seidosiheartubuntu: last i remember it was a ".pst" file00:07
seidoslast i heard evolution couldn't open them00:08
iheartubuntumaybe i did read that someplace. first restore it in thunderbird, then back it up, and then evolution can handle the thunderbird files00:12
iheartubuntui'll have to look into it00:12
seidosi thought thunderbird even failed to open .pst files00:14
pleia2iheartubuntu: yeah, that's the typical way to do it, but evolution has (excuse me) evolved some in the past couple years so I'd look in the evolution docs to be sure it doesn't support it now00:18
iheartubuntuits evolved huh? :)00:18
iheartubuntui'll check it :)00:18
iheartubuntui know how this all it happened.00:19
iheartubuntuthe old guy still uses dial up.00:19
iheartubuntui put ubuntu on his wifes new laptop. she barely knows how to use a computer. hooked them up with wifi too00:19
iheartubuntushes shopping on macys and all the sites now :)00:19
iheartubuntunot bad for never using a computer before. thank you ubuntu. no pop ups, no problems00:20
iheartubuntunow he is calling me :)00:20
pleia2nice :)00:20
iheartubuntu"yah yah the misses computer just seems to work without any problems"00:20
iheartubuntuim bringing ubuntu and kubuntu. but not sure if he will go for it. we'll see. im sure the first thing is to get wifi in his system going00:22
iheartubuntuhate to see how old his system is. i prbably have junk laying around thats faster00:22
iheartubuntutake care all. be safe!00:44
iheartubuntuhappy friday :)00:44
iheartubuntupleia2 - could not find help online or irc but this youtube video shows evolution can import PST files now. COOL. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CiSX3rkl9800:52
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jledbetterseidos, Coming back to BT?02:02
seidosjledbetter: i never left :)02:08
seidosi am there in spirit02:08
jledbetterseidos, I appreciate the spirit but "seeing" you in the team channel would also be great :)02:09
seidosjledbetter: why?02:09
seidosis there something you need me to do?02:09
jledbetterseidos, Touch base, mostly :)02:10
jledbetterseidos, Thank you!02:11
jbermudesDoes anyone else not understand the phrase "touch base" ?02:26
jbermudeswhat are the bases being touched?02:27
pleia21st, 2nd, 3rd..02:28
jledbetterThanks :) Yep. Baseball.02:30
jbermudesooooooh, that does make sense...unlike the other 99% of english, heh02:43
jledbetterYeah there are some oddities.02:44
iheartubuntujust got a message on my phone "explosion at nuke plant"08:04
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