dgtlthat is such a pain.. i'm spending my freetime with such a mess which should pretty much work out of the box00:00
preecheris it possible to install winff,devede & imagination and they work? when i try to install devede and imagination i get a message telling me that i have to remove certain libavcodec files (ubuntu 10.10)00:00
DasEiDuck79: so get it in ver 0.97 or such00:00
Jordan_UDasEi: Why did you install 8.04 rather than 10.04?00:00
W43372th0r: The clock on the panel is five hours behind, but when I click on it, it shows the correct time zone, city, and even the correct time, but the clock above it is wrong00:00
DasEiJordan_U: I'm helping Duck...00:00
Duck79DasEi - so do I look for an older version and downloaed and install it on the ubuntu 8.04?00:01
=== icaro is now known as Guest45849
th0rW43372: there is a hw clock and when you installed linux you probably told it to set the hw clock to local time. Then on bootup the system tries to adjust that time for the local timezone. I think it will fix the problem if you tell ubuntu to set the hw clock to utc00:01
DasEiDuck79: it's a cd you burn and then boot from it (or use a usb-stick)00:01
W43372th0r how do I do that?00:01
=== Guest45849 is now known as icaro_
kimboubActionParsnip  when i download somthing my speed conec is near32 ko00:01
Jordan_UDuck79: Why did you install 8.04 rather than 10.04?00:01
th0rW43372: not sure....want me to google it for you?00:02
DasEiDuck79: it autodetects installs of os'es and grub, and also has an repair option00:02
ActionParsnipkimboub: its a known bug00:02
W43372th0r sure, that would be cool.00:02
ActionParsnipkimboub: no what?00:02
ActionParsnipkimboub: i'm telling you, it is a bug00:02
kimboubis not bg00:02
kimboubnot bug00:03
Duck79Dasei - ah got it thanks. Sounds like it would probably be less hassle to just reinstall 8.04 but this time without it's grub. Oh I installed it just for fun + to check out my old graphics card which 8.04 likes alot.00:03
ActionParsnipkimboub: why is it not a bug? and how?00:03
Guest13942how can i see in a mobo the chipset used for the cpu?00:03
vividDuck79, just read about grub and add mint to menu.lst00:03
th0rW43372: http://www.google.com/search?client=opera&rls=en&q=set+ubuntu+hw+clock+to+utc&sourceid=opera&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&channel=suggest00:03
veilig_abtI'm trying to install a 2nd video card to get a 3rd monitor to work.  one is ATI and one is nVidia.  if I can see the boot screen (ubuntu w/ the dots underneath) on the new 3rd monitor, but it goes black after that screen - is that indicitive that I should be able to get this working and just my xorg.conf if messed up, or will this not work at all?00:03
vividits pretty easy00:03
ActionParsnipkimboub: i've seen peopledisable acpi to maybe get more speed. It IS a bug, if there wasn't a bug it'd work wouldn't it. Think about it00:04
lusmuswhy is wlan0 down in iwlist?00:04
kimboubbecause myProvider give 128 ko00:04
Duck79vivid - yeh have been doing a bit of reading on that - is it difficult to do?00:05
ActionParsnipkimboub: then shouldnt you hit 128kb?00:05
ActionParsnipkimboub: so whats the issue then?00:06
vividDuck79, easy stuff, just read about grub legacy00:06
Duck79vivid -grub legacy?00:06
=== Logan__ is now known as Logan_
kimboubi explain what i want00:06
vividgrub legacy is what we call the old grub that youve installed00:06
kimboub i want to have more then 32 ko simply00:06
kimboubwhen i download00:07
Duck79vivid-ah ok got you. Sure00:07
ActionParsnipkimboub: there is te bug then, try the      acpi=off    bootoption00:07
LucyIntheSkyhow do I run a program via ssh x forward on the server and client simultaneously ?00:07
lusmuswhy is wlan0 down?00:08
preecherdoes anyone know a version of ubuntu that i can run imagination/devede/winff on without having to remove some of the libvcodec files?00:08
jribLucyIntheSky: MAYBE xpra?00:08
ActionParsnippreecher: they willallact the same, they areexactly the same under the hood00:09
EvilPhoenixanyone here got experience with PPAs on launchpad, as well as building .debs?  could use some help debugging a .deb package i'm trying to upload to a ppa00:09
jribEvilPhoenix: try #ubuntu-packaging or #launchpad00:09
Duck79vivid + DasEi - thanks for your help. Bye.00:10
kimboubActionParsnip i ve configure my router00:10
kimboubto have fix ip00:10
ActionParsnipkimboub: that's moot00:10
Guest13942ok guys, i think i get something here: can i use the p4 3GHz processor present here http://www.asrock.com/mb/overview.asp?Model=P43Twins1600 into this one:00:11
preecherActionParsnip i'm confused--i was using mint which is based on ubuntu i thought and didnt get these warnings---does that mean that i can go ahead and install the programs and they will work like they did in mint?00:11
=== Guest704 is now known as DarkDevil
W43372th0r: I followed the directions on that link and rebooted and the clock is still wrong00:12
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest21169
kimboubActionParsnip  and i've thing if i could configurate my router for another ip to have more then 32 ko00:12
ActionParsnipGuest13942: it will take any socket LGA 77500:12
Matr|xi dont have sound working on ubuntu right now00:13
kimboubbecause to surf you must have line phone00:13
Guest13942ActionParsnip, you mean the mobo i want to put it on has to be 775?00:13
Matr|xE: pid.c: Daemon already running.00:13
Matr|xE: main.c: pa_pid_file_create() failed.00:13
Guest13942what if it is Intel 845G?00:13
ActionParsnippreecher: I'd assume so but I've not used mint as its support isn't as large as ubuntu's in community00:13
vividGuest13942, those two boards use completely different CPUs, almost nothing in them is compatible between the two00:14
kimboubActionParsnip  abecause to surf you must have line phone00:14
ActionParsnipGuest13942: the asrock is a socket 775 motherboard00:14
preecherActionParsnip thanks---i guess its alot easier to see before jumping the gun for another install00:15
bazhangkimboub, you're not making any sense00:15
ActionParsnipMatr|x: what is the output of:wget -O alsa-info.sh http://alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && bash ./alsa-info.sh00:15
Guest13942vivid, oh... is it stupid to say Intel 845G is not the LGA 775 socket? or are those things not same function?00:15
vividGuest13942, Intel 845G is the chipset on the motherboard, has nothing to do with the cpu socket00:15
MagmaRulesHi there i was looking for a free solution to manage several ubuntu machines in my network so thata i can control software versions in all of them. is there a solution for this?00:16
vividthe socket on the second board isnt mentioned, but i can gurantee you an old P4 will not be LGA77500:16
bazhangGuest13942, ##hardware ,as thats offtopic here00:16
ActionParsnipMagmaRules: use ssh00:16
Matr|xActionParsnip http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=bea2f495d1ddd9a4ce047fb36fe6a1beedd310f000:16
Guest13942bazhang, i know and i am sorry, but i can t connect to hardware and i don t know how to do it...00:16
* Fireblasto is away: Auto-away after 30 mins idle (gone at 12th Mar, 00:17:16)00:17
=== Fireblasto is now known as Fireblasto`afk
MagmaRulesActionParsnip: Ssh?00:17
kimboubActionParsnip  have you understand00:17
Guest13942vivid, thank you this enlightens me!! so there is a possibility :)00:17
vividGuest13942, short answer is No00:17
bazhangGuest13942, sure you can.  #freenode for help. please stop asking here00:17
Logan_3!ssh | MagmaRules00:17
W43372th0r: http://paste.ubuntu.com/579067/00:17
Logan_!ssh | MagmaRules00:17
ubottuMagmaRules: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)00:17
bazhang!away > Fireblasto`afk00:17
ubottuFireblasto`afk, please see my private message00:17
recognoscokimboub: do you use dialup connection?00:17
ActionParsnipMatr|x: add:   options snd-hda-intel model=hp      to /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf     and reboot00:18
ActionParsnipMagmaRules: secure shell00:18
kimboubActionParsnip  yes00:18
MagmaRulesOk i dont think i explained myself correctly im talking about managing 40+ stations00:18
Guest13942ok guys, bazhang, i stop it here. vivid, i misread: thanks for your help, it  s a pity ot won t work. buy guys and thank you00:18
ActionParsnipMagmaRules: you can script using ssh if you use key files rather than passwords00:19
recognoscokimboub: dial up can't get any faster than 56.6kbps as far as i know00:19
Guest13942MagmaRules, I would deploy a net install00:19
recognoscokimboub: so you're stuck with that speed00:19
Guest13942and some kind of sync between all the pachines. like one install, 39 syncs00:20
MagmaRulesUnn googling net install00:20
kimboubrecognosco you can say that00:20
EruaranCan anybody help - I'm trying to get Ubuntu 10.10 to work with a Telstra BigPond Turbo NextG (3G)00:20
ActionParsnipMagmaRules: also run a local apt server and you can schedule local upgrades from that which will use less internet speed00:20
EruaranIt's driving me mad00:20
Matr|xbrb rebooting00:20
recognoscokimboub: do not send private messages. i am not helping you anymore. sorry.00:21
ActionParsnipEruaran: run:  lsusb   one line will identify the device and the 8 character hex id will help you find guides00:21
=== root__ is now known as th1nG
Eruarancomes up as ZTE MF110/MF63600:23
kimboubrecognosco in my region  we must subscribe00:23
kimboubwhith a provider00:23
th1nGdoes any1 know, why i cant write iso by using 2 diferent cd-writers ?00:23
frankcox777Could anyone tell me if the virtualbox  4.04 for 9.10 will work in 9.04 ?00:24
th1nGerror; and that's all00:24
bazhangfrankcox777, #vbox please00:24
Logan_!virtualbox | frankcox77700:24
ubottufrankcox777: virtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from the package 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox00:24
Jordan_Ufrankcox777: 9.04 is no longer supported. You really shouldn't be using it.00:24
Jordan_U!eol | frankcox77700:25
ubottufrankcox777: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades00:25
Jordan_Uth1nG: Could you please rephrase the question?00:25
xelisteron boot to my Ubuntu, full-disck encrypted system, I very often get: "error: out of disk." followed by GRUB rescue console. When I reboot and try again then often (around every 2nd time) it boots normally. When 2 hard drives are connected to the computer, then always it shows this error never booting correctly. Wtf. How to fix that?00:25
frankcox777Ok-I was working on that project but haven't got my new hard drive yet-00:26
mrdebunder what circumstances would one revert to 10.04 from 10.10?00:27
bazhangmrdeb, when you wanted to do a full reinstall00:27
th1nGsanek epta =)00:27
yourwhiteshadowtrying to install 10.10 from USB alongside windows vista, is the partitioning of a 320 gb hard drive supposed to take 30 minutes?00:28
bazhangyourwhiteshadow, resizing?00:28
Skaperenis anyone (on 10.10) else having trouble with Rhythmbox accessing (in the Radio section) "NRK Klassisk" ?   ... I upgraded Rhythmbox to be sure, but it doesn't work ... accessing via mplayer works fine00:29
sanekгде я?00:29
Opieyourwhiteshadow: hdd speed?00:29
nit-witmrdeb, why00:29
bazhangsanek, #ubuntu-ru00:29
th1nGсанек, ты в пизздеце типа опеенсурс00:30
bazhangth1nG, #ubuntu-ru not here00:30
yourwhiteshadowOpie: i think 5400 rpm, 320 gb00:30
th1nGда ладно вам, заебали в РУ посылать00:30
th1nGтам одни пидорасы сидят00:30
Skaperenthere seems to be no #ubuntu-ru00:30
bazhangsure there is00:31
Opieyourwhiteshadow: fast enough... i assume your usb is 2.0?00:31
sanekth1nG это почему?00:31
xrdodrxhow can I figure out the encryption method of my wireless network from the terminal?00:31
Skaperenwell, it's not showing up in the list ... hidden?00:31
bazhang!ru | sanek th1nG00:31
ubottusanek th1nG: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke00:31
=== steve__ is now known as stevenson
yourwhiteshadowOpie, yeah, USB 2.0, should it be taking this long?00:32
th1nGпотомучто все русские -- мудакииии и пидорасы00:32
bazhangsanek, ----> #ubuntu-ru00:33
W43372my hardware clock is somehow set to HAST instead of UTC00:33
iiicygТак вот.00:33
Opieyourwhiteshadow: 30 mins is not horrible. should be like 20 or less for 5400tpm 320gb. i think you will be alright.00:34
=== buschwusch is now known as buschwuschhasstq
yourwhiteshadowOpie, thanks, let's see how it goes, approaching 35 minutes00:34
bazhangiiicyg, ubuntu support question?00:34
Skaperenbazhang: does the rhythmbox package count as ubuntu support question?00:35
Opieyourwhiteshadow, np goodluck hopefully it finishes up soon.00:35
bazhangSkaperen, I've not got it running yet00:35
GeekyAdamhi all00:35
W43372my hardware clock is somehow set to HAST instead of UTC00:36
Skaperenbazhang: hmmm00:36
Opiehey adam00:36
* GeekyAdam waves pleasantly at Opie.00:36
Matr|xmy sound wont working00:36
GeekyAdamsorry i play WoW00:36
Matr|xE: pid.c: Daemon already running.00:36
Matr|xE: main.c: pa_pid_file_create() failed.00:36
Logan_!ru | iiicyg00:36
ubottuiiicyg: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke00:36
Opieused to myself00:36
Skaperenbazhang: what I get when I try to play Radio >> NRK Klassisk is a status of a red circle with a white horizontal bar in it00:37
GeekyAdamOpie: its so addicting00:37
GeekyAdamgotta go later all00:37
bazhangSkaperen, its not working here either00:37
mujican some1 help me out?00:38
W43372my hardware clock is somehow set to HAST instead of UTC00:38
bazhangmuji, ask first and see00:38
Logan_!ask | muji00:38
ubottumuji: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:38
Skaperenbazhang: so it's broken?00:38
bazhangSkaperen, perhaps file a bug report?00:38
=== buschwuschhasstq is now known as buschwusch
iiicygbazhang, no, thank you. I would like to help other.00:38
mujiso i bought a vps. its ubuntu 10.10.so i go to the ssh and type in sudo apt-get update but it doesn't seem to connect to the distro center. what should i do?00:39
W43372my hardware clock is somehow set to HAST instead of UTC00:40
dorianWell, hey there. I installed 10.10 on my laptop (Dell XPS 14) and was running beautifully and then I enabled the Nvidia drivers and it desired to reboot, so I allowed it being the gentleman I am, and when it rebooted it would show the 'Ubuntu loading screen' and then instead of going to the login manager like usual it dumped me like a one night stand at the console -- why? I tried startx, xinit, etc but it mentions that there is no screen.00:40
SkaperenW43372: do you have a question?00:40
mujiso i bought a vps. its ubuntu 10.10.so i go to the ssh and type in sudo apt-get update but it doesn't seem to connect to the ubuntu distro center. what should i do?00:40
W43372Skaperen: How do I change the hwclock timezone from HAST to UTC?00:41
Skaperenmuji: do you have DNS configured?00:41
recognoscomuji - see if you can connect to the distro mirrors00:41
recognoscomuji: with like simple wget00:42
mujihow? how can i configure dns?00:42
EruaranApparrently no one can explain to me why Ubuntu wont work with a Telstra Bigpond Turbo NextG wireless modem00:42
EruaranOr what to do about it00:42
SkaperenW43372:W43372: my guess is it's a timezone issue, not a clock issue00:42
EruaranThreads on the forums are dead ends00:42
recognoscomuji: edit the file /etc/resolv.conf00:42
iiicygW43372, see /etc/default/rcS for UTC=yes00:43
mechanarchyUbuntu 10.10 install cd gave me the "unknown user id" error, so I installed with the minimal CD; but Ubuntu isn't booting. Any ideas?00:43
recognoscomuji: add a line like - nameserver x.x.x.x00:43
Matr|xmy sound stoped working00:43
recognoscomuji: replace x.x.x.x with your dns server's IP00:44
stevensonmaybe you went deaf00:44
bazhang!sound | Matr|x00:44
ubottuMatr|x: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.00:44
mujiwait, with mine or my vps's?00:44
bazhangstevenson, thats not helpful00:44
=== jim is now known as Guest7165
stevensoni know baz :(00:44
stevensoni'm sorry00:44
Skaperenmy sound went dead, too ... but it was because I left the headphones on and the battery ran down00:44
W43372iicyg i already did that. when i type sudo hwclock -r it shows me the proper time but it's saying hit's HAST and not UTC I don't know what the deal is but every time i reboot the clock is wrong00:44
dorian[bump] I installed 10.10 on my laptop (Dell XPS 14) and was running beautifully and then I enabled the Nvidia drivers and it desired to reboot, so I allowed it being the gentleman I am, and when it rebooted it would show the 'Ubuntu loading screen' and then instead of going to the login manager like usual it dumped me like a one night stand at the console -- why? I tried startx, xinit, etc but it mentions that there is no screen.00:45
recognoscomuji: your vps00:45
recognoscomuji: the problem is there, right? ;)00:45
rajviubuntu 10.10 on wubi every package installs fine stills returns a exit code -1 state "Installation failure00:45
bazhangdorian, no need for the colorful adult descriptors00:45
Matr|xbazhang pulseaudio00:45
Matr|xE: pid.c: Daemon already running.00:45
Matr|xE: main.c: pa_pid_file_create() failed.00:45
FloodBot1Matr|x: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:45
bazhangdorian, go to recovery mode and do a safe start00:46
mujiso waht should i write?00:46
mujithis is the ip:
bazhangmuji, contact your vps provider00:46
Cody3290Hello, everyone00:46
recognoscoyou should write: nameserver
dorianI shall try that, bazhang.00:46
mechanarchySo no ideas why Ubuntu isn't booting? My uneducated guess is the bootloader isn't doing anything...00:46
Cody3290I am on a live cd trying to fix my MBR after installing windows XP, and I am confused about the instructions I got from the help online00:47
recognoscomuji: try this - nslookup ubuntu.com00:47
Cody3290Can someone give me the link once more?00:47
recognoscosee if it is working00:47
Matr|xE: pid.c: Daemon already running.00:47
Matr|xE: main.c: pa_pid_file_create() failed.00:47
bazhang!grub2 > Cody329000:47
ubottuCody3290, please see my private message00:47
iiicygmechanarchy, try to boot with acpi=off option.00:47
Cody3290ty, bazhang00:47
rajvistill waiting00:48
mujirecognosco: it says bash: nslookup: command not found00:48
mechanarchyiiicyg: How do I do this? Through the install00:48
mechanarchyiiicyg: How do I do this? Through the install\livecd disk or minimal disk, or what? (apologies for premature enter)00:48
nrikhi all!00:49
nrikCan You help me with locale?00:49
recognoscomuji: ping google.com then?00:49
nrikI have question marks in terminal window00:49
induzwhat is moonlight and I can not see it installed??00:49
Cody3290What if I do not get the output from mount | tail -1 that was expected?00:50
=== mohammad is now known as Guest20669
recognoscomuij: ping -c 4 google.com00:50
rajviubuntu 10.10 on wubi every packages installs stills stay " failed to installed"00:50
mujiping: unknown host google.com00:50
nrikinduz, : Moonligth = Microsoft Silverligth00:50
induzok but what is it?00:51
induzis it a web browser?/00:51
nrikaka Adobe Flash00:51
induzok its flash00:51
nrikNo, it`s a plug-in00:51
induzyes its a plug in00:51
nriknot  Flash, but something else, like Flash00:52
induzI use mozilaa and it was downloaded but i dont see any difference so just asking00:52
iiicygmechanarchy, through ordinary install disk. Choose this in additional parameters in menu. I dont't remember exactly how.00:52
rajvicAN I get some help00:52
induznrik, ok its something like flash to watch utube00:52
mechanarchyiiicyg: regular install disk gives me "unknown user id 0" error normally.00:53
Cody3290Instead of getting "/media/0d104aff-ec8c-44c8-b811-92b993823444 type ext4 (rw,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=devkit)" I get "/dev/sda1 on /media/84189aef-7d5c-41c4-9b29-7cebba67c23b type ext4 (rw,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=udisks)"00:53
induzor some animation on a web browser00:53
rajviNrik i think its silverlight00:53
nrikinduz, no, it is Microsoft technology, not even flash00:53
Whisky_I tried updating to the latest KDE in my Kubuntu 10.10. For some reason, the update got stuck half way and I had to switch my laptop off. Now, my computer won't boot. It get's stuck half way while starting services or something and never actually gets past the Kubuntu boot splash.00:53
nrikrajvi, You`r right00:53
Cody3290Whisky_: You may want to check in #kubuntu if you haven't already00:53
rajviwrong chaneel Whisky00:53
nrikrajvi, You`r right, Silverlight!!!00:54
dorianbozhang: You are both a gentleman and a scholar. May the Gods smile upon thee this day.00:54
induzyes nrik  i had to register my ID on msn live and it asked me to install moonlight and i diid00:54
induzbut i didnt know what it is00:54
rajviyup i understand00:54
rajviits a plugin right00:54
nrikinduz, http://www.silverlight.net/00:54
Whisky_rajvi, Cody3290: Yes, I'm aware. It's just that there's no one 'awake' there and I believe this would be more related to Linux it's self and not just KDE? I might be wrong though.00:54
mujimy vps cant ping google or anything else. nor can it connect to ubuntu distro center, any1 know what i can do?00:55
iiicygmechanarchy, I see, then my recommendation is not relevant your problem.00:55
nrikinduz, Silverlight is a powerful development platform for creating engaging, interactive user experiences for Web, desktop, and mobile applications when online or offline.00:55
induzis it like APIs?/00:55
rajvii know that nrik00:55
induzthanks nrik00:55
recognoscoinduz: moonlight is miscrosoft silverlight replacement for linux00:56
recognoscomuji: did you edit /etc/resolve.conf and add that nameserver?00:56
rajviok thanx recognosco00:56
nrikwho can help with locale? I have question marks in terminal window.00:57
induzI understood that00:57
rajvii vivek00:57
induzok bye for now00:57
rajvihi vivek00:57
mujirecognosco: i tried but it wouldn't like even open it up00:57
rajvigood 2 c indians linux users00:58
aromanhello, how can I un-lockdown all applets on my gnome-panel?00:58
=== roesler is now known as TheAxeR
YankDownUnderright-click the applet, choose unlock from panel00:59
aromanYankDownUnder: my entire panel I mean00:59
rajvione applet01:00
aromanthe panel itself is locked01:00
recognoscomuji: what text editor are you using?01:00
rajviright click first01:00
VivekanandaHello everyone.Am using lucid 32 with firefox 3 6 15 and am facing a problem after a recent update(around a few days back).The problem is then when I run youtube the first video is in color but the subsequent ones are in black and white.On running firefox in the terminal I get the error-- Mesa 7.7.1 implementation error when I play a subsequent video.Can anyone help?01:00
aromannvm I got it01:00
Opieyourwhiteshadow, hows it coming?01:00
mujii have gedit on my pc but idk bout the vps01:00
mujii just bought it last night01:00
aromangconf: apps/panel/global/locked_down = false01:00
rajvireinstalled fox01:01
AngryParsleywhat's the live search that most people use on ubuntu? tracker? beagle?01:01
=== john____ is now known as jprobe
rajviproblem with mesa01:01
recognoscomuji: in the vps command line type this: sudo echo "nameserver" > /etc/resolv.conf01:02
AngryParsleybasically I want something like spotlight on OS X, but on ubuntu. and I'm wondering if ubuntu has mostly standardized on a spotlight-like thing yet01:02
Jordan_UVivekananda: Try disabling hardware acceleration in the flash settings (right click a flash video).01:03
AngryParsleyrecognosco: shouldn't that be >> ?01:03
AngryParsleythat overwrites his resolv.conf01:03
recognoscoAngryParsley: could be either01:03
recognoscoAngryParsley: his DNS ain't working01:03
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FoolishOwlDo we know when the beta release of Natty is expected?01:04
W3ird_N3rdI may be blind, but where it the release schedule for natty?01:04
W3ird_N3rdthere used to be release schedule pages for the version that's coming up, but I can't find it (neither can google)01:05
W3ird_N3rdthat would answer FoolishOwl's question as well :P01:05
Cody3290I fixed my MBr01:05
Cody3290Now, my question is - How do I load up my windows? >.<01:05
Tech_Supportdo you guys know what's happening in japan?01:06
yeats!11.04 | W3ird_N3rd FoolishOwl01:06
Cody3290The stsunami01:06
ubottuW3ird_N3rd FoolishOwl: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011 - Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1 - Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.01:06
W3ird_N3rdTech_Support, yes.01:06
Cody3290who *doesn't* know about it01:06
Tech_Supportwell I found out a half hour ago01:06
W3ird_N3rdsupport, support.. just looking for a release schedule01:06
Cody3290i found out this morning from bbc news01:06
W3ird_N3rdthat's hardly "support"01:06
Cody3290but this is off topic01:06
Cody3290Anyone can answer my question? :)01:06
VivekanandaJordan_U:Did not have this problem earlier.It fixes the problem thanks but could you tell me more to read on why this problem happens and why acceleration is causing it?01:07
Tech_SupportI was just released from the hospital so01:07
Tech_Supportno outside comunication until now01:07
W3ird_N3rdCody3290, install grub and reboot01:07
Cody3290Sorry for your lots01:07
Cody3290I did install grub, now I can't seem to be able to load xp01:07
Cody3290loss, rather01:07
Tech_SupportI didn't loose anything01:07
Cody3290and by loss I mean loss of time.01:07
Cody3290from being in the hospital.01:07
Tech_Supportwell that I lost01:07
Tech_Supportbut whatever01:08
Cody3290!grub2 > Cody329001:08
ubottuCody3290, please see my private message01:08
Cody3290maybe I just missed the screen that asked me what to load01:09
W3ird_N3rdFoolishOwl, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyReleaseSchedule01:09
Cody3290rebooting again01:09
FoppOk, everyone, I need to perform what really is a somewhat simple terminal function. however, i am no good at using the terminal. I need to change the permissions of my kindle, as it is currently a read only device. any help to do this would be great. thanks01:09
Cody3290THe kindle is compatible with linux?01:10
Foppuntil the recent update01:10
FoolishOwlW3ird_N3rd, thank you.01:10
Cody3290Through Wine, ain't it.01:10
Foppyes, absolutely.01:10
Fopphowever, ever since the recent update, I've had problems.01:10
Foppbuuutt.. other kindle linux users are telling they're not having the problem I am!01:10
Cody3290Interesting. Sorry for leading you on, I can't really help you. Only been a week or so on Linux myself01:10
Cody3290Rebooting, br01:11
VivekanandaI did not see any mesa update from synaptic but should I do an update by building ?01:11
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Foppit's actually been quite a pain for me. I had the kindle 3 days before the update came out. as soon as that happened, i can't transfer any files.01:13
Cody3290Ok. Weird.01:14
Cody3290I installed WinXP, and have fixed my MBR. Now ubuntu loads, but straight away, and I have no option to load up XP01:15
aaa"sudo start doesrailswork" just says "stop/waiting" http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=yhyQqGjj01:15
noahif you chown/chmod stuff under var, e.g. /var/log/mysql.err, does it automatically get reset? if so, what does it?01:15
epicenterQ: I have onboard AMD/ATI video but also have a PCIe ATI video card. Onboard works awesome in Ubuntu. How do I get the 2nd video adapter to kick in?01:15
navatwoHi, I was just trying to modify my partition table and GParted buggered up.01:16
navatwoCould someone point me in the right direction for restoring my partition table? I have the details etc.01:16
noahnavatwo, "buggered up"??01:17
epicenternavatwo: I am no pro on this. But AFAIK if you assemble a grub config file matching your existing partitions (that are bootable), you should be in business01:17
epicenterif Grub can run you can boot to any accessible volume01:17
navatwoepicenter: Its not grub thats broken. noah the operations for moving failed.01:18
noahfailed how?01:18
epicenterMy typical solution for a busted partition table is to move out any data that can be salvaged, remove all partitions and set up new ones01:18
epicenterthen move it back01:19
epicenterThough I've not encountered a partition table that just shit the bed out of nowhere; it must relate to a new OS install or attempt01:19
navatwonoah: it told me to save the details and that the partition movement failed. I have the file.01:19
Foppso, i *think* I need to change my file permissions of the system, but I'm told it's a read only file system... and I need to sign in as root to do that?01:19
Cody3290I'm just gonna reinstall ubuntu01:19
Cody3290sudo is for root, i believe01:19
iiicygnavatwo, show details.01:19
navatwoiiicyg: I will upload it, one second.01:20
Foppyeah, but i dont know how to change permissions via the terminal01:20
iiicygnavatwo, http://paste.ubuntu.com01:20
Fopponce i figure that out, hopefully I'll be home and dry.01:20
navatwoiiicyg: its an HTML files.01:20
epicenterI'm really curious if someone can figure this out. I have onboard video AND a PCIe graphics card hooked up to the 2nd monitor. Ubuntu does not immediately activate the 2nd. Where should I start looking to get this sucker running?01:20
epicenterBoth cards are AMD/ATI made01:21
navatwoepicenter: install the proprietary drivers for your graphics card.01:21
j_ayen_greenI have a NAS that I mount as CIFS, recently I've been getting an error at the start of booting about not being able to use the socket, I think it's error 101. Oddly enough, the NAS is still available for use by simplebackup, but what was happening is that right after the backup was written the system would hang (cursor still moves) with high CPU. Descheduling the backup ended that issue.01:21
iiicygnavatwo, http://dump.bitcheese.net/01:21
navatwoiiicyg: and noah http://paste.ubuntu.com/579088/01:21
epicenternavatwo: Ihave installed the prop. drivers (ATI Catalyst Ctrl Ctr.) and only the onboard is seen01:22
iiicygnavatwo, ok/01:22
navatwoiiicyg: noah http://dump.bitcheese.net/files/ojijuxe/gparted_details.htm easier to read version.01:22
epicenterIn Windows, the ATI Ctrl. Ctr. will find both cards as both share one giant driver pack.01:22
navatwoepicenter: how are you looking for the monitors? Through the ctrl center?01:23
epicenterNavatwo: Yes.01:23
kaloidme tranfere para o brasil01:23
noahnavatwo, you could try what it suggests, assuming you care about your ntfs partition01:23
noah"NTFS is inconsistent. Run chkdsk /f on Windows then reboot it TWICE!"01:24
iiicyg"Run chkdsk /f on Windows then reboot it TWICE!"01:24
navatwoI just saw that, the issue is I'm not sure I want to reboot..01:24
bazhang!br | kaloid01:24
ubottukaloid: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.01:24
navatwoAlthough, the other partitions which contain windows/ubuntu seem OK.01:24
iiicygnavatwo, be sure.01:25
noahnavatwo, yeah, the log seems to be saying things are fine except the ntfs partition01:25
navatwoofc, that one has over 600gb of media on it. >.>01:25
need_spacehello im running maverick livecd in virtualmachine and I need space. if i try to remove --purge applications it wont allow.... HELP01:25
bazhangkaloid, /join #ubuntu-br01:25
iiicygnavatwo, don't panic, just do it.01:26
bazhangneed_space, static? or allowed to grow as needed01:26
epicenternavatwo: Where is the best place to analyze installed devices?01:26
need_spacebazhang: none just the cd01:26
TheMusicGuyFor some reason, I am no longer being asked for a password whenever I used sudo or gksudo. It just automatically grants root permissions, even though I haven't used sudo/gksudo since starting this session.01:26
epicenternavatwo: or detected devices without drivers01:26
need_spacebazhang: livecd01:26
navatwoepicenter: google.. lspci is a good start to get full names though.01:26
Jordan_Unavatwo: The log also seems to show that no resize was attempted as an already existing problem was detected.01:26
yourwhiteshadowOpie, it finished eventually, everything is installing and working well, my friend says thanks01:26
bazhangneed_space, its not installed?01:27
need_spacebazhang: no01:27
navatwoJordan_U: implyying?01:27
epicenternavatwo: I know all the details. I need to know if the kernel loaded a driver for it or not01:27
bazhangneed_space, then that wont work01:27
need_spacebazhang: why not01:27
Jordan_Unavatwo: Implying that there is nothing that needs to be reverted that gparted has done.01:27
bazhangneed_space, its a fixed size. the cd is not resizable01:27
noahTheMusicGuy, does relevant /etc/sudoers line say NOPASSWD ?01:27
navatwoso essentially, gparted is upset over nothing?01:27
need_spacebazhang: how can I add swap to it01:27
navatwoover something* but it hasn't affected anything01:28
bazhangneed_space, you dont01:28
TheMusicGuynoah, no01:28
Jordan_Unavatwo: No, there is a problem. It's just a problem that existed before you started doing anything with gparted.01:28
need_spacethats an horrible answer01:28
navatwoanyway, brb. going into windows.01:28
navatwoJordan_U: thanks :)01:28
archpatriI'm stuck in 800x600 low-graphic mode and Ubuntu freezes at boot if I don't choose the failsafe option. GPU drivers are installed correctly. Maybe the GPU is dead?01:28
navatwonoah: and iiicyg thanks as well.01:28
Foppoh dear I dont seem to be too good at this =(01:28
bazhangneed_space, there is no solution unless you install. asking to manipulate a livecd just wont work01:29
iiicygnavatwo, you are welcome :-)01:29
noahTheMusicGuy, what do you mean by "this session"? i think sudo uses timeouts that remain in place even if you log out and back in01:29
JimmeyHello, I want to set a file to have the permissions -rw-r---r-- 1 root root 64 -------- how can I do this?01:29
Whisky_Can anyone help me get WiFi working in shell?01:29
need_spacebazhang: I could remove programs..01:29
noahJimmey, chmod 644 foo01:29
recognoscoJimmey: sudo chmod 644 file01:30
bazhang!wifi | Whisky_ have a read01:30
ubottuWhisky_ have a read: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:30
bazhangneed_space, from a livecd? no you cant01:30
iiicygAnd don't forget chown root:root01:30
need_spacek bazhang01:30
Jimmeyrecognosco, noah, thanks01:30
TheMusicGuynormally I am aksed for the password every time I open a new terminal window and use sudo/gksudo. In this case, however, all newly-opened terminal windows and dekstop icons with gksudo in them, etc, all act as if I had already entered the password.01:30
Jordan_UTheMusicGuy: That's normal for a few minutes after you have antered your password.01:31
TheMusicGuyCould this be caused by having a sudo'd command running from one of the text ttys?01:31
TheMusicGuyJordan_U, not for me it isn't. This has never happened before.01:32
FoppOk, hopefully this is a simple question: Now I've managed to get the terminal to recognise my kindle, what is the code to change its permissions? thank you!01:32
K4kIs there a way to add a script to the suspend on lid close?01:32
bazhangK4k, a script to do what01:33
iiicygTo suspend.01:33
nava2iiicyg: and Jordan_U so, I think chkdsk just checks teh current drive/partition, not all of them.01:33
iiicygK4k, yes.01:33
K4kbazhang: It checks what my IP is and if it's one of a certain subnets it will start a file sync to my server01:34
shaneocan some one help me with the following error `bind': Address already in use - bind(2) (Errno::EADDRINUSE)01:34
