MeanEYEhow come it's not fixed yet?00:00
MeanEYEI mean indicator menu?00:00
DaekdroomI don't think they've found all the causes, or the fixes.00:00
MeanEYEoh ok00:00
MeanEYEit's closely related to adding options or menus to it00:00
MeanEYEpidgin is mostly to blame for my high usage00:00
MeanEYEconstant updates of who came online are the ones eating memory00:01
MeanEYEhm, I might sit and write testcase :D00:01
calcfreak89do you think by ubuntu 11.04 beta 1 that it will be stable enough for everyday use, or should i just wait for the final release?00:05
Daekdroomcalcfreak89, if you're considering classic gnome, it feels stable, very stable.00:06
calcfreak89no i was planning on using unity lol00:06
calcfreak89oh and another question, is unity going to have rearrangeable icons on the launcher?00:07
DaekdroomIt does already00:08
DaekdroomYou can fixate launchers, unfixate, change order etc00:08
DaekdroomSometimes it'll cause unity to crash..00:08
calcfreak89oh i tested alpha 3 and it wasn't there00:09
calcfreak89so is it available in the daily builds or something?00:09
DaekdroomIt's been available for awhile.00:10
DaekdroomYou have to click on the launcher and hold, and then drag it to the right00:10
calcfreak89ooooo ok sweet ill try that now00:10
calcfreak89gotta boot it first00:10
calcfreak89that's awesome, i never knew that, thank you00:12
MeanEYEand that tells you how Unity is intuitive :)00:18
MeanEYEI truly hope unity gets multiple-display support00:18
MeanEYEin 11.04 that is00:18
MeanEYEI need that badly00:19
calcfreak89i used to have 2 monitors but they were different sizes so it was terrible00:19
calcfreak89but if i get another of the same resolution that would be nice00:19
MeanEYEI have 2 identical wide screen monitors00:19
MeanEYEnot really, they are dell's :D00:20
calcfreak89oh lol00:20
calcfreak89imagine 3 samsung OLED monitors00:20
MeanEYEpaid 2x than normal, got 1/2 the quality00:20
calcfreak89when oled screens get bigger and cheaper00:20
MeanEYEoh, I hope I live to see the day00:20
MeanEYEalso those transparent screens <300:21
calcfreak89giant touch screen OLED screens that you can roll up and put in your pocket00:21
MeanEYEtrue rgba :)00:21
calcfreak89great joke dude00:21
MeanEYEthere's a showcase of laptop with that screen00:21
calcfreak89lol cool00:21
MeanEYE^^ yeah that00:22
MeanEYEso, yes, I wasnt joking :D00:23
MeanEYEbut since behind my monitors is just a wall00:23
MeanEYEit would be interesting00:23
MeanEYEunless I put aquarium there or soemthing00:23
MeanEYEtalk about saving space :D00:23
coz_ hey guys04:44
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glaslosgood morning. I just upgraded from 10.x to 11.04. Everything went smoothly just a small issue: the network connection icon in the panel appears twice.07:21
glaslosand I'm missing the bluetooth icon07:22
glaslosokay, just solved the bluetooth issue on my own07:23
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coz_hey all12:08
zniavregood afternoon13:51
zniavreim using unity2d with metacity composite and also with compiz on , why unity (3d) can 't work ? it only load an empty desktop ?13:52
MeanEYEhm, anyone from ubuntu team here?16:03
evilvishjcastro: haha! it was only time until someone figured out how to get cube working with Unity ;p  ยป https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/711561/comments/1916:20
ubot5Ubuntu bug 711561 in unity (Ubuntu) "Compiz won't allow Desktop Cube plugin to load with unity" [Wishlist,Won't fix]16:20
jcastroI think you can just change the XML to turn it on16:20
* czajkowski is upgrading to Natty, if the install ever finishes 17:16
kklimondayeah, dpkg feels slower and slower from one release to another..17:21
dashuaevilvish, jcastro,  https://launchpad.net/~dashua/+archive/light-themes . Check it out :)17:45
OmegaI think the Backlight Mode should be 'Backlight Toggles' by default, it looks nicer :)18:19
OmegaAnd you can recognize the icons better18:20
OmegaMy memory be leakin'.18:39
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