lostConnectionhas any one seen this terminal message before "Error:command line file name required, exiting."01:40
lostConnectionI was trying to run a program I had recently compile and I got that.01:41
canthus13lostConnection: Nope. try google. :)01:49
lostConnectionI did but I just figured it out.01:49
lostConnectionI wrote a program that read from a file. Well I for got to include the data file when I uploaded the program...01:50
lostConnectionnope that wasn't it.... oh man01:54
djoeuse strace?01:54
lostConnectionhuh I don't know that command but I will look it up.01:57
Cheri703so there's a "conan the barbarian" movie coming out in the summer, has jason momoa (guy from stargate atlantis) as the lead01:59
Unit193What guy from SGA??02:00
Cheri703I think02:00
Cheri703I think that was his name02:01
Cheri703whichever one looked most like he could also play a barbarian ;)02:01
Unit193Ronan Dex02:01
Cheri703heh, he used to be on baywatch02:02
TheErkHowdy peeps04:44
Unit193Hey TheErk!04:44
TheErkSup Unit19304:44
Unit193Not much... you?04:45

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