cfeddeshaneo: sounds like some other program is already listening on the port.01:35
need_spacebazhang: installing01:35
K4kiiicyg: I should be more specific. I'm using gnome-power-manager and does it use the scripts under acpi, pm or something else?01:35
nava2nvm, got it.01:35
shaneohow do i find out what progam01:35
cfeddeshaneo: what program are you starting?01:35
mike_I need some help getting my wifi to work on my netbook01:35
bazhangmike_, what chipset01:35
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j_ayen_greenwhile I'm waiting for help on the CIFS issue... is it smooth (no or few manual config changes) and worth it to upgrade from 10.04 to 10.1001:37
bazhangj_ayen_green, yes01:37
shaneon/m got it01:37
cfeddeshaneo: cool!01:37
j_ayen_greenbazhang, nice. why doesn't update manager offer it?01:37
bazhangj_ayen_green, check to allow non-lts01:38
j_ayen_greenbazhang, ah, ok. thanks :)01:38
j_ayen_greenbazhang, but i guess i need to get my cifs issue resolved first, so I can back up :-s01:38
Foppstill havn't got it working. i did make a thread, but i havnt recieved an answer on it http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=170381401:38
A|i3Nsoooooo......... lol. any good audio converters out there? As far as WMA --> MP3 without worrying about DRM01:39
ricorx7Fopp: is it mounted? i do not know how kindle is connected01:39
durandohey guys i'm brand new to using ubuntu server, but have experience with ubuntu desktop and i'm trying to setup raid 5 for the first time my first concern is that when i sudo fdisk -l all i'm seeing is the 3 drives attached ot the mobo and not the additional 4 drives attached to the daughterboard (my mobo has a daughterboard configuration no i dont mean a pci card)01:40
Foppricorx: via usb01:40
K4kbazhang: Do you happen to know what gnome-power-manager does to start suspending on lid close? I would like to run this script before it tries to run any of it's normal suspend actions01:40
Guest91512Anyone know anything about getting WiFi to work on a netbook?01:40
bazhangA|i3N, it has drm?01:40
bazhangGuest91512, I asked you what chipset01:40
K4kGuest91512: that's a bit vague. Do you have the brand/model of the laptop?01:40
ricorx7Fopp: did you type mount and make sure its not read only01:40
FoppNo, but im not sure how to do that.01:41
ricorx7type "mount"01:41
Foppah terminal has thrown some stuff at me. i will paste bin it.01:42
ZenGuy311my firend is using joliloud(joliOS), the sound plays from one app at a time.. for example , vlc will playback sound from a video but simaltanously won't play sound from a youtube video .. this occurs with ALL programs01:42
A|i3NBazhang - something that'll decrypt digital rights. I have some stuff I ripped in windows from CD and well, it was on a windows computer that didn't have software to rip to MP3...01:43
bazhangZenGuy311, then go to jolicloud support, this is not it01:43
A|i3Nso if i try to put it on an MP3 player, it won't play.01:43
A|i3NDon't want to rip all the cd's again lol01:43
bazhangA|i3N, for an ipod type device? or just on your computer01:44
YoinxIf you ripped it in windows, why would it have DRM on it?01:44
A|i3NAll I know is the windows software I was trying to use to convert them wouldn't do it lol01:44
ZenGuy311bazhang: i did but ther was no support, i thought since it was based on ubuntu i could get some help01:44
ricorx7Fopp: its mounted with R/W.  Did you try copying from the kindle to your computer01:44
ricorx7Fopp: then copy back01:44
bazhangZenGuy311, nope offtopic here01:44
ZenGuy311bazhang: k01:45
bazhangZenGuy311, all the more reason to avoid it01:45
FoppRico: I have tried the first part. I will try it again and see what happens01:45
bazhangA|i3N, if you ripped it with windows with the drm intact then you're out of luck01:45
ZenGuy311bazhang: the netbook support was very specific to his model and unmatched01:45
Guest91512I need some help getting my wifi to work01:46
A|i3Nyea it probably was enabled for some reason.. it was an older laptop running 200001:46
Foppok, I was able to copy a file to my desktop easily enough. I tried moving it back and was told: Error opening file '[my file]': Read-only file system01:46
bazhangGuest91512, third time: what chipset01:46
ricorx7Fopp: give the copy command01:46
bazhangGuest91512, just repeating that will get zero help01:46
Foppthe command I sued to copy? I dragged it to the desktop01:47
Vesuiviusmy mp3 player will not mount in ubuntu, how can i fix this?01:47
Guest91512Sry, BMC431301:47
ricorx7Fopp: which folder did you copy to put it on the kindle?01:47
bazhang!broadcom | Guest91512 here01:47
ubottuGuest91512 here: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx01:47
A|i3Nbazhang: Kinda funny ya can take copyrighted DVD's and copy them for backups but can't bust drm LOL01:47
stanxchat to get here I had to stop firefighter.  What should I have done?01:47
bazhangVesuivius, which make/model what have you tried, with which music software01:47
Fopprico: I copied a regular .mobi file from the kindle.01:48
bazhangstan, pardon?01:48
Guest91512thanks i'm gona try again01:48
bazhangstan, you mean firewall?01:48
Vesuiviusbazhang: it is an ipod and i use rhythmbox, im having trouble with mounting and changing it from read only01:48
Foppoh dear, seem to have been cut out there. sorry!01:49
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stanYes firewall, I wonder where I've landed?01:49
Yoinxvesuvius, you may have to toggle the setting on the mp3 player for "mtp" to "msc"01:49
bazhangVesuivius, did it ever work?01:49
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bazhangstan #ubuntu channel for ubuntu support01:49
Yoinxsorry, I was a bit late on the reply, not sure if that will apply for an ipod.01:49
Alphanautcan anyone reccomend a good apache server admin gui?01:49
Alphanauter, a free one...01:49
Vesuiviusbazhang: it worked before with an 8gb ipod, but i just bought this one and need to configure it01:50
ricorx7Fopp: what is the folder path?01:50
Foppit is /media01:50
A|i3Nbazhang by the way, I never got handbrake to work. Works fine on my uncle's computer - but I have lucid with no updates installed because of slow internet, and he has maverick fully updated - worked without a hitch with the same codecs installed. I installed all the same stuff on his computer that I did on mine and it works better then CloneDVD and AnyDVD ever did for him. Now if we can get WoW working on his computer under linux we'll be doing great lol :)01:50
ricorx7Fopp: /media/kindle or /media01:50
bazhangVesuivius, okay, some of the newer ones may have difficulty as apple changes firmware to stop non itunes users01:50
Foppte former, rico01:50
bazhangA|i3N, what about ogmrip01:51
ricorx7Fopp: you need to copy to /media/Kindle01:51
stanIs firestarter any good as a fire wall, problems working with Samba and now XChat01:51
bazhangstan, try gufw01:51
Foppoh, sorry misunderstood01:51
FoppI am copying to that folder, yes. media/kindle01:51
bazhang!info gufw | stan01:51
ubottustan: gufw (source: gui-ufw): Configure system firewall. In component universe, is optional. Version 10.10.1-0ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 225 kB, installed size 1296 kB01:51
Vesuiviusbazhang: it worked before with an 8gb ipod, but i just bought this one and need to configure it01:51
ricorx7Fopp: in console type "cp theFileName.mobi /media/Kindle" see if its the same error01:52
bazhangVesuivius, yes, understood. most of mine work, the latest I am having trouble with01:52
Foppok, on it01:52
skullboydoes ekiga make calls to land lines01:53
Vesuiviusbazhang: its a possibility its new, do you have any ideas01:53
ricorx7Fopp: also type "ls -al /media/Kindle".  It may to  go in a specific folder on the Kindle.  I have a Nook, so i am not sure01:53
A|i3Nbazhang: i'm not even gonna worry about it right now because of internet speed. If I wanted to, can I scrap this linux installation somehow without screwing my windows installation up, and do a clean install now that I know a little more about it? I want to allocate more space to the file system and make sure I didn't screw anything up in the first place. It's a dual boot with windows 7 on the same hard drive/same partition. Is there an un-install procedure?01:53
xelisterhow to mount full-disck encrypted partiotions from livecd / rescuecd ?01:54
bazhangA|i3N, wubi install?01:54
Foppok rico01:54
FoppI have done this. I am given te exact same error.01:54
A|i3NBazhang, what do you mean? I01:54
bazhangA|i3N, aka from within windows? you can resize that if you wish01:54
ricorx7Fopp: what about ls -al01:55
A|i3Nactually I booted offa the CD to do it I believe01:55
Foppnow doingi it01:55
bazhangA|i3N, then it would not be the same partition01:55
xelisterhow to mount full-disck encrypted partiotions from livecd / rescuecd ?01:55
wn1zidhi, i just received a eeepc 1005ha, is it reccomended that i use netbook ?01:55
bazhangwn1zid, what screen size01:56
wn1zid10.5 i think01:56
Foppricorx7: here's what I get http://pastebin.com/BtVCXdDT01:56
bazhangwn1zid, both will work try them and see which you like01:56
neizxelister: how was it encrypted? truecrypt?01:56
A|i3Nbazhang: hm. ok. Maybe so? GParted only sees one partition, plus the recovery partition on the computer so maybe I did go through windows. Will it be in my start menu?01:56
wn1zidok, how big is it, i have a 120 meg usb stick, is that enough ?01:56
xelisterneiz: no01:56
xelisterneiz: LVM01:56
bazhangA|i3N, a wubi install can be removed from the add/remove in windows01:57
ricorx7Fopp: "ls -al /media/Kindle/documents"01:57
DextroidHow do I se the output of a command page by page instead of one quick flow of output which I can't scroll back? In shell by the way01:57
bazhangA|i3N, or you could resize it if you wish01:57
neizxelister: ah, sorry, only familiar with truecrypt01:57
A|i3Nok cool. Would that explain handbrake not working though? No updates on Lucid and not the latest version?01:58
Foppok rico, more of the same.. obviously a lot longer due to having more files in there (It's where my ebooks are stored). pastebin here http://pastebin.com/59BP1P2c01:58
bazhangA|i3N, doubtful that would affect handbrake though01:58
ricorx7Fopp: in console type "cp theFileName.mobi /media/Kindle/documents" see if its the same error01:59
A|i3Nok. His worked off the bat with no issues that's why I want to do a clean install. I mighta messed something up in my complete ignorance of linux. LOL. We both like it better though.01:59
Foppon it!01:59
bazhangA|i3N, yep, I real dual boot is preferable in my opinion01:59
bazhangerr a02:00
DextroidHow do I se the output of a command page by page instead of one quick flow of output which I can't scroll back? In shell by the way02:00
vincejust less the cmd02:00
A|i3NBazhang, I coulda sworn I dual booted it/installed it right offa the CD. I'm gonna go log onto windows and check I guess.02:00
bazhangDextroid, with less?02:00
Fopprico: same old, same old. cp: cannot create regular file `/media/Kindle/documents/file.mobi': Read-only file system02:00
bazhangDextroid, whats the command02:01
DextroidI'm scanning for wireless networks. How do I use less?02:01
bazhangDextroid, using iwlist?02:01
A|i3Noh - Bazhang - Just checked GParted again. I've got sda1, and sda3, but no sda2? Could that be an indication it's running on it's own partition? How do I check?02:01
bazhangdoubtful youd need that02:01
ricorx7Fopp: last thing i can think "type umount /media/Kindle" then type02:02
DextroidI do. The networks just fly across the screen02:02
ricorx7Fopp: "mount /dev/sdb1 /media/Kindle"02:02
dpzhang314may be sda2 is an extended partion02:03
dpzhang314hi ,there02:03
Foppmount point /media/Kindle does not exist should I try just /media?02:03
dpzhang314just mkdir for it02:04
ricorx7Fopp: no02:04
Foppoh, ok02:04
Foppuh oh ear02:05
A|i3Noh - Bazhang - Just checked GParted again. I've got sda1, and sda3, but no sda2? Could that be an indication it's running on it's own partition? How do I check?02:05
A|i3Nsorry if you got that twice just got knocked off.02:05
leaveboyFopp: danning!02:05
Foppubuntu just threw this at me: unable to mount location error creating moint point: Input/output error02:06
ricorx7Fopp: thats ok02:06
ricorx7Fopp: unplug and replug in your Kindle02:06
Foppi just did, that error message came up =|02:07
Foppkindle appears under places, but whenver i click it I get the error message I put above02:07
ricorx7hmm, cuz the /media/Kindle folder does not exist02:07
ricorx7Fopp: Kindle 1 or 2, which ubuntu02:09
Foppit's the newest kindle, whatever they're calling it, ubuntu is 10.1002:09
Yoinxkindle 3.02:09
_Tristanso I sudo apt-get remove'd evolution, and it was like "LOLK removing ubuntu-desktop". Now I'm trying to install it again, and it's like "LOLK openoffice 300MB <3"02:10
ubottuError: Could not parse XML returned by OpenOffice.org: HTTP Error 404: Not Found (http://openoffice.org/issues/xml.cgi?id=300)02:10
_Tristanwhat do?02:10
ricorx7Fopp: has it ever worked, if so, what did you change02:10
bazhang_Tristan, ubuntu-desktop is safe to remove02:10
bazhang_Tristan, its just a meta-package02:10
Foppuhhh, sorry, that was my internet cutting out. been doing that for a while now (not an ubuntu problem, happens to windows using housemates too)02:10
_Tristanbazhang: now that just doesn't sound right, you sure?02:10
bazhang!metapackage > _Tristan02:10
ubottu_Tristan, please see my private message02:10
bazhang_Tristan, very02:10
Yoinxfopp, you may wanna check http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=157736202:11
lusmuswhich are good of these.. blackbox openbox or fluxbox?02:12
isleshocky771If I run VBoxSDL --startvm 'Windows XP' --evdevkeymap from the command line evdevkeymap works properly. If I run that same command from a "launcher" shortcut then it doesn't. Is there any kind of caveat of a launcher that I don't know about such as options or something?02:12
Fopphi yoinx. i will look. the odd thing is, until very recently I was having no problems using my kidnle with calibre. te problems began as soon as amazon sent out a new software update for the kindle. Yet, othe kindle users with ubuntu do not report the problems i am having02:12
bazhanglusmus, try them and decide02:12
wolfricwhat package should i install for curses library that gcc can use to compile programs needing ncurses.h02:12
ricorx7Fopp: Yonix,  thats what i was looking at too02:12
bazhanglusmus, openbox and lxde are lubuntu02:12
xrdodrxhow do I edit the text of my $PATH?02:12
xrdodrxI messed it up02:12
xrdodrxwith too many export commands :<02:12
lusmusbazhang: ok how many are they?02:12
bazhanglusmus, how many are what02:13
=== Guest96496 is now known as DarkDevil
skullboydoes ekiga make calls to land lines02:13
[segfault]wolfric: I think its ncurses-dev02:13
leaveboyxrdodrx: echo $PATH and export PATH=xxxxxxx02:13
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest81611
xrdodrxleaveboy, right but I have lots of weird stuff in it02:13
xrdodrxI want to minus all that02:14
ricorx7Fopp: have you used the umount command before when in ubuntu and kindle plugged in02:14
Foppnever before today. never needed to.02:14
Foppbut right now I cant access my kindle's files02:14
wolfric[segfault]: got it cheers02:14
ricorx7Fopp: on the weblink Yonix gave you, it describes what possibly happened02:14
onelinerhow can i make an adress match the loopback ip? like the hosts file in windows02:14
ricorx7Fopp: its always a good idea to eject the USB device before disconnecting02:15
dejan_hi, when I watch videos fullscreen video gets white flashes why?02:15
ricorx7Fopp: make sure the kindle is not listed when  you type "mount"02:15
dejan_if its not fullscreen its ok02:15
bazhangdejan_, flash?02:15
ricorx7Fopp: then give the command "sudo dosfsck -r /dev/sdb1"02:15
dejan_i am not sure how to check if i have flash02:16
Yoinxyou may wanna make sure you actually get it listed under fdisk -l as well... (it should show)02:16
leaveboyxrdodrx: PATH=/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games is02:16
dejan_yes flash is video that i am watching02:16
bazhangdejan_, no, is the video flash02:16
A|i3NOooook. bazhang - I've got an ubuntu menu under add/remove, but I can't change the install, only remove.02:16
xrdodrxleaveboy, is what?02:16
ricorx7Fopp: a person is describing the same problems as you and said this fixed it02:16
bazhangdejan_, disable compiz then? flash fullscreen just is not very good to be honest02:16
xrdodrxleaveboy, enter that?02:16
A|i3NSo I guess I did use wubu.02:16
dejan_bazhang: what is compiz?02:16
leaveboyxrdodrx: originality02:17
xrdodrxleaveboy, huh?02:17
bazhangdejan_, the 3d wobbly windows stuff. better to download the flv and play on hdd02:17
ricorx7Fopp: if this does fix it, it means, you need to remember to always eject or umount the device before unplugging it02:17
leaveboyxrdodrx: original?02:18
bazhangA|i3N, you want to resize it? or just remove02:18
AnubArackhow to i remove a program + settings left behing ? --purge?02:18
xrdodrxleaveboy, entering that command wroked, thanks :)02:18
dejan_bazhang: um compiz what is that man i dot understand how to disable it?02:18
ricorx7Fopp: when you gave the command, did it said it found any problems?02:18
bazhangdejan_, alt f2 metacity --replace02:18
bazhangPolah, hi02:19
A|i3Nbazhang, You said I could do either. How do I resize if I want to? It only gives the option to remove.02:19
dejan_i cant download the vide..02:19
DasEiAnubArack: remove with config, too ? --purge,yes02:19
bazhangA|i3N, let me get you the link02:19
AnubArack terminal02:19
DasEiAnubArack: system config, least, not userdata02:19
bazhangdejan_, sure you can firefox plugin video download helper02:19
dejan_bazhang: i did that what is that what did that command?02:19
AnubAracki need to remove chrome + settings02:19
=== cmdshftn_ is now known as cmdshftn
DasEiAnubArack: the browser ?02:20
dejan_bazhang: i did alt f2 metacity --replace what was that command02:20
DasEiAnubArack: sudo apt-get remove chromium-browser02:20
dejan_bazhang: what that command did ?02:20
leaveboyxrdodrx: to enable it when restart modify PATH that in  /etc/barsh.rc and ~/.bash.rc02:20
DasEiAnubArack: sudo apt-get remove --purge chromium-browser , sry02:20
A|i3NThank you bazhang that's all I need :) If I uninstall it though, can I split the partition and stuff and do true dual boot from the CD? I am familiar with this stuff but don't know much bout linux swap partitions and junk.02:20
dejan_now i cant watch videos at all02:21
bazhangdejan_, it turned off compiz02:21
dejan_bazhang: pls help02:21
dejan_i did metacity how to tur on?02:21
dejan_tell me02:21
A|i3N(and no i don't mean dual boot from the CD, .... installed from the cd lol)02:21
bazhangdejan_, stop with the enter key02:21
dejan_ok but pls tell me hot to turn that on?02:21
bazhangdejan_, be patient02:21
xelisterUbuntu is bricking itself02:22
DasEidejan: calm down a little, and phrase on technical issues02:22
AnubArack     Package chromium-browser is not installed, so not removed --- i have chrome dev channel not cromium02:22
dejan_bazhang: ok so i did metacity --replace now how to turn that back on pls?02:22
bazhangA|i3N, you want to migrate the wubi install to a real install? resizde it? or just remove it02:22
dejan_dashua: ok02:22
xelistercant people write a system that boots itself at least... https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/47743002:22
ubottuUbuntu bug 477430 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "grub 2 error: out of disk. failed to boot default entries. press any key to continue..." [Undecided,New]02:22
[segfault]dejan_: alt-f2 "compiz --replace" will turn compiz back on02:23
dejan_anyone? pls now i cant watch videos after i did alt f2 metacity --replace02:23
bazhangdejan_, you want flash to run well in fullscreen? its not going to happen.02:23
bazhangdejan_, download it for better , though02:23
dejan_thanks now i can watch porn in fullscreen again02:23
bazhangdejan_, that makes zero sense02:23
bazhang!guidelines > dejan_02:24
ubottudejan_, please see my private message02:24
A|i3Nbazhang - I want the option to do all three. LOL. Just need to know how, cause windows is only giving me an uninstall option. I will more then likely uninstall and do a true dual boot.02:24
A|i3Nbazhang - Migration info would be helpful though02:24
bazhangA|i3N, just a moment for a link02:24
c0dege3kcan someone tell me how to bridge connections in ubuntu??02:25
A|i3NTHank you bazhang. :)02:25
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1625371 A|i3N and resize02:26
DasEic0dege3k: it's done in /etc/network/interfaces02:26
=== lonelyibex is now known as fungo
leaveboyjnbptst: hello02:26
jnbptsti asked a question a few hours ago about some issues copying files from ubuntu to mac os using an external hard drive02:27
jnbptstit appears that the issue is due to the fact that ubuntu is case sensitive while mac os is not02:27
jnbptstand that there are some subfolders that have similar names02:27
jnbptstso it screws up when i try to copy them back on ma02:27
A|i3Noh wow this could get complicated. LOL.02:27
=== zaphod is now known as syrinx_
jnbptstis there any way for me to identify these folders easily through some search command and modify their names?02:28
jnbptstwithout having to check manually?02:28
DasEic0dege3k: tell more details, you need a bond or want to...02:28
c0dege3kDasEi: I tried what is suggested in this thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=31632 and it didn't work02:28
bazhanghttp://lubi.sourceforge.net/lvpm.html A|i3N and this too02:28
c0dege3ki want to tether my phone to my xbox, cuz 3g is the only internet i have02:28
bazhangc0dege3k, so ics02:29
DasEic0dege3k: ics so02:29
ubottuIf you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php02:29
c0dege3kbazhang, DasEi: what is ics02:29
bazhangc0dege3k, read above02:29
DasEic0dege3k: internet connnection sharing02:29
leaveboyInter-communication System?02:30
bazhangno internet connection sharing leaveboy02:30
bazhangbaltar, got an actual question?02:30
leaveboynet share?02:31
c0dege3kok great. should work02:31
bazhangleaveboy, yes02:31
jnbptstany help as to the case sensitivity issue?02:31
pluhngzpray for our Japan Ubuntu users02:32
bazhang!ot | pluhngz02:33
pluhngzJapan Orders Evacuation Near 2nd Nuclear Plant - Senior engineers at the Daiichi and Daini and operated by Tokyo Electric Power have stated that if they are not provided coolant within 48 hours, Tokyo could become the next Chernobyl with Tokyo becoming uninhabitable for 150 years.02:33
ubottupluhngz: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:33
FloodBot1pluhngz: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:33
jo3fishi everybody02:33
[segfault]jnbptst: tough one...there are probably lots of ways to go about it, but it depends on what will break when you change the 'duplicate' directory names02:33
=== samael is now known as Guest17880
xelisterI wish Ubuntu would be able to boot itself02:33
xelisterwithout stupid grub2 bug  that bricks it... https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/63463902:33
A|i3Nbazhang - ok So ... say I were to just trash this installation. Boot up from the CD. Can I do all the partitioning I need from the install CD, resize/split/whatever I need and just do a clean install with a dual boot? That'd save me a lot of crap. lol. There's nothing I need in my current install.02:33
ubottuUbuntu bug 634639 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "10.04.1 LTS Grub gives message error: out of disk (dup-of: 477430)" [Undecided,New]02:33
ubottuUbuntu bug 477430 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "grub 2 error: out of disk. failed to boot default entries. press any key to continue..." [Undecided,New]02:33
=== XVampireX_ is now known as XVampireX
jnbptstsegfault: i'm afraid i don't quite understand... could you be more explicit? what could "break"02:34
=== nosa- is now known as nosa-j
[segfault]jnbptst: well do the directory names matter to some application or are they arbitrary?02:35
[segfault]jnbptst: if it is just data like photos, music, and videos, for example...02:35
jnbptstsegfault: I think it's just data. like mp3 files spread between two folders spelled almost alike02:36
jnbptstsegfault: if I found a way to identify similar folder names and rename them without having to visually search, that'd be great02:36
bazhangA|i3N, sure you can02:37
bazhangA|i3N, the installer will see your windows partition and place next to it02:37
A|i3Nok good. I like to work smarter and not harder. LOL. How do ya keep up with all the questions baz lol02:38
[segfault]jnbptst: well keep in mind that I am not a command line guru, so maybe we could get some help here, but you could do "find /myfiles > myfilelist" and then process that list to sort, compare, and then rename duplicate files to append an underscore or something.  it would involve awk, sed, grep, etc, which I only know how to use in their very basic forms.02:38
bob__pauljw: do you like classical? (I'm listening to Walkure, act 2)02:38
Guest17880who here is upgrading to natty narwhai02:38
bazhangA|i3N, tab complete    a| <tab> highilights you02:38
jnbptstsegfault: could Unison do the job more easily maybe?02:39
=== david is now known as Guest72628
bazhangGuest17880, people in #ubuntu+102:39
[segfault]jnbptst: it might actually be a good question for the gurus over at #linux.  Never heard of unison, sorry. :/02:39
A|i3NI didn't mean literally but thanks LOL i meant you get so many and you seem to be here all the time, yer a busy man :)02:39
bazhangA|i3N, welcome, but tab complete really is the answer02:39
A|i3NWell yer one smart person bazhang :) thank you for all your help! It's people like you that helped me learn DOS back in the day, now I'm on a mission to learn linux lol probably should have got into it earlier02:41
Guest17880why cant you just answer it heah02:41
DasEijnbptst: man diff02:41
harisundRunning "file" on a particular file gives me "Little-endian UTF-16 Unicode text" ... I am unable to grep anything in it. How do I convert it into regular ASCII?02:41
bazhangGuest17880, no polling here, for one.  also #ubuntu+1 is the natty support channel02:42
A|i3Nso you'll probably see me around here a lot ;)02:42
bazhang!manual | A|i3N this may help02:42
ubottuA|i3N this may help: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/02:42
Dr_WillisThat Manual is going to be so out of date for the next release. :)02:42
[segfault]Guest17880: there are over 1400 of us, do you really want to see that kind of spam? I don't02:43
jnbptstDasEi: man diff?02:43
OsmodivsHello. Does anyone knows where to find the ppa for LibBoosy? I am trying to install 1.44 (Ubuntu 10.10 has 1.42) and in the libboost website they only have 1.46, How can I install 1.44?02:43
DasEi!info diff | jnbptst02:43
ubottujnbptst: diff (source: diffutils): dummy transitional package for diff -> diffutils. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:3.0-1 (maverick), package size 6 kB, installed size 36 kB02:43
A|i3N*saves that* I'm more of an advanced computer user, so once I learn something it's there, but I guess it might help to actually read the instructions ;) Not one to read the user manual though LOL02:43
DasEijnbptst: enter  man diff in terminal for sorting similar named, different files02:44
bazhangA|i3N, also the help.ubuntu.com and ubuntu wiki are invaluable tools as well as ubuntuforums.org02:44
A|i3NBut there's a lot of stuff I don't understand about linux so it'll be of help :)02:44
A|i3Nlike what are all those dang folders for LOL :)02:44
bazhangA|i3N, yep, and here of course02:44
UbuntuDavegood evening channel02:45
=== ubuntu_ is now known as curious28
fisixfisix@LAPCOMP:~$ screenlets-manager02:45
fisixTraceback (most recent call last):02:45
fisix  File "/usr/share/screenlets-manager/screenlets-manager.py", line 29, in <module>02:45
fisix    from screenlets import utils,install02:45
fisixImportError: cannot import name install02:45
fisix wat do?02:45
Corey-needhelphey having a problem with my flash drive, i accidently bumped into it while it was formatting and now it seems like its corrupted, Gparted gives me http://pastebin.com/GEAA98vv02:45
AbhijitOsmodivs, https://launchpad.net/~freefilesync/+archive/ffs/+buildjob/199352202:46
DasEijnbptst: for instance, can diff two folders and pipe the output to a third, then securly delete the first, and add the outputfolder to the second, so then have one complete02:46
ubottuAn explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview  see also: man hier02:46
AbhijitOsmodivs, https://launchpad.net/~boost-latest/+archive/ppa/+buildjob/200345102:46
AbhijitOsmodivs, https://launchpad.net/~boost-latest/+archive/ppa/+buildjob/200345002:46
UbuntuDaveanyone have sucess with G13 logitech gamepad and ubuntu 10.10?02:46
A|i3NI'm hoping one day Linux will be so easy to use that major software companies start making ports for linux for people that use it. That's be awesome. Buy the windows software, download a free port. hehe.02:46
AbhijitA|i3N, linux is alredy enouth easy to be used by any person02:46
DasEiA|i3N: is so already, more often other way round02:47
Dr_WillisA|i3N:  ive allready seen some companies do that.02:47
=== ubuntu_ is now known as curious28
Dr_WillisIve rarely found a need to buy software for linux, most all the work i need to do  can be done with allready avail free/gpl/oss apps.02:47
OsmodivsAbhijit: Thx. But, does that means I am gonna have to download each one of them? I was thinking of adding an adress to the USC and then automatically updated, is it posible?02:47
AbhijitOsmodivs, no idea. try adding them.02:48
A|i3NYea, true. Except when you have to get into the terminal for something. But windows is confusing enough for the complete novice so linux isn't much different to them.02:48
Abhijit!ppa | Osmodivs02:48
ubottuOsmodivs: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.02:48
Dr_WillisCorey-needhelp:  You could 'zero' the drive via use of dd, and repartion/reformat.02:48
Cody3290UsingGParted, if i delete a partition, does th space automatically get redistributed?02:48
Dr_WillisCody3290:  no it does not. that wouldent make sence.02:48
Cody3290So, what happens to the space?02:49
Corey-needhelpDr_Willis, i believe i tried that, ACtionParsnip gave me the command02:49
Cody3290It disappears?02:49
overcluckerCody3290: it sits there02:49
[segfault]Cody3290: it remains unallocated02:49
jnbptstDasEi: diff seems to allow comparison of files/folders which you've already identified as being similar, but can it make you find similarly named files/folders amid a whealth of data?02:49
A|i3NI'm surprised blizzard hasn't released a WoW port with it's millions of players lol. I don't even play but I'm trying to get it to work on my uncle's computer hehe02:49
OsmodivsAbhijit, Well, thx anyway, those are .deb files, I was looking for a ppa address, but I guess I am gonna have to download each one of them, one by one02:49
DasEijnbptst: yes, by ls command02:49
DasEijnbptst: man ls02:49
Yaurielchinohi Speack SpaniH?02:49
AbhijitOsmodivs, hm02:50
Abhijit!es | Yaurielchino02:50
ubottuYaurielchino: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.02:50
RitleeA|i3N, wish i could remember where i read about it, but somewhere some one did some studies and found Ubuntu was an OS easier to learn for some one that hasn't used a computer before than winblows02:50
Cody3290Ok. Lets say I want to install XP, and HTEN ubuntu, but I already have both on my disc. Can I format  the entire disc? If so, how? Can I just delete all the partitions and it will make one giant unallocated spot?02:50
bob__A|i3N: there are Linux manuals (pdf) out there - I downloaded one02:50
Cody3290I'm on a LiveCD, btw02:50
fisixanybody know how to get screenlets working on 10.10?02:50
A|i3Nyea that doesn't surprise me too much Ritlee02:50
DasEijnbptst: it goes through subdirs, gives an alphabetical output and can, f.e display last access or size , too02:50
RitleeA|i3N, as for WoW, blizzard bans all accounts using wine to run WoW on linux02:50
=== ubuntu_ is now known as curious28
UbuntuDaveritlee: incorrect02:51
RitleeUbuntuDave, have they changed their policies?02:51
A|i3NRitlee - sure about that??! UbuntuDave enlighten me lol02:51
Cody3290How di I format my drive?02:51
nit-witfisix, whats going on it is just a install generally02:51
UbuntuDaveRitlee: i have played WOW on wine for years, and there was even a blue post on blizzard forums awhile back02:51
bazhangCody3290, to install ubuntu?02:52
RitleeUbuntuDave, when i was playing WoW, they claimed everyone using linux to play, was using it to cheat02:52
Cody3290To install WinXP, and HTEN ubuntu02:52
Cody3290I'm having trouble doing the reverse02:52
jnbptstDasEi: thanks. not very familiar with command line so this is proving a bit challenging02:52
Cody3290so I want to start afresh and install the winblows first02:52
fisixfisix@LAPCOMP:~$ screenlets-manager02:52
fisixTraceback (most recent call last):02:52
fisix  File "/usr/share/screenlets-manager/screenlets-manager.py", line 29, in <module>02:52
fisix    from screenlets import utils,install02:52
fisixImportError: cannot import name install02:52
FloodBot3fisix: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:52
A|i3NNot that it's a big deal lol he's still running windows, too but it's the principle I guess, trying to RUN it with Wine, actually PlayOnLinux02:52
bazhangCody3290, use the xp installer, then the ubuntu one02:52
Cody3290I heard that works better.02:52
Cody3290I know.02:52
fisixthat's what's going on02:52
Cody3290How do I reformat my drive so its totally empty?02:52
Cody3290I have both on there right now I want to start afresh02:52
bazhangCody3290, using windows? or gparted?02:52
xanguawith gparted Cody329002:52
Cody3290do I just delete all the partitions?02:53
nit-witfisix have you tried the menu02:53
bazhanguse the gparted live cd Cody329002:53
Cody3290I am on LiveCd right now02:53
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:53
Cody3290I have Gparted loaded up02:53
Cody3290I am on LiveCD, I have GParted loaded up. Now what?02:53
Abhijitbazhang, what is xp installer? link please02:54
fisixnit-wit, what do you mean by the menu?02:54
bazhangAbhijit, ##windows for that02:54
fisixhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/579102/ nit-wit02:54
Abhijitbazhang, you just said to use xp installer above? i thout its some kind of software to be used on linux to install xp in vm?02:54
bazhangAbhijit, nope, he wants to dual boot xp and ubuntu02:55
Cody3290He meant the WinXP CD, i think02:55
Abhijitbazhang, ohhh ok nvm02:55
=== brian is now known as Guest75512
Cody3290How would I format the drive then? Is there an option to format it or do I just delete all the partitions?02:55
DasEijnbptst: for instance to a textfile for better readability: ls -lar ~/Desktop  > ~/Desktop/myDesk.txt02:55
bazhangCody3290, mount the partitions then delete them02:55
Cody3290do I delete the partition that has "filesystem Extended" and "linux-swap" as well?02:56
nit-witfisix, Not sure why it is not working try purging it then reinstalling, the command should work, There is a icon for it in accessories.02:56
Cody3290They have little keys next to them.02:56
bazhangCody3290, yes02:56
