyliTheSarge: you seem to agree that the language was offensive now?10:46
topylimind, i'm not familiar with your #ubuntu ban, just the one in #ubuntu-offtopic10:47
Tm_Ttopyli: it was direct continuation of the issue10:47
topyliah yes, i see the logs now10:48
TheSargeyes i agree.10:48
TheSargei was being stubborn and immature.10:48
TheSargeif removed i will cause no futher trouble10:48
topylialright. then i suppose your language will be civilised in the future?10:49
topyliah ok10:49
TheSargeyes it will.10:49
Tm_TTheSarge: while we're at it, you're familiar with our channel guidelines?10:51
Tm_T!guidelines > TheSarge10:52
ubottuTheSarge, please see my private message10:52
topyligood idea10:52
TheSargeyes i am.10:52
Tm_TTheSarge: good, just remember to look at it when in doubt and stay in the friendy side (:10:52
topylii'm not really an op in #ubuntu, i just remembered10:52
Tm_TI'm on it10:53
topyliah good10:53
topylii would have to jump through a couple of hoops, so thanks10:53
Tm_TTheSarge: you may enter #ubuntu now, thanks10:54
TheSargeso i am welcome again?10:54
topyliTheSarge: enjoy10:55
Tm_TTheSarge: bye10:55
bazhang<RHC-Jungli> i want to buy Ubuntu <RHC-Jungli> nope whole company12:49
bazhangin #ubuntu just now already parted12:49
bazhangthought 'st' was banned13:20
ikoniaI probably removed it my clear down13:23
ikoniareal simple13:23
ikoniaif he is stupid again, he's gone13:23
bazhangok sorry. he's gakhan now13:23
bazhangjust an odd way to remove broken packages13:24
ikoniayup, gakhan was stupid the other day with a bad attitude13:24
ikoniadidn't realise it's the same guy13:24
ikoniasame applies, any more rubbish from him, he's gone, he's had enough warnings13:24
bazhang<gakhan> zelev, remove the broken package from /var/lib/dpkg/status13:25
ikoniathat's not an unreasonable thing to do13:25
ikonia(in my view)13:25
bazhangassuming he means rm13:25
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from ceo)14:19
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1503 users, 12 overflows, 1515 limit))17:00
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1503 users, 12 overflows, 1515 limit))17:00
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1503 users, 13 overflows, 1516 limit))17:00
* LjL points to idoru's treatment of marlow5918:22
LjLseriously, while i have no sympathy at all for repeaters, isn't this a bit much?18:22
tsimpsonit only kills their connection, doesn't automatically earn them a k-line18:28
marienztsimpson: idoru kills actually are followed by a kline, and we try to unset ones set for people repeating a question quickly, but idoru just isn't smart enough to distinguish that from an offensive or otherwise inappropriate repeated message20:50
tsimpsonthat would explain why I saw someone "killed" then come back a couple of minutes later20:51
LjLwell if it k-lines then i really think that's oversensitive for #ubuntu, unless we've decided once and for all that annoying people should be punished as harshly as possible...20:56
marienzperhaps we should try removing it from #ubuntu for a while again. What it does is rather effective though, and I'm pretty sure we've previously tried removing it only to end up putting it back soon afterwards as spammers noticed21:02
LjLcan't it just be made... a little less sensitive?21:02
KB1JWQLjL: Sure, but that lessens its effectiveness.21:14
marienzLjL: I have to admit it's not as good as I'd like it to be at being differently sensitive on different channels21:15
marienzLjL: the idea is that it'll automatically catch disruption considerably faster than someone with human reflexes can21:16
marienzLjL: also, the primary (frequentl only) thing making these repeated questions not spam is that the question itself is offtopic for #ubuntu, which is rather hard for a bot to figure out21:16
marienzerr, *ontopic*, obviously21:17
LjLmarienz: ok, but maybe just three identical messages, separated by seconds, is too much. the floodbots are more lenient than that, and what they do is much less invasive21:22
LjLif a spammer spams fast, they'll get the standard 6 messages through before idoru intervenes, no?21:22
LjL(before the server starts throttling)21:22
marienzremoved it, let's see how it goes21:24
LjLor maybe you could make its k-lines expire automatically after a short while21:26
marienzwe try to doublecheck them, either removing them manually or leaving them for quite some time21:27
marienz(virtually all klines already expire automatically, although how long it'll take before they do so varies)21:27
rwwand if no staffers are around to doublecheck them?21:27
marienzwe're *usually* good at catching things like repeated question-askers, but sometimes we do miss one21:27
marienzLjL: what kind of "short while" did you have in mind?21:28
