linuxman410anyone here00:41
chris4585cyberanger, I got a good buy earlier today01:17
chris4585I got this high power wlan usb adapter for $25 at the flea market today, and I plugged it into my desktop and it instantly worked01:17
cyberangerchris4585: define high power, and is it b/g only?02:32
chris4585looks like b/g only02:41
chris4585looks similar to this and uses the same chipset http://www.taringa.net/posts/downloads/7693502/ulink-rt2571-wlan-usb-adapter.html02:42
chris4585I really like how it works out of the box on kernel 2.6.x02:43
chris4585cyberanger, ^02:43
cyberangerah, that sorta explains it02:43
chris4585I'm using it on this connection and I'm happy with it02:46
chris4585I may order another 150mbps adapter in the future on dealextreme.com02:47
chris4585really cheap $8 - $10 and free shipping02:47
chibihogoshinocyberanger: mms://nhk-world-m.gekimedia.net/nhkw-lows11:04
chibihogoshinoenglish stream from nhk11:05
wrstgood morning everyone. cyberanger I now have quassel on android13:53
chibihogoshinowow  this channel is dead20:26

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