jnbptstDasEi: so in the end it's still a kind of manual search; no way to automatically merge similarly-named folders into a consolidated folder?02:56
Cody3290bazhang: When I press delete on them, nothing happens02:57
Sega_dudeIs it safe for me to update Wubi 10.04 to 10.10 using the update manager?02:57
DasEijnbptst: you can pipe, sort , search append, truncate, whatever.. man locate,find,sort...02:57
bazhangCody3290, be sure they are mounted; you really are better off doing this with the windows installer disk02:57
bazhangSega_dude, sure02:58
jt13can anyone tell me how to set up multiple machines (3) all running 10.10 to automatically share all multi media files? Also, one of the machines is set up as dual boot with only a 20 gig partition for the operating systems and a ntfs partition containing all the media files i.e movies and music.02:58
fisixhey nit-wit , it doesn't work through Applications > accessories02:58
Cody3290How do I mount them?02:58
bazhangjt13, nfs share?02:58
fisixnit-wit, how do i purge?02:58
Sega_dudek thanks bazhang02:58
Cody3290WinXP only lets me do partitions, it doesn't let me choose to format the entire disk02:58
jt13bazhang, ??02:58
bazhangjt13, network file shares?02:58
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bazhangjt13, or did you want a streaming media server like mediatomb et al02:59
DasEijnbptst: you ask to far in the wild, mv lets you move within subdirs, but carefull with similar named ones without sorting beforehand02:59
jt13bazhang, yes i just want to share over the network02:59
nit-witfisix, sudo apt-get purge packagename02:59
jnbptstDasEi: sorry I'm not sure I understand clearly02:59
jt13maybe it will help if i explain what i am trying to do bazhang02:59
bazhangjt13, I thought you wanted to share all media ie a streaming server03:00
jnbptstDasEi: basically it's all raw data, nothing linked to programs, so there wouldn't be any harm force-merging everything03:00
fisixnit-wit, i'm gonna follow the purge by sudo apt-get install screenlets. sound good for trial #2?03:00
blakbirdhi all03:00
jnbptstDasEi: just music, photos etc03:00
nit-witfisix, may have just been a borked download.03:01
jt13bazhang,  I have three machines all running 10.10. My main machine is connected to my 50" tv and it has a 280 gig ntfs partition containing alot of movies. I would like to set it up so that all computers on my wireless network can access these files as well as the media files on each other03:01
UbuntuDavewhats the wine channel anyone know?03:02
blakbirdbig stuff huh03:02
bazhangUbuntuDave, #winehq03:02
DasEijnbptst: so first run fdupes on the whole original dir, rename if needed and then rsyng it all together03:02
fisixnit-wit, i don't think so, this is the 3rd time i've tried uninstalling/reinstalling03:02
bob__jt13: movies copy to ubuntu easily -no converting03:03
Cody3290Is there something for linux like Belarc Advisor?03:03
bazhangCody3290, what does that do03:04
jt13bob__ I am aware of this. I am trying to setup network file sharing so all the computers can see the movies and music that are on one another03:04
Cody3290Audits your PC and gives a report of all the hardware you have03:04
Cody3290So in case WinXP PnP misses some stuff you can manually download drivers and stuff based on what hte report says vs. what your device manager says03:05
bazhangCody3290, sudo lshw03:05
IatagoreGreetings, are there any options for lpr to suppress the GUI?03:05
Cody3290Like I know for a fact WinXP doesnt detect my atheros wlan03:05
bazhangCody3290, not really needed for ubuntu though03:05
Cody3290ok thanks bazhang :)03:05
Cody3290Yea but I'm gonna dualboot winXP03:05
bazhangCody3290, the additional drivers will check that03:05
hulowahi everyone03:06
Cody3290bazhang: what do you mean?03:06
bazhangCody3290, system administration additional drivers for the various propietary software drivers03:07
Cody3290On WinXP?03:07
delinquentmeso if i cut 3 files .. and attempt to paste them .. and the paste fails .. and the files arent in the folder i cut them from03:07
delinquentmewhere would they b e?03:07
nit-witfisix, have you thought of conky?03:08
hulowawhat`s the default command in SYSTEM-PREFERENCES-START UP APPS-POWER MANAGER?03:08
dn4what is a program to visualize the earthquakes that have been going on in the world for the past week to year?03:08
s3phir0th115Can I assume that I can use the ubuntu install image by dd'ing to a flash drive, like I can with a few others?03:09
bazhangs3phir0th115, use unetbootin03:10
hulowaI changed the settings of power mannager and cannot access power manager in system-preferences, pls help.03:10
bazhanghulowa, changed how03:11
s3phir0th115Works for me, figured it'd work like Debian's does now though.  Oh well, not hard to do either way03:12
[segfault]dn4: this is way off topic - http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/03:12
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=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest11182
Cody3290Installing WinXP and then Ubuntu, wish me luck :)03:16
iiicygИди нахуй, дебил.03:16
Cody3290! gr | iiicyg03:16
ubottuiiicyg: #ubuntu-gr και #kubuntu-gr για Έλληνες χρηστές  /  #ubuntu-gr kai #kubuntu-gr gia Ellhnes xrhstes03:16
Cody3290!gr | iiicyg03:17
Cody3290wrong language?03:17
bazhangiiicyg, you know it english here03:17
SnakkahHi. I have a question about this screenshot I took this morning: http://oi55.tinypic.com/qyb6nd.jpg Why does it say there is 128 TB of data on my hard drive when my hard drive is only 250 GB?03:17
s3phir0th115I plan to move my Desktop to Ubuntu from Debian son, so I figured I'd make sure I have a good way to prep the install media03:17
Cody3290iiicyg: what language was that?03:17
bazhangCody3290, russian03:17
Cody3290i thought it was greek03:17
Cody3290I feel like derping.03:18
bazhangsimilar yes03:18
FloodBot3Cody3290: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:18
Cody3290Well, ciao.03:18
iiicygbazhang, no.03:18
iiicygIt was moonspeak.03:18
SnakkahCody3290, that IS Greek.03:18
SnakkahNot Russian.03:18
bazhangiiicyg, #ubuntu-offtopic for chit chat03:18
epicenterQ: I have onboard AMD/ATI video but also have a PCIe ATI video card. Onboard works awesome in Ubuntu. How do I get the 2nd video adapter to kick in?03:19
epicenterThanks! :)03:19
bob__in my syslog NVIDIA taints kernal - do I need worry?03:20
bazhangbob__, no03:20
bob__bazhang: thanks03:20
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dn4what is a program to visualize the earthquakes that have been going on in the world for the past week to year?03:26
=== kaneda is now known as Guest9738
buckygoogle earthquake !03:27
bazhangdn4, something in your webbrowser03:27
dn4um no like is there a linux version of Earthquake 3d03:27
UbuntuDavecrossover channel?03:28
dn4GNU 3d real time maps03:28
dn4of quakes03:28
buckylook for seismographs03:28
epicenterQ: I have onboard AMD/ATI video but also have a PCIe ATI video card. Onboard works awesome in Ubuntu. How do I get the 2nd video adapter to kick in?03:28
epicenterNo word of a 2nd nuclear threat in Japan on BBC...03:29
culserhello any one know about kacpi_notify03:29
bazhang!ot | epicenter03:29
ubottuepicenter: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:29
GoochI'm a newbie to Ubuntu anyone want to give me the low down on some useful apps?03:29
bazhangGooch, check the popular ones in ubuntu software center03:30
skullboyhow do i configure conky03:30
culserneed info on kacpi_notify03:30
GoochThat's a brilliant idea!03:30
test23hi, anyone know a solution/workaround to 10.10 freezing while logging off, when more than one user is logged in?03:30
nit-witskullboy, install then find scripts it has a stock one03:30
buckydn4, this might not be what you want but check out the list of similar programs on this site http://epsc.wustl.edu/~ggeuler/codes/m/seizmo/03:31
HandyGandyHow do I enable unionfs on Maverick?03:31
skullboynit-wit: i already installed it03:31
culserhow to disable kacpi03:31
bazhangHandyGandy, why would you need to03:31
nit-witskullboy, run conky in the terminal03:31
W43372How do I get permission to access files on an HDD when I'm using a live CD to recover files before installing Ubuntu?03:31
culserkacpi_notify is using 88% cpu03:32
skullboynit-wit: ok but it is black in the left coner i want it transparent in the right coner03:32
bazhangskullboy, ubuntuforums has a great conky beginners guide03:32
dada_dedesomebody here has taken a hotplog while doing the bootstrap?03:32
nit-witskullboy, you will need to find scripts for cool looking ones or build it the scripts are easier. they go in a text file named .conkyrc in home03:32
culserkacpi_notify is using 88% cpu, how can i disable, please advise03:32
bazhangskullboy, conky beginner , its the first link03:32
nit-witbazhang, thanks03:33
iszakculser, kpill "kacpi_notify" in terminal :D03:33
culseryou mean kill iszak03:33
iszakculser, pkill - look up or signal processes based on name and other attributes03:34
=== _siick is now known as siick
culseriszak ok thank you i will try great03:34
cactusfrog_hey anyone got any good keybord recomendations03:34
iszaki mean just to be safe maybe pgrep it first03:34
W43372How do I get permission to access files on an HDD when I'm using a live CD to recover files before installing Ubuntu?03:34
iszakcactusfrog_, Logitech MK71003:35
dada_dedewhy the fuck isn't there any decent movie player for ubuntu?03:35
test23hi, anyone know a solution/workaround to 10.10 freezing while logging off, when more than one user is logged in?03:35
iszakdada_dede, licensing issues probably, get VLC03:35
[segfault]cactusfrog_: iszak: +1 Got the MK70003:35
IdleOne!language | dada_dede03:35
ubottudada_dede: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.03:35
bazhangdada_dede, stop the cursing03:36
iszaktest23, try using command like to shutdown? shutdown -P now03:36
iszaktest23, or log off for that matter03:36
iszakcactusfrog_, I never use the media keys, but work flawlessly never installed any drivers for it, just tested03:36
dada_dedehi bazhang i came from a ghetto. it's the standard language here.03:36
iszakexcept the audio03:36
cactusfrog_[segfault]:  yeah on ubuntu those don't usally work03:36
test23the screen goes black, and i cant input from mouse or kbd03:36
dada_dedethanks iszak i'll see if i get the mofo running here with the subtitles03:36
culseriszak - pkill does not work03:37
test23sometimes, 3 finger salute works, but mostly, i have to hard reboot03:37
cactusfrog_[segfault]:  are logotec the best keybords usally?03:37
culserkill does not work.03:37
dada_dedehey, what happened here?03:37
bazhangdada_dede, this is not the ghetto so keep it family friendly03:37
[segfault]cactusfrog_: worked right out of the box, so logitech must be doing something right now. used to be a pain with a lot of logitech stuff.  I like the wireless mouse that comes with the MK710/MK700.. super scroll wheel.03:37
W43372How do I get permission to back up my home folder if I'm trying to recover files using a live CD?03:37
culserkacpi_notify is using 88% cpu, i have tried kill, pkill nothing works03:37
iszakculser, probably can't find it, pgrep for it03:37
iretchis there any kind of best standard for mapping the F-keys to brightness, volume settings etc?03:37
dada_dedefamily friendly your momma!03:37
cactusfrog_[segfault]: yeah already have one of those, nice because ajustible03:38
test23i thought many ppl faced this issue03:38
culserizsak, why i am using pgrep?03:38
nit-witculser, killall03:38
iszakculser, it's easier than ps aux | grep "string"03:38
saintbasilQuestion: I get a mount error (http://pastebin.com/73k0HW2M) whenever I connect ANY external HDD to my computer via USB, but all printers work fine that way. What's the problem?03:39
culseriszak i know the process id03:40
iszakso then kill it03:40
culsernit-wit - what is the syntax of killall03:40
iszakman killall03:40
YoinxW43372, this guide is a little old... but it probably still applies https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery03:40
[segfault]culser: you may need to 'sudo killall' or 'sudo kill -9 <processid>' it if it isn't a process you own03:40
nit-witculser, it is just a kill command03:40
nit-witsaintbasil, is sdb a hd and is it a ntfs03:41
YoinxW43372, this one should help if your data was encrypted. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory03:41
culseracpi for instants , i can kill it but it comes back as seen in top03:42
saintbasilnit-wit: ntfs i believe03:42
nit-witsaintbasil, looks corrupted a bad block hit, do you have a windows setup to initiate a chkdsk03:42
culseri cannot use killall - it will take my system down.03:43
fizy[laptop]how would i go about making evolution access my gmail account without it messing it up? i still want to use gmail.com to check my email, and i know that one of the 2 email protocols deletes the emails from the web version as it downloads them locally. i dont want that. i want it to just act as if it was a built in chrome window with my gmail pulled up03:43
iszak[segfault], is your volume up a bit buggy on the keyboard?03:44
th0rfizy[laptop]: you want to use imap03:44
saintbasilnit-wit: dont think anything is corrupted, as it happens to both a music player and an external HDD. I do have a windows partition on my ubuntu here a well, but ran chkdisk on it yesterday03:44
sendliquidhow do i get my dell webcam to work03:44
lionfaggothow do i get my usb mic to work family03:44
bastidrazorfizy[laptop]: that is a gmail option to not delete the messages. i use gmail and evolution in that way.03:44
[segfault]iszak: no, everything works great, media keys included.. only thing I would change would be to not have to use fn-break to sleep the pc.03:44
Yoinxyeah, i use Imap... doesnt delete my mails on the server.03:45
lionfaggotwhy cant i use usb mic in ubuntu03:45
saintbasilnit-wit: checked in gparted, sdb (the external hdd) is actually hfs+, originally formatted on a mac03:45
lionfaggoti try kicking my mic03:45
fizy[laptop]imap? thats what i thot. can anyone give me the stuff to put in evolution? or the webpage that has the numbers?03:45
lionfaggotit didnt work03:45
culserwhat file is loading kacpi_notify kernal command at the time of boot, where would look in ubuntu 10.1003:45
fizy[laptop]lol lionfaggot03:45
saintbasilnit-wit: but this happens with a sony walkman usb, so cant be that03:45
bastidrazor!gmail | fizy[laptop]03:45
ubottufizy[laptop]: gmail is a webmail service. For information on using it with Evolution see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingGmailWithEvolution03:45
lionfaggotwats gmail03:46
sendliquidwhere do i get my gmail drivers03:46
nit-witsaintbasil, not sure really, sorry.03:46
sendliquidmy arch linux is broken03:46
xanguasendliquid: /join #arch03:46
fizy[laptop]you know, this bot is starting to grow on me. i feel like somethings wrong if i dont come here with a question so common that its preproggrammed into a bot03:46
lionfaggotu use linux at mcdonalds?03:46
Yoinxdunno fizy, evolution set itself up when I tossed my gmail address in.03:47
Yoinx...shouldnt be too hard to get it working03:47
culserwhat file is loading kacpi_notify at the time of boot, in ubuntu 10.1003:47
W43372Yoinx: I don't know if it was encrypted or not03:48
jeeves__how can I get my "task bar" back on my desktop?  the bar is there, but there are no icons for the running programs03:48
W43372Yoinx, I don't remember if I chose to encrypt ir or not whein I was installing03:48
iszak[segfault], audio up key is a bit buggy for me, hmm03:50
ohzieHow do I kill all sftp/ssh sessions? :D03:50
emhey ops03:51
xangua!panels | jeeves__03:51
ubottujeeves__: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »03:51
SuperPaco69hello guy I had a power problem on my house my computer went off and now when I turn on my ubunu i just get  grub rescue> ... but only takes ls from the commands i know is there any way to rescue my system???03:51
Hodrcould someone who is versed in Vhost please help me in private chat?03:51
bastidrazorohzie: stop the ssh service? sudo service ssh stop03:51
jeeves__xangua, thanks03:51
bazhangHodr, #freenode for that03:52
ohziebastidrazor: Thanks03:52
jeeves__xangua, I just found it was weird that even after reboot, it still wouldn't fix03:52
SuperPaco69hello guys I NEED HELP :s I had a power problem on my house my computer went off and now when I turn on my ubunu i just get  grub rescue> ... but only takes ls from the commands i know is there any way to rescue my system???03:52
nit-witSuperPaco69, run this script and pastebin it.  http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/03:52
SuperPaco69nit-wit, thaks let me see that page if helps03:52
nit-witSuperPaco69, it will produce a text file so pastebin it. It is not a fix but a system outline for finding the fix.03:53
SuperPaco69nit-wit, is not taking the command :s03:54
aromananyone have any idea why is doesn't have any effect: sudo gconftool-2 --direct --config-source xml:readwrite:/etc/gconf/gconf.xml.defaults --type string --set /apps/docky-2/Docky/Interface/DockPreferences/Dock2/Autohide "Foobar"03:55
nit-witSuperPaco69, download the script drg it to the desk top and run this command in Ubuntu sudo bash ~/Desktop/boot_info_script*.sh03:55
SuperPaco69nit-wit, my ubuntu will pass from the stage grub rescue> I am now in a windows computer...03:56
jinwei_where is the bot03:56
bazhangjinwei_, why03:56
SuperPaco69there is no way to down load it I am stock in grub nit-wit03:56
nit-witSuperPaco69, boot a live Ubuntu cd for running the script. I could guess your problem do you want that or a informed answer.:)03:57
SuperPaco69dont get you on the last part nit-wit but let me boot form a live cd03:58
sendliquidsays my gmail is missing its drivers03:58
nit-witSuperPaco69, cool the script just keeps it from a guessing game.03:58
bazhangsendliquid, that makes no sense03:59
EvilPhoenixsendliquid:  if you're on an Arch system, ask in #arch, not #ubuntu04:01
ruanis there a media player which allows buffer configuration?04:02
MK`Hey guys, questions: I installed Ubuntu on the 2nd half of my hdd, but now I find myself never using Windows and want to shrink the ntfs partition and add it to my ext4 partition. Can I do this without damaging the ntfs partition/windows installation, and can I "merge" it with the ext4 partition from the front? or would it need to be separate?04:02
=== sheena-warrior is now known as sheenams
nit-witMMk, you can't merge them but the ubuntu if moved from the front will probably need grub reloaded to the mbr04:04
WeThePeoplei am using a slower computer, what would be a good file format to play videos in04:05
nit-witMK`, you can move any partition into a unallocated left by moving another out of the way, not merge, is that what you mean?04:06
nit-witWeThePeople, how slow is the computer I don't think the file type is going to matter much.04:07
SemitonesWhat file system should I use for USB flash drive: fat16 (read speed), fat32 (?), or ext2 (??)04:08
WeThePeoplenit-wit: 500Mhz 320Mb ram04:08
bazhangSemitones, 3204:08
nit-witWeThePeople, wahts the distro your running04:08
bazhangSemitones, if you mean usb stick04:08
bazhangSemitones, otherwise ntfs if shared with windows04:08
WeThePeoplenit-wit: Lubuntu04:09
A|i3Nso, old question i had a while back that nobody was able to answer. Never put it in this format though. Windows keeps my cell phone dialup connection alive just fine and dandy. Ubuntu wants to drop it off every minute. Any ideas?04:09
Semitonesbazhang, yeah -- it's mostly for trying lubuntu04:09
Semitonesas a startup disk04:09
bazhangSemitones, usb stick?04:09
AnubArackanyone here uses chrome or chromium ?04:09
bazhangSemitones, whatever unetbootin does then04:09
Semitonesbazhang, haha, here we go!04:09
Semitonesill let you know what it chooses04:10
A|i3N(I ask because I'm in windows now on mirc and well, haven't had any problems - at all.)04:10
bazhangAnubArack, ask a n actual question please04:10
nit-witWeThePeople, Lubuntu is good but with that small of a cpu and ram I would be using puppy or another small distro04:10
nit-witWeThePeople, your choice though, if you have some other area to run another OS to try out.04:11
AnubArackbazhang, don't get snotty with me kid, i'm in a very bad mood. And learn some semantics, that was an actual question04:12
sacarlsonA|i3N: I wonder if it just needs a little data moving over time.  keep alive normaly just sends a ping every 2 minits.  I guess you could try a script that pings google.com every 60 secounds and see if you see any improvments04:12
bazhangAnubArack, just polling wont get  a response, please ask an actual issue needs to be resolved question04:12
bittyx-laptopHi all, little question! I'm running Ubuntu 10.10 on my laptop. Before i go to sleep i always go to System->Preferences->Power Management, and select "Put display to sleep after" 0:01 (ie. to turn my display off after a minute). Then when I wake up, and wake the display as well, I set it back to 1:00 (1 hour). Is there a better way to do this? E.g. a keyboard shortcut that puts my display to sleep instantly.04:13
EnigmaticCoderI'm trying to cross compile Pioneers to Windows XP and Mac OSX. Does anyone know how to do this given the source code, a configure script, and make?04:13
A|i3Nsacarlson - OK I am a novice, gotta tell me how to do this or send me a faq or something LOL04:13
jribbittyx-laptop: I use: sleep 2; xset dpms force off04:13
sacarlsonA|i3N: oh I guess you don't need a script it's builtin to ping with    ping -i 2 google.com  it will ping google every 2 secounds04:13
doug9Does the internal wireless override the ethernet input of a radio card?04:14
Semitonesbittyx-laptop, yes! there is. open up keyboard shortcuts, and you can set your own :) (I have mine set to ctrl alt . )04:14
A|i3Noh ok thank you sacarlson hehe that sounds like a solution04:14
Semitonesbittyx-laptop, oh yeah -- you have to make a custom shortcut -- use the command jrib suggested04:14
=== Guest11182 is now known as DarkDevil
sacarlsonA|i3N: I'm not sure it will help or not but it's worth a try04:15
WeThePeoplewhat type of file is a low bit rate video format04:15
Semitonesjrib, dang, that's smart with the sleep 2, I'm going to use that :)04:15
jt13I'm sure everyone is familiar with the cooliris 3d wall add-on for fire fox but does anyone know of a image viewer with similar effects for local images stored on the computer 10.1004:15
A|i3Nsacarlson So I just open terminal and let that run?04:15
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest46480
sacarlsonA|i3N: yup04:15
bittyx-laptopSemitones: but i don't have "put display to sleep" in my keyboard shortcut actions? and jrib: I could run that from a terminal and it would work, right?04:16
A|i3Nsacarlson thanks I'm gonna log back into ubu and try that :)04:16
jribbittyx-laptop: yeah, give it a try04:16
YoinxA|i3N, is it a 3g cell connection?04:16
A|i3NYoinx yea it's metroPCS04:16
Semitonesbittyx-laptop, you can do it from terminal, which would be easiest. But in keyboard shortcuts you can make custom shortcuts, and that's what I did :)04:16
doug9Anyone know if the internal wireless overrides an external wifi card?04:16
bittyx-laptopjrib: awesome, thank you!04:16
Nicolas_LeonidasI just installed ubuntu server, does it not come with X server?04:16
bittyx-laptopSemitones: yeah, that's what i'll do now.04:17
bittyx-laptopthanks both of you!04:17
bazhangNicolas_Leonidas, no04:17
jt13I'm sure everyone is familiar with the cooliris 3d wall add-on for fire fox but does anyone know of a image viewer with similar effects for local images stored on the computer 10.1004:17
bazhangjt13, perhaps a compiz plugin04:17
oldos2erquiet tonight04:20
sacarlsondoug9: no it should just see two wifi nics04:21
HaPK_PerCarI'm having promes with ubuntu one... whenever I try to sync my files in this computer they end up having a *.u1conflict extension, and the Xorg process eats up half my processor... What can I do?04:21
bazhangHaPK_PerCar, perhaps #ubuntuone can help04:21
HaPK_PerCarbazhang, hmmm, I'll try that04:22
=== bittyx-laptop_ is now known as bittyx-laptop
rigvedHaPK_PerCar: if nothing helps, then reset your connection settings to ubuntuone04:23
shmupubuntu 10.10. samsung rf510. getting feedback on my mic. like, if i put my hand near or over it, makes a reeeeal high pitched noise. same when i close it.04:23
Zopiachow do I ssh into a specific computer on a network?04:23
shmupi attempted to fix this by just muting the mic. not working.04:23
HaPK_PerCarrigved, I tried that already04:23
shmupcan you suggest anything else? i'm not sure how i could go about truely disabling my mic.04:23
HaPK_PerCarrigved, even deinstalled and reinstalled ubuntu one04:24
rigvedZopiac: ssh <ip_addr_here>04:24
shmupsame when i close my laptop, is what i meant. as it's closing you get the high pitched squeeel from speakers meeting mic hole, i guess.04:24
rigvedHaPK_PerCar: how did you reset it?04:24
Zopiacrigved: how to i tell it to connect to one computer as opposed to another on that IP?04:24
HaPK_PerCarrigved, I "eliminated" the connection from this machine to ubuntu one's service04:25
rigvedZopiac: use ifconfig on the computer to find out its ip. no two computers have the same ip04:25
Zopiacrigved: it's the same internet IP04:25
Zopiacrigved: going through a router...04:25
HaPK_PerCarrigved, and since I couln't reconnec to it I uninstalled it04:26
skullboyhow do i host a pop3 and stmp04:26
skullboyhow do i host a pop3 and stmp04:27
[TK]D-Fenderskullboy: Go read a guide on setting up an MTA like sendmail, postfix, exim, etc04:27
bittyx-laptopjrib: hey, i've tried that. if i put my shortcut as "xset dpms force off" (no quotes), the screen turns off, and on immediately (it probably reacts to KeyUp when i let go of my shortcut), unless i press the shortcut *really* fast. however, when i put "sleep 1; xset dpms force off" (no quotes again) and press my shortcut, nothing happens. if i put the last command with quotes i get an error (error executing command). what gives?04:28
skullboy[TK]D-Fender: can u send the link04:28
[TK]D-Fenderskullboy: www.google.com <- they have THOUSANDS.04:28
doug9sacarlson:  I'm so far not able to get onto the internet with my new engenius ecb3500.  Our landlord has a signal with password.  I can use it with the laptops internal wifi.  I can get the 3500 to see and accept the key.  But when I return the computer to DHCP and reboot, I still don't have a connection to the internet.04:29
rigvedHaPK_PerCar: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne/Bugs04:29
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=== KopiBadMood is now known as evilpleasure
=== mohammad is now known as Guest51844
skullboy[TK]D-Fender: i want a pop3 and stmp server04:31
bazhangskullboy, on your ubuntu server?04:31
[TK]D-Fenderskullboy: And I jsut gave you the precise names of several.04:31
skullboybazhang: i dont have a ubuntu server04:32
neo_hello world04:32
bazhangskullboy, and how would you do it then04:32
[TK]D-Fenderskullboy: The kind of names you could.. I dunno ... look for in the ubuntu software center or Synaptic.04:32
amh345i have a question regarding ssh, but i dont know how to describe it.   i had this working before, but something happened.   i use to have to do ssh some-keypair user@server.com to ssh into my server, then i ran something that added some-keypair to a file so all i needed to do was run ssh  user@server.com.  does anyone know what im talking about?  im trying to google it but cant recall what it's called or how it's done.04:32
[TK]D-Fenderskullboy: And then the kind of names you could .... maybe Google up a how-to for.04:32
skullboybazhang: how do i set up a ubuntu server04:33
Nicolas_Leonidasok I installed x server using sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop04:33
Nicolas_Leonidashow do I start the GUI now?04:33
bazhang!lamp > skullboy04:33
ubottuskullboy, please see my private message04:33
Zopiachow do I ssh to a specific computer on a network over internet/through router?04:34
SemitonesZopiac, man ssh, but basically "ssh user@192.168.1.xx04:34
Semitonesmake sure they have ssh installed and enabled and stuff04:35
skullboybazhang: so once i get the server up and running how do i host a pop3 and stmp04:35
ZopiacSemitones but that doesn't work over internet...I need to use the internet IP04:35
Zopiacotherwise it would try to connect to that computer on the local network04:35
Semitonesoh -- nvm I'm not sure then -- I know I've seen huge ssh guides that describe how to do it though04:35
ZopiacOK will google some more04:35
bazhangskullboy, thats out of scope of this channel, you've been given some search terms to follow on your own04:35
Semitonesgood luck!04:35
rigvedZopiac: use port forwarding04:37
rigvedZopiac: set the router to forward tcp connections to a random unused port to a specific machine on the local network04:38
Zopiacrigved: so, comp1 has ssh server set to 22 and comp2 has it as 23, and router has 22 forwarded to comp1 while 23 is forwarded to comp2?04:38
rigvedZopiac: exactly04:38
ZopiacOK i kind of thought so but have been unable to test it04:38
Zopiacsince I can't restart my SSH daemon to use the newly assigned port...04:39
rigvedZopiac: but use some random ports greater than 102304:39
amh345i keep getting permission denied (public key) when i use ssh user@server.com. but when i use ssh -i keypair user@server.com i can get in.   does anyone know why this happens04:39
Zopiacbut thats a whole different problem04:39
amh345it the issue related to my client machine or server machine?04:39
doug9looking for help configuring Ubuntu 9.10 to use the ethernet input from a radio card (Engenius ECB3500)04:39
=== iretch is now known as mike
jiltdili have two OS on virtual box but both of two is assigned the same ip so how to connect both using ssh?04:43
=== mike is now known as Guest22246
shmupubuntu 10.10. samsung rf510. getting feedback on my mic. like, if i put my hand near or over it, makes a reeeeal high pitched noise. same when i close it.04:44
shmuphow can i truely disable the mic?04:44
Yoinxunplug it?04:45
shmupYoinx: rolling my eyes04:45
dw-jbd2/sda1-8 is attempting to eat my hard drive for breakfast 24/7 what do i do ?04:45
shmupthat is a laptop.04:45
amh345can anyone help with my above question?  it's a bit maddening04:45
shmupreferring to an internal mic.04:45
Yoinxfigured it wouldn't be that easy... but it had to be said :p04:46
bittyx-laptopif i set a custom keyboard shortcut to run "xset dpms force off", it works, though i have to press the combination very quickly so the KeyUp wouldn't wake the screen immediately. if i set the shortcut command to "sleep 1; xset dpms force off", nothing happens. anyone know why?04:47
overcluckeramh345: is your keypair in ~/.ssh/ ?04:48
bittyx-laptop(when i run the latter from my terminal, it works as expected)04:48
amh345overclucker: yes04:48
amh345overclucker: i was messing around lsat night, and i messed something up.04:48
LittleRedhello guys... anyone install Vuze on 10.10?04:48
amh345it was working with just ssh user@server.com previously.04:48
HypoglybeticHey smart people.  Can someone help me with my flashy new Bright House Cable Modem / Router? I'm trying to port forward and isn't working. >_>04:49
HypoglybeticCan someone port scan me?04:49
StepNjumpGuys, sometimes I shut down my computer and it hangs when shutting down. Maverick new installation of abt 3 days... Any idea?04:49
overcluckeramh345: have you tried readding your public key to the .ssh/authorized_keys on the remote host??04:50
amh345overclucker, how is that done again?04:50
amh345overclucker: and, no, i havent :)04:50
Yoinxshmup, http://www.jeffsplace.net/node/12   maybe this will help?04:50
Yoinxgoes through removing pulseaudio and switching back to also, basically04:51
StepNjumpGuys, sometimes I shut down my computer and it hangs when shutting down. Maverick new installation of abt 3 days... Any idea?04:51
overcluckeramh345: ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub user@host.com04:51
amh345overclucker: and this is done serverside?04:52
=== usr is now known as Pyus
StepNjumpis there anything i could use in order to fix the registry?04:52
bazhangStepNjump, registry?04:52
overcluckeramh345: run that from the local host04:53
lightaregistry ?04:53
bazhangStepNjump, you're on windows?04:53
StrangeCharmhow can i switch to a firefox beta/rc release?04:53
StepNjumpbazhang.. Or whatever is the equivalent in ubuntu ooops sorry04:53
gilleshey would any1 know when .. when im installing Starcraft 2,, which it works but on the installed its kinda blurry and cant see the buttons04:53
StepNjumpSome thing is not dismounting properly when shutting down04:54
bazhanggilles, #winehq for help with particular apps04:54
gillesbeen there ..04:54
bazhanggilles, be patient then04:54
gillesi am .. can you help ?04:54
StepNjumpshould I do a apt-get update?04:55
amh345overclucker: im getting ssh-copy-id not found.  but i dont think that's what ive done before.  i remember before adding my keypair somehow.04:55
=== Sabian is now known as CandelJack
LittleRedI have it installed... but it's strange compared to my mac04:55
overcluckeramh345: what os are you running locally?04:55
=== Pyus is now known as usr
amh345overclucker: osx04:55
=== usr is now known as pyus
overcluckeramh345: you can run this instead: cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub | ssh user@host "cat - >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys"04:57
=== CandelJack is now known as Sabian
=== Sabian is now known as Void_Ranger
amh345overclucker: cat: /Users/me/.ssh/id_rsa.pub: No such file or directory :(04:58
overcluckeramh345: where id_rsa.pub is your public key04:58
ejvget it figured out Hypoglybetic ?04:59
Hypoglybeticejv No. >_>04:59
amh345overclucker: that gives me a Permission denied (publickey). again.04:59
Hypoglybeticejv I mean. .. my old router I had everything port forwarded.  Its EASY.  But this damn thing just won't ...work.04:59
overcluckeramh345: permission denied?04:59
ejvwhat kind of router is it?04:59
needlezoverclucker:  sudo05:00
overcluckeramh345: that might be why it wan't working before05:00
shmupoh hey Yoinx, i'll give it a look. thanks.05:00
amh345overclucker: yeah. perm deiend05:00
amh345with sudo too05:00
Hypoglybeticejv, I'm looking now ....05:00
needlezoverclucker: what bout running as just root??05:01
=== h4sh is now known as _hashhh
amh345this is driving me mads05:01
=== XLV_ is now known as XLV
Hypoglybeticejv http://www.technicolor.com/en/hi/home-networking/cable-products/cable-modems-gateways/u-s/dwg85505:01
=== ExplodingPiglets is now known as Zeku
needlezamh345: what bout running as just root user not just sudo??05:01
overcluckerneedlez: the key should be rw for the user and read for all others05:02
needlezahh ok05:02
overcluckeramh345: ls -la .ssh05:02
bittyx-laptopif someone was interested in my problem with putting the display to sleep - it seems that in keyboard shortcuts, you cannot run a bash script from your home directory with ~/program, but only with /home/user/program05:03
bittyx-laptopwhich is very weird05:03
bittyx-laptopjust wanted to put that out there05:04
amh345overclucker: ls -ls ~/.ssh returns 3 files.  authorized_keys2, ec2-keypair and known_hosts05:04
linuxuz3rmy flash player does not work05:04
