_stink_rick_h_: jealous!00:20
rick_h__stink_: check out qtile, evidently it was cool01:00
rick_h_I missed the lightning talk, but hoping to see it at the BoF01:00
_stink_that's the python one, eh?01:11
_stink_will do.01:11
snap-lHow's the tiling BoF?01:37
snap-lOr is everyone passing by with their macbook pros?01:37
rick_h__stink_: a former stump guy here01:52
rick_h_but had to leave, kept crashing when he undocked and didn't do dual display well for him01:52
rick_h_Blazeix: but he's on arch so trying to convince him to give awesome a try01:52
_stink_rick_h_: dual displays works great for me... but not necessarily surprised about the docking01:53
_stink_lots of development going on in stumpwm over the last two weeks, kind of a nice surprise01:56
jjesseprobablly late to the party but really enjoying jeff waugh's posts on gnome, etc02:00
snap-ljjesse:Me too02:02
rick_hsnap-l: ping02:48
snap-lY'know, I love all of this "FML! TWITTER IS SCREWING APP DEVELOPERS"04:47
snap-land nobody is doing a damn thing about it, like, oh, I dunno... leading the charge to get federated or something04:47
greg-git is the same story we see over and over again with twitter, apple, facebook, whatever04:48
snap-lWah! Developer abu.... oh, shiny.04:48
snap-lI guess all of those people in Egypt / Japan / wherever better get used to using Twitter on their Smartphone-enabled web browsers when the next shit hits the fan04:50
snap-lAnd with that, I banish my Steve Job stuffed CEO doll to the corner, and bid you all goodnight.04:56
rick_h_morning party folks12:48
rick_h_anyone know why echo -n 60 | sudo tee /proc/acpi/video/VID/LCD0/brightness would get me an invalid argument error?13:15
rick_h_woo! starting the day off with vim13:34
snap-lGood morning14:08
rick_h_Pycon day 1 episode is out: http://lococast.net/archives/39816:27
rick_h_snap-l: rules, that is all16:27
snap-lnp. :)16:32
snap-lDid you like thei intro / outro? :)16:33
rick_h_snap-l: listened to intro and sounded awesome16:43
rick_h_honestly didn't make it to extro16:44
rick_h_trust you :)16:44
snap-lYou might want to fast-forward, then. :)16:46
snap-lAbout 18:0016:47
jcastrogreg-g: finally an answer to your question!18:05
jrwrensnap-l: you had to install VS to run something?  FAIL!18:32
jrwrensnap-l: i was AFK, but if you needs .net or vs help, lemme know.18:33
=== jjesse_ is now known as jjesse
jrwrenyou are doing microframework+wsdl?18:34
greg-gjcastro: yeah, no kidding. And a good one, too. I'm really surprised I never found that anywhere in my searches :/20:31
jcastrogreg-g: it's ok, that's why the site is there20:32
jcastrogreg-g: I find my own answers all the time since the internet sucks.20:32
greg-gjcastro: hah20:34
brouschgreg-s new moniker: "From now on I'm referring to fixie-obsessed hipsters as pedalphiles."21:10
Blazeixfixed wheel bicycle21:44
snap-ljrwren: Thanks. What's the best way to get wsdl.exe on a modern Windows machine?21:46
jrwrensnap-l: download mono for windows and use its wsdl?21:47
jrwrenor do you have to use MSFTs wsdl.exe ?21:47
snap-lThe question I have is about Microsoft's wsdl.exe21:54
jrwrenits in my path, but I can't find it on my system.  *sigh*  i long for which.21:54
jrwrenoh yeah... cygwin.21:54
snap-lI'm not doing this personally, it's for someone on work's support site21:54
jrwrendo they not longer ship it with VS2010 express?21:55
jrwrenor V C# 2010 express?21:55
snap-lDoesn't apper to be with it21:55
snap-lI think it's with the .net SDK, but the micro sdk 4.0 doesn't work with VS2010 C# Express21:56
jrwrenhrm, i guess that makes sense, its "legacy" for MSFT.21:56
jrwrenmicro SDK is for .net compatible arduino. you can safely ignore it for anything real .NET21:56
jrwrenmicro.net is basically not really .net21:56
snap-lah, OK21:56
snap-lWhat package should I be looking at then?21:57
jrwrenyou might need full Visual Studio. you should be able to get a trial.21:57
snap-lfun fun. :)21:57
jrwrenare they really using wsdl.exe?21:58
jrwrendo you want me to check for you?21:58
snap-lacc to the post they made, they are.21:58
snap-land they're getting warnings with our wsdls21:58
jrwrenare your wsdls public? can i run against it right now and send you results?21:59
jrwrenor do you want RDP to a windows box with it?21:59
snap-lThey're public21:59
snap-lone sec.21:59
brouschhah, awesome avatar http://www.meetup.com/grwebdev/members/14231320/photos/23:40

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