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atari2600adoes ubuntu server cut network access when it's apt-getting?02:49
* Datz doubts it02:50
Datzprobably your bandwidth is scarce02:50
atari2600amy VM's taking up all CPU time & network activity spiked when I turned it on02:51
atari2600a& I can't get into it02:51
atari2600athat's impossible02:53
atari2600athis DSL modem can't even do 400KB/s down02:53
atari2600awell it's doing SOMETHING02:55
atari2600ait's writing to disk here & there02:55
atari2600adamnit I knew I shouldn't have limited it to 256MB/RAM02:56
Datzguess you'll have to wait it out :P02:59
atari2600aI pkilled the VM03:00
atari2600abooted it up & ran sudo dpkg -C, immediately gave me a thumbs up03:00
atari2600aso then if it wasn't updating...then what the fsck...03:00
KB1JWQI'm playing around with debootstrap and looking at the various files for different distros. Where can I find a decent description of the various lucid variants (in this case buildd fakechroot minbase)?03:03
KB1JWQAh, disregard me; the answer's in the debootstrap man page; it seems that's not distro specific.03:12
tohuwI want my DNS server to tell clients on its local network that its FQDN (say, dns.example.com) resolves to the local IP instead of the public one. Obviously, I want it to keep informing non-local clients that its FQDN resolves to its public IP. How do I accomplish this?05:54
ScottKtohuw: My advice is google split zone dns server.05:56
tohuwScottK: thanks!05:57
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tohuwbind9 won't start, but I'm getting no reason why out of /var/log/messages. Is there somewhere else to look?07:55
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tohuwSo here's an odd problem: I'm trying to ssh into my local DNS server. If I ping it by FQDN (e.g. myserver.site), I get the correct IP address, and the ping times are fine, but there's a very long gap between pings. If I ssh to the FQDN, I get ssh'd into the localhost of whatever machine I'm on! nslookup of the FQDN seems fine... ideas?09:39
airtonixtohuw: did you check the obvious things like : /etc/hosts ~/.ssh/config10:14
airtonixtohuw: also the zones config for your local dns if you have one10:15
airtonixtohuw: also i suspect you did not successfully configure your dns server correctly10:17
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kim0hallyn: I've tested the idle cpu thing, with 10.04.2 idle connected to vnc it's 7% (ok), when not connected to vnc console it's (3%) (awesome!). I tried booting my win7 vm with kvm-spice, however I kept running into (https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=681220) over and over (can't boot)11:22
uvirtbotbugzilla.redhat.com bug 681220 in qemu "Starting of a virtual machine ends with qemu-kvm: /builddir/build/BUILD/qemu-kvm-0.14.0/qemu-kvm.c:1724: kvm_mutex_unlock: Assertion `!cpu_single_env' failed." [High,New]11:22
TohuwIf anyone gets a moment to take a look at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10551470#post10551470, it would be much appreciated. The details are too long to post here. Thanks!11:56
hallynkim0: uh, we have that patch13:10
hallynnow, maybe my new packaging ended up not applying it...13:10
* hallyn checks build log13:12
hallynkim0: zounds!13:14
hallyn(there was no source/format file)13:19
kim0hallyn: um so we had it or not ?!13:23
CherishAnybody here?13:28
kim0Cherish: surely :)13:29
CherishI enable SSL on Apache, and generate the key by -des3. So when I reboot my system, it required password.13:31
CherishBut after I enter the password , it dead.13:31
CherishI can't see the login message, it is starting apache all the time.13:31
CherishAnd the error is "Init: Private key not found" , but my PATH is right.13:33
CherishWhen I generate the key doesn't support password , everything is OK.13:33
CherishThis is why?13:33
hallynkim0: it was not being aplied13:35
hallynkim0: update in about 2 hours, should be there13:35
kim0Cherish: I suppose because starting apache from the init system is conflicting with your requirement of inputing the encryption password "interactively" ! My initial guess is that it won't be easy13:40
kim0hallyn: why are ppas so lazy :) can we have it build in like 10 mins .. spawn a cloud builder or something :D13:41