linuxuz3rwhen i try to view websites with flash video i just see a brown screen05:04
linuxuz3rcan anyone help05:04
nit-witlinuxuz3r, when05:04
overcluckeramh345: amh345 what are the permissions for ec2-keypair?05:04
amh345overclucker: 8 -rw-------@ 105:05
nit-witlinuxuz3r, what flash have you installed05:05
linuxuz3rnit-wit, when i view videos on you tube05:05
linuxuz3radobe flash plugin for mozila05:05
linuxuz3rfrom ubuntu software center05:05
nit-witlinuxuz3r, adobe?05:06
overcluckeramh345: try: chmod 644 .ssh/ec2-keypair05:06
linuxuz3rthats what the repo says05:06
nit-witlinuxu you need the adobe or gnash run in the terminal sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras05:06
amh345overclucker: ok. i did that.  reran the cat ~/......  and still got a permission denied05:07
linuxuz3rdownloading now05:07
nit-witthat should add the codecs and the flash needed overall.05:08
overcluckeramh345: you might need to set the permissoins for the .ssh folder itself: chmod 755 ~/.ssh05:09
amh345overclucker: same error :(  permission denied.   i dont know if this is coming from local or serverside.05:10
amh345overclucker: i have it feeling it might be on the remote ubuntu server05:10
=== Void_Ranger is now known as Sabian
overcluckeramh345: that could be, you should check the permissions for your home directory, your .ssh directory, and .ssh/known_hosts on the remote host05:12
alkisgI'm trying to setup a second IP in network-manager, but the GUI forces me to specify a route. Is there any way to not specify a route? If not, which one should I put there, or my IP?05:12
overcluckeramh345: sorry, not known_hosts, but authorized_keys05:12
gillescan any1 help me install start crat 205:12
amh345overclucker: the remote hosts authorized_keys is -rw-------05:13
gillesbeen trying for way to long and starting to give up05:13
needlezgilles: starcraft2??05:13
gillesyeh start craft205:13
overcluckeramh345: amh345 that's good, what about $HOME and $HOME/.ssh ?05:14
doug9looking for help configuring Ubuntu 9.10 to use the ethernet input from a radio card (Engenius ECB3500)05:14
StepNjumpwhy is it I cant write to this file? -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 198 2011-03-07 01:40 /etc/modules05:14
=== Guest46480 is now known as DarkDevil
booksbuggymy printer only prints blank pages can someone help me?05:15
amh345overclucker: i tihnk im just going to pull from one of my restore points.05:16
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest43879
StepNjumpnevermind. got it05:16
LittleRedok it's official....vuze hates me, so I removed it... any other ideas for a decent bit torrent client?05:16
tripelbUb10.04 I closed skype and yet it shows in top still.05:16
lifestreamAnyone know GUI search and replace for all plain text files in a directory?  Regexxer and SearchMonkey, I don't understand them05:16
blackdoggyhow do i join android  channel?05:17
tripelbbooksbuggy: details would be useful - dont make your helping person work so hard. what ubunt? did it ever work? can you get a test page? what are the ink levels? etx05:17
fermulatorblackdoggy: "/join #android" ?05:18
tripelbLittleRed: I hate vuze too. Boo. Transmission is wonderful. it's simple. it works.05:18
doug9looking for help configuring Ubuntu 9.10 to use the ethernet input from a radio card (Engenius ECB3500)05:18
blackdoggythanx fermulator05:18
booksbuggytripelb, hp deskjet960c prints only test pages05:18
booksbuggythen spits blank pages all the time when i try to print anything else05:18
tripelbdoug9 tell me when you have it. doies it have windows drivers?05:19
=== Sabian is now known as Void_Ranger
doug9not sure what you mean "when you have it".05:19
LittleRedtripelb -- is there directions or anything.. I need documentation so I can get it to work properly05:20
=== Void_Ranger is now known as Sabian
booksbuggyyes it worked before in previous version of ubuntu05:20
booksbuggyink level it still prints out test pages and everything are normal05:20
andreylosevI don't seem to be able to execute files from the terminal, can anyone help please?05:21
tripelblittlered it's so simple you dont need anything. I'm just a girl in a diner. I looked at the menu. first install it. then ask me.05:21
tripelbI'll be here05:21
booksbuggyspits blank pages for all document, excel, webpages, etc..05:21
GatorAlliHelp, my scheduled cron jobs are not working. When I run "crontab -l", it show the jobs perfectly, but they are not executing05:21
LittleRedtripelb  -- I just finished installing it05:21
fermulatorandreylosev: you can't "execute" .exe files from linux using "./" or "sh".  I see you realized this, and tried wine.  I would assume it would work in wine.  It's not entirely clear from your pastebin if it worked or not.05:22
LittleRedI want to be able to search05:22
andreylosevit worked alright05:23
dribblehey when I use ifconfig and take down my router and turn it back on i still have to go into the gui to reselect what to connect to is there a way to do this from bash?05:23
andreylosevLittleRed, you wanna search in your menu?05:23
tripelbok LittleRed what do you want to torrent?05:23
fermulatorandreylosev: so what's the problem then? :-005:23
doug9You all are gonna crack up... I have a disc that shows 7 modes of operation.  I'm trying to enact "client bridge" mode.  I've followed the instructions on disc.  The units software is supposedly written in Linux. but the directions use windows when talking about the settings on the computer.05:23
booksbuggybasically, my deskjet 960c won't print anything except test page since i upgraded to 10.0405:23
LittleRedtripelb download specific titles05:23
fermulatordribble: what do you mean "reselect what to connect to"?05:24
tripelblittlered: offtopic in PM05:24
dribblein the upper right hand corner where the bars are you have to reslect what siginal to connect to05:25
fermulatordribble: oh, wireless?05:25
pickettanyone know why my /tmp wouldn't be emptied on reboot?05:26
fermulatordribble: does this do the trick? http://blog.tplus1.com/index.php/2008/06/13/how-to-connect-to-a-wireless-network-from-the-ubuntu-command-line/05:27
doug9tripelb: still on?05:28
dribbleyeah that should help05:28
linuxuz3rnit-wit, it didnt work05:28
linuxuz3r!flash Line_05:29
linuxuz3r!flash linuxuz3r05:29
linuxuz3r!flashplayer linuxuz3r05:29
tripelblitdoug9 I be here05:29
nit-witlinuxuz3r, hmm not sure why.05:30
doug9up about 15 posts?05:30
tripelbdoug9 best to just ask me what you want to ask me ratehr than asking me if you can ask me. saves time.05:30
tripelbrepost it dont make me work05:30
doug9tripelb: I have a disc that shows 7 modes of operation. I'm trying to enact "client bridge" mode. I've followed the instructions on disc. The units software is supposedly written in Linux. but the directions use windows when talking about the settings on the computer.05:30
tripelbdoug9 oh I read that, I'm lost.05:30
GatorAllicrontab -l looks perfect, but the jobs will not run05:31
milamber!flash | linuxuz3r05:31
ubottulinuxuz3r: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash05:31
doug9A call to anyone who knows how to configure eth0 for client bridge?05:31
tripelbdoug9 I have an engenius card. what's the number of your card. that's a good thing to start out with when you want help. somebody give him the ubottu thing that tells how to ask a question. thanks05:31
nit-witlinuxuz3r, you might try this addon it will find conflicts. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/flash-aid/05:32
=== Eaglet_ is now known as Hypoglybetic
doug9tripelb:  the card is inside an Engenius ECB3550.  I'm thinking it's a Senao05:33
ruanhelp.. i cant install anything with apt-get or ubuntu software centre05:33
ruanit just stalls at 0%05:33
ruanstarted update manager and it started05:34
nit-witruan, is it woking now?05:35
fizy[laptop]i need yalls opinion. am i going to far with linux if i SSH'ed into someones ipod touch at school today, got into the root account, and started fucking the the repository packages, installing things like tortiosehg (which requires mercurial(whichrequires python(none of which are on it by default, nor are they meant to be run on the ios))) before finally typing "apt-get remove cydia" and then losing connection and being un05:35
fizy[laptop]in my defence, im on a linux machine. what else am i gonna do with linux?05:36
ruannit-wit: not sure about software centre but i know apt-get is working05:36
nit-witruan, you have to anyone of gthem with the others closed, in case you don't know.:)05:36
ruani opened update manager and it _stopped_ stalling05:37
ruanok now update manager is stalling at 0%05:37
=== Sabian is now known as DMX
AurigaHowdy all, trying to get the impulse screenlet working, it's installed but won't appear, any ideas?05:37
=== DMX is now known as Sabian
ruanhmm it just takes a long time to start05:38
ruannever did that in the past05:38
ruanAuriga: how did you install it?05:38
needhelp1i need some help, i have a ton of mp3 files that have no metadata, but are named like .. artist_song.mp3. and then i have a lot that have no metadata but are just like track 4.mp3 .. is there a way i can pull this info from somewhere to have it filled in automatically? the cddatabase thing with easytag doesnt work for me05:38
fizy[laptop]so yeah is it going too far with the whole hacking thing if i uninstalled cydia and crashed their itouch? i dont think so. i think doing anything less than that is an insult to the name of linux05:38
Aurigaruan, From within Screenlets itself as in the install button from a .tar.gz05:39
ruanfizy[laptop]: you're destroying apple :D05:39
cr4x0rapples only good for uninstalling os x05:39
cassidyjamesfizy[laptop], I used to pull music off of peoples' iPods when they were jailbroken.05:40
fizy[laptop]ruan cr4x0r its not my fault the iod is childs play to hack into. i managed to hack into the state of the are ios by using an out of date linux version on a 2003 piece of shit laptop05:40
ruanlol if you crash a jailbroken ipod, they cant take it in for warranty05:40
FloodBot3fizy[laptop]: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:40
StepNjumpfizy is this a joke?05:40
fizy[laptop]i did not flood. and no its not a joke. i really hacked into their ipod in like 6 seconds05:41
cr4x0rwell, i can google ssh ipod touch in 5 sec... so i win05:41
cassidyjamesfizy[laptop], I'm not sure using a default root password is considered "hacking."05:41
Aurigaruan, I just tried opening the file, & extracting the contents to the .screenlets location, but again it appears as if it is installed, but it won't start...05:41
rww!ot | fizy[laptop]05:41
ubottufizy[laptop]: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:41
fizy[laptop]cassidyjames: the default password isnt the ipod password. the ipod password is alpine05:41
transhello guys05:42
cassidyjamesHi trans!05:42
needhelp1bleh, we better be careful that the TPP doesnt pass, because its updates to the DMCA which they are taking world wide will ban things like jailbreaking05:42
rwwneedhelp1: take it to #ubuntu-offtopic, please.05:42
ruanAuriga: there is a screenlets tool in ubuntu software centre05:43
fizy[laptop]its kind of funny tho. if it werent for me, they wouldnt even have been on the wifi. im the one who hacked the password every time they change it. they use WEP encrytion, so im not at fault here05:43
win189RWW do u know how to use samba05:43
rwwfizy[laptop]: Again, #ubuntu-offtopic for non Ubuntu-support stuff05:43
rwwwin189: no05:43
transI have a strange problem, If I set channel to 2 in alsamixer I get distorted sound o/p but it recognises input voice if I set channel to 6 I get proper outpput but microphone doesn't work properly05:43
Aurigaruan, you mean seperate to the screenlets program itself?05:43
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.05:43
fizy[laptop]rww ok05:43
transany idea?05:43
transhello cassidyjames05:44
ruanAuriga: i dont know, it's called screenlets though05:44
needhelp1i need some help, i have a ton of mp3 files that have no metadata, but are named like .. artist_song.mp3. and then i have a lot that have no metadata but are just like track 4.mp3 .. is there a way i can pull this info from somewhere to have it filled in automatically? the cddatabase thing with easytag doesnt work for me05:44
Aurigaruan, I have that installed already...05:44
ruanAuriga: did you install it from ubuntu software centre?05:44
ruanAuriga: if you go to it in ubuntu software centre, does it tell you where it is?05:45
AurigaHow do you mean? Where it is installed?05:45
tohuwI have a home server I ssh to. My DNS (running on the same server, as it happens), broadcasts a different IP for this server internally (namely, its local IP). So, when I ssh to myserver.example.com from the outside, I get the public IP, but from the inside using the same address, I get the local IP. Here's the problem: the outside IP is stored in known_hosts. How do I also add the inside IP to known_hosts, so it doesn't freak out?05:46
ruanAuriga: hm, im not sure05:46
ruanAuriga: can you start it from a terminal?05:46
=== uchecomp is now known as shhuck
kaushal what type of Point to Point Protocol is Tata Photon Plus ? is it PPPoE or PPPoA ?05:46
Aurigaruan, The program is installed, I have another screenlet working fine, impulse however won't won't start, it's installed, but won't appear on screen.05:47
* win189 pets rww and thanks him05:48
win189then hides05:48
Aurigaruan, It won't run in a terminal but there is a lot of information though...05:49
ruanAuriga: what information does it give?05:49
=== PicCard is now known as PicCard_Away
Aurigaruan, still going through it...05:50
=== PicCard_Away is now known as PicCard
Aurigaruan, I think I am missing somethings...05:52
jiltdili have two guest os installed in my virtual box and both have ssh active i want to acess one os from other but i can't as permosson denied as both the virtual os has same ip, how to do this?05:53
jiltdilany idea?05:54
ruanhehe, i know why i cant download.. the mirror is down05:55
=== RJF1_ is now known as RJ_F1
RJ_F1hey, I got a USB running a live "CD" version of Ubuntu on there, and when I load it up, I get a window that says "install" or "Try" I hit "try" and it continues to login, how can I bypass this screen?05:59
sacarlsonjiltdil: you should be able to put both your guest os networks into bridge mode so that they get into the same local net instead of the nat mode05:59
=== Logan_ is now known as Logan{sleep}
jiltdilhow to do that? and i am sucessfully acess my host os through guest os06:00
=== RJ_F1 is now known as Guest3647
=== Guest3647 is now known as RJ_F1
ubottuThe Ubuntu Desktop CD is a "LiveCD" which can be run without altering existing files on your harddrive. Especially useful for testing your hardware's compatibility, it also includes an install option.06:01
RJ_F1hey, sorry about that, my router has been acting up. Does anyone have the answer to the question I asked?06:01
sendliquiddont turn your computer off06:02
=== Logan{sleep} is now known as FarkingBishsleep
sacarlsonjiltdil: look in the settings on virtualbox for networks and set mode to bridge mode06:02
jiltdilsacarlson: thanx m going to set06:03
=== FarkingBishsleep is now known as Logan{durmiendo}
=== Kasjopaja23 is now known as Kasjopaja
mix22891GOOD MORNING ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!06:06
fizy[laptop]its 1 am. not morning06:07
mix22891*******linux is a part of my life*************06:07
mix22891i'm happy06:07
fizy[laptop]mix22891: leave out the word "my"06:07
mix22891lol fizy ok06:08
Logan{durmiendo}!ot | all of you06:08
mix22891*******linux is a part of life*************06:08
ubottuall of you: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:08
rwwmix22891: #ubuntu is for Ubuntu technical support questions. Try #ubuntu-offtopic, and consider dropping the asterisks ;)06:08
mix22891i just did wallpaper to linux06:08
mix22891nice 106:08
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tripelbhow do I get the new version of transmission? apt-get update didnt do it. (me be so naive)06:11
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade06:11
=== windows_sucks is now known as windows_is_gay
tripelbjuk I dont want a new version of ubuntu - read my text06:11
kaushalchecking in again for the query ?06:12
rwwwindows_is_gay: Don't use "gay" as a pejorative, please.06:12
xanguaadd transmission ppa then tripelb06:12
juktripelb: did you read apt-get --help?06:13
leaveboyflay: 我这一直都在,不过经常性的掉线06:13
windows_is_gay!jp tsunami > windows_is_gay06:14
tripelbjuk nevermind you are the old-style difficult help. the guys who say reinstall windows.06:14
* leaveboy Opps! wory channel!06:14
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ileahi all06:15
dunmanifestini need help with compiz06:15
juktripelb: from "old-style" help06:15
jukupdate - Retrieve new lists of packages06:15
juktripelb: dont be naive06:16
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andruHA1123Hey guys, can anyone tell me why xubuntu is super slow on an older computer, but is really fast in a VMware with the same specs?06:16
ileahow to add little gadgets on the desktop like a clock, a cpu meeter and a weather gadget?06:16
dunmanifestinilea thats easy, just download screenlets06:16
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest72434
dunmanifestinim assuming your using ubuntu, you will find it in the package manager06:17
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest34869
ohzieandruHA1123: Probably because of video drivers?06:18
=== windows_is_gay is now known as windows_is_bad
ileathanks dunmanifestin06:18
juktripelb:not sure what you mean in your second sentence06:18
ohzieandruHA1123: if you have an older computer don't use compositing on xfce. It defeats the purpose of xfce on a slower computer. ( ,_,)06:18
dunmanifestinno probs ilea. i cannot get my application switcher to work06:18
andruHA1123ohzie, can i install drivers manually? if so, how?06:18
tripelbjuk, I mean thanks but not right now. I am walking someone through using transmission.06:18
ohzieandruHA1123: what version of xubuntu are you using?06:19
dunmanifestinIve installed compiz, tried to get the cube thingy to work. now the alt tab thing wont work06:19
leaveboyandruHA1123: how about ubuntu + awesome06:19
andruHA1123ohzie, i installed Xubuntu as it seemed to use the least ram and still be very functional06:20
RJ_F1lol. gotta love how chanserv just hands over ops to rww, and rww gives back.06:20
andruHA1123leaveboy, is that a distro?06:20
juktripelb: ah, "spread the word" , nice :)06:20
RJ_F1dunmanifestin: have you got emerald?06:20
dunmanifestinno I dont, do i need it?06:20
RJ_F1I believe so06:20
RJ_F1do a quick sudo apt-get install emerald06:21
andruHA1123leaveboy, btw, im new to linux ;P, but learning, so bear with me06:21
RJ_F1in a terminal06:21
ohzieRJ_F1: It's generally good practice to only use ops when you need it. That behavior is especially such on freenode, because most people here use sudo and su. =)06:21
dunmanifestinim on it06:21
ohzieso, it becomes habiual06:21
RJ_F1what, running stuff as root?06:21
kriumehelp please what do i do here to continue? hitting enter or try to press the "Ok" button on there doesent work!!!! picture: http://bildr.no/image/841377.jpeg06:23
andruHA1123ohzie, what distro would you recommend for a computer with 256mbs of ram and 1.2ghz cpu? (im trying to make something like a fileserver with this old PC, but need gui)06:23
xanguakriume: hit tab06:23
dunmanifestinsomething about a firmware-b4343-installer?06:23
ohziekriume: click the window for focus and then try to select the ok button with the keyboard06:23
kriumexangua: haha ok! it worked lol06:24
xangua!lubuntu  | andruHA112306:24
ubottuandruHA1123: lubuntu is a project to create a derivative of Ubuntu using the LXDE desktop environment. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu . /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.06:24
ohziekriume: xangua's suggestion of tab it on the money06:24
RJ_F1andru: I would say, Lubuntu06:24
win189umm question i know this sounds stuped06:24
phreckandruHA1123, not ubuntu desktop06:24
kriumeits installing now ;P06:24
win189what is the 755 number for Read and list only06:24
vitorh2mboa noite06:24
vitorh2mmelhor dizendo06:24
vitorh2mbom dia06:24
xangua!pt | vitorh2m06:24
ubottuvitorh2m: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.06:24
durandohey guys i have a Marvell 88SE6145 and cant get it to work with ubuntu server at least i beleive this is whats causing issues with booting correctly etc06:24
ohzieandruHA1123: Ubuntu, even xubuntu, is not good for old things unless you install ubuntu-server than then put a bare minimum gui on top of that.06:24
andruHA1123phreck, the thing is that i won't be able to configure everything via terminal.. im kinda a newb in linux06:24
SuperPaco69how can I hack?06:24
dunmanifestinsub process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1) it says.. that keeps coming up06:25
xanguaSuperPaco69: read and study a lot06:25
ohzieandruHA1123: I'd suggest ubuntu-server and aptitude install blackbox06:25
ohzieand go from there06:25
bazhangSuperPaco69, hack what06:25
RJ_F1you could install u. server, and then install Xfce on it, which is a lighter version of gnome.06:25
ohzieSuperPaco69: Be awesome06:25
win189whats the chmod for Read and list06:25
RJ_F1essentially create a xubuntu-server06:25
ohziewin189: there's no list. list is read on the directory06:25
ubottuAn explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions06:25
SuperPaco69that is right!06:25
andruHA1123ohzie, what is blackbox? like a lightweight gui?06:26
Vituzprobably not the right place to come for help regarding this.. but recently upgraded to Natty and somehow broke Vuze... I've tried replacing libswt-gtk-3.5-java already to no avail06:26
ohzieandruHA1123:  very very lightweight gui. It's too lightweight for most people to tolerate. That or tdm are going to be your best friends if you absolutely need some sort of GUI......06:26
win189nvm i figured it out its 55506:26
bazhangVituz, #ubuntu+1 for natty06:26
ohzieVituz: :(06:26
RJ_F1hey, quick question about that, how we get the beta?06:27
ohzieandruHA1123: out of curiosity, what is the GUI needed for?06:27
VituzI doubt its a natty issue anyway06:27
VituzI think its a java issue06:27
rwwRJ_F1: ask in #ubuntu+1 ;)06:27
Vituzbut thanks for redirecting me so quickly :)06:27
jiltdilsacarlson: ok i more ques i have to acess other comp in WAN how to do that. is it is same as like in bridge mode or something different setting for it?06:27
andruHA1123ohzie, i will need it to set up what I need.. I don't know how to do everything in terminal06:27
ohzieandruHA1123: Weeeelllllll what things are you doing setup in the GUI, and maybe I can point you in the right direction of where to learn? =) Blackbox+vnc server are going to be great fallbacks if you need the gui, but SSH is faster and runs a lot lighter. :306:29
ohzieandruHA1123: Not plugging the OMG GUI ON A SERVER thing, I don't judge, I'm just saying that help is aailable. =P06:29
jiltdili have to acess other comp in WAN how to do that. is it is same as like in bridge mode or something different setting for it?06:29
jiltdilusing ssh06:29
SuperPaco69any one know how to hack voip sip protocol with ubuntu?06:29
caseyhey guys. i need some serious help. I am getting VERY frustrated. First and foremost, every time I try to access my home folder via the panel on top, it says error. This happens with documents, computer etc. Please help me find out why this happening.06:29
ubottuAvoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude06:30
andruHA1123ohzie, oh, i would probably uninstall gui once im done configuring what i need06:30
ohziecasey: Well, what kind of error?06:30
caseyi'll copy verbatum. hold on just a sec06:31
jiltdili have to acess other comp in WAN through ssh  how to do that. is it is same as like in bridge mode or something different setting for it06:31
caseyError: File can not be found06:31
caseyhowever, is i navigate to it by other means, the file is indeed there.06:31
caseyI just don't know how the path could have got messed up?06:31
andruHA1123anyway, thanks for the help guys..06:32
cryptodirai was expecting a password prompt to activate the fglrx drivers.... instead, i get "you are not authorized to perform this action"... what would be the proper cli syntax?06:32
leaveboyandruHA1123: instal06:33
leaveboyandruHA1123: install ubuntu live cd06:33
caseyany ideas on why the path could have gotten messed up?06:33
ohziecasey: I had this problem before on an older install06:34
ohziemy hard drive was not working very well06:34
htatWhen both me and my bro switched to Ubuntu (months apart), we noticed internet took a while longer to respond. I tried disabling the thing that searches for IPv6, but I still get that lag time while "looking up <servername>". what else might be wrong?06:34
andruHA1123leaveboy, and?06:34
ohzieit would sort of work sometimes and not work other times.06:34
caseyohzie: how did you fix it?06:34
caseyit's driving me nuts06:34
ohziecasey: =\ I reinstalled ubuntu.06:34
ohziecasey: I back up all my stuff so often that I don't even mess with stuff like that06:34
ohzieI'm just like06:34
caseyare you sure thats the only way?06:35
ohziecasey: Oh surely it isn't. I just didn't bother trying to find the way to do it, because I was lazy and needed my computer to work and didn't want to spend time fixing it.06:35
caseyoh ok06:36
caseywell i guess i'll look more into it06:36
caseyi'm getting so frustrated with all of this06:36
andruHA1123how about this, whats the lightest linux distro that can run FireFox and OpenOffice?06:36
ohziecasey: How long have you been using linux?06:36
ohzieandruHA1123: DSL06:36
caseyohzie: by any chance, do you know how to use wine to run photoshop 7?06:36
leaveboyandruHA1123: and don't open 3D,that will work fine06:36
caseyohzie: about 3 weeks. I'm a big noobie.06:37
cryptodirai was expecting a password prompt to activate the fglrx drivers.... instead, i get "you are not authorized to perform this action"... what would be the proper cli syntax?    10.10 amd/6406:37
xanguayou can try in #Linux to make polls andruHA112306:37
andruHA1123ohzie, i tried dsl and it wouldn't run latest firefox...06:37
ohziecasey: http://appdb.winehq.org/appview.php?iVersionId=1336 It seems to run fine out of the box.06:37
=== rwww is now known as _ubottu
BlackWebDoes anyone know if theres a way to defragment a harddrive on linux, My HD use to be only 25% full then Copied alot of backup stuff on it and it went to 60% Full, Which I erased it and its still showed and being 60% Full, I also tried booting into another linux system and running fsck on the HD but still didnt solve the problem06:38
leaveboyandruHA1123: that means dont install display driver06:38
xanguai've alrady told you !lubuntu is an option06:38
skulltipohzie - better question is which window manager is best to run those06:38
caseyohzie: isn't that just a trial though?06:38
lickalottgents...  anyone in here running a znc on ubuntu 10.10 and have successfully used an ipv6 tunnel through tunnelbroker?06:38
caseyor can i use it to enter my product key?06:38
andruHA1123xangua, thanks, im downloading that already06:38
skulltipsorry meant andruHA112306:38
andruHA1123just looking for option06:38
ohziecasey: you should be able to put in the product key06:38
lickalottznc doesn't really matter06:39
TodMorehow do I install two versions of an application, like opera 9 and opera 10 without simply upgrading to 10?06:39
TodMorecan that be done with deb packages?06:39
caseyohzie: awesome. Thanks for the help. Any ideas on where to point me with the other issue we were taking about?06:39
ohzieTodMore: I would suggest installing the binary for the second version separarely.06:40
ohzieTodMore: and not using a deb06:40
BlackWebIs there a way to defragment harddrive with ubuntu06:40
dunmanifestinI have emerald and all the compiz updates but none of my application switchers will work06:40
TodMoreohzie: so you mean look for a tarball or whatever install?06:40
ohziecasey: None at all. What I CAN say is that I've had less problems with Ubuntu than I've had with FC and Mandrake, and that Ubuntu is "where it's at" as they say.06:41
=== mohammad is now known as Guest59325
ohzieTodMore: Yes06:41
ohziecasey: So stick to this distro! Don't be swayed! :P06:41
TodMoreohzie: thank06:41
caseyohzie: well i'm glad I at least went with the right linux distro lol ;P. Not just to get "hip" with this linux stuff as they say.06:42
dunmanifestinhow do I get these features to work? application switcher? static aplication switcher? desktop cube?06:42
ubotttuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:42
ubotttuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:42
ubotttuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:42
ubotttuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:42
FloodBot3ubotttu: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:42
BlackWebdunmanifestin do you have your video card installed06:43
leaveboycasey: distro ?? what's it mean?06:43
caseyohzie: Got to go but thanks for the help :D!06:43
caseyleaveboy: stands for distrubution :D06:43
caseygot to go06:43
BlackWebleaveboy its the distribution of linux your using06:43
caseycatch you guys later06:43
dunmanifestinum where do I get drivers for it blackweb? its an ati radeon x1200 if that helps06:43
lickalottdunmanifestin - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KeyboardShortcuts06:44
lickalott1/4 the way down06:44
BlackWebdunmanifestin have you tried googling, what version of ubuntu you using06:44
dunmanifestinI have spent the whole night googling.. ubuntu 10.10 x6406:45
BlackWebin order to get your compiz to work need to install video card then enable desktop effects by right clicking on screen06:45
ohzieI see a lot of AMD laptops using the ATI 4250's. Do ATI cards actually not suck with linux now? Like, last time I tried an ATI graphics card with linux was a 9700 Pro. It was feelsbadman.jpg all over the place.06:45
PrinceKhaledhello everyone, i am new to ubuntu and i need someone to help me configure my graphic driver06:45
BlackWebdunmanifestin one sec I'll search06:45
rwwohzie: I'm using a HD3450. Works fine for me.06:45
ohzieBut I'd like to not shell out the extra money for a laptop with an nvidia card unless I have to06:45
ohzierww: Oh? No weird driver issues?06:45
PrinceKhaledPlease i need this help06:45
BlackWebPrincekhaled what graphics card06:46
rwwohzie: nope. Had no issues with xserver-xorg-video-radeon (the free software driver). fglrx (the non-free one) is a pain in the backside, though.06:46
dunmanifestinthanks alot blackweb.. I know the shortcuts lickalott they dont work06:46
PrinceKhaledbuilt in06:47
ohzierww: Ahhh06:47
PrinceKhaledlap top: Toshiba satellite A505-s600506:47
BlackWebPrincekhaled, run lspci | grep VGA in terminal and paste results06:47
PrinceKhaled00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)06:48
leaveboyBlackWeb: 3q06:48
PrinceKhaledBlack web?06:49
PrinceKhaledstill there?06:49
BlackWebdunmanifestin, still searching for a driver for you, With ubuntu then the default is fglrx06:49
BlackWebprincekhaled, ya you using ubuntu 10.10 also06:50
dunmanifestinapparently this xserver thing is meant to work but maybe theres some kind of conflict06:50
mix22891there is a C# programming program in linux?06:50
linuxuz3rtry mono06:51
linuxuz3rtry mono06:51
=== eddie is now known as Guest1196
BlackWebthe thing is with linux and new version of linux then when they come out with a new version then theres time that you sometimes have to wait for someone to make a driver for the updated version, or you can resort older version such as 10.04 but still searching06:52
BlackWebdunmanifestin go here http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/linux/Legacy/Pages/radeon_linux.aspx?type=2.4.1&product=
mix22891ok thanks06:53
BlackWebdunmanifestin download that driver through ati and install it and see if that fixes your graphics06:54
jukBlackWeb: what drivers are you talking about?06:54
BlackWebjuk drivers for his graphics card06:54
mix22891COCO JAMBO06:54
PrinceKhaledare you gonna look for one for me?06:55
BlackWebhe's trying to enable desktop effects and not gonna work unless his graphics are up06:55
PrinceKhaledi am not sure what is my problem06:55
PrinceKhaledi can give you an access through teamviewer if you want06:55
jiltdili have two guest os soto acess one from other i activate bridge mode under network option in virtual box but now when i want to acess my host os it is not acessing through guest whhile when th evirtual box setting is in nat mode the  host is acessed.at this point m able to acess my guest os also through host but vice versa not possible.why ?06:56
BlackWebya, have you also tried to enable visual effects and not have it work06:56
PrinceKhaledare you asking me?06:57
PrinceKhaledno, i am trying to run a 3d video game06:57
jukBlackWeb: you dont have to wait for someone making driver... anyway, just need to recompile module06:58
jiltdilany sol to my question?06:58
AkshayHi, I'm new to Ubuntu...06:58
AkshayI have Intel Corporation 82865G Integrated Graphics Controller06:58
BlackWebya its coo06:59
AkshayI'm not able to get the screen resolution I got with windows.06:59
ruanAkshay: which drivers do you have installed?06:59
AkshayNone, Where do i get the drivers from???07:00
jiltdil i have two guest os soto acess one from other i activate bridge mode under network option in virtual box but now when i want to acess my host os it is not acessing through guest whhile when th evirtual box setting is in nat mode the  host is acessed.at this point m able to acess my guest os also through host but vice versa not possible.why ?while when i was in nat seeting under virtual box i eaisly acessed the host.07:00
ruanAkshay: do you see an option under System >administration for Additional Drivers or Hardware Drivers?07:00
BlackWebWell everyone, you all have a good night and good Weekend07:00
AkshayNo, none.07:01
ruanAkshay: im not sure if this should be done, but i looked at intel's website and found some drivers07:02
AkshayI have it for my windows, don't know much abt linux.07:03
win189ok i dont get this i cant get windows to see the server07:04
visual1cemy panel is a bit wonky... how can i reset it but keep my customisations?07:04
visual1celike my launchers and such07:04
bazhangvisual1ce, a reset will give default07:04
visual1ceso i need to reboot?07:05
Akshayruan:Which driver should I install??07:05
bazhangvisual1ce, what about turning off compiz07:05
ruanAkshay: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=8203&ProdId=1044&lang=eng07:06
visual1cewhat about killall gnome-panel?07:06
AkshayI previously has screen resolution of 1152x86407:07
AkshayNow in ubuntu I'm havung 1024x76807:07
ruanas i said, im not sure if this should be done. have you updated ubuntu with update manager?07:07
AkshayNo, I've installed abt 90 form about 360 updates it shows me.07:08
dr_Willisweird -  i couldent connect earlier due to some sasl issue..   but im good for now. :)07:08
ruanAkshay: are any of the updates shown related to graphics?07:08
Akshayruan:Do I simply run the bash file from the archive.07:09
ruanAkshay: yes07:09
