* nlsthzn waves05:18
nuvolarinlsthzn: waves are dangerous... see what it did in japan07:21
nuvolarig'morning everyone07:21
nlsthznnuvolari: ouch... sorry...07:21
nlsthznmorning btw :)07:21
superflymorning nuvolari, nlsthzn07:22
nlsthznhey superfly07:22
nuvolariso... *cough* twitter *cough*08:18
nuvolarianyone for tea?08:18
nuvolarinlsthzn: you don't know?08:22
nuvolariit asked 3rd party developers to stop developing twitter client applications08:22
nlsthznnuvolari: clearly not?!08:23
nlsthznwow... kind of sucks me thinks :/08:27
nuvolariye, if you read the article08:38
nlsthznseems a silly reason... and I doubt any developer will stop :)08:40
nuvolarinlsthzn: well... I see kinda differently: they get a "screw you" from twitter, and they helped twitter became what it now is. Either there's going to be revenge or sabotage08:48
Symmetriacan someone try download something from sourceforge plz08:48
nlsthznalso possible... a nobody wins situation08:48
Symmetria(and tell me what happens when you do)08:49
nlsthznSymmetria: pop me a link to something and I will d/l for you08:52
nuvolariSymmetria: it uses the tenet mirror08:53
Symmetriathere nls08:53
nuvolarinothing really happened08:53
Symmetrianuvolari heh, so its using the tenet mirror correctly?08:53
nuvolariSymmetria: I guess so 08:53
Symmetriawe're definately seeing hits on it which is a good08:54
nlsthznit downloads... :p08:54
Symmetrianls from TENET?08:54
nlsthznI'm not in SA :p08:55
Symmetriaoh doh08:56
Symmetriado you have the option to pick another mirror08:56
Symmetriaand will it let you pick tenet08:56
Symmetria(thats the other thing I wanted to see, if we're in the proper list yet)08:56
nlsthznI just used wget 08:56
Symmetriaheh use a browser lol08:56
nlsthznshows cape town, south africa but no link in the mirror list08:57
Symmetriawow the nuke plant in japan blew up09:37
nlsthznpretty bad...09:41
nlsthzntalking about bad... the indians are murderising the Proteas currently OO09:43
superflySymmetria: it didn't blow up, there was an explosion... slight difference ;-)11:33
Tonberryhey Symmetria whats the ip range for mirror.ac.za?12:26
SymmetriaHow come?12:44
Tonberryneed to set up my firewall not to forward those ips to the university proxy12:45
Symmetriaaahh :)12:45
Symmetriayou might wanna do the same with if you can :)12:45
Symmetria(which contains youtube and google and stuff)12:46
Tonberrywonder if they allow that from here...12:46
Tonberrywill test12:46
Symmetriaheh try it and see :) lemme know as well, Im curious12:46
Symmetriaroot@mirror:/diskspace4/sourceforge# netstat -na |grep ESTABLISHED |grep -c
Symmetriaheh ^^^ sourceforge12:50
Tonberryi still have to pay for @ Symmetria12:57
Symmetriathats lame12:58
Symmetriayou should whine to your IT department about that12:58
Symmetriasince its also local to the TENET network12:58
Symmetria:) but yeah, spread it around that people at stellies can have sourceforge for free :P12:59
Tonberryi told my it department that our billing system is inherently flawed Wednesday, i think they are still a bit angry/rattled...12:59
Symmetria:P don't worry you arent the only one that has told them similar :)13:00
Tonberrymore stirring from me at the moment is probably not the best idea13:00
Tonberryi also told them exactly how to break it and tested it13:00
Tonberrya source ip is so easy to spoof....13:01
Symmetriayeah but how do you catch the return traffic?13:03
Tonberryyou cant13:03
Tonberrybut it does not matter13:03
Symmetriacause thats always the problem with spoofing tcp :)13:03
Tonberryyou can inflate another persons account13:03
Tonberryto any amount13:03
Symmetria(well, you can, but LOL, its more complex than most realize)13:03
Symmetriahaha well, if they are billing on outbound, yes, of course you can13:04
Tonberryand they do13:04
Symmetria:p see fakescan.c 13:04
Symmetriafrom when I was a young immature kid with way 2 much time on my hands :P13:04
Tonberrythere is no advantage to doing it13:04
Tonberrybut it does invalidate their billing method13:04
Symmetriatonberry haha fucking with some other student who is a prick is always fun :P13:04
Tonberrywell IT now knows i know how to do it13:05
Tonberryso i won't13:05
Tonberrybut yeah thats the general idea13:05
Tonberryand we have been having a lot of trouble with high internet accounts lately13:06
Symmetrialo Morganvd13:06
Symmetriamorgan, heh, sourceforge is finally 100% live :P13:07
Morganvdand btw Hello13:16
Symmetriawow, the number of hits we're getting from mweb/wa/is is high13:21
Symmetriaand vodacom13:22
inetproSymmetria: congrats13:38
inetpronice job!13:38
SymmetriaI wanna know who gp online are13:40
Symmetriaand just how many machines they have13:40
Symmetriabecause it must be an insanely sick number13:40
Symmetriaand they are ALL ubuntu machines13:40
Tonberrytraffic from updates?13:40
Symmetriaheh, of a million hits against za.archive.ubuntu.com since the 8th when we went back into rotation13:41
Symmetria5.9 million of those13:41
Symmetriaare one host 13:41
Symmetriawhich I think is a proxy server 13:42
Symmetriahttp://mirror.ac.za/analyze/ctry_usage_201103.png <=== thats an interesting stat for sf from our server13:45
Tonberrythat graph looks like a relic from the past...13:46
Morganvdwhoo whoo SA won17:19
Morganvdwe might actualy stand a chance this year17:19
* nuvolari watched the end of the nail-biting game20:13

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