elkyAlanBell, in regards to the edits you made to that page, I was going to have a separate area for the "how it works" stuff (didn't get aorund to doing it).06:23
elkyWhat we have now is going to completely not reach out to the people I intended the first version for, which is the people who are going to look at what you've written and get confused and flail and continue to not engage06:23
pleia2elky: oh, sorry06:24
pleia2I didn't realize what your vision for the page was :\06:24
elkypleia2, it was for this purpose absolutely, but it was incomplete06:25
elkywe need both kinds of instructions, absolutely06:25
pleia2we can just copy the edits to the new page, I was just trying to get things moving so we could switch to default soon06:26
elkybut every time I've put out a "please help with the wiki" there've been mails like "how do wikis work?!?"06:26
elkypleia2, yes I know, appreciated06:26
pleia2so we'll have one page for people who just want to view the new theme and give feedback, and one for people actually doing the actual header/footer/etc migration?06:27
elkyor both on the same page, the latter people will scroll, the former people wont06:27
* pleia2 nods06:28
elkyI'm absolutely positive we have talented programmers on the list who would be really useful if they could get up to speed with the collaborative tools that unis don't teach06:29
elkyand to be honest, wikis intimidate me a bit because I try to think past them06:29
AlanBelloh OK07:47
AlanBelldo you want me to write something to answer the "how do wikis work?!?" question?07:50
elkyIt'd be handy. In a non-syntax way.08:01
AlanBellnot sure how to avoid talking about syntax08:44
AlanBellanyhow, I will have a think about that later08:44
elkyAlanBell, er, have *two* sections? Not everyone needs to be able to do every part of it. It'd be wonderful to have some people just looking at it going "this looks wrong"09:47
elkyand I'd like to have some instructions for them that won't scare them off by listing off "include this, use this special code"09:47
AlanBellyes, I was thinking of a whole other page on how wikis work10:09
AlanBelljust needs to be introductory level but not patronising10:10
elkyPendulum, he's creeping out the dude ops who noted him join there after being banned from offtopic days ago.12:49
Tm_Teven without those bans, he's creeping12:50
Tm_Toh well, I'll continue my cleaning duties ->12:51
AlanBellthe help pages in the wiki are actually rather good13:16
AlanBellhttp://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/HelpForUsers and http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/WikiCourse13:18
Tm_TCrossposting, but, this discussion is raised again: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_talk:Jimbo_Wales#Female_editors_on_wikipedia_low14:00
=== AlanBell changed the topic of #ubuntu-women-project to: This Channel is LOGGED | http://ubuntu-women.org | support (mostly) at #ubuntu | channel guidelines: http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/IrcGuidelines | Next Meeting: 14 April 2011 @ 20:00 UTC
pleia2AlanBell: thanks for posting the logs and updating the topic17:29
pleia2I'm going to be out of town for the next meeting (an actual vacation in puerto rico!) so we'll need to find someone else to chair17:30
Pendulumpleia2: I didn't know you were allowed proper holidays :P17:39
pleia2as with everything I'm going because my boyfriend is attending a conference there sun-wednesday (free hotel in the carribean? I'm coming!!!)17:41
valoriethis page: http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/WikiCourse/14%20Text%20styles has "strongly" misspelled as "stronly" - twice22:28
valorieI'd fix it, but it is immutable22:29
AlanBellthat would be a bug in moin22:30
AlanBellthose are all standard help pages22:30
AlanBellfixed upstream though22:31
AlanBelland of course broken on w.u.c https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WikiCourse/14%20Text%20styles22:31
AlanBellif they upgrade wiki.ubuntu.com it would be interesting to see if that gets fixed22:32
valorieheh, I see a "fistname" too22:34
valoriehopefully fixed in the next version22:35
AlanBellwhat do you think of the help pages valorie?23:02
valorievery good, nice and clear23:03
valorieI need to look at the other23:03
valorieof course I '23:04
valorieve been using MediaWiki23:04
valorieso it's a bit different23:04
valoriebut good to learn them all23:04
pleia2we were using tikiwiki at work for a while, I convinced my boss to switch to moin because switching between the two was making my brain hurt23:05
valorieI think the Amarok wiki is still a third one23:05
valorieand yes, it does make my brain work23:05
valorieand hurt23:06

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