metroid2hey, i have a printer on my network that i am trying to get my lappy to connect to. i have opened the <printing> app and "set up" the printer but it doesn00:30
metroid2't want to print. any ideas? suggestions? howtos?00:31
knomemetroid2, if it's a network printer, there shouldn't be any problems, really00:31
knomemetroid2, taking that the printer itself works with xubuntu00:32
knomemetroid2, did you try the network printer wizard?00:32
metroid2i had it working with ubuntu 10.0400:32
knomeare you now on xubuntu 10.10?00:33
metroid2yeah, that is where i "set it up"00:34
metroid2it shows it as idle00:34
metroid2and a test page just hangs00:34
knomeit works from other pc's from the network, or you only have one?00:35
metroid2i am resetting it; yes it works from another pc00:35
knomei've done a few network printer setups in a month, but i haven't had any problems really once the network printer was recognized00:36
knomehave you rebooted since you added the printer? (not that it *should* make sense, but...)00:36
metroid2it goes a little something like this: network printer>find network printer>insert printer address (>find00:37
metroid2is that right?00:37
knomeyup, something like that, but you can also automatically search for the printer iirc00:37
metroid2what is iirc?00:38
knomeiirc = if i remember correctly00:38
metroid2what is iirc?00:40
knomemetroid2, iirc = if i remember correctly00:40
metroid2i search that?00:41
knomemetroid2, (an abbreviation)00:41
knomei mean00:41
knomefrom the printer setup00:41
knomeyou should also be able to search for the printer automatically00:41
knome(eg. not insert any network address)00:41
metroid2oh i see00:42
metroid2i always get "no printer found at that address"00:43
knomeso try to search it automatically then?00:44
metroid2well, to be honest i am still uncertain what to do with iirc = but when i search i get that warning00:46
knomemetroid2, just forget the iirc :)00:46
metroid2what is appsocket/HP jet direct?00:47
knomeprobably something that is needed for some HP printers to work00:47
trollnystanHi, does anyone know how to move the taskbar windows from the bottom bar to the top?02:23
trollnystanHi, does anyone know how to move the taskbar windows from the bottom bar to the top?02:26
mhall119right-click the top panel, add a taskbar02:27
mhall119then remove it from the bottom panel02:27
trollnystanThanks, that did it =)02:28
CryojenXHello, I'm new to Xubuntu, and have some questions08:36
psycho_oreos!ask| CryojenX10:03
ubottuCryojenX: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:03
CryojenXI cant figure how to edit the applications menu and add new programs.10:33
Sysimenu can only be edited by editing xml files of menu, application appear in menu when you install it10:35
CryojenXeep :p ok thanks10:37
Tethtibisdoes anyone know if Xubuntu 11.04 will be using wayland, instead of the xserver, like Ubuntu 11.04 will be?23:23
Tethtibisit's kind of bugged me, but i haven't found the info.23:24
Tethtibisalso, if it does, would wayland beable to function properly with wine to run games like WoW, as the xserver currently does?23:24
ochosiTethtibis: 11.04 won't use wayland23:27
ochosineither ubuntu nor xubuntu23:27
Tethtibisah, thanks. I guess I must have read that wrong. :O)23:27
ochosiwayland is still in a far-a-wayland ;)23:27
Tethtibislol, nice one. ;O)23:28

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