Cherishkim0: Yeah, that's what I mean.13:43
CherishDo you know the reason?13:43
hallynCherish: fraid i don't.  I'd suggest opening a bug about it.13:45
hallynCherish: is there anything in syslog showing what apaache was up to?13:45
CherishThe error log is "Init: Private key not found"13:46
CherishI'm sure the Path is right, because when I use the key generated by no -des3, everything is OK.13:47
cavefishHey, I've got a question. I'm running a Ubuntu 10.10 server and want to change the welcome message. I've already changed the /etc/motd file, unfortunately that did't work. After a reset of the server the file resets with the default information. Can anyone explain how to fix this?13:53
hallyncavefish: look under /etc/update-motd.d13:57
hallyncavefish: mounted-varrun.conf appears to regenerated it on boot13:57
hallynCherish: any chance you are using the wron gpassphrase?  If not, open a bug.13:57
hallynCherish: http://www.giantrobot.co.nz/blog/apache-ssl-init-private-key-not-found13:59
Cherishhallyn: My English is not good, I can't express it well.....14:00
hallynCherish: I suspect if you cat the two .pems that'll fix it14:00
CherishI did it , have no effect14:01
ttist25Hey there - I'm trying to recover a 3 drive RAID5 array.  It's on desktop but I can't seem to get help in #ubuntu - can anyone help here?14:01
kim0ttist25: soft raid ?14:02
ttist25ps - it's a dry run - there's no critical data.  just trying to figure it out before i need to14:02
kim0so what's the problem14:02
ttist25I've got 3 500GB SATA drives setup in RAID5.  The OS is installed on the array14:03
ttist25everything works well and I can boot etc14:03
cerberoshi, is there any way to make a screen session page up the same way a non screen session does?14:03
ttist25but i'm trying to test by removing power to one of the drives (sdb) and booting14:04
ttist25but I get dumped to an initramfs prompt because it can't start the array (i've got bootdegraded=trueP14:05
ttist25I think i'm missing something fundamentally14:05
kim0ttist25: is your /boot on a separate disk ?!14:06
ttist25the os is in the array14:06
kim0duh, I didn't know one can boot from raid514:06
ttist25is that my fundamental error? :)14:06
kim0ttist25: do all disks have partitions with id "fd" for raid14:07
kim0ttist25: is there some tutorial you followed setting up /boot on raid5 (I'd wanna know about it)14:07
ttist25on each disk i have a 26gb swap partition and the remainder /14:07
ttist25the / partitions are set with boot flag on14:08
kim0type fd ?14:08
ttist25hold on i'll shoot you the link14:08
kim0fdisk -l14:08
kim0would be good14:08
ttist25here's the link https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/advanced-installation.html14:09
ttist25that's for raid 114:09
ttist25but i followed it exactly other than i used 3 disks and selected raid 514:09
ttist25it boots fine with all the disks there but i'm trying to figure out how i would recover it14:10
ttist25ps - if you can't tell i'm skating on the edge of noobidity14:10
hallynCherish: and the .pem file is readable by user www-data or whoever apache runs as?14:10
Cherishhallyn: have any matters?14:14
CherishI chmod it 777, have no effects14:15
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hallynCherish: if you don't want to type up a description, maybe 'ubuntu-bug apache2' will do a good enough job, then just put 'I get Init: Private key not found' in the body14:18
hallynkim0: still building :(14:18
* hallyn out14:18
ttist25is it even possible to boot raid5 with a degraded disk when the os is installed in the array?  Most of the raid5 setups i've seen when googling are 3 disks for the array and then a separate disk for the os (sometimes mirrored in raid1)14:25
kaushalis there a way to enable logging for fcron periodical command scheduler ?14:30
Cherishkim0: Thanks for you description, I fix it. Thank you very much.14:45
kaushalis there a way to set alert if a particular user sucks Internet Bandwdith among 100 Users in a LAN Environment ?14:56
kaushalI mean if he uses any p2p application like torrents14:56
kaushalI am using shorewall firewall14:56
cerberosI'm having trouble getting apache2, nginx, postgresql and mysql (and probably more) to start at boot here's my rc2.d output http://paste.pound-python.org/show/4085/16:09
