akgranerGood Morning from PyCon :-)  after being here for only a day now I want to learn python15:39
akgranermaybe I do a developer side that wants to break out :-)15:40
akgranermhall119, what's a book to start with?15:40
mhall119akgraner: hmm, I didn't get a python book15:43
mhall119akgraner: do you have experience in another programming language?15:44
akgranerthen where should I start?  I can't think of particular itch I want to scratch but I would like to lean more15:44
akgranermhall119, ummm no remember NTEU here ;-)15:44
mhall119yeah, an NTEU who want's to learn python, uh huh, I believe that15:45
mhall119akgraner: then personally, I'd suggest that you apt-get install laby15:45
mhall119it'll teach you basic programming constructs and introduce you to python's syntax15:45
mhall119best of all, it gives you a specific goal, without you needing an itch to scratch15:46
mhall119I got Michelle to do several levels of it a while back15:46
mhall119and Quinn did a couple on his own too15:46
akgraneryou rock!15:47
* mhall119 has a rocking family15:47
akgranerthat you do!15:48
mhall119akgraner: I assume you'll be at UDS-O15:49
akgranerI hope to be15:49
akgraner(if I get sponsored that is)15:49
akgranermhall119, and congrats on the new job btw!15:50
akgranerI couldn't remember if I had already told you that or not...15:51
mhall119you did15:51
* akgraner days all run together right now15:51
akgranerI feel very disjointed from all my community stuff..can't wait to get settled back into the house and get back on track with things15:52
mhall119yeah, I bet15:52
mhall119how much longer?15:52
akgraneras soon as we get the finaly check from the insurance company15:53
akgranerand then pay the builders their balance15:53
akgranerso hopefully next week15:53
mhall119the constructions and all is finished though?15:53
akgranernow it's just the landscaping15:54
akgranerand bringing in more gravel15:54
akgranerand building the walkway15:54
mhall119well, you can do all that after you've moved in too15:54
* mhall119 needs to do some landscaping of his own15:54
mhall119by which I mean get off my rear and mow the lawn15:55
akgranerit feels like forever but really it's only been what 5 months15:55
mhall119yeah, that's pretty fast, all things considered15:55
akgraneryou all will have to come visit :-)15:56
akgranerdoor is always open for friends, but family has to make an appointment :-P15:56
mhall119I hope now that we both have mobile jobs, that we can make more of the conferences in the south east15:57
akgranermhall119, what are you all doing global jam and release party wise in sunny FL?15:57
mhall119akgraner: cjohnston and I are going to spend the morning of the 1st hacking on summit15:57
mhall119and itnet7 is doing somethin in melbourne15:58
akgraneroh joy!  better you than me15:58
mhall119hey, once you learn python...15:58
mhall119we're hoping to improve the in-session screens for UDS15:59
mhall119for both in-person and remote participants15:59
akgranerhey have you seen the Conventionist app - http://conventionist.com/getit/16:00
akgranerwe showed Jane it at SCaLE and I sent jono the information about it16:00
mhall119akgraner: yeah, there's talk about using it for UDS if we can automate feeding session data to them16:00
akgranerthat would so rock for UDS16:00
mhall119we're supposed to have a conference call with their developers sometime soon16:01
akgranerevan is using it to and he said the same thing "we need that at uds"16:01
mhall119yeah, the main concern at this point is that you have to email them a CSV file with the schedule, but UDS's schedule changes to often, even the day of16:01
akgranerlet me know if I can help in anyway besides just gathering and forwarding the information16:01
mhall119we have davidm driving it16:02
mhall119if we can get them consume an ical or rss feed, then we'd be all set16:02
akgraneryep he was the one who showed it to me16:02
mhall119he's the one arranging the conf call16:02
akgranerthen I showed it to anyone and everyone I could find who said they didn't know about it16:02
mhall119if we do it before the 1st, cjohnston and I can implement whatever is needed on our end16:03
akgranersweet! :-)16:03
akgranermaybe we just need some write a uds app :-)16:03
mhall119brb, gonna help Michelle make cheese grits for breakfast16:03
mhall119akgraner: there's talk of that too, dan trevino has offered to work on a mobile app16:03
akgranerask pen what she is using to write accessibilty app16:04
akgranerI forget what it is but is is a tool to make mobile app writing easy (er)   but we can talk more about that laters16:04
mhall119spot specific?16:42
mhall119have to look into it16:42
akgraneryep that's it16:47
akgranersorry I stepped away to interview someone16:47
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