mhall119newz2000: what version of YUI do you guys use?01:12
mhall119just the one from Lucid's repos?01:13
stas_cjohnston: i updated the branch with the latest fixes04:08
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cjohnstonthanks stas_14:58
cjohnstonstas_: i dont see the content for the global menu anywhere15:01
cjohnstonnore the speed change15:01
stas_cjohnston: where do you look?15:10
stas_the global menu is a new sidebar, it is available in the widgets, and the slider speed is hardcoded to 10s with an option to change that if you add speed="5000" to class="slider"15:12
cjohnstonnot that one15:12
stas_cjohnston: dont use loggerhead, it's dumb15:12
cjohnstonthe only code i see is the css15:13
stas_these are the commits15:14
cjohnstonso why does https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-community-webthemes/ubuntu-community-webthemes/light-wordpress-theme say there are only 33 revisions15:16
stas_cjohnston: the initial branch was repushed a couple of times, some revisions were marked as negative15:17
stas_like -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 315:17
stas_0 was the new push, or sort of... i can't explain15:17
cjohnstonOk.. I don't know that we want to make the top-nav a widget cause the links should all be the same..15:18
cjohnstona site doesn't *have* to display it, but if they do, the links should be the smae15:19
stas_cjohnston: as i said, than its better to have a fork for uds.u.com, i can't force the default community theme to have something like global menu :/15:19
stas_links can be added just by adding a new custom menu15:20
cjohnstonthey don't have to display the global menu, but if they do display it, its supposed to be the same15:20
stas_cjohnston: how do you translate that than?15:20
cjohnstontranslate it to what15:21
stas_there are people from denmark that use light-wordpress-theme, we use it and the language is always different15:21
stas_community is comunitatea, and support is asistenta15:21
cjohnstonIf { display global_menu = true: Ubuntu.com Community Support Partners; }15:22
cjohnstonIs it possible to allow them to translate the text?15:23
stas_it is but why do that when you can add just a new sidebar, with a flexible way to change things?15:23
stas_to translate you will need poedit and gettext installed15:24
* stas_ thinks that's overhead15:24
cjohnstonI dunno.15:24
stas_cjohnston: check the video http://dl.dropbox.com/u/20301790/utopbar.mkv15:28
stas_isn't that simple enough?15:29
cjohnstonbut it allows teams to define their own links.. I have to find out if that is something that's desired.15:30
stas_well, in the end it's all a matter of trust, a hardcoded version wouldn't stop me to change those links15:31
cjohnstonbut it implies what they should be15:31
stas_anyway, i think that is out of scope for a loco theme, just my opinion15:32
stas_cjohnston: anyway, ping me if the decision to change it is taken, i will happily follow the rules15:35
stas_np, have a nice weekend :)15:35
cjohnstonyou too15:35
* cjohnston has to go do some daddy duties15:35

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