win189Can some one inform me as to what i need to do to make windows see my ubuntu samba07:09
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.07:10
win189i did what it says but windows wont see it07:10
ruandoes ubuntu see windows?07:11
dr_Williswin189 You can try just right clicking on a folder, and select share, you have tried that?07:11
win189um if it was that easy i would have07:11
bvierra|lhey all, long time linux user... first time kubuntu user... first of all, can I ask questions about kubuntu in here?07:11
dr_Williswin189 it is that easy for my lan normally.07:11
rwwbvierra|l: here or #kubuntu07:11
dr_Willissometimes the right click share thing. does not install the samba servifes properl;y however.07:11
bvierra|lahh ok cool thanks :) dont really have any questions yet, just figure that I will07:11
AkshayWhat next??07:11
ruanAkshay: if you can't change to the resolution yet, reboot07:12
visual1cekillall gnome-panel works perfectly07:12
ruanAkshay: if installation was successful07:12
dr_Williswin189 you coud edit /etc/samba/smb.conf and be sure the workgroups are correct also.  and try manualy entering the share paths.  \\serverip.number\sharename07:12
Akshayok, be right back sfter reboot.07:12
win189ok if i muked up the install07:13
win189can i just uninstall and reinstall07:13
win189will it clear all the settings07:13
ruanwin189: i think it might keep settings. i remember seeing folders of things i uninstalled07:14
dr_Williswin189 depends on what you mesed up.  what have you done  so far?  things are almost alwyas fixable...07:14
dr_Williswhen in doubt backup system configs you are editing.07:14
Akshayruan: No change, still can't find 1152x86407:15
win189i think i messed up the config07:16
ruanwell the drivers were released in 200407:16
dr_Williswin189 what did you change in the config exactly?  I nomrally only need to edit a few lines if the smb.conf file.07:16
AkshayYes, this is a very old machine.07:16
dr_Willis!find smb.conf07:17
=== Guest72434 is now known as DarkDevil
ubottuFile smb.conf found in ebox-samba, fusesmb, manpages-zh, mythbuntu-common, nautilus-share, sadms, samba-common, samba-common-bin, samba-doc, samba4 (and 2 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=smb.conf&mode=&suite=maverick&arch=any07:17
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest81674
ruanAkshay: 82845G right?07:17
dr_WillisHmm. all those packages must have example smb.conf files.07:17
AkshayNo, 82865G07:17
ruanoh ok07:18
jiltdil i have two guest os soto acess one from other i activate bridge mode under network option in virtual box but now when i want to acess my host os it is not acessing through guest whhile when th evirtual box setting is in nat mode the  host is acessed.at this point m able to acess my guest os also through host but vice versa not possible.why ?07:18
ruanAkshay: i googled and found http://absolutebeginner.wordpress.com/2006/07/26/installing-intel-815852855-graphics-controller-drivers-on-ubuntu-debian/07:19
rohitvvvI downloaded ubuntu 10.04 and burned it to pendrive using unetbootin. When I boot the system with pendrive as first boot it does not boot? any clue?07:19
dr_Willisrohitvv what does it do ecacxtly? theres tools other then unetbootin. the pendrivelinux web site has other tools.07:20
win189rohitvvv it some times dosent work the first time07:20
dr_WillisYou could evne set up grub2 to boot iso files.07:20
ruanAkshay: sudo apt-get install alien07:20
Akshayruan:I guess, I tried out this.Trying again now.07:21
jmwpcI'm stuck on a bash scripting problem. If I want to get the path portion of a file name into a variable (i.e. /home/myuser/music/somesong.mp3), how to do I get just the path?07:21
bazhangsensini, not here07:21
win189rohitvvv make shour to use ur f12 key to make it boot off of ur usb but if it dosent boot it could be a curuped download i sudjest the torrrent download and the tool listed on the site07:21
ruansensini: who needs office 2010 when you have openoffice?07:22
dr_Willisjmwpc i recall there nbeing some commands in bash that do that.. the advanced bash scripting guide may give examples. Ive no tdone that task in ages.07:22
dr_Willisjmwpc i think one was called 'base'  or similer.07:22
ruanjmwpc: first read the docs, then go to #bash if you still have a problem07:22
jmwpcdr_Willis: I'll check that out... thanks07:23
sensinineed office_2010_key, willing to do paypal transfer07:23
llutz_jmwpc: "dirname file"07:23
Akshayruan:getting some error while downloading.07:23
bazhangsensini, not here stop asking07:23
ruanAkshay: what is the erro07:23
AkshayFailed to fetch http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/libm/libmail-sendmail-perl/libmail-sendmail-perl_0.79.16-1_all.deb  Unable to connect to in.archive.ubuntu.com:http:07:23
AkshayE: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?07:23
win189sensini get out this is linux users only GOOgle what u need for windows07:24
ruanAkshay: the mirror could possibly be offline07:24
rwwwin189: be nice, please.07:24
AkshayIs it due Indian Server..07:24
sensinii run linux, sister needs one07:24
rwwsensini: freenode is not a filesharing network, and piracy is off-topic here.07:24
ruanAkshay: system > administration > software sources, switch mirror07:24
Akshayruan:any other way to install package??07:24
* win189 meeps ok RWW i wont chew peoples head off thats trying to get windblows crap07:24
ruansensini: there's openoffice for windows too07:25
sensinigot it07:25
win189(hates the fact he needs to rely on windblows cause he was to cheap to get ps3)07:25
sensinicool thanks07:25
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AkshayDo I change the download from Option.07:25
=== Ep1kMalware is now known as Sabian
rohitvvvI went for an option to install ubuntu inside windows using wubi. After a few minutes it starts downloading the iso from the internet. I already have the iso downloaded.?07:26
ruanAkshay: Download from: (change server)07:26
dr_Willisrowitvv you really sure you want to be using wubi? Most people hate it.  I think you need the iso in th eproper location. and it will see it.,07:27
dr_Willisoops that was for askhakshay i think,,...07:27
rohitvvvI extracted the contents of the iso using winrar07:27
rohitvvvand then I had wubi inside it.07:27
ruandr_Willis: it wasn't, lol07:27
Akshayraun:E: Couldn't find package alien07:28
win189sorry all i ben haveing a short temper all day07:28
ruanAkshay: did you run sudo apt-get update?07:28
ubottuRPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous and unsupported)07:28
dr_Willisim on my android - by the timne i answer.. the question has scrolled off the top of the screen07:28
win189rww is there a general chat can07:29
win189that ubuntu admin has setup07:30
rohitvvv<dr_Willis> Thanks for the hint. It worked. wubi has to be in the directory where iso resides. It works :)07:30
ruanAkshay: ok, install 915resolution instead07:30
dr_Willisi relly hate wubi...07:30
rwwwin189: #ubuntu-offtopic (and read the /topic when you go there)07:30
rohitvvv<Dr_Willis> why so?07:30
win189k rww ty07:30
dr_Willisto many issues rohitvv. You may learn to hate it also.07:31
dr_WillisI would rather run in virtualbox then use wubi07:31
rwwthis ^07:31
rohitvvv<dr_Willis> But virtual box would run much slower07:31
dr_Willisbut its more relieable...07:32
Strykerwhy don't u use grub?07:32
jukwubi helps spreading the word anyway...07:32
dr_Willisive seen way way way to many 'wubi broke on me' questions in here07:32
rohitvvv<Stryker> I have a windows 7 installation. Need to get ubuntu installed. Wubi seemed to be a easier option.07:33
dr_Willisvirtualbos is the easiest option.. :)07:33
ohzieI don't even know what wubi is. :307:33
ubottuWubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug. For Ubuntu Maverick/10.10 http://releases.ubuntu.com/maverick/wubi.exe07:33
ohzieOh dear lord no.jpg07:33
dr_Willisfor some machines. i run ubuntu from a flash drive these days..07:33
geoffmccrohitvvv: dual booting win7 and ubuntu is a breeze07:33
Akshayruan:can't find it in Synaptic Package Manager07:34
Strykerwhy not just partition, and use grub?07:34
dr_WillisI advise using caution and paranoia backups. when using wubi.07:34
dr_WillisI have seen windows 7 installs that use 4 primary partitions.. that can make installing ubuntu normally a big hassle.07:34
ruan4 partitions?07:35
PotatoAt last i got my alpine working for me. Whatever be the case somebody should have responded whether you knew or not.07:35
dr_WillisYes - i have seen win7 Installs using 4 Primary partitions.07:35
geoffmccdr_Willis: good point07:35
PotatoAnyways thank you guys!07:35
Strykerso rohitvvv has the primaries taken up? arent logical partitions compatible with linux unlike unix07:35
rohitvvv<stryker> yes they are taken up07:36
rohitvvv<stryker> I have ubuntu installed now using wubi in one of the logical partitions.07:36
Akshayruan:Pls help me out.07:36
ruanAkshay: im confused as well :/07:36
Strykeri think it would be possible to create a logical partition and boot it with grub07:36
lightait is Stryker07:37
Stryker!logical partition07:37
Strykeri tried07:37
rohitvvv<stryker> yes07:37
lightawante to create some using windows or ubuntu ?07:37
dr_WillisHmm.. wubi installs to a file. no tits own partition07:37
ubottugparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php07:37
Akshayruan:looking at this guide07:37
ruanyeh wubi installs to a .disk file07:38
Strykermany logical partitions can be made, unlike primaries07:38
rohitvvvOkay guys thanks for the help will get back in touch from ubuntu. May be installing grub from ubuntu would be easy.07:38
lightausing it at application isn't the same as "real"07:39
rohitvvv<Stryker> Yes07:39
Strykeri don't think u wanna use grub for a wubi install07:39
Strykerrohitvvv, that wouldn't make sense07:39
dr_Williswubi does use grub. windpows chainloads it i think.07:39
dr_Willisfrom what little ive used wubi.. :)07:39
rohitvvv<Stryker> Okay.07:39
ruani tried a wubi install but it didnt boot, so i made a livecd07:40
Strykerrohitvvv, it is bulky, and hard to undo if you don't have a fresh install of real ubuntu07:40
rohitvvv<Stryker> The issue is making a bootable pendrive has being a problem. It does not boot. Hence I went in for wubi.07:40
Strykerhave u tried using unetbootin?07:41
rohitvvv<Stryker> I would love to go for a real ubuntu install. But the pendrive won't boot for reasons.  Yes I have tried unetbootin07:41
Strykertry an ubuntu server install07:41
rohitvvv<Stryker> It drops at some prompt and says the kernel is missing07:41
icerootrohitvvv: some pendrives cant boot because of the logic how the data is randomly written to the pendrive, so the bootsector is moved on some sticks07:41
dr_Willistheres OTHER installer apps then Unetbootin..07:42
rohitvvv<iceroot> any work around07:42
dr_Willispendrivelinux has info on proberly 5+ others07:42
icerootrohitvvv: hm your issue is not because of the random write07:42
Strykerwhat do you even mean iceroot ?07:42
rohitvvv<dr_Willis> shall I download one app like unetbootin from pendrivelinux07:43
icerootStryker: pendrives are writting data randomly so you dont write the data alaways at the same place, bad pendrives are also writing the boot-sector randomly at some place on the stick07:43
Strykeri have myself made a previously uninstallible flavour work on a pendrive07:43
dr_Willisdownload and try them er.r.. ALL.. :) its not like they cost $$$07:43
Akshayruan:Did you find any solution07:43
icerootStryker: its not often but some pendrives around there are not bootable07:43
dr_WillisYou can always try making your own grub2 booting iso file pendrive07:43
Strykericeroot, that is a filesystem, and program error07:44
rohitvvv<dr_Willis> Sure I will try one. Fingers crossed.07:44
dr_Willisive had old pendrives now work wiht some old machines..07:44
dr_Willisnot much issues with new ones.07:44
Strykerthat is a point, but grub2 can boot from pendrive like dr_Willis said07:45
=== Auriel_ is now known as Auriel
ruanAkshay: not yet07:45
dr_Willisyou could even boot a cd, and do a normal install to a pendrive.07:46
Strykeryou could boot an iso with virtualbox, and install the system onto the pendrive07:46
rohitvvv<Stryker> That's really a long cut.07:47
Strykerwhat does that mean?07:47
dr_Willisive done that befor. :)07:47
Strykerthat is not a part of my slang07:47
dr_Willisvbox -> pendrive. is nifty trick07:47
Strykeri agree07:47
rohitvvv<Stryker> Any tutorial ?07:47
W43372I just installed 10.10 a couple of hours ago and my clock is all kinds of messed up. Screenshot: http://img851.imageshack.us/i/whatthefuckisthisshit.png/07:47
Strykerrohitvvv, i am sure there is07:48
dr_Willispemdrive web site has severla installers thqat work well.07:48
Strykerrohitvvv, i could help u with teamviewer07:48
Strykerpendrivelinux sucks07:48
dr_Willisive had no issues with the pendrivelinux web site tools07:49
rohitvvv<Stryker> plz let me know ... teamviewer07:49
W43372i can has halp plz?07:50
dr_Willisnot eveyr one has a web browser to check every site/image.. sumarize the issue.07:50
gumpHello,I come from a university of China. When I use the line of our school to connect irc servers,it always failed, I don't know why.07:50
Strykerteamviewer, rohitvvv is an app so i can remotely help u on ur pc07:50
rohitvvv<stryker> I need to download it then07:50
=== PicCard is now known as PicCard_Away
Strykerrohitvvv, i would be happy to help07:51
rohitvvv<Stryker> Nice of you. but it would nice if you let me know about a tutorial for vbox-> pendrive07:51
rohitvvv<Stryker>I could try07:51
W43372dr_Willis: I just installed, hwclock had the correct time but it's timezone is HAST. I don't live in hawaii. The clock on the panel is wrong, but when I click on it and check my location it has the correct city and the correct time, but the panel is still wrong.07:52
dr_Willisi doubt if there is a specific tutorial for vbox->pendrvive., Get vbox seeing the flash drives. and  set it up07:52
Strykeri used to use vmware07:53
rohitvvv <dr_Willis> Okay I would try getting vbox to boot the iso first07:53
Strykeri am not too great at vbox07:53
dr_Willisw43372 - it could be a 'clock set to UST/GMT  vs Localtime type issue.'07:53
ruanvmware is able to share files with drag n drop.. does vbox also support that?07:53
W43372dr_Willis: how do fix?07:53
lifestreamHi, I need a simple search and replace tool (NOT a text editor). I can't use sed/awk. I tried SearchMonkey and Regexxer but I can't understand them07:53
dr_Willisruan wiuth the guest addations - i think so07:53
icerootlifestream: why you cant use sed?07:54
dr_Willisw43372 check what your hw clock is set to in bios07:54
lifestreamiceroot:  I have tried to learn since atleast 2-3 years ago, but I can't manage to learn it07:54
icerootlifestream: you dont know how to use it or other reasons?07:54
Strykermy bios is set to GMT and in linux is PST07:54
icerootlifestream: hm, sed 's/foo/bar/' -i filename   will replace foo with bar07:55
icerootlifestream: what else do you need?07:55
lifestreamiceroot: I need it to scan my whole home folder for only plain-text files07:55
tohuwWhere does bind9 log why it failed to start?07:56
icerootlifestream: so you want to replace in every textfile a string and only in textfiles?07:56
iceroottohuw: /var/log/daemon.log07:56
tohuwoh, since it's a daemon and all... thanks iceroot -.-07:57
lifestreamiceroot: yes iceroot, I found a script on the web to replace, but it scanned through lots of movies and a 20gb music collection  T_T  Also, I needed to change this string: /home/eris/ to /home/wish  and instead, I got /home/eris//   <- double slash07:57
lifestreamSo now none of my configs work because they point to /home/eris//    :P07:57
Blue1hail eris!  all hail discordia.07:59
Blue1no wait wrong channel07:59
mehdiim haveing bluetooth problem07:59
mehdii can recive nor send files08:00
NrikI can`t boot into X11 - black screen08:00
=== kevin_ is now known as JahJah
W43372dr_Willis: the bios hw was wrong, I fixed it but my problem is still the same08:00
mehdiit gives error : make sure u installed the personal file sharing08:00
icerootlifestream: sed 's/eris\/\//eris\//' should do the job08:00
W43372dr_Willis sudo hwclock -r is still accurate but in HAST timezone, panel is wrong, but locations still has correct city and time08:01
icerootlifestream: to correct eris// to eris/08:01
dr_Willisw43722  try setting the clock to set its dat automatically now. it may correct oitself08:01
dr_Willisor try chaning timezones toi some other zone. then back.08:01
dr_Willisthe gnome clock also may NOT set its self right untill you log out.. its been a bit brain dead in the past i recall.08:02
andruHA1123wow! whoever recommended me lubuntu was awesome! its really nice and very functional!08:02
StrykerW43372, try using the time and date settings under system>administration instead of the panel settings08:02
Akshayruan:Are you still looking into my problem.08:02
ruanAkshay: i'll google further08:03
Akshaythanks mate :)08:03
AkshayReally can't live life on 1024x768.08:04
ruanAkshay: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=56511308:04
ruanAkshay: graphics configuration - xorg.conf08:04
ruanAkshay: instead of 1680x1050 check if 1152x864 exists08:05
Akshayhave minimal knowledge abt xorg08:05
katselphrimeWhat packages should i install from ppa to install libreoffice?08:05
crazyzhangI do not know how to set the 3D08:06
crazyzhangWho can tell me how to do it08:06
ruancrazyzhang: set 3d of what?08:07
Akshayruan: seeing this message after 1st command08:07
Akshay(II) intel: Driver for Intel Integrated Graphics Chipsets: i810,08:07
Akshayi810-dc100, i810e, i815, i830M, 845G, 852GM/855GM, 865G, 915G,08:07
ruanAkshay: does it show 1152x864 under Modes?08:07
win189What is a ubuntu sudjested ftp server08:07
crazyzhangthe scream08:08
W43372Stryker: Now the panel is the only thing that's wrong. I can manually adjust that and not mess up anything else, right?08:08
ruanAkshay: 82765G = i810 btw08:08
AkshayHow do I check modes.08:08
ruanAkshay: as it says in the guide - check xorg.conf Screen section08:09
W43372Stryker: WHoah! It just fixed itself. Thanks guy!08:09
W43372Now that I've finally gotten that fixed, anyone have any idea how to make my SD slot work?08:10
ruanim curious.. what filesystem is a SD card and what port does it plug into?08:10
kothaguy_ubuntuhi friends,my internal microphone is not working,unable to record voice in sound recorder,please help me what to do?08:11
W43372kothaguy_ubuntu: have you checked your sound preferences?08:12
kothaguy_ubuntuW43372, :yes,nothing is set to mute,output is coming,but i cant record my voice,unable to use any voip things08:12
W43372kothaguy_ubuntu: sorry, that was my only idea, man. Maybe someone else knows08:13
ruankothaguy_ubuntu: have you tried recording with a different application? eg. audacity08:13
kothaguy_ubunturuan, :i have installed audacity,but dont know how to use it,can tell me how to record sound in it08:14
W43372The SD slot doesn't work on my new netbook; any idea on how to fix it?08:14
eosshello nigg3r and loi08:15
ruankothaguy_ubuntu: check the settings08:15
loiwher am i08:15
loiis any body here08:15
nigg3rubuntu channel08:15
eossyou are in #ubuntu channel08:15
nigg3rloi: no08:15
ruanloi: you're in the ubuntu support channel08:15
W43372kothaguy_ubuntu: launch audacity, and click on the big red button and start making noises with your face.08:15
kothaguy_ubunturuan:i am able to record,i can hear my voice with disturbance08:15
ruanlol ok08:16
rob_pstop that!08:16
rwwnigg3r: change your nick, please.08:16
eosshey nigg3r08:16
loihey hey08:16
nigg3rhow do i change?08:16
nigg3rliek /nick ?08:17
ruan /nick newnick08:17
W43372The SD slot doesn't work on my new netbook; any idea on how to fix it?08:17
loiwhat is it08:17
nigg3rNick newnick is already in use08:17
kothaguy_ubuntuW43372, : i am able to record voice with audacity with distrubance,but y not i am able to record in sound recorder,and i am also unable to record my voice in skpe08:17
=== Guest81674 is now known as DarkDevil
=== nigg3r is now known as newnickk
rajvicheck if it installed or not08:17
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest29576
kothaguy_ubuntuW43372, :My SD card slot also doesnt work,myne is acer aspire 532h netbook,what abt u?08:18
W43372kothaguy_ubuntu: I honestly have no clue, man. You asked how to do audacity, I know audacity. is the mic external?08:18
loianybody how to install CJK?08:18
W43372kothaguy_ubuntu acer aspire d22508:18
dr_Willissome netbooks requier specific kernel  codes at bot time for them to work . even then they may not work totally how you want08:19
CaleWhy does my updater perpetually want to remove the nvidia-current package?08:19
kothaguy_ubuntuW43372, :do u have two slots or only one08:19
CaleShould I let it do that and then reinstall nvidia-current after?08:19
W43372kothaguy_ubuntu: I just have the one on the right side of the computer08:19
dr_Willis!info nvidia-current08:19
ubottunvidia-current (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers): NVIDIA binary Xorg driver, kernel module and VDPAU library. In component restricted, is optional. Version 260.19.06-0ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 25690 kB, installed size 76364 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia)08:19
ruanCale: maybe it's installing a different driver.08:19
loiwhat are you talking about?08:20
CaleI think nvidia-current is holding back a bunch of xserver-xorg-* packages08:20
dr_Willisi was thinking that pointed to a differnet  version depneding on the system.. but ive never had the system want to remove it08:20
arlanderanyone: why do I have clock-app command, when I run lsof, I don't want any open ports, why is clock-app trying to connect to some IP on port 80 ?08:20
kothaguy_ubuntuW43372, :untill the stable release of natty,we cant do anything,sd card reader is going to work in natty,i already filed the bug08:20
W43372the SD slot is the only thing on this new machine that doesn't work OOTB08:20
CaleMaybe I can tell it that I don't want those packages.08:20
ruanarlander: looks like time synchronisation08:20
rajvinvidia collliding with usb slots !!08:20
dr_Willisarlander - the gnome clock has a weather feature.. it connecting to a port is not really a security issue..08:20
ruanor weather.08:21
arlanderruan: Time Synchronization is TURNED OFF, I have set it to MANUAL08:21
W43372so there's nothing I can do to get this card reader working until then?08:21
arlanderdr_Willis: I turned the weather thing off, still its communicating to some port 8008:21
kothaguy_ubuntuguys,any one can help me,i can record my voice with audacity,but not with sound recorder,unable to use skype,unable to record video in cheese booth webcam also,help please08:21
t{^c_^}zsup. I'm a face.08:22
newnickkkothaguy_ubuntu: wait a second :)08:22
ubottuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga08:22
loidoes anybody know linus08:22
loiwhat is his tel number08:22
FloodBot3loi: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:22
rww!ot | loi08:22
ubottuloi: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:22
newnickkkothaguy_ubuntu: go to System Preferences and open Multimedia System Selector08:23
llutz_arlander: use tcpdump/wireshark to find out _what_ the clock really does08:23
newnickkif you have it08:23
CaleOh, one of the packages being kept back is xserver-xorg itself08:23
kothaguy_ubuntunewnickk, : There is no multimedia system selector in my preferences08:24
CaleProbably nvidia-current demands a particular version of xorg...08:24
milamberdoes anyone know how to turn off dh_auto_test in debuilder?08:24
kothaguy_ubuntuthere is pulse audio preferences,sound, in sound pulse audio volume control,gnome alsa miser,alsamixeer gui only08:26
W43372so there's nothing I can do to get this card reader working until then?08:26
kothaguy_ubuntuW43372, :yes,08:26
newnickkkothaguy_ubuntu: right click in menu08:27
newnickkkothaguy_ubuntu: then edit menu go to system preferences and enable the shortcut08:27
=== no is now known as Guest43554
kothaguy_ubuntuNewnickk: yes i got multimedia system selector08:28
newnickkkothaguy_ubuntu: open it08:28
=== lance_ is now known as lance--_--
=== Guest43554 is now known as HeiKnows
newnickkkothaguy_ubuntu: then check default input and try the one ALSA08:28
newnickkand check device too08:28
newnickkplay with those options08:28
* win189 needs to know the command to change the mount point for a drive currently ity a drive is mounted as /media/movies and i would like it mounted /home/fuzy/Videos/32008:29
newnickkwin189: sudo mount /media/movies /home/fuzy/videos/320 ?08:29
usfhello everybody,i wanna install nebeans*.sh,but i don't in which directory i should put it08:29
kothaguy_ubuntunewnickk, :Thank you,i will try them08:30
dr_Williswin189 yo could just make a link to the other location, via ln -s08:30
newnickkhi lompa08:30
dr_Williswin189 no need to remount it.08:30
kothaguy_ubuntunewnickk, :"this file contains no playable streams",this is the message what i am getting when i try to open a recorded sound08:32
llutz_win189: mount --bind  /media/movies /home/fuzy/videos/32008:32
ceohow to make ubuntu like this : http://sourceforge.net/projects/blackbuntu/files/Community%20Edition/Community%20Edition%200.2/08:33
usfi'm looking for something like program files,I'm newbie to linux,please help08:33
ceoam have modification my ubuntu for education08:33
ceoam need make iso like that link,08:33
ceowith all fitur08:33
ceoPLEASE need you help all !!! ASAP.!!!08:33
ceousf what you mean ?08:34
llutz_ceo: stop that stupid asap, adjust your attitude as you were already told yesterday08:34
dr_Willisso  go to the sourceforge page and register.08:34
ceooke please help llutz08:34
arlanderllutz_: It doesn't say much, just source address is the IP, some zylexcom_de .....08:34
usfi wanna install a .sh program but i I don't know in which dir i should put it08:35
arlanderllutz_: and I don't know what to look for in wireshark packets08:35
dr_Willisusf have you even tried to run it yet?  i dopubt if the location matters08:35
ceohow to make ubuntu like this : http://sourceforge.net/projects/blackbuntu/files/Community%20Edition/Community%20Edition%200.2/08:35
llutz_arlander: look at the "data" part of the packets08:35
ohzieceo: what are yo asking08:36
usfi tried to install it but it ask me for the dir08:36
win189thanks LLutz08:36
ohzieusf: what is it08:36
dr_Willisusf it asked WHERE to install to? tell it a location then..08:37
ceoohzie=> am need complite my uubntu to iso, and if some body install it, that have some tool08:37
arlanderllutz_: lemme check, I am waiting for fresh packet08:37
dr_Willissomewhere in your home perhaps.08:37
llutz_usf: create some dir inside your $HOME like and use that08:37
usfis there any directory in which we install all app like program files in win08:37
ceoohzie=> the exple am like to make like this http://sourceforge.net/projects/blackbuntu08:37
ceoohzie=> yes08:38
llutz_!remaster | ceo08:38
ubottuceo: Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !live CD? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility08:38
ceollutz but some applicaton not include on iso08:38
Tw|sTHow do you generate a default xorg.conf file?  is there a command to do so?  Or should I just grab a sample off the web?08:38
ceoam have done used remaster08:38
llutz_ceo: thats why you have to remaster it08:38
ohzieceo: This is probably not the best place to get a lot of help for something like that. I suggest that for advanced things like that, you check out http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/ to learn a lot about linux in general, and then come back and try again.08:38
ceohow about my applicaton08:39
dr_WillisYet another pontless remaster of Uubntu :) - there was some web site (recontrouctor.org ?) that helped you do that. but its not free any more.08:39
ceoare that can include to08:39
ohzieceo: It's important to learn a lot of the meat before you start sucking the bones, as they say?08:39
ceoam need make my ubuntu like this : http://sourceforge.net/projects/blackbuntu08:39
domahi! is it possible to put shortcut of web adress (facebook) on desktop like shortcut of some application? lubuntu 10.10.08:40
dr_Willisceo so take their iso and remaster it how you want.08:40
ohzieceo: the remastering tol that llutz_ pointed out has gret documentation08:40
ohzieceo: Have you looked over it?08:40
dr_Willisdoma tried drag/dropping a menu item from your bookmareks menu inthe browser to the desktop?08:40
dr_Willislaunchers can have url's i recall08:41
domayes, don't work08:41
ohzieceo: If you're doing something as intensive as remastering a livecd, you really need to read the documentation. =( We can point you in the right direction, but we can't do it for you.08:41
=== no_ is now known as heiknows
domafrom chromium, maybe from firefox work?08:41
dr_Willisive got links to web sites on myh dsktop at home i revcall.. wasent to hard to make  them.  You could always make a launcher that runs 'firefox http://facebook.com'08:42
domai'll try that08:42
kothaguy_ubuntuunable to use skype,internal mic is not recording my voice,please any one help,it is important for me,for this reason,i cant change my os08:43
dr_Willischome has the whole web-apps feature.. no need for icons on the desktop. it has its own 'desktop'08:43
ohziellutz_: I don't think he liked my response. ( ,_,)08:44
domadamn, don't know how to make custom launcher. :-(08:44
domaun lubuntu08:44
dr_Willisright click on desktop...08:44
dr_Willisor on a menu item.08:45
ohziedoma: is lubuntu a typo or a flavor I haven't heard of? Not trying to be a dick, I'm legitimately curious because I've seen it like three times now.08:45
ubottulubuntu is a project to create a derivative of Ubuntu using the LXDE desktop environment. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu . /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.08:45
ohzieOh wow how did I miss that08:45
ohziedr_Willis: ty08:46
dr_WillisLubuntu is a work in progress.. iuts basuically Openbox+pcmanfm and a few exta tools08:46
llutz_ohzie: nothing to worry about08:46
ohziedr_Willis: Not on your phone anymore? :)08:46
dr_Willislubuntu works decently well. but compared to gnome  - it is lacking  some features.08:46
newnickkkothaguy_ubuntu: you didnt solve it?08:46
dr_Willison my phone now. :)08:46
ohziedr_Willis: I remember when XFCE was very lightweight but with about the functionality of gnome.08:46
ohzieThen they started bloating it.08:46
ohzieNow it's amazing08:46
ohziebut not exactly lightweight08:46
NrikPlease, help: can`t start gdm after reboot08:46
dr_WillisNick completion is not working right. the tab key dont do it.. i hav to hits the phones search button...08:46
kothaguy_ubuntunewnickk, :No yar,skype is unable to record my voice,but i can hear the skype test call voice, :-(08:46
newnickkkothaguy_ubuntu: if the mic works in audacity it works in all other programs too08:47
newnickkkothaguy_ubuntu: if just a configuration that is not right08:47
dr_WillisRoll your own desktio. :) pick a wm.  pick a fm... there ya go.08:47
newnickk*it is*08:47
kothaguy_ubuntuIn audacity,it is able to record voice,with disturbance,but in skye,unable to do that08:47
ohziedr_Willis: I used to use gnome+xfwm4+konqueror for evrything.08:47
ohziethat was me until 9.0408:48
dr_WillisIve been exploring JoliOS this week. :)  shame on me.  Waiting to get the guts to try 11.04 soon08:48
kothaguy_ubuntuEven in cheese booth webcam,i cant record videos,What the hell happening to my netbook,08:48
CaleI remember there was a nice one-line command that one could run to tag the version of a package that one was recompiling from source so that apt wouldn't try to reinstall the distribution's version over and over. What was that?08:49
newnickkkothaguy_ubuntu: check skype preferences! you are doing it wrong08:49
ubottupinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto08:49
CaleI mean, when building the package in the first place08:49
CaleI don't want my package's version number to be the same as the one in the repository08:49
kothaguy_ubuntunewnickk, in skype,i checked the sound option,there also it is not able to record voice,but video is there08:50
Cale(I want to add a tag to the end of it)08:50
dr_Willisbbl.. break time08:50
bullgardIn Ubuntu versions < 10.04 there was an entry  System > Administration > Services > (Services Settings) > Database server > 'mysql'. Where has it gone in Lucid and Maverick?08:51
NrikPlease, help: can`t start gdm after reboot08:53
KimKIs it possible to send an update request to the Canonical maintainer for libncurses5 and related? I'm trying to install BRL-CAD from their .deb into 10.04, but gDebi wants libncurses5 of at least 2010xxxx, and 10.04 only has 2009xxxx. Can libncurses5 be updated in the repos?08:53
bullgardNrik: What do you abtain after 'sudo service gdm restart'?08:53
bullgardKimK: You can do it via Launchpad.08:54
KimKbullgard: I've never done that, is there a FAQ?08:55
bullgardKimK: What do you mean by "there"?08:55
KimKbullgard: Oh, you mean send the request?08:55
bullgardKimK: Yes.08:55
KimKOK, I'll take a look. Thanks.08:56
jiltdilhow to stop sshd via termainl?08:57
bullgardjiltdil: Did you try to kill the associated process?08:58
artursPlease, help: can`t start gdm after reboot08:58
jiltdilbulguard: yes08:58
hickophi, how can i speed mousewheel actions in browser chromium plz ? (i have logitech cordless)08:58
bullgardjiltdil: And what was the result?08:59
jiltdili use this sudo /etc/init.d/ssh stop to stop its writting stopping but when i checks sudo /etc/init.d/ssh status it shows it still running08:59
alin`buna dimineata09:00
Piggiedid ubuntu drop Gnome yet09:00
bazhangPiggie, no09:00
bullgardPiggie: No.09:00
newnickkthey wont09:00
Piggiewhy not?09:00
newnickkbecause gnome is for noobs09:00
bazhangPiggie, try #ubuntu-offtopic09:00
jiltdilbullgard:i use this sudo /etc/init.d/ssh stop to stop its writting stopping but when i checks sudo /etc/init.d/ssh status it shows it still running09:00
bullgard!ro | alin`09:00
ubottualin`: Daca doriti ajutor sau doriti sa discutati despre Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu, intrati pe #ubuntu-ro09:00
arturshow to reconfigure kernel modules?09:00
Piggieisnt Gnome obsolete now and getting replaced by Unity09:01
W43372Anybody still here from when I was on earlier talking about my problem with the card reader?09:01
Piggiein Ubuntu09:01
bazhangPiggie, lets take chit chat to #ubuntu-offtopic please09:01
PiggieI’m on topic09:01
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bullgardPiggie: <bazhang> advised you to discuss that in #ubuntu-offtopic.09:02
PiggieI’m asking if unity is replacing Gnome so that gnome can be dropped completely09:02
newnickkPiggie: stop being a big09:02
bazhangPiggie, no09:02
jiltdili use this sudo /etc/init.d/ssh stop to stop its writting stopping but when i checks sudo /etc/init.d/ssh status it shows it still running  any idea?09:03
PiggieOK, but Gnome wont ship by default, right?>09:03
Piggiejust an optional thing...09:03
W43372Ok, anyway; since I logged off I found this thread about the card reader problem in ubuntu: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=150692509:03
arlanderllutz_: Its trying to connect to NOAA Weather Website09:03
bullgard!details | arturs09:03