LyonJTHey all16:53
LyonJTQuick question can you have more than one NameVirtualHost on a apache webserver16:54
kim0LyonJT: you can have many virtual hosts under one apache16:55
uvirtbotNew bug: #733914 in autofs5 (main) "autofs races network interfaces, ends up not working" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73391417:11
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donvito2hello i get weird log file with this message18:03
donvito2the file log goes huge to 145 GB18:03
donvito2[Sat Mar 12 19:03:18 2011] [error] [client] Attempt to serve directory: /var/www/18:04
pmatulisdonvito2: what version of php5 do you have?18:08
donvito2PHP 5.3.2-1ubuntu4.7 with Suhosin-Patch (cli) (built: Jan 12 2011 18:36:08)18:13
pmatulisdonvito2: 3 options, 1. upgrade to 10.10, 2. use ";" instead of "#" for comments in the referenced files, or 3. what for an update to php5 in 10.0418:16
ScottKNumber three will be a long wait.18:17
awantii have some in depth question can ask ...18:19
awantiI have 1 LDAP server and 20 clients and os is Ubuntu 10.04. Here every one having romaing profile. Now what i want is I want to restrict 3 pcs being login by other users and that 3 pc users can't login to other 17 pc...18:23
awantiSo plz. help me to solve this18:23
Ryan_Laneawanti: which ldap server are you using?18:23
awantisorry.... which ldap means?18:25
Ryan_Laneserver, which server18:25
Ryan_Laneactive directory?18:25
awantiYES active directory18:26
Ryan_Laneare the desktops kerberized?18:26
awantiyes... all 20 client pc's are Ubuntu Desktop Edition only18:27
Ryan_Lanewell, I'll skip that question, and tell you the pam_security way of doing it18:27
awantiand we have to integrate to Active Directory18:27
awantiyes plz.18:27
Ryan_Laneawanti: look at /etc/security/access.conf18:28
Ryan_Lanelook at the man page for access.conf (man access.conf)18:29
Ryan_Lanelook at the man page for pam_access (man pam_access)18:29
Ryan_Laneso, you'll need to enable pam_access in your pam configuration18:29
Ryan_Lanethen, in access.conf, you'll need to restrict access to root, and whoever you want to restrict access to18:30
awantiok ok i got it18:30
Ryan_Laneof course, if you are using kerberos, there are likely better ways to do this, like doing so on the AD side, but it's more difficult18:30
Ryan_Laneto initially configure anyway18:30
Ryan_Lanethe kerberos route is likely best if you can do it though18:31
Ryan_Lanepam_access will solve your problem though18:31
awantiAnd i have another question...18:31
awantiI want to restrict users to changes in their pc (like wallpaper changes , moving icons, deleting short cuts from desktop etc)18:33
Ryan_Lanein gnome?18:34
Ryan_Laneor also kde?18:34
Ryan_Lanesorry. was in another window18:40
Ryan_LaneI think there is a way to do so18:40
Ryan_Laneit's been a while since I've looked at this18:40
ScottKawanti: That's not really on topic for Ubuntu Server.18:40
Ryan_Lanethat's true18:41
Ryan_Laneshould likely ask that in #ubuntu18:41
Ryan_Laneawanti: take a look at Sabayon, maybe, though18:41
awantisabayon is OS right18:42
Ryan_Laneawanti: no, a tool to restrict settings in gnome18:43
Ryan_Lanegoogle it18:43
LyonJTanyone know how to give a user permissions to a folder ?19:05
awantiRyan_Lane: Can I able to install Ubuntu through LAN upto 400 pc one at a time19:08
awantiif yes plz. can u give some links .. I will refer that plz.19:09
Ryan_Laneif the server can handle the load, yes19:09
Ryan_Laneawanti: you use preseeing for it19:10
Ryan_Lanewow ubuntu's docs on this are insanely old19:11
Ryan_Laneawanti: http://www.debuntu.org/how-to-unattended-ubuntu-network-install19:12
uvirtbotNew bug: #609625 in linux (main) "kexec-tools 0_kdump" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60962519:24
peturieHello all19:52
peturieanyone here?19:52
peturiestupid irc client19:52
peturiCentralized database for users, is NIS the way to go?19:53
peturiLDAP better?19:55
pmatulispeturi: nis is insecure and limited in features.  ldap is secure and versatile19:59
pmatulispeturi: generally people use nis only when forced to (usually b/c of old/legacy connected systems)20:01
peturiThis is a beowulf cluster, the nodes are not connected to the internet and there is a very limited number of users.20:01
