TakyojiActually there's been recent changes in Unity to work on systems without 3D acceleration.04:44
TakyojiLast I recall; within like 1-2 months ago04:44
rippsunity-2d or unity-qt has been around for well over a month. I just don't know if it's in the ubuntu repos yet. It might just be in a PPA for now.04:54
TakyojiI'll try installing 11.04 Alpha 3 in a moment05:21
Takyojion my laptop05:21
damianI didn't get an answer last time: "So who else is thinking about moving away from gnome because of Unity and Gnome3?"06:01
TakyojiHmm, apparently the installer in 11.04 Alpha gives you the option of: erase entire harddrive and install; or, manually configure each partition's type/mountpoint/format/etc07:16
damianSilly people breaking stuff :D07:18
Takyojiotherwise Unity seems to work on my graphics acceleration-less laptop07:45
damianI just realized something, I'm planning on switching to Linux Mint at their next release... I wont be a legitimate LoCo member anymore D:07:51
damianApparently I did get a reply when I initially asked about unity, problem was I didn't think to check the log18:07
damianI'm rather surprised that my Ubuntu partition is only using 9.4GB,~2.5GB is electricsheep videos and a decompressed linux kernel that I have yet to play with. (The majority of my other stuff like downloads is on another partition)19:44
damianI guess I could have put it at 20GB instead of hogging 40GB. That decision was probably influenced by how badly Windows utilizes space.19:47
damianI'm gonna test out SLAX and Mint, seeya later20:34
tonyyarussoSince when is there any overlap of users between SLAX and Mint?21:21

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