ubottuarturs: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."09:03
W43372I haven't tried the solution yet because I'm about to go to bed, but I hope it helps09:03
Tm_TPiggie: GNOME will be the default, Unity is just a layer on top of it09:03
arlanderllutz_: but it's weird because I have stopped the weather update option09:04
W43372Thanks for all the help today guys. I'm off to bed.09:04
Piggie“During the keynote, Shuttleworth emphasized that Ubuntu is still committed to GNOME despite the fact that it will ship with Unity instead of GNOME Shell.”09:04
zebulonhi! I have a pb with my new fresh 10.10: there is no more opt.h in the lbavutil-dev package !? I can't compile a friend's prg without it (he run debian 6)09:04
Tm_TPiggie: let's continue this in #ubuntu-offtopic, shall we?09:05
artursxUbuntu 10.10: after rebooting, X11 cannot open DISPLAY. Just showing black screen (Alt+F1-6 do not work, untill I restart and pressing F2 while booting)09:06
llutz_arlander: check settings twice. if its really deactivated, file a bug report09:06
PiggieI’m a bit confused. You want me to discuss ubuntu on #ubuntu-offtopic?09:06
Tm_TPiggie: yes, this discussion is not related to ubuntu support in released versions09:06
bullgardarturs: What does /var/log/Xorg.0.log say?09:07
arlanderllutz_: thanks, at least wireshark helped me understand whts happening, might restart pc and check if communication still exists, might submit as bug when I am sure everythings good wrt disabling services09:09
arlanderllutz_: na no bug, I strted the service and shut again, now its gone, seems like it takes some time, thanks a ton for helping out09:10
artursbullgard: ...log | grep '(EE)': Failed to submit batch buffer, expect rendering corruption or even frozen display..09:10
domaI think i'll give up. There is no way to put shortcut to facebook on desktop in Lubuntu.09:11
artursbullgard: ...bad file descriptor09:11
artursbullgard:  What is that mean?09:11
CaleAh, I found the tool I was looking for before, it's  dch -v <version>09:11
ruanis it possible to install ubuntu on a smartphone?09:11
bullgardarturs: So you will probably find more fundamental error messages in /var/log/dmesg.0. Analyze them first.09:12
CaleI can never remember that one when I need it :P09:12
Caleruan: I would be very surprised if it is. Ubuntu is geared quite heavily to desktop environments. It's possible to run Linux on some smartphones...09:13
bullgardruan: It is possible to install it on some advanced Nokia smart phones.09:13
jiltdilhow to stop sshd?09:15
llutz_jiltdil: sudo service ssh stop09:15
icerootruan: normally you dont want ubuntu or other distris on a smartphone, its not made for them (controls, resolution and so on) you want android on a smartphone09:15
CaleI would think it would need to be a pretty heavily modified Ubuntu set-up. The default configuration would be pretty inappropriate I'd think.09:16
icerootjiltdil: sudo /etc/init.d/ssh stop09:16
jiltdiliceroot:that not works09:16
icerootjiltdil: then maybe sshd09:16
jiltdiliceroot: no there is no sshd command in that09:16
jiltdiliceroot: service ssh stop works09:17
CaleDid llutz's command work?09:17
icerootjiltdil: sudo /etc/init.d/ssh stop is working fine here (ubuntu 10.10)09:17
CaleSince I thought the service command was just a shortcut to running the things in /etc/init.d09:17
Calemaybe it isn't09:17
Caleyeah, it works for me too09:17
icerootCale: no, service is for upstart init.d is for the old init-script-method09:18
silv3r_m00nhi there , I am on ubuntu 9.10 , is it possible to replace firefox 3.6 with firefox 4  ?09:18
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bullgardIn Ubuntu versions < 10.04 there was an entry  System > Administration > Services > (Services Settings) > Database server > 'mysql'. Where has it gone in Lucid and Maverick?09:18
jiltdiliceroot: but i tried it already it says that it is stopping but when again     i go to check status it says sudo /etc/init.d/ssh status it shows it is active09:18
Caleiceroot: Then the manpage for it should be updated, since it says "run a System V init script"09:18
artursbullgard: I can`t find anything09:18
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest76660
icerootjiltdil: hm, you are right09:19
jiltdiliceroot: :)09:19
llutz_crappy mix of upstart/sysv-init09:19
icerootjiltdil: maybe its time for me to change to this new service-thing09:19
BezNalogovI am having a problem with my ubuntu 10.10 machine. Yesterday I updated it, but it seems that something went wrong (allthough I didn't get any errors). The problem is that after the update the network card isn't working anymore. When I do a dmesg | grep eth I don't see anything appear, so it seems the card is unused. What can I do?09:20
bullgardarturs: So I think that your X server is not properly configured. But I do not know how to best correct that.09:20
icerootBezNalogov: what have you update? from 10.04 - 10.10 or only security fixes?09:20
artursbullgard: log/Xorg also say, that dir /share/fonts/X11/cyrillic does not exists09:21
icerootBezNalogov: a kernel-update?09:21
icerootBezNalogov: is "sudo ifconfig -a" showing eth0?09:21
bullgardarturs: This may be another error. You probably can fix that by installing a cyrillic font. (But I think that this is secondary in importance to the first rported error message.)09:22
BezNalogovI did the normal security updates, the kernel was upgraded to 2.6.35-27-generic, but also with the old kernel the network card doesn't work09:22
BezNalogovwith sudo ifconfig -a the card doesn't show up either09:23
icerootBezNalogov: so the card never worked with 10.10?09:24
artursbullgard: by the way, how can I install cyrillic fonts?09:24
BezNalogovYes it did09:24
BezNalogovI use 10.10 for a while already09:24
BezNalogovJust after running the update-manager yesterday it stopped working09:24
jiltdilllutz_:  redhat uses   service sshd stop  and ubuntu  service ssh stop quite same :) thanx09:24
llutz_jiltdil: debian too09:24
=== mike is now known as Guest15950
icerootllutz_: debian is on upstart? (squeeze)09:25
llutz_iceroot: naaaa never  (hopefully)09:25
icerootllutz_: good. strange new things...09:25
llutz_iceroot: but "service command works fine with squeeze09:25
bullgardarturs: '~$ sudo apt-get install xfonts-cyrillic'. Or use Synaptic.09:25
icerootllutz_: but its calling the old init-scripts09:25
jiltdilllutz_:yes but backtrack like debian os provides it automatically in option  :)09:26
BezNalogovshould I normally see a network card with lspci?09:26
llutz_iceroot: true, but make switching between systems easier09:26
icerootllutz_: never touch a running system09:26
llutz_lets wait for systemd09:26
icerootllutz_: pulseaudio, upstart, wayland....09:26
artursbullgard: I can show You log files on web http://winlinmac.ath.cx/~arturs/errors/09:26
llutz_iceroot: upstart is crap, shouldn't be used in the wild (imho)09:27
jauHello ubuntu friends. I have 3 virtual server. I'm located in Finland, i think the servers are located in Germany. recommendations to timezone settings? UTC, Europe/Berlin? what? now one has UTC, two others Europe/Berlin, and i'm confused ;)09:27
bullgardarturs: http://winlinmac.ath.cx/~arturs/errors/ gets me: "Not found".09:27
icerootjau: what about using YOUR timezone09:28
Tm_Tjau: whatever suits you best09:28
CaleThe manpage for 'service' says that it runs sysv init scripts, but taking a look at the source for it in Ubuntu 10.10 reveals that before it does that, it also checks for upstart configurations.09:28
silv3r_m00nis there any docking application for ubuntu 9.10 , that can be installed from synaptic ?09:28
Cale(and uses those if available)09:28
inad922Is there anyone here who runs boxee on ubuntu and managed to make it work flawlessly?09:28
icerootCale: but the init-scripts dont check if upstart is used09:28
DiverdudeI hve asked this question several times and nobody answers. It is very frustrating. suddenty my packet manager does not work any longer, it sends me this error message: An unresolvable problem occurred while initializing the package information.Please report this bug against the 'update-manager' package and include the following error message:'E:Dynamic MMap ran out of room. Please increase the size of APT::Cache-Limit. Current value: 251609:29
Diverdude5824. (man 5 apt.conf), E:Error occurred while processing less (NewFileVer1), E:Problem with MergeList /var/lib/dpkg/status, E:The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.'  How do i solve this?09:29
icerootCale: seen on sudo /etc/init.d/ssh stop09:29
CaleIt looks in /etc/init/${SERVICE}.conf and if that exists it won't run the init script09:29
artursbullgard: now its ready :)09:29
icerootllutz_: luckily it takes years until debian is using new technologies :)09:29
jauiceroot: thinking of setting the /etc/timezone to something usable to me... the geolocation of the server confuses me, all servers have ntpdate in use, but i'm thinking of multiuser scenario, so any user could set their own09:29
CaleOr at least, it won't run it directly.09:29
llutz_iceroot: let's hope that toy story has enough characters left...09:30
kuribasBash completion just stopped working after I installed some packages.09:30
icerootllutz_: :)09:30
CaleIt executes a command whose name is the same as the action (except in the case of force-reload, apparently), with the service's name and options passed as args.09:30
jauiceroot: so setting the server to UTC, and in my profile my own possible?09:30
ruanDiverdude: increase apt cache-limit? i dunno how though09:30
CaleSo if you know that it's an upstart task apparently you could just use start ssh / stop ssh09:30
ubottuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Adept (KDE) or !KPackageKit (KDE)09:31
icerootjau: if i am correct you can have user-specific timezones09:31
kuribasI hate when things that always worked suddenly break because of a change in the system.09:31
CaleBut using the service command is more backwards compatible :)09:31
bullgardarturs: I fid the same error message "[   939.401] (EE) intel(0): Failed to submit batch buffer, expect rendering corruption or even a frozen display: Bad file descriptor.". You need to confgure your Intel graphics card properly.09:31
Diverduderuan, yeah well i kinda figured that also09:31
Diverduderuan, but i have no idea how09:31
icerootCale: depending what you are running09:31
icerootCale: normally i am on lenny, there i would use init.d  if i write tutorials or scripts i use init.d. bad if other distris are using service09:32
Diverduderuan, its really quite bad disappointing that ubuntu has this kind of stupid issues09:32
artursbullgard: I tried, but fail09:32
bullgardarturs: What did you try specifia09:33
bullgardarturs: What did you try specifically?09:33
killadaninjadoes anyone know where "run commands" cache is stored09:33
artursbullgard: dpkg-reconfigure -a09:33
killadaninjanot shell09:33
ruanDiverdude: maybe theres a config for apt somewhere09:33
Diverduderuan, where?09:34
artursbullgard: but did not change aything.. it just stops working09:34
bullgardarturs: This is not enough. You will need to reconfigure your graphics system. Google for the precise error message and your computer type. I am sure other had the same problem before and a solution.09:34
milamberDiverdude: did you try sudo apt-get clean?09:35
Diverduderuan, have /etc/apt/apt.conf.d but have many files there09:35
BezNalogoviceroot, any suggestions what I can do for the network card problem?09:35
Diverdudemilamber, yeah i tried that....it did not do any difference09:35
bullgardarturs: You can add as a catchword your current Ubuntu distribution.09:35
icerootBezNalogov: maybe have a look at dmesg09:36
ruanneed to scout config for the line APT ::Cache-Limit09:36
icerootBezNalogov: lspci is not showing the card?09:36
BezNalogovno lspci isn't showing it, dmesg doesn't show anything either09:37
milamberDiverdude: what version of ubuntu09:38
pika_hello , somebody know the issue with the slow transfert with the USB ?09:38
SoftarPaulHello! I've got problems with a command09:38
artursbullgard: Thanks.. I`ll try to do something. Thanks God, I have enother computer.09:38
SoftarPaul"sudo fastboot-linux recovery recovery-clockwork-blade-"09:38
SoftarPaulCommand not found09:38
=== enthus is now known as h
george_SoftarPaul: Where are you running it from?09:39
tohuwSo here's an odd problem: I'm trying to ssh into my local DNS server. If I ping it by FQDN (e.g. myserver.site), I get the correct IP address, and the ping times are fine, but there's a very long gap between pings. If I ssh to the FQDN, I get ssh'd into the localhost of whatever machine I'm on! nslookup of the FQDN seems fine... ideas?09:39
crlcan81I'm running Ubuntu 10.10 64bit and whenever I have one tab/window open with flash active and open another flash activity in firefox the first goes gray like when plugins are first loading.09:39
=== h is now known as Guest71061
crlcan81I'm using Adobe's flash plugin.09:39
SoftarPaulgeorge_:from the dir where fastboot-linux and the recovery-file is located09:39
bullgardarturs: Good luck.09:40
george_SoftarPaul: Try running: sudo fastboot-linux recovery  recovery-clockwork-blade-
george_SoftarPaul: Try running: sudo ./fastboot-linux recovery recovery-clockwork-blade-
BezNalogoviceroot: no lspci isn't showing it, dmesg doesn't show anything either09:40
bullgardIn Ubuntu versions < 10.04 there was an entry  System > Administration > Services > (Services Settings) > Database server > 'mysql'. Where has it gone in Lucid and Maverick?09:40
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_sara_1注意  発電所の巨大な核爆発  後の地震09:41
SoftarPaulgeorge_: Now I can see a list...09:41
bullgard!jp | _sara_109:41
ubottu_sara_1: 日本語の場合は #ubuntu-jp または #kubuntu-jp を参照して下さい09:41
_sara_1bullgard: tack, jag är engleska09:42
george_SoftarPaul: By the wa Chris's guide to debranding ZTE Blade doesn't work for new phones ^^09:42
artursbullgard: Listen, should I install xserver-xorg ?09:43
Diverdudemilamber, its 10.0409:43
bullgardarturs: Yes.09:44
dagon666do you guys know any console html2pdf tool available in the repositories ?09:44
artursbullgard: but, while installing this package, I miss cyrillic caracters in console09:45
mrcreativitymy touchpad stopped working...can anyone help me please?09:45
mrcreativityi installed the network indicator applet and now my mousepad isnt working09:45
SoftarPaulgeorge_: I changed the command and now I get "<waiting for device>"09:45
artursbullgard: as example,last log message from "ubottu _sara_: [][][].." - in squires09:46
bullgardarturs: Install the DEB program package »console-cyrillic«.09:46
crlcan81Does anyone have experience with 10.10 64 and flash?09:47
artursbullgard: already installed, maybe after configuration or reboot - its corrects09:47
bullgardarturs: I do not understand your message "as example,last log message from "ubottu _sara_: [][][].." - in squires". Please say it in other words.09:47
milamberDiverdude: http://www.ithowto.ro/2008/10/howto-increase-apt-gets-cache-limit/09:47
tohuw!anyone | crlcan8109:47
ubottucrlcan81: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.09:47
TewoHello, is it possible to setup Ubuntu on a flash drive (or install lm_sensors or something like that) to monitor temps of a machine just after install ?09:47
crlcan81I've already asked the question, and not gotten an answer.09:47
TewoAs in , install of the machines parts09:47
crlcan81why I asked the experience question.09:48
milamberDiverdude: and then sudo apt-get update09:48
crlcan81I'm running Ubuntu 10.10 64bit and whenever I have one tab/window open with flash active and open another flash activity in firefox the first goes gray like when plugins are first loading. Using Adobe's flash plugin.09:48
bullgardTewo: What are "temps"?09:48
etfbAbout the fglrx video driver (ATI/AMD proprietary) -- is the one in the Maverick repositories really the latest one?  Can I find a more recent one if I compile the source from somewhere?  One that can handle Flash without dying would be nice...09:48
artursbullgard: Ok, all good now09:48
Tewobullgard: "Temps of the machine"09:48
Tewobullgard: "CPU temp, hard drive, etc"09:49
bullgardTewo: Do you speak about "temperature"?09:49
Tewobullgard: Yes I speak of "temperature" White man.. how how09:49
* Tewo burps09:49
artursbullgard: Thanks again.09:50
crlcan81I'm honestly already paranoid enough about this thing with the fans without knowing my exact cpu/hard drive/gpu temp09:50
bullgardarturs: You are welcome.09:50
crlcan81need to upgrade the case to one that supports anything larger then 80mm fans.09:51
crlcan81Not quite silent enough though she's pretty quiet already.09:51
tohuwSo here's an odd problem: I'm trying to ssh into my local DNS server. If I ping it by FQDN (e.g. myserver.site), I get the correct IP address, and the ping times are fine, but there's a very long gap between pings. If I ssh to the FQDN, I get ssh'd into the localhost of whatever machine I'm on! nslookup of the FQDN seems fine... ideas?09:51
Sanubuntu sucks!09:51
Sani like backtrack09:51
bullgardTewo: "is it possible to setup Ubuntu on a flash drive (or install lm_sensors or something like that) to monitor temps of a machine just after install ?" <-- Yes09:51
Tewoanyway yes.  "temperature" .  As in to figure out if the machien is running hot.09:52
Tewobullgard: Just use the live CD and/or flash drive ?09:52
milamberTewo: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=10263609:52
Tewomilamber: Does Ubuntu have something like Prime95 to stress the CPU ?09:52
bullgardTewo: Either one is all right.09:53
milamber!info stress | Tewo09:53
ubottuTewo: stress (source: stress): A tool to impose load on and stress test a computer system. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.1-1 (maverick), package size 20 kB, installed size 96 kB09:53
Tewobullgard: it seems after you install lm-senors it requires a reboot.  I guess that wouldn't be an option09:53
ruanyou could also write a bash script to stress the CPU, infinite loop echo09:54
Teworuan: I assume I could check it in BIOS to begin with first off anyway?09:55
ruanTewo: yes you can check temperature of cpu in bios09:55
bullgardTewo: If rebboting is not option for you you better have qualified that before.09:55
bullgards/not/not an/09:56
Tewobullgard: A live flash drive doesn't allow changes to the OS?09:56
Tewobullgard: I guess?09:56
Tewobullgard: such as installing and keeping a new package?09:57
bullgardTewo: A live flash drive does allow to make changes in the OS.09:57
Tewobullgard: where as the CD wouldn't?09:57
bullgardTewo: I do not understand your question: "where as the CD wouldn't?"09:58
Tewobullgard: So in general I could run Ubuntu , and keep it updated , off of a flash drive?09:58
Tewobullgard: Doesn't allow changes such as updates, new packages, etc ?09:58
bullgardTewo: Yes.09:58
Tewobullgard: Yes to keeping it updated and running off of flash drive?09:59
linux_whois todd_09:59
bullgardTewo: No.09:59
Tewobullgard: So I can only make the ISO in to a setup on the flash drive?10:00
icerootTewo: you can have a normal ubuntu-installation on a flashdrive like on a normal harddisk10:01
bullgardTewo: Im you have a normal Ubuntu computer you can produce a modified flash drive which includes the additional packages which you want.10:01
iceroot!usb | Tewo10:01
ubottuTewo: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent10:01
hayzhow much storage does ubuntu 10.10 OS takes?10:03
Diverdudemilamber, do i need to restart before it works?10:03
Tewoiceroot: I'm assuming it would over right the boot data on the main hard drive unlike the flash setup installer ?10:03
bullgardhayz: This depends yon your setup.10:03
milamberDiverdude: should just have to do sudo apt-get update10:03
Tewoiceroot: or would it install Grub2 over windows' ?10:04
Diverdudemilamber, brb10:04
GOMIam curious about one thing , my ubuntu crashed twice on both times i had a video player on pauze while i was doing something else10:08
GOMIis that a known problem ?10:08
red2kicGOMI: Check htop -- Look for something that cause high spikes in CPU or MEM.10:08
Diverdudemilamber, its stilol not working :(10:09
arandhayz: 5GB absolute minimum, 10GB if you plan on getting a fair amount of applications, 20GB if you want to be sure 20GB+ If you intend to store data (music, video, isos, virtual machines) on the partition as well.10:09
Diverdudemilamber, i set it to 10MB, did update and restarted10:09
bullgardGOMI: This sometimes happens if you are using a proprietary flash driver.10:09
Diverdudebut still gives the same error10:09
GOMIaha ok10:10
milamberDiverdude: did you do apt-cache clean?10:11
hayzarand: ok im having a 10GB for my OS as "/" mount point and the rest 30GB for my "/home" as my Datadisk for my 40GB Hard Disk...10:11
Diverdudemilamber, ahh now i tried setting it to 50Mb and it seems to work better10:11
red2kichayz: If you only have 40GB HDD. It might be easier to get another HDD solely for your $HOME.10:12
bullgardIn Ubuntu versions < 10.04 there was an entry  System > Administration > Services > (Services Settings) > Database server > 'mysql'. Where has it gone in Lucid and Maverick?10:13
arandhayz: Unless you really need a separate home partition, it could be useful to allocate it all to / unless you know specifically how much will be where in the end.10:13
Diverdudemilamber, is it possible somehow to see how much cache size is actually needed ? Instead of just guessing10:14
hayzred2kic: i think that would be fine...coz most of the things we're doing where office like encoding reports and printing no games and other extra installation...10:15
arandhayz: Although I guess that you may be able to do resizing at a later time provided the /home and / partions are adjacent. ...or you could use lvm...10:15
red2kichayz: Ah. Gotcha. That probably will be fine.10:16
milamberDiverdude: i think it depends on how much you are doing.10:16
Diverdudemilamber, you mean how many packages are installed?10:17
hayzis there a way for to format another partition as FAT32 so that if reverting back to something like winxp OS that partition still be accessible and vice versa?...i'd remember last i cant do this...all i did was all were in ext410:17
red2kichayz: Windows Disc OS would install fat32/ntfs.10:18
milamberDiverdude: apt cache is similar to get, but a separate command: http://www.ccl.net/cca/software/UNIX/updating-redhat/apt-howto/how-to-use-apt-cache.html10:18
red2kichayz: gparted can format fat3210:18
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=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest96903
arandhayz: I would use ntfs unless it's on a usb stick.10:20
Diverdudemilamber, apt-cache stats shows me: Total space accounted for: 17.4M10:20
Diverdudemilamber, probably thats it10:20
milamberDiverdude: probably. that's why 50 was enough10:20
hayzarand: ubuntu can create partition NTFS?10:20
arandhayz: Installing ubuntu on ntfs might not be a very good idea though.10:21
Odaymthere are tools for that10:21
Odaymbut ubuntu on NTFS is NO10:21
specieswould that even work?10:21
hayzthats what im thinking10:21
speciesNTFS does support arbitrary properties on its nodes, so for example it can be used for unix type file permissions10:21
GOMIi dont think you get that option during install ?10:22
Nevyn1Süpecies, asking a group of certified nerds if it will work is a challenge.10:22
icerootspecies: there is imo only a FUSE ntfs-driver, to its not working10:22
hayzis ext4 partition accessible or readble in windows XP OS?10:22
iceroothayz: not by default but with ext4 drivers, yes10:22
Odaymbut i think that NTFS is instructed to use page file instead of our swap partition10:22
laryyAnyone can help me on how to install my USB Huawei Broadband Internet on ubuntu 10.04 TLS10:22
laryyAnyone can help me on how to install my USB Huawei Broadband Internet on ubuntu 10.04 TLS10:23
=== xiong is now known as NAMEHERE
laryyAnyone can help me on how to install my USB Huawei Broadband Internet on ubuntu 10.04 TLS10:23
FloodBot2laryy: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:23
=== NAMEHERE is now known as xiong
Nevyn1Hey, I just wanted to help laryy10:23
crazyzhanghow to find the progress which I have  set  in10:24
sillyman50is there a way to get the older version of gdm on ubuntu 10 1010:25
Diverdudemilamber, exactly10:25
Diverdudemilamber, thx a lot10:25
milamberDiverdude: no problem :)  once you get your system configured the way you need it, gnu/linux really is rock solid. come back with any more issues10:26
sillyman50is there a way to get the older version of gdm on ubuntu 10 1010:26
Diverdudemilamber, yeah...its just that there a lot of things to configure10:27
=== ubuntu_ is now known as kubz_
kubz_I'm impressed about new ubuntu :)10:27
red2kicsillyman50: Why?10:27
Diverdudekubz_, 10.10?10:27
kubz_Diverdude, yep10:27
kubz_last ubuntu which I used was 8.1010:27
kubz_10.10 is awesome :p10:28
kubz_brb, reboot10:28
Diverdudekubz_, i see...whyis 1010 better10:28
sillyman50Because I want the themes10:28
cosmois the winehq channel the one I need for getting help on getting steam games working in ubuntu?10:28
ubottuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help10:29
SharkBoy96___I have no network icon I'm runing 10.04 LTS10:29
dr_Willistry runnin nm-applet SharkBoy96___10:30
red2kicsillyman50: You wanted to downgrade something just for themes and lols? Whilst I'nt not against customizations, but consider if it is worth your time (30+m~) for gdm theme that you only see for five seconds mininum.10:30
dr_Willisyou can instagll the older GDM. but i dont thin its worht the effort just for themes10:31
dr_Willisthere are a few features in the old gdm that some people may need. but Not many10:32
SnowmanX11Can somebody point me to a good guide, how to resize root partition? (I guess that LiveCD and Grub2 update is needed, isn't it?)10:33
dr_Willislive cd with gparted. and a lot of patience. :)10:33
dr_Willismake  backups first also.10:33
SnowmanX11dr_Willis: OK, but how?10:34
dr_Willisit may be easier to just move some system dirs to a new filesystem  to reoorgeniaz  the space10:34
dr_Willisboot gparted cd. use it to resize.. reboot.. hope it works.10:34
SnowmanX11and the grub?10:34
dr_Willisif needed - fix it. via live cd.10:34
SnowmanX11size will change, which may confuse the grub setup10:34
ubottugrub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.10:34
AcePreshawdr_Willis: I can't see the icon it's runing I can see it10:35
dr_Willisit Might confuse it.. if the uuids change.10:35
dr_Willis!resetpanel | AcePreshaw10:35
ubottuAcePreshaw: To reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »10:35
juggernautsIs there any way in which i can know which kernel functions are called whenever i type a command in terminal??10:35
SnowmanX11One more question. How can I grab the complete video DVD (cartoon for the kids) by compression to fit 4,5GB disc?10:36
SnowmanX11Like in DVD SHrink in MS10:37
cosmoI'm still pissed that when I was installing ubuntu it asked if I wanted to install it along side another operating system so I said yes and it proceeded to erase my win7 install10:37
john123i'm trying to disable some daemons (smbd, cupsd....). i have tried bum and sysv-rc-conf. the only service that disabled was bluetooth. what should i do?10:38
dr_WillisOr you messed up cosmo.. but in any case.. ine should always have backups.10:38
dr_WillisIve had windowsw destroy Linux mch much much more then the reverse has ever happened.10:38
natokajohn123: man update-rc.d10:39
arandcosmo: This should be reported as a bug, so the win7 partition is gone and the current ubuntu partition covers the whole disk?10:39
dr_WillisUbuntu dosent really use sysv system any more john123  those tools may not work10:39
ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/10:39
cosmoarand yep10:39
juggernautsIs there any way in which i can know which kernel functions are called whenever i type a command in terminal??10:39
natokajohn123: or man invode-rc.d if you want to disable deamons temporarily10:39
john123ok thank you so much10:40
_cronus_SnowmanX11, you could use dvdshrink under wine, dvd95 or k9copy... among other tools10:40
dr_Willisjohn123 that info is not totally correct either.. usew the 'service' command as needed10:40
dr_WillisI use k9copy to backup  video dvds :)10:40
cosmoit's a kick in the pants to try going completly over to linux the only bad part is I dont have the preferences now for most of my stuff, thank god I put most of my games and media on another hard drive10:41
arandcosmo: If so report a bug on launchpad, against ubiquity (initially) and insclude the logs which should be present in /var/log/installer/ and/or /var/log/ubiquity10:41
juggernautsIs there any way in which i can know which kernel functions are called whenever i type a command in terminal???10:41
ubottuFor help debugging your program, please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProcedures10:42
dr_WillisI imagine anything calls 1000's of kernel functions...10:42
kubzawesome :310:42
juggernautsthanks...i hope link helps...10:42
john123ok, i knew these tools, but i'd like an easier tool for my younger brother, so the command line is the only way for now, right?10:44
dr_Willisgiven how vague what you are asking is... :) i would be suprised..  heh.. debuging can get. complex.10:44
dr_Willisjohn123 what are yo trying to do exactly?10:45
john123just disable startup services10:45
dr_Williswhat service?10:46
dr_Willissome are as simimple as editing /etc/init/whateer.conf to be whatever.DONTRUN10:46
john123smbd, cupsd10:46
dr_Willislook in /etc/init/10:46
dr_Willisi think both are ran from there. but may not be using those exacxt names10:47
RepninaHi everyone10:47
_cronus_john123, check update-rc.d also10:47
RepninaI have a problem with ubuntu, can i get here support?10:48
_cronus_john123, *check out10:48
kubzRepnina: seems so :p10:48
dr_Willisthe  rc.d stuff is for the older sysv system. thats slowly getting phased out.10:48
dr_Willismost of the rc.d scripts are in fact upstart scripts these days10:48
roger_Hey guys, does anyone know why a flash drive would unmount itself?10:49
dr_Willisread/write erors.. flakey usb port.. currupted filesystem10:49
RepninaI have intel wifi invilink 5150 and ubuntu 10.10 netbook edition on acer aspire one. And i can't make wifi work (10:49
dr_Willisroger_ check dmesg output when it happens10:49
rick__how can I find out whether I'm running 32 or 64 bit version of ubuntu?10:50
roger_dr_Willis: Both my usb ports do this. Ok, let me check that output10:50
dr_Willissounds like possible bad usb disk, or filesystem10:50
linux_userHi, Sorry if my question was being asked before,.. I've installed linux on my usb,. and I managed to make about 3GB storage for saving my files.. now I've downloaded a driver installer.. and every time I'm trying to install it it says "the free space is 0"10:50
dr_Willisand how big is the usb disk?10:51
dr_Willis3gb isa not a lot of space...10:51
Diverdudewhat is sslug?10:51
roger_dr_Willis: It's happening on my usb stick as well. I believe it's the filesystem. it's 16gb10:51
roger_on my *new usb stick10:51
dr_Willisfsck the fileysstem, or reformat it. perhaps.10:51
linux_userand I have about 3.5GB free10:52
hayzwindows virus will not work on linux?10:52
SnowmanX11hayz: Are you serious?10:52
red2kic!virus | hayz10:52
ubottuhayz: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus10:52
Repninastill waiting for the answer )10:53
RepninaHow to make work Intel 5150 on Ubuntu 10.10???10:53
SnowmanX11hayz: shortly: no way10:53
hayzsounds good!10:53
vietred@rick__: try uname -m10:53
linux_userany idea..?10:53
Diverdudewhat is sslug?10:54
rick__How do I install a 64bit version of Wine? I have an old .wine dir I can't access otherwise10:54
linux_usersslug ?10:55
menai have a problem with shutdown10:55
vietred@rick: why don't you use google first?10:56
roger_If you guys have a minute to take a look, here's the output of dmesg for my usb stick unmount problem10:56
menai can't specific my error exactly10:56
=== airtonix is now known as airtonix_v2
SnowmanX11mena: what is the problem with shutdown?10:56
dr_Willisive never noivued any wine stuff being 32 or 64bit dependant.10:56
SnowmanX11shymptom or something tangible10:57
menamy problem is when i shutdown ubuntu .....it hanging10:57
SnowmanX11for how long?10:57
SnowmanX11or never stops?10:57
=== airtonix_v2 is now known as airtonix
SnowmanX11mena: look for sys logs10:58
roger_mena: I had the same problem, but the new updates fixed it. Have you updated lately?10:58
SnowmanX11there you may find the reason10:58
hayzmy USB got infected by windows virus being inserted on other windows machine and started creating exe files with a folder icon...I could not delete them on windows machine...it always keep coming back...what I did is..run to Ubuntu OS machine and started deleting those I suspected exe files...thinking that It wont infect my Ubuntu OS machine...11:00
linux_userhayz, there is no way possible11:02
dr_Willishayz it shouldent11:02
dr_Willisi would suggest just reformating the usb.11:02
dr_Willisand use some live antivirus cd on the windows box.11:02
hayzyeah before reformatting I should back up first my files...11:03
hayzthat should be done on Ubuntu11:03
linux_userdoes anyone know how can I install a file from the source on an usb-os11:03
linux_userbecause its keep saying the the free space is zero11:04
linux_userwhile it is not11:04
roger_hayz, if you're worried about a virus(which i doubt you have), you could always install and run clamtk. it's anti-virus for linux11:04
dr_WillisYou can install a Live-cd typs setup to ausb flash drive. or ou can do a normal full install.11:04
dr_Willislinux_user  you have a save file that could be full. or the actual flash drive may be getting full.11:05
EmanonHey, all the beta channel is #ubuntu-natty isn't it?11:05
dr_WillisLive-cd to flash setups can get full real fast. and are not ideal for constant updateing.11:05
oCeanEmanon: #ubuntu+111:05
Emanonahh thanks oCean11:05
mena_h have a problem with shut down any one can help me?11:07
linux_userits not\11:08
linux_userit has 3.2GB11:08
dr_Willisif you did a install  to a 8gb flash drive. and made a 4gb 'persistant save file' that means you Are only using perhaps 5gb od the thole thing.11:09
dr_Willisclean out the apt cache perhaps. that can free up space.11:09
cardielWhich is the best sopcast software for ubuntu?11:09
gakhanwhy my context menus shows multicolor garbage for a moment?11:14
dr_Willissounds like a video driver bug,11:17
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dr_Willistry disabling compiz if you are using it11:17
menaI have a problem , anyone can help me??????????11:18
bazhangmena, give some details11:18
bazhangmena, in channel not via PM please11:19
EmanonDoes the empathy irc plugin support sasl?11:19
menai am sorry11:19
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menaubuntu hanging when it sdhut down11:20
mena@bazhang, can you help me?11:20
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest91307
buntfalkedo the sources.list settings for 10.04.1 and 10.04.2 differ from 10.04?11:20
buntfalkeor is the .1 and .2 update just a new install CD which comes prepatched?11:21
dr_Willisits includes fix's and upodates yes11:21