marienzrww: then they're doublechecked later (I hilight on all idoru activity and I'm not the only one doing so)21:28
LjLmarienz: quite short. like two minutes, possibly with informing the k-lined person that they should try reconnecting in some minutes21:29
rwwI don't think I21:29
LjLdoublechecked later isn't much use for people who're joining #ubuntu una tantum to ask something, though21:29
marienzthat defeats the purpose of killing spammers (unless you're proposing only setting such short ones if #ubuntu is involved, which I don't think the code currently supports)21:30
marienzI agree that the bot has been less than useful on #ubuntu lately, and I appreciate the reminder21:30
rww'm very comfortable with people who repeat their question being banned for a few hours because we don't have staff around to undo it :\21:30
marienzit's in quite a lot of other channels though, and on average it's more effective than its recent performance on #ubuntu may have led you to believe21:31
rwwthough admittedly I haven't seen any users complaining.21:31
marienz(it also has a couple of safeguards against accidental klines like this one, but I'd prefer not to list what they are)21:31
KB1JWQIt's noteworthy that the vast majority of idoru kills are "valid."21:35
marienzit's possible the vast majority of idoru kills on #ubuntu isn't, though (I don't have reliable statistics for that around)21:36
marienzso let's see how the channel fares without it21:36
KB1JWQYeah, I'd need to go data mining on that.21:36
Tm_Tmarienz: KB1JWQ: thank you for all your efforts from me (:21:37
KB1JWQTm_T: No worries.  The word came down at $CONSULTING_CLIENT, we're converting something like 300 instances from CentOS to Ubuntu over the next six months.21:38
KB1JWQSo I'll be abusing the channel myself periodically. :-p21:42
marienza *very* quick glance over my logs for this month shows more valid than invalid hits on #ubuntu for the running month, and that's counting a few instances of it killing half a dozen bots as one hit21:43
LjLit's not that i don't appreciate this either, but it's not the first time i or others here notice people being killed who were just being stupid, not malicious.21:45
* marienz nods21:45
KB1JWQBe aware that you may still see idoru killing users in #ubuntu if they misbehave elsewhere.21:49
user____hi, webchat is quieted at #ubuntu and no #ubuntu-proxy system is in place like it was a few months ago, is that on purpose?22:44
user____is NOT in place*22:45
LjLbut you can speak22:45
LjLwhen you join, a ban exemption is set for you22:45
user____[09:14] <user____> . [09:14] == Cannot send to channel: #ubuntu22:45
LjLunless you're supposed to be banned at least22:45
user____Hm. I didn't get joined to -proxy automatically. Is that ok?22:45
LjLuser____: try again now, if it still doesn't work i'll have a look at what might be going on22:45
LjLyes that's normal22:45
LjL-proxy isn't used anymore22:45
user____I did /cycle ; same result.22:46
LjLone moment22:46
user____[09:16] == LjL-Webchat [5d2034bd@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #ubuntu22:47
user____[09:17] <LjL-Webchat> test22:47
LjLyes, it works for me. maybe you're banned or the bots think you're banned, let me look22:47
LjLwell i don't see why they would22:47
LjLi'll restart them and let's see22:48
rwwThere's an active ban exception on user____!3a6f691f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
user____Ok, seems fixed now; was it something manual?22:49
LjLuser____: could it be that you simply didn't wait very long between joining and saying something? it does take the bots a second or two22:50
user____ok thanks all22:50
Jordan_UWhy does webchat need to be treated specially? I would have expected that the captcha would keep bots out, and it doesn't hide your ip.22:52
rwwJordan_U: bans set against one's hostmask don't apply automatically if one switches to webchat. The Floodbots check for bans against the real hostnames of webchat users before giving them ban exceptions. The Floodbot programming for #ubuntu-unregged doesn't work right with webchat users for unrelated reasons.23:08
rwwactually, no, there's also the related fact that -unregged doesn't set ban exceptions, so it wouldn't override a +q or +b stopping webchat users.23:10
rww(and the +q or +b is needed to prevent people from switching to webchat to evade bans...)23:10
LjLJordan_U: bots aren't really the issue with webchat, human trolls are23:10
rwwYeah, I guess just scratch what I said and go with "webchat's treated specially to deal with ban-evasion, #ubuntu-unregged is to deal with bots" ;)23:13
Jordan_UInteresting. We have a much smarter system than I expected :)23:41

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