peturiIs LDAP harder to setup and maintain compared to NIS, what are the benefits?20:02
pmatulispeturi: yes, harder to set up.  and i already told you the basic benefits.  google for details20:03
peturipmatulis, funny, googles first result for "ubuntu support" is a page mentioning this channel.20:04
ttist25Hello - is it possible to boot a degraded software RAID5 with the OS installed in the array?  Does the OS HAVE to be installed on a different partition?20:19
crunchbang_i have little issue with ubuntu one a bit: i kinda asked how they put their server togetter and for financial reasons they didn't answer....20:20
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bigbangany one know what registrar allows glue records ?21:36
EvilPhoenixi had the same question21:41
bigbangGlue records are required when you wish to set the name servers of a domain name to a hostname under the domain name itself..21:41
bigbanggodaddy don't add glue records and i was wondering if anybody knew what other company might allow it21:43
rnigamHello Everyone, I was trying to use Phoronix test suite for the first time on ubuntu-server. I get the following error about xdg-mime: http://pastebin.com/rk70N7Nk . Can someone please suggest what that error means?22:00
RoyKrnigam: that's related to the software you're trying to install, not ubuntu22:04
rnigamRoyK: Do you happen to know anything about ubuntu-kvm? and if there are any tools in the repository that can be used to measure its performance against say xen.?22:08
RoyKxen works well for pravirt if the guest supports that, but paravirt on xen can be a headache at the best of times22:09
RoyKkvm work very well for linux guests, though22:10
binBASHhas anyone tried kvm + cgroups yet?22:10
RoyKI haven't tried other OSes22:10
RoyKwhat are cgroups?22:10
rnigambinBASH KVM with cgroups sounds interesting !22:42
rnigamThanks for letting it out22:42
binBASHrnigam: yeah I'm currently setting up a cloud iaas company here in Germany and try to use it22:45
phoenixsamprashow to turn ubuntu into a email server?23:09
qman__installing an email server is easy23:09
qman__configuring it so you can actually get messages sent securely and without getting on any spam lists, however, is not23:10
qman__the subject is covered to a reasonable degree in the server guide23:10
phoenixsamprasoh i see23:12
phoenixsamprasqman__: how to setup ubuntu-server on citrix?23:12
guntbert!serverguide | phoenixsampras re mailserver  --  just as a starting point (and be *very* cautious)23:18
ubottuphoenixsampras re mailserver  --  just as a starting point (and be *very* cautious): The Ubuntu server guide may be found at http://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/23:18
guntbertphoenixsampras: how is that different from any other server install?23:18
phoenixsamprasguntbert: well since its ubuntu, i have the impression things will autoconfigure magically ....23:19
guntbertphoenixsampras: I was asking: what difference does it make if you are using some virtualization?23:20
phoenixsamprasguntbert: oh, well, for some reason, ubuntuserver 10.10 doesnt boot on citrix , it seems it needs some hack... that i cant find23:21
guntbertphoenixsampras: and server is not so much automated - beware of tasksel though (it is ok for installing services but NEVER for removing them again)23:21
guntbertphoenixsampras: what does not boot? the install CD or the installed system?23:22
phoenixsamprasguntbert: i dont like tasksel, so i plan to do it manually23:22
phoenixsamprasguntbert: the installed system23:22
guntbertphoenixsampras: wise decision, I got myself burned with tasksel23:22
phoenixsampraslooks like there is some grub2 problems23:22
guntbertphoenixsampras: how does the system "not boot"?23:23
phoenixsamprasgrub2 and ext4.. and some other things23:23
phoenixsamprasubuntu appears to be more sophisticated than citrix lawl23:24
guntbertphoenixsampras: it uses uuids for devices -- look into that last post from ^^23:25
phoenixsamprasyeah, I saw like 20 workarounds, but not sure which one works or not , specially for production23:26
phoenixsamprassince i plan to move from centos to ubuntu-server to host the email server23:27

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