buntfalkedr_Willis: do you need special deb-Lines in sources.list?11:22
buntfalkedr_Willis: or does it only signal there's a new install CD out?11:22
buntfalkeof course it's fixes and updates...uh.11:22
dr_Willisit just has all updates. to reduce downloading on a new install.11:23
dingersgood mornng11:26
menaI need11:27
menaI need Help plzzzzzzzz11:28
ElNotaHi. I am using Empathy since Ubuntu replaced Pidgin by it. But I have a problem with msn protocol. Well, when I set an image on it, it works perfectly, but when I restart it, bye to image; Empathy doesn't remember configuration and I have to set it again. Any idea of how to fix it?11:28
dr_Willisand the issue is?11:28
bazhangmena, then give some clear details; saying wont shutdown wont get you any help11:29
dr_WillisHm. I dont use empathy.. but check its settinhg files -make sure they are owned by the proper iuser11:29
ruanwhere can i get libgtk-1.2.so.0?11:29
dr_Willis!find libgtk-1.2.so11:30
ubottuPackage/file libgtk-1.2.so does not exist in maverick11:30
dr_Williswouldent that be an OLD libgtk library? i thought the newer ones had a diferfent name11:30
ElNotadr_Willis: Well, it is, I only have 2 users, superuser (which I only use to install/unistall/configure some things) and mine11:30
menaok i cant shutdown11:30
ruani need an older one to install a game11:30
bazhangmena, need way more info11:31
ruanjust the shared library11:31
dr_Willisfinbes can get owned by root and cause issues...11:31
menawhen i shut down ubuntu desktop it is hanging11:31
rajviHello all  a newbie here  Ubuntu 10.10 via wubi I need a download accelerator for all my downloadingneeds and compatiable with chrome . Can i get one ??11:31
dr_Willisif you acciently start somthing as root., it can create a setting file owned by root. that the user cant change11:31
_cronus_mena, can you disable usplash (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=575708) and see what messages you're getting?11:31
rajvirajvi is waiting :(11:32
dr_Willisrajvi check the chrome extensions perhaps.. and have some patience.11:32
=== xorg62_ is now known as xorg62
ruanhmm i'll try copying libgtk2.0 as libgtk1.211:32
menacronus, ok i will do it11:32
ruanmaybe it'll work11:32
bazhang!helpme | rajvi11:32
ubotturajvi: Avoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude11:32
dr_Willisive not needed a downloiad 'accelerator' in years.. they dont seem to work very well these days11:32
_cronus_mena, also check if it hangs when you shutdown from rescue mode11:32
dr_Willisthe servers see you are hammering them,. and slow down even more11:32
menaplz , i am begginner with ubuntu i net steps plz11:33
rajviI just need a standlone download accelerator .. You guys tell mee which one i can try11:33
rajviok mena11:33
erUSUL!info d4x11:33
ubottuPackage d4x does not exist in maverick11:33
gakhanwhy my context menus shows multicolor garbage for a moment?11:33
dr_Willisdownload Managers - wget. and several in the repos...11:33
erUSUL!ind d4x11:33
juk!find libgtk* | ruan11:34
erUSUL!find d4x11:34
ubotturuan: Found: libgtk-vnc-1.0-0, libgtk-vnc-1.0-0-dbg, libgtk-vnc-1.0-dev, libgtk2-perl, libgtk2-perl-doc, libgtk2.0-0, libgtk2.0-0-dbg, libgtk2.0-bin, libgtk2.0-cil, libgtk2.0-cil-dev (and 100 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=libgtk&searchon=names&suite=maverick&section=all11:34
rajviok mena how can i help u11:34
ubottuFile d4x found in bleachbit, fvwm-crystal, gnome-colors-common, mcrl211:34
rajvithanks willy11:34
dr_Willisgakhan video driver bugs or perhaps a compiz issue11:34
bazhang!info aria211:34
ubottuaria2 (source: aria2): High speed download utility. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.9.4-1 (maverick), package size 1669 kB, installed size 4548 kB11:34
bazhangrajvi, aria211:34
menarajvi, thanks you can give me steps to solve my problem11:34
rajviping mee11:34
* erUSUL lost his ubottu-fu11:34
rajvicome toa a private room11:35
ubottuPlease investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".11:35
FrEaKmAn_hi, I would like to reinstall ubuntu on my dual boot pc... should I just select previous partition?11:36
ubottuDear $DEITY, Give me strength to understand and work with users who question my logic, the rules, netiquette, and common sense. Give me resilience to teach them the basics of Linux, Ubuntu, Community Guidelines and IRC. Allow me not to stray to nitpicking, argument, foul language, or leisurely op abuse. Deliver me my daily xkcd, User Friendly, LWN, /. and Planet Ubuntu, and guard over my encrypted drives. Let it be so.11:36
bazhangjuk, thats enough11:36
ElNotaFrEaKmAn_: Correct (if you want the same disk-space)11:37
FrEaKmAn_ElNota, should I format it?11:37
ElNotaFrEaKmAn_: It will do automatically11:37
jukbazhang: ah, forgot, it's for will save for Sunday11:37
bazhangjuk, /msg ubottu in future please11:38
gakhancan unity be used without compiz?11:38
FrEaKmAn_ElNota, but I get no root file system if defined..11:38
dr_Willistheres a unity-2d thing . and the unity in 11.04 dosent use compiz i think11:39
jukbazhang: Ok :)11:39
ElNotaFrEaKmAn_: What do you mean by root file system?11:39
ruanwhere can i find libgtk2.0-0.so.0?11:40
dr_Willisruan if its not in the repos/. Lok for a ppa. or compile from source.11:40
dr_Willis!info libgtk11:40
ubottuPackage libgtk does not exist in maverick11:40
dr_Willis!info libgtk211:40
ubottuPackage libgtk2 does not exist in maverick11:40
dr_WillisHmm. ia may be under a differnt name11:40
FrEaKmAn_ElNota, nevermind11:41
andreylosevis there a way to make my speaker automatically mute when I plug in headphones?11:42
ubottuHere I am, brain the size of a planet and they ask me to respond to factoid requests. Call that job satisfaction? Because I don't.11:43
KruXenHi, I've installed Ubuntu for the first time and i've run it for like an hour. I have a problem tho. I can't see one of my file HDD's. Its 2 - 2tb discs in raid 0. All other discs are shown in Ubunu.11:44
KruXenusing the motherboard raid11:44
=== Guest80007 is now known as lb-
MeanEYEubottu: hitchhikers guide to the galaxy <311:44
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:44
ruanKruXen: does it show up when you run "sudo fdisk -l"11:44
KruXenOpened the "dischandler" and It shows my discs as 2 - 2TB discs instead of 4TB11:45
andreylosevmena, that's not helping11:46
andreylosevis there a way to make my speaker automatically mute when I plug in headphones?11:46
jukandreylosev: it supposed to happen automagically11:47
andreylosevjuk, well it doesn't11:47
menawho can help me?11:47
TinoDidriksenWhere can I find the 32bit gstreamer phonon backend for Ubuntu 10.10 amd64? Trying to deploy a 32bit app, and the app runs thanks to ia32-libs but then tries to load the 64bit gstreamer and fails to play any video.11:47
menai have ubuntu desktop 64bit and shutdown have been hanging11:48
menai cant shut down and restart11:48
menai must plug power to infource restart or shut down11:48
gakhanmena, does 'sudo halt' work?11:48
dr_Willisdisable plymouth, or use the text boot option, and monitor it when it shuts down. look for erropr messages.. theres proberly not a lot  that can be done. but it may be a known bug thats fixed in the next release mena11:49
ruanmena: have you tried "sudo shutdown now" or "sudo shutdown -r now"?11:49
dr_Willisthers fauling to shut down.. THEN theres failing to actually power off..  then theres just hanging at shutdown.,.11:49
menawhat're steps plz?11:49
bazhangmena, they just told you11:49
menanice and again how i solve this problem11:50
ruanis X server the gui?11:51
bazhangmena, please scroll up two lines11:51
gakhanhow to pdf to text, (real pdf, no picture)?11:51
TinoDidriksengakhan, via pdftotext oddly enough...11:52
dr_Willis'does sudo halt' in a console work/print any errors.... mena11:52
erUSUL!find pdftotext > gakhan11:52
menano ,dr_willis11:53
erUSUL!info poppler-utils11:53
ubottupoppler-utils (source: poppler): PDF utilitites (based on libpoppler). In component main, is optional. Version 0.14.3-0ubuntu1.2 (maverick), package size 77 kB, installed size 312 kB11:53
TohuwIf anyone gets a moment to take a look at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10551470#post10551470, it would be much appreciated. The details are too long to post here. Thanks!11:56
cardielI have problem watching veetle channels i HD mode.. when i push HD button it wants me to download veetle again.. someone know why?11:56
DOokamihello guys ,,12:02
lusmushmm, i dont know which rss reader is good? are any diffrents if you install a example KDE version of a RSS reader?12:03
lusmusthen you have a LXDE12:03
yuzodolusmus, how about Google Reader?12:03
lusmusyuzodo: nah :/12:04
m3asmithe videos not saved any more in /tmp !!!12:04
lusmusyuzodo: meant something on the computer :op12:04
DOokamiwish someone can help me12:04
bazhangm3asmi, use firefox plugin video download helper12:04
DOokamiit's about "evolution" and "contacts"12:04
yuzodoDOokami, ask away12:04
DOokamii wanna "sync" or "add" my GMail contacts to Evolution12:04
m3asmiI find the way to recover the old configuration12:05
m3asmito be the video saved in /tmp12:05
bazhangm3asmi, the latest version of the plugin lets you convert as you download as well12:06
m3asmibazhang : I won't to get the vedios in /tmp withowt using dowlhelper12:07
bazhangm3asmi, no idea, I always use that plugin as its way easier12:08
menauntil now , no one  help me???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/12:08
bazhangm3asmi, welcome12:08
johnmrename u53r u53r_fb12:09
bazhangmena, you have not taken the suggestions offered. no need for the excess ????12:09
m3asmibazhang:it was by default saved in /tmp when I see any vedio12:09
marinaon my computer, flashplugin-nonfree installed. but flash doesn't work. what should i do?12:09
m3asmibazhang:baut now when I removed all the /tmp/*12:09
m3asmibazhang:no any more saved there12:09
bazhangm3asmi, then get the plugin, thats all I know about it12:10
jukmarina: what browser are you using?12:10
m3asmibazhang:ok thik you ;)12:10
DOokamiGmail contacts to Evolution ,, any ideas ?12:11
marinafirefox and chrome. both have the same problem: juk12:11
marinajuk: sorry not chrome but chromium12:11
jukmarina: can you see it listed in about:plugins in chromium12:12
menaBazhang, what're you say and i not do it?12:12
menai cant understand steps you say12:12
menai am begginner not professioal with ubuntu12:13
marinajuk: no, it's not there12:13
jukmarina: what about, firefox, did you restart them12:14
=== a is now known as Guest16061
menaplz Bazhang, i need you help12:15
DOokamihow do i sync my Gmail contacts to Evolution ?12:15
jukmena: whatis plz?12:15
Guest16061דור אתה פה12:15
Mikey^mena: what problem do you have ?12:15
juk!il | Guest1606112:16
ubottuGuest16061: לשיחות בשפה העברית ולגישה לקהילת המשתמשים העברית אנא הקלד:12:16
ubottu/join #ubuntu-il12:16
marinajuk: yes i did. i rebooted the computer too. firefox is the same12:16
menaohhh, Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS fails to shut down - Just hangs up computer12:16
Guest16061איזה ערוץ זה?12:16
menaohhh, Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS fails to shut down - Just hangs up computer12:17
Mikey^mena, have you tried shutting down from the terminal ? sudo shutdown -h now12:17
Mikey^what do you mean by hangs ? what do you see ?12:18
menai see the screen of ubuntu and try to shut down but no thing done12:18
menai try to connect tty 1:512:19
menaand no thing do12:19
_cronus_marina, try installing flashplugin-installer12:19
ruanis there a windows emulator that can play 3d games? other than wine. its not playing most of them :/12:19
Mikey^mena, does reboot work ?12:19
menai cant restart it by alt+ctlr+delet12:19
menaMiky, No12:19
Mikey^that also hangs ?12:19
lusmuswhy is youtube video pink everytime i watch a video? and i dont have no sound?12:20
Mikey^mena, can you paste the output /var/log/messages and dmesg ?12:20
Mikey^mena, and also last12:20
marina_cronus_: it says: flashplugin-installer is already the newest version.12:20
menaMikey, how?12:20
=== Guest91307 is now known as DarkDevil
Mikey^mena, copy and use pastebin.ca and paste it there12:20
_cronus_marina, run sudo dpkg-reconfigure flashplugin-installer12:21
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest12261
_cronus_marina, it should redownload and reinstall flash12:21
menawhat is this pastebin.ca12:21
ruanlusmus: http://www.webupd8.org/2011/03/fix-pinkred-youtube-videos-bug-using.html12:21
Mikey^mena, a website!12:21
menathank a lot Mikey12:22
Mikey^No problem12:22
Mikey^I havent helped you yet12:22
lusmusruan: i dont have any sound either :/12:23
menaMikey, i cant open this web sit plz send me URL12:23
marina_cronus_: thank you, it's working now.12:23
ruanlusmus: have you tried what the link says? it's supposed to fix both issues12:23
bazhangmena, he quit12:23
bazhangmena, paste.ubuntu.com12:23
_cronus_marina, welcome. i'm glad it worked12:24
menaok i open this web sit12:24
AcePreshawCan't see my network Iocn I'm on 10.0412:25
chilli0Hi, after updating on the 24th my Mounted shares through samba don't work. They lag out and die... how can I undo updates? I think it updated more than just one package and I can't force lock the version back.12:26
emanueleciao a tutti12:27
chilli0and if I force version it wants me to remove ubuntu-desktop12:27
coz_hey all12:29
AcePreshawHi I ned some help I'm on 10.04  LTS I want to reset the panel12:32
AcePreshawAnd I can't see my network icon12:32
lusmusruan: it did fix the red thingy.. i have no sound12:33
bazhang!resetpanels | AcePreshaw12:35
ubottuAcePreshaw: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »12:35
AcePreshawI did tat  bazhang  it did not work12:36
=== Sabian is now known as Sabian||Asleep
AcePreshawSo I can't do it12:37
jribAcePreshaw: well what happened when you tried?12:37
=== occy is now known as Trae
AcePreshawError while parsing optinons unknown optinons12:40
BluesKajHowdy folks12:40
AcePreshaw AcePreshaw: Error while parsing optinons unknown optinons12:40
AcePreshawjrib:  Error while parsing optinons unknown optinons12:41
Ben64AcePreshaw: try just "gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel"12:41
Ben64then you don't get your problem fixed12:41
jribAcePreshaw: copy and paste exactly what you typed12:41
AcePreshawI can't12:42
mena_i am here12:42
mena_are you here?12:42
AcePreshawI'm on an iPod12:43
jribAcePreshaw: well the error indicates you likely typed something other than what you were told to type, so try again and be more careful12:44
RHC-Junglii want to buy Ubuntu12:47
Ben64it's free! :D12:47
RHC-Junglinope whole company12:47
Ben64well this is not an official channel12:48
Ben64http://www.ubuntu.com/contact-us might help you12:48
greyhatsalafigo troll elsewhere12:48
Ben64mena_: sup?12:48
mena_i try to solve my problem12:49
mena_buntu 10.04.1 LTS fails to shut down - Just hangs up computer12:49
Ben64mena_: how about restart12:50
AcePreshawi got it fixed12:50
AcePreshawi had to kiil the network12:51
mena_as soon as shutdown12:51
windyhuhello! how to link adsl with kde-desktop?12:51
LensWiperGiven I just spent four months of my life on maternity leave, I was able to immerse myself in the world of being a stay-at-home mommy. I walked my kids to school, conversed with other moms at pick-up, made yummy (I think?!), home-cooked meals and focused on my kiddos 24/7.12:51
bazhangLensWiper, wrong channel12:51
LensWiperwait this isn't gamesurge12:52
LensWiperok ttyl12:52
yuzodoI lol'd12:53
wizards:D funny man12:53
dhaneshis ther  defrag ment tool for ubuntu?12:56
yuzodono need to dhanesh12:56
bazhangdhanesh, no need12:56
gakhandhanesh, no, dump, reformat, restore12:56
gakhanbazhang, only if you have 70% of disk free12:57
dhanesh<bazhang> why ?12:57
Dr_Willisthere are ext2/3/4 defrag tools.. but they are rareluy if ever needed12:57
Dr_WillisUnlike windows - that needs defraged.. constantly it seems..12:57
bazhanghttp://linkpot.net/behead/ dhanesh12:58
gakhanI have a 3 MB file in 14 fragments, that is s..t12:58
Dr_WillisIve had windows drives take a week to defrag./ :)12:58
yuzodofaildows lol12:58
dhaneshbazhang>so how can i check for bad sectors in ubuntu?12:59
dhanijeremyi need help on my D-Link USB wireless12:59
gakhanactually there's no unfragmented files in my ~, so stop that lies about magic not fragmenting ext file system12:59
ruani need GCC 4.2.0 for a program. i tried GCC 4.5.0 but it asks for 4.2. ./lib/libgcc_s.so.1: version `GCC_4.2.0' not found (required by /usr/lib/libstdc++.so.6)12:59
AcePreshawdhanijeremy, yea12:59
ruani tried installing it from apt-get, but it says that it has no installation candidate13:00
dhaneshbazhang>so how can i check for bad sectors in ubuntu?13:00
dhanijeremyAcePreshaw, how do i activate it?13:00
bazhangdhanesh, badblocks ?13:00
Dr_Willisruan:  you may want to find a diffent source/ppa for that program if it comes precompiled. or compile it youreslr.13:00
gakhandhanesh, fsck -c13:00
ruanDr_Willis: it has no source or ppa :/13:01
dhaneshgakhan> fsck how ?13:01
ruanits a linux version of a game, and the windows one doesn't run13:01
Dr_Willisruan:  you may be out of luck. expecially if its an OLD game.13:01
gakhanfsck -c unmounted_device13:01
ruanlast modified: jun 26 200713:02
dhaneshhow to run fsck13:02
ruanlinux ver is from 200513:02
drt49222_dhanesh: in terminal : man fsck13:03
Dr_Willisruan:  and what game is this?13:03
ruanDr_Willis: darwinia13:03
Dr_Willisruan:  Hmm..  I  recall running that in wine once. ages ago.. :)13:04
Dr_Willisi recall having the native version als running.. but that was ages ago also.\13:04
ruanDr_Willis: on wine it gives an error related to a sound lib13:04
Dr_Willischeck the wine app database perhaps.13:04
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1547940 ruan13:04
bazhangruan, marked as "solved"13:05
Dr_Willisdarwinia was a very neat game in many ways.  it would bee a nifty screen saver. :)13:05
ruancp: cannot stat `/usr/lib32/libgcc_s.so.1': No such file or directory13:05
bazhangruan, please read that link13:05
CherishHi, Today I install apache on my ubuntu server , and enable ssl, but when I start my ubuntu server,the SSL let me imput password. After that it is dead.This is Why?13:05
gakhanCherish, ssl has nothing to do with passwords13:06
CherishI said the key's password13:06
Cherishopenssl genrsa -des3 ...13:07
CherishIt needs password13:07
CherishThe error log is "Init: Private key not found",but my path is right13:08
CherishWhen I used the key doesn't support password , have no error log.13:08
dhanijeremyI have a built in Broadcom wireless and D-Link USB Wireless and now i want to use my D-Link wireless, usually both device will show up in the wireless network but now only my Broadcom is shown. How do i fix this so that i can use any one of them anytime.13:08
=== juk_____ is now known as bugarmy
ruanwhere are .deb files downloaded by wget stored?13:09
ruanahh, home13:09
ruanthought it was gonna be in /downloads13:09
xelisterwhat the hell is fucking 'software-center'13:10
xelisterand why it eats 100% hdd13:10
xelistercpu-hdd / cpu and hangs computer :<  how to disable this crap13:11
bazhangxelister, stop the cursing13:11
gakhanxelister, an abomination dwarfed by synaptic13:11
ruanE: Unable to locate package libgtk1.2_1.2.10-18.1build2_i386.deb13:11
ruanbut the package is in the same folder13:11
xelistergakhan: I see. How to make it die in fire?13:11
gakhanxelister, uninstall13:11
bugarmy!wtf software-center | xelister13:12
xelister!wtf software-center13:12
bugarmy!info software-center | xelister13:12
Netw0rkBuganyone knows some free ssh hosting i need it for my irc perl bot13:12
ubottuxelister: software-center (source: software-center): Utility for browsing, installing, and removing applications. In component main, is optional. Version 3.0.7 (maverick), package size 423 kB, installed size 1988 kB13:12
bazhangxelister, stop that13:12
xelisterbazhang: stop what?  Was trying the bot command bazhang recommended. it doesnt work13:12
bazhangxelister, the language and attitude13:13
BluesKaj!language xelister13:13
xelisterbtw is there easy way to totally disable stringi / nepomuku?13:13
=== lexxx_ is now known as lexxx
=== PicCard_Away is now known as PicCard
xelisteror globally disable stringi/nepomuk?13:14
xelisterto unbloat default installation13:14
gakhanxelister, uninstall13:15
gakhanxelister, or replace kde with lxde or something13:16
xelistergakhan: Im not using kde as DM.13:16
gakhanxelister, nepomuk and strigi are KDE service13:17
xelistergakhan: I do not use KDE DE13:17
xelisterreally why people always mistake this13:17
zelevgood afternoon everyone13:17
yuzodohey zelev13:18
zelevhi yuzodo13:18
zelevevery time i apt-get install something it tries to install an app that never finished13:18
xelisterzelev:  try removing it13:19
zelevi will try to remove it...brb13:19
zelevthank u13:19
gakhanzelev, remove the broken package from /var/lib/dpkg/status13:19
zelevthanks gakhan!13:19
=== Guest12261 is now known as DarkDevil
Moxisihello ,is anybody here13:21
yuzodohey Moxisi13:21
=== jrn_ is now known as jrn_a
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest44410
Moxisiyuzodo: hey13:22
sre-suHow can I have the small window appearing here - http://www.tux-planet.fr/public/images/screenshots/best/best-linux-desktop-52.jpg for lyrics in GNOME/KDE?13:23
gakhanwhy bogofilter is installed on desktop machines by default?13:23
CherishHi, Today I install apache on my ubuntu server , and enable ssl, but when I start my ubuntu server,the SSL let me imput password. After that it is dead.This is Why?13:23
EphexeveHey guys, let me ask you a noob question, I am new to Xchat, I got this email from a forum: "For real-time help, visit the #python IRC channel at irc.freenode.net  -- but posting the solution to your problem is appreciated!Or, for random chat of some of the regulars, check out #python-forum." I want to add them and talk to them via Xchat13:23
erUSULgakhan: is used by evolution for spam?13:23
Ephexevehow can I do that?13:23
yuzodoEphexeve, type /join #python13:24
Ephexevewhere am I suppost to type that?13:24
yuzodowhere you're typing this13:24
EphexeveI done that, but then I get * #python-unregistered :Cannot send to channel13:25
yuzodoyou need to register your nickname13:25
yuzodo!register | Ephexeve13:25
ruani still cant install darwinia. stdc++5 wont install because a later version is installed, and i cant remove stdc++6 because 100 applications depend on it13:25
ubottuEphexeve: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode13:25
EphexeveAlright, I will try that, thanks dudes13:26
=== smw_ is now known as smw
gakhanwhy would someone use spam filter on a client, when every mail server has better one?13:29
bullgardhttp://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/securing-debian-howto/ch12.en.html#s-faq-os-users: "The shell of user sync is /bin/sync. Thus, if its password is set to something easy to guess (such as ""), anyone can sync the system at the console even if they have don't have an account."  --   What is a "shell of user sync"?      *13:29
raveni get this message while booting and swap is disabled by default: http://picpaste.com/08cd3e2764cbcb2f7ac4639ec9f033ab.JPG13:31
gakhanbullgard, the program which runs when user sync logs in; also man sync13:32
mongyraven, check the UUID of your swap matches that in /etc/fstab13:32
bullgardgakhan: Who logs in? A 'user sync'? Who is that?13:33
gakhanbullgard, a user called 'sync'13:33
ravenmongy, how to get the uuid?13:33
bullgardgakhan: Ah! Thank you.13:33
bazhangraven, sudo blkid13:33
mongyraven, sudo bklid /dev/sdX13:33
ravenok tnx13:33
FloodBot2mongy: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:34
airtonixwould you like some spam with that ?13:34
* airtonix rages13:34
mongymy fingers must be doubley fat this morning13:34
bullgard!enter | mongy13:34
ubottumongy: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!13:34
bazhangbullgard, he got the bot warning already no need for that13:34
Duck32I really need to access linux mint 10 chat could someone please tell me how to do so?13:36
bazhang!mintsupport | Duck3213:37
ubottuDuck32: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org13:37
Duck32Thanks v much13:37
S0LIDUSHi all, can anyone help me with update issues?13:37
Duck32!mintsupport | Duck3213:37
ubottuDuck32, please see my private message13:37
coz_S0LIDUS,  if you describe the issues someone may have a solution13:40
FrameFeverhow can I build qt from source13:40
ikoniaFrameFever: why do you want to ?13:40
Odaymit is...correct to run a mail server on a virtual machine running Ubuntu and Zimbra on it?13:41
Odaymit is just as functional as with a physical machine?13:42
ikoniaOdaym: if you want13:42
ikoniaOdaym: a virtual machine will work13:42
Odaymand what does it take to make a machine a mail server?13:42
hamitron id 2tits4me13:42
Odaymsomething to change in /etc/hosts and then putting a mail application on it?13:42
S0LIDUScoz_, Yep thanks for that. Well when i try and install software from the synaptic package manager. It says it failed to download please check my network connection. I am connected to the internet though?13:42
ikoniaOdaym: depends on a lot, size, thorughput, etc13:42
rosetreeHi, I have a problem with the Internet. I can connect with W-Lan and I can chat with Skype. But I can't use Opera, Firefox or something else ! I'm now online with a live CD. Has anyone an idea?13:42
ikoniarosetree: the browsers are in offline mode ?13:43
coz_S0LIDUS,  ooo   have you tried from a terminal?13:43
amateurno tired13:43
FrameFever\msg ikopnia because I like to13:43
coz_S0LIDUS,  in terminal    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade13:43
ikoniaFrameFever: ok, then read the documentation about how to do it13:43
FrameFeverthere is no13:44
rosetreewell, I hope not ... that would be really stupid!13:44
ikoniaFrameFever: there is, there are README and INSTALL files within the source code13:44
S0LIDUScoz_, yep!13:44
Odaymcan you advise a better mail server than Zimbra, ikonia13:44
ikoniaOdaym: it's personal choice, exim/postfix/sendmail/qmail up to you13:44
coz_S0LIDUS,  did you install or delete anything just before you noticed this happend?13:44
rosetreebut I'll try! Thanks ikonia13:44
mrcreativityanyone install the indicator-network applet?13:45
S0LIDUScoz_, Nope!13:45
Pumpkin-it is personal preference, zimbra has everything needed to "do mail" though. You can also go for piecemeal solutions where you need to pick seperate bits of software to do different bits of the mail job13:45
=== dj is now known as Guest83493
FrameFeverhow can i start a script ?13:45
coz_S0LIDUS,  then I may not be the person to  help with this one...so stick around and then repeat the issue13:46
ikoniaFrameFever: just type the script name13:46
Pumpkin-like an SMTP server, an IMAP server, something to do webmail, something to do spamfiltering etc ..13:46
FrameFever"not allowd"13:46
S0LIDUScoz_, Thank you for the suggestions!13:46
medoI'm using TwinView mode but I want to rotate one of the two monitors... how can I do this ?13:46
ikoniaFrameFever: change the permissions13:46
coz_medo,  did you open nvidia-settings13:46
FrameFeverhow does I change the permisson?13:47
Pumpkin-FrameFever: is it executable ? (does ls -la ./configure have any x's in the permissions) ?13:47
ikoniaFrameFever: if you don't know how to change permissions, you should not be blindly trying to compile software for no reason13:47
ikoniaFrameFever: I'll ask again, what is the reason you want to build QT from source ? what is wrong with the version ubuntu has built for you13:47
S0LIDUSWhen I try and install software from the synaptic package manager. It says it failed to download please check my network connection. I am connected to the internet though?13:47
ikoniaS0LIDUS: probably a dead mirror, in the termianl do "sudo apt-get update" does it error ?13:48
FrameFeverbecause I want to know, how can I do it by my own13:48
medocoz_:  I managed only to rotate the two monitors, I want to rotate only one of them !13:48
S0LIDUSikonia, In the terminal it says connection timeout.13:48
ikoniaFrameFever: you are not at that level to be able to do it if you are not in a position to know how to change permissions13:48
ikoniaFrameFever: I'd suggest checking https://help.ubuntu.com about learning the basics of using linux/ubuntu13:48
ikoniaS0LIDUS: what software mirror is it using ?13:49
FrameFeverno x in the permisson13:49
zelevS0LIDUS: the same thing happened to me and i switched my ubuntu software mirror from Spain to the Main server13:49
S0LIDUSzelev, Thanks !13:50
zelevS0LIDUS: applications, ubuntu software center, edit software sources, Ubuntu software tab and then: Download from13:50
zelevS0LIDUS: you´re welcome13:50
ruanyep, i had to switch my mirror today as well13:50
ruandownloads stalled and timed out13:50
S0LIDUSzelev, You fixed it, thanks.13:51
S0LIDUSikonia, Thank you for your help!13:52
zelevS0LIDUS: I´m glad I could help13:52
FrameFeverI dont found the tutorial for "how does I start a script"?13:53
ttist25good morning - would this be a good place to get help with a software RAID5 setup?13:54
ttist25can anyone help with a RAID5 setup?13:57
Odaymin SCP, the first operand is the source?13:57
FrameFeversudo bash script does start a script...13:58
cellardoor_Anybody here any good with Pascal or Lazarus? I know this is totally the wrong place to ask, but nobody is active in the14:00
cellardoor_appropriate channels.14:00
onelinerhello there, where is the path evironment variable stored?14:04
Odaympwd you mean?14:04
Odaymah path14:04
_cronus_oneliner, in the $PATH variable14:05
jriboneliner: why do you ask?14:05
oneliner_cronus_: so far so good, how could i add to it a directory?14:05
_cronus_export PATH=$PATH:<directory>14:06
onelinerjrib, am getting up to speed with assorted configuration methods14:06
precubcrif true [ $pwd -e "/home/cristian" ]14:06
precubcrcd "home/cristian/Desktop"14:06
precubcrecho "Ya esta cambiado..."14:06
FloodBot2precubcr: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:06
oneliner_cronus_: would that overwritte other entries? would that survive a reboot?14:07
jriboneliner: well the answer to your question depends on what exactly you want to do.  I can imagine at least 3 different things: (1) how to temporarily add a directory to my path (2) how to permanently add a directory to my path and (3) how to permanently add a directory to every user's path14:08
_cronus_oneliner, it won't overwrite entries since what it does is it appends the directory to the path ($PATH is the original path value), but it won't survive reboot or be shared by shell sessions14:08
onelinerjrib, i know i could probably google each out, but if you could be so kind to exemplify, in a oneliner :)14:09
micha_hi, is there any program that allows me to write the output of a shell script directly to my gnome desktop ?14:09
brontosaurusrexhow would i check if there is another gnome session running? (connecting via nx)14:09
rigvedmicha_: if the command is run from the terminal, you can pipe it to a file on your desktop. is this what you were looking for?14:10
phixwhy does ubuntu use an older kernel than debian?14:10
jriboneliner: well what _cronus_ said earlier does (1).  To do (2) you essentially do (1) in ~/.profile.  If you view ~/.profile you'll see an example of this with ~/bin (the code there actually checks if ~/bin exists, and if it does, adds it to the PATH.  To do (3), you would use /etc/environment14:10
phixand why doeant it have proper xen support like debian?14:10
rigvedphix: 10.04 uses 2.6.32-29        squeeze uses 2.6.32-514:11
onelinerjrib: excelent, thank you very much14:11
micha_rigved: no not exactly, i am looking for a programm which displays text on the desktop for a defined time14:11
rigvedphix: so debian uses an older kernel14:11
prabhuhow to learn how ubuntu works14:11
prabhuabout its internal like scheduling14:11
ceohai all...14:11
ruangreedgreed_: chinese?14:12
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk14:12
mrdebwhy is ubuntu advertising in chinese now14:12
ceoam need modification my windows key on keyboar to short cut to open termianl or gedit text14:12
ceohow i do?14:12
=== Pranav_rcmas is now known as bleh
=== bleh is now known as Pranav_rcmas
ceowin + w = terimal14:12
nishantwhat are the software available for reducing screen brightness beyond whats permitted by the laptop keys ?  are there softwares ? i would like to reduce the brightness for eyes14:13
onur_hello, i have a problem with my wireless connection. yesterday it was working perfectly but my ethernet was down. when i asked about my problem. they said disable the ipv6 and it worked. but today my wireless is down. i also have problem with the network manager, it is preventing me to connect any kind of connection. so i uninstalled it. would you please help me about those issues?14:13
ceohow do i make it?14:13
econdudeawesomeHow do I read /var/log/auth.log to make sure I'm not being hacked?14:13
micha_ceo: what desktop environment are you running?14:13
ruanecondudeawesome: log file viewer or nautilus or console14:13
econdudeawesomeruan: I know how to view it--I'm asking what I need to look for14:14
ruanecondudeawesome: oh ok14:14
econdudeawesomeruan: thanks tho for your quick response! :-)14:14
ceoany body14:14
ceohallow.... am can't see you text way ?14:14
ruanecondudeawesome: is the machine a server?14:14
econdudeawesomeruan: no14:15
ruanecondudeawesome: how many people access it?14:15
econdudeawesomeruan: I'm not sure how to tell. Its a home computer for the family14:15
KakuradyOk, there's a Debian package that has a bug in one of its debian/patches/, I want to fix it and make a local build, how?14:15
rigved!info libnotify-bin | micha_14:15
ubottumicha_: libnotify-bin (source: libnotify): sends desktop notifications to a notification daemon. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.0-2ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 6 kB, installed size 76 kB14:15
rigvedmicha_: does this help? ^^14:15
mrdebwhat is lucid-backports and lucid-updates?14:15
onur_hello, i have a problem with my wireless connection. yesterday it was working perfectly but my ethernet was down. when i asked about my problem. they said disable the ipv6 and it worked. but today my wireless is down. i also have problem with the network manager, it is preventing me to connect any kind of connection. so i uninstalled it. would you please help me about those issues?14:16
Potatowhat is channel for evolution?14:16
=== wieser is now known as trailhunt
rigvedmicha_: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/hardy/man1/notify-send.1.html and http://www.thegeekstuff.com/2010/12/ubuntu-notify-send/. Hope this helps14:17
ceoam need make short cut key: win + r = terminal how can i make it?14:17
zelevHi guys, what is the difference between a kernel that ends with generic-pae VS on that ends with generic ?14:18
ceo----------------------ANY FROM INDONESIA-------------------------------------14:18
_cronus_ceo, system > preferences > keyboard shortcuts14:19
ceo----------------------ANY FROM INDONESIA-------------------------------------14:19
=== krabbe is now known as Krabbe
ceo_cronus_=> thanks am try that 1st14:19
bugarmy!pae | zelev14:19
ubottuzelev: To use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info14:19
