bigdatareading the wrong log file, now beating head on monitor with 'man 5 init' open00:00
wraiden1again compiletested only00:47
wraiden1hope i got the config parsing right as i didn't looked at the nih docu00:48
wraiden1i adapt the testsuite to check for the score syntax also00:49
=== wraiden1 is now known as wraiden
wraideni'll go to bed now, i'll send the patch tomorrow when i have added some testcases and have tested the changes...01:17
wraidenhave fun, bye01:17
aaa"sudo start doesrailswork" just says "stop/waiting" http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=yhyQqGjj01:20
bigdataso how does one run a job as non root user? is there a job conf property for that?05:05
bigdataexec su - $RUN_AS_USER -c ~/bin/blah.sh #could be one way, but are there more "native" solution(s)?05:13
bigdatawell, off to bed, I'll check back in the AM ... faith, hope and charity05:18

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