HaPK_PerCarI'm having problems with ubuntu one... whenever I try to sync my files in this computer they end up having a *.u1conflict extension, and the Xorg process eats up half my processor... What can I do?04:23
HaPK_PerCaroh and nautilus crashes every time04:23
mongynice, taking about 5mins tho but I moved my files into a subfolder and its not re-uploading them:)11:48
AikarI bought music last night from the Ubuntu One Store in Rythymbox, and under My Downloads some are still stuck on "Transferring to your Ubuntu One Storage", most say download complete, yet none of the music is under "Purchased from Ubuntu One". I have ~/.local/share/ubuntuone symlinked to /media/altmedia/Music/UbuntuOne/ and i have first 2 songs purchased in there and playable under the group.14:58
leonel Hello is there any known bug for Ubuntu one on Natty  Someone shared me a folder on Lucid is shared but on Natty still does not show but sync is working15:03
Aikaroh crap its in .ubuntuone/Purchased where they auto sync too, but rythymbox looks at .local/share/?15:03
Aikarok got that symlink updated and now they appear.15:05
duanedesignhello leonel15:32
duanedesignleonel: ok, you are having trouble with a shared folder. Let me see if i can find any bug reports.15:33
beunoleonel, so, shared folders aren't auto-downloaded in natty15:34
beunobut if you open the control panel15:34
beunoyou can enable syncing it15:34
beunothis is so you can have shares and folders that don't sync everywhere15:35
duanedesignbeuno: cool. That is a nice feature15:35
beunoduanedesign, yeah, although I wonder if it's clear enough for people   :/15:36
leonelbeuno: Great .. It's syched now   Thank you15:40
duanedesignleonel: great15:45
jeremybubHello, I would very much like to run the Ubuntu One music store plugin for Rhythmbox on Debian,  What would be the best way of doing that?22:45
duanedesignjeremybub: hello23:09
duanedesignjeremybub: looking at the package dependencies for rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store package you would basically end up installing Ubuntu One23:13
duanedesignjeremybub: you can see this askubuntu post for details about running Ubuntu One on Debian http://askubuntu.com/questions/10271/is-running-ubuntu-one-on-debian-possible23:19

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