ruan!ot | ceo14:19
ubottuceo: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:19
zelevubottu: Thank you, so it´s not necessary on a netbook with 1gb of RAM..14:20
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:20
bounhello i search a toturial for communicate Debian host with VM in kvm14:20
prabhuhow to know the internal workings of ubuntu14:20
zelevbugarmy: thank you14:20
micha_rigved: will check that, thanks14:20
rigvedmicha_: you are welcome14:21
sudipta<prabhu>u mean the kernel?14:21
prabhuyeah kind of14:21
ceo_cronus_=> how to make win + r = terminal14:21
sudipta<prabhu>well its free and u can get it from net14:21
ruanprabhu: a manual, the source, or a log?14:21
bugarmyceo: you were told already14:21
nishantwhat are the software available for reducing screen brightness beyond whats permitted by the laptop keys ?  are there softwares ? i would like to reduce the brightness as per my wish14:21
ceobugarmy=> am need make some keyboard shortcut14:22
prabhui want to know how ubuntu works like its scheduling algorithms14:22
=== Guest44410 is now known as DarkDevil
ruannishant: yes, System > Preferences > Monitors14:22
ceolike win + r = termial14:22
ceohow i make it bugarmy14:22
bugarmyceo: scroll a bit14:22
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest53535
sudipta<prabhu>get the kernel man go to kernel.org14:22
prabhuhmmm will it contain about those algorithms?14:22
ceoam have done it bugarmy but am need costume shortcut14:23
sudipta<prabhu>yes sched.c14:23
prabhuyeah i went ter wat to do now14:23
nishantruan , I dont see options to reduce screen brightness14:23
sudipta<prabhu>just download it14:23
prabhuand then?14:23
ruannishant: hold on14:23
nishanti cant see option to reduce the laptop brightess other than the usual Laptop keys , this is a zer one zg5 btw .14:24
ruannishant: there is a way14:24
sudipta<prabhu>then go through it....u'll find all14:24
lusmus__what rss reader would you recommend?14:24
ceoall am have done do it14:24
prabhuthank you i check it out now :)14:24
ceothanks 4 all...14:24
chairmaois there any software like teracopy for linux?14:24
ruannishant: which graphics vendor? nvidia, ati, or intel?14:24
nishantprabhu, you from mumbai14:25
Yoinxnot really chair, you could try ultracopier14:25
Yoinxbut, its not an actual copy replacement like teracopy is for windows14:25
nishantintel ruan has to be inbuilt I dont think this netbook has GFX14:25
chairmaothanks, it's something that bugs me! thanks alot14:25
prabhunope am from tamil nadu14:25
=== noel is now known as Guest5820
ceoplease link for used run application command14:26
ceoam need reference14:26
Potatohow do i retrieve new emails from evolution?14:26
ruanceo: run application command?14:26
nishantNice prabhu  , one of my  friend from mumbai is there with same name14:26
prabhusudipta how to learn totally , like do we have tutorial for working of kernel14:26
prabhucool nishant where ya frm14:27
Yoinxwhat are you talking about ceo/14:27
Yoinxyou mean ./ ?14:27
ceoruan=> yes, like open termial the command is gnome-terminal14:27
nishantbangalore , are you  a student ?14:27
itaylor57Potato: press the send/receive button14:27
ceothe command alt + f214:27
ruanceo: alt F2?14:27
prabhuyeah i am a student14:27
sudipta<prabhu>yeah there r a  lot....search in google14:27
ceoyes ruan14:27
jm_2bonjour tous le monde j'aimerai me connecté la irc.hackerzvoice.net comment dois je faire svp14:27
prabhuhmmm i dono where to start14:27
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.14:27
nishantruan, did you figure anything14:27
maniaxhello there14:28
Yoinxyou could get synapse, then just hit ctrl + space and start typing what you want... it should finish it off for you14:28
ceoruan=> am need all comand of alt + f2 (ex: gnome-termial = open terminal, ex: xkill = for kill program / windows) am need the ref14:28
maniaxcan anyone tell me, how to make ubuntu run faster?14:28
prabhuwhat ya doing ruan in bangalore?14:28
ceomaniax=> how much ram do you have ?14:29
ruanprabhu: ?14:29
prabhu@maniax remove unwanted process running behind14:29
Yoinxceo,  http://oreilly.com/linux/command-directory/14:29
prabhuare you a student ruan14:29
Yoinxyou could've just googled "linux commands"14:29
maniaxceo : i have 1 GB (DDR 1)14:29
nishantruan is not from bang , its me :) working here ...what about u14:29
nishantruan did you find any resources ?14:29
Potatoitaylor57, it is trying to pull everything...and so far it has pulled 15 (from past 15 min). I only need newest ones. Isthere anyway to control how many mails i can retrieve?14:29
prabhuam bit confused lol14:29
prabhuam doing my under graduation14:30
nishantnice , engineering14:30
ceomaniax=> you need install ubuntu tweake14:30
prabhuwhere ya work?14:30
hiexpoare lucidrepos down14:30
onur_hello, i have a problem with my wireless connection. yesterday it was working perfectly but my ethernet was down. when i asked about my problem. they said disable the ipv6 and it worked. but today my wireless is down, also when i want to make a wireless connection it brokes ethernet connection too and dmesh returns me "eth0 link up" continiously. i also have problem with the network manager, it is preventing me to make any kind of connection. so i uninstalled i14:30
onur_t. would you please help me about those issues?14:30
ruannishant: system > preferences > power management?14:30
rigvedprabhu: take the conversation to ot14:31
ruannishant: not sure14:31
ceomaniax=> open this link ubuntu-tweak.com14:31
maniax@ceo : i have install it, but i don't understand how to use it14:31
Potatothe figure runs into thousands14:31
Potatototal emails i meant14:31
kaushalis there a way to enable logging for fcron periodical command scheduler ?14:31
prabhuok i have to learn kernels working14:31
prabhucan i tweak something with my ubuntu kernel?14:31
hiexpoare the lucid repos down14:32
=== Chat9010 is now known as AnOnYmOuS
itaylor57Potato: not that i am aware of14:32
ruannishant: ok i found something14:32
ccvvccis it possible to create custom log file to any app? so it will save automatically every output presented on the screen of the program?14:32
maniax@ceo : thanks for the link :)14:32
=== mohammad is now known as Guest90319
ruannishant: go to ubuntu software center, search monitor settings14:32
sudipta<prabhu>before that u need to understand it14:32
=== AnOnYmOuS is now known as Guest81784
rigvedprabhu: yes you can but you will not receive support for that new kernel here, maybe #ubuntu-kernel or #kernel14:32
Potatookk ..anyone else.. please14:32
bassharmoGot a problem: Download centre, Synaptic, Update manager are not able to download anything. Internet connection it's working fine with everything else. Any ideas?14:33
Yoinxwhats the problem potato?14:33
cg2916Does anyone remember the system requirements for Ubuntu 4.10? (I want it on my old computer)14:33
ruanhiexpo: i doubt it, the mirror might be down14:33
wieserhi guys, does anybody know, if there's a channel for mechanical software14:33
prabhu@sudipta ...okay where to understand it14:33
rigvedbassharmo: are you getting any errors?14:33
ubottuHardware requirements to install, boot and comfortably use Ubuntu are listed at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements - For a !flavor with lower requirements, see !Xubuntu or !Lubuntu14:33
prabhuor where to start understanding it14:33
prabhu@rigved tat's ok ...14:34
sudipta<prabhu>what?what where?14:34
ruanbassharmo: go to system > administration > software sources, download from: choose different server14:34
ruanbassharmo: i had the same problem today14:34
prabhu@sudipta u said tat u have tat sched.c file in kernel no? i found tat14:34
bassharmothanks ruan14:34
prabhubut i cant find the same thing in my system14:34
sudipta<prabhu> yup14:35
ccvvccis it possible to create custom log file to any app? so it will save automatically every output presented on the screen of the program?14:35
ruanok, the count of people having that problem today is 514:35
rigvedprabhu: Linux Kernel in a Nutshell. google that. it's a free book. donwload it. read it. it'll help you get started14:35
hiexporuan, because i am getting this  hash sum mismatch14:35
ruanhiexpo: oh14:35
prabhu@rigved thank u:) i try it out14:35
hiexporuan, is that a repos problem or my system14:35
_cronus_ccvvcc, do you want to save the output of a command line app to a file?14:36
patrols1hi every one,14:36
PotatoYoinx, i m trying to retrive my mails from hotmail .. it s taking long time and that too on old ones...I've more than 2 thousand emails ..I want to receive only the newer ones or better if I can control which 1 to fetch and which 1 to not14:36
ruanhiexpo: sudo apt-get update    try that14:36
rigvedbassharmo: when you go to the choose server window, click on choose best server and choose that.14:36
PotatoYoinx, im using evoution14:36
hiexporuan, thats what i was running and getting that error14:36
ccvvcci want to save the output of terminal includint applications run by it14:36
ruanhiexpo: oh14:36
ruan!cn | crazyzhang14:36
ubottucrazyzhang: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk14:36
ruanif that is chinese14:37
bugarmyruan: yes14:37
KakuradyThat is Chinese.14:37
KakuradyAlthough, kinda un-Chinese-ish...14:37
ruansometimes i find it difficult to distinguish between chinese/japanese14:37
bugarmyruan: ah14:37
KakuradyThey share many characters.14:37
_cronus_ccvvcc, how about redirecting the output of bash? you could use "tee" for it14:37
YoinxPotato, unfortunately I don't know of any settings in evolution that would make it not syn your entire mail....14:38
bassharmorigved: Just got "Spain" and "Main" (i'm translating from spanish) I'm switch from Spain to Main14:38
prabhu@rigved so how did ya expertise  in linux14:38
YoinxWhat you *could* do is move all the mail on the server out of the inbox into a folder, then set evolution up to only download subscribed folders (perhaps)14:38
Potatothanks yoinx for responding14:39
rigvedbassharmo: ok. if that fails, run the choose best server test again.14:39
Yoinxnp, doubt that's really a solution for you though.14:39
bassharmoThank you guys, everything working fine now.14:39
laserbeamguys.... I'm having some dbus memory leaks... can anyone here help?14:39
rigvedprabhu: by experimenting with various options till you understand what each does.14:40
=== shubbar_ is now known as shubbar
Yoinxlaserbeam, why? If your memory is leaking... you'd just forget anyway. :p14:40
laserbeam= )) good one Yoinx14:40
_cronus_ccvvcc, screen has logging capabilities also14:41
bassharmorigved: Did not know that option, thank you for your help. Ubuntu has an excellent community!14:41
shubbari don't like samba share, some application i tried cannot access it14:41
YoinxIs it for something you're writing, or something you downloaded?14:41
laserbeamnah... well... memory used by dbus got to 130 MB in 2 hrs of uptime14:41
prabhubut that book says its for installing and configuring not the programming aspects14:41
rigvedbassharmo: you are welcome. don't forget to spread the ubuntu worm to your friends, family etc.14:42
rigvedlaserbeam: ask in #dbus14:42
nishanthow do I install the driver for my LCD ? I think its using the generic one . Mine is a netbook - Acer14:43
bassharmorigvedd: I'll keep working at that!14:43
laserbeamow... awesome rigved ... didn't know that channel existed14:43
yuzodobassharmo, check my PM14:43
=== gerryk is now known as gerryk_afk
prabhubut that book says its for installing and configuring not the programming aspects14:44
rigvedprabhu: read that first. you'll learn a thing or two about the kernel. then move on to http://tldp.org. you'll find a lot of documentation there14:44
prabhuokay :)14:44
jnbptstI need a bit of help14:46
jnbptstI tried last night but no-one was really able to help14:46
hiexpodoes anyone know it the ubuntu repos down i am having an issue with updating my system getting hash sum mismatch14:46
ElNotahiexpo: It works fine for me14:46
Yoinxmine worked fine updating within the last 10 minutes hiexpo14:47
nishantthanks ruan , I wonder how I can install the LCD drivers specific to my laptop ?14:47
bugarmy!hardware | nishant14:47
ubottunishant: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection14:47
jnbptstI need to find a way to automatically identify, within a very large folder, the subfolders that would have the same name on a file-insensitive system14:47
hiexpoElNota,  what what be causing me this problem14:47
jnbptstI need to prevent errors while migrating my data to a mac14:47
Yoinxhiexpo, try changing your server maybe?14:48
ElNotaYeah, I always use Main Server, it works fine14:48
hiexpoYoinx, what you mean changemy server14:48
YoinxI'm on 'Server for United States' atm, and it's working fine14:48
ruani had about 5 servers in my area so i just switched14:49
Yoinxhiexpo, system > administration > sources list14:49
ruansoftware sources14:49
hiexpoYoinx, ok in there14:49
=== stas is now known as Guest36171
=== marc is now known as Guest77905
ElNota!ru | stas14:49
ubottustas: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke14:49
Yoinxyou have a spot for "download from" you should have at least a 'main' and some sort of 'local'14:49
Yoinxtoggle them, and see if you can download14:49
Yoinxor go to 'other' and try some mirrors at random14:50
prabhuwhen will ubuntu 11.04 will get released14:50
ubottuNatty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011 - Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1 - Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.14:50
ruanprabhu: see above14:50
Yoinxprabhu, you can download nightly builds of it now... but its not stable yet.14:51
prabhualpha release?14:51
Yoinxhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/ if you're interested.14:52
bhavesherm can I ask a small c++ help here?14:52
Hedgehog456if i start compiz, will it become my permanent window manager?14:52
Yoinxyou can toggle back hedgehog14:52
bhaveshhow can I make my screen pause.. I used getch(); earlier in windows but in g++ I cannot use getch.. whats a substitute for that?14:52
prabhuactually i found a bug with ubuntu14:52
Yoinxdid you submit it?14:53
ruanbhavesh: you could try in #c++14:53
prabhuwhen i open a folder with image viewer for one time and if i open the folder again t opens with image viewer14:53
ruan700 people in the channel iirc14:53
prabhuit can be solved by again opening with file manager14:53
Yoinxare checking the "always open" or "remember my select" (cant think of the check box)14:53
Gavzorzfun fun >>14:53
Yoinxthat's checked by default?14:54
MeanEYE!jp | ylmfos14:54
ubottuylmfos: 日本語の場合は #ubuntu-jp または #kubuntu-jp を参照して下さい14:54
Guest36171пля, hello14:54
mrdebhas anyone noticed that 10.10 has better sound quality over 10.0414:54
Potatohi Chapati14:54
mrdebwhat is the reason for this14:54
onelinerafter altering /etc/environment do i need to "flush" the environment variables?14:54
ruanis it jp or is it chinese? again im confused14:54
prabhubut the thing is why ubuntu is taking it in such a way that a folder which should be always opened with file manager , isn't it?14:54
Chapatiwhenever i boot ubuntu on my (asus) laptop, the graphics fail. i get a scratchy screen and cannot do anything. any way to fix this?14:54
MeanEYEruan: I thought it's japanese, but chinese is possible as well :/ kanji are quite the same14:54
illmortalCan someone assist me with my wireless broadcom network card? At first it was listing my wireless card as, "not managed"... so I decided to sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source dkms   and now it's missing from the network manager device list =\14:55
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx14:55
prabhu@Chapati is it happening only for linux or for windows os too?14:55
ugliefrogdo ssd hard drives work with ubuntu?14:56
=== administrator is now known as Guest76997
Chapatiprabhu: only ubuntu. i have another usb with backtrack and it loaded and installed fine14:56
Aikarrythymbox is way too buggy :/ cant wait for Ubuntu One store in banshee14:56
_cronus_jnbptst, "find -type d | tr  '[:lower:]' '[:upper:]'|uniq -c|less " might help. just check the count to be greater than 114:56
ruan!teach | ubottu14:56
prabhu@chapati then try downloading appropriate graphics driver for ur system14:56
AikarI bought music last night and some are still stuck on "Transferring to your Ubuntu One Storage", most say download complete, yet none of the music is under "Purchased from Ubuntu One"14:56
Yoinxaikar, try #ubuntu-one (i think's the channel)14:56
mrdebdid you buy music from the store?14:57
MeanEYE!cn | ylmfos14:57
ubottuylmfos: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk14:57
prabhu@chapati or if u dono how to do it14:57
Jonta_Microsurvey: Easiest and second-easiest (and 3rd, 4th etc. if you want) mousemovement? (up, down etc.) /msg please. Thanks.14:57
MeanEYEruan: it's chinese14:57
Guest76997Hello need help14:57
prabhu@chapati just go to desktop ,right click ,choose background preferences14:57
ruanMeanEYE: looks like it14:57
MeanEYEruan: I had to check... :D14:57
MeanEYEGuest76997: shoot!14:57
prabhu@chapati select visual effects14:57
Jonta_Guest76997: State your problem14:57
prabhu@chapati then select extra14:58
prabhu@chapati if u dont have graphics driver installed it will automatically ask u to install14:58
Guest76997getting error message cat: /sys/module/p80211/parameters/wlan_wext_write: No such file or directory FATAL: Module p80211 not found. Failed to load p80211.ko.14:58
Guest76997can someone point me in the right direction14:59
prabhu@guest for what?14:59
Guest76997cat: /sys/module/p80211/parameters/wlan_wext_write: No such file or directory14:59
Guest76997FATAL: Module p80211 not found.14:59
Guest76997Failed to load p80211.ko.14:59
Yoinxhe posted the error15:00
Yoinxguest, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1270055 here's a "SOLVED" for your exact error.15:00
Guest76997ok thank you very much15:01
illmortalCan someone assist me with my wireless broadcom network card? At first it was listing my wireless card as, "not managed"... so I decided to sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source dkms   and now it's missing from the network manager device list =\15:01
Yoinxjust let us know if your problem isnt the same15:01
jnbptst_cronus_: thanks but it doesn't give me much conclusive results15:01
ruan!broadcom | illmortal15:01
ubottuillmortal: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx15:01
prabhuis tat a problem with wireless?15:01
Yoinxill, did you try the message ruan's giving your from the bot?15:01
illmortalya.. that's not helping out my issue...15:01
illmortalof course.15:01
Yoinxjust have to ask :p15:02
YoinxIs your card showing when you do "lspci"15:02
Jorgehello, i am recently having trouble playing avi files. an error pops up saying to insert ubuntu studio 10.10. I have macbuntu install on my computer15:02
jnbptst_cronus_: actually, you are my hero. THANKS15:02
Jonta_Jorge: What error?15:02
illmortalYes, it does, Yoinx15:03
=== administrator_ is now known as chnux
prabhu@Jorge i think you have mounted ubuntu image15:03
Hedgehog456does ubuntu default-use metacity?15:04
ruan!info metacity15:04
ubottumetacity (source: metacity): lightweight GTK+ window manager. In component main, is optional. Version 1:2.30.2-0ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 243 kB, installed size 660 kB15:04
prabhu@Jorge try right clicking the avi  and open with movie player15:04
hiexpook i changed itto themain server and i am still getting this http://pastebin.com/B1yTNWPu15:04
Jorgei did15:04
Yoinxcan you copy/paste the line for it ill?15:04
Hedgehog456what is the default WM then?15:04
illmortalWhen I activate the broadcom wireless card, it appears in network manager.. but reads, "device not managed"15:04
hiexpoi have never ever had thisproblem before15:04
ruanHedgehog456: it might actually be default15:04
Hedgehog456i think it is...15:05
Jonta_Jorge: What error?15:05
ruanHedgehog456: i have it installed, but i dont remember installing it15:05
illmortalYoinx: http://pastebin.com/0tMBfLZb15:05
prabhu@Jorge was it running properly before?15:05
Jorgei just started using it rite now15:06
ruan!info gedit15:06
ubottugedit (source: gedit): official text editor of the GNOME desktop environment. In component main, is optional. Version 2.30.3-1ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 506 kB, installed size 1868 kB15:06
_cronus_jnbptst, it should list the folders that have the same name - a good place to start15:06
sveintis there an own channel for natty discussion?15:06
prabhu@jorge hmmm then try getting codecs for video to play15:06
ruanHedgehog456: i think everything in component main is preinstalled15:06
ruan!natty | sveint15:06
ubottusveint: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011 - Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1 - Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.15:06
_cronus_jnbptst, you can then  check for files with the same name (omitting the -type d)15:06
Yoinxand you're on 10.10 ill?15:06
sveintthank you15:07
illmortalactually 10.04... would it be better to upgrade Ubuntu?15:07
Jorgeprabhu : i did, but when i try, a message pops out saying that Ubuntu Stuio 10.10 is required15:07
Raydiationhi im looking for the kde 4.6 wallpaper in the biggest resolution possible, if someone could upload it id be gratefull15:07
cg2916I used WUBI to install ubuntu inside windows, and when I restarted and booted into ubuntu, i get a flashinmg white caret15:07
prabhu@jorge do you see any hard disk like icons got mounted in desktop?15:08
ruancg2916: for how long now?15:08
cg2916ruan: about 5 minutes15:08
cg2916i could type into it15:08
brontosaurusrexJorge: you may want to use VLC or smplayer, or install ubuntu restricted areas15:08
ruancg2916: hmm15:08
Jorgeprabhu: only a usb flash drive15:08
jnbptst_cronus_: got it. it is exactly what I needed, thanks so much15:08
areedaI get this occasionally and it somehow fixes itself if I type a return or a control-c15:08
cg2916ruan: i did use a virtual cd drive for wubi15:09
prabhu@jorge have ya plugged in any pen drives?15:09
ruancg2916: looks like a failed boot15:09
brontosaurusrexJorge: also note that there is gazzilion option on what might be inside a certain avi, google for 'mediainfo' - they have ubuntu debs as well15:09
prabhu@jorge hmmm do you have mp3 files?15:09
cg2916ruan: in that case, what should i do15:09
ruancg2916: im not sure about wubi :S15:09
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub215:09
Yoinxburg's prettier ;)15:10
YoinxBut, it needs grub2 anyway15:10
prabhui am asking it because once u have it and on playing it will lead you to have download codecs15:10
cg2916ruan: do you know what wubi is?15:10
prabhuwhich in turn will solve your avi problems15:10
ruancg2916: yes15:10
cg2916ruan: ok15:10
hiexpook i see nooneis gonna help me with this problem with thesources so i can not upodate or do anything on this computer now15:10
ruancg2916: im just not very experienced with wubi15:10
cg2916ruan: well, i wanted ubuntu over crappy vista15:10
illmortalYoinx am I better off just updating from 10.04LTS to 10.10?15:10
ruancg2916: i've heard of problems with wubi15:10
cg2916ruan: ok15:11
ruancg2916: you can dual boot ubuntu15:11
Yoinxahh sorry ill, i sent you something in a message15:11
Yoinxand nah, you souldnt need to.15:11
cg2916ruan: how?15:11
Yoinxwhat does your /etc/NetworkManager/nm-system-settings.conf file say?15:11
illmortallet me check.15:11
ruancg2916: instead of using wubi, you could use a livecd to install15:11
ruancg2916: or a liveusb15:11
cg2916ruan: can i make my own?15:11
Yoinxruan, wubi is the livecd15:11
Yoinxits what runs when you load it in windows...15:11
ruanYoinx: no, wubi is windows installed for ubuntu15:12
ubottuWubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug. For Ubuntu Maverick/10.10 http://releases.ubuntu.com/maverick/wubi.exe15:12
Yoinxyeah, its on the livecd as well.15:12
cg2916ruan: i have windows, wubi runs in windows15:12
ugliefrogMIC CHECK15:12
Yoinxif you boot up the cd in windows, wubi launches.15:12
ruanYoinx: yes, but if you boot up the cd, it doesnt install with wubi15:12
cg2916ruan: yes it does15:12
Yoinxsorry, I meant launch. But yeah, I wouldn't use wubi either.15:13
prabhuactually wubi is for checking out how ubuntu is ...its like a promo for ubuntu :)15:13
jnbptst_cronus_: is there any way to save the output in a txt file for easy search?15:13
ruancg2916: livecd install is different from wubi install15:13
YoinxNah, he means if you actually boot the computer off it.15:13
FloodBot2illmortal: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:13
cg2916ruan: ok, where do i get a livecd15:13
bhaveshI <3 ubuntu :)15:13
hiexpook when i changed my server from us to main it stopped some of the errors but still getting some hash sum mismatch errors on a fewoftheubuntu sites how do i fix this and what caused it15:13
ruancg2916: you burn the iso to a cd OR you copy the iso's contents to a usb15:13
ruanflash drive15:13
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate15:14
prabhu@Jorge try installing vlc player and play files15:14
_cronus_jnbptst, remove the | less at the end and put a redirection to a file ( > somefile.lst)15:14
cg2916ruan: i did burn the iso to a cd, it loads wubi15:14
prabhuyeah it will if u use in windows15:14
ruancg2916: boot off the cd15:14
Jonta_prabhu: Poke15:14
prabhu@jona lol15:15
jnbptst_cronus_: so that would be find -type d | tr  '[:lower:]' '[:upper:]'|uniq -c|  > somefile.lst   ?15:15
bhaveshjust bring up the boot screen and u are done :D15:15
prabhu@cg2916 but if u have pen drive it will be lot more easier15:15
prabhu@cg2916 u dont need to waste a cd15:15
ruanyeh. i tried to boot off usb but my motherboard refused15:16
cg2916prabhu: will I need to format my usb?15:16
ruancg2916: i doubt it, just put everything in a different folder though15:16
prabhu@cg2916 not necessary if u have enough space15:16
_cronus_jnbptst, find -type d | tr  '[:lower:]' '[:upper:]'|uniq -c > somefile.lst15:16
prabhu@cg2916 cool15:17
jnbptst_cronus_: thanks!15:17
ruani think i should've disabled hard drive boot when i tried usb15:17
ruanin bios15:17
prabhu@ruan u dont need to disable , just change the priority15:17
ruanprabhu: i did15:18
ruanprabhu: with 2 usbs15:18
ruanand 3 different usb creators15:18
prabhu@yeah good15:18
prabhu@ruan but u dint get ?15:18
ruanprabhu: nope, i couldnt boot off my usb15:18
hiexpook i can not seem to find an answer for this problem so now ubuntu has become completely useless to me so i am going have to do a reinstall pof some distro15:18
omikron4for those who have lost MBR after winthows install I've developed an aplication which recover grub 2 and for those never actualize ubuntu nor install any other a aplication (loosing root password) It s in spanish language until I'll know much more english... I hope you'll never need it. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6738015/Recovery.tar.gz15:19
prabhu@ruan u have startup disk creater?15:19
hiexpomaybe it is time to try mint15:19
ruanprabhu: wanted to use that but when i chose the iso nothing happened15:19
ruanprabhu: but it doesnt matter now, i've used a livecd install15:20
prabhu@ruan oki15:20
=== Zeku is now known as ExplodingPiglets
prabhu@ruan but try using usb, learning experience15:21
hiexpodoes noone know why i am getting this hash sum mismatch when trying to update or upgrade my software15:21
ruanhiexpo: have you tried sudo apt-get check?15:21
hiexporuan, no let me see15:21
prabhuor sudo apt-get update15:21
ruanyeah he tried sudo apt-get update15:22
hiexposudo apt-get update is giving me those errors15:22
yuzodohey amp_15:22
ruan!info aptitude15:22
ubottuaptitude (source: aptitude): terminal-based package manager (terminal interface only). In component main, is optional. Version 0.6.3-2ubuntu4 (maverick), package size 2217 kB, installed size 6612 kB15:22
=== Guest53535 is now known as DarkDevil
hiexpostill sameproblem15:23
erUSULhiexpo: a single warning ( not error ) that probably will go away in a day or two has made ubuntu *useless* for you ? ¬.¬15:23
Yoinxhiexpo,  is it just one repo that's doing it when you do it from the command line, or all of them?15:23
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest14323
erUSULthe paste he provided is about the partner repo.15:23
_cronus_hiexpo, try software sources > authentication > restore default15:23
black_hello, need help with the backtrack in ubuntu please got the repo and gpg keys15:24
ubottuThere are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition15:24
bazhangblack_, use the backtrack channel not here15:24
Jonta_Still might be applicable for Ubuntu as well though15:25
Jonta_Not necessarily BT-specific15:25
bazhangnot supported here15:25
ruanrepos are different15:25
ugliefrogubottu | ugliefrog15:25
hiexpo_cronus_, now ifi do restoredefaults is thisgonna deleted all the other stuff i have added like mediabuntu15:25
guestwhere does ubuntu store user "startup applications" ie preferences->startup applications ?15:25
Jonta_Reading the question again, probably not15:25
ugliefrogubottu ssd15:25
ruanguest: preferences > startup applications...15:26
guestbut from bash15:26
_cronus_hiexpo, it shouldn't15:26
jnbptst_cronus_: that formula wouldn't work for names that are similar because of accents right?15:26
guestive added a startup script that wont allow me to load gnome15:26
guestso i need the actual script locations15:26
jnbptst_cronus_: it wouldn't identify an e from an é or a è?15:26
guestmm.. they are user level, i think they are running from home/user/?15:27
phoenixsamprashelp please15:27
_cronus_jnbptst, no. just uppercase and lowercase15:28
ruanphoenixsampras: yes?15:28
prabhuwhat help?15:28
hiexpo_cronus_, nope still the same look http://pastebin.com/XvVJc6Hg15:28
_cronus_jnbptst, does mac see then as equal?15:28
=== shubbar_ is now known as shubbar
delacgoing to upgrade from lucid to maveric. have previously removed unneeded pacjages such as indicator-me and ubuntuone-stuff. Are they going to be reinstalled automatically on upgrade? Should I reinstall them before I upgrade to avoid any possible problems at upgrade?15:28
jnbptst_cronus_: not sure15:29
prabhu@delac no need15:29
yuzodohey bian15:29
phoenixsamprashelp please15:29
patholioafternoon all15:29
hiexpoerUSUL, it is not warnings it is errors15:29
bianhow  long have you used ubuntu?15:29
delacprabhu: ok, thanks15:29
ruanme, 1 month15:30
prabhui am using for one year15:30
EricSon12331hi there i was looking forward to setup a full encrypted ubuntu 10.10 using this script " http://readm3.org/os/ubuntu/full-disk-encryption-lvm-luks.sh "15:30
jnbptst_cronus_: just checked, it seems so15:30
_cronus_hiexpo, how about aptitude update?15:30
EricSon12331and the ubuntu-live-session15:30
onelinerok so after altering the path environment variable in /etc/environment the login user can uses it but sudo dosent seem to find apps listed in its path, any ideas why sudo dosent handle the same path as user?15:30
hiexpolet me try15:30
EricSon12331but after i checked the dm-crypt wiki i found out, that dm-crypt has 2-factor-authentication...15:31
Jonta_guest: Couldn't you start up GNOME manually? Then change it from there?15:31
bhaveshWhy do I always get "Waiting for Jockey-backend to end"? when I try to install anything from software centre?15:31
EricSon12331and after googling a bit, i found this here " http://lfde.org "15:31
Bamboo你们到底在干吗啊 我不是很懂哦15:31
STALKERïðèâåò âñåì15:31
ruan!cn | Bamboo15:31
ubottuBamboo: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk15:31
ExplodingPigletsAre there any animation programs that save as SWF files?15:32
STALKERhi all15:32
bhaveshI cannot install anything becoz of Jockey-backend...15:32
panfistmy computer won't boot into newer kernel versions. the latest version of ubuntu that it boots into is 9.10, but if i upgrade that, it does not work. 10.04 or 10.10 live cds do not work, either15:32
bhaveshsearched everywhere.. the results are mostly useless15:32
Yoinxhiexpo,  just wait a little while. Every search I do for your problem says it clears up.15:32
panfistbasically if i install from 9.10 and always choose the oldest kernel version from grub, it works15:33
Jonta_ExplodingPiglets: Ktoon?15:33
lordjjHi, can someone tell me how to disable Write Caching on my External USB Hard Drive in Ubuntu? Also will this disable it locally on my machine, or will it affect the external HDD such that wherever I connect it write caching will be disabled?15:33
hiexpoYoinx, ok15:33
bhaveshAll I have to do is restart ubuntu to install it...15:33
Yoinxmost of us are probably on maverick, so we're using different repos.15:33
ExplodingPigletssudo apt-get install ktoon15:33
ExplodingPigletsI thought my cursor was in the terminal lol15:33
phonex01hello guys , anyone know a good video editing software working under ubuntu i mean something like sony vegas ?15:33
Bamboomost of us are probably on maverick,so we're using different repos.15:34
ExplodingPiglets The following NEW packages will be installed:15:34
ExplodingPiglets  ktoon15:34
ExplodingPiglets0 upgraded, 1 newly installed, 0 to remove and 7 not upgraded.15:34
ExplodingPigletsE: Could not get lock /var/cache/apt/archives/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)15:34
ExplodingPigletsE: Unable to lock the download directory15:34
FloodBot2ExplodingPiglets: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:34
yuzodophonex01, Kdenlive15:34
prabhubye guys15:34
_cronus_jnbptst, how many accents are there?15:34
ExplodingPigletssorry, I thought it would post on one line15:34
Jonta_ExplodingPiglets: Google errormessage?15:34
Yoinxexploding, are you on lucid too?15:34
Bamboobye everyone15:34
ExplodingPigletsyes I am15:34
phonex01yuzodo is it good software ?15:34
onelinerok so sudo not using environment path from /etc/environment , any thoughs on why?15:34
BambooI must go to bed15:35
Yoinxcan you do "sudo apt-get update"15:35
Jonta_Gah, can never remember what version is most current15:35
yuzodoyeah phonex0115:35
Jonta_Hm, M isn't it15:35
Yoinxyou're probably getting the same hash mismatches as hiexpo15:35
panfisti can't even boot into newer kernel recovery modes15:35
Yoinxcould be something going on with the lucid repos.15:35
ruanphonex01: there are several, but PiTiVi is sufficient for me15:35
lordjjCan someone tell me how to disable Write Caching on my External USB Hard Drive in Ubuntu? Also will this disable it locally on my machine, or will it affect the external HDD such that wherever I connect it write caching will be disabled?15:36
Bamboocould be something going on with the lucid repos.15:36
onelinerhow can i make ls show .file ?15:36
Yoinxlol bamboo, copying me?15:36
Jonta_oneliner: -a15:36
jnbptst_cronus_ well it's my Music folder that's proving buggy, and unfortunately as a DJ I have music from all over the world that includes weird scandinavian, brasilian and french accents15:36
Jonta_oneliner: Even better: -A15:36
ExplodingPigletsok I installed swftools but when I type it in the terminal it says "command unknown"15:36
Bamboohow can i make ls show15:36
Jonta_oneliner: man ls15:36
ExplodingPiglets"command not found15:36
onelinerthanks Jonta_15:36
ExplodingPigletsHow do I open it?15:36
Bamboolord the merc